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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rush. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at the day part and some numbers. right now 57 on tv hill. that's going to be 2 shy of this number yesterday. by lunch 69 on a way to a gentle high of 72. partly sunny through the afternoon. not a certainly of a passing -- not a certainty of a passing shower. don, take t away. -- take it away. here is sharon gibala with traffic control. >> good morning. sun glare could be a factor later. right now two new problems to report, one in howard county, our first accident of the morning. this one is in the hanover area at anderson. a car fire now reported in the city on good now road at sin claire lane. we have that downed tree in gailsville. that's blocking money creek road. take sudly road instead. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway. 61 is your average on the top and west side. there's a look at 95.
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still problem free. there's a lack at 295 at 17 -- look at 295 at 175, no issues there. wjz 13 is always on so log onto back over to you. here is what people are talking at today, the huge clean up effort after 10 tornados touched down in alth -- eight maryland counties. >> the sounds of woodchipers was a common sound, a job out of necessity after tornado ripped a path of destruction. baltimore county was a hard hit area. >> we were outside and ran for cover. before i could get the garj door closed the power went out, the trees snapped. >> you utility crew -- utility crews were busy trying to restore power. work crews spent the day cleaning up the damage.
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homeowners and insurance adjusters met. >> one of our cars got clobbered by a tree that fell. we have another one that's leaning that i've been calling the tree company trying to get them out here so that doesn't fall. >> near hartford county the storm's damage is evident. this is a roof ripped completely apart. if you look bemind -- behind me, there's a small office complex. >> this man was at a physical therapy appointment. they got down in an office building. >> i remember hearing rain and then all your hear is wind and almost the sound of a freight train. as you look outside and watch windows bow in and out, it was a scary experience. >> there was widespread damage only a few injuries and fortunately no loss of life. for that people say they are truly ly thankful -- truly
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thankful. our first warning weather coverage continues now with derek valcourt and a look at fallston. >> check out this tree. it's huge. it's healthy and look what happens when that tornado ripped through on friday. a real test. ament -- testament to the power of the storm. you can see the tornado that came through parts of the town. >> jeff shulths could feel his auto shop shaking. >> a lot of rain. couldn't see anything. you couldn't look out the window and see anything but metal flying. >> his neighbor was hospitalized when he was pinned under a concrete wall when the tornado demolished his auto shop. this trailer was blown 200 feet away. >> the tornado ravaged this
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entire tree line. a massive tree fell and crushed this trailer. you can experience the smell from all the freshly cut wood. there are piles and piles through out the area as the clean up continues. >> i got to have a new roof. >> john corn's home now in need of repairs. >> have you ever experienced anything like the this? >> never -- like this? >> never in my life. >> the mess for tree crews and auto glass repairs company. when some debris more than a quarter of a mile away, parts of fallston won't be the same. >> a lot of cars looking like this one crushed it -- as the huge trees came down. >> stay with wjz with first warning weather coverage. remember wjz is always on. get updated forecast and your own
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live look at the radar at this morning city police are investigating a triple shooting in southeast baltimore. it happened on lumbart street. anyone with information is urged to contact baltimore city police. in northeast baltimore, officers are searching for who killed a restaurant owner. michael sullivan was shot several times yesterday morning. police are looking at robbery but have not yet determined a motive. the sister of the woman accused of the murder for fire of her husband -- hire for her husband getting life in prison. susanne data was convicted of providing the gun in the murder of ray porter. he was shot to death 2 years ago. carla porter is accused of arranging the murder. jury selection starting today in the jersey sandusky sex
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abuse trial. a normer assistant -- a former assistant football coach at penn state is accused of abusing 10 boys. gz remains -- george zimmerman remains in a jail cell after the judge revoked his bond. he's charged with second degree murder in the shooting day of trayvon martin in sanford, florida. he returned to police custody on sunday. him and his wife are accused of misleading the court about their finances to obtain a lower bail. his attorney plans to ask for another bond hearing soon. there's a new push to keep children safe in pools. mike schuh is live with the proposal that could save some lives this summer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. because of what happened to their son, a couple is trying to make defibrillators and the train ing to
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use them mandatory. >> it's 2006 and 5-year-old conner freed was found floating face down in a pool beneath an empty life guard chair. >> he came out, threw up and was laying there. >> a life guard called 911. >> is there a defibrillator there? >> we're not allowed to use it. >> the guard was not trained how to use the life saving device. conner died. >> i don't understand why they had it but not allowed the use it. >> now lee leopold is introducing conner's law. it will require all pools to have defibrillators and people that know how to use them. >> the most important thing we can do is save lives. >> reporter: the county council will take up the miranda warning in an emergency -- up the issue in an emergency issue on july 2nd. >> a similar law was attempted at the state level. get ready to place your
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bets. tomorrow maryland's newest and larnlest ka see -- larnlest casino will open its doors. it has the okay to open to the public tomorrow night with over 4,000 slot machines. it will be the largest gambling site in the state of maryland. the grand opening is tomorrow night at 10:00. the oriels had to their pitching roster picking kevin g os pen as their 4th pick in the draft. adam jones checked out just fine after an mri done on his wrist. he suffered pain from falling in sunday's game. he said he expects to play in boston tonight. ravens linebacker terrell suggs said he's had significant progress in his surgery. he said he will shock people when he returns sooner than many
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expect. suggs says he'll be back by november at the very latest. he's still expected to miss at least half of the regular season. sdmrsz we -- >> we need him for the second half. fresh legs. in three weeks we play the steelers twice and in between we play the chargers and then we come back and play rg 3 and the skins. i've talked to some steeler fans act this. i don't -- about this. i don't run smack with steelers fans but during the season and then it's fun. it's almost like the -- it's almost like the nfl wants to give pain ban goals and browns a chance. later half of the season is fine by me. it's pleasantly cool this morning. temperatures in the mid 50 s. 69 at lunch going to a high of 72. this evening a passing widely scattered shower
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or thundershower. 70 at dinner. ron , i want to talk about the ties we have on. i have a picture of our friends from graening trucking who are -- greens trucking who are active participants who made these ties. >> reporter: we want to thanks the folks for making these great pink tie s for us. all the folks from the navy chiefs and -- >> team out back. >> reporter: yeah , they just really -- all those folks -- everybody stepped up for the gelfman ride. we raised $250,000, which is awesome. it's a privilege to be part of such a great event. yeah, for real. sandy and stacey, they're the ones that made the ties. >> i know paul is an out
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fielding, field -- out fielder, but you are looking like second base. >> reporter: the great paul blare is here. oriels legend. how are you doing? >> wonned ohherful. -- wonned wonderful. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. anything i can do to help the cause i'm here. >> reporter: we're going to hear about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. thanks for being with us. it's 57 on tv hill. 80% humidity. still 45 oakland, 55 cumberland, 58 from 59 in ocean city, 59 dc, 52 elkin, 55 rock hall. a cool flow today and tomorrow.
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big warm front comes in, sets up and that's going to define a great looking weekend as of this broadcast. 72 is going to be the high. it's only a 35% 40% chance for rain tonight. 75 tomorrow. sail deal on thursday almost 80. 84 friday , 87 saturday, 91 sunday. despite all the pleasantness, there's problems on the payment. -- pavement. here is sharon. >> we have a few problems. we don't have anything on any major roadways. an accident in howard county hanover at hanover road at anderson, a car fire at sin claire lane. there's a look at
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your speeds. still lots of 60s out there. in fact, the averages on the beltway, 61 on the stop and the west side -- top and west side. 95 looking good with the exception of some sun glare. there's a live look outside at 95 in and out of the tunnel. there's a live look at 70 just west of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the new 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? back over to you guys. very good. ron matz joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at the safe way in canton on boston street getting ready for the celebrity proam golf. it's monday. we have the great paul blare from the oriels here. how are you doing? >> wonderful. >> reporter: greg , how did safeway get involved? you do a great job. >> thank you. it's a great organization.
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they provide disability services for children and adults. safeway has been the largest corp. rats contributor. -- largest corporate contributor. >> reporter: excellent. paul blare, oriels lenld, 8 time gold glove; is that right? >> that's correct >> reporter: how did you get involved? >> i'm -- i go to turf valley every day i play golf. they asked me would i play in their tournament. anything i can do to help, that's what i'll do. >> reporter: we have a lot of celebrities that are going to play, right? >> right. there will be quite a few ex-oriels, tom manning is going to come, david johnson. have a great time and come out there and turf valley is a great place to play. >> reporter: it is. you spent 12 years with the oriels. >> 13. >> reporter: you
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got every ball i ever saw hit the center field. the greatest thing that i remember, you made the catch the last out you caught it for the 66 world series, right? >> yes, i did. it stayed up there for an eternity but i finally caught it. >> reporter: that was the four game sweep of the dodgers. >> yes. i was from los angeles and i tried to sign there and they didn't want me so i got them back >> reporter: yes, they did. you are in marvelous shape for a young man. >> thanks. >> >> reporter: thanks for taking part in this. >> my pleasure. >> reporter: it's monday, turf valley country club. sdmrsz it's our 25th -- >> it's our 25th annual. our goal is raise $500,000. >> reporter: registration at 7:30, shotgun start at 9:00. >> you got it.
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>> reporter: paul blare, one of my idols. >> thank you. >> all right . >> reporter: we're live at the safeway on boston street in canton. great event coming up on monday. >> you know why the oriels had 4 game winners? because they had paul blare >> reporter: we had you in center field. >> we had a few others guys also. >> reporter: thanks, paul. thank s s, guys. have a great day. get out it's beautiful. >> all right . let's go. >> we're leaving. i told marty this before, paul blare can hit a golf ball too. >> do you think so? ♪
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nature at its most delicious. the normal daytime high is 80, over night low 57. a nice cool dmroe. flow -- flow. waet with -- weather has calm today. a chance for afternoon or evening thunderstorm, only a 30% chance. tomorrow slightly better chance of afternoon thundershower with a high of 75. the mid 80s by the week's end.
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we're going green to save green. here is another idea on how we can save energy. >> how to save money by doing smart laundry. about 90% of the energy use is from heating the water. switching from hot to warm water can cut the use in half. if you have a smaller load, adjust the water level setting. >> for more information go to and click on our special emergency saver section. -- energy saver section. next up this morning on wjz. >> hearter break if hartford county. an 11-year-old was accidentally shot to death. what his family is now saying about this tragedy. >> making pools safer, i'm mike schuh, a live report when we
6:24 am
return. >> the queen will celebrate her 60-year reign. her husband will not be there. i'll tell you why. >> sharon gibala with traffic control. if you're about to head out, in delays just yet. we have a few other problems. we will down down that list in just a few. >> from slum dog millionaire to hotel owner. patal join uses on coffee with. heaths got a -- he's got a new roll and it's a hit movie. what he said about working with judy dench. stay tuned, it's the eyewitness news morning edition and we'll be right back.
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here at the bottom of the hour, check out the big bank of fair weather clouds. plenty of blue sky and sunshine above that. it's a pleasant day start. sharon watching your roads for you. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at pleasant numbers. it's 57 on tv hill right now. 2 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. by lunch 69 going to a high of 72. a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, a 35% chance. how is the drive going? here is sharon gibala with traffic control. >> good morning. it's getting busier. we have a bunch of problems to report. nothing causing any major delays. we have an accident on the beltway on the east side. that one on the outer loop at route 2. another accident just in the city, sodona avenue at hamilton. an accident at hanover road at
6:29 am
anderson. we still have that downed tree blocking money creek road. sudly road is your best bet instead. still lots of 60s. down to 50 on the west side as far as a delay. there's a live look outside at that delay. getting busier as traffic builds on the west side. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the all new 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? back over the you. at the top of the news, a hartford county 11-year-old is dead accidentally shot while playing with a gun. police say it was his 8-year-old brother holding the weapon. here is mike hellgren with the story. >> hire hairy -- harry keel wipes away tears while talking about the killing of his grandson. >> he was my number one
6:30 am
11-year-old. they liked to play. they playeded everything together. it's just a freak thing had a happened. >> according to the beganed father z oke and 8-year-old brother got a gun from a neighborhood's shed and were playing with it. >> the bullet the tree and came back and hit him. >> the 8-year-old accidentally shot the 11-year-old with a gun that was found. >> police say the gun was in a se sewered í -- secured shed. >> it should have been put away. it shouldn't have been where it was at. don't let this to happen anybody. please, people. protect them. i want to love my kids not bury them. i cried all night long. i really did. >> police say there are no no -- no plans to file charges in this case. >> funeral services will be held later this week.
6:31 am
>> the family tells us they would like to thank the first responders who tried hard to save michael. he died on the way to the landing site. a teenager is recovering after being assaulted at milford mill academy. one teen was cut behind the building on washington avenue. we are told it is a non-life threatening injury and police say they have no suspects. anyone with information call baltimore county police. howard county police are investigating what appears to be a meth lab inside a motel room. last night someone reported it to police. officers arrived and detected a strong odor and found chemicals in a room. four men are under arrest. emergency legislation aimed at increasing safety in pools this summer. mike such is -- mike schuh is live with new proposal. >> reporter: good morning. it happened after the death of a
6:32 am
child. now they're having for defibrillators and training at all pools. >> it's 2006 and 5-year-old conner james freed was found floating face down in a pool beneath an empty life guard chair. >> he came out, threw up and was laying there >> a life guard called 911. >> is there a te fiblator there? >> we're not allowed to use it. >> the guard was not trained on how to use the device. conner died. >> i don't understand why they had it. >> john lepepold is introducing conner's law. >> most important we can do in government is save lives. this is one way to do that. >> the county council will take up the issue on july the 2nd in an emergency session. reporting live, mike schuh. >> since their son's death,
6:33 am
thomas and debby freed started the conner's care foundation. a memorial service will be held for the first african american glaj graduate -- graduate of the united states naval academy. robert brown died last month. tomorrow's memorial will be held at the academy í chapel and will be open to the public. the president is back at the white house this morning after 3 fundraising events with former president bill clinton. mitt romney will hold an event in fort worth oh, texas. it's still -- fort worth, texas. it's still primary day in five dates. wisconsin will be heading to the pole. stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. for updates on the candidate and
6:34 am
important issue go to the so-called octo mom has a new gig. she's going to strip. she e will perform for four -- she will perform for four nights. she's appears topless to promote her new adult video that's out. this comes month after she filed for bankruptcy protection. a big on for for a -- honor for a local organization. ray rice are choosing a charity to support. here is mary with more on his decision. >> city springs football field in east baltimore is brand new. today it became a feel -- field of dreams who got to meet ray rice. >> going down the corner. deep corner. this way. >> he teamed up with pop chips and choose the living classroom's foundation as the winner. the organization helped rent know visit this -- rent
6:35 am
know visit this field for inner city young people. . >> it's a real honor that ray rice selected our organization to come and work with about 100 inner city children on this new field. we have a patterson feel coming in november. these are two new sites for children so have sports and athletics and physical education. sdmrsz student -- >> students with the school ran drills with ray rice and listened to his story which is like their own >> i think he motivates the kids out here who play sports to be the best they can be. >> ray rice selected the living classrooms foundation out of the five top organizations that got the top votes. former ravens player lewis will be back in bankruptcy court
6:36 am
today. the case says lewis has not filed -- has not filed financial disclose your statements and is seeking to convert the case to a chapter 7 proceeding where a trustee can sale off assets to pay off debts. it's the final day of the die die -- diamond jubilee. the royals have a full day of activities planned in london. here is monica reporting for wjz. sgrsz it's -- >> it truly is a sell braying fit for a -- celebration fit for a queen. the four day jubilee wraps up today. the royal family will attend the service at saint paul's before taking a trip through the city in three horse draw carriages. one member of the family will be missing, the queen's husband, prince phillip. he was
6:37 am
hospitalized yesterday with a bladder infection. he will remain under observation. >> hundreds of thousands have turned out to celebrate the diamond jubilee. the queen is more popular than ever with approval ratings of over 80%. >> i watched all my life. i watched her through everything. i think she's amazing. >> last night the queen attended only part of a star suded concert featuring stevie wonder, elton john and paul mccartny. she was there to enjoy the cheers of the crowd initiated by her son, prince charles. >> three resounding cheers for our majesty the queen. >> hip, hip. >> h orray. >> hip, hip. >> r horray. >> the fight ended with a -- the night ended with a kiss on
6:38 am
the hand and a mile and massive fire works display lighting up the sky above bucking ham palace. . >> the queen will travel about today in the same carriage used by prince william and kate during their wedding last year. >> i don't wanted to -- i don't want to throw water on a celebration. i would like to meet her. i think she would be a fast nating person in -- fascinating person in recent history. having said that, my comment really is about all the american tv networks just spitting all over themselves trying to cover this. here is the website of the official war of 1812. >> that happened here in the colonies isn't it -- department -- didn't it? >> aren't we getting ready to
6:39 am
celebrate telling her predecessors to walk out that door and don't let it hit you when you leave? >> it's actually the second time we told them that. >> oh, yeah. it's the celebration of the final time. walk out that door, don't let it hit you in your royal rare end. am i right? okay. >> everything in its time. let's take a look at the day part. we're talking about 69 at lunch, a high of 72. maybe a chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon or this evening. coming up on coffee with, one of the nicest guys we've interviewed. he came to the forefront in slum dog millionaire. now he has a movie out where he owns a retire. hotel many -- retirement in
6:40 am
india. we will talk to him coming up shortly. sharon gibala has your traffic control. we have first warning weather and more. we'll be right back. you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you.
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good morning. welcome to the show. here is first warning doppler weather radar. it's a clear scan. a little bit of moisture near annapolis. but that's not an issue. 57 at tv hill. the humidity is at about 80%. let's look at temperatures. we have to discuss veen news. 57 oakland, 54 easton, 52 kel in, 59 -- elkin, 59 dc, 60 annapolis, bel air and rock hall at 55. about 1 hours from now what -- 12 hours from now what are the sky conditions going to be?
6:44 am
5:45 through sunset the transition of venus. it travels through us and the sun. it isn't going to happen again until the next century. it's a fairly big deal. there's a lot of interest. we may have some clouds around. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon or evening. a few high clouds may dim the sun enough. you can see it. be careful looking up at the sun. it's going to be touch and go here. by the way, you can go to, they will be covering the entire thing online. this big warm front sets up and defines our weather. normal daytime highs 80, today 72. the chance of an afternoon or evening shower. tomorrow 72, watch for a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. same day on deal. friday, saturday and sunday, beautiful 84, 87 and
6:45 am
91. you're about to make your transit to work, here is sharon with traffic control. >> good morning. it's getting busier out there. not a horrible commute just yet. we still have that accident on the outer loop. no major delays there. an accident in the city at hamilton. another one on hanover at anderson. watch for a car fire in the city at sin claire lane. downed tree blocking money creek road. speeds at the slowest on west side of the beltway, 50 is the average. there's a live look at that delay. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test draif the new cam -- test drive the new camry. marty and don, back to you. this morning's coffee with, the satellite interview is
6:46 am
furnished with fox search light. >> welcome back. we just had a guest we were doing another -- this significant men is called cough -- segment is called coffee with. we were doing another one and we members of the juried that -- we mentioned that you were one of the easiest, most e laxed interviews -- relaxed interviews. it's a pleasure to have you back. how is life? >> thank you. it meep mean it means -- it means a lot. >> i can wait to see your new movie. did you have fun doing it? >> absolutely. it was part terrifying, the protect of flying out the indian and working with these greats. once i got out there and found out that everyone was so amazing, it quickly turned into one of the most great experiences i've had on a film set. it was
6:47 am
wonderful. >> what's the one memory that you will take away from this that you will refer back to 25, 30 years from now? >> you know, i don't know. we became such a tight nit group. we were in this -- we were in this hotel where the movie set 1.5 hours out into the dessert. we would go out early in the morning. we would spend the whole day there filming before we would come back home. everyone got close. we spent a lot of time together. i learned so much just being around these maizing actors. -- amazing actors. >> it's probably not fair to ask one actor about another factor. i keep hearing stories about judy demp saying she's not the person we see on the screen. >> i'm such a big fan of her. she's so gracious. she's a koe
6:48 am
median. she -- koe comedia. she can change like that. she can go from red hot to super cold on screen. the life she's so gracious, so open. she has a fire. she has a great sense of humor. i don't know if a lot of people know that. it was really a joy to work with her. >> you know, let's face it, i guarantee they're look we're working with -- >> no. >> believe me. you have hit it out of the ballpark over the past couple of years. i guarantee you they fed off your energy too. that's how it has to work. >> they were really open and glad to have me on. i was surprised. i was so terrified of going out there and working with these guys. it's so great to see actors that will be in the game for years be -- still have that excitement and zest for their work. we would wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. and driver -- drive out to this place in the
6:49 am
dessert. it was a joy. >> can you give our audience a 20 second spark note version of the best exotic hotel. >> i will try my best. i play a character called sonny who inherits this beautiful property from his father and he has a brain waive to turn it into a home for the elderly. he choosing his veteran actors to come into this hotel and when they arrive they realize all is not what it seems because he's made it look extravagant but it's not. >> there in lay the comedy, drama. >> the madness. it's a movie about living life at any age and being open to new experiences. >> a a feel good -- a feel good movie. >> definitely. >> what are you up to these days? you're working on your next project. what's up? >> i'm doing a show right now on hbo. it's with aaron
6:50 am
stacker. it's called the news room which should be airing on televisions in a month or so. >> the news room. >> that seems to be right up our alley. >> i have to tell you, i've never really seen a movie where a tv show comes close to doing it right. >> let's hope. aaron stalker has an eye for detail. >> i've seen good shows like sports center or the networks of movies. we will be watching. good luck . fortunately it's on cable so you can duplicate the hang -- the a language we use. >> thanks. >> it's a pleasure having you. good luck to you. >> great to see you. >> bye -bye. >> out of site. >> he's big and going to get bigger. >> we're taking a break and coming back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition.
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6 minutes before 7:00. here come your updates. >> a nice cool flow continuesing in the -- continuing in the area. a high of 7 # 2, 8 -- 72, 8 below normal. about a 35 to 40% chance of a shower. now over the sharon gibala. a new accident to tell you about, route 32 at route 9. a
6:54 am
car into a ditch on the beltway on the outer loop. also an accident in the city, that one is going to be at hamilton. one more problem in hanover. hanover road at anderson avenue. a downed tree blocking money creek road. speeds still slow on the west side, now on the topside of beltway. there's a live look outside. this traffic report is brought to you by home pair pair -- paramount pest control. back over to you. there's a new push this morning to keep children safer in pools. after the drowning oh in 2006 of a 5-year-old in a pool executive john loeopo -- leopold is introducing conner's
6:55 am
law. they will hear hold a meeting in july. howard county police are investigating what appears to be a meth lab in a motel room. officers came and detected a strong odor and found chemicals in room. four men are under arrest this morning. city police are investigating the triple shooting in southeast baltimore. one of those shot was in critical condition. the other two are expected to survive. anyone with information contact baltimore city police. police are searching for who shot and restaurant owner. michael sullivan was shot and killed yesterday morning. police are looking at the possibility it was a robbery but have not determined the motive. the sister of the woman accused of murder for hire of her husband getting life in prison. susanne data was
6:56 am
accused of providing the gun for the murder. carla porter is accused of arranging that murder of her husband and will go on trial next march. get ready to place your bets. tomorrow maryland's newest casino will open its doors. the state of md -- maryland giving m md live -- maryland live the permission to open to the public. it will be the largest gambling site in the state of md -- maryland. ray rice teamed up ed pop chips and choose live look outsiding classrooms as a charity. yesterday students got to meet, play and talk football with ray rice. stay with wjz, complete news, weather and traffic still ahead, plus more on,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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