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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in pursuit of a peeping
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tom. the crime at an interharbor restaurant. tonight, the search for the suspect. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. that suspect is wanted for spying on women inside a restaurant bathroom. tonight, police are trying to catch him before it happens again. wjz is live at the harbor for us. >> reporter: you know this is the prime weekend to give off tourism season and visitors admit to us they had reservations about visiting baltimore but they never imagined a peeping tom would be on the loose. police want to you take a good look at this man. he's suspected of something doing many of calling -- >> creepy and disgusting. >> reporter: police say last month a 15-year-old girl was using a bathroom at the inner harbor when they noticed someone taking her picture from under the stall. and then a man told her she was just messing around with the phone.
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>> just straight out blatantly, you look down, see something like that, certain kids, he's lucky he still has his hands. >> reporter: harbor police cameras captured this image of the suspect going into the bathroom before the fwirl and leaving after her. the bizarre case is unfolding amid a flurry of other teens. a flash mob of teens like this one took over the 711 and in march, groups of unruly youths got out of control. >> you're going to have issues that are going to happen. you'll have large groups that come into town. what people need to know is that the baltimore police are prepared. >> reporter: baltimore has added 50 extra officers to the area and better technology. visitors hope that will help catch the accused peeping tom before he goes on the prowl again.
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>> even if like one of the most private places you don't really have privacy. it's shocking since he probably is hanging around leer waiting for -- here waiting for another chance to do something like that. >> reporter: if you recognize that man, police urge you to let them know. they want to question him and he could be charged with sex offenses. live at the inner harbor, weijia jaing, wjz news. >> if you have any information, police call central police. city police tonight are also investigating two ted deadly -- two deadly shootings one on edge comb circle. police say they pulled over a 22-year-old man for driving the wrong way. he had been shot multiple times and later died. another man died at the hospital and so far no arrests in either crime.
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a young boy shot and killed while watching tv on the front porch is remembered tonight. shaun johnson is the 12-year- old killed last year in what police say were a case of mistaken identity. . well, it's a great start to the memorial day weekend when you talk about the weather. let's take a live look outside right now. some clouds have rolled in, but it is pretty warm out there. meteorologist bernadette woods has a live look. not the most comfortable night to stand over a hot grill, is it? >> no, it's not. because of those conditions, take a look, first warning doppler, we have a couple of fronts out there. it has prompted a severe thunderstorm watch all the way basically from the pa border straight up into connecticut. some of the showers and thunderstorms will hang on as they move our direction. this is something we'll monitor
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through the evening and keep you updated on. the other thing, though, in addition to this going on is there is a tropical storm -- excuse me, subtropical storm that has formed off the south carolina coast again. this is beryl. it is slowly drifting off to the southwest but over time, it is going to sort of scoot by florida and then turn back around heading to the north. we'll have more on that coming up in our forecast. days like this, water is great and there's a new water slide in ocean city getting some national recognition. tonight, gigi barnett reports that the aqua loop is opening for the first time this weekend. >> reporter: some ocean city visitors want a quiet weekend at the beach on memorial day weekend. others out for a thrill ride. >> awesome, dude. >> reporter: it's called the aqua loop and visitors find it at the jolly rogers amusement park. >> you're going 37 miles per hour with nothing but your swimming trunks on.
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that's got to say something. >> reporter: or say nothing at all. at the top of the platform, riders step inside, arms crossed and head up. in three seconds the trap door opens. one monster loop leads to a splashout at the end. >> how was it? >> awesome! >> reporter: swimmers shoot down at 37 miles an hour. three gs of force will take them around that loop and you can't find this ride anywhere else on the east coast. >> three, two, one. >> just the reaction, the looks on their faces. just a really great ride. >> reporter: just the kind of holiday thrill some swimmers seek. in ocean city, i'm gigi barnett, wjz, eyewitness news. >> kind of makes your heart race. the travel channel named the aqua loop one of the three top new summer thrills this year. good news for a driver if
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you went to the beach or anywhere else, the current national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.65 and that is down 16 cents from one year ago but it is still the third highest price on record for memorial day weekend behind only 2010 and 2008. the prices at the pump in maryland, the average for a regular gallon is $3.58 a month ago, we were paying $3.87 for that same gallon. an iconic baltimore pastor has been laid to rest. marion bass comb was laid to rest. he was the pastor there for 40 years. he was a well-known activist and civil rights leader in the baltimore community. the dragon space capsule makes history. astronauts from the international space station enter the capsule. it's packed with food and lots of supplies. >> reporter: astronauts open the hatch of the first privately owned spacecraft that
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reached the spacetation. the space station crew inspected the dragon before 6:00 saturday. they gave a thumbs up to let mission control know everything was okay. >> i spent quite a but the of time poking around in here this morning looking at the engineering and layout and i'm very pleased. >> reporter: and launch, the dragon blasted off from cape canaveral in florida on tuesday and docked with the international space station friday. it delivered about 1200 pounds of food and supplies. over the next few days, the straunts will -- strauts will empty the -- astronauts will empty the cargo and repack it with more equipment. >> there is not enough room in here to hold a barn dance, but for transportation of crew up and down through earth's atmosphere and into space,
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there's plenty of room in here. >> reporter: the dragon is scheduled to head back to earth on thursday. . >> and so space x, the company that developed the dragon hopes to have a version that humans can travel by 2015. large crowd gathers for fun in the sun at the maryland zoo in baltimore todd. bb&t bank held its annual brew at the zoo. there's a great assortment of brews and wines. you can also check out the animals. a lot of people out there on this warm day. i bet you that beer was good. still to come on eyewitness news tonight, appalling crime, a massacre in syria claims the lives of dozens of children. what the united naugss is saying tonight. a ship hut the bridge in china. it's caught on tape.
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we'll show you more of this incredible video. a tornado touches down, the whole thing is caught on tape. more images from this storm when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's cloudy and 82 degrees in central maryland right now. bernadette is going to have the complete weather forecast in a moment.
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an awful story out of syria, dozens of children are killed in a civilian massacre. syrian forces killed 90 civilians including 32 children during a mortar shelling. they're calling for an urgent session of the u.n. security council. months of attempts to resolve the crisis have fauld to stop the ongoing blood shed. a luxury cruise ship collides with a bridge in china. watch here. the accident left two of the ship's chimney's damaged and an obvious scratch on the bridge. witnesses say the main structure of the bilge swayed a little bit. no one was hurt. a brush fire burning they're diss my world shuts down an interstate. smoke was so is thick in the air as crews got the flames under control late yesterday. officials say they're
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investigating the fire as suspicious. orlando area attractions were not affected by the fire but guests entering and leaving the parks experienced major backups. five people were strands ned florida when their -- stranded in florida when their boat broke down 15 miles off miami beach. coast guard got into action and towed them back to search. the rescue came just before memorial day and that's why the coast guard is reminding people to be safe. >> we're going to be out in force making sure people are doing the right thing. if not, we're going to find you and take you to jail. >> coast guard is advising boaters have a designated prater and to have plenty of gas. 70 inmates are released from a las vegas jail, not because their sentences up, but because dozens of jail workers called in sick.
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the nonvicinity offend wes -- nonviolent offender were released. nearly 50 shifts were not covered that. forced overtimeof the city has until june to submit a budget which contains cuts to fire and police officers. watch here as a twister hovers over the roof of this building in nebraska. the storm left only a few walls standing after it touched down. a man and his wife and three children took shelter just seconds before the twister hit. they say they're grateful to be alive and not hurt. no other structures were affected but that storm. all right. meteorologist bernadette woods is right here. if people are watching us from the beach right now, i think they're having a wonderful start to the weekend, aren't they? >> it's beautiful. how beautiful for memorial day weekend. now the farther north you go we have had had clouds move in because there's a front over pennsylvania and it's going to affect maryland in the next few hours but it is 82 degrees,
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trying to do some yard work today and man, i just broke a heavy sweat so quick. it is muggy out. >> i haven't had a chance to run much lately, and i was down by the water and i was bright red. >> do they still have the smell from the fish cleanup? >> yes. >> that's a nice aroma. >> we're going to start out with first warning doppler radar. there's a severe thunderstorm watch to our north.
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these will die down before they move our way. we will see showers moving our direction and probably a couple of thunderstorms before the night is through. couple already making their way past cumberland in western maryland. sunshine mixed in with clouds as we move through the afternoon and here come the thunderstorms firing to our north. the wind is making a little cooler off ocean city with the wind coming off the water rather than the land where it's so warm. air quality alert has been issued for tomorrow, so for those in the sensitive breathing group, it's going to be unhealthy tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures, sky high once again for this tum of year. it's -- for this time of year. it's still incredibly humid with a dew point of 70. take a look, it's not just us.
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there's a lot of heat out there. we've seen record highs up in chicago before the thunderstorms came in, records all the way down to new orleans and heading back into texas. there's a lot of heat out there and it's going to continue to move our way, along with varying chances for showers and thunderstorms. . we do have the front passing by to our north tomorrow and then we're going to focus on just down to our south. offshore, it's subtropical storm beryl. it has a little bit of tropical characteristics but some nontropical characteristics so a hybrid. beryl will become our problem later. first up is this front, another one comes in from the west, chance of shower and thunderstorm with it but all the while we stay in the heat and after that, beryl will start to make a turn toward the north. it's going to make a landfall or brush the florida coastline before turning back to the northeast. and that's going to happen in
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the early part of the week we'll be talking about it around us. all these computer models take it to the southwest before it makes the turn tomorrow and moves off to the northeast. our forecast one the waters, south winds at 10 to 15 knots. tonight, going down to 68 degrees. it is going to be warm. shower and thunderstorm possible and a chance of shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. 89 our high and monday, the chance for showers, thunderstorms. but then we'll see what was left of beryl in addition to that front coming our way, better chances for scattered showers and storms tuesday into wednesday. adam. >> thank you so much. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stan is here with the wjz the fans sports radio. >> remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. pleasantly surprising, changing of the guard in baseball's american league east division continues for the orioles. they woke up this morning at 29- 17, one game ahead of tampa bay after giving kkrchl the royal treatment last night. in game 2, wei-yin chen, got two runs off of six hots. bottom 2, chris davis has got the eye and the touch. beyond the outer limits. that's his 8th homer of the year. that opens up the scoring, 1-0 orioles. j.j. hardy homered in the 3rd and in the 7th this game is knotted up at 3 apiece. the orioles home stand wraps up this weekend against kansas city. tomorrow be sure to watch masn
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on wjz, see the birds take on the orioles at 1:30 live on wjz 13. elsewhere today, foxboro, massachusetts, loyola university of maryland took care of business, they beat notre dame in ncaa men's lacrosse championship. the greyhounds main weapon, eric lusby. in the second half right out of the box, swells but lugsby, i scored 13 tournament goals so far and has another game monday. loyola wins it, 7-5. the greyhounds go from unranked in the ncaa men's division no. 1 championship game monday and who will they play? well, it can be second year terps coach. brilly griffen. if you don't know any better,
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you would think a brawl between hungry wildebeests. it was a celebration that repeated itself when griffins made it 2-2. maryland leads 6- 4. maybe on their way to playing loyola. today mark the conclusion of the 2012 outsoar door city high school track and field championships on a good hot and humid day at morgan state university where anybody could use a good icedown. baltimore carver high school wins the 1 a state title. thomas johnson wins the 4 a state high school track and field championship. and stanley cup playoffs, one night ago in over time, adam henrik snaps a 2-2 tie to win. they make their first trip to
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the finals since winning the title in 2003. they play the los angeles kings starting wednesday in newark, new jersey. real quick note, brad keselowski, winner on the nascar nationwide series racing today. >> take a bret, stan, you got it all? be sure to watch the cbs prime time lineup. at 10, it's an episode of "48 hours mystery" and later we'll have more on the peeping tom they're trying to find. also a leak at the vatican. the police arrest the pope's butler, tonight at 11:00. finally a stray dog competes in a 1,000-mile journey across china. check out this furry guy who joined a group of cyclists after one of them gave him food. they covered up to 37 miles a day and climbing 12 mills. turns out one of the cyclists
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started a blog about the pup's adventures, and they're hoping that someone will eventually adopt the dog. you two think one of the cyclists would take the dog after spending that much time with him? my dog would coup probably do that. he will just run and run without stopping. >> that's impressive. ,,,,,,,,,,
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