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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  May 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's 6 o'clock. oriole park
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is getting ready to welcome the students and teachers taking part in today's wjz's weather day. the bird is there too. there's some fog on the shore. our school advisories at the bottom of your screen. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at temperatures. it's a nice calm morning. 64 right now on tv hill. the same temperature as this time yesterday. feeling more humid. through the day cloudy skies chance of a shower. not promising you're going to see a lot of rain, but some of you might. p 76 -- 76 at lunch going to a high of 78. what might you see as you commute? here is sharon gibala with traffic. >> we're only seeing fog on one of our traffic cameras. that is on 95 at white marsh boulevard. some heavy fog there. on the topside of the beltway we picked
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up an accident at rock raven boulevard. another accident at white harsh boulevard at honey grove boulevard. if you are traveling in that area graphic traffic -- traffic is being directed. the biggest problem is going to be the fog right now. there's another quick look outside at that. there's a look at your drive on 95 at 395. everything running smoothly there. remember wjz 13 is always on so for traffic information log onto here is what people will be talking at today. the man considered a person of interest in the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba is in hot water again with police. monique griego is live with the chargest -- charges against him. >> reporter: good morning. giordano and a female companion
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are charged with indecent exposure after they were found naked in a car. >> just steps from busy main treated police arrest gary giordano. they were found in no clothes on. >> it was in the busiest part of the garj. -- garage. >> sel people complained of a sex act going on inside the car. the parking attendant want to in the. -- went to investigate. . >> i saw enough skin to know. >> he called police when huh a you the -- when he saw the two. when officers approached the suv they looked in the back seat and saw them naked. sglz -- >> it brings up a lot of memories. >> for richard forster the arrest is a painful reminder. his girlfriend robin gardener disappeared on a trip with giordano. he was eventually
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released with no charges filed against him. >> are you worried we will never find out what happened to robin? >> of course. that's every day. that goes through my mind. >> hope for answers about what happened to robin continues to fade as the months go by. >> reporter: giordano refused to comment on these latest charges. >> the fbi says it's still investigating the disappearance of gardener. this morning we've learned a flight that made an emergency landing was never in danger. a woman handed a note to a flight attendant. it said in french the woman had a device surgically implanted if her. most -- in her. most passengers didn't know of any dangers. a state delegate is calling for mayor stephanie rawlings
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blake to take action or resign. the back and forth is getting ugly. >> state delegate pat mcdonalds donalds -- mcdonna said they were fearing for their safety. he called the group a young black mob that sur rounded his car. >> you have to be accurate when you describe a crime screen. >> the phrase drew criticism from mayor stephanie rawlings black friday. >> certainly sending the wrong message. >> now this rebut l aimed at the mayor. >> i'm calling on her to resign with the caveat that i'll with draw that request if she begins to do something. my problem with the mayor is she appears to be engaging in a cover up type policy. the crime issue is not as bad as we think it is.
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>> a spokesman says he's trying to distract attention from his racial comments. so far this year downtown crime is down with gun crimes down 36% and robberies down 17%. video of this attack against a tourist on saint patrick's day made national head lines. last week police released records about another large disturbance. >> it was confirmed we have a large, large group of juveniles. >> the next big e vevent -- event is 4th of july. last year saw several fights and a murder of a father. >> what people have to know is that the baltimore police department is prepared and we know how to respond. >> the mayor is in las vegas recruiting new retailers to
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baltimore. a police dog catches a suspected bank robber. officers say the k-9 tracked down and tackled charles sawer. sawer is charged with assaulting the police k-9 bf he was take -- before he was taken into custody. three jock kis are recovers after an accident at rosecroft raceway. the horses became tangled up and crashed to the track. all three jock kis were taken to the hospital. none of the horses are hurt. rosecroft features live harbaugh ps racing. -- harness racing. a 13-year-old nearly losing his hand to a fire works accident after finding the explosive lying around inside a friend's home. the warning to others. >> under these bandages are more than 200 stitches holding
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together his hand. >> we were playing with fire crackers. i was about to throw it and it exploded in my hand. >> it happened monday. fire firefighters determined it was an m-80. >> my thumb almost was bending over my first three fingers. >> my first reaction was is what's done is done because i didn't see it. >> they found the m-80 inside another friend's house. they brought it outside to light it but had no idea how powerful it was. >> we thought it was a small fire cracker that would have a small reaction. >> this is you tube video of an m-80 exploding. it's illegal in the state of maryland. >> many children are not aware of the dangers of fire works. >> chief cox says more than 50% of fire works accidents happen
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to kids younger than 15. he has a warning for other kids. >> not to play with them because a lot of stuff can happen with them. >> she is expect -- he is expected to make a full recovery with months of rehab ahead. >> if you find fire works or want to rid of them, turn them over to any fire department. the oriels close out their series with the red sox this afternoon after a dominating pitching performance. bryan maz allowed two hits and struck out nine. the birds win 4-1. before the game the oriels announced bryan roberts will begin a rehab assignment. he hasn't played in more than a year due to concussion symptoms. he expects to play 20 minor league games and could be back on the oriole roster by late
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next month. the annual right of passage climbs the her don mon you mount was climbed. 19-year-old andrew craig replaced the cup cap at the top. members of the class of 2015 are mrooefs no more. >> all said together, thank god. >> yeah. >> let's take a look at the forecast today. 80 is going to be the high. we're going to mention, cloudy skies. keep your sunglasses and an umbrella handy. it's going to be one of those days. last evening was beautiful. it could have been showers. much the same at any given time today. i want to take a look at the computer before i send it out to ron. that's a still from toy story 2.
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how iconic is mr. potato head. in toy story one of the principal characters was mr. potato head and his wife with. actually the voices were don dick -- rick ls and i'm trying to member ms. potato head. i can't remember her name. you know who i'm -- hear her voice now. mr. mr. potato head is in baltimore. take it away. >> reporter: this is going to be fabulous. ms. potato head is joining us. >> looking forwarder to -- forward to a great exhibit. >> reporter: mr. potato head in town at port discovery. it's an amazing exhibit. we will tell you about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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welcome. they were standing in front of the visionary art museum one of the coolest attractions. how beautiful oriole park at cam -- camden yards at sunrise. thousands of school kids and teachers will join bob and bernadette and tichl -- tim later this morning for weather day then they will hang out and watch the game. 6:45 we will talk with bernadette. i think tim is going to be there live from the ballpark. 64 right now on tv hill. 93% humidity. we are seeing some fog in some locations especially on the eastern shore. 53 oakland 60 cumberland, 63
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ocean city, elkin ball evator -- baltimore and elkin 64. the mid 60s columbia, westminster bel air and rock hall. we have an area of low pressure down to the south. it's continuing to give us a moist flow. there's also a bunch of warm and humid air starting to enter the region. we have some disturbed weather not foul weather, just disturbed now through friday. by the way this is alberto going going gone. i think by tomorrow we can end the story on him. none the less, here is the spaghetti model for the first named tropical storm. 80 is going to be the high today a couple showers around. mainly cloudy, 62 over night. tomorrow much the same deal with a high of 84. warm and
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human friday. saturday sunday and monday not looking bad. don, take it away. got a commute coming up? here is sharon with traffic control. >> good morning. we do have a little fog out there. we have cleared up the accident on the topside of the beltway. we have three others. liberty road at bend brook white marsh boulevard at honey grove boulevard and a third crash at small wood road at energy parkway. if you are headed out in pasadena there's still a house fire on old mill road there's a look at your speeds on the beltway slowing down a bit on the west side but still above the posted speed limit. there's a live look outside at 95 at the tunnel. 70 getting busier, but not delayed just west of the beltway. there's a look at the jfx looking good. this traffic report is brought to you by your
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toyota dealer. test drive the new 2012 camry. back over to you guys. ron matz, good morning. how you? >> -- >> reporter: we're live at port discovery the great children ease museum. it's time for the mr. potato head exhibit. we have ms. potato head joining us this morning. this is a fabulous exhibit. >> we are so excited to have mr. potato head here at port discovery. >> reporter: it just opened up. tell us about it. >> it's a wonderful opportunity for children to go on a a faf ri into space under water and all kind of places, to egypt. it's all about science. >> reporter: this is a great educational experience. mr. potato head is sell bating his 6th -- celebrating his 60th birthday. >> children are learning about
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the scientific method, math in a fun way. >> reporter: if you haven't gotten to the exhibit yet it just opened. it's going to be here through the summer, right? >> until september 3rd. >> reporter: excellent . very good. by the way they have sold 100 million mr. potato heads in 30 countries since he was invented. that is just amazing. >> that's incredible. >> reporter: he's a beloved character. >> he is and he's been used as a spokesperson because people respond to him >> reporter: the kids are going to respond to him right here at port discovery. all right. thank you very much . >> you're so welcome. come on over and have a great time. >> reporter: i sure will. there's a star wars mr. potato head character you know whether his name is? >> no. >> reporter: dart
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darth at -- darth tater. we have to run but also say happy birthday to buck. have a great one. >> bye-bye. >> when i got my first kit you all the arms and legs but had to use a real potato before the body. >> seriously? >> i'm old. still to come on wjz. >> mir acle baby. the odds were bad that this little girl would never be born. the incredible story of how she beat the odds.
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6:23. most moms and dads would say children are miracles. the story of one birth that was almost incon seefshable. >> a first birthday party it's easy to take for granite. the odds against a celebration for happening was a miracle.
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the story of birthday girl started the traditional way. her parents were high school sweethearts. of college they were married -- after college they were married their dream to someday start a family. >> we loved kids. >> they tried for 2 years but jennifer never got pregnant. still when her doctor suggested jason have his fertility checked they weren't prepared for the bad news. >> it was devastating when i found out that i had no sperm present in my sample. it was as if somebody punched you in the chest. >> their search for a solution led them here, special surgery to search for sperm. the lab director was only able to find one sperm. >> i didn't expect it. no one goes forward with an egg retrieval if you're only going to have one sperm. >> what are the odds of it
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results -- resulting in a baby? at one in 60 million you have a better chance. >> it's like winning the lottery. >> the one in 60 million shot worked. this is the embryo. it didn't until five months later when jennifer saw this ultrasound that she allowed herself to believe in miracles. >> her hand went right past her face. i fell she was waiving at us. >> she's now a happy healthy 1-year-old girl. >> every day is mother's day for me. i get to spend it with my beautiful daughter. >> the odds were tougher against her ever being born because her mother needed recycles of inmovie troe. next up this morning. >> good morning. he was once
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considered a person of interest in the disace appearance -- disappearance of a maryland woman. the new charges against him. >> a police officer fell from the jfx to the pavement below. i'll tell you who she's now suing for millions of dollars. >> the secret service prostitution scandal is on today's agenda on capitol hill. >> we have a new accident on the harrisburg express way. we will tell you about that and check to see if we have any delays. >> today marks the 5th annual weather day for wjz at camden yards. bernadette woods tim williams join us on coffee with. it's a great day. the morning's weather is cooperating.
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we're taking a break and coming right back
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it's exactly 6:30. that's a live look at the warehouse at camden yards. every big league hitter would love to hit that with a baseball. it's also the site of today's wjz's weather day. there's some fog around this morning especially so on the shore. school delays are at the bottom of your screen. >> pleasant morning around the metro. a little humid but seasonal. 64 light -- right now. that's a degree cooler than this time yesterday. by lunch 76 on a way to a high of 78. keep your umbrella, season glasses maybe some sunscreen with you. it's one of those deals. how about your ride? here is sharon gibala. >> if you are just about to
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head out we picked up an accident on the harrisburg express way. it's on 83 northbound just past the beltway. no official delay yet. we're keep ing an eye on it. we have an accident on liberty road. another one at fort small wood road at energy parkway. house fire still a problem at old mill road. delays in place on the west side of the beltway the usual time, usual speed. 45 is your average. 83 north of exit 18 you can see traffic moving just fine there. we can see everything running smoothly on all your major roadways. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the 2012 camry. back over to you. the man once considered a
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person of interest in the disace peerns of a maryland -- disapeern of a maryland -- disdisappearance -- disace peerns of a maryland woman is in trouble. monique griego is live with the latest. >> reporter: giordano is charged with indecent exposure after he was found naked inside a car with a companion. >> just steps from busy main street police arrest gary giordano and carroll an back. they were found in the back of giordano's suv with no clothes on. >> it was in the busiest part of the garage. >> several people complained of a sex act going on. the parking attendant went to investigate. >> i could tell they were doing something they shouldn't. . >> he called police when he saw the two cuddling on top of a
6:33 am
mattress in the car. officers say giordano and the woman naked. >> it brings up a lot of memories a lot of emotions. >> for richard forster the arrest is a painful miner. his -- reminder. his girlfriend disappeared on a trip with giordano. he was released with no charges filed against him. >> are you worried we will never find out what happened to robin sm >> -- robin? >> of course. >> hope for answers about what happened to robin continues to fade as the months go by. >> reporter: giordano refused to comment on these latest charges against him. he is due back in court in august. >> the fbi says it is still actively investigating the disappearance of gardener. investigators think a man charged with impersonating a police officer.
6:34 am
donald children was arrested in saint mary's county. they found fake police reports in his home. they suspect he may have engaged in similar behavior in baltimore county. a city police officer still recovering from a fall off the jfx is suing the driver who caused it. officer terheresa rig by claims he shouldn't have been behind the wheel. >> the officer broke down speaking about the fall. >> i thank you for all the prayers. they helped. >> this was the after math of the crash june 21st, 2011 when police say a saub convertible slammed into her police cruiser. she was filling out paperwork when the saub tried to pass a car and lost control that caused a chain reaction accidents. >> she may have went over the bridge. >> you have to go through the
6:35 am
gate. >> while she survived, she has yet to fully recover. she's now filed a $15 million lawsuit claiming the driver was innocent. police sited him for speeding among other infractions. >> she was working one day filling out some reports and the next thing she woke up in shock trauma. she was driving on a a -- he was driving on a suspended license at the time. >> her life will be forever changed as a result of this. we will take whatever action we can take on her behalf to try to make her as whole as possible. >> it could take a year for the civil suit to wind its way through the legal system. officer rig by continues on the long road to recovery. >> we did try to contact the defendant's lawyer but didn't get a call back. >> that suit is seeking damages to pay for medical expenses.
6:36 am
or oregon couple and three children are dead in a murder suicide. the mother and her children were found inside a home that caught on fire in se let salem -- in se let me. hours later -- salem. hours later they found the father dead in his vehicle hours away. the family of ronald reagan are con seeming a british -- con deeming a british auction house for trying to sell the former president's blood online. they claim it was taken from the hospital. the ronald reagan foundation is threatening legal action. >> this is not baseball cards that are being sold, this is the good of the #40e president of -- blood of the 40th president of the united states and it needs to be stopped. we're going to do everything in our power to do that. >> bidding is over $14,000.
6:37 am
e equipment is going to the -- egypt is going to the poll today. the race is seen as a choice between secular and religion candidates. for the first time the director of the secret service will talk publicically about the prostitution scandal. he's likely to face some tough questions about the culture of the service. >> the head of the secret service agency heads to capitol hill today. mark sullivan will answer to congress about the prostitution scandal involving his agents. >> nobody wants to see america embarrassed. >> 200 secret service persons nael were in -- personal were in columbia preparing for the president's visit there. of those, 12 were investigated, 9 were found to have been involved, three were cleared. >> the first question i opposed to the director was was there
6:38 am
any breech to the president's security and the answer was no. >> sullivan has repaired a full defense of -- prepared a full defense of his agency. he said clearly the misconduct that took place on april 11th, 2012 in columbia is not rep representative of core values. >> not everyone on capitol hill is convinced the scandal was an isolated incident. senator susanne collins say the numbers involved as well as the participation of two senior supervisors make me believe this was not a one time event rather the circumstances unfortunately suggest an issue of culture. kiro in seattle reported that last year agents partied nightly at a strip club while preparing for the president's visit. some hired hookers as well. director sullivan will tell congress today the agency fully investigated those claims but
6:39 am
found in evidence supporting the report. >> the washington post is reporting four agents dismissed are now fighting that decision. they claim the secret service tolerated misbehavior for years and they're making them into scapegoats. an algae bloom is being blamed for killing thousands of fir. there's 6,000 dead fish. the ex perts think the fish suffocated when the algae bloom sucked the ox yen ygen -- oxygen out of the water. hundreds of new laws are set to take effect in maryland after the governor puts pen to paper. a bill signing ceremony was held yesterday. the most talked about measure raising the income tax rate on marylander's making more than 10000 $100,000 a year. the or combrels and red sox
6:40 am
become back at it -- will be back at it this afternoon. the oriels won game 2 last night thanks to pitching from bryan maz. he set a career high for himself. the oriels win 4-1. that sere ies wraps up downtown today at 12:30. they used to call it the businessman special. glsz -- >> they still do. today it's the weather day special. they realize that camera is live and everybody is starting to panic behind the scene. you know they are. it looks like there's a human haze over the -- humid haze over the wear house. the longest brick buildings on the east coast like 520 feet. >> the longest continuous brick warehouse east of the
6:41 am
mississippi. >> it's weather day at the ball park. i can it's the -- i think it's the coolest. >> and the most popular. . >> there will be thousands and thousands of school kids and their teachers, a few parent í chapter í -- í chapter í chap roans down to listen to us talk about weather and all aspects of it and then stay around to enjoy a baseball game at america's most iconic baseball venue. 20 years of oriole park at camden yards. it's going to be warm and humid. keep your sunglasses handy keep an umbrella handy. you will need both at some point today. it's a beautiful day start. sharon gibala has our traffic coming up nebs. we will look -- coming up next. we will look at your me
6:42 am
-- memorial holiday weekend with first warning weather when we come back. blood pressure -- when we come back.
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good morning. 64 right now with 93% humidity. let's look at some temperatures. the mid to upper 50s oakland and cumberland. 67 dc, 68 packs river, 64 easton, elton television hill, columbia. we have a disturbed weather pattern. is it easy to understand? yeah. we have an stalled frontal boundary over the area. we're going the put a chance of shower in the forecast today, tomorrow and friday. that's alberto. i'm thinking by
6:46 am
tomorrow morning we're going to drop the story. we have been covering it because it's the first accelerate tifrty -- activity in the tropics. the hurricane season doesn't start for another week. 80 is going to be the high today. a couple showers around. maybe a lot of peaks of sun. over night mainty cloudy 6 -- mainly cloudy 62. moving up to 84 tomorrow, 87 on friday. 90 92 the -- and # 2 for friday -- and 9 2 for friday, saturday and sunday. here is sharon gibala with traffic control. >> we have an accident on the harrisburg express way in the northbound direction. another accident at bren brook, another one in at emergency parkway.
6:47 am
a how fire on old mills road. there's a look at your speeds. downtown -- down to 34 on the west side of the beltway. on the jfx now we have delays there. we have fog on 95 north of white harsh. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. now back to don marty tim an bernadette. >> you've been rubbing your eyes. wakes -- wake up. >> >> reporter: i have something in this contact i'm going to fix. it's water ri right now. >> i was saying you aught to be used to those hours. you're dealing with twins and breakfast. >> i have my coffee over there. >> good morning, tim. >> how are you? >> we're doing okay. got one
6:48 am
of the most iconic figures in baseball entertainment with us the oriole bird. >> whether it's a cartoon bird or mean bird, this bird never changes. >> that's right. >> there you go. >> what are you going to do when it runs over you? let's talk weather day. how many folks are we expecting later? >> last i heard six to 7,000. last year i think we got close to 8,000. in that general range. this is continuing to grow from year to year. it's such a fun event. one thing i want to tell all the schools if you're a teacher student parn -- parent and not a part of this, you can. you contact the oriels because we're going to have this again next year. we don't have a date until the fall when the schedule comes out. that's the one problem with this.
6:49 am
it will be either next april or next may and we're going to have this vent again and you can be a part of it, just contact the oriels. >> you're going to do some -- i want to ask you a couple of specific questions. you're going to be doing weather lessons. how long is the program ? >> it's aller -- all very scripted now. we go through severe weather talk about snow and winter weather. >> we have updated some from this year since we didn't have snow. we updated hurricanes. >> for the price of admission where do you see a 50 foot marty on the jumbo tron. >> i might run the other way. >> let's talk weather real quick. i have been getting a
6:50 am
lot of questions. we just talked about tropical storm alberto. i'm going to forget about it tomorrow morning because it will be in the middle of the ocean. we don't start hurricane season until a week from friday. what is your take on this? >> that's the start. this is an early season. it's not unheard of to have one early but it's not normal either. >> what the next one is burl, not to be confused with bird or bern. >> we would like a bern. . >> no, we already have a -- >> bern, thank you. >> let me bring you inside the ropes. sometimes on wednesday tim bern and i are all here for the noon news. one week i work with bern, one week i work with tim. bern there's times we look at you and go where does she get the energy? >> it's like a whirly thing. >> there you go. i have my
6:51 am
caffeine over there. >> bern -- there's an area of low pressure over south dakota bringing snow. >> all the while looking at computer models, looking at pictures on her phone of her twin boys and also combing her hair. it's like what is going on. >> have to get ready for the show. >> quick update, how are thunder and lightening by the way is this >> they are doing fantastic. they're going to make an apoorns -- appearance down here today. their first oriels game. >> what time does everything get going? >> i think we get started around 10 o'clock. hopefully all the kids will be if -- in their seats. the game is at 12:30 >> so we are done by 11:00 that's why we've shortened the program little bit but we still have a lot packed into it. we're going to have salespeople from the science center, people
6:52 am
from the national weather center. we have the bird here. we have a lot of friends to help us out on this fun day. sdmrsz we will join -- >> we will join you at noon and get you up to date on what's happening. >> one last question then we have to run. does bob know what time we're starting? did you tell him? >> he has been told. he will be here. >> there you go. we're going to run. we will talk to you guys later. have some fun. >> have a good one. >> very cool. >> it always is. again, i hope they have good weather for today. sdmrsz keep your sunglasses -- >> keep your sunglasses handy an umbrella handy today tomorrow and friday. we're coming right back with sharon gibala's wjz's traffic control. stay right there.
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affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore the more we help make opportunity possible. here come your updates from sharon and marty. >> right now it's a clear scan. a high of 78 today. hopefully it stays that clear. here is sharon gibala with traffic control. some good news, that accident on the northbound harrisburg expressway already gone. we have one at liberty road another one at fort small wood at energy parkway. fire activity at old mill road. speeds starting to slow on the topside of the beltway.
6:56 am
the west side is the slowest spot at 35. on 95 you might have to tap your brakings. there's a live look at the jfx south boupd -- southbound direction is top and go. it will only delay you 2 minutes. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. back over to you. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news weather and traffic still ahead. did wall street insider get advanced warning that facebook's ipo would be a flop at the beginning. more on the u.s. airways plane that was
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