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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  May 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tropical storm hits the u.s.. will md aryland feel the impact? >> it's the wicked weather elsewhere. beryl is weakening now after making land fall in northeast florida over night. the storm has already washed away memorial day plans there. the effects may reach all the way to our shores. the latest. >> beryl is weakening as it moves inland but it's still slamming georgia with high winds and rough seas. the conditions didn't stop some vacation nears from taking -- vacation nears from taking their morning walk. >> it's not too bad. it's a little windy. >> beryl pounded knot eastern florida with near hurricane force winds an rain as it made land fall near jacksonville just after midnight monday. forecasters say there may be flooding through out the day as the storm drops rain across the
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draught stricken northeast. >> that would actually be some good news despite the wash out for the holiday weekend. >> beryl is disrupting memorial day plans along the coast. jacksonville mayor canceled his city's parade. it knocked out power to thousands of people. >> wjz is monitoring what's left of the tropical storm. marty bass is tracking its path. good morning, marty. breaking news, beryl is now a tropical depression. let's take a look. it's got that cyclone swirl to it, that counter clock wise rotation. it's impressive. let's take a look at the 1 1 o'clock numbers. 35 mile s an hour right now, but
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it will strengthen abundance it leaves land -- once it leaves land and goes over water. the only effect to us is rip currents from carolina towards to long island. all the computer models expect that one are now agreeing that beryl is just going out to sea. we're probably not going to see a drop of rain from beryl. having said that, you're looking for another beautiful day and an interesting period of time over the next 36 hours. this is what i want you to pay attention to. those thunderstorms,ing say good-bye to 91. this weekend we may not be to normal. i'll have those details shortly. >> stay with wjz for complete first warning weather. to find forecast updates go to two armed men stormed their way into a home and attacked those inside. now police are trying to track those suspecteds
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down. derek valcourt has more on what happened. good afternoon, dreshg. >> reporter: one of the victims is in critical condition here at shock trauma. he was one of four people inside the house when two robers broke through the door. we spoke with one of the women inside. she said all about her frightening or deal. >> it's pain. it's hurlt hurting -- hurting bad. i'm scared to death. >> sunday morning took a terrifying turn for sharon. she asked not to reveal her last night. she was visiting her daughter's house when two men busted through the back door shouting. >> baltimore city police. they came running up the the steps where a gun on me and her and the one behind him had the knife. >> the robber stabbed her 28-year-old daughter, amy and shot her daughter's 30-year-old boyfriend justin. she said the robers kept asking where's the money. >> i hurried up and called 911.
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the one with the knife saw me and lunged at me with the knife. my daughter got in between us and said you're not stabbing my mother. >> neighbors reported seeing the suspects run out of the the house down -- out of the house down the alley into a get away car. she described them as tall, thin african can american men. dr -- of african american men. >> it makes you worry for the safety of our children. i hate to hear this happened here. >> it makes me think about locking my doors and windows. >> i want them caught so they don't do it to nobody else. >> reporter: the woman who was stabbed is expected to survive. her injuries were not life threatening. the man who was shot is still in critical condition. >> thank you. the cupouple also has a young daughter but she was
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staying with a relative. police are looking for a man spying on women in restrooms. he's been scene taking cell phone photos of women inside stalls in lady rooms. those photographed include a 15-year-old girl. police say several women have identified the man. so far we've not been told of any arrests. hundreds of people in westminster turned out to on to the americans -- honor the americans who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. that parade part of the 145th annual memorial day observation. in washington dc the parking light and mill care tear leaders -- military leaders have having ceremonies. >> president obama honored the country the's war dead at the --
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country's war debt at the item of the unknown. >> others joined the president at arlington national seminary. in section 60 the fallen heros from the wars in iraq and afghanistan are laid to rest. that's where this woman visits the grave of her husband john. >> memorial day now for me at least will always be my time to remember him and when the rest of the world for a moment will make take a second to remember too. >> this memorial day marks a sad milestone for the war in afghanistan. earlier this week petty officer ryan wilson died bringing the total number of deaths in that war to 3,000. troops held a service to remember all who died in afghanistan since the start of the war in 2001
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>> i want to make sure we know kus on what the day means. what it means to me that some of us live this every day with our soldiers, sailers and their families, but everybody in america should live it on this day. >> today general demsy, the president and others are paying their respects. this year marks the 50th anniversary of that war. >> mitt romney will join fellow republican john mccain at memorial day e -- events in san diego. he's one of oriels biggest stars and he has the pocketbook to prove it. adam jones signed an $85 million contract for 6 years. he is the second highest center fielder paid in the league. >> there's a bigger goal here, i believe.
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that's winning games. that's the ultimate reason why i signed on. i believe in what they believe in and they believe in winning. >> again, the second highest center fielder in major league baseball and deserveingly so. still to come, bad beeber. why police want to ask the singer a few questions today. >> the highlights of the indianapolis 500. it's getting warm outside. your complete forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's pretty sunny and 89 in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is still coming up. the united nations security counsel is calling for a seized fire in syria. more than 100 people are dead. many of them small children. antigovernment fighters say troops shelled the town with artillery rockets. they said their troops were first attacked and only attacked
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in retaliation. the un says both sides need to back down. >> this message of peace is not only for the government, but for everyone, every individual with a gun. >> opposition fight ers say they're outraged by the attack saying there's no hope for peace. many michigan police are looking for the man who set a pregnant woman on fire. the woman pulled up to her home with her boyfriend when a man appeared and kidnapped her at gun point. he drove her to an alley and set her on fire. >> she was able to get out of the car and start rolling on the ground trying to put the fire out. when that happened two shots were fired and she was struck once in the back. >> that woman is in serious condition. an ultrasound shows her unborn child is unharmed. police say her boyfriend who
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never called 911 is now in custody. police in california are are anxious to have a -- are action you to is a word with justin beiber. the man with the camera saying the singer assaulted him when he tried to snap a picture of him with his girlfriend. they left before officers arrived. the 2012 indianapolis 500 is willing called a class -- is being called a classic as three cared battled to the finish line. >> dario franchitti is going to join an elite group as he is going to become a three time winner at indianapolis. >> the race ended under a caution flag. actress ashley judd was on hand for her husband's third win and watched him wash down the taes of victory with a swig of milk.
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still ahead, good weather for a bar-b-que as long as you remember the cold refreshments to go along with it. your come complete forecast just 2 and a half minutes away. the stock market is closed for the holiday. we're coming right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there's a nice shot of
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federal hill. it's not a wind, it's a nice strong breeze. that's a large flag. >> yes. >> it takes a 10 mile an hour breeze, i don't know if we're going to say wind, to get that up. we have fine weather here, not an issue. we will not see a redo of thunderstorms we had last night. we're free and clear through out the rest of the afternoon. we're in for quite a change. right now at tv hill it's 4 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. frankly the afternoon is going have the same feel, sunny and hot. 91 the high. 86 on tv hill with 55% humidity. let's look at temperatures. 80 near deep creek lake, 83 at ocean city, packs river 85, cumberland
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85, 83 elkin, rock hall you're at 82, 84 westminster, 86 columbia, 83 bel air. this was a screen cap. as those storms started to fire thementss -- themselves up last last night they moved through. the next chance of thunderstorms is tomorrow. frankly, it's going to get offshore and do to beryl what xapd what happened -- what happened to alberto, block the storm out to sea. we're not going to get a drop of rain from beryl. it's going to be sending some rip currents our way. lifeguards will be taken care of locally. everybody is now in agreement that the storm is
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going to head out to sea. forecast today calls for a high of 91. sunny, hot and humid. 69 s is going to be your -- 69 is going to be your over night low. tomorrow another little steamy day. watch for thunderstorms in the afternoon with a high of 91. it's a significant part of our forecast and we will continue this discussion with the five day forecast coming up shortly. >> thank you. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, the slim crowd. does your child's friends influence his or her body weight. the details ahead in health watch. don't forget here are some of the stories we're following on our website. for constant updates of news and the forecast go to ,,
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in today's health watch, physical activity is the key to fighting childhood obesity. it turns out the amount of exercise they get has to do with their friends. they studied an after school program and say children adjust their level of physical acceleratety to watch what their -- activity to match what their friends are doing. an international team has manufactured a new protein that can fight swine flu. the
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manufacturer disables key functions of the viruses. they hope it leads to new drugs to fighting flu and other diseases like small pock. >> check back in today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. our coverage of beryl continues. will it effect ocean city? the latest on local and national memorial day ceremonies today at 4:00 after dr. phil. your five day forecast is coming right up.,,,,
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welcome back. thunderstorms tomorrow and we'll get a clear out on wednesday. wednesday 80. 80 thursday , 76 friday, 75 saturday. computer models now suggesting rather vigorous wet area of low pressure trying to come out of the ohio valley on us friday night saturday night. that could be friday and all day saturday possibly. let's keep a watch on that. >> don't forget tovent's -- tonight's cbs prim time line up. let's go out to san francisco and the 75 th birthday party of the golden gate bridge.
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last night's celebration featured music. lots of fire lots done well. >> done very well. >> that's thankss -- that's it. thanks ,,,,,,
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