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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood... now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> indecent exposure... >> i saw enough skin to know that it wasn't koasher. >> the last person to see robyn gardner in aruba is arrested in annapolis. >> a painful reminder for robyn's loved ones. >> the man once considered a person of interest in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is again in hot water with police. gary giordano, arrested in annapolis. meghan mccorkell has more on the shocking charges against rim. >> reporter: he and female
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companion are charged with indecent exposure after police say they found him neighborhood inside his car in a parking garage. just a little bit from busy main street, police arrested gary and carol ann bock, the two found in the back of giordano's suv with no clothes on. >> he was in the most busiest part of the garage. >> reporter: several people complained of a sex act going on inside a car in the garage. frank went to investigate. >> i could tell that there was two people in the car doing something they shouldn't. i saw enough skin to know it wasn't kosher. >> reporter: he called police when he saw the two in the car. officers say they looked in the back seat and could see them naked. >> it brings up a lot of memories, a lot of emotions, it definitely does. >> reporter: for richard forester, it's a painful reminder. his girlfriend, robyn gardner,
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vanished in aruba on a trip with gary giordano. police held giordano for four months. he was eventually released with no charges against him. >> are you worried you'll never find out what happened to robyn? >> every day that goes through my hand. >> reporter: hopes for answers about what happened to robyn gardner, but still no word. and giordano has refused to comment on these latest charges against him. he is expected in court in august. meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> the fbi is still actively investigating the disappearance of robyn gardner. a baltimore police officer is still recovering from being thrown off the jrx. officer theresa rigby plunged below. >> at a rare public appearance last year, officer rigby broke down, speaking about the fall
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that nearly cost her her life. this was the aftermath of the crash june 21, 2011, when police say a convertible slammed into her police cruiser. officer rigby was between the cruiser and the wall, filling out paperwork, when the car tried to pass another and lost control. it sent her plunging over the side of the interstate. >> she may have went over the bridge. >> she's laying down there. >> reporter: while she survived, officer rigby has yet to fully recovery. she's now filed a $15 million lawsuit, claiming the saub driver was negligent. police cited him for speeding, among other infractions. >> she was working one day, filling out reports, the next thing she knew, she woke up in trauma. >> reporter: court records show the driver was driving on a suspended license at the time. >> her life will be forever
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changed as a result of this, and we will take whatever action we can take on her behalf to try to make her as whole as possible. >> reporter: it could take a year for the civil suit to wind its way through the legal system. officer rigby continues on the long road to recovery. we did try to contact the defendant's lawyer but didn't get a call back. reporting from north baltimore... >> and the suit seeks money to pay for officer rigby's medical expenses and future lost wages. a security scare forces an international flight to make an emergency landing. the plane was heading from paris to charlotte. a woman said she had an implant. later, they found it didn't pose any threat. spacex becomes the first private company to send supplies to the international
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space station. the company eventually hopes to take astronauts into space. part of the growing controversy over whether downtown baltimore is safe for visiters... >> pat mcdonna says he and his wife are scared for their safety when a few weeks ago, their car was surrounded by 100 people at a stoplight ner baltimore's inner harbor. they called the group a young black mob triggering controversy. >> you have to be accurate when you describe a crime seen. they were black, they were young, and it was a mob. >> certainly sending the wrong message. you don't think people are that out of touch in 2012. >> reporter: this rebuttal is aimed at the mayor. >> i'm calling on her to resign, with the caveat that i'll withdraw that request if she begins to do something. my problem with the mayor is
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she appeared to be engaging in a cover-up type policy, you know. the crime issue is not as really as bad as we think it is. >> reporter: delegate mcdonna is now trying to distract attention away from his earlier racially charged comments, they say. so far this year, downtown crime is down, with gun crimes down 36% and robberies down 17%. but video of this attack against a tourist on st. patrick's day made national headlines and last week, police released dispatch records revealing another disturbance. >> we have a large, large group of juveniles. >> reporter: the next event was 4th of july. last year saw the murder of a father visiting from alabama and a child hit by a stray bullet. this summer police are adding 50 extra patrols and more cameras. >> the baltimore police
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department is prepared and we know how to respond. mayor rawlings is in las vegas right now. her office says she has no intention of resigning. a 13-year-old boy nearly loses his hand to a fireworks accident. he found the explosive lying inside a friend's house. >> reporter: this child suffered a serious injury that could have been much worse. under these bandages are more than 200 stitches holding together the hand dijovah hawkins nearly lost. >> we were playing with firecrackers and they exploded in my hand. >> reporter: it happened monday in the 100 block of ferndale avenue in glen burnie. firefighters later determined it was an m-80 fire work. >> my thumb almost was bending over.
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my first three fingers almost fell off. >> my first reaction is his thumb is gone. >> reporter: dijovah and his friend found the m-80 inside another friend's house. they had no idea how powerful it was. >> we thought it was a firecracker that would just have a small reaction but it didn't. >> reporter: this is youtube video of an m-80 exploding. like most firecrackers, it's illegal in the state of maryland. chief michael cox from the fire department says more than 50% of firecrackers accidents happen to kids younger than 15. after learning his lesson the hard way, dijovah has a warning for other kids. >> not to play with them because a lot of stuff can happen with them. >> reporter: dijovah is expected to make a full recovery, but he has a lot of rehab ahead. back to you. >> if you find firecrackers, you can turn them over to the fire department without fear of punishment. thousands of fish are
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turning up dead from the chesapeake bay again. experts think the fish suffocated after an algae sucked the oxygen out of the water. today was the day the 21- foot -- it's all about team work. two hours and ten minutes, 19- year-old andrew grabbed the cap and members of the class of 2015... >> they sure needed a shower, coming up, too hot to handing the outfit that got this woman fired from her job. >> miracle baby. the odds were astronomical that
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this little girl would never be born. coming up, the incredible story of how she beat the odds. >> big summer warm-up, just in time for the holiday weekend. i'll have your forecast coming up next. ♪
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>> 65 degrees in maryland right now. your forecast is coming up. heavy rains made for a challenging drive home in miami. some parts of the city received almost five inches of rain in just two hours. the downpour resulted in flash flooding and made several streets nearly impossible. no twisters were spotted. the stormy weather is expected to remain over south florida for the next two days. police in california said dna evidence led them to arrest a man in connection with a missing teenager. police believe it was a random act of violence. the girl's body still has not been found. helicopters help save people from a burning office building in mexico city. a number of them ran to the roof to escape the flames. they were able to pull each of them to safety, one by one.
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firefighters say more than 600 people were in the building. no serious injuries were reported. a woman in new york claims she was fired because she is too sexy. lauren odes says her supervisor told her it was a safety issue, because men could not resist her. she says she was told to tape down her breasts and wear oversized clothes. her attorney has filed a charge of discrimination. the family of ronald reagan is condemning a british house for trying to sell the former president's blood. the auctions claims the vial of dry blood was taken from george washington hospital after the 1981 assassination attempt. the ronald reagan foundation is threatening legal action. they want the vial handed over to them. an incredible baby story. most moms and dads would probably say their children are miracles but we have the story of one birth that really was
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almost inconceivable. >> reporter: a first birthday party, something so common place, it's easy to take for granted. but the odds for this were downright a miracle. her parents, jason and jennifer, were high school sweat hearts. their dream was to some day start a family. >> we knew we wanted to have kids. >> reporter: they tried for two years, but jennifer never got pregnant. when her doctor suggested that jason have his fertility checked, they weren't prepared for the bad news. >> it was devastating when i found out that i had no sperm present in my sample. it was as if somebody punched you in the chest. >> reporter: but jennifer refused to give up. that led them here to the cleveland clinic. special surgery to physically search for sperm.
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the lab director was only able to find one single sperm. >> we didn't expect it. certainly no one goes forward with an egg retrieval if you're only going to have one sperm. >> reporter: so what are the odds of just one sperm fertilizing an egg and resulting in a baby? a typical sample has more than 60 million sperm. you have a better chance of being hit by lightning or getting a royal flush in poker. >> it's like winning the lottery. >> reporter: incredibly, the one in 60 million shot worked. this is the em -- embryo. >> she was the cutist little thing. co. >> reporter: kenly is now a happy and healthy little girl.
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>> the odds were even tougher against her ever being born because her mother needed three cycles to produce a viable egg. a youth soccer is called off because of a greedy gator. this alligator made like a goalkeeper and caught the goal and then was not going to give it up. two days later, an animal control officer was able to get the ball back. the children now have a soccer ball that looks more like a pin cushion. >> it could be an unhappy ending on somebody's part. >> wasn't it just last week we had a gator? there are some gators right there on the eastern section, right along the coast. we have some thunderstorm activity, heavy rain going on right now, almost the same spot it was last night. pretty much the area from chambersburg down just west.
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in this area particularly, right in through here, last night picked up over three inches of rain and there are flash flood watches. there may be some heavy rain out there, if you're heading out toward washington county or martinsburg, you may encounter some very heavy rains over the next few hours. and that's slowly moving to the east. if it holds together, we may see some of that rain in the baltimore, dc area. overnight tonight, 1, 2, 3, in the morning, you may hear thunder and see lightning. once that passes, things should quiet down but we may get some fog. 65 right now. the dew point is way up there at 62. humidity already 90%. no wind at all now. so those showers really aren't moving very fast. the barometer is rising. 60 in cumberland. you can see about the same temperatures in most places, except dc is warming up a
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little to 71. 65 ocean city. 69 up in westminster and annapolis. so it's really a pleasant night temperature-wise. there's a northwest breeze with that thunder shower but it's going to die down shortly. if it moves in our direction, our winds will pick up later tonight. right now, very light winds. we had rain early this morning. another batch is developing this afternoon, particularly in virginia and the carolinas. but this line, that's what's approaching us right now. now, it may quiet down for a while but we do expect to see another firing up of showers again tomorrow afternoon. once that front kind of weakens a little bit, it will get much warmer friday and saturday. for the weekend, it will get close to 90 degrees, maybe even
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above that in some locations. southeast winds, five to ten, on the bay tomorrow. tonight, a shower or thunderstorm later on and fog by tomorrow morning. sun, clouds, a couple of thunderstorms in the afternoon. 84 on thursday. 87, 90, and 90, just in time for the first summer weekend. >> thank you, bob. coming up, the orioles try to bounce back against boston. >> they're counting on another close game. next in sports. ,,,,,,,,
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and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. >> well, woo hoo. mark is here. >> we're talking baseball. a beautiful night. the orioles getting down to basics today. buck showalter says it's not complicated. when you pitch more, you win more. so it has been with the orioles.
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better pitching has helped them. up to brian matz to pitch better. not just better, but he was at his best. he faced a red sox lineup, matz allowed just one run. they got two runs on one swing, by steve tolleson, a two-run homer into the bullpen. tolleson's first homer as an oriole. the pitching did the rest. a 4-1 win over the red sox. series finale tomorrow afternoon. it will be a 12:30 start. the o's announced that brian roberts will begin a rehab assignment tomorrow night. he's been suffering from headaches and dizziness due to concussion symptoms. i asked roberts about his appreciation for his career now that he's on his way back to possibly playing in the big league again. >> i'm sure i had my days that
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i unfortunately took it for granted. but i love the game of baseball. i always tried to enjoy it when i'm out there. i know tomorrow i'll have a great appreciation for it, even the minor leagues. >> roberts expects to play 20 minor league games, and if healthy, he could be on the big league club in late june. it was championship week in college lacrosse. the gray hounds are headed to boston for the final four. for loyola, it's the school's first time in the finals in four years. and the gray hounds are enjoying some well-deserved intense. >> it's a special time for loyola and certainly baltimore. it's nice to pick up a few extra fans. >> state championship in high school lacrosse, zach wheeler scores on a diving shot.
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he leads them to the 1a title, a 14-7 win. we'll see if the o's can make it a two-game winning streak tomorrow. coming up, the sweet smell of success for justin bieber. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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>> this sweet smell of success continues to follow teen sensation justin bieber. the fragrance called someday won the no. 1 category at the prestigious fifi awards. proceeds for his perfume
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benefit a nonprofit education organization. i'm guessing it's a cologne. >> i think so. the reds hit back-to-back home runs and caleb lloyd ended up catching both of them. however, he went home with neither one of the baseballs. he gave one to a friend, who bought the ticket, and the other went back to the player since it was his first big- league ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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