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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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over the side of the jfx. she is targeting the driver who she believes caused the life- threatening ordeal. wjz is live under the jones falls. mike hellgren with her story tonight. mike? >> reporter: mary, teresa rig rigby's dream was to serve as a police officer. but she's still not back on the job, almost a year after the fall 20 feet here. the suit claims the driver should never have been behind the wheel. >> reporter: at a rare public appearance last year, officer teresa rigby broke down, speaking about the fall from the jfx that nearly cost her her life. >> thank you for all of the prayers. all of the prayers really helped. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of the crash in july 2011. when police say a saab vehicle crashed into her police cruiser. police say the saab tried to pass a car and lost control, causing a chain-reaction accident that sent her plunging over the side of the interstate. >> they're telling me she may have went over the bridge. >> she's at the pepsi place.
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she is over the gate, laying down there. >> reporter: while she has survived, she has yet to fully recover. >> reporter: she's now filing a $15 million lawsuit, claiming the driver was negligent. police cited him for speeding, among other infractions. >> she was filling out paperwork one day, and next thing she knows, she woke up in shock trauma. >> reporter: the suit also names the car's owners, saying he should have known that the driver should not have been permitted to drive. >> we'll take whatever action we can take on her behalf to try to make her as whole as possible. >> reporter: it could take a year for the civil suit to wind its way through the legal system. vanderingberg will be in court to face the traffic charges this weekend. officer rigby is still on the long road to recovery. >> reporter: and wjz did try to contact the defendant's lawyer for comments. he did not return our calls. he also told our partner, the baltimore sun, no comment.
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mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. mary? >> mike, thank you. officer rigby has undergone several surgeries and facial reconstruction. the suit seeks to pay for her medical expenses and future lost wages. an international scare. vic is in the newsroom with more on the woman's bizarre claims on board a u.s. airways flight. vic? >> reporter: well, kai, the passenger gave a note to a flight attendant, announcing she had a surgically implanted device during a flight to charlotte. pilots scrambled to bangor, maine. doctors found no visible scars on her body. homeland security officials say the woman is a french citizen, born in cameroon, with no known ties to terrorism. the fbi has recently warned that terrorists are considering surgically-implanted bombs. >> the plane was carrying 200 people. it was presumed it went to its
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destination. the man accused in the case of robin gardner. police say they caught gary giordano having sex with a woman in a parking garage near the annapolis city dock. giordano was previously held in the disappearance of robin gardner in aruba. he was never charged. he says she was swept to sea while they were on vacation. her body has never been found. growing controversy in the debate over the safety of baltimore's inner harbor. today, a state lawmaker calls on the mayor to take action or resign. adam may has more on the fight surrounding the city's most popular tourist destination. adam? >> reporter: mary, this back- and-forth battle is now getting really ugly, including charges of racism and additional calls for resignation. >> reporter: pat mcdonogh and residents say they are scared for their safety when a few weeks ago, their car was surrounded by 100 people at a stoplight near baltimore's inner harbor.
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mcdonogh called that group, a young, black mob, triggering controversy. >> you have to be accurate when describing a crime scene. they were young, they were black, and it was a mob. >> certainly sending the wrong message. you don't think people are that out of touch in 2012. >> and now this rebuttal aimed at the mayor. >> i'm calling on herl to resign with-- her to resign as a caveat, that i'll withdraw the request if she begins to do something. my problem with the mayor is she appears to be engaging in a cover-up-type policy. you know, it's a crime issue not really as bad as we think it is. >> reporter: a spokesman for the mayor says delegate mcdonogh is now trying to attract attention away from his earlier-charged racial comments. so far this year, downtown crime is down with gun crimes down 36%. and robberies down 17%.
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but video of this attack of a tourist on st. patrick's day, made headlines. and last week, police released dispatch records, revealing another large disturbance. >> crossing lombard. >> city west confirms, we have a large, large group of juveniles. >> the next big event is 4th of july. last year saw several fights. the murder of ray -- a father visiting alabama. this summer, police are adding 50 patrols and cameras. what people have to know is that the baltimore police department is prepared and we know how to respond to those. >> and we should point out that delegate mcdonogh has a show on a conservative radio program. and the mayor basically accuses him of exploiting this issue for ratings. of course, the mayor has no plans to resign. and today, she's in las vegas, trying to lure new retailers to downtown. reporting live at city hall tonight, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam, thank you. and we're told right now, activists in support of the mayor having a rally in west baltimore.
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breaking news right now in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. let's go to captain mike perry. captain mike? >> reporter: hello, kai. we're in the jacksonville area. two collisions occurred. two vehicles involved. initially, with rescue. you could see this red minivan, apparently collided with a back of a sport utility vehicle. we know at least right now, one person being transported to the hospital. then there's call for a second medic unit at the scene. it is causing minor traffic issues, along jarrettsville pike. northbound is moving nicely. police are detouring traffic around the scene of the accident. it appears they'll have this cleaned up in about a half hour or so. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, reporting live. a police dog takes down a suspected burglar. the canine tackled charles sawyer.
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quarterfield park road. sawyer allegedly assaulted the police dog, before he was taken into custody. he faces several charges. a 13-year-old glen burnie boy is recovering after nearly having his hand blown off in a fireworks accident. monique griego speaks of the young teen and has a warning for young children. >> reporter: under these bandages, more than 200 stitches are holding together the hand he nearly lost. >> we were playing with firecrackerless. and i was about to throw it and it exploded in my hand. >> reporter: it happened yesterday. firefighters later determined it was an m80 fireworks that nearly blew off the 13-year- old's hand. >> and my thumb almost was bending over. my first three fingers almost fell off. >> my first reaction was, is dumb is dumb. that's what i thought. because i didn't even see it. >> reporter: he and his friend found the m80 inside a friend's house, then brought it outside to light it, thinking it was a small firecracker.
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>> we thought it was a firecracker, like a small one, that would just go, have a small reaction. but it didn't. >> reporter: this is you tube video of an m80 exploding. and like most fireworks, it is illegal in the state of maryland. >> many children are not aware of the dangers of fireworks. >> reporter: chief michael cox, from anne arundel county fire says more than 50% of firework accidents happen to kids younger than 15. and after learning his lesson the hard way, dihovahas a warning for kids. >> not to mess with fireworks. >> monique griego. wjz eyewitness news. >> he is expected to fully recover but has months of rehab ahead. if you find fireworks of any kind, you can turn them in to the fire department without any punishment. we are watching a chance of showers popping up throughout maryland. it is still pretty humid out there, with sun trying to peek through all of those clouds. wjz is live with first warning weather. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk, updating our
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conditions. we'll start inside with bob. >> a little sun. a lot of clouds this morning. we've seen some sun this afternoon. and that has created shower activity. mainly west of our region now, as you can see across portions of western maryland, west virginia, showers and storms. look like they're heading out to the southeast. the closest activity i can find. really across portions of washington. maybe a little close to cascade and thurmont, where we did see pretty good rain last night. but these are very light showers. bulk of the activity, south and west of us now in west virginia. looks like it's pretty juicy stuff down that way. and some folks will see some heavy downpours as we saw last night. how are we doing in the rainfall department? bernadette woods has a look at some of the numbers. bernadette? >> well, yesterday definitely helped. we'll take you through and show you some of the amounts we saw in the region. biggest amounts were basically from washington county, frederick county, and carroll counties, where we saw a few different bands set up on top.
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by thurmont, 1.70 inches. catonsville, about 3 quarters of an inch. bwi marshall, .60 inches. that's important because that's where we officially keep the record. here's our update for the month. we're still down an inch. and for the year, we're still down over 5 inches. it's just that we keep getting some amounts, it's just spread out so far in between. so we really need to get a couple of days of this to cut into that deficit. we will, of course, keep you updated and have your forecast coming up. back inside. >> thank you, bernadette. maryland's new income tax rates will soon take effect. governor martin o'malley sign today today and other bills designed to avoid the so-called doomsday cuts that called the general assembly into special session last week. political reporter pat warren explains, this isn't the last adjustment maryland will see. >> reporter: rescued from good morning, by deep pockets. >> that will support job creation and move us forward, with the balanced approach. >> reporter: that will raise tax rates on high earners, lower exemptions for some, and
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eliminate exemptions for others altogether. in addition to making some budget cuts. >> that has served us well over these last, very difficult years. >> reporter: taxpayers, filing single, will see no change up to $100,000. nor will joint filers up to $150,000. every dollar after that will be taxed at a higher rate. in increments of a quarter percent. the highest earns will be pay-- earners will pay between 5 and 5.75%. >> it's an increase that will have a bigger impact on residents in some parts of the state than others. high earners, for example, in carroll, harford, prince george's, are likely to pay $236 more. taxpayers, affected by the hike in frederick, howard, and anne arundel counties, and baltimore city, are likely to see increases between $437, and $704. the highest increases are likely to affect residents in baltimore county, montgomery, and talbot counties, ranging
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from $705, to $955 more this year. >> the increases take effect june 1st and are retroactive to january 1st of this year. lawmakers get their next shot at raising revenues in a special session, tentatively scheduled for july. i'm pat warren in annapolis, now, back to you on tv hill. >> the governor is expected to call a special session in july, on expanded gambling, to include table games and a new casino in prince george's county. a naval academy tradition is successfully carried out today in annapolis. students just capped off their first year in the academy, with a climb up the herndon monument. it makes the task more difficult. students began the annual event in 1940. at the end, as you saw, they replaced their hat. with a midshipman's cover. >> every time i see this, every year, i just think of bodies falling all over. >> i know. >> but they make it.
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they do it every year. >> and they've done it in the rain before. doesn't matter. they've done it in like 100- degree heat. >> future seals. >> yes. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. a new era in space travel. launch of the space ex, falcon 9 rocket. >> today's launch makes history. the unusual items this rocket is bringing into space. and the arrest and disappearance of a california teen. who is facing charges, even though the body isn't found yet. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, what to expect as you're hitting the road. a cloudy week so far. when can we expect changes? don't miss the updated first warning forecast with bob. ,,,,,,
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it's cloudy.
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complete first warning forecast is coming up. picture-perfect liftoff. right now, a commercial spacecraft is on its way to the international space station. for an historic mission. dick brennan reports for wjz from the kennedy space center. and launch of the space ex, falcon 9 rocket. >> the rocket blasted off this morning from cape canaveral, launching a new era in space travel. >> as nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station. >> reporter: for the first time ever, a private spacecraft is on a supply mission to the international space station. >> what a spectacular start. it was just picture perfect. >> they celebrated the historic launch. >> tremendous celebration. >> with the shuttle fleet permanently grounded, space ex, is one of several private companies, competing for nasa contracts to carry cargo and eventually astronauts into space.
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the space capsule is carrying about 1,000 pounds of food and clothing. if all goes well, it will reach the space station in a few days. after practice maneuvers, a 50- foot robotic arm will latch onto the capsule and guide it in. >> things are moving in the right direction. but there's still a lot of activity that occurs over the next days that will really stretch the space-exteam and also stretch the nasa team a little bit. >> reporter: nas is -- nasa is focusing on stretching into mars. dick brennan. >> the ashes of more than 300 people also took a ride into space on the rocket, including mercury astronaut gordon cooper and star trek actor james doohan, who played scottie. here's kristy breslin, at wjz traffic control. hi again, kristy. >> hi, everyone. if you're traveling on the harrisburg expressway, you're probably frustratedda the this
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moment. we have heavy traffic, from warren road, past shawan road. that's due to the earlier accident. north inner loop, 25 minutes in that direction. over to harford road. and the west side inner loop, still crawling along in that direction. from baltimore national pike to security boulevard. 70 westbound, some slowing there, from 29 to marriottsville road. about 10 minutes to get through. and northbound 95, very heavy in that direction. from dundalk avenue, past whitemarsh boulevard. as far as accidents go, we have cedar mill at covered bridge road. we also have the accident, sky eye chopper just told you about, in jarrettsville. manor road. also, philadelphia road at rustic. and union avenue, at falls road. let's take a live look. as you can see, left-hand side of your screen. still slowing there at shawan road. and there's a look at the jones falls expressway, slowing past 28th street in that northbound direction. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, hardwood and laminate, too. you can call them at 1-877-75- bills. back over to you.
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>> kristy, thank you. it's looking better out there. >> not too bad. sun around here. clouds. really pretty comfortable, all things considered. that may change tonight. we're at 75 now. dew point at 64 degrees. humidity at 68%. east winds, 7. the barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at that radar. chance of showers yet tonight, right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tire clouds out there. some sun. right now, it's pretty quiet around the region. nothing else happening. showers break up to the west of us. but for the time being, looks like it may stay quiet for a little longer. as you can see, out to the west, that's where all of the action is. this lifting of the air. mountains. closest atitivity, really around the hagerstown area. not a whole lot there either. just light shower activity across cumberland region. and romney and hancock. and not too far from hagerstown. and mawgersville. one shower out that way. around the baltimore region, it's pretty quiet. really, in fact, frederick east, really nothing as far as precip now. we're at 75. 80 in washington now.
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80 in cumberland. showers close by. 70 in oakland, showers right there. 73 in pax river. the cool spot, once again, the winds off the ocean, 64 down at ocean city. although it's been pretty, not bad day. really, it's been sunshiny down there on the beaches. 74 in bel air. 73, kent island. and over on annapolis. right there. 73. right now, light east wind. most of the day, it's been an east/northeast wind. very light wind. when you get the showers developing in some of the areas, because there's very little movement of the atmosphere, they tend to sit there. that's why some of these spots, northwest to the d.c. area last night. some areas got over 3 inches of rain. not too far from the potomac river there in northern virginia. very heavy rain there. even has flood watches out in portions of virginia tonight. most of theanthitivity today-- the activity today, across portions of new england. it's slowly moving off to the
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east and northeast. literally just like popcorn in a popcorn maker. across east carolina. this is pretty cool air aloft. showers to new york state. down to west virginia, into kentucky, tennessee. this is all moving off to the east and northeast. so we do expect to see some of these showers redeveloping in our area later tonight. and again, we'll be stuck with this, pretty much the same pattern tomorrow, as that low pressure slowly moves across the region. the risk of more scattered showers, probably one or two left here on thursday. but it will get warmer by the end of the week. and by the weekend, we could be looking at temperatures up close to 90. yeah. southeast winds, 5 to 10 knots. summer arrives this weekend for sure. 62 tonight. fog after some showers and storms later on. 80 degrees tomorrow. a lot of clouds. some sun. but that will help to kick up some more scattered showers. thunder as well. any of those showers could bring brief heavy downpours once again. >> all right, bob. thank you. still ahead at 5:00.
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a bizarre sight at the airport. >> i never take a break. don't charge overtime. hardly ever take sick leave. and i don't need a background check. >> which airports are using avatars to handle customer service? campaign attack. why president obama is under fire for ads targeting mitt romney. >> basketball fans hurt after the nba play-offs. what police are saying about a
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it is just before 5:30. 73 degrees. mostly cloudy. but the sun definitely making an appearance tonight. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. prepare to leave early and stay late. that is the word from triple a, as the agency releases its travel. it will soon be crowded with travelers for the holiday weekend. alex demetrick reports, it means life in the slow lane for a lot of us. >> reporter: it's hard to believe anything so big and wide open from below can jam to a standstill from above. gridlock or not, americans will be on the move memorial day weekend. >> 34.8 million americans expecting to take trips of 50 miles or more.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: triple a predicts the number will be up from last year. 350,000 of them will cross the bay bridge. meanwhile, 350,000 will travel by air. a 5% drop from 2011. and fewer than 23,000 will travel by train or bus. >> it's going to be the highest in five years. >> reporter: as traffic increases on the shore, so does police presence. >> we're seeing a lot of traffic. traffic is a lot heavier. and people get frustrated. they want to get to their destination. >> a lot of those destinations will end on the beach at ocean city, which is expecting a good summer. >> things are looking very strong for the summer. and we are very encouraged. the phones are ringing, and people are online to book the website to book those rooms now. >> reporter: because after the drive friday night, they'll be ready for bed. alex demetrick, week eyewitness news. >> triple a says one reason travel is up this year is because gas prices are 20 cents ail galton cheaper now-- gallon
5:31 pm
cheaper now than they were in 2011. eight people hurt, including a pregnant woman. denise has more on the chaos in oklahoma city. >> reporter: someone started shooting as thousands were leaving the game. medics rushed seven people to the hospital with gunshot wounds. one of them in critical condition. a pregnant woman was also assaulted during the fight. she is, however, expected to recover. police say they have questioned two people in connection with the shootings. kai? >> denise, thank you. the thunder released a statement, saying the team will work with police to release security and crowd control. police make an arrest in the kidnapping and murder of a teenage girl. sierra lamar went missing in march. and her body has not yet been found. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies took antolline garcia into custody after finding his dna on the body of a missing teenager. the 20-year-old is suspected of kidnapping and murdering 15-
5:32 pm
year-old sierra lamar, who was last seen walking toward a school bus stop in march. >> we believe this is the worst kind of a crime, a stranger abduction. a little girl. >> this led to a massive search about 15 miles outside. san jose. her handbag and cell phone were discovered. but authorities never found her body. her mother is praying sierra is still alive. >> as a mother, i'm still hopeful because her body has not been found. and that gives me hope. >> reporter: according to authorities, the suspect has been under 24-hour surveillance since march 28th. they had his dna because he was arrested on suspicion of an assault in 2009. investigators also found a link to the missing girl in his car. >> we have physical evidence, linking sierra to his vehicle. >> reporter: lamar's family is pleading with garcia-torres to tell them where sierra is. >> we need to bring sierra
5:33 pm
home. >> reporter: investigators continue to look for lamar, dead or alive, while they build a case against garcia-torres. in los angeles, teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the suspect also owns a red volkswagen jetta, similar to the one spotted near the scene of lamar's disappearance. >> a request today from the jury during deliberations in the john edwards trial. jurors asked the judge for typed transcript of a handwritten note of evidence. the judge denied that request. edwards is charged with six felony campaign corruption charges. id ed -- edwards faces 30 years in prison, if convicted on all six counts. the attack ads are on the campaign trail. president obama and mitt romney are going head to head over romney's previous work at bane capital. danial not -- danielle nottingham has tonight's campaign 2012 report. >> reporter: president obama is standing behind the campaign ad, attacking mitt romney for his time in the business world.
5:34 pm
>> bane capital walked away with a lot of money they made off this plan. >> reporter: romney helped start bane capital, a company that bought and restructured companies. bane made businesses like domino's pizza, profitable. and shut other down, like the steel company. >> we view mitt romney as a job destroyer. >> when you're president, as opposed to the head of a private equity firm, your job is not simply to maximize profits. your job is to figure out how everybody in the country has a fair shot. >> reporter: the president argues romney's time at bane is fair game because romney is using his business experience as the center of his campaign. >> i'm proud of the fact that working in the private sector, we were able to build successful enterprises that continue to grow and continue to add jobs. >> the romney campaign called
5:35 pm
this an attack on free enterprise. newark, new jersey, mayor cory booker's criticism is now a romney ad. >> it's nauseating for the american public. enough is enough. >> reporter: mayor booker has since backed away from his objection to the bane ad. throughout his political career, romney's opponents have used his work at bane to attack him. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> one of romney's advisers says the republican's work at bane should be part of the debate. but that it needs to be his whole record there, not just bane's investments in companies that didn't survive. stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the issues and on the candidates. and on air and online at a record breaker in our nation's capital. washington, d.c. has its biggest year ever for tourism. new statistics show nearly 18 million people visited d.c. last year, surpassing the
5:36 pm
previous record set before the september 11th attacks. visitor spending also increase by 6% to $6 billion. wow. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. just in time for the annual guide to the area's beaches. catching up with former orioles. espn announcer john miller. and coverage of high school spring sports play-off action. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the first warning weather team. california state university is canceling spring semester admissions next year. and budget cuts are on blame. begad shaban reports for wjz. the chancellor says the university has no choice. >> reporter: michael mclaughlin wanted to transfer from community college to nearby california state long beach. but csu is canceling spring semester admissions next year because of budget cuts.
5:37 pm
>> it was heartbreaking. for someone to deny you interest into your next home. i see them as my home. that's my next step. and i can't get there. >> reporter: michael is among 18,000 students being turned away. csu chancellor charles reed said the university had no choice. over the last year, california slashed a third of csu's funding. a billion-dollar cut. >> we're going to have to look at a new way of funding or providing higher education. i don't think that what we currently have will be sustainable, going into the next 25 or 50 years. >> reporter: when the state is hurting financially, universities aren't getting the dollars needed to subsidize tuition. so many can't afford what they're used to. >> average tuition at public universities rose 32% over five years. at csu, tuition jumped more than 70%. but that still wasn't enough to save spring enrollment. >> it's like missing a train.
5:38 pm
have to wait for the next ride. and when will the next ride be? >> reporter: michael now plans to apply for csu's fall semester in 2013. but it's far from a sure thing. if they don't approve a tax increase, csu will see more cuts and be forced to slice that fall freshman class in half. in los angeles, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> an estimated 18,000 students will still be turned away. an experiment at airports in the new york area, where avatars are now handling customer service. >> please say your destination or flight number or connecting flight information and date assignments. >> reporter: the life-sized hologram greets passengers, guides them to connecting flights and alerts them to the nearest nearest rest rooms. newark, new jersey, and la guardia are the first to unveil the new technology. jfx also -- jfk also expected to get on board for a six-month
5:39 pm
testing period. what if we're upset about something? can i complain to her? >> thank you, mary. back to you. >> it's coming to a tv station near you. we joke. we never would age or anything. >> yeah. certainly would cost a lot less, i imagine. coming up. casino holdup. the daring heist in las vegas. and the dramatic way it was stuck. fighting back against foreclosure. how struggling homeowners tried to get the last laugh. bob turk. first warning weather center. warming up for the big holiday weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the united states. now, a maryland scientist has discovered a way to diagnosis pancreatic cancer. this scientist is just 15 years old. >> reporter: pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult to diagnosis.
5:43 pm
by the time a patient learns they have the disease, it's usually too late. enter north county high school freshman, jack an directiona. >> i'm really passionate. it's just my thing. like working on medical research. >> reporter: that love of science earned him the grand prize in the intel international science fare for his creation of a test that detects early stage pancreatic cancer. >> is it detects an abnormal protein that you find in the blood when you have a pancreas cancer. >> reporter: dr. matrias does this at johns hopkins. >> he can see this idea. he executed this idea. the fact that he is 15 makes this story much more remarkable. >> 43,000 will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. more than 37,000 will die from the disease. >> i got interested inential detection. because that's when it was the best chance i was treating the cancer. and the only possible way of doing this is through routine
5:44 pm
blood tests. >> reporter: andre cas test is 90% accurate. and less expensive than other tests. at an awards ceremony, in pittsburgh, he took home more than 100,000 in prize money, which he says he'll put toward college. >> they gave him an opportunity to make his dream come true. >> i asked where he'll go after high school. he said he hasn't even thought that far ahead. but of course he says johns hopkins is on the list. >> projects were evaluated by 1200 judges. >> is just incredible at 15. well, the sun is fighting through the clouds tonight. it is overcast and humid. actually, the clouds are gone. can i say that? i'll let bob confirm that. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk have a look at what we can expect over the next few days. there's some sun still out there. i know. but it's better than it's looked all day. guys. >> i will confirm the sun is out here. i can barely see right now.
5:45 pm
this is what we're going to see, in and out of the clouds. next couple of days wcontinual chances for thunderstorms. we could still see a thunderstorm this evening. but as we head through the year night hours, that will die down. we'll see fog form. then clouds. and the chance for a shower or thunderstorm. it's going to be a warm day, though, about 80 for our high. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >> and it is going to warm up. tomorrow, back up to 80. yes. will be some scattered showers and storms around. maybe one or two on thursday. a lesser amount we expect. but maybe one, popping up on friday, saturday. 84, 87. and 90 degrees, saturday and sunday. here comes summer, just in time for the holiday weekend. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. it's been exactly a year since a tornado ripped through the town of joplin, missouri. the community is marking the day by remembering a day that changed their lives. drew levinson reports for wjz. >> reporter: joplin community members broke ground on a new elementary school. it's one of three buildings
5:46 pm
that will replace the schools the deadly tornado destroyed a year ago. >> it's a new beginning for joplin. and the school district, they worked so hard to get to this point. and it's an incredible feat, what we've come through. >> i've got it. >> reporter: the giant twister, a half mile wide. and spinning at more than 200 miles an hour, tour tore through joplin. the storm killed 161 people and wiped out a third of the community. this surveillance video shows the funnel cloud, plowing into the st. johns regional medical center. joplin's residents have spent the last year, rebuilding. new homes are going up. and businesses are reopening. >> 85% of our businesses are open for business in joplin, missouri. it's a fabulous number. >> reporter: more than 130,000 volunteers from across the country have come to help. >> we were here a total of nine days, volunteering, helping with removal, food delivery, search and rescue.
5:47 pm
and we wanted to come back and just kind of look around and see the changes and positive changes that have been made. >> reporter: throughout joplin, there are many signs of recovery. but city leaders say there is still a long way to go. drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> -- survivors, first responders and volunteers will gather to take a community walk of the path the tornado took. tackle bide employees at the bellagio, after he put on a disguise, pepper sprayed a dealer and tried to steal $115,000 worth of chips. 24-year-old michael belton admits to the plot. his accomplice got away. police are still looking for him tonight. a high-speed chase comes to a dramatic end. >> lapd officers coming up on him. right into an lapd officer. >> you just saw the suspect collided head-on with a police cruiser.
5:48 pm
and news helicopters caught the whole thing on camera. the man tried to flea on foot, as you -- flee on foot, as you just saw. still unclear why police were chasing this particular suspect. also in california, a couple is facing jail time for trashing their former home. they were caught red handed trashing the house. the two apparently spray painted the walls and even cut down trees in the yard. investigators say they wanted to get the last laugh. they may face up to four years in jail when they're sentenced in july. check in for eyewitness news at 6:00. all new stories coming up. >> thank you, mary. pretending to be the police. the equipment officers found inside this home. and what he's accused of doing. and... twin murder mystery. i'm denise koch. a columbia teenager is killed. his identical twin brother, charged with a crime. what really happened in this bizarre case. the story coming up.
5:49 pm
check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news, all new at 6:00 now. back to you. >> all right, vic. thank you. still to come tonight. o's back in action at camden yards tonight. >> sports director mark viviano is live with a look at the birds, who will take another swing at the red sox tonight. hi, mark. >> how are you guys doing? another beautiful night for baseball. boy, did they hit the balls against the birds last night. o's will try to keep them in the ballpark tonight. i'll have the latest on the o's when eyewitness news continues. , i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
5:50 pm
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o's are still hanging onto first place, despite a tough loss last night. getting ready for the second game of the series. sports director mark viviano joins us live. there were some excite being things. >> manager buck showalter. asked why his team asked to be in first place at this point in the season. he says it comes down to one thing. it's pitching.
5:53 pm
and it's vastly-improved pitching. the orioles are allowing 1 1/2 fewer runs. that's a big difference. but as you'll see over the course of a season, sometimes the pitching is not auld up to par. as it was last night. starting pitcher tommy hunter had a three-run lead. biggest hit off the bat of david ortiz. towering home run. lands utah street. battles back. kevin greg to pitch. sox will take the lead. single past right leg. boston goes on to win. o's have lost two straight. and they gave up eight runs or more. that's a lot. brian matusz will pitch against the red sox tonight. an update. brian roberts. it's been a full year now that he has not played in a game. it was at baston a year ago. robert did that first headslide.
5:54 pm
he is making steady progress this season. roberts is close to being able to play. he's been taking part in team drills. traveling with the team. what remains unclear is how well he will handle activity that could potentially cause him to suffer the headaches and the dizziness that have kept him out for the past year. for now, though, all signs ever positive. and coming up next hour, we're going to hear from manager buck showalter, who talks about the delicate process of bringing roberts back to the team and into a major league game. it is a very complicated and sensitive issue. plus we'll talk lacrosse. loyola, headed to the final four. we'll catch up with the greyhounds in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. a small plane crashes into a neighborhood in southern california. the pilot suffers minor injuries when his single-engine plane. aircraft took down power lines, causing an outage for square blocks.
5:55 pm
>> it sounded like a ready engine, like a train i was coming towards. and when i looked up, i thought it was like one of those air force planes. but it wasn't. it was an actual private plane. >> the pie pi lot was released from the hospital this morning. he reported engine trouble before the crash. officials are investigating the cause. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. the debate over safety. calling for the mayor's regulation. i'm adam may. what is the real deal when it comes downtown. comes downtown. i'll have ,,,,
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
desire coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. inner harbor. a war of words. the police officer from fell from the jfx. i'm mike schuh, at the naval academy. 50 pounds of lard. a 21-foot monument. and a thousand midshipmen. they have to make it to the top. it is the herndon crime, when we return. clearing out. but getting humid. stick around for the updated first warning forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's break breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
round two. hidden exchanges between baltimore's mayor and the state delegate. >> what it all has to do with the inner harbor. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> growing controversy over safety, at baltimore's crowned jewel. a state delegate calls on the mayor to take action or resign. wjz is live at city hall. adam may has more on the war of words. >> reporter: vic, today, both sides ramping up the rhetoric, including charges of racism, and additional calls for resignation. >> reporter: state delegate pat mcdonogh, from baltimore and harford county, say he and his wife were scared for their safety, when a few weeks ago, their car was surrounded by 100 people at a stoplight near baltimore's inner harbor. mcdonogh called that group a young, black mob, which triggered controversy. >> you have to


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