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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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congress was focusing on stopping the leaks from happening. >> gradually manning stands -- brady manning accused of standing thousands of secret documents. his defense attorneys paint him as a trouble
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man who should not have add access to sensitive information. congressional intelligence committees try to plug what is shaping up a leak. >> why do we have a serious problem? >> dutch ruper in a joint conference denounces leaks from within the cia and the department of justice related to cia drone strikes and computer virus attacks on iran. >> our alleys will not want to work with us if they see information getting out to the public and to the bad guys. whether it's iran or all kai da or anybody else -- all die da all die -- all kai da or anybody else. >> agencies may be called by legislation. >> we had to change the culture. we have to make sure everyone understands what the
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process is and is there a good process, if someone is aware of a leak. how do they report it? >> the challenge is to figure out how to share information and keep it a secret at the same time. i'm pat warren reporting from washington. back to you on tv hill. >> the white house calls any claim of leaks for political gain grossly irresponsible. richard dixon suffered a stroke earlier this week. he served as a maryland treasurer. dead at the age of 74. a bear seems to be making himself at home in northern baltimore county. someone snapped these photos of the bear roaming around the jacksonville area. police say they're not going the shoot the animal, they're just trying to give him some space to allow him to find his own way back home. the oriels are back in town after a disappointing end to
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their road trip in boston. they were going facebook a sweep last night -- they were going for a sweep last night. the oriels lose 7-0 and drop into a first place tie with the rays. the birds begin inner league play with the phillies tonight at camden yards. tomorrow it will be on wjz. see the birds and phillies at 4 o'clock live on wjz 13. the weather is going to be great all weekend. we started off perfectly today. we will look at radar. there's still a little moisture around. 57 now, 85 at lunch, a high of 89. here is first warning doppler weather radar. believe it or not, there's still some shower activity pulling out of here slowly by surely. it's going, going, almost gone. it's going to be like an spf 30 plus
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weekend. ron matz joins us right now. this is an interesting deal that's come to town. let's talk about it. >> reporter: it's going to -- it's going great. we're live at belmont park. no, we're not. were outside the first arena, the barn area. about 45 horses are here. it's a broadway style show that's coming to the arena this weekend. we're very excited about it. you want a little food here? there you go. breakfast of champions. all right. we're going to tell you all about it when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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good morning. 54 right now, 89% humidity. easton 57, 57 elkin, 58 ocean city, low 60s dc and packs river, 47 oakland, 50 in cumberland, columbia and bel air both at 54, 57 westminster, low 60s rock hall, kent island. easy forecast. this cool pool of air has rotated out of the region. warm air has taken over. it's going to be a nice summer like feeling weekend. formal daytime high 81. today a high of 87, partly sunny skies. dinner time 84. 59, clear over night. tomorrow another beautiful day with a high of 89.
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91 on sunday, 85 monday and tuesday, 87 on wednesday. beautiful. don, take it away. 6 :16. if you're going for a ride soon, here is sharon gibala with traffic control. >> we picked up a new accident and our first delay of the morning. we will talk about the accident first. that one is in the joppatowne area on mountain road at frank boulevard. if you are headed out on the beltway, everything looking good with the exception of the west side where we're starting to see minor slow downs. the average speed still 5 #. if you -- 59. if you take a look at this traffic camera, that's the outer loop to the right. we're starting to see some brake lights there. this traffic report is brought to you by your toy owe that dealer -- toyota dealer. don, back over to you. let's go out ron matz. this is cool. take it away. >> reporter: this is very good.
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good morning, happy friday. we're in the barn area just outside the arena. the barn manager is jennifer white. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: this show, it's a broadway style show, you've got more than 40 horses, right? >> correct, 40 horses from all over the world. >> reporter: what about this particular horse here? >> he is one of the -- the team is called silv ie when wems. >> >> reporter: this show has been all over europe and is a mega success. talk about that. >> it's been in europe for the last 10 years. they have over 5 million fans. it's been a tradition that we're hoping to start over here. >> reporter: you brought all the horses over on 747s; is that right? >> yeah, it was a big or deal. it was 3 years in the making. we brought all the horses over on planes, they went into a quarentine that silty to make
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sure they -- facility to make sure they were happy and healthy. >> reporter: how do you transport -- you're doing 66 cities, right, in 18 months, including baltimore. how do you transport these horses? how does it happen? the logistics have to be extremely difficult? >> they are. we have four horse vans we contract with. they come over, we load them up in the morning. we don't like our horses to travel anymore more than 8.5, 9 hours. >> reporter: you work from a hub barn? >> yeah, we have one hub barn and dour the surrounding cities. >> reporter: we're glad to have you in ball mother. when people -- baltimore. when people see this show -- it's kind of like a
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circus ole with horses. >> dancing horses and trick riding. it's an all around good family fun time. >> reporter: thank you. four performances, tonight, saturday and sunday here at the first mariner arena. good luck. >> thank you >> reporter: all right. don, and marty, back to you on tv hill. have a great weekend guys. it's going to be a nice one. we will see you monday in fells point where it will be a manic monday. >> yes, it will be. >> >> -- >> reporter: have a great one. thank you, jennifer, thank you, buddy. >> the horse is already doing a great mr. ed. still to come on wjz. >> the must ri of the harbor -- the mystery of the harbor smell continues. is it the result of a sewage contamination? we will hear from the city,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i want to start out with first warning doppler radar. we still have shower activity that's slowly but surely getting itself out of here. you're going to be living large today. we have this mild air moving into the
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region. it's going to get really warm. as a matter of fact, you can say hot by dictionary definition and be on the numbers. 8 p is -- 87 is the high. tonight 59, clear skies over night. tomorrow closer to 90. it's 6:23. we continue to investigate the strange smell at the inner harbor. the initial results are in and monique griego explains how worried we should be. >> gray water, a surge in trash, dead fish and overwhelming smells, signs to blue water baltimore it points to a sewage spill. >> the greece balls only come from sewage pipes, condoms, tam pan apply -- tampons. >> today they got their initial
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results for sewage testing. >> the highest was around three times the lowest thresh hold. >> the downtown sailing center canceled some programs. >> the children like to flash in the water and it's not -- splash in the water and it's not good. >> blue water baltimore believes waste made it into the water but city and state don't think it supports that yet. they say the elevated levels of bacteria and trash are normal after the storms we had. >> you have dog and cat excla meant and other things that gets washed into the storm system and then that flows out into the harbaugh bar. -- harbor. >> various factors could be causing the smell. he nor the city can pinpoint the cause. >> we need to find the problem to fix it. at this point we don't have a specific problem to fix. >> for me it's not a question of whether it's a sewage spill,
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it's a question of where's the sewage coming from. >> so far the city has not found traces of a sewage leak in the system. >> the city and state say it could still be a couple of days before they get those water quality test results. next up this morning right here on wjz. >> maryland's newest casino opens its doors. i'll take you inside where thousands are showing up for the ka -- casinos first full day. >> relying on their faith. new incite into how the loved ones of maryland accused cannibal and his victim is coping with the victory. >> using maryland's distracted drive aring laws as a mod to -- driving laws for a set up.
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>> collin jones joins us on coffee with for the sporns of knowing how -- importance of knowing how to swim. wait until you hear some of the stats and they don't change from year to year. the message isn't getting out there. the morning edition continues right after this. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ]
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the bottom line here at the bottom of hour, it's a sensational start to the week's end and weekend. sharon has a few problems, marty is in first warning weather. >> 54 right now on tv hill. that's two down from this time yesterday. by lunch beautiful, sunny, 85 going to a high in the upper 80s. this evening dinner time just great 84. don, take it away. what's happening on the
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commute? here is sharon gibala with traffic control. scomblsz -- >> good morning. we are starting the see accidents. we have three. one of them is in the joppatowne area on mountain road. also an accident now in westminster, airport drive at route 97. a crash at marta lane. we're still seeing lots of 60s out there on the beltway. there's a look at your average speeds. 55 is what the average speed is on the west side of the beltway. if you take a look outside 95 just north of white marsh is problem free. running smoothly at the moment. there's another live look outside, that one 95 at mountain road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the new 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? back over to you. at the top of the news, the huge crowds turning out to the
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new casino. on opening night alone 10,000 people came through the door. here is derek valcourt with the story. >> constant traffic through the front doors of maryland live. >> it feels like las vegas. >> this this much anticipated $500 million facility, there's plenty here for gamblers to love. >> blackjack. >> a lot of selection to play. >> try 3,100 gaming machines. >> never had anything better in maryland. sgltsz great for job -- >> great for jobs. 1,500 new jobs and great for tax revenue. the casino anticipates paying $400 million to the state in the first year. >> brings extra money in for schools. >> right now there's four restaurants in the casino and by the fall they will add a fifth. they're still growing. later this year they will add 1,5 00
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mar machine -- more machines and a concert venue. >> i came up today and it's still a mad house. >> people have came swarming in as a result of that excitement. we should see a more normal crowd flow shortly. >> for most of the crowd here, it's the location that makes them feel like they hit the jackpot. >> it's right off the beltway. i mean , you're here in like 15 minutes. >> now at least we have a casino that's beautiful and first class that we can come to amend not have to -- and not have to take our money to another state. >> casino officials and lottery officials could not tell us how much revenue they've made so far, but there have been several $10,000 jackpot winners. >> tonight the casino will go to it extended friday and saturday hours for the first time staying hope until 4 a.m.
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thousands of drivers will be looking for an alternate route to work this summer with major delays expected on the harbor tunnel. crews are going to fix the steel starting june 20th. several lane s will be shut down for repairs on the bridge. your best bet is to take the key bridge instead. that road work should be finished by october. police are looking for man holding up pharmacies at gunpoint. the man is responsible for a series of robberies, the latest on monday. in each case the man shows the gun and demands prescription drug ares. anyone who recognize -- drugs. anyone who recognizes that man is asked to call police. an admitted republican dal could have been -- cannibal could have been stopped before he killed anyone. mike hellgren talking to a man who knows the people involved very well.
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>> charges that alexander kinyua dismembered and ate his roommate can kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie have rocked communities around the world from their native african villages to hartford county where police say the murder unfolded to morgan state university and at the church. the pastor who ministered to both men is trying to make sense of it all. >> i don't think he was on his right mind on the sunday before he was arrested. he was in church. i embraced him and said god has a special plan for you. that day he asked me for a bible. i think he was trying to seek a way back. >> the church is not only raising money to help pay for kinyua's defense but also for a proper burial for his victim. >> the young men lived like brothers. >> the first thing dr. kinyua said to me is it was like losing
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two sons. >> serious questions remain over whether morgan state missed warning signs. kinyua is accused of attacking josh caesar two days before the murder. >> he was standing over me with a knife. >> the writing was on the wall. she should have been extract -- he should have been extracted from the public. >> the university says it's president is conducting a full review. >> the university president will not answer any questions about this saying counsel has add rised him not -- advised him not to. >> kin you remains -- kinyua remains locked up. three teens are behind bars this morning charged with trying to fire bomb a home. firefighters say they threw cocktails at the house on gailsville road. investigators believe the attack was revenge
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for an earlier dispute with the people who lived in the house. all three teens are charged with attempted murder. a family from kansas of six is dead after their plane yashed in fl -- plane crashed in florida. a kansas businessman, his wife and their four children are all dead. the family was reportedly headed home from the baja mas. witnesses say they felt helpless as they watched the plane fall from the sky. >> sounded like they were doing acrobats or something and then heard a boom. it sounded like a sonic boom like when the space shuttle flies over. >> no word on what caused that crash. a new push today from the federal government to curve distractions on the road. the nation's transportation chief wants to stop all cell phone use behind the wheel. wjsz -- wjz and mike schuh is live with the latest on
6:37 am
this. >> reporter: distracted driving killing 3,000 people every year. the feds want to start up new strict federal regulation, very similar to what we have in maryland. >> safety advocates say american drivers are distracted behind the wheel. hand held phones are a big part of the problem, from talking to texting, unsafe behavior leads to deadly accidents and injury ts. >> the americans have gotten into dangerous behavior with their cell phones and texting devices to think they can yudz them behind the -- use them behind the wheel. >> the feds want states without distracted driving laws to pass them. they want to work with the auto industry to not have incar distractions. >> mtd md í had -- maryland has some of the toughest mobile phone laws in the country. drivers cannot use a held held phone in the call,
6:38 am
no calls, receivering calls, receiving -- receiving calls, sending or receiving text messages. it includes yudzing-- using your radio, eating and drinking. >> i saw one guy had his laptop on the steering wheel. >> reporter: changing the behavior of new drivers is one of the goals as half of them admit to doing things that cause them to be distracted while they're driving. reporting live downtown, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> right now 11 states have no distracted driving laws while 10 forbid all cell phone use behind the wheel. . the oriels enter this weekend inner league sears tied with the -- series tied with the rays on the top. scott -- clay buck hold pitched a complete game
6:39 am
shut out for the red sox. the oriels lose 7-0. m ashgsasn, wjz and the oriels are teaming up to feed the hungry and homeless. we need your help. bring along some nonperishable food items or extra cash for the oriole food drive are benefitting the maryland food bank. tonight me, adam, ron and alex will be collecting donations. there will be more wjz's family there this weekend on saturday and sunday. just one more day until i'll have another makes a run at horse racing history. the 3-year-old colt practiced yesterday at the belmont track. tomorrow is the third race for the jewel of the triple crown. doug o'neil, the trainer says i'll have another exercised well and has a good appetite.
6:40 am
the last time a triple crown was won in 1978. >> a mile and a half. >> yeah . it's a big track. >> it's a big, big track. it will be fun. we still have great memories from when team i'll have another came through baltimore and made this city their playground. that was a lot of fun. >> i don't think the trainers had a much fun up there as they had here. >> i bet if you asked them they could say the exact same thing. schools he had a great -- he had -- >> he had a great time here. i want to take a look at the forecast today. it's going to be great. 87 is going to be the high. summer like feel starting today and all the way through the five day. ahead with first warning details coming up shortly. coming up on coffee with, it's collin jones. he's really part of this continuing initiative to teach kids to
6:41 am
swim. wait until your hear some of the stats he throws down during coffee with. the message isn't necessarily getting through. that's kind of shocking. sharon has traffic control and that first warning weather forecast all comes next. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there's an easier way to save. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. any thoughts? wow. yowza. terrific. incredible. no, i mean, really, this is so good.
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good morning. take a look at first warning doppler radar. i want to see if pigs are flying. tho, that's just -- no, that's just some ground. let's take a look at the current conditions. 54 on tv hill, 89% humidity. 17 different ad libs just crossed my brain and i'm in the using any of them -- i'm not using any of them. winds from the west at 6. out of season were all afc north fans and the rest of the league is jealous. 55 westminster, 54 bel air and columbia, 61 rock hall,
6:45 am
annapolis and kent island both at 62. this cool pool of air has now rotated out of the region. it's been replaced with warmer if not hotter air. the normal high is 80. today 87. storm move temperatures to right about 90. 91 sunday, 85 monday and tuesday, 87. -- wensz 87. -- wednesday 8 7. we have some problems to talk about, klein issue -- including some delays. one in westminster, airport drive at route 97, forest drive at marta lane and fire activity on pine heights. if you are headed out on the beltway, we are looking at
6:46 am
delays on the west side. on 95 south found, still look -- southbound still looking at full speeds. there's a look at 795. still light volume there. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the new 2012 camry. it's ready, are you? back over to you. this morning's coffee with is with collin jones. the satellite interview is sponsored by the u.s. swimming foundation and phillips 66. >> welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. welcome to the me ka of american olympic swimming. how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> the home of michael fhelps in other words. >> there's more. >> believe it or not -- >> north baltimore club. >> it's more than michael. just name the -- gosh.
6:47 am
while we're doing this interview i'm going to google everyone of them and see how many there are. anyway, it's great to have you here. you know, i can't tell you how many great swimmers, whether from baltimore or not, we've done the same coffee with. we got to get people learning how to swim. i'm shocked that we're doing another one. take it away. >> you know, i've been working with the usa swimming foundation and phillips 66 with call to make a splash. it's been 5 years running. we've reached over a million kids all over the u.s. i travel to six different cities every year and try to get kids exposed, get them into the water, understanding that it's important. more importantly the message is to the parents not to send your children to a pool without being safe around the
6:48 am
water and giving them the skills of knowing how to swim and be safe. >> truth be told, many parents don't know how to swim themselves and produce non-swimming children. >> absolutely. the rate of 100% goes down to 13% if your parents don't know how to swim. >> we were always told open up some new age book, throw a baby in the water they're going to naturally swim. it should be something we can all do naturely. we know that's not -- naturally. that's not the case. do you remember when you first got into the pool and was able to do it? >> well, actually my story was a little tragic. i almost drowned at the age of 5. i was almost part of that statistic. my parents got me into swim lessons after that. it's interesting that you say riding a bike. that's kind of what make a flash initiative is
6:49 am
pushing for parenting to understand that swimming is not just an activity, it's a life skill. like lieding a bike, once -- like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it you never forget. we want kids at a young age to learn how to swim, with be safe around the water. that's going to produce adults that know how to swim and be safe around the water. >> i grew up on lake erie. it was always amazing how many people we lost to the lake every summer. it was almost like clock work. >> it's a big problem all over the u.s. once the summer hits everybody -- i mean, like i said, traveling all over the u.s. i talk to kids. the first question i ask is how many of you like to be around the water. every hand shoot up into the air. these kids are run aring into the pools -- are running into the pools not being safe and parents are not educated in
6:50 am
understanding the way to change this is to give them swim lessons. >> we want to show the website. we can continue this same conversation, but it keeps going back to an original point, kids have the learn how to swim. you can find out how you can get some swimming education going in your family, in your church, your neighborhood, whatever. listen, we were talking about all those baltimore swimmers. we don't want to leave anybody out. pat kennedy, teresa andrews. as a matter of fact, it was katie hoff just working a summer job that taught any daughter how to swim. you see that little tattoo of a gold medal on her ankle there.
6:51 am
good luck. we're waiting for you to rock the world in london. all of america is behind you, man. >> thank you so much. >> the pleasure is ours. thank thanks for being with us. >> cool. >> thought we'd make a mrash. >> -- splash. >> he's good. nobody wants to see him standing there next to them. they want to see him as much as they want to see michael phelps. we're taking a break and coming back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5 minutes until 7:00. here come your updates from sharon and marty. >> it's going to be a good one with a high of 87. partly to mostly sunny. no toucher than that. now -- no tougher than that. now over to sharon gibala. a few more problems to discuss as far as the traffic goes. over all not so bad. we have three accidents working in joppatowne at franklin road, a crash at forest drive at marta lane, fire activity at pine heights. only minor delays on the west side of the beltway, 67 miles per hour. if you take a look at 29 it's empty there. traffic looking slightly busier on 95 but no delays. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. back over to you.
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pastor -- maryland has some of the toughest mobile phone laws in the country. now you the federal government wants similar laws passed nationwide. only 10 states prohibit all hand held devices not to be used while driving. they plan to work with the auto industry to work on invehicle distractions. baltimore city police are looking for a man holding up pharmacies at gunpoint. the latest was on monday on read street. in each case he shows a gun and demands prescription drugs. anyone who recognizes that man is asked to call police. thousands of drivers will be looking for an alternate route to work this summer with major delays expected on the harbor tunnel. crews are if fixing the steel bridge starting june 20th. several lanes will be shut down for repairs. the road work should be finished by october. thousands of drivers caught
6:56 am
speeding in the city are off the hook because of a typo. the camera's location is written incorrectly on the tickets sent out making the $40 fine invalid. the city is promising to refund all of the drivers who already paid their $40 fines. the mistake will cost the city more than $125,000. check out the new riply's believe it or not. it features all things weird from a harry potter castle made up of half a million match sticks. it plans to start selling tickets tomorrow. it's at the light street pavilion. stay with wjz 13, complete news, traffic and weather still ahead this morning.,,,,,,,,,,
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