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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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million dollar mistake, a federal judge comes down hard on the man behind the robo calls. hello everybody i'm denise koch and here's what people are talking about. the ehrlich campaign consultant say it is million dollars judgment against him is just plain unfair. he. >> reporter: a federal judge ordered political consultant julius henson to pay $1 million
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for writing and sending election night robocalls that suggest voters need not vote because o'malley was winning. >> what kind of message does this send? >> i think the message is clear that this type of behavior will not be allowed in maryland. >> reporter: the telephone calls violated the consumer act because they did not contain the legally required disclosure that the calls were coming from republican erlich. in addition to the penalties against henson, $1 million was placed. >> what do you make of that? >> that is unprecedented in this country. >> reporter: henson maintains the law he's charged with violates free speech. >> no trial, no evidence,
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nothing. and you come with $1 million per phone call. it's ridiculous. >> it's the first time someone gets hit with a 1 million call to suppress voter turn out, the next person is going to think long and hard before they do anything like this. >> reporter: derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> henson faces sentencing june 13th. traffic is finally moving after a terrible crash. that car was crushed by a tractor trailer this afternoon. rescuers flew the victims to the hospital. spying in the bathroom stall. city police say they have caught a peeping tom who was frightening women. officers arrested david night. he is accused of using a cell
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phone to take a picture of a 15- year-old girl using the bathroom. several calls from women who called knight creepy and this surveillance video helped catch knight. wjz was first on the scene, megan mccorkel is live with new evidence. >> reporter: police served a search warrant this morning. inside they made a gruesome find. disturbing discovery, parts of a human body found at this home along terrapin county. >> very terrifying. >> reporter: police came to search the house where cody lived. the 37-year-old vanished without a trace from his home last friday. it was here the detectives found a horrifying scene. >> they were able to locate evidence of a crime to include
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human remains. >> reporter: more evidence discovered just blocks away. police say they also found body parts inside a dumpster here on church property along tremble road. >> it's very sad. makes me want to pray for the family members of the person who is deceased. >> reporter: members of town baptist church arrived to find church services cancelled for the night as detectives searched through the church dumpster searching for evidence. >> it's what you see on true tv. they are crimes on true tv, you just don't expect to see it in your own backyard. >> reporter: police say a suspect is in custody charged with first degree murder but neighbors nerves are still frayed. >> my heart kind of dropped. so this is like shocking to me. >> reporter: a shock that a horrifying crime happened just a few doors down. >> reporter: and police have just released the identity of that suspect. he is 21-year-old alexander kenyuar. he has the same listed address
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as that missing man. reporting live, megan mccorkel. thank you, megan. the medical examiner will have to examine the body of the man. but they believe it will match that of the missing man. the majority of the burglaries are in shopping centers. police want anyone with information to call with tipless. hundreds of acres of waterfront land sit idle in baltimore county as steel mill workers are forced to hang up their hats. now a task force is looking for ways to better develop steel mill point. >> reporter: thousands of people used to work in the steel mills and shipyards at
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sparrows points. >> everybody thought they had a secure job, but it went idle on them. >> we're in a limbo state. we don't know how long, how long it'll be. >> reporter: now volunteers from government and the steel and shipping industries are planning for the future. >> still make it is decision that they're not going to continue in the area. then we're certainly going to work closely with rg steel to find, find an owner there who can make a go out of it. >> reporter: the group will look at numerous redevelopments. one could include expanding the port of baltimore to attract ships from the panama canal after its enlarged in 2014. >> it already has a deep channel port. it already officers a lot of excess land. it's already industrially zoned. >> reporter: super sized cranes are already in order for the port. which is one of the few ports that can handle mega ships.
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that renovation should be complete by 2014. adam may, wjz. well it's going to cost more to attend the maryland university after the board of regents approves a tuition hike. all state schools are hiking tuition 2%. that means students will pay $250 more a year. this is the third year in a row the regents has raised instate tuition by 3%. it's a new york times best seller book but you won't find 50 shades of grey in some maryland libraries. the book series is causing controversy with its graphic sexual content. wjz is live at the pratt library and kai jackson explains why some are outraged by what they're calling censorship. >> reporter: librarians say it's the most popular book in
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the country. some call it -- >> mommy porn. >> reporter: a sexual obsession between a college student and a businessman. >> i can't put it down, it's very entrancing. >> reporter: the novels have raised eyebrows of some who think they are too racy. >> the book is relatively pornographic. >> reporter: more than 1,100 people on a waiting list to read them. fredrick county doesn't have it on the shelves because of the budget. >> i think a place like harper county, they have the right to not carry some of those items. >> reporter: some say banning the woods equates to censorship. >> this equates to tell people what they want to read stands against what we stand for. both fredrick and stanford county offers the book. >> el james has sold 10 million copies of her books.
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it's hard to watch baseball with empty hands and an empty stomach. the reply brothers want you to know that you can hold more than a hot dog if you head to aberdeen. crab cake, steamed crabs, wings, make your own burrito and the burger. and you can watch the orioles play ball if that's what you came for. >> every year we give power to one person. >> the issue that caused that politician to go on a wild rant. baltimore bashed by the national media, the national faux pas that makes charm city one of the worse dressed in the country. baby murdered.
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i'm weijia jiang in south baltimore. the charges against the child's father. i'm bob turk, i'll have your first warning weather when we return. ,,,,,,
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to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida. book all of our destinations online only at it is clear and 70 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. tropical depression beryl leaves it's mark on the
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carolina coast. in north carolina beryl spun off a tornado that destroyed three homes and damaged dozens of others. the system dropped over 8- inches of rain before moving out to sea. two planes are damaged at chicago's o'hare airport after they collide on the ground. the wing clipped the tail of another plane as they were taking off. one passenger said the plane veered about 10 feet when it was hit. no word on the circumstances that led to the collision. the search for a gunman involved in two shootings in seattle ends with him apparently shooting himself. police say this surveillance photo shows a bearded man shooting a gun after he killed two people in the cafe. he apparently killed a woman in a carjacking. he was found not far from the vehicle and is currently listed in critical condition. a 6 -month-old baby is shaken to death in a case of
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child abuse. police arrested the girl's father, he will now be charged with murder. weijia jiang reports. >> reporter: a frankic 911 call brought police out to the home where a 6 -month-old baby girl stopped breathing. her father 34-year-old demonte palmer made the call after he told police he violently shook the infant named olivia. she had been in the hospital since last week but has died from several injuries. burned from her face and neck. a broken rib and bruises on her arm. >> that makes me sick that he shook a baby and killed her down the street. what's going on. >> reporter: he shook the baby because the baby was crying. >> it's our own culture for us to not talk about that we do
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this to our own children. across the country hundreds of babies every year after they're shaken. >> do not think that just by shaking the baby a little bit and you think the baby is going to fall asleep. what you're doing is brain damage. >> reporter: the majority of shakers are males. though the men who live next door to palmer can't make sense of it. >> that's what babies do, they cry. you feed a baby it cries, the baby cries when it's happy. it's a baby. for god's sakes, that's just disheartening. >> weijia jiang, wjz news. now olivia is the fifth juvenile killed in baltimore this year. the third case in which the baby's father has been charged. the illinois state legislator, watch as one lawmakers goes into a paper throwing frenzy. >> total power in one person's
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hands. not the american way. these dam bills in congress, all the dam time. come out here -- >> representative mike bosel was upset over a pension reform bill. he screamed at his colleagues that they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the house speaker to push the bill through. often athletic stars are called heros for what they do on the field, but this baseball player is hailed a hero because of something he did outside of the field. a man was choking and he helped the man. that's why we should all know cpr, myself included. >> i think it was just the right time. thankful for getting it out and being a friend to a guy that you have never known. that's what life is about. >> reporter: fraizer had two hits in the next game and the
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reds beat the pirates. his good deed carried some good karma on the field. we're in need of a style make over. travel and leisure named us the worse dressed. the love of the casual look doesn't help. the rankings came from comments by tourists. >> what do they know? >> tourists? >> that is objectable. i object your honor. >> you can object all you want it's still in the magazine. >> we did make the 10 best cases for college graduates too. >> better to have jobs than nice clothes. >> so don't dress so well, so what. they can't afford it. 70degrees now, no wind at all
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right now. a really nice 68 degrees in oakland. 67 cumberland. 66easton and ocean city. it's going to be a beautiful night and beautiful day tomorrow. upper 60s to the low 70s. still a little bit residual heat from the last couple of days. very light winds. overnight tonight and tomorrow the winds pick up a little more coming out of the north- northwest that will allow drier air to come in. tomorrow night, if it stays clear it's going to be back in the mid-50s once again. rain from today, this morning on the eastern shore. finally moved offshore with the remnants of beryl which is now way off the atlantic and continues pull away all the clouds and rain as you can see. around the region, clear skies looks like most of the day tomorrow. tomorrow night a system developing to the south will start bringing some clouds to the west of the area. by friday that same system is going to develop a front and that front is going to go through the area. friday afternoon probably late and friday night.
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with that a good chance as that warm humid air overrides the cooler air in our region. good chance of showers, embedded thunderstorms, could be some heavy rain friday after dinner. friday night into early saturday. before we think it'll all clear out of here. there could be some strong storms in some areas. gusty winds even some small hail is possible on friday night. now the winds in the bay tomorrow, they're really picking up but out of the northwest, that will allow nice air to come in at 10 to 15 knots. bay temps in the mid-70s. 8:26, these are getting to be the longest days of the year. 58 to the low 60s. sunshine, pleasant, low humidity 82 tomorrow it's going to feel more like 77. it's going to be really nice. five day forecast. there's the risk of showers and thunderstorms on friday. as i said they could be some strong to even some severe
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storms in portions of our region. 77, 60, clearing out, friday 77, 69. saturday should be okay. particularly from baltimore west. eastern shore may have some showers left in the morning. 78 on sunday and 75 cooling down, slight chance of a shower by monday afternoon. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. check in with don scott and marty bass starting at 4:55 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. the orioles are breezed and battered and they need a win to make them feel better. mark shows us that the o's can win their losing streak in toronto. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oh canada, it's been hard
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this time. mark is here with wjz the fan sports report. >> not only do the o's leave with three defeats they picked up more bumps and bruises in the process. nick markakis has his right wrist wrapped up after he hurt it last night. no sign of broking bones that's the good news. jason hamel pitching for the o's. he gave up four runs, four solo home runs off hamel those were the only hits they got. but that's all they needed. they lose this series finale. five defeats in a row. they'll get a day off tomorrow before they continue the road trip at tampa bay. checking in on bryan roberts,
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his suspected come back from concussion symptoms. he strikes out here. he finished hitless at three at- bats. roderick scheduled to play at this weekend. voluntary offseason camp are still taking place. some veterans do take part plus rookies and players new to the ravens. one player who has been to every practice is joe flacco. he says he feels he has to be there to help the younger guys. >> i think joe has had his most consistent offseason. he's always done well but he's stacking days on top of each other right now. he did it again today and i'm sure he'll do it again tomorrow. >> another veteran taking time to work with the players at
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center. 67,000 soccer fans at fedex field. the americans had won five straight but the boys from brazil put an end to that scoring a 4-1 victory. brazil will host the cup in 2014. and we can guarantee the o's will ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a waiter at a restaurant in houston gets the surprise of his life. greg grubar receives a $5,000
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tip. long time cust many hers left the generous sum after rubard told them his car was totaled during a flood. the customers wanted to reward rubard and thought a new car would be a good way. a hen was called on to hatch the eggs after their mother was lost in an accident. i guess it shows birds of a different feather can flock together. indeed. we'll be right back.
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>> letterman is going to be good tonight. coming up tonight, it's robin


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