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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  May 21, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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to the judges decision. >> i am kayak son. >> -- kai jackson. >> i am mary bubala. a rutgers student is sentenced to 30 days in jail for a spy cam case. the state is planning to appeal. drew levinson has the latest in new brunswick, new jersey. >> reporter: he showed no expression as the judge told him he acted with colossal insensitivity the 20-year-old was convicted in march for all the charges against him for using a web cam to spy on his roommate, tyler clemente. robbie then tweeted about it. >> i haven't heard you
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apologize once. >> reporter: despite strong words the judge sentenced robbie to just 30 days in jail. it is far less than prosecutors wanted. shortly after the cyber bullying, clemente took his own life, jumping off the george washington bridge. >> eni had no idea of the despair and torment tyler must been feeling. >> reporter: robbies mother spoke in court saying her son suffered in the fall out. it was the only time during the entire trial, rob bee showed any emotion. >> he was absolutely devastated, and broken into pieces. the media misconstrued the fact to the public and misconceptions that formed. >> reporter: robbie was placed on three years probation and ordered to get counseling and has to pay $10,000 to a community based organization which helps victims of bias crimes. robbie and his family left the court without commenting. the judge granted a stay of
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sentence while prosecutors appeal. the judge said he received a stack of letters in support of robbie he said he did not think he should be deported to native india. new details about a boating accident on the river that sent several people to the hospital. denise is in the newsroom with more. >> well, mary we know identities and conditions of the victim it is coast guard says a boat, crashed into a pier in bear creek just before 10:00 p.m. last night. near the key bridge. luckily the crash was witnessed by fisher men who called for help. the boat's operator, 43-year- old gerry redmond is recovering at bay view medical center. two passengers are at shock trauma. a fourth victim, was treated and released. >> thank you. wjz is following the investigation and rescue we will update you in a live report new at 5. a wet start to the workweek. you can see here folks had
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umbrellas out on light street in federal hill. let's take a live lookout side at this moment. still gloomy and raining, south of us alberto the first top tall storm of the season is -- tropical storm of the season is churning in atlantic. let's start with bob turk with more on the rain here. >> take a look at radar, rounds of rain, like a faucet. some areas getting decent showers, some brief, heavy downpours. as you can see scattered around the region. locally a batch of rain just moving through the western areas of the city. a batch coming in, right across the region. heading out to the game tonight, maybe some delays, downtown tonight. because it is raining in the region they may redevelop at least they will see quieter skies and drizzle. as far as rain amounts go. ocean city, man chester, 76, ellens burg more than a half
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inches columbia, a half there. aberdeen a quarter of an inch. way out there in the southern pacific, excuse me atlantic. also goes to georgia, bernadette has a look at it. >> this is early for a named storm. hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st not unheard of but out of the season. here is what we are looking at with alberto. winds 40 miles an hour, losing strength. just starting to make the turn off to the east. you can see along this track it keeps it up over the water and takes it away from the united states but does weak on the a tropical depression probably in the next 24 hours. all of the hurricane models keep this out to sea and south of us. it is interacting with other storms around us we are getting rain but not directly from alberto. another thing with alberto. down just off the coast, it is kicking up the surf, that is one thick we are seeing over the -- thing we are seeing over
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the next 24 to 36 hours it will be leaving us still rain in forecast. guys. >> thank you stay with wjz for complete first warning weather coverage. log on to hundreds of protestors marched outside while nato leaders made plans to end the war in afghanistan. karen brown reports for wjz with more on the nato summit in downtown chicago. >> reporter: president obama is reaffirming the promise he made to afghan president karzai, at the last nato summit. wrapping up their chicago meeting nato leaders pledged to end the combat mission in afghanistan, by the end of 2014. nato troops will remain in the country in a support role. >> as afghans stand up they will not stand alone. >> reporter: the u.s. and nato are still working to negotiate with pakistan, to reopen key supply routes closed after a u.s. air strike. they appear to have made some
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progress in chicago. >> i express some optimism as regards possibility to see reopening of the transit routes in the very near future >> as leaders discuss how to wind down the unpopular war protestors once again took to the streets. police tended to outnumber the protestors as they followed them through the downtown streets this time. they sat down in front of the re-election offices for president obama, it all began with a planned march to the headquarters of boeing. >> we are here, because we've had enough of the war machine, but we are tired of paying for it. >> reporter: many downtown businesses including boeing shut down in anticipation of the demonstrations. sunday saw much larger protest crowds and a few scuffles with police that lead to 45 arrests in chicago, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. protestors did not have a permit for their march today they claim they were protected by their first amendment
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rights. jurors reach a verdict in a trial of a man charged in the murder of a glen bernie dentist. live in the newsroom with more. alex. >> the jury convicted dante jeter on all currents of the killing. the prosecutions key witness told jurors she hired jeter and two of his friends to kill rowe to cover up a fraud scheme. she pled guilty in february. jeter faces life in prison without possibility of parole. key. >> thank you hick man could get her life sentence shortened for testifying against jeter. naacp passes a resolution to support marriage equality under the law. political reporter pat warren has more on this landmark announcement. >> reporter: the resolution comes from the national organization head quartered here in baltimore. members of the naacp held a
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news conference this morning. >> we live in a democracy, and in our democracy, we have the benefit of a constitution which defines equal rights which we all share. >> reporter: the language mirrors the bill past in maryland in that it supports same-sex marriage and religious freedom it reads in part we support marriage equality consistent with equal protection under the law provided under the 14th amendment of the united states constitution. further we strongly confirmed the freedom of all peoples. >> it is the history of the naacp to speak up on civil rights issues of our time. >> reporter: future of same-sex marriage in maryland is likely to be decided in a referendum. they continue to collect signatures on a petition that puts the question to voters. derek mccoy tells wjz he
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expects voters to reject same- sex marriage in maryland. >> we know numbers we know the demographics we have seen the number in the state we are confident we can win in the state of maryland. >> reporter: supporters of same- sex marriage say the naacp endorsement reflects momentum in the african american community to support stronger familyprotect children. and members of the african american community are expected to play a critical role in the vote in november. pat warren reporting back to you. >> petition inners must file one third of the necessary signatures more than 18,500 by may 31st to keep the referendum process going. >> good news about gas prices if you are planning on a long trip for memorial day weekend, right now the national average is $3.69, a month ago it was 3 .8 7. let's look at prices in maryland a month ago we were paying average of 3.92, for a
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gallon of regular today the average price is almost 30¢ cheaper at 3.63 a gallon. >> let's go out to cargas and talk with christy breslin. hi christy. >> hi mary hi everyone. if you are travelling northbound i-95, expect 25 minutes on the southwest side from harbour tunnel through ways past the belt way. as far as west side inner loop, stop and go will kins avenue around to security boulevard, on the outer loop an accident, frederick roadblocking the tworight hand lanes the delay is solid back to liberty road. expect 25 minutes to get through that area. top 5 inner loop slow, a couple accidents 100 eastbound, ritchie highway, southbound 95 disabled vehicle at the fort mchenry tunnel blocking that right hand lane and we have an accident in the city north washington at east eager street. now let's take a live look things still slow coming out of
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the city on the jone falls expressway past 28th street. this is brought to you by the mazda motor corporation introducing the cx 5 the best highway miles in america. amazing sight in the skies has people talking. take a look the annual eclipse called the ring of fire happens when the moon passes in front of the sun leaving only a golden ring around its edges. the eclipse could be seen as wide as areas across jay and some western states -- asia and some western states here in the u.s. >> it doesn't look real. >> it doesn't. >> also ahead, at 4, a wild fire out west, crews continue to work to get the upper hand in arizona. the latest on their efforts. bizarre crime a patient steals an ambulance. find out what happens next ♪ [ music ] ♪ disco star remembered, the late robin gibbs life.
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>> your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is raining, 71 degrees, central maryland right now. first warning forecast is coming up. >> the gladiator fire is burning strong in crown king arizona. today flames destroyed a cabin and are moving closer to several communication towers. four buildings were destroyed almost 14,000-acres charred. fire officials expect to make some progress an evacuation order is still in effect. >> a private funeral for disco queen donna summer held today in nashville tennessee. ♪ [ music ] >> summer died last week of
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lung cancer. she was not a smoker her family said the illness was not related to smoking. no details of her diagnosis and treatment have been released the famous singer song writer known for hits like love to love you baby was just 63. >> how do you mend a broken heart? one of their biggest hits, bee gees fans everywhere are searching for the answer after the death of robin gibbs. daniel tisdale has the story. >> reporter: it was the unique voice of robin gibbs that gave the bee gees their first international hits in 1967 ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> robins voice is haunting, massachusetts is like a sound that you will never hear gain. just amazing. >> reporter: but they were already seasoned performers by then discovered after they moved to australia from england when robin and his twin brother morris were t. >> his very first sing it will battle of the blue and the grey
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♪ [ music ] >> reporter: cole joy produced the song and joy boys formed part of the band. >> i rate them as number one more so than the beatles and the beach boys and all that because they had such longevity. >> reporter: they wouldn't taste royal success until they moved back to england. for a brief time robin went solo. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: before rejoining the band and making one of the best selling albums of all time. ♪ [ music ] >> we didn't really foresee it how big it was going to be ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: it is no wonder they were made commanders of the british empire in 2004. missing from that ceremony, morris who died a year earlier. robin is survived by his 91- year-old mother barbara,
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brother barry, sister leslie, his wife and three children. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he was 62. musically talented man was 62. gib is survived by his brother barry wife and three children. >> a good start to the week on wall street. the markets do have a long way to go to make up for the losses in the past few weeks the dow ends a 6 day losing streak and up 135 points s&p up 21 and nasdaq up 68. let's go to new york where alexis has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: stocks rebounded from their worst week of the year. a survey from the national business economists show forecasters show modest growth for the remander of the year they also expect economic growth to pick up next year. >> facebook stock fell as much
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as 12% in its second day of trading as a public company well below friday's public offering price of $38. a trading glitch marred facebook's market debut. nasdaq's ceo says he is embarrassed and securityexchange commission is investigating. >> chinese company is buying one of the largest movie theatre chains in the u.s. amc is going to be bought for $2.6 billion, that is china's largest take over of a u.s. company in history. the deal is expected to help amc expand overseas and spend more on upgrading its theaters. yahoo! is struggling to survive. so it is selling half of its 40% stake in the chinese e commerce site ali baba it will give the bulk of its $7 million back to shareholders in the form of a dividend. in new york, i am alexis. one hospital patient facing
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serious charges after taking off with an ambulance. a 37-year-old woman stole a metro ambulance and crashed it into a parking lot mall in amherst new york. officials say she was drunk, waiting to be admitted to hospital. the vehicle was totaled and the woman is in police custody luckily no one was hurt. incredible rescue, a 13- year-old boy pulled from a well in china. the teenager accidentally fell 30 feet into the well while he was playing in the street. crews pumped oxygen into the hole and then hoisted a firefighter upside down to pull out the boy. the rescue was a success, the boy suffered only minor injuries, and is expected to be okay. >> i would not like to be that rescuer. >> yeah, you would have to avoid claustrophobia. >> that and you are doing a hand stand for however long it took to get him. >> goodness. >> coming up at 4:00 p.m., deadly natural disaster strong earthquake rocked italy. now threat of after shocks.
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special commencement. president obama making his way to joplin missouri. how he is marking the one year anniversary of the deadly tornado there. >> your updated first warning forecast is coming up. >> wedge 13 is always on for the -- wjz 13 is always on for the top stories click
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not the prettiest of days. >> this is a picture of the day, some rain drops,. >> when i came in at noon that thing was just covered i was like oh, let's get the harbour cam. that tells us. we are dealing with runs of sprain drizzle and most people getting in on the action. first warning doppler radar a tour of where it is going and where it is coming from. we are seeing most of it coming from the ocean and the bay because this is part of a low, that is just offshore. it is going to factor into us going on with alberto but we will get to that in a moment. the tour here for baltimore county a few bands of these come up from the southeast, a little heavier right now, just to the southeast, and moving in your direction, a little bit of a burst over glen burr knee and
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another look at this -- bernie, and another look at this west, moving northwest, and south, a few areas of scattered showers a little bit of a break. a drizzle for annapolis at this point but there is more to come. switch it over and show you, starting yesterday evening then the cloudshowers are spreading northwest ward and adding up. we will be in this pattern for a couple of days. with the winds out of the east it has knocked down our temperatures somewhat, 71 degrees in baltimore. not cold but cooler than the 80s over the weekend that has been our high so far today. the average now up to 75 degrees. so here is our overall set up. a few different storms we need to talk about. first up is the one that we are currently dealing with then this front off to the northwest and then this, very tiny but this is tropical storm am berto it looks like it will weaken becoming a tropical -- alberto,
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it looks like it will weaken becoming a tropical depression. it will move north as this happens we will see this weather pattern move once gain. it has been stuck down to our south for 24 hours it will turn around to the east and pick up speed other than northeast, moving away from land, and you can see, it is just east, 7 miles per hour right now winds of 40 miles per hour. that is going to weaken and that will pick up, racing away from land and you can see all of the to forecast models are doing that same track. how this comes together for us, we get rid of the first one as we talked about alberto will be allowed to move out to sea and that leave this is front on top of us, because it will take a couple days for that to now get out of here since the pattern has been locked in place. what that means scattered showers, thunderstorms, straight for the next couple days, on the water southeast winds, 5 knots going down to 6 degrees, -- 62 degrees, scattered rounds of rain, thunderstorms, tomorrow, same
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idea, not much thunder today, that could pick up over the next couple days. 78 our high wednesday is a big day in our weather department our weather field trip day, chance of scattered showers and storms but we will keep you updated and hope to see you down there. os game tonight we will see. >> don't miss tonight's cbs prime timeline up. at 10:00 p.m., clash of the commercials then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11. >> i did not know what that was. >> heidi klume and kevin fraser. >> lots ahead on 4:30 p.m., the man convicted of the lockerbie bombing in scotland buried families of the victims of that 1988 terror attack are speaking out. >> back in court, campaign corruption trial of john edwards continues. any word from the jury. >> fighting for her life. another victory for a young graduate student who you she is do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30 p.m., 71 degrees, raining in central maryland. thanks for staying with eyewitness news i am denise koch. >> i am vic carter. >> after shocks continue to rock northern italy a strong quake killed seven people and toppling buildings that date back centuries,. >> reporter: earthquake survivors are settling into their temporary homes. tent camps have sprung up throughout the area, to shelter the thousands of people who are homeless.>> this woman says even if they let us go back home i wouldn't because i am too scared. the constant heavy rains added to the misery. the deadly 6.0 earthquake struck the region early sunday morning, and powerful after
4:32 pm
shocks continue to rattle the area. although no lives were lost in this town, residents did lose a big part of their cultural heritage the towns ancient churches collapsed and this medieval castle has been badly damaged just one of its original four towers is left standing experts say after shocks could bring it down. residents are shocked about losing these buildings which date back to the 14th century. >> this man says we have lost our history, i was baptized and married in that church, and hoped to have my funeral there as late as possible. neighbors walk through the rubble as workers handed out hot drinks to wary residents. it will take weeks to assess the damage and figure out how much it will cost to rebuild. wjz eyewitness news. now the last major earthquake to hit italy was
4:33 pm
2009 the 6.3 quake killed nearly 300 people. minutes ago the jury deciding the fate of john edwards ended deliberations. >> the jury of 8 men and 4 women are weighing 6 counts against john edwards today they asked to see more exhibits. he is accused of using campaign cash to hide his extramarital affair during the 2009 primary campaign. so far the jury has spent 13 hours considering the case. edwards is charged with conspiracy and making false statements. >> he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted on all charges. >> a mad murder buried in triply. the only -- a mass murder buried in tripoli. he died of cancer family members of those killed, say they don't have closure. >> he died at his home in
4:34 pm
tripoli which means he lived three times longer than cohan. >> i think it is appalling that he died in libya, comfortably, with his family around him, and my daughter, 20 years old, with everything to live for, died a brutal, horrible death. >> reporter: she died onboard pan am flight 103 in lockerbie scotland in 1988. he served 8 years in prison before being released on compassionate grounds suffering from prostate cancer. >> that man's release was a vile thing. i think it had more to do with oil and money than compassion. >> reporter: he was given a heros welcome when he returned to libya, expected to die after 3 months he lived 3 years. >> he is dead, he has to deal with his final judgment and that is all i am going to say on the matter. >> reporter: eileen's son rick was a 20-year-old syracuse student when he died in the
4:35 pm
bombing. last year libya's former justice minister said momar gadhafi ordered the bombing. >> he was involved he put the bomb on the plane but some body made the bomb someone told him to do it. >> reporter: now that he is dead they say the attention can shift from the one time intelligence officer to the people he worked with. >> they say the libyan ambassador to the u.s. is co- operating they hope they can get more answers about what happened. work is under way right now to raise the wreckage of the costa concordia the giant cruise liner has been lying on its side partly submerged since january 13th when it struck a rock. workers will fill containers on either side of the boat with water to counter balance the vessel so it can be lifted on the a platform. 32 people were killed in the disaster the ship's captain faces manslaughter charges. new rape allegations against the former imf head
4:36 pm
dominique strauss-kahn. mary has more on the investigation involving an alleged incident in washington dc in 2010. >> well, french prosecutors are launching a preliminary investigation into the alleged rape of a prostitute. the new information comes from the bell yum police who recently -- belgium police who recently interviews two escorts it took place between december 15th and 18th in 2010. he is facing a trial in new york over a hotel maid who accuses him of sexual assault in may 2011. he admits to sex at the hotel in washington but said it was consensual and did not involve violence. >> thank you. french magistrates have jurisdictions to prosecute even if their crimes are committed outside france. president obama is set to deliver the commencement address to joplin missouri's class of 2012. the may 22nd twitter killed 161
4:37 pm
people. the school held classes for seniors in an empty store at the town's only mall. all 428 members of the graduating class say they are thrilled to be sharing the stage with president obama. well, today's weather here is anything but thrilling, thick clouds have been here all day and rain from a light mist to downpours have been falling across the state. wjz has weather and traffic together, bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. >> this is exactly the kind of rain we need. you still have a high-def sit in most places. southeast to northwest, as low pressure sits offshore. a band of rain move through the city right now, moving north sections of baltimore county, take a closer look around the city, a batch up there, westminster and south of the city, just a tiny little band, we will be dealing with this and drizzle from time to time tonight, into tomorrow, thunder in some spots and again, actually we may continue to see
4:38 pm
this pattern for the next 2 days. take a look at some of the rainfall amounts today, as much as three quarters of an inch or more. manchester ocean city, a half inch or so around owens burg and columbia airport, 4/10ths annapolis and aberdeen, a third of an inch to a quarterrism. more rain and yes, we still need it, -- quarter inch. more rain, yes, we still need it. >> let's check in on the roads with christy breslin. hi everyone. plenty of congestion northbound inner loop delay in that region now looking at 20 minutes from hartford road to 95. as far as the west side inner loop, delays stretch from 95 around to liberty road and on the west side outer loop we did have that accident frederick road. the accident cleared but not the delay you are looking at 30 minutes, 795 around frederick road, traffic moving 30 miles an hour. as far as accidents go.
4:39 pm
northbound route 10 at the belt way, blocking the right hand lane. southbound, 95, route 32, york road on the on ramp for the outer loop of the belt way, north washington at east eager and with the orioles game tonight we have traffic building around russell street, mlk, president and lombard. watch for extra pedestrian traffic in that area. a live look as you can see that is where the accident was frederick road on the outer loop the traffic is still very very heavy in that region. this traffic report is brought by your baltimore hyundai dealers, the north american 2012 car of the year, you can save thousands now at your baltimore hyundai dealer. back over to you. thank you christy. a woman in massachusetts accidentally tosses her wedding rings into the trash. by the time she realizes her garbage had been picked up and taken to the dump. workers narrowed down the 15 tonnes of trash they figured the rings would be in and agreed to search through it expecting it to take all day but, after 30 minutes the rings were found, kilometre an hour
4:40 pm
by says she has never -- kirby says she is never taking them off again. >> those are some rings those are lifetime commitment and happy birthday and happy anniversary. straight ahead, a chain reaction crash several school buses full of children collide and how it happened. new information how ramen noodles are digested. and when will the sun return. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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school bus drivers in a chain reaction crass. six school -- crash. six school buses full of children were on their way to six flags in atlanta. as one bus slowed another struck the rear end of another. the driver is recovering in stable condition.
4:44 pm
luckily no one was hurt at louisiana university. the fire engulfed a frat house, the president said people were burning books inside around the time the fire started. suicide bomber strikes yemen's capital city killing nearly 100 soldiers preparing for military parade. monica reports for wjz the bomber hid explosives under a military uniform. >> reporter: the blast sent soldiers running for cover during a rehearsal for a military parade in yemen's capital. the defense ministry says the suicide bomber wore an army uniform and blew himself up taking part in drills near the presidential palace. >> this soldier said he suddenly heard an explosion and saw body parts flying through the air. dozens of troops died in the attack. those who survived helped the wounded. the defense minister and chief of staff were at the rehearsal for national unity day but were
4:45 pm
not hurt. the attacks come 10 days after the yemen army launched u.s. backed offensive against al qaeda in the south of the country. yemen's president has vowed to fight al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. she replaced the other president in february after mass protests and widespread violence. monday's suicide bombing is the worst attack since the president took office. wjz eyewitness news. now there is no clear claim of responsibility for today's attack but some reports suggest al qaeda is behind it. >> mexican drug cartel leader arrested for a massacre in mexico city. 49 dismembered bodies were found along a highway, last week. apparently the killings were part of a fierce feud between the zedas and another cartel, 7
4:46 pm
others were also under arrest. she is fighting the battle of her life. today a young woman from georgia with flesh eating bacteria reaches an important milestone. jessica is in the newsroom to explain her family's spirits are soaring. denise, 24-year-old amy copeland is breathing completely on her own. the graduate student was taken off a ventilator sunday. she is cracking jokes and talking up a storm. the university of west georgia student developed the infection when she cut her leg in a fall from a home made zip line. she has since had most of her left leg amputated she will also likely lose her handremaining foot. denise >> thank you jessica. amy is receiving well wishs from across the globe. her parents say they are grateful for the support. new insight into how ramen noodles are digested. new video showing what happens inside the digestive track has gone viral. you can see the stomach contracting trying to grind up the noodle scientists at
4:47 pm
massachusetts general hospital found the process, were less broken down than home made. further investigation concludes whether they are actually harmful. also in health watch rising concern for american teens, a number of teens developing type 2 diabetes is rising sharply. randall pinkston looks at the trend that has doctors worried about the future. >> reporter: 21-year-old felicia perry has type 2 diabetes and all the health problems that come with it. >> so this is considered a high blood pressure. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed her at 15 years old. >> candy, cookies that was me. chips. so i probably egged it on to come and it happened faster. >> reporter: perry is part of a disturbing trend according to a new study in journal pediatrics between 1999 and 2008 percentage of teens with prediabetes and diabetes jumped
4:48 pm
from 9 to 23%. >> this leads possibly if we don't intervene to younger and younger people getting cardiovascular disease. it is a wake up call to work on aggressive treatment and prevention. >> reporter: teens have the greatest risk are either over weight or obese. and have at least one risk factor such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure >> these are things only grandma gets and then they are taking 2, 3, 4 medications, expensive they have side- effects and their friends aren't doing it. >> perry has to check blood sugar three times a day and give herself insulin shoots but admits she wasn't always a willing participant >> i was in denial because at 15, i wasn't paying attention to it, so i just ignored it. >> that could be the most dangerous risk factor of all.
4:49 pm
in florida, randall pinkston wjz eyewitness news. >> cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among adults in the u.s. miami school prom shared a venue with an unlikely bunch of neighbors. miami beach high seniors celebrated their big night a few feet away from a pornography expo. the school says the convention center was the only location available, while the dance went off without a hitch with a few extra chaperons to keep students from meeting the neighbors. >> looks like both dances went off without a hitch. >> a family calls for help, a new york man says thousands of bees landed on his door when he and his family were runninger rends. no matter how fast they went, they trapped them all inside they called police, who got the family out and vacuumed up the bees. >> the car is possessed. it was calling the bees.
4:50 pm
>> or someone was wearing new colon >> i don't know creep me out. keep your umbrella handy. >> your updated weather forecast coming up next ,,,,,,,,
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>> outside right now looks like it cleared up here. >> it sure has. >> some places, even some breaks in the cloud cover. with a lot of moisture around, all that will do is create more showers, self- defeating sunshine, that may happen again tomorrow and gain on wednesday, even thursday just a lot of moisture hanging around off the atlantic ocean. take a look at radar, right now things have quieted down. heavier showers north of us, and a little batch moving through the city in the last two or three hours, heavy downpours locally some hours picking up as you said as much as three quarters of an inch of rain, around the city prety quiet, batch northwest baltimore county, west min sister, one little area of showers west of the city between pikesville and
4:54 pm
canadianensville moving northwest. so right now, if you are heading downtown, for the game, right now it is quiet hopefully it will stay dry for the bulk of the game but may be scattered drizzle or showers yet this evening if you are heading downtown, to camden yard, take the rain gear. you might just need it later. look at temperatures now, jumped up to 72, east winds, humidity did come down a little bit, it was 96%, at like 2, 3 this afternoon, barometer holding steady, 2.998 inches, -- 29.98 inches. 79, 66 off the ocean. 64 oakland. low rally upper 60s low -- locally upper 60s. east wind, moisture off the ocean. this little blush right here, that little thing right there, believe it or not is what is left of tropical storm alberto never had winds more than 40, 45 miles an hour spinning and
4:55 pm
moving east. away from the coast not really going to impact us. we have low pressure around the area, still spinning all that moisture in from the atlantic as you can see and a front to the bc. these two kind of come -- to the west, these two combining, more shower activity tonight, tuesday, and again on wednesday. once it finally clears out we can see a big warm up for the end of the week and memorial day weekend, it is going to get warmer, maybe some mid-and upper 80s. southeast winds, around 5 knots, tonight, scattered rain here and there fog, low 60s, and drizzle, tomorrow, mostly cloudy, showers and some thunder likely upper 70s on your tuesday and once again, still need the rain. >> all right then we are getting it. thank you. >> still to come tonight,. >> horrific boating accident on the chesapeake bay, you won't the chesapeake bay, you won't believe how it happened. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing,
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00, an accident sends four people to the hospital. more police and better technology. i'm mike hellgren, with the latest plan for security at the inner harbor. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
river rescue, serious injuries after a boat crashes near the key bridge. >> the investigation into the cause and the lucky break for the victim. hi i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here is what people are talking about. >> the coast guard rushes to four people after their boat crashes into the pier. derek valcourt has more on the victims and how the accident happened, derek. >> reporter: police say there were a number of factors involved in this crash and they have not yet ruled out the possibility that alcohol may have been involved. >> may day, may day. >> reporter: the frantic call for help came second after this boat slammed into a concrete pier. damaging the pier and injuring the boat's owner and


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