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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 20, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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high profile preacher, the mother of a slain florida teen opens up about the case. tonight she's sharing her story with church members here in baltimore. what she's saying. good evening everyone thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. trayvon martin was killed by a neighborhood watch leader in florida. tonight his mother opened up to a congregation today. >> reporter: pastors here introduced her as the mother of the new civil rights movement and the rosa parks of the next generation. but those are roles that sabrina fulton says she never wanted. trayvon martin's mother overwhelmed by support. >> it's so easy for me to cry every day, but i can't, i have work to do. >> reporter: sabrina fulton
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spoke to the congregation months after the death of her seenage son. >> my heart is filled right now, just to see all of you, just to see baltimore. just to know your pastor stands behind me. >> reporter: dr. jamal harrison bryant spent weeks next to fulton after the death of her son. and organized marchs like this one in baltimore. >> it's overwhelming just to see how many people this affected. >> fulton's coworkers donated time off to give her time off to deal with the tragedy. >> we could not think of a better person to give strength to women. how to have god's grace.
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>> i ask god to bless you all, i say thank you all. >> reporter: trayvon's mother gave it a point to personally hug dozens of people who lost a family member. >> george zimmerman is free on $150,000 bond. he is wearing a tracking device while he awaits his trial. let's take a look at the conditions right now. some clouds rolling in but over all sunny. we're keeping a close watch on the first tropical storm of the season. let's go to bernadette woods with more on tropical storm alberto. we'll show you first warning radar, all of these are aways but we are seeing a couple of showers. those are coming in from the
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oceanside so we're going to continue to see this on and off as we head to basically the next couple of days. this is the storm to the south. just a little farther than savannah. we still have a ways to go. here's the latest on alberto. winds about 46-miles-per-hour. it's moving off to the southwest. then it's going to pick up some strength and race off to the northeast and that's when it will affects even more over the next couple of days. so we will have that forecast coming up. stay with wjz for complete weather coverage. just log on to a very strong earthquake rocks northern ireland, thousands were sent running into the street. >> reporter: smoke and fire
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rose from the ruins in northern italy after a powerful earthquake shook towns in the region. the self-phone video captures the aftermath of the deadly 6.0 quake, the strongest to hit italy in three years. this woman says everything is upside down in my house, we haven't gone back in yet. the quake hit north of bolognia and tore apart houses, historic churches even a medieval castle. ronana says, she got worried when her son didn't come home after his night shift at a factory damaged in the quake. she says i kept telling myself he would show up, but ricola is dead. jolting aftershocks sent people running from their homes. the historic sensor of this town has been closed off but -- center of this town have been closed off. residents like these and other neighbors towns have been told by authorities not to sleep in their homes tonight. among the dead was a 106-year-
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olds woman killed in her country side home when the roof caveed in. the quake left a huge hole on the side of the renaissance style town hall. authoritys are worried the entire building may collapse. rescue workers went house to house checking to find that people were buried under the rubble. the last major earthquake to hit italy was a 6.3 magnitude quake that killed nearly 300 people back in 2009. two more activists are charged with crimes tied to the two day nato summit in chicago. sebastian tenaquis bragged about blowing up a building. the arrests come as thousands of protesters are taking to the streets right outside of the
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summit. >> we are policing this event until such time as it gets racheted up. this year's hot topic was the road out of the war in afghanistan. back in maryland an investigation is under way tonight after a molitov cocktail was found. investigators say the fire is possibly arson. one person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. they found the cocktail behind the building. >> maryland proclaims that pit bulls are dangerous animals. some pit bull owners say
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there's another side of the breed that is rarely seen. >> reporter: this is what a well behave pit bull acts. that's what they want the court to know after a court ruled that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. >> it's discrimination against the breed. i think facts should be seen before that decision is made. >> reporter: so they put pit bulls on parade. they've hosted the event for the past four years at the harbor it's a friendly way to crush the myth about pit bulls but this year it's especially tough. >> there's thousands upon thousands of interactions, people have the dogs on a daily bay -- basis. the majority of those do not end on a bite. >> in june a pit bull mauled a 78-year-old greek town woman
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nearly killing her. back in 2007, 10-year-old dominique was attacked by a pit bull. >> he grabbed my leg and started shaking me around and dragging me around the alley. >> reporter: it was dominique's cake that brought the matter before the state court of appeals, now the court's ruling what makes pit bull owners much more liable if their dog lashes out. >> there's a lot of dogs that are going to end up in shelters and a lot of family that is are going to be hurt by this. >> reporter: instead of tough penalties, what's needed is more education for them and more training for the breed. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness. >> news. >> that group says it plans to fight the ruling. more closures on the jfx just in time to start your workweek. starting tonight those closures will be back in effect. this time all the northbound lanes of the jfx will be shut down from 10:00 p.m. until four ram. now once the closures are lifted, one lane will remain closed in each direction which is pretty much how it is right
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now. hundreds of cyclists make their way from ocean city to baltimore for a great cause. it is the tenth annual ride for the feast that benefits movable feeds. each rider pledged to raise a minimum of $1,300. i've been following a couple of the riders on twitter, their comments saying it has been a great event this year, perfect weather too. still to comen on eyewitness news, violent protests in canada -- to come on eyewitness news. check this out we'll tell you why they are doing this. >> fierce fires and plane overtake a warehouse in california. tornadoes touch down in kansas, more of this dramatic video when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's partly cloudy and 80 degrees in central maryland right now. burn -- bernadette has the complete forewarning weather coming up. but first some protests turn really violent in canada. you can see here some protesters built a fire with traffic cones. earlier in the day thousands marched through downtown
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montreal to protest tuition hikes. the students that pay the lowest tuitions say the hike would keep them from attending school. check out this video. the fire spread to a neighboring tire company that added fuel to the already fierce fire. it took several hours for firefighters to get this under control. there's still no word yet on the cause. the man convicted in the locker bee bombing has died. amagrahi receive add life sentence for the take that is killed 270 people. then he was released following a cancer diagnosis. the news of his death today is bringing some mixed reaction. >> well, look. this man was a horrible man, it would have been better had he not died in freedom, that he died in prison that's what he
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deserved. having said that, the only legacy we have is in the memory of all those who were lost. >> a libyan foreign minister says he will be buried on monday. he was 60 years old. a storm chaser capture third-degree dramatic video of a twister. this was on the ground yesterday. you can see the storm destroying everything in its path. that tornado uprooted trees, as you can see here. and ripped some roofs off homes. check out what happened to these power poles as they were snapping like tooth pigs. there's no reports of injuries, that tornado stayed away from populated areas for most part. we have tornadoes happening, it's that time of year. >> the season does not start until june 1st for the atlantic. but we have tropical storm
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alberto already out there. we have all that coming up in your forecast. right now it's still pretty nice in baltimore. we're sitting at 82 degrees outside. that is has been the ,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back everybody. 82degrees our high for today. another beautiful day across baltimore. but clouds are already starting to come in. there's a lot of people sitting in the 80s farther inland. winds picking up out of the east. we are already seeing signs of the storm moving in. the storm is far off to our south. it's going to move north over the next couple of days. between that and a front to our west we're seeing a chance of showers and thunderstorms moving into the eastern shores and the delaware beaches right
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now. we're going to see those spread throughout the state. at the same time here's that front out to our west, we're going to be in between those two tomorrow, but close enough that we're going the see that stormy weather beginning. then what happens after that, is the front out to our west is going to direct alberto keeping it out to see and forcing it eventually off to the northeast. before it connects with that front it's going to hang south of us for another day or so. as the front gets closer, it picks up alberto and pushes him away. so for us, we're not going to get a hit from alberto but we're going to see the clouds come in, scattered areas of rain and thunderstormses. not only from just the tropical storm being close by but from the front coming into play. so between the two some stormy weather throughout tuesday. all of this will move away, there's still a chance of a couple of showers, thunderstorms lingering into
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thursday. 46-mile per our wind, it is drifting off to the southwest at this time. the thing is it's going to meander around before it picks up that north eastern motion and moves away. keeping it away from us but bringing it close enough that we definitely need to talk about that storm. our waters, we have advisories but those winds will die down. tonight we're going the see those clouds come in. 64 hour low. then tomorrow clouds around scattered areas of rain that will keep our low at 40 degrees. we keep the chance for thunderstorms and rain around on tuesday. slowly trying to pull out of here on wednesday. then another low is going to move in on thursday. while this is happening temperatures will start to climb up, adam. >> stan had a couple of friends that took that trek down to dc for the nats game. they said tons of orange in the stands this weekend. >> it was worth it especially
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when tons of somebody elses uniform comes to camden yards. but as fate would have it, not the way they wanted it to go. still a good game any way and the big picture still looks ,,,,
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wjz the fan sports report, the orioles in a competitive series. >> it's called the battle of the beltway. when you have two contending teams you know what kind of game to expect. >> a good one, homefully. >> it was a good one for the other team. if you can't win them all, might adds well win most of them. the orioles took two out of
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three. but they lost the win. losing 2-0 xavier for a double rbi single and that was it for the day. offense shut down, i mean closed. price hopper two rbi doubles. nick markakis rolls on and lets go ott ball. next hitter up. providing a hit strausberg. that made it 5-3. and the nats go on to win it by the score of 5-3. and lou scott today against atlanta grounder to his teammate, carlos pena. so pena is out, that end of inning and luke scott cannot believe that they lost the game and they took care of baltimore by two at the top of the division. meantime following yesterday's exciting victory. over bonimeister.
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i'll have another primed for being the first triple crown winner that's after winning the derby, the preakness and maybe the beltmont. >> i'm just happy for the horse. because people keep telling that he's not good enough. and i'm just happy that he can just keep proving people wrong. and just happy, i'm just glad that i'm the jockey who got to be on his back. >> mario gutierrez maybe a triple crown in store for him. unit of owins mills. lance carter scores. so salsberry beat stevenson. next week in foxboro massachusetts. here's some men's division
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one scores. duke beat colgate. duke will play maryland in final four action next weekend. so hey the miami heat indiana 103-91. and bob boozer olympian from 1960, 78 years old, passed away today. >> you can catch the tom selick tv movie, jesse stone, benefit of the doubt tonight. trayvon martin's mother is right here in maryland. we'll have the latest on a visit to a local church and what she has to say about the controversy surrounding her son's death. more on how american's are compensating for high gas prices,. it's a catch you have to see to believe. did you see this one stan, out
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of colorado. check this out. the rockies fans saw this foul ball coming at him. he opened up his umbrella just in the nick of time and he caught it in his umbrella. ♪
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