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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage.
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it's wjz, maryland's news station. million dollar man. center fielder adam jones becomes the highest paid oriole in history. the deal that has baseball buzzing. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm adam may. sounds like a lottery jackpot. $85.5million. that's how much adam jones will make under a new six-year deal. stan saunders has new details about tomorrow's history making announcement. stan? >> well, it is a historic contract, none seen by any orioles player since they came into town in 1944.
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young, gifted. six years, $85 million. that's about $14 million per year which stops $8 million per year. 1-4. even stretched double even into a triple and even sold another base this year. adam jones, second highest paid behind matt of the dodgers. >> it's humbling just the thought of it. >> they're going to keep on calling, especially new family out of the woodwork, et cetera. adam, there is a no trade clause. how about that? >> that's important, stan. thank you. wjz will be at the news conference tomorrow with adam jones and dan with all the details tomorrow at 6:30 and 11:00. police are searching for a peeping tom at a maryland
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tourist hot spot. wjz is live at the inner harbor where weijia jiang has the latest. weijia? >> reporter: the suspect is accused of using his cell phone to assault a woman in the most unthinkable way. tonight, we uncovered new information that may be bad for him but good for potential victims. as baltimore's busiest tourist season kicks off, some visitors are afraid to go to the bathroom after hearing what this man is accused of doing. >> it's sick. it's a violation of privacy. >> it's not right. it's like, disrespecting girls. >> reporter: police say last month the 15 month old girl was using the restroom when she saw someone took her picture from under the stall. captured the suspect going into the women's room before the victim and leaving after she ran out. though police haven't identified the man, several women called in to say they
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know who he is and all of them give the same name and say he's "creepy." >> it's a little bit shocking, especially since he's probably hanging around here waiting for another chance to do something like that. >> reporter: the disturbing case is unfolding with a string of high profile mobs. teens blocked traffic and at the same time, the tourist was beaten and stripped naked. >> it does happen, but we're working on it. >> reporter: police recently added more cameras and 50 extra officers to the area, more eyes to look for the alleged peeper and catch him before he goes on the prowl again. >> i'm sure he'll get caught. >> reporter: and police want any information you might have about this man. he could be charged with sex offenses, we're live at the
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inner harbor. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> weijia, thank you so much. if you have any information on the case, call 410-396-2240. a prisoner tonight serving a 10 year sentence for murder is on the run. this man here, jermaine jenner walked out of a baltimore detention facility on friday. police are looking for him. he's near the end of his sentence for second-degree murder. if you know where he is, you're asked to call police immediately. the police commissioner suspends two on the spot in a popular baltimore restaurant. the commissioner observed two baltimore city police officers drinking alcohol. now, those officers were off- duty but either dressed in partial uniforms or had their guns or badges displayed. the names have not been released publicly. a dozen children died.
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this is sparking protest. susan mcginnis has the latest. >> reporter: foreigners surrounded united nation observers who arrived to investigate. 90 people, including children, are dead. >> it's an attack on the future and the operation of the syrian people. >> reporter: the massacre sparked protest around the street of damascus and the white house released a statement and said the acts serve as a vile testament to a regime that responds to political protest with unspeakable and inhuman
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brutality. hundreds of monitors on the ground in syria trying to salvage a cease fire. in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness the fire is 20% contained. >> it consumed some structures. we don't know how many or who the owners of them are.
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the conditions are so volatile, so dangerous, the firefighters themselves are in jeopardy. >> officials say it's hard to fight the fire because of limited access, plus dry and windy conditions are still fueling the flames. it sounds like something from the game clue. did the butler do it? he's under arrest. gabrielle is accused of stealing secret documents, alleged cronyism. convicted of stealing. the butler, gabriel. in the 2100 block of edgecombe circle. they pulled over a man. he was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. right around the same time, a man died around pitcher street
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in the upton neighborhood. he also died at the hospital and so far, police aren't announcing arrests in the shootings. a 12 year old boy watching tv on his front porch is shot and killed. tonight, one year after the senseless murder, the family is opening up about the tragedy. mike schuh has the story. >> reporter: that's not the case in may of last year. a 12 year old football player should be able to make more birthdays. he wasn't able to make it to 13. you'd hope police would make an arrest. >> no parent feels the pain i'm feeling right now. >> this shook the city to its core. >> reporter: eleven months after the shooting, these are charged for the murder. >> we've got concerns for the safety of the witnesses at this
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point. >> reporter: while shawn's familiy hoped it would happen sooner, take this into account. >> we love you! >> reporter: time is said heals all wounds, but one year after the 12 year old is gunned down by mistake, healing has not come and such thoughts ring hollow. >> it's for the rest of the kids. i have a 16 year old. so i feel for her. >> reporter: mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> they're charged with three counts of attempted murder. we have good news for you if you drive along the jones expressway is open and emergency repairwork is officially finished. it's been bringing to a crawl
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since april. collapsed underground drainage pipe, the $2 million project finished 12 days ahead of schedule. notre dame celebrates graduation with a special guest today. cbs chairman and five-time emmy award winner was the guest. awarded 720 graduate degrees. the students with fields ranging from liberal education, arts, education and nursing. those who keep them safe around the clock -- >> a few hours later, they showed up. >> rehearsed her lines ahead of the memorial day concert that
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features celebrities and military personnel in honor of memorial day. we have a lot more to come on wjz eyewitness news. a violent outburst. the whole thing is bizarre. you'll not believe what this man does for a living. >> couldn't find mom. dad wasn't there. >> and they were left all alone. three siblings, all alone discovered in a vacant building. how neighbors helped save them. >> and for the very first time, astronuts get visits from a privately owned spaceship. >> reporter: it's one of the newest attractions. i'm gigi barnett at the amusement park. that story is next. >> good evening, i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. the heat is going to continue. we'll have that up in the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's mostly cloudy and 70 degrees. bernadette will have the forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend in just a moment, but first, check out the bizarre video. an an thesologist is arrested in florida and he flips out in the back of a police cruiser. he was screaming that the officer stole the money.
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they found $40,000 in cash in the doctor's pocket and another $14,000 in his car. even chilly, they took him out of the back because he started to bleed. the money said the police were stealing was actually in his pocket the entire time. three young children are found abandoned in a shed in oregon. a 3 year old, 8 year old, and 2 year old were found. doctors say they were healthy. >> i think people with the kids had intended to take care of them but i believe they were also homeless. so what are you going to do? >> the kids were just left in a shed. police are not releasing other details about the mother. they're talking to her and the children are with a foster family. a luxury cruise ship
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collides with a bridge. they go into the suspended part of the bridge and in the circle, to the stack and part of the bridge. some witnesses say the main structure of the bridge started to sway when the collision occurred. no one was hurt. it's history. the space x dragon capsule today, the first privately owned spacecraft to ever reach the international space station. the capsule delivered about 1200 supplies and food to the crews. they could test it for humans to travel by the year 2015. well, it's the perfect weekend for this. a new water slide in ocean city is getting national recognition. gigi barnett reports that the aqua is opening for the first time this weekend. >> reporter: some ocean city visitors want a quiet weekend on the beach on memorial day weekend. others opt for a thrill ride. >> awesome, dude. >> reporter: it's called the
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aqua loo. it's at the amusement park this weekend. >> you're going 37 miles per hour with nothing but your swimming trunks on. so that's got to say something. >> reporter: or say nothing at all. at the top of the platform, riders step inside, arms crossed and head up, three seconds, the trapdoor opened. leads to a splashout at the end. swimmers shoot down at 37 miles per hour, 3gs of force and you can't find this ride anywhere else on the east coast. >> just the reaction of the looks on their faces, just a really great ride. >> just the kind of holiday thrill some swimmers seek. in ocean city, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> there it goes. the travel channel named aqua loop the one of three top of the year. would you do it? >> oh, no, i'd go right for it. you? >> i'd do it, but i'd be like, oh! some words inappropriate for television. it's cooler along the coast because the water is so cool this time of year in the upper 60s. close to 90 degrees inland. that's going to continue. we start with the satellite radar and have a couple of showers to the north making their way into western maryland and other areas of the state. otherwise, they die down with light winds and all that moisture. we will see fog form overnight. temperaturewise, it's pretty warm. 78 in d.c. and the dew points are high also. that's making for some muggy conditions both by day and by
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night. we topped out at 89 degrees. we're close to 90 and that's where we are going to be the next couple of afternoons. record 94. average of 77. much closer to the average. we're not the only people dealing with the heat. take a look. we've seen records from new orleans straight up to chicago. and then the cool air is going to make a push, but you get the idea. we're going to get in on that for the next couple of days here. at the same time, there's a couple of fronts running along the rim of the heat and we have the tropics. it's a tropical storm barrels. it's sort of a hybrid and that's off the coastline. right now, over the next day or so, it's how it comes together. we pass off to the north. and then it will open up the
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way for barrel. it's off to the southwest and going to either scoop at the coastline or make a land fall and hover around and make it back over water. we're talking tropical storm status passing south of maryland but something to watch over the next couple of days. you can see the model bring it close to maryland but the idea we're going to match it, the front is going to come in from the west and bring a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. bring some of the moisture our way. 10 to 15 knots. just a chance for a thunderstorm and showers today. the fronts pass by and see some fog form also. 68 for the low and close to 90 degrees monday. a chance for thunderstorms and better chance as we get the front from the west, the barrel.
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we break the heat for the second part of the week. adam? >> thank you, bernadette. >> thank you, bernadette. up your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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the video we showed you before the break of the two out fielders running into each other. >> they got a bruised hamstring. could have been a whole lot worse, but in case you missed tonight's lead story, adam jones agreed to an expansion. wayne chen, five strikeouts including aaron gordon. bottom two.
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j.j. hardee also homer in the third inning but it was not enough on this day as the orioles lose by the final of 7-5. so the orioles home stay wraps up against the kansas city royals. tomorrow, they take it on masn on wjz. the university of maryland beat notre dame to advance the ncaa division against the local foe we talk about temporarily. but the main weapon, eric. five goals today. three in the first half. scored 13 tournament goals. got more to go. pard me, the orioles won.
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but loyola lost. against second year term coach john philman. another ncaa tournament semifinal for final four action games. philly with two goals there, but that's no more than just a celebration, not a wild something else going on. but made it 2-0 and maryland went on to win, so they will face loyola in the national championship. brad winning the nascar race. pardon me, wrong video. the high school track and field championships. where baltimore high school won the 2a title to walkersville. win the 4a state championship
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