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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hugging the left side bringing that water into play on the approach. if you hit it just half a ball. jim: looked like a big time pull, didn't it. >> yeah. when you hit it outside left edge as you are playing it, it will stay there. i thought he might go the other way. jim: surenders another shot at the 18th and shoots 7 . bogeys the last two holes. >> limps off the 18th rather deflated. jim: dufner for birdie. nick: 8'10". jim: ah-ha.
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oh. nick: with that speed tdid not break. jim: peter, he is going to be a tough guy to beat tomorrow. he is in such a groove. >> you just can't tell on the outside what is going on on the inside. nick: no kidding. >> should he make the ryder cup team, he will be a phenomenal match play player. you will not know what is going on with him joofment he had the 36-hole lead and now 594-hole lead by one. 1-under par round of 69 for dufner.
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tomorrow, 3:00 eastern time is our start time. look ford having you back. to take tout finish of the h.p. byron nelson championship that. is a par for ryan palmer. round of 72. that is how it stacks up now through three rounds. here is the lineup tonight on here is the lineup tonight on cbs.
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progress and protests. world leaders take on serious issues at the g8 summit, while hundreds rally near camp david. all this happening just down the road. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. world leaders in western maryland for the g8 summit. on the table, many topics, including the euro crisis. and of course, iran's nuclear program. hundreds gather near camp david, making their voices heard. wjz live on the story tonight. monique griego has the latest on these demonstrations. >> today, the number of protestors jumped from just being a handful to a hundred. and they're upset over everything from corporate greed to exactly who was invited to this summit. in western maryland, world
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leaders open the g8 summit at camp david, with discussions on the global economy. on the top of the agenda, what to do about greece's troubling financial crisis, before it spreads to other countries. >> all of us are absolutely committed to making sure that both growth and stability and fiscal consolidation, are part of an overall package. >> reporter: german chancellor angela merkel has been pushing debt-cutting measures for greece. both reenforce each other, she says. and the g8 members have made that clear, and i think that's process. >> reporter: the g8 also put pressures on iran. tapping into government-held oil stocks for the second time in two years. the move is designed to boost worldwide oil supplies, opening the door for tougher sanctions on tehran. and our hope is that we can resolve this issue in a
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peaceful fashion that respects iran's sovereignty and its rights in the international community but also recognizes its responsibilities. >> reporter: the g8 summit is just one gathering of world leaders. president obama is also attending the nato summit in chicago tonight. >> reporter: and this weekend's summit marks the largest gathering of world leaders ever at camp david. back to you. >> monique griego, live. and up next, many world leaders head to chicago for the nalto summit. nato summit. and ahead of that, we have learned that police have arrested three people accused of plotting a terror attack. investigators say they had an explosive device and they also planned attackoss mayor emmanuel's home. also on president obama's campaign headquarters and some other areas in chicago. we're learning the men had been under surveillance before they were arrested. >> specifically, plans were made to destroy police cars and
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attack four chicago plement stations. -- police department stations with destructive devices in an effort to undermine the police response. >> reporter: and the arrest comes as hundreds of protestors are gathering in chicago, ahead of tomorrow's summit. so far, the rally has been peaceful. the summit officially begins tomorrow and ends on monday. well, back here, it is a beautiful saturday outside. but we do have some action in the tropics. let's take a live look outside right now in barometer, where it -- baltimore, where it is great. but just to the south of us, in the tropics, we have our first named storm of the season. let's get the latest on that with bernadette woods. she is live with updated live doppler radar. we're going to start with first warning doppler radar. nothing going on in our area. we don't have to open it all that far to show you, here's our first named storm. it is alberto. it is tropical storm alberto, just off the carolina coast. it's all part of that front that moved through a few days ago. now, i switch over and show you, the general track for this, keep its to the south for
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a couple of days and eventually brings it off to the northeast. and along that track, it gets pretty close to us. and we are going to be affected by this. we will have your forecast coming up, with a lot of details about alberto. adam? >> thank you so much. after nearly a month of tense negotiations, the chinese dissident is now headed to the u.s. he is expected to land at newark liberty airport in new jersey today. >> reporter: shen guang chong was in a wheelchair as he left for the united states. he left a beijing hospital saturday, and boarded a united airlines flight with his wife and two sons. the white house says the state department, worked with chinese authorities to get chen a visa. >> we welcome this development and the fact that he'll be able to pursue a course of study here in the united states. >> reporter: a professor at new york university confirms chen will study law there. >> reporter: chen's flight here to the united states ends a
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diplomatic tug-of-war that last nearly a month. before he left, he told reporters he was worried that chinese authorities would try to retaliate, against his extended family, still living in china. >> reporter: the blind activist was an outspoken critic of china's forced abortion policy. he escaped house arrest last month and sought the american embassy in yebe jing. the -- in beijing. they let him get treatment for a broken foot and to be reunited with his family. once there, he asked to leave china. and secretary of state hillary clinton helped work to get him out of the country. chen now says after he's done with law school, he would like to go back home. but it's not clear whether the chinese government will allow that. at newark international airport, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> we're going to have more on the arrival tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. some massive wildfires continue burning out west. firefighters are still working to get theurn hand -- the upper hand of these fires.
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especially here in crown king. that's where evacuations have been ordered. another fire leaves about 20 square miles charred and three homes destroyed. so far, no reports of any injuries, and crews are also battling pretty big fires in colorado and nevada. it's a business venture, designed to help students thousands of miles away in two caribbean nations. and tonight, gigi barnett reports, they are linking the power to change lives. >> reporter: in has living room, in ellicott city, lindsey jacobs' laptop is linked to his student. >> good morning. >> he teaches english classes for spanish and creol speakerless. -- creole speakers. >> reporter: last year, jacob teamed up with his close friend to create iphone net. they came up with the idea after visiting with the dominican republic, which has many jobs in tourism, but only for english speakers. >> more than money. they want us to share the
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knowledge with them. >> reporter: paul is originally from haiti. he says after the 2010 earthquake devastated his country, rebuilding is slow. but many haitians find jobs by crossing the border to the dominican republic. in addition to the english classes, it also teaches courses in customer service and small business creation. >> it's growing faster than we expected. and sometimes, i ask myself, is that true? or am i dreaming? >> reporter: paul and jacob started the classes back in april, on their own dime. now theyville more than 200 -- they have more than 200 students on a waiting list. >> hopefully someone will recognize us and say, hey, these people are really doing a good job. >> reporter: and reward the effort. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and jacob and paul say they spent a combined $10,000 of their own money, launching the ifriend net organization. hundreds come together for
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a very special honor today. ♪ [ music ] >> this ceremony marks the 150th anniversary of the first sounding of "taps." 200 buglers from across the country took part in the event. taps was originally a signal of lights out at the end of the day. but it turned into a funeral call for members of the military who have faithfully served our country. unforgettable song. still tonight on wjz. [ bleep ] unbelievable chaos in kentucky. a news crew is at the scene of a shooting when another breaks out. cameras are rolling. more of this dramatic video coming up. two men attack a store clerk. but police say it's a bizarre crime. find out why. and a deadly explosion. right outside a school in italy. questions remain about the violence. the latest on the search for answers when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everyone. it's sunny and 80 degrees in central maryland right now. bernadette will have a complete first warning weather forecast including news of our first named tropical storm. but first, two shootings in the streets of kentucky end in pure chaos. [ screaming ] >> the whole thing was caught on tape here. police said that four people were shot thursday.
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and then when reporters were arriving on the scene of this shooting, two more people were shot, just down the same road. three people here died. and two others were hurt. police say the two shootings were not connected. the first suspected gunman was killed. the second shooter is under arrest at a hospital tonight. a washington state store clerk is recovering from a brutal and rather bizarre attack. look at the video here. the two suspects say hello to the clerk. and then they unleash their fury with bats and bottles. the the two beat the man for nearly 10 minutes. after the assault, they simply left without taking anything from the store. the 17-year-old suspect has now turned himself in to police. but he has not given any reason for the attack. no motive yet. an explosion rocks the school in italy, killing one girl and injuring dozens. it happened early this morning as students were arriving here at the school. police found three gas cylinders. they were hidden behind a trash can. still not clear why the school was targeted or who carried out
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the attack or why. space ex aborts the historic launch of its dragon spacecraft. that launch was the first attempt to send a private spacecraft to the international space station. it almost happened there in cape canaveral. but they had to abort this morning because of a rocket glitch. it is rescheduled for tuesday. this is designed to determine whether they can send cargo. as you know, we're not sending space shuttles up there anymore. so private companies are trying to get in on the action. let's check in with meteorologist bernadette woods. it has been a beautiful day out there. >> beautiful. i hope you had a chance to enjoy. we have trouble brewing in the tropics, believe it or not. it is still may. and we have our first named storm. details when w,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. to another beautiful day outside. 83 degrees is where we topped out. and this is the thing. just give me a second here. we'll be moving on with this forecast. beautiful outside. 83 degrees. here we go. 80 is where we sit right now. look at all of these temperatures, way up there. a little cooler just by the ocean, since the water temperatures are lower at 66 degrees. and we'll take you in even closer and show you everyone in the upper 70s to low 80s right now. so just fantastic outside. a little bit of a breeze, and starting to turn around to the east, as a new storm system is going to move our way. and tomorrow, we'll start to seed signs of it. the clouds will come in during the afternoon hours. but here's the next storm. this is not just any storm. this is a named tropical storm. the first of the season. and it's not even officially hurricane season yet. we are waiting for june 1st for that to happen. but the tropics are not waiting. tropical storm humberto, just to the southeast. expected to make a track off to the north and northeast, slowly over the next couple of days. and you see, we are still in
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that cone with our lower eastern shore and the delaware beaches this. is something we'll be watching very closely. during this time, though, all tracks keep this as a tropical storm. so it's not going to gain too much strength. maybe some more as it moves off to the northeast. but regardless, it is going to affect our weather. and here are these spaghetti flats we haven't shown you since last year. but generally, all of them sort of meander to the storm to the south and take it to the northeast. we have a front out to the west. the tropical storm down to the south. we are in between both of them right now, just a beautiful afternoon. but as that front gets a little closer, it's going to draw this storm up. it will keep it away from us at least for the most part. center of the storm, keeping it mainly offshore. but it does draw clouds in. scattered showers and thunderstorms. starting sunday night into monday dispvment that may even continue all the way into wednesday. forecast looks like this. pretty quiet out there now. the winds turning around to the east. it's a beautiful evening. tomorrow, we start out with sunshine. we're going to see clouds mixing in as we head through
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the day. another warm one, getting up to 80 degrees. but then we'll really start to see the changes. scattered showers. and as alberto makes its way up the coast, just offshore from us, we are looking at scattered rounds of showers and thunderstorms, all the way to wednesday morning before this does get out of here for the second half of the week. adam? >> all right, bernadette. thank you so much. stan has a preview of what's coming up next in sports. busy night. >> busy day. preakness. the race just went off. maybe when we come back, we can tell you who won this thing. got a lot of other highlights, too. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stan is here. the wjz the fan sports report. we could have a triple crown on our hand. >> darn near the same race. maybe the same finish from two weeks ago. 137th running of the preakness stakes ended. and it was i'll have another. bodie meister finished second. who also finished second at the kentucky derby? well, sports director mark viviano is at hilltop. he'll bring us highlights, reaction, tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. meantime, collegiate men's lacrosse. local flavor. and down goes the number 2 seed. johns hopkins, getting the goal right here from brandon bin. but on this day, the unseated maryland terps who beat hopkins during the regular season. had two of those today.
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maryland beat hopkins, 11-5. they make the final 5 for the 21st 21st time. in today's other quarter final game, northeast baltimore. maryland greyhounds. they had a bite bigger than their bark. thanks in part to eric luzbee. then you see denver freshman, wes berg. but great goalie. but he pays the price, getting hacked like a pinata. nonetheless, loyola advances. that's sweet. but that team lost. semifinals, national championship. they win 10-9. loyola in the final four. they will face notre dame, virginia winner. loyola's women, by the way, lost to maryland, 17-7.
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-- 17-11. and they do this. >> and i'll have another wins again. >> highlights at 11:00. be sure to watch the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's 48 hours mystery. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and coming up tonight at 11:00, on wjz. the big meeting in maryland. world issues, world leaders trying to solve problems here. the latest what is happening out at camp david. also, more on the terror plot chicago police broke up today. one day ahead of another global gathering in that city. plus, we'll go inside the winner's circle. we'll have highlights highlights and reaction tonight at 11:00. final low tonight, couples take the big plunge, quite literally. walking down the i'm just wasn't an option for these newlyweds. and with the families watching and a large audience there, they said i do, in an underwater aquarium. as the couple said i do, it was -- they say it was a beautiful
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way to tie the knot. must be hard to kiss like that, though. boy, that preakness sure must be exciting. >> watching out of the corner of our eye. >> i think horse racing is back in maryland. >> i'll tell you, that was an exciting race. >> a lot of people are enjoying it. >> well, i'll have another. just one away from wi,,,,,,,,,,,
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