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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jerry redmond and three of his passengers. rescue crews credit near by fishermen with making the call for help. >> that good samaritan last night probably saved some lives. officials say the boat was traveling fast, close to the shoreline and limited visibility with radar off as it rounded the corner it slammed head on into the concrete. ironically this accident happened right at the start of safe boating week. >> one of the biggest cautions is operating at safe speeds. >> reporter: the boat now sits covered at a near by marina. he joins coast guard officials in recommending boats be armed with vests and information. >> they should be prepared to give us the big four. that would be the location, the number of people on their vessel, a description of their vessel and then the nature of the distress that they are experiencing. >> reporter: we're told at least two of those victims in
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pretty serious condition at the hospital. we're told the other two have been released from the hospital. meanwhile police say they are waiting for tests results to find out and confirm if the driver of that boat was operating under the influence of alcohol. we're live derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. national safe boating week runs through this saturday. by the way you can log on to for more information. a verdict for the man charged with killing a glen bernie dentist in a murder for hire plot. denise is in the newsroom with more on the jury's decision. >> reporter: an anne arundel county jury returns a guilty verdict for dante jeter. jeter was accused of killing dr. roe. prosecutors say one of roe's dental assistants hired jeter to murder her ross because roe caught her stealing from the practice. that medical assistant
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testified against jeter at his trial. >> reporter: police are issuing a renewed plea for information about two of jeter's friends who participated in the murder. they have not yet been caught. >> dozens of police officers will be on patrol at the inner harbor this summer following a series of violent i -- i -- incidents in the area. >> reporter: groups of fighting teenagers and several stabbings during the st. patrick's day weekend have police beefing up their presence. including 50 more officers on the streets. new school police patrols to control youth causing problems and better the technology. including clearer cameras with their eyes downtown. veteran businessman hale chair it is board. >> i am not putting my head in the sand saying it doesn't happen because it does but we're working on it and we're
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working very hard on it. and the police are working very hard on it and so is the mayor. >> i do see a lot of security all the time pretty much. >> and you work down here? >> yes, i work at the barbers on the strip. >> do you have any concerns about walking out late anything like that? >> not at all. not at all. >> reporter: it comes as baltimore prepares for major events including memorial day weekend. and the bicentennial celebration and the grand prix. >> you're going to have issues that happen. you're going to have large groups coming into downtown, it's going to happen everywhere, washington, baltimore, philadelphia. what people have to know is the baltimore police department is prepared and we know how to respond to this. that was mike hellgren reporting. the major declined to comment. we're following breaking news at howard county, sky chopper 13 over the scene. captain mike perry above it with more. captain what's going on.
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>> we are in south side of ellicott city. apparently this sports utility vehicle was riding along the lake, the driver lost control and collided with this very historic house. apparently there were no significant injuries as we can tell from anybody inside the home or anyone inside the vehicle. howard county police are on the scene. they do have the road closed in both directions as traffic is required to negotiate around this. it does not appear that they will have the road closed for very long. as you can see it does not appear to be significant damage. >> captain mike, thank you from sky chopper 13. heavy rain hit parts of the state, lots of umbrellas on the street on this humid monday. we are also closely tracking the first tropical storm of the season, alberto brought rough surf and 60-mile-per-hour surf to south carolina and it is now
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churning up the atlantic. bernadette woods and bob turk are updating the weather conditions. >> take a look we've had rain, on and off. drizzle, heavy downpours. you can see right now a little batch of rain. heavier stuff up above central pa it builds up in the mountains. locally let's take a look at what's going on around the city. right around the local area, very light scattered showers, really quieted down quite a bit. as we head south and east of the city. very quiet. one or two showers, a very dynamic situation. it changes from hour to hour. take a look at some of the rainfall coming in this afternoon as much as 3/4 of an inch. ocean city, manchester, some areas about a half inch or more.
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now we talked about tropical tomorrow alberto. a little early for that. but it's a little tiny compact storm. bernadette has a look at it. bernadette. >> it is just off the georgia- south carolina coast. and it is weakening but still holding on to tropical storm status. so let's take a look at this. this is an early season storm. it is moving off to the east barely at about 7 miles per hour. but over the next couple of hours that's going to pick up some speed and turn around to the northeast eventually heading away from the united states. you can see all of the tracks keep it over the water and keep it away from land. now what it is doing though, you saw some waves as we were going into this story here. it is kicking up the coast a long the southeast coastline for us. it's going to stay far away south to avoid any major effects. but indirectly it's combining with a storm we're dealing with right now and a front out to our west, bringing a couple of showers between all three systems. we do have some decent rain
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chances coming you are -- coming our way. and we have the update coming up. >> stay with wjz for the latest live radar. a rutgers university student receives a 30 day jail sentence for using a spy scam to record his roommate. >> reporter: he acted with insensitivity. 20-year-old robby was convicted in march of all the charges against him for using a web cam to spy on his roommate tyler clemente. clemente was having a sexual encounter with another man, then he tweeted about it. >> i heard this jury say guilty 288 times and i haven't heard you apologize once. >> reporter: despite his strong words, the judge sentenced robby to just 30 days in jail. it's far less than prosecutorred wanted. shortly after the cyber
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bullying, clemente took his own life, jumping off the george washington bridge. >> even i had no idea of the dispair and torment tyler must have been feeling and i thought i knew him. >> reporter: tyler's mother also spoke in court. it was the only time during the entire trial robby showed any emotion. >> he was absolutely devastated. i'm broken into pieces. the media has constructed the fact to the public and misconceptions have formed. >> reporter: robby was placed on three years probation and ordered to get counseling. he also had to pay $10,000 to a community foundation. robby and his family left the court without commenting. prosecutors plan their appeal. in new brunswick, new jersey. >> the judge said he received a stack of letters in support of robby. he said he does not think robby
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should be deported to his native india. wjz is live, political reporter pat warren has more on why this group is taking this position. >> reporter: the resolution comes from the national organization which is head quartered here in baltimore. >> we live in a democracy and in our democracy we have the benefit of a constitution which defines the equal rights which we all share. >> reporter: same-sex marriage supporters believes that includes an equal right to marriage. >> same-sex couples want the same thing as everybody else. >> reporter: the language of the naacp resolution mirrors the act that maryland released. it reads in part, we support marriage i qualify consistent
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with equal protection under the law. further restrongly affirm the religious freedoms of all people as protected by the first amendment. >> it is the responsibility and the history of the naacp to speak up on the civil rights issues of our time. >> reporter: the naacp announcement follows the endorsement of same-sex marriage by president obama. >> marriage has been around for a long time. it predates politics, it predates all of these things we're hearing right now. predates the president and predates the naacp. >> reporter: the alliance that supports same-sex marriage continues to collect signatures. they believe the backing of the naacp will help the cause. >> after the president came out in his statements we've gotten more calls and energized people that said that is not where i stand. they are not speaking for me.
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where can i not only sign the petition but can i get on board to do a petition drive. >> reporter: now the first batch of petitions for referendum are due into the board of elections on may 31st. derek mccoy told wjz they will be turning in theirs two days early on the 29th. that's again more than 19,500 petitions turning in on the 29th. reporting live i'm pat warren, now back to you. >> all right, pat, thank you. all 55,000 petitions must be turned in by the end of june. his music was the sound of the disco era. tonight fans around the world continue to mourn robin gibb. one day after he died of cancer, robin gibb is being hailed in his native britain as a master musician. gibb and his two brothers made up the beegees selling 200 million albums. they also wrote huge hits for
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diana ross and destiny's child. >> i could live to that music all day long. all day long. you have to groove. still to come, chaos in the streets of chicago as the nato summit continues. will there be more arrests? and held against their will and traped in a life of prostitution, how maryland is tackling the problem of human trafficking, that's coming up. this year's preakness considered one of the best of all time. i'm jessica kartalija, i'll explain next on wjz. >> rainy weather ahead, don't miss the updated weather forecast with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is cloudy and 73 degrees in central maryland. broken glass but not a broken spirit. a baltimore county church is picking up the pieces after vandals did some serious damage overnight. and it is not the first time they've been hit. as they vacuum up broken glass inside where someone smashed seven tall windows, church members in middle river also know the same vandal tried to destroy their sign outside. don is here assessing the damage. >> it looks like someone took an ax, chopped into the window here and here, and when they were trying to remove the ax, it pulled the window out. >> reporter: it's not the first time vandals have hit, just six weeks ago five other windows were broken. two months ago the feron lines to the air conditioner were cut. the church is holding a meeting
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with the congregation tonight. they know they're going to have to take steps. >> we're talking about doing fundraisers to try to cover some of the cost to not only cover the windows but looking into security systems that we have not been able to afford at this point. >> reporter: measurements are taken for new windows and as police investigate, parishioners say they are going to try to practice what's preached, turn your over cheek. >> i think it's a lost soul, someone that really needs to be prayed for. >> reporter: the church estimates the damage caused by the vandals is 15 to $20,000. baltimore county police have stepped up patrol in the area. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work. let's check on the roads on wjz traffic control. >> hi kai, hi everyone. we have a couple of accidents out there. the first one we're dealing is
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on preston street. we have a couple of ambulances there, a couple of police cars backing things up. you can expect quite a delay. as you can see it's definitely affecting the north bound direction as well. extends from the beltway to preston street at this hour. we'll continue to bring you up to date as with get more information. if you're traveling on the outer loop. we have a couple of accidents that are contributing to this delay. one at 795. you can expect 20 minutes over to fredrick road. over on the west side interloop, heavy there from 95 to liberty road. the interloop around to 95. from 100 over to the fort mchenry tunnel. other accidents include fredrick road at toll house road. and also baltimore at wells road. let's take a live look, you can see there's a lot of cars on
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the west side, but it is beginning to thin out that's good news for us. we will take another look, as you can see the jonesway expressway still slow heading out of downtown. things do look like they're thinning down in that area as well. this traffic report is brought to you by the cockrin firm. if you or someone you know have suffered an injury, give them a call for a private consultation. the 137th running of the preakness is one for the picture books. and a picture perfect day really helped. the race was a big boost for maryland's horse racing. mary bubala reports. >> reporter: all eyes on baltimore saturday for the 137th running of the preakness race. the race and infield festival drawing record crowds. >> when you put on a first class show, people will come
5:20 pm
out. >> reporter: some 121,000 people came out, waging $90 million. saturday's victory by i'll have another is a big boost to the racing industry. the race created excitement as i'll have another trained in the same track where he would win the second leg of the triple crown. >> the crowd was ballistic. it just keeps us ongoing. >> there's probably no other day in the world that the entire country if not the entire world look at baltimore and say what's going on there, and that's the preakness. >> reporter: with maroon five performing, pemlico doubled the attendance. it's the first time since 2008, a horse has won the first two
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legs of the triple crown. i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'll have another will try to win the third leg on june 9th at the belmont stakes. the last horse to do that was affirmed 34 years ago. >> i think i'm going to put a little money. >> that's really amazing. we've had some rain in the area, drizzle a lot of clouds, not too much in the way of sunshine. right now we're at 73, east winds at nine, barometer holding steady. we'll come back and take a look at the next couple of days right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we had decent rain over lots of area tonight. particularly over the mountains east and west. right now the radar is not nearly as loaded up as it was earlier. take a quick look around the baltimore region and central maryland. one heavy band moves through the area as you see it at 4:00. a closer look at the local
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area. you see around the city almost nothing coming up to the north and west. as we look east and south of the city, just a little sprinkle east. but it looks like it's going to be moving east of the northwest as the general motion, it's one batch there and this last one coming through. hopefully that will be the last one for a while because we have a game of course downtown at camden yards. don't forget this wednesday morning we'll be entertaining a lot of local students at our annual weather day at camden yards. hopefully the rain will hold off on sunday morning and wednesday afternoon for the rain. take a look at temperatures right now around the area. 73 here, 68 ocean city. a lot of sun coming out on the eastern shore where it didn't rain a whole lot. 77 out there, 76 in dc and brightening also. then there's more a little bit further west. so kind of in between here getting some rain activity.
5:26 pm
dewpoint is way up there. very humid air mass. 73 here, 74 rock hall and kent island. locally, still have an east wind in the area brings in that moisture. that little area is alberto. new england all the way down to the mid-atlantic region and even further west up front that will help improve the flow. wednesday unfortunately may see some more showers and some thunder as well. southeast winds around five knots. the bay temp getting up there to 68. tonight still widely scattered showers and drizzle and some fog. 62 tomorrow, warm yes 78. humid yes, scattered showers mainly cloudy skies and maybe a pop up thunderstorms. any of those showers could give you some heavy downpours tomorrow too. >> all right we'll keep our eye in the sky.
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the alarming study about young americans and diabetes. new trouble for ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:30, 73 degrees with light showers in the area. good evening, thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a disturbing trend in sex crimes against children. more minors are being lured into prostitution often against their will. wjz is live, adam may reports on what's being done to stop it. >> reporter: maryland it turns out has become a hub for human trafficking and today hundreds of law enforcement officials from across the state got a crash course on the problem. inside a silver spring hotel room a 15-year-old girl was forced to have sex with numerous men after she was lured from new york for a fake modeling job. >> her cell phone had been taken and they said, there are guys coming up here, and you will do these things. >> reporter: rodney hubert is now doing time in prison for
5:31 pm
human trafficking. the crime affects 300,000 american children every single year. >> human trafficking is an emerging problem in maryland. >> reporter: this special agent, one of many experts speaking at governor o'malleys conference on this issue. like another maryland teenager recently saved from gang members who used facebook to entize her to run away from her family. >> once she ran away to them, they put her into a sex slave for the ms13 gang. >> reporter: organization that is work with the victims also spoke at the conference, sharing emotional stories from young women trapped as sex slaves some interviewed for this video. >> reporter: human sex trafficking cases have been reported in almost every county but lately they've been concentrated around the hotel district where compliants are plentiful. since 2007, the state has
5:32 pm
passed nine laws, but another nine bills have died in the legislature. adam may, wcz eyewitness news. adam, thank you. if you see signs of human trafficking you can report them to the number on your screen. 1-866-dhs-2ice. more trouble today for former ims leader dominique kahn. vic is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: prosecutors open an investigation into allegations of rape in a washington, d.c. hotel. the allegations stem from a 2010 visit to the states. mr.kahn was the head of the monetary fund. kahn who is 63 and married says whatever happened was consensual and nonviolent. kahn is the target of a french prostitution probe. he denies those charges.
5:33 pm
>> he is also facing charges from a hotel worker who a ccuses him of sexual misconduct in 2011. president obama is reaffirming the promise he made to afghanistan president karzai. >> as afghans stand up, they will not stand alone. >> reporter: the u.s. and nato are still working to negotiate with pakistan to reopen key routs. they appear to have made some progress in chicago. >> i express some optimism as regards the possibility to see a reopening of the transit routes in the very near future. as leaders discuss how to wind
5:34 pm
down the unpopular war. protesters once again took to the streets. police tended to outnumber the protesters as they followed them through the downtown streets. this time they sat down near the reelection offices for president obama. it all began with a meeting with boeing. >> we're here because we're tired of war and tired of paying for it. >> reporter: sunday saw much larger protest crowds and a few scuffles with police that led to 45 arrests. in chicago, karen brown wjz eyewitness news. protesters did not have a permit for their march today. they plan they were protected by their first amendmentright. > edwards arrived this morning.
5:35 pm
edwards is accused of using campaign funds to hide his mistress. if convicted he faces eight years in prison. the number of teens who have type two diabetes are prediabetic has jumped from 9% to 23% since 1999. now experts say this could have dire implications for an entire generation of children. diabetes can lead to an increased risk for heart attacks and strokes. also in health watch, a federal task force is releasing the final recommendations on the blood test used to detect prostate cancer. the tsa screening has been a source of controversy for years. 66-year-old bill richards is a prostate cancer survivor >> i was diagnosed with a psa
5:36 pm
that began to rise. >> reporter: now the fda is recommending for a screening. leads to more tests and treatment that is can be unnecessary and harmful. >> most men who are treated for their prostate cancer would have lived just as well as just as long without that treatment. >> reporter: research shores prostate biopsies, surgery and radiation can lead to lifelong problems such as urinary imcompetence. the american cancer society agrees, doctors should not use the psa test to screen for prostate cancer. but in urologists argue that the test saves lives. while it's not perfect, dr. herbert laporte says it can find cancers early when they can be effectively cured. >> if we go back ward and we totally abandon screening, then
5:37 pm
we're going to go back to the 1980s when prostate cancer was a death sentence. >> reporter: richards chose to have his prostate removed after a biopsy found early stage cancer. >> i think had i not gotten the psa test there was a real risk that the cancer would have developed inside of me without me knowing it. >> reporter: he's thankful to be cancer free, 12 years later. in los angeles, wjz eyewitness news. it's not clear how this recommendation will affect insurance reimbursements. an unfriendly market for facebook days after its big debut, the company's stock goes tumbles in the nasdaq. facebook finished today under $30. that is well below the $38 ipo price. one analyst says it appears under writers over estimated facebook shares.
5:38 pm
there's a better day for the dow as it finishes up 135 points. the s & p is up 31, nasdaq fin you ared up 68. time for a quick look at some of the stories you will find on tomorrow's morning's edition of the baltimore sun. tips on how to coexist with the nearly 200 million travelers expected to be on the maryland roads for the memorial weekend. and more on sparrows point. it was once on display here in baltimore and now it's just set an auction report for sports memorabilia. babe ruth still means big bucks. it's a 1920 yankees jersey, worn by babe ruth, just sold at auction for a staggering $4.4
5:39 pm
million. for nine years it was on display at babe ruth's museum and birthplace. >> the man showed up and he had this jersey. he says i don't think my wife knows that i had this so i'm going to put it on loan with you guys here so that the people can enjoy it. >> reporter: when the man died, his wife decided to auction off the jersey. the babe born in this house on emery street. the s.w.a. -- the swat that remains larger than life. the jersey seen on this picture is in good condition. >> it's still nice blue, dark blue. so everything looked good. number three was not on the back because it was before numbers were issued. >> reporter: for now the buyer of the ruth jersey wants to remain anonymous. but 63 years after his death, this deal shows the babe is still the king.
5:40 pm
>> one of the best, if not the best. >> you know it's the power, he's the king. that's it. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> the same auction in babe ruth's auction, his 1936 cap sold for more than $136,000. we're seeing the nice young gentleman. it could have been his great great grandson. >> he looked like him a little bit. >> he did. panic in prison. an inmate stage a riot. how they killed a guard before anybody could stop them. how the city of joplin, missouri is marking a solemn anniversary. >> i'm bob turk, more showers and a big ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you.
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start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. the baltimore city school students get a history lesson at fort mchenry today. a new online video game was released for the bicentennial. >> my name is john babbot, i'm
5:44 pm
from new england. >> reporter: a history lesson brought to life. as students from patterson park charter school went back in time at fort mchenry. >> you can see the costumes, what people thought and their personality. it really helped you understand. >> the british came to baltimore trying to get foothold there but they couldn't because our troops stopped them. >> reporter: today's event is part of an effort to kick off a new online game that allows people to get interactive when it comes to the issue that is led to the war of 1812. >> the war of 1812 was the most narrowly decided war in american history. >> i oppose war with great britain. >> reporter: this is a way to help people understand all of the different perspective that is were out there at the time. >> reporter: cast your vote gives real life account from
5:45 pm
several characters and focuses on one important question. >> trying to see if our war is going to be prowar or anti war. >> it's a really good tool for parents to sit down with their children. it's very thought provoking. >> i think they should know more about it. if they're living here then they need to know what our ancestors have done. >> reporter: monique griego. >> reporter: for a link on where to play or to cast your vote, log on to it's a dim start to the workweek. some showers are moving through parts of the maryland as we take a look live outside right now, pretty sky. bob turk have a pretty look at what we can expect for the next several days. >> we're really locked in this pattern. even though we're going to see those clouds breaking down. we're going to see rounds of showers and thunderstorms. so tonight still the chance for some showers out there. then tomorrow, on and off chances for showers, drizzle and maybe even a couple of
5:46 pm
thunderstorms. a little bit warmer to 77 for our high. tomorrow evening still the same threat exists. here's bob. >> it's going to feel humid. maybe a thundershower in the afternoon. same thing for wednesday, left over shower or thundershower. still possible thursday. it's not going to rain all day long but there'll still be a thundershower. friday and saturday mid-perhaps the upper 80s for saturday and sunday. just in time for memorial day weekend. >> i know, bob, thank you. today's energy saver, fix plumbing or dripping faucet can waste more than 200 gallons of water a month. that not only increases your water bill but also the bill for heating your water. for more information, go to scroll down the left side of the page and click on our special section.
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president obama will be in missouri tonight to help commemorate a solemn anniversary for the town of joplin. the storm killed 161 people, injured hundreds more and damaged thousands of buildings. the president will deliver the commencement speech for joplin high school's graduating class. the death toll grows in yemen following a suicide bombing in the middle of a parade rehearsal. the number of casualties now stands at 92 and hundreds more are injured. investigators believe the bomber was one of the soldiers participating in the drill. no terror groups are taking responsibility for the attack. he killed hundreds when he blew up pam am flight 93. today magrahi is buried in libya. he was sentenced to life after the bombing. he was released from prison in 2005 after being diagnosed with
5:48 pm
terminal cancer. his death brings little solice for the people killed in the bombing. >> i think it's appalling that he died in libya comfortably with his family around him and my daughter 20 years old with everything to live for died a brutal horrible death. >> when he was released, doctors said he had just months to live. he survived for another three years. a sheriff says gang activity is to blame for a deadly riot at a mississippi prison. one guard was killed and 19 hurt. the adams county sheriff says the guard was killed by 300 inmates on the roofs of one of the buildings. the correctional facility holds 2,500 illegal immigrants it remains on lock down. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00, for these stories and, denise koch. >> a man stabbed to death at a high school reunion in baltimore. tonight a verdict in the
5:49 pm
suspect's trial. eyes on alberto. the first warning team is following the first tropical storm of the season and it could be a busy season. check in for these stories and all the breaking news coming up. >> denise, thank you. and still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, the o's are back home and preparing to face the red sox. >> sports director mark viviano joins us live at camden yards, hi mark. >> how are you guys doing, it's the first place orioles against the first place boston red sox. ♪
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the orioles are home after another successful road trip. the birds are scheduled to take on the baltimore red sox tonight, weather permitting, hi mark. >> how you doing kai. we did have a full day of rain but the tarp is off the field and things look good for baseball tonight. the orioles nothing but sunshine and good fieldings among the players because of how they've been playing.
5:53 pm
just getting home from a road trip that took them from kansas city to washington, d.c., they won four out of five games, the o's are in first place of the division best record in the american league. of all the oriole players on the current active roster, never been with the team longer than reliever jim johnson in his seventh season. he's endured a lot of losing over the years now he's a key component to this year's success. he's saved 16 victories, he's had a hand in closing out more than half of the team's 27 wins. johnson is pleased with his personal success but he tells me they're all keeping it in perspective since it's still just the month of may. >> you know it's rewarding knowing the work that we put in and you know i personally been through, like you said some of the best times. it's a little satisfying, but we're still not at the end right now. i think this year we're better prepared to sustain where we're
5:54 pm
at and we will see where we're at at the end of the year. >> reporter: if you go back to last season that's the longest save streak in the majors. and i'll have more on the o's coming up next hour. plus we'll take a look at the horse that won the preakness and how there are similarities between him and the orioles. plus an update on contract talks for ravens running back ray rice. that's all ahead in sports at 6:00, back to you for now. mark, thank you. police make a major drug bust off the coast of california. officers responded after getting reports of suspicious packages floating in the water after investigating it brought back more than 160,000 bails of marijuana. the bails had a street value topping $300 million. no word yet where the drugs came from. crews discover are a lost wedding ring in a hunt through 15-tons of trash in massachusetts one woman accidentally tossed five rings including her wedding ring into
5:55 pm
the garbage. apparently she had taken them off to wash her hands. when she found out the truck was nearly to the incinerator. >> i said i believe i threw away my wedding rings. they could have easily said there's no way you're going to find those rings. but they took the extra step, they made the effort and it made off. now a team of eight waste management workers found the ring in only about a half hour of digging. kirby won't be taking them off again any time soon. that's first the commitment on the part of the sanitation workers is phenomenal. and just the needle in a hay stack situation. >> i think that's great they found them. i would have volunteer to go help. i feel bad for them but that was really nice. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. wjz's eyewitness news. >> ,,,,
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coming up right now on wjz eyewitness news chaos at the inner harbor, what city police are doing to keep you safe. >> a horrific boating accident on the chesapeake bay and you believe how it happened. i'm derek valcourt with details coming up on eyewitness news. >> the national naacp comes out in support of same sex marriage. i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news find out why they're taking the position they are taking. >> more rain in the region and
5:59 pm
the first tropical storm of the season. >> check all the day's stories and today's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. troubled waters, a boat crashes into a pier on the patapsco. >> tonight how it happened and what about the people on board? >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. >> a bloody accident near the key bridge, three people seriously injured and a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. wjz's derek valcourt has more on the accident and the fishing


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