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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  May 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a new group takes over the
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grandz prix. -- grand prix. >> what the city is doing differently. good afternoon. >> here what people will be talking about today. it is official, a new group is taken on the baltimore grand prix. they hope the third time will be the charm. adam may is live with more information. >> reporter: it is a bumpty road for this year es -- bumpy road for this year's race. city officials believe this third one will make it to the finish line. >> after many twist and turns with business agreements, the grand prix is back on. this morning the city board approves a new deal with two groups. >> race fans, race drivers, all baltimore had was best race in the circuit this year. >> the 5 year contract requires
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an up front payment for city services. last year's race brought 160,000 spectators and an economic impact of almost $50 million filling city and state with almost $2 each. >> reporter: a lot of money on the line for the city when it comes to revenues. the race is scheduled for labor day weekend. in an hour i'm going to meet with the race officials to get more details for you. reporting live, adam may. >> thank you. we'll have the latest details on the grand prix at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. it's the final day of the three day session where state law makers are going to pass a major tax increase. >> the state senate has already voted to raise income tax rates and the house is set to follow suit. it will raise for some marylanders, lower tax
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exceptions. the income tax increase applies to single filers making more than $100,000 a year and joint filers making $150,000 dlrgs. -- $150,000. it's all to avoid doomsday budget cuts. >> wjz is in the state house. we will bring you updates on today's special session on air and on line. you can check for any updates on there's breaking news happening in the john edwards corruption trial. the defense rested its case. neither edwards nor his mistress ended up testifying at the trial. she he is charged -- he is charged with violating campaign finance law. the jury will begin deliberations on friday. it is shaping up to be another ugly battle over the budget in washington dc. the president is giving congress a to do list and republicans on the hill standing firm on what
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they won't do. here is daniel nottingham with the latest. >> with a national debt clock clicking behind him, mitt romney took aim at president obama's handling of the debt. >> he said he would cut the debt in half if he became president. instead he doubled it. >> an election year show down is shaping up over the debt with republicans saying they will not raise the country's debt limit without big spending cuts and no new taxes. >> president obama invited leaders from both parties to the white house today to fry to -- try to find some common ground and push job creating measures. the list includes eliminating tax breaks for companies that send jobs over seas, giving tax breaks to small businesses that hire u.s. workers, refinancing help for homeowners and job search assistance for veterans. the president and his democratic
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colleagues will push for the buffet rule, which calls for higher taxing ing for the -- taxes for the wealthiest americans. >> it would pay for the operation of the federal government for 11 hours. >> mark westerner is part of -- westerner is part of a group that's trying to build mixed revenue. >> i spent a lot of time talking with my colleagues that know we have to do this. >> the treasury has predicted the u.s. will hit it's common boarer rowing him by the end of -- borrowing limit by the end of the year. >> the senate has not passed a federal budget in 3 years. an investigation is underway after dea agents raid a clinic. it happened at the healthy life medical group. the clinic has reportedly been under investigation for the
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distribution and sale of oxycodone and other drugs. baltimore county couple is behind bars charged with keeping a 15-year-old in their home as a sex slave. police say john blaze and margaret jones met the girl online 2 years ago. according to the indictment the north carolina teen moved into the couple's home where they repeatedly abused her. they posted bondage videos of the girl on the internet. two suspected copper thieves are behind bars but not before one of them was in a stand off with police. two men were seen going inside a condemned building. state police say 29-year-old matthew blizzard was arrested outside but 43-year-old dennis dire bare barricaded himself for more than 4 hours. >> it's dangerous.
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it's loaded ed with asbestos, led, black mold. >> police announced the creation of a metal they have task force. a man goes over board to protect e a -- the screening of avengers. he pulled the fire alarm. he got upset because the movie had closed captioning. if congress verdicted he could -- if convicted he could spend up to 5 years in prison. take a live look outside right now. today started out human ed -- humid and hazy. we've since had some blue sky. we have some complete first warner weather coverage for you with marty -- warning weather coverage for you with marty and bernadette. >> it is warming up this afternoon. it's already 80 in baltimore, almost 80 in dc. everyone is on the rise this
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afternoon. the dew points started out in the upper 60s. they've dropped somewhat so they are drying out a little bit here. now we switch it over to the doppler. there is a front moving our way. this is a quicker storm than the last one. it's going to come through during the afternoon hours. there are a couple of showers and thunderstorms along it. that sets us up for weather that marty wavent wants -- want withes to talk bt -- wants to talk about. >> that gets offshore, loses itself, call it a day. we have a great weekend thursday through sunday. i just got to mention one thing. one of the big computer models is trustworthy is basically telling us it thinks that front gets offshore, stalls and a low spins up it.
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come on back here so you can see my honest weather man face when i say we're not ready to change that weekend forecast. because of what i just mentioned, it's worth keeping your eye on the forecast as we move through the week's end into the weekend. right now we're expecting sunshine and a ton of fun. bernadette woods with pleasant details shortly. the arch diaces will have a new leader. william lori will become the 16th arch bishop of baltimore. he comes from bridge port, connecticut replacing edwin o'brien. you can watch the ceremony live at 1:30, just log onto still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon, there's trouble in aisle 1. a man bitten
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well, it's sunny out there. i don't know if i'd go so far to say it's mostly sunny. the complete forecast is still coming up. newly are released medical records shed light on what happened the night george zimmerman shot 17-year-old trayvon martin. court records show zimmerman suffered a nose frack dhur, two black eyes and two cuts on his head. zimmerman's attorney says it backs up his claim saying he fired in self-defense. martin's family says it only proves that trayvon defended himself before he was shot. shock and disbelief in california after someone breaks enter the home of junior -- into the home of junior seau days after his death. police say someone forced their way into the house and stole several items. the family has opted to clear away the memorial and pack up the rest of his belongings.
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he died earlier this month from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. in washington state a man was attacked by a rattle shake. he was shopping in the out door garden when he saw what he believed to be a stick. when he got closer he realized it was a rattlesnake that bit in on his hand. wal-mart has issued an apology. major on honor -- on for -- on for for -- honor for a young woman. catherine manyan beat out 34 other s. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at noon, how the beautiful day is shaping up outside. it's 2 and a half minutes abay. way -- away. >> fist let's take a look --
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first let's take a look at today's stocks followed by last night's mega millions numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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meet lee yeah fuji johnson, the newest member of the family. she weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces. look at that.
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>> so excited for her. >> con gratulations andrea if you happen to be watching. >> she's beautiful. just like mommy. >> you're right. i'll take you to weather. we'll get through this quickly. it's beautiful out there right now. temperatures around the region, some clouds, mixing with sunshine at times. 80 in cumberland, 80 elkin. everyone at least in the 70s if not already at 80 this afternoon. a light breeze, there's not going to be much of that going on this afternoon. that will pick up more so tomorrow after this front comes through. first we're taking you back to last night. the thunderstorms that rolled through just after the oriels game, so good timing there, that's gone. here is the next front coming through today. there's a chance for a shower or thunderstorm with that front as it passes by. when that clears, some very nice air is moving our
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way. we have that drier air that's going to set up on top of us for the next couple of days with high pressure. the one thing we are going to be watching, when that front goes offshore it could spin up a low pressure system. it looks like it's going to stay out to sea, but possibly it could effect our weekend forecast. we're going up to 86. tonight 55 for the low. tomorrow very dry air moves our way, only 75678 tomorrow is going -- 75. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful afternoon. that's going to carry over into friday and into the weekend. we will have that five day coming up so stay tuned. >> thauj. -- thank you. still to come, could unhealthy foods take a toll on your wallet as well as your
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waste line? >> for instant updates log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's health watch, health experts say taxes on unhealthy foods needs to be higher. researchers predicted 20% tax on sugar drinks in the
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u.s. would reduce obesity rates up to 3.5%. the food industry argues the taxes would be unaffair and lead to -- unfair and lead to job losses. >> check back in today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00, the new baltimore grand prix team comes to baltimore this afternoon. we will have the latest. the final day of the special session. the latest on the house vote on the new budget items. join us for these stories at 4:00 right after dr. phil. >> please stay with us, your five day forecast is next. roar! alright, what do lions eat?
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that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good.
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welcome back. taking a look at the inner harbor, some activity going on this afternoon. >> we were trying to figure out if something was going on in the water. we really can't figure it out. we're going to send it out to marty. >> what was that, that submarine that's been reported? >> i said it was -- >> you find that off kent island. >> okay. >> it was debris. >> let's take a look at our five day forecast. this weather is just potentially going to be spectacular. we're going to watch this front slipping through today with maybe an afternoon thundershower. we have to make sure it gets out of
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proximity. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday looking great. 75, 77, 80 and 82. by monday afternoon, a chance of an thundershower. >> thank you very much. don't miss cbs prime time line up tonight. stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. if you're in the mood to sat fie your sweet tooth -- sat sat fie -- sats fie your tweet today, today is national chocolate day. any favorites? >> was that accident? >> i was reaching up but i knocked chocolate chips down and they fell into any cookie. >> that's how reeses were invented. >> in case you missed it, talk
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about sweet things. how do you like that guys. the wjz family welcomes a new edition, little leah. congratulation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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