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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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there are sailor in uniforms from all over the world and visitors in the nation. they're also celebrations in new york and norfolk. but again, we are the centerpiece because of our connection with fort mchenry and the star-spangled banner. jessica kartalija is here today, as 40 different captains from 14 different nations were honored in different ceremonies. she is live on the other side of the inner harbor. hello, jessica. >> hello, denise. what an exciting and gorgeous day out here. since we got out here this morning, the blue angels have been practicing, flying overhead. ships having -- have been coming in. everywhere you look, sights and sounds are coming. and it all started this morning with a lot of pomp and circumstance, and a special sailabration opening ceremony. >> reporter: an international spotlight on baltimore's inner harbor, as the sailabration officially gets under way.
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♪ [ music ] a ceremony, with maryland's top brass. >> we are officially kicking off baltimore's star-spangled sailabration. from indonesia. >> captains of all 40 ships from around the world, are presented with gifts. ♪ [ music ] as the naval ceremonial band plays. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: visitors from around the world commemorate the war of 1812. >> it is wonderful in baltimore. i want to see everybody. >> we have something to celebrate and give to people that are probably not even aware of a lot of what is going on. >> reporter: the best view may be from sky eye chopper 13 overhead, taking a look at the tall ships in the harbor. we're watching people up on the top of federal hill. there is a band up there. people walking around all over the harbor. i know that i spoke with our
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meteorologist bernadette woods. she said people were coming out in canton, checking everything out. it is just a wonderful time and a wonderful opportunity to be part of history here in baltimore. speaking of being a part of thing, coming up tonight, at 6:30, we have brazil's beautiful tall ships. and i will take you on board. that's coming up in just a bit. i'll send it back over the harbor to you, denise. and everywhere you look, you see the american flag, flying from poles and from ships. and it's appropriate. today is flag day. and although this is a celebration or a sailabration, as we have been saying, there is a serious side to this bicentennial. it was 200 years ago that right here, the british were trying to reclaim this country. and there was a huge battle fought. and it was fought bravely by 1,000 soldiers at fort mchenry, who withstood 24 hours of shelling and bombing. fort mchenry is where alex
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demetrick is. he has more on this important moment in history. alex? >> reporter: that's right. 200 years ago, it was bombs buff ufort -- bursting in air. but this weekend issue it's going to be the roar of jets. >> reporter: when the blue angels do the shakedown run, they tend to shake things up. getting a feel over the air space at fort mchenry today, came as a surprise. >> it's so exciting. we're loving it. we ran outside. taking pictures, videos to send to all of our friends. >> i leel fike feel -- feel like we have an exclusive show. it makes the day exciting. >> their appearance for the star-spangled sailabration for the summer. sounds pretty routine. >> are you kidding me? never. we do the same demonstration week in and week out. every show location is unique. every show location has its very unique challenges. >> reporter: captain greg mcwerkter has its challenges.
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air nautical baths like -- battles like these. >> i make adjustments for the weather. so ultimately, i'm responsible for leaving the flight demonstration. >> more than pilots travel with these fighters. there are also 130 maintenance and support staff. maryland native sammy holmes job is to keep them flying. >> we've never canceled an air show for maintenance. >> we know that we did our job and did it right. >> reporter: this is only the second time the blue angels have performed over baltimore. the last time was 1959. so you might want to catch them this time. they'll be performing saturday and sunday, beginning at 1:00. denise? >> that's right, alex. and there are tickets available for that performance. and they're free. and you do not drive to fort mchenry. you take a shuttle, a free shuttle, from m&t bank stadium. but if you don't go to those shows, let me tell you, if you come down here the next few
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days, you'll watch them rehearsing while practicing. and the maneuver is like a show. like you're at the real show. up them today is sky eye chopper 13 jeff long. and that must have been something to have those guys flying around you, jeff. >> well, we did keep our distance denise. and now we're looking down on the uss constellation. everybody knows that ship. and more to the same pier is a ship from indonesia, called the dealer ruchi. interesting thing about this ship is it has its own marching band. and it's one of the beautiful tall ships that are lining the promenade place. it's a beautiful night and i'm sure the crowds are going to grow. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13. i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> thank you, jeff. and this has been in the planning by the coast guard. it woom would have been rain
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held or shine. it could have been 100 degrees. we'd still be standing here. but we're so happy it's not 100 degrees. and it's a beautiful evening in the inner harbor. >> we talked about how perfect the conditions have to be for the blue angels to fly. and it has been nearly perfect. just a light breeze. also not lost on us is this is actually flag day. and we have been talking about how these flags are so gorgeous. up and down the streams. up and down the tall ships. dozens and dozens of flags across the country. and they're blowing in a nice, calm gentle wind. so your sailabration forecast. if you're planning to come down tonight or into tomorrow, it's going to be wonderful. 60 degrees tonight ask is what we're talking about. and we're looking at just a mostly clear night, with a light breeze down here. just a delightful evening down here on the water. tonight, much like today. temperature around 80 degrees. we'll go up to about 82. and again, a carbon copy day. pretty dry. and a phenomenal heading in. >> and as tim was saying to me earlier, if you're planning to
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come down and bring your family, most of the things that are happening here this weekend are free. including the blue angels. >> so a moment of history that you don't want to miss. for now, we'll send it back to vic and mary. >> okay. thank you very much, denise and tim. >> and make sure to join us. for coverage of star-spangled sailabration, hosted by cbs's bob schieffer, along with jessica kartalija. >> we'll update the breaking news. wjz first reported last hour. the medical examiner just ruled the death of a teenager in baltimore county a homicide. it happened during a confrontation with an off-duty officer. wjz is live. mike hellgren has more for us. >> he said the 17-year-old junior died of asphyxiation. his family tells us he was active in his church, rotc and athletics. and he recently injured has lag. they found it hard to believe that he ran away from the law. >> reporter: the mother and aunt of 17-year-old christopher brown are demanding answers in his death.
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police say it happened after a fight with an off-duty police officer in randallstown. >> it was by somebody's hands. you know what i'm saying? and it was an officer who should have known better. we have peace about where he was now. we don't have peace about how he got there. to hear this is still like a bad dream. >> police say the officer heard a bang. saw several people running away and chased them. police say he caught up with brown nearby on starbrook road. and brown ran away. hiding in bushes. of, refusing to come out. >> the officer reached into the bushes and pulled him out. at that point, the young man engaged in a physical fight. when the young man became unconscious, the officer immediately began providing cpr. >> all i'm thinking, he's wondering, what is this guy going to do to me. >> i just still hope that even going down to the coroner's office, that it won't be christopher. >> reporter: neighbors say the teenager was going door to door, asking for help. and they say it was a nurse who lives in the community not the
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officer who administered cpr. >> police know of no weapons used. they also do not know if the officer injured himself or identified himself. >> it's going to likely take us a little time to det to the bottom of what happened here. >> i was thinking i was having to pack up, you know, clothes. get in together. that's just unreal. >> we definitely need some justice. some answers. >> reporter: the officer has been on the force for more than nine years. he is right now on routine administrative leave with pay. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> police have not identified that officer yet. a man barricades himself inside a woodlawn home, creating chaos outside. officers were called to dogwood road for reports of a domestic situation. the suspect inside refused to come out of the house. police believed he was armed and shut down surrounding streets as a precaution. the suspect surrendered to police just after 3:00 today. the punishment for the man
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behind the controversial 2010 election night robocalls draws criticism from a surprise source. tonight, julius henson's attorney cries falling, saying what happens to henson is not fair. he says he is a sole voice, speaking out publicly. >> i'm not afraid of julius henson. >> reporter: in fact, law professor larry gibson doesn't like campaign consultant julius gibson at all. he even agrees the election night robocalls were offensive and reprehensible, clearly intended to suggest democrats need not go vote. >> nevertheless, it is dangerous to our society, and particularly to minority communities to begin to criminalize political statements, even those that are false and misleading. >> reporter: gibson, who has run several political campaign himself, called the election laws that henson and schurick
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were charged with unconstitutional and said it is unacceptable that his one misdemeanor conviction landed him in jail for 60 days, compared to schurick, home detention 30 days for two offenses and two misdemeanors. >> reporter: gibson was also upset that henson was put right into handcuffs and deny them bail. >> the only reason to deny a person bail is that they are an imminent threat to society or a bail risk, neither of which applies. >> but prosecutors say the lack of remorse henson showed in an interview tuesday night, justified his harsher punishment and jail time. >> mr. henson made clear he didn't see this as a problem what he did. it was almost the implication he would do it again. >> but gibson says the treatment was unjust and calls on the judge to reduce henson's punishment. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> gibson said he expects paul schurick's conviction will be overturned on appeal. henson says he is confident, he, too, will be vindicated by higher courts. city fire investigators say the flames caused $1.5 million in damage. more than 125 firefighters responded to the scene monday on south broadway. they still haven't determined a cause. sports director mark viviano joins us with more on what suggs was saying about his serious injury. mark? >> reporter: well, mary, there has been speculation about how long the linebacker will be sidelined and questions as well about how he got hurt. suggs gave his side of the story in owings mills today. >> reporter: the nfl's defensive player of the year limped to the microphone, with his right foot in a boot, following surgery to repair a torn achilles tendon. he's coming off the best season of his nine-year career.
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suggs first predicted that he'll be playing again in november. he admits now, he's not sure if that will be the case, but states with certainty, he will play at some point this coming season. >> like i said before, when i first got injured, i will be in a baltimore raven uniform in 2012. only question is, is when. >> reporter: suggs maintains that he suffered the injury during a fitness test. and again denied an espn report, which cited eyewitnesses, which said suggs got hurt playing basketball. >> i didn't get hurt doing that. that's what i said. like i said, built up more of a team. what happened, i tell you what happened. that's not what happened. >> what happens next is rigorous rehab for suggs, made painful by having to watch his teammates from the sidelines. >> now i've never appreciate today so much. because i've never had to sit and watch, you know, my brothers, you know, go to battle without me. so it was definitely
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frustrating. but it's going to be a learning experience for me. >> reporter: and suggs tells us that doctors made a smaller incision during his surgery, which they believe the expedite his recovery. mary? >> we hope so, mark. the ravens' first regular season game is september 10th. ravens quarterback joe flacco is celebrating tonight. he is now the proud father of a baby boy. his wife dana gave birth to steven flacco, weighing in at 8 pounds. the quarterback has been excused, understandably so, from the ravens mini camp, to be with his family. >> and some of the pictures we saw were from the wedding. >> right. >> of he and dana. and we hope they release a picture of steven. >> probably pretty soon. >> maybe in a ravens oneself -- wornsy -- onesy or something like that. new charges against a cycling super star. the new evidence the doping agency says it has against lance armstrong. a suspect is shot as atf
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agents and baltimore police arrest what they call a known gang of armed robbers. i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news. more on the gang of six. first day as an american citizen, on flag day. i'm gigi barnett at the maryland historical society. that story is next. and stay with us as we celebrate sailabration's opening day. we're live with all of the sights and sounds of the bicentennial. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is partly sunny. 79 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a suspect is shot as atf agents and baltimore police arrest what they call a known gang of armed robbers. officers swooped in on the alleged gang right on the jfx. >> for three weeks, the group of alcohol, tobacco and firearms have been tracking a gang of six suspected armed robbers. >> these remember very violent individuals who intended to do serious harm today. >> reporter: with information that the group was going to commit an armed robbery today, agents and officers closed in. >> four of the individuals in a vehicle deliberately attempted to run over officers and agents. one of the agents who was in fear of his life, and the other agents and officers around him, fired one round from his weapon at the driver of the vehicle
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who was attempting to run him over, striking him once in the right shoulder blade. >> the getaway car ranled two -- rammed two police vehicles before it stopped. >> obviously a clear indication of what these individuals were going to do today. >> the atf is offering no further details on the investigation and has not said what led them to this clipper mill location. i'm pat warren, reporting, now back to you on tv hill. >> and the suspect who was shot is expected to recover. all six suspects facing federal charges. secretary and horse racing. now, some are seeking to make the horse even more legendary. the horse crushed the competition to win the triple crown. now, the owner is asking the maryland racing commission to change the time of the horse's winning run at the preakness stakes. its owner says video proves the horse ran the race in one minute and 50 seconds, which would tie the record. hundreds of years dock --
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of history docked at the baltimore inner harbor tonight. denise shows us a different side of this international festival. denise? >> reporter: well, vic, war was actually declared against britain, on june 18th, in 1812. but today, june 14th, is flag day. and for dozens of naturalized immigrants, it has a special significant. it is the start of their new life in america. gigi barnett was there, as they became citizens on a national holiday. >> reporter: these are the words to a new life in america. more than 40 immigrants became u.s. citizens today, at the maryland historical society. for them, a new journey has begun. >> can you imagine, this process has been going on for generations. and it's absolutely amazing, coming into this country and being welcomed. >> reporter: margaret amory hall is from trinidad. she started this process 15 years ago. she had a green card then.
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but now this sift -- certificate makes her citizenship permanent and official. >> i always wanted to come to america. you make up your mind what you want to do here and get it done. >> reporter: tonight they'll celebrate with friends and a big plate of curry chicken. >> i've got a good friend. i'm going to invite her to lunch to sit and talk. >> reporter: the president says the ceremony is sitting at the museum. >> the first immigrants came here in 1634. and there were, of course, native americans already here. but that started this whole chain, this whole process. >> reporter: more than 31 countries were representatived today. and the maryland historical society says this was the first time that it hosted a naturalization ceremony. but it probably won't be the last. in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and how extraordinary for those new citizens. they'll always mark this
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important day in life on flag day. boy, if we hadn't -- if they hadn't won the war of 1812, we would be maybe speaking with a different accent right now, wouldn't we? >> absolutely. talking to francis scott key who talked about the poem. it was a gentleman's puff song. makes that oh at camden yards more appropriate. we'll talk about this with the rest of the sailabration coming up in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wow. i like that music. and i love those pictures. >> yeah. >> very exciting. and even if there was not a star spangled sailabration, it would be a nice night to come to the harbor and enjoy a picnic. >> it really would be. >> it's a beautiful evening. >> some had no idea what they were walking into. imagine walking into an event,
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a sale bration -- sailabration celebration. for more on the weekend, here's bob turk. >> hey, bob. >> it was gorgeous. the rest of the week and weekend, into monday, beautiful. let's take a look at temperatures right now. it's still pretty comfortable at 79. east/southeast winds. humidity, 50%. the dew point is up just a tad. 59 degrees. barometer rising. 30.16 inches. 69. the winds off the ocean. warm spot, d.c., now, 82. only 70 in oakland. a comfortable night, a comfortable day. and it will continue. right now, around the region, mid- to upper 70s, as you can see. around the rest of the area, the warmest spot once again continues to be in washington. everybody else, 75 to near 80 degrees. east winds, brought in some clouds this afternoon, for the most part, it was a really pleasant day. clouds from time to time. a nice breeze. although down by the water, it was really, really nice.
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take a look at the visible satellite. clouds coming in. a lot of them, particularly across virginia. spotty clouds as you can see. but watch the flow coming in from the northeast. boom. right through there. now, this late this afternoon, clearing to the south. some areas, where it's bright and sunny. and thin clouds here and there. that will probably continue a little while for tonight. but for the most part, tomorrow looks like an even brighter day than today. here in the east, high pressure sitting over eastern canada, continuing to bring us east and northeast winds. so from time to time, we've seen a little bit of ocean clouds moving into the area. not a whole lot going on around the east coast. this is the most where this weather is across minnesota. that's not moving our direction. we have beautiful weather all through the weekend as the higher pressure continues to dominate. and look like very pleasant weather all weekend long. temperatures just about normal, which is the low 80s this time of year. into the weekend, and early next week, we'll start seeing a
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warmup. by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. by next thursday, could be close to 90. east winds, 5 to 10 knots. on the bay. and bay temp, around 74. tonight, just a few patchy clouds. pleasant. down around 60. and tomorrow, back up again around 80, with sunshine for the most part. and just a few patchy clouds. all in all, great end of the week. and a great weekend for father's day as well. >> sunday. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. tough testimony. more accusers take the stand in the jerry sandusky abuse trial. the latest from the courtroom as the prosecution wraps up. high-speed heist. how these thieves try holding up a moving truck. live from the inner harbor, we'll have complete coverage of the star spangled sailabration. >> sticking together. american history. we'll tell you how baltimore is becoming part of a national movement. i'm rochelle ritchie. that story coming up. ,,,,,,,, do you see it ?
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it is 6:31. 79 degrees on a beautiful
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evening. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. they had an international sailabration, now centered in maryland, as ships from all around the world have come and docked in our harbor. tonight, representing hundreds of years of history. it is all for the star spangled sailabration. baltimore is the centerpiece of that sailabration. although it is also being honored in new york, in norfolk, and in new orleans. we are honoring the people who sacrificed their lives 200 years ago to keep this nation independent. the war of 1812 has been called the second war of independence. came just under 40 years after our first independence from britain. and it was here in baltimore, at fort mchenry, that 1,000 militiamen held off the bombardment of the british ships and the power of the british navy and kept this country free and independent. and that's why we're all here today. it is also flag day.
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so this is a day for great patriotism and great sailabration in baltimore. and today, there was a wonderful ceremony, where we welcomed 40 different ship captains from all over the world. and in a very nautical fashion. and jessica kartalija was lucky enough to be there at the sailabration. she's also there at another corner of it right now. and she's going to tell us that story. jessica? >> reporter: right across the pond, denise. an absolutely gorgeous day. it all started out with pomp and circumstance. the mayor welcomed those captains here to baltimore and presented them with a gift from charm city. but meanwhile, it's all about the ships here. we've seen several of them coming in all afternoon. we've had them boarding them and checking them out. was exciting for them to be part of sailabration. >> one by one, tall ships from around the world sail into baltimore's inner harbor.
6:34 pm
brazil arrives. and so do the crowds. >> i -- all of the people i talked to have been so friendly. everyone we met in the harbor. i would recommend everyone to come and visit. >> reporter: thousands are expected to tour the 40 ships docked throughout the harbor. >> having a ball. >> i like seeing the ships and seeing how they could dock it and like driving it. that's awesome. >> just seeing all of the people coming together as one community, enjoying the day, and enjoying the anniversary. it's just a wonderful thing. >> a sailabration is drawing national and international attention. we have seen several people speaking in native tongues. >> i feel right at home. speaking portuguese with my family. we feel right at home. >> reporter: it's all to commemorate the bicentennial of
6:35 pm
the war of 1812. [ singing ] >> we are back here live at the inner harbor. and denise, the guys have been laughing here. i've been so excite would am it's been absolutely gorgeous. and we're having a wonderful time. and everyone we have spoken to has been so excited to be part of it. back to you, denise. >> thank you very much, jessica. there is a more serious side to this bicentcentennial. war was declared on june 18th. but today, of course, june 14th, is flag day. and that flag is a symbol of our nation. the national anthem is a symbol of this bicentennial as well. today, the 9/11 flag made a trip through baltimore to have its final patch sown on. and rochelle ritchie was there and talks about the significance of that flag and why the patch was sown on here in our -- sewn on here in our
6:36 pm
city. >> reporter: denise, that's right. it was the final stitching on the national 9/11 flag. and it's leaving with a very significant piece of history made right here in baltimore. >> reporter: veronica christianson's hands are no stranger to a needle and thread. >> i resonate with mary pickersville for sewing the flag. >> reporter: she is soing -- sewing for the national 9/11 flag. ooze it's a dream. >> it's a dream. absolutely a dream. >> reporter: in fact, she has been quilting for all of her life. >> it is the most significant patch that i've worked on, next to the abraham lincoln patch. >> today, at the star spangled fly house, more than 100 people, including mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, came to watch the final patch become part of what is a symbol of america's resilience and freedom. >> i hope that as this flag travels around and it's been viewed, that people sense the
6:37 pm
importance of the history that is a part of the 9/11 flag. >> reporter: the flag is part of the say thank you new york foundation. the flag started out in a much smaller version. it was found at ground zero, shredded and covered in debris, from the collapse of the twin towers. >> some say the flag not only holds pieces of american history but also the lives lost in 9/11. >> the ashes, from all of those people who were killed at the world trade center, are residing in these threads of the flag. >> reporter: the flag, now a collection of tragedy and triumph. >> reporter: and the flag will eventually be on display in new york. denise? >> reporter: well, that must have been something to see that, rochelle. thank you very much. and again, that will -- yeah. that will be on display in new york. and new york, of course, a city also celebrating the bicentennial. because the war was also fought in the harbors of new york, new orleans, and norfolk, as i said earlier. now, our celebration --
6:38 pm
sailabration, once again, goes on from now until next week, monday. so we are hoping you'll find time to did down there within the next few days. for now, i'll send it in to mary and vic. and make sure to join us monday at 11:00 a.m. for a live special sailabration special. hosted by bob schieffer, and mary bubala and jessica kartalija. plane still at ronald reagan airport when a passenger refused to turn off a cell phone. a spokeswoman for della airlines -- delta airlines says they escorted the passenger off. two more accuse jerry sandusky of sexual abuse. manuel gallegus reports, the prosecution is kinding -- winding down its case. >> reporter: a soft-spoken accuser, known as victim number 6, told the jury jerry sandusky took a shower with him when he was 11 years old. he testified sandusky called
6:39 pm
himself the tickle monster and embraced him chest to chest, while they were both naked. the man said he remembered seeing sandusky's chest hair near his face, and thinking it was icky. he said he raised him up to rinse him off the soap. and he said, that's the last thing i remember. it's kind of black after that. the witness said he has no memory of sandusky ever touching his private parts. after a complaint from the boy's mother, police looked into the incident. an investigator testified he heard sandusky tell the boy's mother, he wished he was dead. but no charges were filed upon. >> -- >> there was an opportunity. a missed opportunity in 1998. and an opportunity that wasn't missed just by one person. it was missed by multiple people. >> reporter: during cross- examination, the defense questioned why the accuser stayed friends with sandusky and his wife, until last year. victim number 6 admitted going to the sandusky home on football days, borrowing their car, and sending friendly text
6:40 pm
messages to the former assistant coach. >> reporter: another witness, known as victim 3, describes sleepovers at sandusky's house, when he was a boy. he testifies sandusky touched his genitals while in bed, and that he rolled over to prevent anything else from happening. victim 3 also said he loved sandusky and considered him a father figure. in belmont, pennsylvania, manuel gallegus. >> sandusky admits no wrongdoing and could take the stand next week in his own defense. cyclist lance armstrong is once again being accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. the u.s. anti-doping agency accuses armstrong used prohibited substances and masking agents. they also claim he doped up in 2007 and the results were covered up. the psyche -- cyclist denies this and says he has never failed a drug test.
6:41 pm
mgm is the latest group to express interest in a casino at the national harbor. a boys grab to benefit wounded soldiers in the area. and marking the bicentennial of the war of 1812. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news, river rescue, caught on camera. how a man reading a book ended up nearly drowning. wicked wildfires, growing flames force more evacuations in colorado. the latest from the scene. bob turk. first warning weather center. beautiful weather all weekend long. ♪
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a fast and furious heist. watch as this vehicle pulls up behind a semi truck on a highway. one maneuvers himself onto the hood, as the other holds onto his legs. he gets the door to the truck open, gets a look inside and decides to call off the operation. the suspects were arrested and are now accused of theft. a kayaker helped save the life of a chicago man after he accidentally falls into the river. you can see the kayaker here, holding unconscious man.
6:45 pm
up until rescue crews arrived. they jump into the water, pull him onto the rescue boat. he is given cpr and taken to a nearby hospital. witnesses say the man was reading a book when he slipped into the nearby water by accident. he is now in critical condition. there is no end in sight for a giant wildfire burning in colorado. so far, the high park fire is 30% contained. it has charred more than 100 structures. at least one person has died. and hundreds more have been forced out of their homes. investigators think a lightning strike sparked the fire. in tonight's lightning watch, a new report shows the cancer survivors will grow in the next decade. right now, about 14 million people are living with the cancer. but the american cancer society says that number will jump to almost 18 million by 2022. more elderly patients are living longer after the diagnosis. >> here's a look at the numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is a nice and comfy evening now. we will stay rain-free for the festivities this weekend.
6:49 pm
bob has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. bob? >> tomorrow, another nice day. a lot of sunshine. just a few clouds here and there. temperatures in the day, upper 70s. maybe getting to 80 degrees. once again, slightly below average. 82 on saturday. still plenty of sunshine all weekend long. same thing for sunday, which is father's day. and look at those comfortable nights. upper 50s. a little warm on tuesday. by wednesday, probably back up, a little more humid. and mid- to upper 80s by the middle of next week. vic? >> okay, bob. thank you. >> almost forgot. ocean city. 70, 70. 70. water temperature around 67 degrees. >> all done there, bobby? okay, good. >> got it. here we have sports coming up next. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> beautiful night for baseball. >> perfect. >> so far, so good for the orioles and a long baseball season. starting tonight, exactly 100 games to go for the o's. the first 2 1/2 months have gone better than most expected. the o's will finish their current home stand tonight. going for a phillies sweep of the pittsburgh pirates. jake arrieta looked great last night. filling in for brian matusz who was supposed to pitch but couldn't because of a nose injury. he allowed just one run in what
6:53 pm
ended up a decisive seven-run victory. o's are just a game behind the first placed yankees in the division race. >> our division is continuing to win games. and we've got a lot of nondivision games ahead of us. we need to pile as many wins up as we possibly can. everyone is big. >> trying to make it a five- game streak. o's will go against tommy hunter as their starting pirate tonight. first pitch in about 15 minutes. and you can see the game on masn. following tonight's game, the o's hit atlanta. masn on wjz. see the birds take on the braves right here. first pitch, sunday at 1:30. back to the subject of pitching. add san francisco's matt cane, as the one who threw no hitters. he struck out a career high, 14 batters in the process. not just a no-hitter. a perfect game. not a houston batter would
6:54 pm
reach base. final ground ball. giants win. matt cain throws a 22nd perfect game. it's only june. there have been five no-hitters in the major leagues this year. white sox still lumber through a perfect game back in april. ravens can head off to their perfect game. earlier in our show, we heard from injured linebacker terrell suggs that he will remain confident that he will play sometime this weekend. just not sure when. they went on without mandatory veteran ed reed. by rule, reed could be fined more than $70,000 for his absence. regardless of those who didn't participate, the coaching staff feels they had a successful series of off-season practices. coach john harbaugh gave his wrap-up. >> i'm really happy. i'm really happy. i think it was a really good mini camp. i loved the way we worked. i loved the mindset of our
6:55 pm
guys. very determined mindset. and you know, they're having fun, working hard. and that's what you ask for. >> backup quarterback has got all of the work the past two days because, as we told you earlier, joe flacco, away to be with has wife for the birth of their son. ray rice, the only other notable absence. rice did not take part in any of the other franchise team. he is negotiating for a new, long-term deal. ravens reconvened for the kickoff of training camp, coming up july 25th. u.s. open golf is under way. we'll have an update on that at 11:00. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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don't miss tonight's primetime lineup at 10:00. it's another episode of the mentalist. then stay tuned for eyewitness news at 11:00. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm mary bubala. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. there's much more ahead coming up on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. and of course, join us back here for eyewitness news at 11:00. we'll have much more on the ,, >> pelley: tonight, europe on the brink. as the economic crisis worsens there, fear is growing that it could spread here.
6:59 pm
reports from anthony mason and clarissa ward. a showdown over how to fix the economy. >> and if you want to see the results of his economic policies. >> if you want to give the policies of the last decade another try... >> pelley: norah adonnell and jan crawford with campaign 2012 reports. seth doane on how the recession wiped out two decades of accumulated wealth. >> i really thought i would be a lot better off at this point than i am now. >> pelley: and bill meant with woodward and bernstein, 40 years after watergate. >> white house became a kind of criminal enterprise. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is one of those days when the economic picture seems so ominous that the stock market rallied on the bad news. investors seemed to think that


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