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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 22, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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you are describing a crime scene. they were young, they were black, and they were a mob. >> certainly sending a message. you don't think people are that out of touch in 2012. >> reporter: now is this rebuttal, aimed at the mayor. >> i'm calling on her to resign, with a caveat. that i'll withdraw that request if she begins to do something. my problem is the mayor is she appears to be engaging in a cover-up-type policy. you know, the crime issue is not really as bad as we think it is. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the mayor says delegate mcdonogh is now trying to distract attention away from his earlier comments. he should show respect and recognize the tremendous progress our police department has made. so far this year, gun crimes are down 13%. ask robberies down 17 percent. but video fs this -- of this attack on st. patrick's day, made headlines.
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and another large disturbance. >> crossing lombard, probably 200 feet going northbound. >> we have a large, large group of juveniles. >> reporter: the next big event downtown is fourth of july. last year, saw several fights. the murder of a father visiting alabama. this summer, police are adding 50 extra patrols and more cameras. >> what people have to know is that the baltimore police department is prepared. and we know how to respond to those. >> reporter: and delegate mcdonogh has a talk show on a conservative radio space station. and the mayor actually accuses him of exploiting this issue to try to increase his ratings. of course, the mayor has no plans on resigning here from city hall. and today, she is doing business as usual. she is in las vegas, trying to recruit new businesses to downtown baltimore. reporting live tonight, at city hall, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> right now, people in support of the mayor, having a rally in west baltimore. a baltimore county man, arrested for impersonating a police officer, and now, police
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are concerned he could be responsible for even more incidents. mary is in the newsroom with more information on this suspect. mary? >> reporter: and denise, 31- year-old donald church, jr., is charged with impersonating a police officer in st. mary's county. detective of detectives suspect he may have engaged in similar behavior in baltimore county. when officers searched church's home, they found a badge, a realistic-looking toy gun. and immigration -- or imitation police reports he had written. witnesses in st. mary's county told investigators they often saw church wearing what appeared to be a handgun and a holster out in public, while displaying a badge around his neck. denise? >> thank you, mary. baltimore police are asking anyone who may have had an encounter with donald church, jr., while he impersonated a police officer, to call and report the incident. a devastating fall leaves a baltimore city police officer, fighting for her life. now, she's suing the driver of the car whose actions she believes sent her flying over
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the jfx to the ground below. wjz is live under the jones now; mike hellgren with her story. >> reporter: teresa rigby loves being a police officer. but she is still not back on the job, nearly a year after the fall of 20 feet here. and her lawsuit claims the driver should never have been behind the wheel. >> reporter: at a rare public appearance last year, officer teresa rigby broke down, speaking about the fall from the jxx that nearly cost -- jfx that nearly cost her life. >> all of the prayers. all of the prayers really helped. >> reporter: this was the aftermath of the crash june 2011, when police say a saab convertible slammed into her cruiser. officer wig rigg bee was between the cruiser and the jersey wall. when the saab lost control, causing a chain-reaction accident that sent her plunging over the side of the interstate. >> they're telling me she may have went over the bridge. >> she's at the pepsi plant. you've got to go over there.
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she is laying down there. >> she has yet to fully recover. she's now filed a $15 million lawsuit, claiming the saab driver, robert vander ford was negligent. police cited him for speaking among other infractions. >> she was filling out paperwork one day. and next thing knee -- she knew, she woke up in shock trauma. >> they. >> >> her life will be forever changed as a result of this. and we will take whatever action we can take on her behalf, to try to make her as whole as possible. >> it could take a year for the civil suit to wind its way through the legal system. officer rigby continues on the long road to recovery. >> reporter: and we did try to contact the defendant's lawyer, but he did not return our calls. >> the suit singh seeks money to pay for officer rigby's medical expenses and future
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lost wages. just months after being released from an aruban jail, gary giordano is arrested in annapolis. police say giordano was having sex with a woman inside a car, in a parking garage, near annapolis city dock. both he and the woman are charged with indecent exposure. giordano was previously held in aruba. he was a person of interest. but was never charged. he said gardner was swept out to sea while they were on vacation. her body has never been found. a 13-year-old anne arundel county boy is recovering tonight, after nearly losing his hand in a fireworks accident. monique griego speaks of the teen and his family and has other warnings for his children. >> reporter: under these bandages, more than 200 stitches are holding together the hand they nearly lost. >> we were playing with firecrackerless. and i was about to throw it and it exploded in my hand. >> reporter: it happened yesterday in the 100 block of ferndale.
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fire department determined it was an m80 firework that nearly blew off the teenager's hand. >> my thumb was bending over. my first three fingers almost fell off. >> my first reaction is, dumb is dumb. that's what i thought. >> reporter: he and his friends found the m80 inside the friend's house, then brought it outside, to light it. thinking it was a small firecracker. >> we thought it was like a firecracker, like a small one. that would just go, that would have a small reaction. but it didn't. >> reporter: this is you tube video of an m80 exploding. and like most fireworks, it is illegal in maryland. >> many children are not aware of the dangers of fireworks. >> reporter: chief cox says more than 50% of firework accidents happen to kids younger than the age of 15. and after learning his lesson the hard way, dihova has a warning for other kids. >> not to play with them because a lot of stuff can
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happen with them. >> reporter: monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> dihovea is expected to fully recover, but he has months of rehab ahead. gas prices continue their steady decline. here in maryland, prices are down nearly 30 sends from last month. a strong u.s. dollar, along with financial concern about greers and spain, continue to push oil prices down. wjz pump watch is following the price for a gallon of regular this time last month. we were paying an average of $3.91 a gallon. that's down $3.62. according to triple a, prices may have peaked for the season. maryland's new income tax rates will soon take effect. governor o'malley signs it and other bills today, designed to avoid the so-called dooms day cuts that called the general assembly into session last week. political reporter pat warren explains, this is not the last adjustment marylanders will see. >> rescued by doom to deep pockets. >> that will move us forward with the balanced approach. >> reporter: that will raise tax rateoss high earners, lower
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exesmedzs for some, and eliminate exemptions for others altogether. in addition to making budget cuts. >> >> that has served us well over these last difficult jeers. >> taxpie payers will see no change. nor will joint filers up to $150,000. every dollar after that will be taxed at a higher rate, in increments. highest being between 5 and 5 and three-quarters of a percent. high earners if carroll, harford, cecil and prince george's county are likely to pay $256 to $436 more. taxpayers affected by the hike in frederick, howard, and anne arundel county, and baltimore city, are likely to see increases between $437, and $704. the highest increases are likely to affect residents in
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baltimore county, montgomery, and talbot counties, ranging from $755, to $955 more this year. >> the increases take effect june 1st and are retroactive to january 1st this year. >> lawmakers get their next shot in a special session, tentatively set for july. and the governor is expected to call that special session in july, on expanded gambling, to include table games at a new casino in prince george's county. a humid evening. we could still see scattered showers. but it's starting to heat up as we head towards the holiday weekend. wjz is live. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob during are updating the forecast. first, here's bob. much of central maryland has been dry so far. but we're just west of us, there's a lot of activity, popping up this afternoon. it's all moving off in our general direction. pretty much northwest to southeast now. and if you look out toward western maryland, pretty good stuff developing now. cumberland. i think some of this stuff
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eventually will make it into our region. but it may take enemy this evening. but we still have a volatile atmosphere. any cool air coming aloft, things just pop up, very, very quickly. literally in an hour, we can see this change dramatically. bernadette has a look at some of those rainfall numbers numbers that happened just yesterday. and how we look as far as the year goes. >> reporter: that's right. we have decent rainfall around the region. the farther west you gthe numbers really started to go up. frederick county, carroll county, and loudoun county, got a few inches. 4 to 5 inches because of this. there are actually flooding issues down there. for most of us, under an inch, unless you live in one of those specific counties. and officially, b wo -- bwi. that's where we keep the records, bwi marshall. for the month, we're still down an inch. for the year, down over 5 inches. but yesterday did help.
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and hopefully we can get something else to cut into the numbers before we head into the hot times. spring. but we'll have heat headed our way. >> thank you very much, bernadette and bob. still to in tonight on wjz eyewitness news. launch of the space ex, falcon 9 rocket. as nasa turns. >> a new era for the final frontier. the first-ever space launch. what this means for nasa's future. chances are, when you were a freshman in high school, you weren't thinking about cancer, much less developing a test that could prevent it. i'm jessica kartalija. hear from an anne arundel county student who did just that next. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, what to expect if you're hitting the road this holiday weekend, as eyewitness news continues. and in this holiday weekend, will the weather cooperate for your plans? stick around for the updated first warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it sell partly sunny. 74 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming right up. prepare to leave early and to stay late. that is the word from triple a, as the agency releases its predictions for memorial day travel. hundreds of thousands of marylanders are planning to drive for the holiday weekend. alex demetrick reports, it's going to mean life in the slow lane for a lot of us. it's hard to believe anything so big and wide open from below can jam to say
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standbill stillabove. but according to triple a, gridlock or not, americans will be on the move for the weekend. >> 34.8 million americans expecting to take trips of 50 miles or more. >> triple a estimates 721,000 will be traveling up slightly from last year. 350,000 of them will cross the bay bridge. meanwhile, 53,000 will be traveling by air. a 5% drop from 2011. and 23,000 fewer will travel by train or bus. >> it's going to be the highest in five years. >> reporter: as traffic increases on the shore, so does police presence. >> we've seen more aggressive driving. traffic is a lot heavier. they want to get to their destination. but unfortunate -- unfortunately, some of them make bad decisions. >> reporter: a lot of those will end on the beach in ocean city, which is expecting a good summer. >> bookings are looking very strong for the summer. we are very encouraged. phones are ringing. and people are going online to our website to book the rooms now. >> reporter: because after the
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drive friday night, they'll be ready for bed. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> and triple a says one reason travel is up this year is because gas prices are 20 cents a gallon cheaper today than they were this time in 2011. the league of american bicyclists ranks maryland 8th on the list of friendliest bicycling states. washington earned the top spot, while arkansas came in last. it's the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in the u.s. now, a maryland scientist has discovered a way to diagnose pancreatic cancer before it spreads. but as jessica kartalija explains, the science is only 15 years old. >> reporter: pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult to diagnose. by the time a patient learns they have the disease, it's usually too late. enter north county high school
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freshman jack andreca. >> i'm really passionate about science. it's just my thing. i just like working on medical research. >> reporter: that love of science earned him the grand prize in the intel international science fair for his creation of a test that detects early-stage pancreatic cancer. >> it detects an abnormal protein that you find in the blood when you have a pancreas cancer. >> reporter: dr. anivan maitra does research at johns hopkins. >> he conceived this idea, and executed the idea. and i think the fact that he's 15 makes this whole story that much more remarkable. >> reporter: this year, -- 43,000 will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. more than 37,000 will die from the disease. >> i got interested inential detection. because that's the best chance of treating the cancer. and the only possible way of doing this is through routine blood tests. >> reporter: the test is 90% accurate and less expensive
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than other tests. at an awards ceremony in pittsburgh, he took home more than $100,000 in prize money, which he says he will put toward college. >> they gave him an opportunity to make his dream comes true. >> reporter: so i asked jack where he'd like to go after high school. he says he hasn't even thought that far ahead, but of course, johns hopkins is on the list. i'm jessica kartalija, in anne arundel county, wjz eyewitness news. >> projects were evaluated by 1200 judges. and you think that's big? guess what. next year, he gets his driver's license. [ laughter ] >> right. >> i think he may be too busy to be driving. great story. >> it is. >> using his head. let's look at temps and conditions around the area now. we're at 74. dew point hasn't changed. humidity up to 71%. east/southeast winds. up the bay at 8. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at the risk of more, yeah, scattered showers and thunder after this. ,,,, [ jared ] uh, michael?
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here's a live look outside right now. sun is trying to break through there. here and there, bob. >> yeah. >> had some sun. the clouds. and shower activity, west of us for the time being. may be moving in later tonight. some stuff developing upstream that is moving generally in the southeast direction. take a quick look at radar if
6:22 pm
you will. up across portions of pennsylvania. see all of that stuff up there, north of chambersburg? it's moving slowly to the south and southeast. so it's possible, later this evening, we'll see some of activity and it could still develop between now and 8:00 or 9:00 across central maryland. but right now, it's pretty quiet. 69, showers. oakland, a thunderstorm very close to you. ocean city, they were cool today with the winds off the ocean at 64 degrees now. not a bad afternoon or evening with sun. sun is pretty warm this time of year. east winds at 8 miles an hour. most of the day has been very, very light. problem with the light winds is when we get the showers forming, they don't move anywhere. this morning, late last night. probably just before midnight, until about twenty one:00, 2:00 in the morning. northern virginia sections here, northwest of d.c., picked up more than 3 inches of rain. stuff just didn't move at all. to the north of us, could have
6:23 pm
been a rain in new england. heavy shower areas here in the streets of florida. a little activity developing in alabama. and that little blob right there, that's what is left of alberto. gone. just gone. pretty much gone. really. scattered showers and storms breaking out this afternoon. you can see it just kind of firing up. they're getting a little closer. kind of closing in to maryland. to the north of us, south of us. these are moving toward southeast virginia. this stuff in pennsylvania, looks like it's moving in our general direction. we may have showers until 10:00, 11:00, midnight or tomorrow. we'll probably see more action, developing in the afternoon. as the sun comes out a little bit. going to be a humid day. a little warmer than today. and still a risk of a thundershower yet on thursday. but a big warmup after that. maybe 90 this weekend. southeast winds at five to 10 knots. bay temp, around 69 degrees. it's warming up. 62 tonight. showers and storms later on. some fog can form where it does rain. 80 tomorrow. sun and clouds.
6:24 pm
but showers and storms once again. primarily in the afternoon in the evening hours on your wednesday. all right? >> okay. just enough for the flowers. thank you, bob. in four years at the naval academy midshipmen not only get a great education. they learn hundreds of years of tradition. as mike schuh reports from annapolis, one of those rites of passage just wrapped up on campus a short time ago. >> reporter: an academy monument. a sailor's hat, and 50 pounds of lard. a thousand midshipmen, ending their first year in annapolis have but one goal. that hat. >> they need a football team. >> reporter: joe asunches is from frederick. he sees his daughter alex. >> they are watering it down so it becomes more slippery. >> doesn't seem quite fair, does it? >> no. >> reporter: this task can be completed in as little as two minutes or as long as four hours this. gillman grad should know. this is a picture of him as part of the bait. >> they need like two or three
6:25 pm
more tiers. they need to figure out how to work together better. >> reporter: admiral jim sagerholm's grandson is somewhere in here. the admiral climbed it in 1948. >> you only need to go one side around. >> reporter: midshipmen mayhem needs to turn into teamwork. >> it's a combination of training and instinct. >> reporter: remember j.d.? >> it is ridiculously slippery. the mud and the pig fat don't make it easy. >> reporter: his mom is scared. >> i used to be a nurse. so now i'm really nervous. >> look at the guy. he's nothing but bone and muscle. >> it's the bones that make me nervous against that big obelisk over there. >> reporter: two hours, 13 minutes go by. before andrew craig from tulsa has the height to remove and replace. a victory for no single man. a lesson useful in combat. it took a team. at the naval academy, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> academy lore has it that the
6:26 pm
midshipman who knocks off the plebe cap will be the first in their class to make the rank of admiral. still to come. midair scare. a packed flight diverted, escorted by fighter jets. what caused the alarm? and that was the lockerbie bombing there. a teen abducted. police suspect she was murdered. the suspect now in custody. and how police linked him to her disappearance. also ahead. columbia, maryland. a shocking murder. ray teenager dead. a suspect, his identical twin brother. but this bizarre case doesn't end there. after a mistrial, why el ali is freed. did he do it? ♪
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it is just before 6:30. 74 degrees and partly sunny. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a teenage girl, missing since march. now, police in california believe they have cracked the case, arresting a man for kidnapping and murder, even though her body has not been found. teresa garcia reports for wjz
6:30 pm
with more. >> reporter: sheriff deputies tookantolline garcia into custody,a ever--ar finding his dna on the body of a missing teenager. he is suspected of kidnapping and murdering 15-year-old si -- sierra mala mar what was last seen walking to the bus. this led to a massive search about 15 miles outside of san jose. her handbag and cell phone were discovered near the area, but authorities ner found -- never found her body. her mother is praying sierra is still alive. >> as a mother, i'm still hopeful because her body has not been found. and that gives me hope. >> reporter: according to authorities, the suspect has been under 24-hour surveillance since march 28th. they had his dna because he was arrested on suspicion of assault in 2009. investigators also found a link
6:31 pm
to the missing girl in his car. >> we have physical evidence linking sierra to his vehicle. >> reporter: lamar's family is pleading with garcia-torres to tell them where sierra is. >> we need to bring sierra home. >> reporter: investigators continue to look for lamar, dead or alive, while they build a case against garcia torres. in los angeles, teresa garcia, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, as you saw the suspect owns a red volkswagen jetta. that is similar to one surveillance camera that witnesses placed near the scene of lamar's disappearance. international flight is diverted to an airport in maine. mary is live with more. >> reporter: a woman on board caused alarm when she claims she had a surgically implanted device inside of her. from paris to charlotte, north carolina, landed in an isolated section of bangor, maine. the airport is there is a precaution.
6:32 pm
after speaking with a woman, federal agents said she was mentally unstable and did not appear to have any ties to terrorism. once the passenger was in custody, the flight continued onto its destination in north carolina. vic? >> mary, thank you. there have been recent warnings about terrorist implants inserted into the bodies. a year ago today, a massive tornado ripped through. even now, life is only beginning to get back to normal in the city. >> reporter: joplin community members broke ground on a new elementary school. it's one of three buildings that will replace the schools the deadly tornado destroyed a year ago. >> it's a new beginning for joplin. and the school district, they've worked so hard to get to this point. and this is just -- it's an incredible feat, what we've come through. >> i got it. >> reporter: the giant twister, a half mile wide, and spinning at more than 200 miles an hour, tore through joplin. the storm killed 161 people.
6:33 pm
and wiped out a third of the community. this surveillance video shows the funnel cloud, plowing into the st. john's regional medical center. joplin's residents have spent the last year, rebuilding. new homes are going up. and businesses are reopening. >> 85% of our businesses are open for business in joplin, missouri. it's a fabulous number. >> reporter: more than 130,000 volunteers from across the country have come to help. >> we were here a total of nine days, volunteering, helping with removal, food delivery. search and rescue. and we wanted to come back and just kind of look around and see the changes and positive changes that have been made. >> reporter: throughout joplin, there are many signs of recovery. but city leaders say there is still a long way to go. drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> and insurance companies are expected to cover most of the $2.8 billion in damage from the storm. anne arundel county police are looking for the man who
6:34 pm
attempted to rob a bank and appeared to get cold feet. take a look at surveillance pictures of the man. he walked into a bank and handed the teller a note demanding money. however, he took off before getting any cash. anyone with information is asked to call police. police arrest this man, 27- year-old charles sawyer, for allegedly trying to rob a woman withdrawing money from an atm at a wells fargo bank in glen burnie. sawyer was tracked down and subbied by an officer and his k- 9 partner rocky after he refused to rur sender. surrender. he faces a number of charges. a twin killed. the suspect, has identical twin brother. tonight, the amazing story of imprisonment and now freedom. i met wile ali. >> reporter: identical twins. mirror images. >> it's not just another
6:35 pm
brother relationship. it's another person who looks just like me. >> reporter: so close, they're almost like one. >> we were a team. we did everything together. >> reporter: but this twin tale turns tragic when one ends up dead and the other is accused of killing him. >> when you think life couldn't get any worse than losing your twin brother, then you find yourself in jail. >> in jail for his murder. >> right. >> i can imagine what my parents went through, losing one thing. and i can't imagine what they were feeling with the possibility of losing another one. >> reporter: the last time wale saw his brother alive was at the mall in columbia in august 2007. they hung out here all the time. wael left and his brother said he would call him soon for a ride. that call never came. >> after that first hour, i started getting worried. >> reporter: after five desperate days, police discover wassle's body near a secluded path, a few miles from the mall. police say he had been murdered. >> there was a fog of just sadness and misery. >> i don't think anyone who is
6:36 pm
not an identical twin can understand what you're saying. >> for so many years, i couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. i couldn't stop thinking about us and the plans we had. >> reporter: detectives questioned him about his brother's past. early last fall, his world gets rocked again. >> i could see flashlights at my backyard. i hear police radio chatter. they come rushing in. it's like 20, 25 of them. >> reporter: police arrest wael, charging him with murdering his twin brother. >> did they ever grill you and say, did you do this? and you say, no i didn't do this? >> i think he asked me three times had i kill mide brother. killed my brother. i said no. >> reporter: the case focuses on inconsistent statements he made. the jury is not convinced. the judge declares a mistrial. >> i can say this as a mother of twins, do you talk to your brother? >> i used to pray, every single day, that god would just let
6:37 pm
him come to me in a dream. three months into me being in jail for the first time in four years, i dreamt about my brother. he said, it's going to be okay. just hold on. >> reporter: wael's dream comes true. hours after the judge dismisses the case, he walks out of jail, into the arms of his family. >> it was just great, being able to kiss and hug my mom again. >> and to know you're free. >> to know i'm free. and ton that this is over. >> reporter: meanwhile, whatever did happen to your brother. >> now will never be known. is unsolved. >> reporter: and prosecutors tell ali and his attorney they will not try him again. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. just too time for the annual memorial day weekend, the area's guide to the weekend. and coverage of high school spring sports play-off action. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast.
6:38 pm
in wjz's first warning weather team. a new era of space travel here in the united states. >> launch of the space ex falcon 9 rocket. as nasa turns to the private sector to re-supply the international space station. >> the space ex company made history, launching the first- ever commercial supply ship today. heading to the international space station. the unmanned capsule is carrying a rocket that is named dragon, packed with supplies for the i.s.s. nasa is counting on private companies to take up the slack now that the shuttle fleet is retired. >> they need supplies up there. if they don't have them, they're in trouble. unthinkable act. a baby left alone in a hotel room. what police say his mother was doing. caught on tape. a high-speed police chase comes to an end in los angeles. bob turk in the first warning weather center. very summery weekend headed our way. i'll have the first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on.
6:39 pm
here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,
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investigators are still trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash into a
6:42 pm
southern california neighborhood. the plane landed upside-down in front of a home in glendale, a suburb of los angeles. the pilot sustained minor judiciaries. no one else was hurt. the plane took out power lines, leaving most without electricity. however, tonight, those homes are mostly back online. a sly highshould have speed chase in compton, california. police say the suspect hit speed bumps and collided two cars before the cruiser. three officers wrestled plan counsel to the ground. one officer was injured. it is unclear why police were trying to pull the suspect over. police in washington arrest a woman accused of leaving her 3-year-old son alone in a motel room for several hours, while she gambled at a casino. staff called police who found the boy safe. the child is now in the custody of child protective services. the 22-year-old mother was arrested for investigation of
6:43 pm
child abandonment. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. did wall street insiders get advanced warning that facebook, the most eagerly awaited stock offering could be a flop? we'll examine that tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks, scott. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. [ boss ] okay, okay. now listen, i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call, hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low, why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares
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we could be in store for another night of showers. when will things clear up. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. here's bernadette. >> we do still have the chance for a shower or thunderstorm this evening. but things will wind down overnight. tomorrow, will start out request w clouds and fog over there. as we head through the day again, a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, with a few peeks of sunshine. getting back up to 80 degrees. and things will start to wind down again tomorrow night. but then we have real heat headed our way. for more on that, here's bob. we just want it to be dry tomorrow, for our weather day at camden yards. yes. 80 degrees. probability showers and storms. 84, chance of a thunderstorm again on thursday. and maybe one popping occupy
6:47 pm
friday and sunday. but 87. 90 on srd -- saturday. some spots, monday could be in the low 90s. denise? >> wow. for memorial day. >> thank you, bob. a visit to anna nicole smith's daughter, five years after the playboy playmate's death. mark steines has more from hollywood. coming up on entertainment tonight. when anna nicole smith died five years ago, the world lost one of its biggest sex symbols. but more importantly, a baby girl lost her mother. dannielynn was only 5 months old when the tragedy struck. how is he she doing today? i was invited by her father, larry birkhead, to find out. >> drop me on the bed. do it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she is your typical 5-year-old. she is playful. >> i went by myself. >> you went by yourself? >> reporter: loves to put on makeup. >> nice. >> reporter: and just like her mom, anna nicole, the camera
6:48 pm
absolutely loves her. >> what's your favorite thing to do, dannielynn? >> let's snuggle. >> reporter: from a collage over larry's bed, to a lingerie- clad image of anna nicole, there are images of her all over the house. dannielynn knows it's her mom, but she doesn't know exactly what that meanings as she mischievously paints lipstick on her lips. what's clear is her loving relationship with her father. anna would be proud. >> reporter: also tonight, we have new brad pitt. he is in caan. and linardo dicaprio in our great gats bee exclusive. that and so much more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> that's at 7:30, here on wjz. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. breaking news in the ballpark. an oriole favorite is about to return in the field. mark has the details live in camden yards. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard.
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get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. all right. they're still number 1. tough loss last night. but in any game. mark is live with the wjz the fan sports report. and we have breaking news about fan favorite, brian roberts, who we have not seen play in a game in more than a year. he's ready to return. orioles announced just moments
6:52 pm
ago, that brian roberts will announce the buoy bay sox tomorrow. and they will begin the assignment with the double-a minor league team. after he missed significant time with concussion symptoms. i'll have a chance to speak with robert the in about 10 minutes as he meets with the media. last time we saw brian roberts in a baseball game was may 16th of last year. and a head-first slide at fenway park that aggravated concussion symptoms that have kept him out since. he has made progress during this season. he's been taking part in team drills, traveling with the team. what remains unclear is how well roberts will handle activity that could potentially cause him to suffer the headaches and the dizziness that have kept him out for the past year. so far, so good. again the news, brian roberts begins his rehab assignment with the bowie bay sox tomorrow. if he make its back in, roberts hopes to be joining a first
6:53 pm
placed orioles team. how did they get so good after last year? manager says one thing. pitching. pitching has vastly improved. but as we saw last night, pitching isn't always up to pair. tommy hunter was the lead. but the hot hitting red sox came swinging in a rally. towering home run. lants on utah street. bounces off the warehouse. boston battled back to tie it up. then in the 7th inning, relieving kevin gray again. and the sox would take the lead. lined right past greg to center field. that brought home dustin petroya. -- dedria. they've given up eight runs or more. and eight runs is a lot to overcome. brian matusz will try to keep that total down against boston tonight. facing a sox team that though they're in last place, they've won nine of their last 11 games. orioles hitters are facing lefty fielder. first pitch in about 15 minutes. you can see the game on masn 2.
6:54 pm
college basketball, they have march madness, while in college lacrosse, it's may madness. the ncaa tournament. and this area is well represented with maryland and loyola, playing in the final four in boston, this coming weekend. loyola coach charlie toomey has led the greyhounds to the final four for the first time in 14 years. they are the greyhounds. but technically not underdogs. loyola is the number 1 tournament seed. and that is big-time stuff for such a small school. >> we're just so excited to be out on the field. and obviously, it's going to be a great event up there. for this team, certainly playing in front of the most people that weave played in front of all morning long. it's a great opportunity. so whether or not it's the final four, people will talk about that. but we're going to talk about it being the next game that we have on saturday. >> reporter: and hallway loila will face notre dame in the final four in boston on saturday. maryland is going to face duke in the other semi. we chatted with the terps
6:55 pm
today. we'll be hearing from them in the coming days. i'll be chatting with brian roberts in moments. again, his rehab assignment at bowie. o's-red sox, highlightsa the 11:00. >> thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's an episode of the hit drama, ncia, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight at 6:00. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't want you to rush away. there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. among the stories they're covering tonight, facebook's ipo is friends problem, as shares of the stock continue to fall. inside the commercial space mission, to the international space station. &e now take you to >> pelley: tonight what wall street didn't tell investors before they bought facebook. >> there's no debating, this is
6:59 pm
a misadventure of epic proportion. >> pelley: anthony mason on the facebook fiasco. the first private ship heads to the space station. we'll talk to the entrepreneur who launched it. how much of your personal fortune have you poured into this? >> $100 million. pelley: an auction house is selling what it claims is the blood of ronald reagan. >> outraged. pelley: and one year after the tornado, ben tracy tells us joplin is preparing for the next one. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. facebook is all about sharing information, but it turns out that banks did not share all that they knew about the company before investors spent billions of dollars on its stock. stock that has been falling in value since the day it went on sale. facebook shares lost


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