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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mike hellgren has the new response from a shocked campus. >> this is significant, denise. the president wanted to make clear that the campus is a safe place. but he would not answer questions about the students at the center of all of this. >> reporter: after days of requests from wjz, morgan state university's president is finally speaking about the tragedy, involving former student what that -- that is raising questions over whether students ignored warning signs. alexander kinyua is accused of dismembering and eating the heart and brains of another student, cujo agia cody in harford county. >> let me express my deepest condolences to the families that have been impacted by this unfortunate situation. >> central warning signs include a video from a student forum five months ago, where kinyua spoke of human sacrifice. >> i'm telling the university there's something that goes
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outside the university, international. blood sacrifices. >> reporter: and a police report referred to him as "virginia tech waiting to happen." >> the safety and well being of our campus community continues to be a priority for this university. >> reporter: kinyua is accused of beating another student, with a bat wrapped in chains and barbed wire. >> on the advice of council, i cannot talk about the specifics of this case. >> reporter: morgan's president could not take any questions. but a spokesman is reviewing how staff handled kinyua. >> one thing morgan is not, in any form, real or perceived. it is not a negligent bystander in their protection of our students and of our campus community. >> reporter: and he said the school will continue to provide updates on its internal review process. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right.
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thank you very much, mike. now, the victim was living with the suspect's family in harford county at the time he was murdered. the judge and former penn state assistant coach, jerry sandusky's child abuse trial, ditches a last-ditch defense motion. this means all 52 charges remain in place, heading into opening arguments, which is scheduled to begin monday. and the football team is accused of sexually abusing 10 children. a former baltimore catholic schoolteacher, convicted of raping a student and sentenced to life in prison, could get out on a technicality. mary is live with the latest. mary? >> reporter: and denise, a hearing is set for next week. but tonight, another victim is stepping forward, talking for the first time about john merzbacher. >> it's been terrible. >> reporter: 48-year-old donna berger said she met with
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prosecutors in baltimore's state's attorney's office thursday. she said they are starting to build a new case against john merzbacher, in case he's freed. >> i'm coming forward now because of the most significant child rapist that ever was to this world has a chance of getting out of prison. i don't care hold you are, i don't care if he's 80. if he can still walk, breathe and touch, he can harm a child. >> reporter: john merzbacher was accused of raping and sodomizing a dozen students. he was given life in prison. but now he could be given a technicality. merzbacher claims his attorney never told him about a plea deal that could have given him 10 years. donna says merzbacher raped her several times when she was just 11 years old. the archdiocese has apologized and is paying for counseling for her. >> he threatened us so much. we feared for our life, every day of our life.
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i threw up every day of my life that i came to school for three years. every day. >> reporter: vowing to fight merzbacher's possible rereese -- release and support donna and others who might come forward. >> this man ruined all of our lives. >> his attorney did not return our calls today. >> the state's attorney's office is appealing the ruling. a shot at horse racing's triple crown will have to wait on the eve of what could have been racing glory. "i'll have another has a big race. i'll have another was paraded in front of the cameras before his owner and trainers announced the startling news. >> i'm afraid the history is going to have to wait for another day. >> the winner of the kentucky derby and preakness was suddenly scratched from the belmont stakes with a swollen tendon.
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>> it's extremely disappointing. and i feel so sorry for the whole team. >> reporter: belmont stakes veterinarian says the horse could have run the race but would have risked further injury. >> what would have been the danger if he had run? >> gets worse. >> possible life-threatening danger or injury? >> no, absolutely none. >> reporter: i'll have another's trainer confirms he has run his last race. >> it was unanimous between the redams and my brother and i and everyone at the barn to retire him. >> reporter: the 3-year-old colt was trying to become horse racing's 12th triple crown winner. it hasn't been done since affirmed did it in 1978. >> reporter: more than 100,000 people were expected to be here for the big race. it's a wide open field now. but horse racing fans say without "i'll have another ," it just won't be the same. >> well, makes for a new horse race. but it's too bad. >> i was looking forward to seeing if there could would be a triple crown that we could brag about. >> reporter: i'll have another
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was purchased for $35,000. and won almost $2.7 million. he still has earning potential through breeding fees, even if he couldn't accomplish horse racing's greatest feat. in elmont, new york, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> the scratch marks the first time since 1936 that the derby and preakness winner didn't run in the belmont. maryland voters will decide on same-sex marriage in november. the state board of elections today certified more than 70,000 signatures and it is more than enough to put the issue on ballot. if the referendum passes, same- sex marriage would become legal in maryland, january 1st. a convenience store clerk loses a large stash of cash on one of the state's busiest highways. now, they are asking for that money back. gigi barnett has more on what happened. gigi? >> reporter: well, vic, state police say everyone has done this at some point or another. they've left something on top
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of their car and driven away. that's what happened to one store clerk. but for him, it's going to cost him. >> reporter: this is where a 711 employee -- 7-eleven believes he lost a bag of cash on i-70 northbound, right near the exit to route 100. >> my family and myself is devastated. and all the money, i lost a large amount of money. >> reporter: the worker who didn't want to be identified said he was making a deposit yesterday. just before he left, the employee put a redmony bag, filled with a hefty stash of cash on the roof of his suv. he became distracted somehow and drove away. that was the last time he saw the money. maryland state police say cash on the highway has happened before, turning into a payday for drivers. >> we had a similar incident occur in montgomery county in march of this year, where a bank bag fell out of an armored vehicle, along i-270. and cash flooded all over the
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roadway. and it was collected before police arrived. >> reporter: the clerk went out and frantically searched for the cash. minutes into it, he spotted a group of people looking for something in the woods, right near that exit. one woman told them that she did find something. >> she said, i found one check, along with a dollar bill. she said, buddy, good luck to you, i'm going to return it to you. and then she left. >> reporter: police won't say exactly how much money was in the red bag. that is all part of the investigation. as for the employee, he is 100% responsible for the money. and he says he's relying on the generosity of witnesses to turn it in. >> there are still honest people out there. and i hope they will do the right thing and come back and return the money. >> reporter: and state troopers say the money went missing just before 6:00. that's not long before the big rush hour hit on i-97. that's why they believe that someone may have seen this money either go in the woods or on the side of the road and might have picked it up. vic, back to you.
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>> gigi, thank you very much. state police say if you have any information on the convenience store cash, call detectives. well, it's finally friday. what a picture-perfect day it is, too. take a live look outside, too. not a cloud in sight. meteorologist tim williams is enjoying the weather outside. but first, let's begin inside with bob turk. bob? >> really nice end of spring, early kind of summer day. take a look at temperatures. very, very pleasant. because it's so dry. 84. but the dew point, 47 degrees. actually, 84 when you combine that with the low dew point. feels like 80 degrees. actually, lower than the actual temperature. 74, the real temperature in ocean city. and 72 out in oakland. now, today was warm. but tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer than today. maybe upper 80s many places as the winds continue to be out of the west/southwest. to our north and northeast, new england will see cooler temperatures and a risk of some showers up that way. tim has a look at just how warm this year has been since
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january. tim? >> well, the national weather service has released a series of numbers, all of them very -- well, just kind of confirmed what a lot of people already thought. that this has been a pretty warm stretch, dating back to last year. we'll talk about that in a second. but at the official reporting station for the state. 51.7 has been the actual average high for that area, for basically the entire state, since january of this year, up until the end of may. so for the first really -- really the first portion of this year. the first half of this year. we have been up an average of almost 6 degrees for the entire stretch of that time. it is the warmest we have been in 73 years. in this state, in that period of january to may, at bwi marshall. and of course, that is reporting -- official reporting station for the state. and just to go back, the entire united states has been the warmest it's been since records have been kept in the last year, since 1895. so just keep that in mind. it has definitely been a warm
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12 months for this area. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast and talk about how warm it's going to get this weekend. in a moment. back inside. for more this o this, they have been collecting food donations. wjz will be at all three games in full force this weekend, collecting canned food and your cash. wjz is live. jessica kartalija is live at camden yards with more on how you can help. >> reporter: well, vic, i just had a ron matz sighting out here. ron is out here. adam, derek out here. alex demetrick. there are so many people out here, coming to the game. and they're bringing cans and making donations. this year, marylanders need those donations more than ever. >> reporter: donating to the maryland food bank at the baltimore orioles game, well, it's as easy as catching a can of corn. >> the need is bigger. >> reporter: john bigs is the chief operation officer at -- officer at the food bank.
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>> auto the work -- it's the working force. those making $40,000, family of three in maryland. you're not paying your light bill. not feeding yourself. >> reporter: the maryland food bank distributes more than 20 million pounds of food to 600 soup kitchens and shelters across the state. >> if everyone gives a little bit, it adds up to a lot. >> reporter: last year, we collected 5,000 pounds of food and raised some $21,000 in donations. this year, with empty shelves like these, we're hoping to bring in even more. cash donations from the collection this weekend will be used to buy turkeys that will be paired with boxes filled with food for the holidays. canned goods collected will help restock shelves that are hard to fill during summer months. >> fruits is big. mixed vegetables are big. low sodium soups. >> reporter: they're very health conscious there at the maryland food bank. but of course, they'll accept all food donations. and if you can't make it here
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this weekend, just log onto our website, click on a link, and you can make an online donation from the comfort of your own home. >> all right, jessica, thank you very much. and of course, you can help wjz, masn and the baltimore orioles feed the hungry this weekend. today, as we mentioned, don will be collecting, along with adam, don, ron, derek. tomorrow, you can see denise, bob, tim and myself. and sunday, meet kai, mary, jessica, mike hellgren, monique griego and megan mccorkle. >> and it's good to remember, if you come and forget your canned goods, we take cash and even coins, happily. still to come. catching heat on capitol hill. the tsa gets a lashing from lawmakers over their screenings. tonight, they fight the back. -- they fight back. a chaotic funnel cloud sends students flying. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, marking spot where
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the star-spangled banner was formed. that story as eyewitness news continues. and it's sunny and clear right now. but will it last all weekend? find out in your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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it is postally -- mostly sunny. 84 degrees in central maryland now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a rate hike request may give bge customers a new appreciation for ma
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what they're paying for gas and electricity now. pat warren explains why bge is asking for more money. pat? >> to keep those juices flowing, denise. bge says it needs additional funding to make sure that it gets your electricity and gas to you on time. remember this time last friday? thousands of marylanders were heading into a weekend without power, as tornado-forced winds toppled trees that tore down power lines. and bge crews mobilized to get everybody plugged back in. upgrading power lines, making repairs, cutting back trees, keeping people in service. all of that comes with a price. >> we spend the money. >> reporter: bge has been spending the money over a period of time and now they're coming to collect. >> look at all of those costs that we've incurred on behalf of the customers. and then we approach the commission and request for an adjustment in rates. >> reporter: just what we need, some customers must be thinking, somebody wanting more money. >> with the economy the way it is, it's just too much. >> i, of course, am not for it.
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>> it's just too much, too often. >> just how much an increase is not known yet. but what is known is this. when you flip that switch, you want the flight -- lights to come on. >> all of the things we do along the way to ensure both safe and reliable delivery. but we have to continue to invest in the system. a large part of that system, also, which was built in the 30s, 40s and 50s, that is near its end of useful life. >> reporter: and again, this rate increase is the request to the psc by bge to recover money it's already spent. i'm pat warren, reporting live, now back to you. >> thank you, pat. bge will submit its request for a rate increase with a public service commission between now and the end of the year. it is likely to be several months before the commission decides. maryland's health department wants maryland to become the first state to ban crib bumpers. the special task force says the
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product's risks outweigh the benefits. some historical marks are not wet. but this one is. alex demetrick reports, this historical marker ties right into maryland's star-spangled saila bration. >> reporter: they are setting navigation buoys. and every june, this one, painted in stars and stripes is set. >> this is purely ceremonial buoy that marks an important spot for american history. it is not used for navigation at all. >> reporter: that history is francis scott key's writing of the star-spangled banner. he witnessed the bombarding of the bridge. >> francis scott key wrote those words. his visual snapshot of what occurred for that 25-hour period. >> reporter: the coast guard has been marking this
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historical spot since 1972. every year, there's a small ceremony, as the buoy is set. tom petcavich was a young coast guardsman that first year and has photos and invitations to come this year. >> it's 40 years to the day, just about when we put this buoy out. i mean, it's like a milestone. >> reporter: because the bicentennial of the war of 1812 makes this tradition something special. marking on water, the place where an eyewitness once watched a critical piece of american history unfold. where its flag still flies unfurled, 200 years later. and the buoy marking the star spangled banner will be removed until -- be in place until fall where it will be removed and put in storage until june. one dog and one cat. [ laughter ] let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region.
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84 now. humidity, 27%. dew points down to 47 degrees. that is very dry air. northwest winds at 9. barometer falling right now. we'll come back and look at that weekend after this. ,,,,,,,
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beautiful friday eaching. don't -- evening. don't you. to be out there, sitting outside, with shrimp cocktail. >> really great afternoon, great evening. good afternoon to get out. if you have a sailboat or powerboat. it's going to be a great cookout weather. baseball weather. just really nice, warm. don't forget the sun screen. you'll need it this weekend. this is very high sun. we're only two weeks from the highest sun of the year. so you can really get burned, 15 minutes is really all you need. so be careful. let's take a look. even though temperatures are going to get quite warm this weekend, this past week, there's mild temperatures. it's going to be a radical change from what we've seen. but it's still going to be on the dry side. 84 now. 74 in ocean city. 84 in washington. once again, the dew points are down to 87 degrees. that is very, very dry air. this weekend, probably get back into the upper 50s. by monday, i expect the dew point to be back in the 60s.
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and with temperatures in the upper 80s, that will make it feel like the low to mid-90s, by early next week. so right now, we're looking at temperatures, 80 up in bel air. 81 in rock hall. and 84 over in annapolis. a light northwest wind right now. that will continue tomorrow, be more of a west wind. also, that will bring in warmer temperatures over the next few days. to our north, frontal system across new england. still causing showers up there. that's the dividing line between that cooler, marine air. and some canadian air. and the warmer air coming into our region. just a few clouds here in pennsylvania. bulk of the region, cloud-free, completely. it looks like we'll stay under this influence of this high pressure as it moves off to the south and southeast. warmer air coming in. temperatures today, in the 80s out in the midwest. and that will be in our region all weekend long. maybe getting to 90 or 91 on sunday. now, this front to the north of us is going to get kind of close sunday night. may cause a shower or two. philadelphia, maybe even elkton to the north. north of that front, it will be
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cold air. and that's why they expect to see those showers. we can warm air into the week. but humidity may make it feel more uncomfortable than this weekend. bay temp around 75 degrees. tonight, clear, comfortable. 59 by morning. maybe 65 downtown. 89 degrees tomorrow. that's about 8 degrees above average. under mainly sunny skies. just a few clouds perhaps in the afternoon. temperatures a few degrees warmer. yet on sunday, with a slight increase in humidity. it's going to feel more like july or maybe early july, rather than early june. >> okay. thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. starting over. a california man who spent years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, gets a shot at a football career. an e. coli outbreak grows. where the strain has expanded. and are you at risk? i'm mike schuh, alt sinai. and this is caleb. he's a preemie.
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and he needs more mother's milk than his mother can currently provide. where he is getting that extra milk from? it may surprise you. the story next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:29. 84 degrees. and mostly sunny. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. in the hot seat, congress comes out swinging against the tsa for poorly serving airline passengers. whit johnson reports for wjz, from reagan international airport. >> it's palpable. the american people are just really disgusted and outraged. >> reporter: while unleashing his attack on tsa administrator john pistole, republican congressman mike rogers says the agency lacks common sense. >> why are we patting down donald rumsfeld? people are going to say, they're patting down beyonce. she's not going to blow a plane up. >> reporter: following recent negative headlines, like the dozen tsa workers in fort myers, florida, busted for improper screenings, pistole took the brunt of the
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criticism. he talked about relaxed screening measures for children and seniors. >> with over 630 million people in a year, we are not going to have 100% quuftd mersatisfaction. >> reporter: tsa staff has increase the 400%. from 16,500 workers in 2001, to more than 65,000 now. but pistole said demands to cut the agency's work force. >> i believe we need this work force to provide the security that america expects today. >> would you say the tsa as it stands today is effective in protecting the american people? >> i believe it is effective. there is no question in my mind about that. >> reporter: form deputy tsa administrator tom blank says while criticism is expected, it is important for people to remember why the tsa got started in the first place. >> what we have going out there is connected directly from
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9/11. we know from incidents that have happened that aviation is still a key sector of interest to those that would do us harm. >> reporter: whit johnson, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the tsa recently said anyone over 75 years old or under the age of 12, can keep their shoes on during security checks. the former high school football star, exonerated in a rape case is getting a chance at the nfl. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on brian banks. >> reporter: the 26-year-old is trying out for the seattle seahawks. bank's record was wiped clean after his accuser admitted she made up the rape allegations. he spent five years in prison and another five on parole. banks was offered a scholarship to play football at usc, but his time behind bars changed everything. he said he is just grateful for a second chance. he must have impressed seattle coach pete carroll because he invited him to a tryout next week. >> five other nfl teams have
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contacted banks. a big decision for an army private charged. today, a judge refuses to dismiss eight of the 22 counts against bradley manning. prosecutors say he leaked hundreds of thousands of intelligence documents to the website wikileaks. the judge rejected the defense argument that the government used unconstitutional language in some of those counts. well, a mega church pastor from atlanta is arrested after getting into a fight with his daughter. police say they were called to the home of pastor crevlow dollar early this morning. has 15-year-old daughter told officers dollar choked her and spanked her with a shoe. doctor dollar said she was being disrespectful. he now faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. congress not to pass measures to could put americans back to work. in this 2012 campaign report, tara mergener reports for wjz. his address led to a back-and- forth with his republican challenger. the weak economy brought
6:34 pm
president obama to the white house briefing room friday. >> good morning. >> he urged european leaders to take action on their debt crisis crisis and called on congress to take action on the jobs plan he sent to capitol hill last year. >> they left most of the jobs plan just sitting there. and in light of the head winds that we're facing right now, i urge them to reconsider. >> reporter: the president says there is already money set aside for projects that will get construction workers, teachers, police, and firefighters back on the job. >> reporter: >> the private sector is doing fine. whera where we're seeing weakness in our economy have to do with state and local government. >> reporter: republican white house hopeful mitt romney wasted no time answering the president's assessment of the economy. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? >> reporter: president obama later clarified his remarks. >> it is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine. that's the reason i had the press conference. >> reporter: republicans on
6:35 pm
capitol hill are also feeling election-year pressure but say it's the president who is refusing to work with them. >> it is not because of house republicans. it's because of the failed stimulus policies and are the items in his agendas. >> reporter: republican leaders say the house will vote next month to extend bush-era tax cuts. president obama wants to see the curts expire for people making more than $250,000. >> rat the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> stay with wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012. we'll continue to bring you the latest on the candidates and issues on air and online at in tonight's wjz healthwatch, an e. coli outbreak sickens 14 people in six states. now, according to the cdc, three people have been hospitalized and one person has died. cases have been reported in louisiana, georgia, alabama and florida. the cause of the outbreak is unknown at this point.
6:36 pm
and the investigation, of course, is ongoing. if you feel flu-like symptoms, you are urged to contact your doctor. >> the search is on tonight for a black bear, wandering around baltimore county. mike hellgren has the latest on this potentially dangerous situation. >> reporter: this black bear was probably looking for new territory and traveled a long way for it, to jacksonville elementary school in baltimore county, just as 300 students and parents had gathered for the fifth grade graduation. >> three of them screamed. then they just stared. because this is not something that you see in baltimore county. and she was like, get in the classroom now. at that time, we did a complete, what we call lockdown. >> it is unlikely for it to take up residence here. that's not the best habitat. and likes to be around the other bear, which there aren't any in that area. >> reporter: many bears live in western maryland. the department of natural resources says it's someone common for them to come to are the parts of the state during spring and summer. there have been sightings in
6:37 pm
baltimore and howard counties. but it's a rare sight. at least for this principal. >> many, many years, i have been in the system. and i have never encountered a black bear before. this is one in a million for me. >> reporter: last year, a couple saw a bear in manchester county. a 2-year-old male. >> out of the side of my eye, i looked over. and my god, there was a bear. and i told my wife. i said, oh, my god, there's a bear. >> reporter: at jacksonville elementary, lat least, the worries are over, once school lets out for today. >> it can go anywhere for summer vacation. but please, go back north or whatever come august, because school starts again. >> if you see a bear, state biologists say be calm and leave it alone. in baltimore county, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> state biologists say the warm winter has no bearing on the number of recent sightings. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. lieac the logistics involved in next week's saila bration. baltimore's archbishop will
6:38 pm
ordain seven priests saturday. three them converts from the episcopalian church. lock at the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. a serious, often fatal disease, found mostly in preemie babies. mike schuh reports from sinai. >> reporter: this locked door opens for laquaishia singletary. here's why. >> good morning. >> caleb came two months early. and because so many preemies, particularly african american preemies get a disease which kills their intestines, when a mom can't produce enough milk. her own, the hospital now has an all-natural answer. >> cow's milk is for cows. and human milk is for humans. >> he's saying preemies need
6:39 pm
human mother milk to keep their guts alive. but some of the human milk they're getting is not from their motors. >> he's getting a fortified supplement, which is coming from human breast milk. >> human breast milk? >> yeah. from donor mothers. >> all of this came from motors who donated their milk. >> when you think of the idea of one person drinking another person's milk it seems a little loopy. >> it is. and at first, i was like, no. >> there is the icfactor. >> reporter: but the doctors here tell the mom, this milk is donated by people who have been screened for diseases and it's pasturized. >> once i found out he was gaining weight, i was all for it. >> reporter: on average, one preemie a year would die because they couldn't handle anything but preemie milk. but now, mother's milk, no matter its source, is doing the job.
6:40 pm
>> so mother's milk is the mother's milk of new jersey. >> sliewblghts no doubt. >> reporter: at sinai, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and sinai is the only hospital in that area offering both a human milk supplement and a whole human milk. still to come. a plane crash claims a afford family. inside, the wreckage. a victim still missing. who is forcing a victim to fold up his flag? a warm weekend on tap. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. ,,,,,
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a high school graduation takes a scary turn in new jersey. what ad to be a funnel cloud on the horizon. the storm produced lots of lightning. but fortunately, nobody was hurt. some students ran inside, while others stayed right there to watch the storm. a plane crashes in florida. and an entire family is killed. but the search for one victim is under way. still under way. in the swamps about 50 mimes southwest of orlando. a 13-year-old boy is believed to have been sucked out of the plane. when it broke apart in midair and then crashed am the family was traveling from the bahamas to their home in kansas.
6:44 pm
federal investigators are looking for the cause. international outrage today after new violence in syria. they had a cell phone video that captures a successful attack. today's attack comes after government forces brutally killed 80 people, including women and children. today, united nations leaders are looking for a way to end those attacks. a retired marine, fought in afghanistan. and now he says he's fighting to defend his free speech at home. the american flag and the marine corps flag had been flying outside john dylan's home for years. but now the homeowner's association is threatening to fine him $100 a day if he doesn't remove one of the flags. >> after flying them for seven years, all of a sudden, they're going to tell us that we can't. but these flags mean everything to me. >> this is freedom of speech to plea. this is something my husband husband served for and reasoned the
6:45 pm
right to fly. >> reporter: the dillons asked the association to revise the rule, but they were declined. this daredevil can't afford any slipups. nik wallenda is getting ready for his biggest stunt to day. he plans to cross on a two-inch tightrope. wallenda had a near fall on his last tight rope here in october. but he says the 200-foot drop at the falls doesn't scare him. we were talking about this earlier, we were wondering if he has to show a passport to cross into canada. >> right. come get it. i'm right here. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. for the first time, toxic dust at ground zero has been listened to cancer. what -- linked to cancer. what this means for thousands of 9/11 first responders, tonight, on the cbs evening news. >> thanks, scott. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. blan ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course.
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nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. well, what a way to kick off the weekend. the sun is out. warm and dry. but can it last until sunday. bob williams and bob turk kick off your weekend weather. let's begin outside with tim and the jungle.
6:49 pm
tim? >> we are definitely out here. and it can last until sunday, denise and even beyond. we're looking at temperatures going to the upper 50s and low 60s. that's where we start tomorrow. sunshine. low humidity and dew points like it is today. but go over to a daytime high tomorrow with upper 80s and a good bit of sunshine right on through. overnight lows in the 60s. sunday and beyond, bob has those details. take it, bob. it will stay dry. but the humidity will start coming back. sunday afternoon, sunday night. a little more humid. and it will be pretty hot. 91. monday, tuesday and wednesday, definitely more humidity. 88, 85, 87. probably scattered shower or thundershower. tuesday late into early wednesday. looks like we'll probably post that by tomorrow. if you're heading down the beach, ocean city, delaware beaches. 81 saturday. 79 on sunday. a lot of sunshine. water temperatures still chilly at 66 degrees. denise? >> thank you, bob. stir still to come tonight on eyewitness news. the orioles return home from a
6:50 pm
rough road trip. but they are still in first place. >> now they face the phillies. stan is live with a preview. ,,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
they're in first place still, what do you know? stan is in for mark tonight, with the wjz the fan sports
6:53 pm
report. hello, stan. >> hello there, d. first off, orioles, 24-21, all- time against these phillies. if fact, they've beaten the phillies five of their last six times. but what a glorious sun- splashed day for the orioles, and the masn and wjz food drive. a lot of people are contributing. today also marks the first time here at camden yards that an inner league series is being played. the orioles hit the field running. tied with tampa at the top of the division. this after being shut out in boston. 7-0. that finished off a 3-6 road against a.l. east opponent. now, next six games are all against n.l. teams. that continues against the slumping phillies. they're at the bottom of the n.l. east. buck showalters forward to interleague play.
6:54 pm
>> we're going to start up the pitchers again. try to figure out who the three starters are, for sure, so we can focus on these guys. pitcher is going to start tomorrow again. with their awftion as concentration. -- offense as concentration. >> reporter: on the mound tonight, the orioles will start jake arrieta. he is on a major funk. winless in the last six. he will be opposed by another struggling pitcher, joe blanton. first pitch at 7:05. and don't forget, tomorrow afternoon, it will be masn on wjz. our live coverage of the orioles and phillies, starts at 4:00, on the dot. well, as we told you a little earlier in this newscast, stunning disappointing news from horse racing nation. "i'll have another," the derby winner, the preakness winner. and his chance for a triple crown victory, null and void. i mean, before he even gets a chance to walk up to the
6:55 pm
starting gate for tomorrow's belmont stakes. trainer doug o'neill walked the horse out of the stable just after 1:00 this afternoon. he delivered the news that "i'll have another" will be scratched from the belmont because of a swollen tendon. >> he's been a little quiet the last few days of galloping. but his legs have been great. yesterday, he galloped great. but in the afternoon, we noticed some loss. definition in his left front leg. >> reporter: following his morning gallop, the problem returned. and even though "i'll have another" can recover in 3 to 6 months, the decision was made to retire him. >> we have to do what is best for the horse. and if we can't compete at the top level, he's done enough. >> reporter: there hasn't been a triple crown winner since affirmed back in 1978. so "i'll have another" joins the list of 12 others who have not won the triple crown since then. oh, my goodness. 34 years. if you don't have anything to do on friday besides a baseball
6:56 pm
game, check out michael's boxing at 8th avenue in glen burnie. meanwhile, first place orioles against the last place phillies, minutes from now. we'll have highlights at 11:00. back to you on the hill. >> thank you very ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
we'll be back at 11:00.
6:59 pm
>> for bob and stan, i'm denise, >> pelley: tonight, syria's merciless crackdown on freedom. liz palmer is the only american reporter to reach the scene of the massacre. >> the people who helped carry the bodies say 17 of the victims are buried here, the rest in neighboring villages. >> pelley: a lifeline for the heroes of 9/11. those who worked at ground zero were cut out of federal benefits. now jim axelrod was cut out on a landmark decision. preparing for the return of el nino. bill whitaker on how it may change our weather and the economy. and lee cowan on why the champion "i'll have another" won't have another chance to make history. >> i'm afraid history will have to wait for another day. >> captioning sponsored by cbs


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