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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cooper for cash. s.w.a.t. teams surround two men trying to steal metal from a state building. >> the tense stand off with police and the growing problem with cooper thefts. >> hello i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about. hazmat and state tactical teams on the scene. megan mccorkel explains how police made the arrest. >> reporter: one of the suspects finally gave up to
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police, the sign of force a show that police are cracking down on cooper thefts. police called here after two men were seen going inside with tax paws and crow bars one was caught immediately. >> one escape into the attic of the building. a search was called. lack of light not an issue. this building has been condemned since january aáepb is filled with contaminated chemicals. >> lead, black mold, asbestos. >> reporter: dennis dire finally surrenders after four hours, he crawled out a hole in the roof of the building. the arrest a sign police are taking cooper thefts seriously.
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>> we have cases with single suspects are responsible for dozens and even hundreds of these metal thefts. >> reporter: metal thefts have tripled in the county since 2009 now police are cracking down create ago metal theft task force. >> cooper theft, all kinds of metal thefts have been quite a problem around the state of maryland. >> reporter: the large show of force here sending a message to cooper thieves police are after you. and people that work around that hospital campus tell wjz cooper theft is an ongoing problem in that condemned building. reporting live, megan mccorkel. breaking news in baltimore county where police raid a pain clinic. wjz is there as federal agents go through the healthy life medical group on york road. police won't give us many details because they're calling this an active investigation. for first time the public
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gets a look at the evidence that convince the jury george hughly violently murdered yeardley love. love who grew up in cockysville was murdered at uva. also on display 200 photos including one of her blood spattered room, a busted door and aggressive angry text messages. a baltimore doctor faces charges for helping terminally ill patients commit suicide. >> reporter: dr. lawrence edger is the modern day jack cavorgian. he's been arrested several times for assisting suicides. >> how many people have you helped? >> roughly 100. >> reporter: a group that offers support in a suicide plan for people suffering from fatal diseases and conditions. authorities in minnesota are the latest to criminally charge
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the doctor and his colleagues. edward traveled to the twin cities to see a patient. >> she eventually decided to take her life with the assistance of an organization known as the final exit network. >> reporter: doreen was 57 years old living with chronic pain for three years. she secretly called final exit and died of helium asphyxia. >> you will have a bag of helium, and the person will breathe the helium and become unconscious in 36 seconds. >> reporter: do you administer the helium or is that manager the person does themselves. >> we do nothing but give advice, you have to pull the balloon down. i'm not going to pull the balloon down. >> reporter: the law was found unconstitutional after edberg was cleared of wrong doing in
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the death of a throat cancer patient. oregon is the only state with specific guidelines for assisted suicide patients. 200 people with terminal illnesses took their lives there legally. dr. edgerg will have his first court appearance in minnesota next month. newly released medical records would bolster george zimmerman's defense for shooting a florida teenager. court documents show zimmerman suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and two cuts in his head after he shot trayvon martin. he has pled not guilty to second degree murder. the house of delegates are expected to approve a tax hike for people making more than $150,000 a year. state senators passed the plan during today's special session. the tax hike will prevent a
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half billion dollars in hikes in the state. a recent ruling targets the pit breed unfairly say supporters. state leaders say they are barking at the wrong tree. >> reporter: this boy was mauled by a pit bull. his parents sued. the state says that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. now owners have been given warnings. but there are fears that shelters will be overrun with owners in this predicament. >> we are also running space, we are an open shelter, any increase in pit bulls we have to make tough decisions. >> reporter: which means killing. >> pit bulls are no more
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dangerous than dover men or german shepherds. >> reporter: pit bull lovers want the law changed to over rule the court. >> there are responsible pit bull owners out there. >> everybody is afraid of him but he's just the sweetest dog. >> the breed is not the issue. the people are the issue. >> exactly. >> we could get this thing done. >> reporter: democrats and republicans have this bill ready to introduce in the session. >> legislative leaders say they will address the pit bull issue when they next meet in regular session. angry with the avengers. a maryland man causes a scare when he gets frustrated with if movie. he is accused of pulling the fire alarm while watching the movie at the regal theater. he allegedly got upset because the movie was closed captioned. if he is convicted the stunt
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could land walters in prison for up to a year. on the eve of the significant moment, a the service at the catholic church downtown. >> reporter: he says they are sacred, and something for which he intends to fight. the basilica of the assumption was filled to near capacity. priests and nones who are anxious to celebrate the new bishop of baltimore. members of the baltimore
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archdiocese recognize the -- same-sex marriage, contraception and health care are just some of the issues on which church leaders are taking a stand. >> i think he's going to follow a very, very strictly and the churches teachings on all this. >> reporter: arch bishop murray also thanks cardinal o'brien. among the guests at tonight's service were william's parents from kentucky both in their
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90s. arch bishop lawrie will be installed tomorrow. >> kai, thank you. wjz will bring you complete coverage of the new arch bishop's installation. you can watch tomorrow on the web. something grand is headed to the port of baltimore after a $48 million facelift. royal caribbean is bringing its ship grandeur of the sea. royal caribbean says it's a state of the art ship with new and up to date dining. it'll offer cruises year round to the bahamas, to new england, canada any where you would like to go. >> for a $40 million facelift we should all look pretty good. the clever way the victim helped find his phone and catch the thief. a smashing entrance into this store but it's what the people in the truck do next
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that's really surprising. >> i'm jessica kartalija here at camden yards. coming up what jackie robinson has to do with tonight's game. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forewarning forecast coming up next. ♪
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it is partly cloudy, 70 degrees in central maryland right now the complete forewarning weather forecast is coming up. take a look at what over 10- inches of rain created in texas. this quarter mile gorge started out as a drainage ditch. crews have been able to stabilize the area. once the forecast clears up more dirt will be brought in to reconstruct the area. this surveillance video shows a truck smashing through the front of the store. police say the two people inside the stolen vehicle fled the scene, they are still at large. police believe it was an attempted robbery because the truck was purposely driven into the store. police in florida are searching if -r a motive after a mother killing her four children then taking her own life. s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home of tonya thomas early this morning. police got a call saying three of the children came to their door saying they were shot. the wounded children returned
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home after their mother called. that's when additional shots were heard. the children ranged in age from four to 16. she has filed a motion claims simpson was so badly represented that he deserves a new trial. simpson is facing jail time tied to a las vegas hotel room fight. he sent a text to the phone and got one back asking for $150 for its return. a meeting was set up but a police officer impersonated fisher. the officer arrested him after he surrendered the phone. >> this time the suspect led us right to him. >> i was coming up front and the guy's head is in the hood,
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he was just staring at me. 65 years ago jackie robinson broke baseball's color barrier and today his legacy living on through a student. the seventh grader is being honored for overcoming his own challenges. >> jackie robinson broke racial barriers when he became the first black mayor league baseball player. now 40 years after his death -- >> this breaks through an important barrier for those affected by learning disability. >> reporter: a student in charles county is following robinson's lead. >> i'm glad i inspired some people with my story. >> reporter: jackson writing about his struggle with a
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learning disability. >> i had to study longer to get the information for a text for example. >> reporter: his story won a contest named breaking barriers. jackie robinson's daughter sherry is a teacher. >> so many students have a personal barrier they try to overcome. >> reporter: teaching kids to overcome challenges spreads her father's legacy. >> it's very important for us to understand the color barrier. and hunter was recognized on the field at camden yards
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before tonight's game against the yankees with 24,000 fans watching. a wisconsin man says he didn't get all he could eat at a restaurant's all you can eat fish dinner. so he's picketing the restaurant claiming false advertising. the owner said they were running out of fish and patience when they asked him to leave. he will continue picketing. >> i didn't know you could do carry out from all you can eat. i thought you had to eat it there. >> well there's carry out and then there's carry out. >> bill needs to get a life. >> you know what i mean. 12 piece and he took eight home. okay. still not satisfied. okay. well as they say the customer is always right. let's take a look at radar. we had some shower activity south and east of baltimore. they had pretty heavy rain down there. particularly around southern pg county. a little bit of hail reported in a few spots and some pretty
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gusty winds and heavy rains. all continuing to move east- northeast away from the baltimore area. in the eastern shore, you folks still seeing rain for the next three to four hours at least. there's another chance for tomorrow afternoon. we'll get more activity as well. but there's good weather beyond that. take a look around the area, 70 now, south-southwest winds at seven. the barometer holding steady. could be some fog particularly where it did rain this afternoon and this evening. 62 up in cumberland, 62 oakland and down in ocean city it's now 67. locally it's a warm night. these temperatures are july type temperatures. it's a little sticky out there but 81 today. 7degrees higher than the normal which is only 74. 65 the low so far. 62 is our normal low. southwest winds that will continue for a while. but tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night a front to the north with
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shower and thunderstorms activity already over michigan. that front will cross our region tomorrow afternoon probably after 4:00 or 5:00. so there's another risk of a line of showers and thunderstorms developing. stuff we had tonight over the eastern shores, southern maryland and south eastern virginia moving toward jersey and delaware. it will weaken. a shower threat late in the afternoon. once the front goes through the area. some beautiful weather moving in for thursday, friday and saturday and sunday for the preakness, it looks just great. tonight any showers will be ending we may see a shower the next hour or two particularly south and east of course. 60 tomorrow 84 maybe a thunderstorms after any fog burns off. 77, 77 dry sunny beautiful 79 on saturday for the preakness. and 80 on sunday afternoon. it's beautiful weather after the threat of some more showers tomorrow afternoon, denise. >> thank you, bob. still to come adam jones and the o's take another swing at
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mark is here with our wjz fan sports report. >> the o's have a better record than the yankees but haven't been able to beat them in baltimore this season. losing four against the new yorkers at camden cards and able to change that tonight and a pitcher that's up for the task. yang set the tone with a remarkable start. allows just two runs and four hits for the powerful yankees. speaking of power, the o's have 20 and adam jones is plugged in. connecting here off yankees ace
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cc -- c.c. sabathia. it's pitching that's the difference tonight. johnson finishes it up. robert andino turns to and closes it out. 5-2 win over the yankees so the o's finish the home stance still in first place tied with tampa bay. the o's go to kansas city next. doug o'neil enjoying the spotlight of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at camden yards. having fun with it. i'll have another has been stable at pemleco. i'll be reporting live from pemleco for the postposition draw tomorrow. well it's common for college kids to get home sick, so it is with ashton penkey. the minnesota native wants to go home so he's leaving college park. he announced that he is
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leaving, but wants wants to play at a school closer to his mom. he's the fourth player to leave maryland early. soland, parker and halton have departed as well. layolla and gillman, this tally will run their task to 6- 0. but the game had to be stopped because of lightning. layolla leading 15-9. they will resume tomorrow. hoping to win for the title. preakness week we start to preakness week we start to turn up the heat on the ho,,
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