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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this particularly uncommon case. >> reporter: dangerous and deadly, heroin is the drug of choice for hundreds of abusers in baltimore. research obtained by wjz shows overdoses have claimed more than 1,000 lives in the city in the past decade. but the medical examiner's office says it is extremely rare to classify those overdose deaths as homicides. with the hidden nature of abuse, the proof simply isn't there, making the death of a 24- year-old at a home in northeast baltimore, significant. according to published reports, police say a friend of the victim injected her with heroin, leaving the overdose, and the almost unheard of designation of death as a homicide. >> behind every overdose death is a really complicated story. >> reporter: greg warren is president of baltimore substance abuse systems. an organization that has conducted exhaustive research. >> heroin has been the most significant driver of overdose deaths in our city for well over a decade. >> reporter: still, he points
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out a dramatic decline in those deaths from 243 in 2000, down to 87 in 2009, the most recent year researched. >> i've seen people with lives utterly devastated. >> reporter: heroin continues to grip baltimore. many times the drug is smuggled in from africa. earlier this year, they admitted to being part of a major ring. and there are personal stories like the heroin addiction that ruined the life of former police commissioner leonard hamm's stepdaughter, who was murdered after this interview on wjz. >> it's not even about taking one day at a time. it's taking one second at a time. >> reporter: most of baltimore's heroin overdoses are simply classified as undetermined. >> and the medical examiner told us that if someone injects someone else with a drug that kills them, that is nothing short of homicide. reporting in west baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> again, no charges have been filed in that overdose case in
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northeast baltimore, ruled a homicide. >> we're following breaking news from harford county, where police are investigating a missing persons case. adam is live in the newsroom with more on this. adam? >> reporter: right now, sky eye chopper 13 is live over joppatowne. this is in harford county. we have been monitoring the chopper here for a while. you can see that there is a lot of crime scene tape here in the neighborhood. also, a couple of police cars blogged off entrances to the neighborhoods. police are not saying what they may have found. it's possible they're collecting some kind of evidence here or doing interviews, related to a missing persons case. they say it is related to a missing man over the weekend. his name is cujo bon salvo, eggy. a 37-year-old black male who lived in this neighborhood, that apparently was in some jogging. police have been searching for him ever since. you can see here that officers are talking to neighbors here now. we're still waiting to get more
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information from harford county sheriff's detectives. that's the latest. >> we'll continue to follow it and bring you more details as we get them. also, police are investigating a horrible accident on i-95. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene. you can see a large truck, tractor-trailer on top of a car, in the northbound lanes near the fallston exit. the accident blocked several lanes this afternoon, causing traffic delays. a 6-month-old baby dies in a severe case of child abuse. now, police say her father could face more serious charges. wjz is live at police headquarters. weijia jiang has more. >> when that baby girl was still fighting for her life, her father was charged with trying to kill her. but now that she's lost the battle, police say he'll be charged with murder. >> reporter: a frantic 911 call brought police to the 1600 block of east cold spring lane. >> there are about four police cars. just outside my house. >> reporter: where a 6-year-old baby girl stopped breathing. her father, 34-year-old damante
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palmer made the call, after he told police he violently shook the infant named olivia. he had been in the hospital but died from several injuries. burns on her face and neck, a broken rib and bruises on her arm. >> it makes me feel that the way he shook and killed a baby down the street, like what's going on? >> reporter: police say palmer confessed to shaking the baby because she wouldn't stop crying. doctors say this sort of behavior happens a lot more than people may think. >> it's just really scary for us for us as a culture to face up to the fact that we do this to our own children. >> reporter: dr. melissa sparrow says in baltimore, it happens at least once a week. >> reporter: across the country, hundreds of babies die every year, after they're shaken. researchers used dolls to warn parents of other effects like blindness and retardation. >> do not think that just by shaking the baby a little bit, and you think the baby is going to fall asleep, what you're doing is brain damage. >> reporter: sparrows says the
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majority of shakers are males. though the man who lives next door to palmer can't make sense of it. >> that's what babies do. they cry. a baby cries when its happy. that's a baby. that's what's disheartening. >> reporter: palmer is being held without bail. reporting live at police headquarters, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> weijia, thank you. olivia is the fifth juvenile killed in baltimore this year. the third case in which the child's father has been charged. fresh concerns about beryl tonight, as the system could pick up strength. the storm is slamming the carolinas with heavy rain. and beryl may intensify, as it swirls in the atlantic. that same system is also bringing in showers to some parts of maryland today. and the potential for strong rip currents at maryland beaches. wjz is live with first warning weather. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are tracking the system on live doppler radar. let's start with bob. >> take a look at radar.
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very clear picture. norfolk down to nags head. that's where the heaviest activity is. it's reaching just to about southern portions of the eastern shore of virginia there. akimack county, right offshore from ocean city. that's where the heaviest rain band is. and it continues to head off to the north and northeast. this storm will continue to exit the east coast. thank goodness. take a look at the track. in fract, it's picking up a lot of speed now. by tomorrow afternoon, it will be way out in the atlantic. and eventually, it will become an extra tropical storm. but it did create quite a bit of rain today. some areas picking up 4 to 5 inches of rain and wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. now, bernadette is in the outback. bernadette has a look at the rainfall we had and changes in the temperatures. >> that's right. the front directing beryl out to sea is account directing our rain. the farther west you went, an inch in columbia, sparks.
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also westminster, about an inch. but the one that really stands out, bwi marshall. just 12/100ths. but the thing is, that's officially where records are kept. that's going to factor into our rainfall for the day. temperature-wise, front going through. we are starting to cool it down. 82 degrees in baltimore. still above average. but compared to yesterday at this time, we're about 10 to 15 degrees cooler for most of us. also, we're starting to dry it out. the dew points are coming down. we've got a beautiful day in store for tomorrow. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> thank you, bernadette. $1 million. that's the punishment from a federal judge, against the man behind the controversial 2010 election night robocalls. wjz is live. derek valcourt explains, this is the result of a federal lawsuit, filed by the attorney general. derek? >> well, earlier this month, a baltimore jury convicted julius henson on one of the four criminal charges against him, related to those robocalls. and now, comes this massich judgment
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against him in the civil case. >> reporter: a federal judge ordered political consultant julius henson pay $1 million for writing a call that suggested registered democrats need not vote because o'malley was ahead. >> i think the ma'am is clear that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated in the state of maryland. >> reporter: gansler said and the judge agreed that it violated the act, because it never required the disclosure. henson's employee, rhonda russell, who recorded the robocall, was also fined $10,000 in addition to the penalties against henson. >> a million dollars. what do you make of that? >> wow. basically, that is unpres dented in this country. >> reporter: henson maintains the law he's charged with violates free speech and
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insists all along, his prosecution has been politically motivated, designed to put him out of business. >> no trial. no evidence. nothing. and you come with a salacious amount of money. a million dollars for a phone call. and it's -- on the face of it is ridiculous. >> as the political consultant gets hit with a $1 million college, conduct supressing voter turnout. the next person is going to think long and hard before they do something like this again. >> henson promises to take his appeals all the way to the sproard if necessary. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. henson faces sentencing in his criminal case, june 13th. it is the 8th day of deliberations in the john edwards corruption trial. the north carolina jury will work extra time today and tomorrow, unless they can reach a verdict in the complicated case. edwards is accused of using --
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using campaign funds funds to hide his mistress. for the first time, we are hearing an apology from the gers student convicted of spying on his roommate. dharun raffy. he walked -- >> reporter: he walked into a new jersey courthouse. he is expected to start a 30- day jail sentence. ravi said yes, as his lawyer and the judge made sure he understood the consequences. the former rutgers student is giving up his right to remain free, while the case is appealed. he could be punished twice for the same crime if prosecutors succeed. ra vi was convicted. using a web cam to spy on his gay roommate, tyler clementi, who later committed suicide. prosecutors want ravi to spend longer time in state prison,
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rather than jail. >> state prison that has people convicted of offenses such as murder, armed robbery and rape. >> reporter: ravi's lawyer says once the 20-year-old gets out of jail, he'll begin his community service. during sentencing, the judge ordered him to complete 300 hours. >> reporter: ravi issued his first apology wednesday, calling his actions thoughtless, insensitive, immature. he and his lawyers are moving forward with an appeal of their own, arguing that he is innocent. ines ferre, wjz eyewitness news. >> in most cases, new jersey county jail inmates with 30-day sentences automatically have them reduced by 10 days for good behavior. the country's largest free arts festival is coming back to baltimore this summer with big performance on the schedule. it features shows, along with
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the grammy award winning brass band. it usually attacks 350,000 visitors to the area. mount worrell avenue in charles street. and still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. the ravens at the practice field with a new coach in charge of the defense. the update on the team's off season progress. at one time, it was the world's largest film producer. now, it is a dying economic area. i'm adam may, with plans to turn around sparrows point. that's coming up. i'm ron matz, in aberdeen. gourmet food coming to ripken stadium. the story coming up here on wjz. when will our weather clear up? don't miss the updated firstwarning weather forecast with bob. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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82 categories -- degrees. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. mitt romney has a look at presidency. he now has enough delegates to claim his party's nomination at the gop convention in august. susan mcginniss has tonight's 2012 report from washington. >> reporter: mitt romney campaigned in the swing state of nevada. while they handed him enough delegates to become the gop nominee. they added, we will settle for nothing less than getting america back on the path to full employment and prosperity. the former massachusetts governor will now spend the summer before the republican convention, raising money and trying to convince voters president obama doesn't deserve a second term. >> we need to have presidents who understand how this economy works, day to day, small business, middle-sized business, big business, i do, i
5:17 pm
want to use that experience to get us to work again. >> reporter: but romney is also dealing with controversy. real estate tycoon donald trump keeps questioning president obama's birth certificate, even though most people accept the president was born in hawaii. >> reporter: the president's supporters put out an internet video, critdzicizing -- criticizing romney for not dedistancing himself from trump. >> i have read about him. >> >> he's an arab. >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. >> reporter: and it says romney lacks the backbone to stand up to trump because, quote, he is so concerned about lining his campaign pockets. >> president obama has no campaign events scheduled for today. stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the candidates and the issues. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control.
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>> hi, kai. hi, everyone. let's give you an update on the situation on northbound 95. earlier, around 1:00 p.m., we did have an accident, involving a tractor-trailer and two cars. as you can see, one of them is pinned underneath a tractor- trailer. no word on the people involved. the delay was backed up one hour to the 895 split. as of this point, the all lanes have been reopened. and only a slight delay, as you make your way towards route 24. as far as the rest of the region goes, we're still looking at a good 30-minute delay on the inner loop from reisterstown road. traffic only moving at about 30 miles an hour. the west side inner loop, solid delay there. and plenty of accidents, southbound 25, at baltimore national pike. church lane at benbrook. east 33rd at old york. garrison boulevard. at windsor. also, wilkens at south katherine. you can see a little better. slow at 95. approaching the exit for emerton road, where the accident occurred earlier
5:19 pm
today, at 1:00 p.m. and there's a look at the delay on the inner loop there, around park heights avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by accord restoration. if your property has been damaged. trust the restoration experts at accord, by visiting the website, accord back to you. the anniversary of d-day is just days away. and a local veteran is headed to frabs -- france, where he will be honored for his bravery. and for being part of one of the most famous units to serve in world war ii. >> the soldier sitting in the middle of this photo, had stories to tell, nearly 70 years later. it is an honor to listen to world war ii veteran, jack roamer, sitting on his porch. >> our job was to blow up all the bridges. >> reporter: he was part of the filthy 13. it inspired the movie, "the dirty dozen. the filthy 13 got its name for its ban on bathing.
5:20 pm
but they became one of the fiercest fighting units. and jack womergot a medal. >> that's what you have to do. >> reporter: in days, womerwill be in france, for book signings as he is honored by the french government for his service during world war ii. womersays he is going with mixed emotions. >> there's a hell of a lot of sad stories over there. we lost a lot of men over there. >> i think there are people over there that realized, oh, my gosh, the people that made this happen are dying off, like that. and it's become more and more important to them, because there's less and less people like my father to honor. >> reporter: womer, who is days away from his 95th birthday, leaves for france tomorrow. he and his daughter will spend two weeks in the country, visiting war sites and meeting people who want to thank him.
5:21 pm
>> first, we salute him. and boy, he looks phenomenal. >> he's 94. >> he looks great. >> god bless him. absolutely. >> wish him the best. let's take a look at weather. things are improving tremendously around here. 82. dew points down to 60. humidity 47%. light north wind. barometer holding steady. we'll come back and take a look at a beautiful thursday after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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much, much dryer. >> tomorrow is going to be a really spectacular day. nice temperatures and low humidity. a lot of sunshine. take a quick look at radar. the last of the showers just left ocean city. they've moved offshore. that's the local radar from dover site down there. and you see the activity continues to hit out of the east, with that front and with what is left of beryl. the rain shear from beryl. that heavier stuff right through there that is also moving off quickly to the east. we've pretty much cleared that. and that's good, good news. we did pick up decent rain. some spots go over an inch,
5:25 pm
inch and a quarter north of the city. 82 here. 83 in washington. ocean city, the rain just ended. they're only at 69. but they have very light winds. 70 in oakland. 84 with sunshine in cumberland. pretty much all day long. 82 up in hagerstown. locally, even westminster with sunshine up to 84. so we had a little sun. temperatures really jumped. 78. kent island, rock hall. 77 annapolis, 78. some clouds this afternoon. but they've now just crossed the bay, as it continues to clear out. very light winds later tonight. they go more to the west/northwest. they'll continue to bring in dry air. tomorrow will be a very, very pleasant day. sun will be out. so tomorrow's sun is going to be very, very hot in the sun. very much like really early july kind of sun. to the south of us, this spin here. that's what beryl is, moving off to the east, taking the rain with it. the front on the east coast, also integrating with that moisture.
5:26 pm
particularly in the carolina area. moving off and it takes clouds and rain with it. boom, clear skies. now, tomorrow afternoon. sunshine, pretty much all day long. but friday, another system coming in from the midwest. going to head out to our west. it will drag a front through the region. and a cold front, friday afternoon, and friday night. night. good chance of heavy thunderstorm activity. could be really heavy rain and severe weather possible friday afternoon. but should get out of here late friday night, early saturday. and things should clear up just in time for the weekend. on the bay tomorrow, northwest winds, 10 to 15. bay temp has jumped into the mid-70s. getting pretty nice. tonight, then, it's clear. upper 50s, suburban areas. mid-60s in the city. comfortable sleeping. tomorrow, sunshine. a little breezy at times. we'll take it 80 to 84 degrees tomorrow afternoon. very nice day. >> sounds perfect, bob. thank you. still ahead at 5:00. an incredible rescue, after italy's earthquake. how a woman survived 12 hours, buried underneath her home.
5:27 pm
new outrage. how the u.s. is looking to stop the growing crisis. a new cataract laser that should make it easier on the patient. join me during one of these operations when we return. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a . it's almost 5:30. 82 degrees and sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. hundreds of acres of waterfront
5:30 pm
land sit idle baltimore county. now, we'll look at new ways to redevelop sparrows point. the plan could create a lot of jobs. >> reporter: thousands of people used to work in the steel mills and shipyards at sparrows point. >> everybody thought they had a perfect job here. but it went bankrupt on us. >> reporter: one of the last factories, rg steel, is the latest to go idle. almost 2,000 workers could be laid off, starting june 4th. >> we are in a limbo stage. we don't know how long it will be. >> reporter: now, volunteers from the government and steel and shipping industries are planning for the future. >> if rg steel makes the decision they're not going to continue in the area, then we're certainly going to work closely with rg steel to find an owner there who can make a go out of it. >> reporter: the group will look at numerous redevelopment ideas for sparrows point and the surrounding area. one could include expanding the port of baltimore, to expand ships to the panama canal.
5:31 pm
>> it already has a deep channel port. it already offers a lot of excess land. it's already industrially zoned. >> reporter: super sized cranes are already on order for the port, making baltimore one of the two elite places for the coast, that can handle one of the mega ships from panama. and that redevelopment should be complete by 2013. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the commission will also look at environmental and infrastructure improvements. >> reporter: an update to the breaking news from chicago. wjz is first to tell you about at 4:00. crews are inspecting the damage to an american eagle jet, after it hit a cargo plane on the runway at o'hare airport. it had just arrived when it clipped the tail of the american eagle plane, arriving from missouri. there were 18 passengers, three crew members on board. nobody was injured. the former penn state coach jerry san dusk seset to go on -- san disurvegy is set to go
5:32 pm
on trial. >> they are asking the judge to keep their names private. the men say they are concerned about the psychological impact of revealing their identities. sandusky is, of course, accused of sexually abusing 10 boys between 1994 and 2008. he allegedly used his role at a charity for at-risk youth to meet his victims. sandusky's lawyer asked for a delay in the trial. but today, the judge rejected that request. jury selection is scheduled to begin next tuesday. mary? >> denise, thank you. the judge also said opening statements would not begin before june 11th. international outrage continues to grow with the violence in syria. today, u.n. officials find more bodies shot execution style. danielle nottingham reports for wjz, they're blaming the syrian government. >> reporter: syrians gathered in the street to bury another victim of the violence. now spinning out of control. wednesday, united nations
5:33 pm
observers discovered 13 more bodies, apparently shot execution style. that follows the massacre of more than 100 people in houla last week. u.n. investigators say the syrian government is responsible. the security council met wednesday to talk about what action to take against syrian president bashir alasad. >> the syrian government has made commitments. it's blatantly violated those commitments. and i think it's quite clear, as we said for many weeks, if they continue to do so, there should be consequences. >> reporter: white house officials say although options against syria are on the table, for now, they are increasing the diplomatic pressure on the assad regime. >> reporter: the treasury department is putting new sanctions on a key syrian bank. and here at the syrian embassy, diplomats have been given 72 hours to leave the u.s. >> reporter: several u.s. allies have also expelled diplomats from their countries. hundreds of u.n. monitors are
5:34 pm
trying to salvage a cease-fire between president assad's forces and opposition fighters. >> after 15 months of violence, only very strong signals will have an impact. >> reporter: the syrian government denies any involvement in the houla massacre, saying armed terrorists were behind the killing. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> so far, security councilmembers, russia and china, have rejected tough action against syria. >> reporter: police in canada's capital are investigating after a human foot is mailed to a political party office. the package arrived in ottawa, at the headquarters of the conservative parties of canada. it was not addressed to a specific person. the coroner's office confirms it is a human foot. police are trying to find out who it belongs to and why it was sent. in italy, a woman is pulled arrive from her crumbled house, a day after her house is hit. the government has started
5:35 pm
efforts to rebuild, even as experts warn, more tremors may hit. >> reporter: rescue workers removed the bodies of the last earthquake victims from a factory in the town of medole a. a woman was pulled out alive tuesday night, after spending 12 hours underneath the ruins of her house. the 5.8 quake hit northern italy, injuring 350 and leaving 14,000 homeless. tent cities are cropping up throughout the area. in craval coree, 100 people spent the night on the train brought in from rome. this mother says her family may never be able to return to their home. >> it's a tragedy, she says, the house is moving all over the place. and we're being thrown from side to side. >> reporter: her daughter says they don't know what to do next. >> they told us that the schools also crumbled, she says. we can't go back to our schools. >> reporter: expermits say cluster quakes are hitting the
5:36 pm
region and could continue for a long time. they're telling terrified victims that stronger tremors could be on the way. >> reporter: residents lined up, so firemen could escort them back to their homes. >> reporter: alesand ra collected clothes, medicine and her cash. >> i'm anguished, she said. i'm speechless and terrorized. this is the second deadliest quake to hilt italy in two weeks. both dealt a blow to the country's struggling economy. in italy, anna metraininga, wjz -- anna tretranga, wjz eyewitness news. a record-setting wildfire is burning out of control in new mexico. more than 175,000 acres are burning in the gilla national forest, making it the largest wildfire in the state's history. smoke from the fire can be seen
5:37 pm
from as far away as denver. the fda has a warning for people who buy adderall online. it could be fake. a counterfake version of the 30- milligram tablets are being sold with the wrong ingredients. the fake pills contain milder ingredients. adderall is currently in short supply, making it an easy -- target for fake online sales. in today's healthwatch, an eye surgeon becomes one of the first to perform cataract surgery. mike schuh reports, the doctor has invested over a million dollars. >> for the second time, joyce savage is being wheeled into cataract surgery. the results after her first procedure amazed her. >> i woke up and i could see the clock across the room. and i could read it. and i hadn't bye-bye able to do
5:38 pm
that since i was a child. >> reporter: she didn't opt for traditional surgery, where a surgeon uses tiny knives. that machine next to her is a laser. it does the cutting. a million-dollar machine. >> yes. same thing in both eyes. >> reporter: surgeons are understandably proud of their knife skills. so listen to this. >> i've been operating for 12 years. i think i have great hands. but the laser is better. >> reporter: see the flashing purple bar? you're looking at a graphic representing when the laser making cuts in joy's eye. the doctor said it is more precise, making the eye suffer less trauma. >> everything is great. when i saw the technology, i fell off of my chair. it was that precise and that much better. that's why i had to have that technology. >> insurance doesn't cover the extra cost, averaging $1,000 per eye. >> you're paying for a precision. and paying for better technology to offer safer
5:39 pm
procedure as well. >> reporter: for joy, traditional surgery would be covered mostly by insurance. a photographer, she gladly took out a loan to have the laser correct her eyes. >> i talked it over with my family. and i wanted the best. >> reporter: near towson, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> besides having his own pras in towson and howard county. dr. leborrowit teaches cataract surgery. baltimore could apparently use fashion sense. earning the title of third worst-dressed city in the country. baltimore hipsters who go dumpster diving for their clothes put the city high on their list. as well as those who have the bee hives and cat eye glasses. but the title of the worst- dressed city in america goes to anchorage, alaska. time nufor -- now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. muslim and jewish concerns over
5:40 pm
an opening mosque. experts talk about how to relax your vacation. and coverage of the soccer friendly in d.c., between the united states and brazil. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. well, the aberdeen iron birds open their new season next month. and fans will have something delicious, gourmet food to enjoy at ripken stadium. ron matz reports, the ripken brothers are now in the food business. i was going to eat that. don't be putting mustard on that. >> reporter: cal and billy are behind the wheel. the ripken experience now includes gourmet food, at ripken stadium in aberdeen. >> we are responsible for the experience, all the way around in a minor league team and also the kids menu. and we wanted to control the whole experience. and food is a big part of the experience. >> reporter: can you enjoy steamed crabs and other seafood from conrads. there are ribs and popular from the charred rib.
5:41 pm
>> ribs that just fall off the bone. good old-fashioned fried onion loaf. that's good, clean living there. >> the ripken gourmet is now being sold. each box includes four six- ounce burgers. >> we started serving at the world series last year. it was received really well. so naturally, it was to take the next step in the stadium venue. >> of course, it's all about hot dogs, too and the family experience. and the 6,000 fans who fill this stadium for every home game. >> it's much easier to let your kids run free, and try different things. because anywhere you're sitting, you coo see them. and i think that's an important thing. >> so pass the shrimp salad and bread pudding, it's time to party in ashdean. ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> ron, thank you. the iron birds open a home
5:42 pm
season june 30th, against the hudson valley renegades. >> all right. >> ron, let'sing his burger. still ahead on eyewitness news. scary security breach. the explanation, after a homeless man sneaks onto a plane without a ticket. i'm alex demetrick, coming up, they eat their young. and it's a good thing they do. that story as eyewitness news continues. bob turk. the first warning weather center. perfect day, coming our way. tomorrow. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and here's's today's report from wall street. ,,,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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eating them before they eat the trees. that is the strategy to slow down the emerald ash borer beetle. because it is native to asia, asian predators are being released in maryland. >> reporter: this is no ordinary walk in the woods in prince george's county, it's a mission to test a biological weapon, against a foreign invader. the emerald ash borer beetle, which is chewing its way
5:46 pm
through maryland. >> we look for a concentration of ash borer beetles here. >> reporter: that day is a tiny wasp which lays its own eggs inside the ash borer, who is young, then devours the ash beetles. >> everything is released that is foreign, needs to go through rigorous testing and make sure it's not going to have a negative impact on the native species. >> reporter: years of research say it's a reduction. these are ash borer airgs, about to -- eggs, about to hatch the wasp's young, which won't be much larger. paper holding the eggs goes on to an affected ash tree. when the wasps hatch, they'll sniff out more eggs. >> i think it is the odor from the airgs. >> eggs that hatch beetles produce larva that destroys the
5:47 pm
tree. >> totally infested. >> there is no proof this will work. but no reason not to try. >> we are really fighting. we think that these will slow it down enough until we can find a cool that works much better. but it's a very persistent insect. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> if the spread of the emerald ash borer is not slowed down, maryland's department of agriculture could see 70 million in lost trees. outside now, the sun is peeking through the clouds. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk show us what to expect tomorrow and the next few days. bernadette? >> well, with this moving now, we're going to continue that clearing for the eastern shore. tonight and tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. temperatures starting out a little cooler than they have been lately. closercloser to 60 degrees. but as we head through the afternoon, we're topping out in the mid-80s. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. take a look at the five-day forecast. best chance of showers next time will be friday afternoon, friday night. tomorrow, looks like a perfect
5:48 pm
day. sunny, dry, low 80s. upper 50s to low 60s for sleeping weather. chance of showers and storms, friday afternoon, or friday night. clearing up early saturday. and then sunshine returns, 77. 78 on sunday. and only in the mid-70s monday. so definitely a cooling trend, compared to what we saw earlier this week. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. today's energy saver focuses on dealing with summer heat. an attic ventilating system draws cooler air through the house. it also pumps in cool air during summer evenings and can lower energy costs. for more information on how you can be an energy saver, go to scroll down the right-hand side of the page and click on our special section. strong storms slam oklahoma city, dropping hail the size of baseballs. >> you can hear the hail falling in this video.
5:49 pm
the powerful storm injured two people and shattered windows. nearly 100,000 lost power. a homeless man on parole is under arrest after again sneaking onto a plane. police say he went intoab emergency door without a ticket. during count, flight attendants noticed there was an extra person. police say the man the be charged with two counts of trespassing. a dog is back home after getting lost in the chicago river. 5-year-old tank, a 10-pound pomeranian, slipped off the back of his owner's small boat. he was lost for several hours, until a woman spotted him in a nearby park. now, the woman saw media reports with the picture of tank and contacted his owners. tank was reunited with his family and is happy to be back home. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for these stories and more coming up. denise is standing by with a preview. >> hi, kai. crime spree.
5:50 pm
a string of burglaries in one night. what the suspects got away with. towing scandal. another city police officer, sentenced to hard time in federal prison for his role in the scheme. check in for these stories. we'll have all of the breaking news coming up at 6:00. but for now, back to mary and kai. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. the ravens return to the practice field for more off season workouts. there is a new coach in charge of the team's legendary defense. >> mark has the latest coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
the ravens are busy with practice. sports director mark viviano joins us with an update. >> reporter: many of these practices in may and june are voluntary. and a lot of the top players choose not to participate. but several players and coaches are on the field, seizing an opportunity to get up to speed prior to training camp, in late july. and the biggest change of the coaching staff is that dean piece takes over as the defensive coordinator. he replaces chuck pagano who
5:54 pm
left the ravens to become head of the indianapolis colts. he was defensive coordinator of the new england patriots before he came to baltimore. now, here, he knows he inherits a defensive team that has proven to be powerful, year after year. >> we saa system -- a system here, a system in place, it has been proven and works. i'm not going to try to change that system. will i put my personal touch on it? yeah, i probably will, even without knowing it. it's going to be some of the same calls. >> and on offense, joe flacco is having his most consistent off season in his career. the ravens will have one more workout in owings mills tomorrow. then they'll break to reconvene next week. more on the ravens coming up next hour. and we'll check in with the orioles who are trying to snap a four-game losing streak, when
5:55 pm
they play in toronto tonight. but they'll be playing without nick markakis. he's hurt. i'll have an update on his status, coming up at 6:00. a wisconsin man is arrested in an unusual drunk driving case. police say the man took a tipsy lawn mower ride around town. an officer tries to pull him over. but the man just motions for him to go around. he timely pulls over in that parking lot we just saw him in. but instead of putting it in drive, he drives forward, hitting the curb. the 69-year-old was arrested. now facing his fourth drunk driving charge. still ahead on eyewitness news. >> reporter: heroin and homicide. i'm mike hellgren in baltimore. when does an overdose rise to the level of murder? a closer look straight ahead. ,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
5:56 pm
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coming up at 6:00. rare case. a woman dies of a drug overdose. now it's being classified as murder. a huge heroin case in baltimore. baby murdered. i'm weijia jiang, in east baltimore, where a man is accused of killing his child in a stunning way. and you won't believe the motive. that story next. wow. paying a price. the man behind the 2010 election night robocall scandals speaks exclusively with wjz about his civil punishment. what he has to say, coming up on eyewitness news. calm and cooler wednesday. what's in store for the
5:59 pm
weekend? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. election day scandal. thousands of illegal robocalls to maryland voters. >> tonight, a million-dollar fine. and reaction from the man ordered to pay it. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. and i'm mary bubala, in for vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> $1 million. that is the punishment from the federal judge against the man behind the controversial 2010 election night robocalls. de


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