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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello everybody i'm denise koch and we're following breaking news in east baltimore. three people are shot including a young child. wjz is live on the scene. and kai jackson has the details. >> reporter: this which was probably a very quiet memorial evening in baltimore. here's what we know happened there was a triple shooting in east baltimore a short while ago. it happened at 9:30. we understand from baltimore city police that officers were out on patrol when they heard shots fired. they were able to respond relatively quickly when they arrived on the scene which is
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two blocks behind us, they found the 10-year-old shot, 20- year-old man shot and 29-year- old man all of them shot on the leg. the injuries at this time nonlife threatening. we talked to police detectives a short time ago. >> reporter: we're not quite sure at this point who the targets were we do believe the 10-year-old was a victim of the accidental shooting. not the intended target but we have a 10-year-old that was hurt as a result. police officer detectives are working to find the suspects and bring them to justice. >> reporter: all the victims were taken to the hospital. again with nonlife threatening injuries. at this time they're still looking for suspects and anyone with any idea why the shooting happened, they're asked to call baltimore police. hurricane season hasn't even started yet but what's
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left of tropical storm beryl is dumping heavy rain on the southeast. >> reporter: crews fought strong winds to put up flags warning people to stay out of the water. the beaches are usually packed on memorial, but this year many are shut down. >> it's unreal the one weekend that you go to the beach you end up with a tropical storm. >> reporter: beryl hit the coast with winds of up to 70 miles per hour and torrential rains. roads and low lying areas are flooded. with surf was strong enough to break up parts of this dock. powerful waves also send this boat crashing into a wall. the winds knocked out power and tens of thousands do not have electricity. holiday parades and events across northeast florida have to be cancelled. beryl weakened by the afternoon and people went out to see what the storm left behind.
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jacksonville's mayor is warning residents to stay out of the way of the storm. >> if you don't have to drive please don't drive. don't go out into the water. >> reporter: but this storm does have a silver lining. beryl is moving further inland bringing rain to a region that suffered through a long drought. >> we could see widespread five to 10-inch rains in some effects that would be some good news despite the wash out for the holiday weekend. >> reporter: the remnants of beryl are expected to go back out to sea bringing rain to the carolinas. randall pinkston. so where exactly is beryl headed and will the storm bring any rain to our area? bob is tracking it from the weather center. >> a rainy night there in south georgia. the radar very clearly showing the spin that was beryl is a tropical rainstorm now. it's going to continue to cause
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rain tonight. eventually heading out to sea. take a look at where we expect it to go. we have it going quickly out to sea according to all the models. and moving directly southeast of our region. that's 300 miles east. bringing some rough surf to the east coast. for our region we're going to get rain from the cold front not from the storm. the winds are down to 29 miles per hour. it was an update today, we'll let you know how much longer or unseasonably high weather we'll have coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. a visit to ocean city ends in death for a howard county man. diogo fatini was driving drunk when he hit and killed matthew cheswick. fatini left the scene but he was followed by witnesses until he was captured by police. david whitlow died when his
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boat hit a storm jetty last night. two other people who were on the boat were seriously injured. traffic on the bay bridge is brought to a standstill as people head home after the holiday weekend. wjz is live, megan mccorkel tells us the weather is one for the record books. >> reporter: the nice weather and lower gas prices had people heading to the ocean this weekend. blue ocean and sunny skies give way to break lights. >> we've been sitting in traffic for 2-1/2 hours. >> four hours. a lot of hours. >> reporter: and less than sunny attitudes. >> this stuff is just ridiculous. >> reporter: a wreck on u50 near 97 snarled traffic monday evening and had drivers getting out of their cars on the highway. >> you just can't really stop any where to do anything because it's just so much traffic. >> reporter: gas prices a big reason so many people hit the
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road. there are about 25-cents lower than last year. >> they had been falling every week since easter, seven weeks in a row. >> reporter: in ocean city alone, more than 250,000 visitors expected this weekend. welcomed news to boardwalk business owners. >> numbers are definitely up this year. we were like really excited about everyone coming here. the turn out seems to be phenomenal in comparison to last year. >> reporter: alex robinson operating the bay bridge drive over spending his days in gridlock. >> you're going to be siting in traffic forever if that's what you're looking for, you know. >> reporter: the end of the busy holiday weekend had some wishing they had planned ahead. >> we were going to leave yesterday but we said, we'll stay an extra night and that was a bad decision. >> reporter: and here is a live look right now at route 50. still backed up at this late hour. definitely a rough night for a
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lot of drivers out there. aaa estimated 300,000 people would cross the bay bridge this weekend alone. reporting live, megan mccorkel. >> thank you, megan. the official number of tourists in ocean city will not be released until tomorrow. the numbers were very strong. of course memorial day is about much more than a a day to enjoy the beach or a bar-b-que. it's a day to sit back for a grateful nation and remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country. on a somber memorial day tribute was held today. six marylanders who were killed in iraq and afghanistan over the last year were honored. and president obama helped salute veterans of the vietnam war by laying the wreath at the sight of the memorial wall. this marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war. 10 more names were added to the list of more than 68,000
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killed and president obama pledged to find 6,200 soldiers still missing from that conflict. race cars are expected to be on the streets again. kai jackson has the details. >> tickets went on sale today. we have general admission tickets starting from $15. >> reporter: race organizers say if you purchase the ticket early you get a 25% discount on the padeck check. >> grand prix is worldwide. >> reporter: as tickets for the grand prix at baltimore goes on sale, the group says they're making changes which includes tighter security. better access for fans and a revised race course. >> does the race have a sponsor? >> not at the moment.
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our motto shows we don't have a titled sponsor but we're still pursuing that. >> reporter: it's now called the grand prix of baltimore. race on is owned by j.p. grant and jay o'neil. the two have hired michael andretti, son of mario andretti to manage logistics of the race. a small win for a baltimore school. tiny loyolla university overcomes the odds to win the lacrosse national championships.
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>> reporter: they beat m m. -- maryland for the title. >> reporter: a sea of green in the stands. a huge loyolla contingent made the trip to witness history. the terps take a 3-2 lead on a goal by kevin cooper but that's the last time maryland had the lead. it was the last time the terps even scored. layolla took over from there. led by lesbi. he scored four goals, the pounds scored seven straight times in rout for a win over maryland. the first ever championship for loyolla. the team finishes as top dogs. they're bringing the trophy back to baltimore. >> this is for our alumni. this is for our university. >> reporter: while the hams whop it up on the field. school is out but they know the hounds are coming home winners. >> whenever the teams are
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coming back, whoever is on campus will be outside on the quad, whether it be us four or whoever, we're all going to be there to greet them. >> reporter: we'll hear from loyolla, mvp. this is the second year maryland lost in the national champ -- championship game. and coming up; this is birthday she will never forget. the woman that survives a scare. police stop a car for driveing the wrong way and it turns out the driver had been shot numerous times. i'm adam may, his parents now begging for answers. that's coming up. when will this abnormally warm weather break? i'm bob turk, i'll have your complete forewarning forecast coming up next. ♪
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it is clear and 80 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather forecast is coming up. tragedy in cutter, a fire at a popular shopping mall kills 19 people. 13 are children who were at a child care center in the building. the government says a lack of
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floor plans and a malfunctioning sprinkler system hindered rescue efforts the cause is still under investigation. police in toronto believe falling debris from a jet damaged several cars. pieces of metal were found next to them. witnesses say they heard a loud boom and saw the smoke coming from an air canada jet. the plane was making an emergency landing after losing an engine. it arrived safely at the airport and no injuries were reported. well a bizarre stand off continues on the campus of southern methodist university in dallas. police say a man climbed into the cab of a crane that towers about 150 feet over a construction site. they say he told them he was armed and threatened to shoot anyone who approached them. police have been trying to coax him down for nearly 12 hours. the area has been evacuated but no one so far has been injured. a family in north baltimore is left devastated after a chilling crime. a young man is shot in his car and dies trying to get help.
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tonight adam may has the emotional reaction from the victim's family. >> reporter: 22-year-old bevel osmie was supposed to be getting pictures of his son this memorial day weekend but instead bevel's parents are planning a funeral. >> he was my only boy, i'm saddened, broken. >> reporter: a witness telling wjz new gunfire seemed to come out of nowhere, osbie hit the gas but got stuck at a dead end. police pulled over osmie. when they opened the door he fell out to the floor. he was body riddled with bullets. he told police he did not know who shot him. >> he had never been in a
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fight, never had a quarrel with anybody. no enemies. my son was a good boy. >> reporter: their son held a steady job and was deciding whether to finish college or join the military. >> very devastating what we're going through. but we don't want is anybody to retaliate in a negative way. i don't want another parent to feel what we're feeling. we want the law to handle it and then we know that god has the last say so. >> reporter: osbie didn't have anything serious on his criminal record, it's unclear what he was doing in the edge comb neighborhood. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> new information can remain anonymous and call metro crime stoppers at 866-7lockup. the father of amy copeland says his daughter told him it
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feels weird to be able to talk. the 24-year-old has lost all four limbs after cutting her leg in a zip line accident. copeland began breathing on her own last week and is now able to sit up. well an 80-year-old woman from california wanted a little excitement for her birthday but this was almost too much. lavern everett went sky diving for the first time but as this video shows it wasn't smooth sailing. she ended up twisted and tangling in midair. now fortunately the instructor opened the parachute and held on to her and she landed safely. but for her next birthday, lavern wants to ride a race car. she changes her mind when she was going, i don't want to get out of the plane. >> that's one of the reasons why i never plan to do that. >> you don't know when you turn 80, you don't know what crazy things you have in mind. >> i never plan to do that. >> let's take a look at the temperatures throughout the region. i have a tremendous fear of
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jumping out of planes yes. >> you do. >> dewpoint 71-degree, the barometer has actually been holding steady. 2.99-inches. pretty comfortable 76 ocean city. 81 in washington. it's a humid night in the 70s, downtown may not get much lower than about 76, 77 tonight. very light southwest winds keep us in the warm air. through tomorrow but tomorrow night, and in the afternoon a front to the west has created thundershower activity near chicago this afternoon. this is what's left of beryl it's going to move off the east coast. it'll bring rough surf to the carolinas. the front to the west will because it will pick up some of that moisture from the south and from the gulf of mexico. look for some thunderstorms to break up tomorrow afternoon. maybe one or two here in the afternoon. the best chance in our region comes tomorrow night with the front coming through the area. but behind that front is some
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refreshing change air mass, cooler and drier. yes. humidity plenty of that tomorrow with a front coming through scattered thunderstorms, the front comes through tomorrow night late. maybe a brief shower still on wednesday morning to the southeast of us. but thursday, and most of friday should be just a lot nicer, drier and cooler. now there may be some precipitation developing along that stalled front to the south. could bring us a shower or thundershower friday afternoon or sunday night. wednesday late and thursday looks really, really nice. south winds five to 15 at the bay. still out of the south and bay temperature up to 73. tonight then let's call it generally clear. warm and humid. 69 to the mid-70s in the city. tomorrow, very much like today. still humid, maybe a couple of thunderstorms and 89, 91 perhaps and a better chance tomorrow. maybe a brief shower early wednesday. 88, 59, 80, 76 and 75.
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chance of some scattered showers late in the day on saturday. >> all right, thank you bob. coming up the orioles cling to first place as they battle the blue jays in toronto. see who came out on top in the battle of the birds, next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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still in first place is the question at the studio, the answer is yes. >> the follow up is, for how long. buck showalter did mention it before tonight's orioles game in toronto. tough times and losing streaks are inevitable. and after such a hot start the o's have hit a rough patch. buck not pleased with the umpiring tonight. and also not happy with his starting pitchers or hitters who didn't hit much against blue jay's hut hutchinson.
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he threw the best game of his career. o starter tomny hunter has the worth start for his team this evening. two run home-run in the third inning. 4-0 jay still pitching in the fourth when kelly johnson sends one to deep dead center. another 2-run homer. hunter gets hammered. the o's lose their second straight now. the o's are still tied for fourth place with the tampa bay rays. it was a big day for baltimore's loyolla university winners of a national lacrosse university for the first time in school history and they beat maryland for the title. lots of loyolla green in foxboro massachusetts. first time the greyhounds earn a spot in the title game in 22 years. the dogs can bite, but maryland took the lead early. cooper took the net. maryland 8-2 at the time but they're time with the lead was brief. terps didn't score again.
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they were shut out for the final 32 minutes of the game. here's mike stoyer scoring the go ahead goal. assisting chris lane. the rest the count down to the celebration of the championship. senior the lesbie is named the most outstanding player of the tournament. >> prove to everybody that we're a top contender. so it's just been unreal this whole year: words can't describe what happened for the team and everybody. >> it's a special group of guys. it's a special time for me this year. you can coach all your life to have a team like this. special day for loyolla. >> loyolla brings home that championship with the record of 18-1. the best they've ever had. it's the first division title for that school in any support. i'm sure we'll be hearing in the coming days if not tomorrow a party in the wo,,,,,,
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a dog's four little legs carried him to the mountains of tibet. this little dog started following a caravan. the canine's travels became an internet sensation. by the way the dog outlasted all but three bikers. one of them i hope took him home so he's not stray anymore. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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