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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  June 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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car den and senator barbara, mayor stephanie rawlings blake. i thank you for your presence here today. it gives me pleasure to welcome haze l manning. she's with us somewhere today. ms. manning was a dedecember -- descendant of the commune any in trinidad. she recently participated in a collaborative project between the united states embassy and british high commissions, this documented the culture heritage. i althoughs -- i also want to thank all of the member offense the war 1812 bicentennial commission, chip mason, senator paul sharba, all
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of those are friends from underarmor, ball lard bar, so many other people including our sponsors who have made this weekend such an outstanding kick off. on behalf of the people of baltimore and the people of md hit drama, we are on no -- people of maryland, we are honored to usher in this bicentennial commemoration of the war of 1812. very shortly we will sign a declaration of peace, of our people's coming together as we have for the better part of our more than 2030-year history together with our neighbors in canada, our neighbors in great britain. i want to thank the commanders of nine other nations whose people sent their beautiful tal ships and crew -- tall ships and crews to be a part of this commemoration. i would like to thank each of you.
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>> [applause] >> we are kicking off what will be a 2 year celebration. i want to thank the united states navy, secretary ray mabus. we could not be more proud of our men and women of the united states navy and marine core. the demonstration that you have made here with your personal involvement and commitment, has been outstanding. there are many moments i will remember spending time at this place. congressmen who are with us, i think we share a love for this place. one of the memories i will always cherish is looking over those ramparts and seeing that star spangled banner and see the blue navy roaring over. what an outstanding moment. >> [applause]
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>> in that crowd i've never seen superintendent so many people here at the fort. moms and dads, black and white, grandparents, little kids. it was outstanding. i'd like to make just two points. so much has been said and said so great by the ambassadors and by our secretary. from a maryland and baltimore perspective there are a couple of lessons we clearly see having emerged from this experience, from this sacrifice, from this conflict. most important one is that freedom is not free. it was not the federal government that paid the for this fort, it was the town's people, the merchants, the business community of baltimore that paid for our defense. it was also a time that made us realize that we could not be a free nation, that freedom is not
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free, that the united states navy is not some luxury that we can only afford when our pockets are completely filled. it is something essential for the liberty and freedom of our country. to paraphrase robert frost, i suppose clear borders make good neighbors. as our canadian neighbors also realize in that war, that freedom is not free. the second point i wanted to make is this, it is the very nature of this defense from many people, different people came this defense. the defenders of baltimore, secretary mabus, where at least 50% of us were immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants. in fact, 60% of the army of the 100 army soldiers stationed inside
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this fort were immigrants. one out of five of the defenders of baltimore including some of the uniformed army soldiers inside that fort, were african american citizens of a very imperfect country who none the less saw the sort of great republic that their children and grandchildren might one day inherit and become a part of. there were people like will williams, uniform, african american soldier inside that fort who died as a result of injuries sustained in the conflict. you had the able lieutenant albert ball of joshua barneys men. that very flag itself, sewn together also suing that flag with them was a 13-year-old black servant named
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grace wisher. this was very much an integrated defense, a baltimore defense. from many different people came one great nation. the common thread that held those stars and stripes together, sewn together by black and white hands, defended by black and white lives was thread of human dig any traffic information any time log, the -- was human dignity. the dignity of every individual. this is our story. this is a story worthy of the great people. this is the story that we will tell together and sing together in the years ahead. thank you very much, very much. >> [applause]
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what is a governor without a proclamation. when i raised my hand i'd like all of you to say where as. i want to thank the outstanding morgan state university choir for being here today. >> [applause] >> so here we go. the united states fought a global war against great britain and its colonies from june 18th, 1812 and nearly 200 years of between the united kingdom and the united states of america have existed since the conclusion of that war and -- >> where as. >> the -- the colonies unified and by virtue in 1931 achieved recognition as an independent nation and -- >> where as.
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>> -- the current board between the united states and canada stands as the longest unguarded border in the world and -- >> where as. >> -- the national parks service and parking canada are working together as part of an international effort to recognize and commemorate the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and -- >> where as. >> -- canada, great britain and the united states became strong alleys in the 20th cently as they provided the world support necessary to obtain victory and -- >> where as. >> -- these three nations are pleasantly in accord in their efforts to wage the ongoing global war against terrorism. now therefore we, on this 18th day of june, 2012, on the bicentennial on the united states declaration of war in a conflict that became known as the war of 1812 come together at
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this ceremony to confirm the magnitude and to acknowledge how these bicentennial events provided deeper appreciation of the history, culture andsoeverty of our three -- andsoeverty of our three nations. this will be signed by gary duer from the ambassador of canada to the united states of america who served peter west mccoke, the honor í about able raymond mabus, yours truly and united stated senator from maryland barbara amcolsky. -- mccl os ky. >> [applause] that is the signing of
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proclamation of peace as it is. >> yes, governor o'malley having everyone come up to the podium and sign. it has been a patriot ceremony today. it's been a nice way to wrap up this full week that started last wednesday when the tall ships came in to this day of just some amazing moments for baltimore and the state of maryland and for the united states. >> always exciting to see the senate up at the podium. she was so excited and so enthusiast i can about being here. you could feel the energy comes from the stage. >> our coverage of the commemoration of the war of 1812 continues. eyewitness news at noon is just moments away. ,,,,
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history in baltimore. the bicentennial of the beginning of the war of 1812 is just wrapping up down there with an anniversary celebration at fort
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mchenry itself. good afternoon, here is what people are talking about today. 200 years ago president james madison declared war against great britain starting off the war of 1812. all weekend huge crowds have gathered downtown to see the ships for the star spangled sailabration. today sky chopper 13 is looifr -- live over the fort where a ser ssh ser -- ser moe -- ceremony just wrapped up. >> reporter: good afternoon. >> -- >> reporter: we have america the beautiful playing behind us. maybe they will spend a little time here today. it was really a moving ceremony this morning. >> reporter: right, the ceremony from enemies to alleys hosted by bob shacher. take a
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look. >> from enemies to alleys, 200 years of peace. >> the united states entered the war, it was a loose collection of states, but when we emerged we were on the path to becoming a truly great, great nation. >> it is just touching that on the fact of the 18th of june is an important anniversary. it's the moment when the sad war of 1812 began. >> this is an important anniversary for the united states, united kingdom and canada. i want to thank all of you, especially governor o'malley and mayor rawlings blake. >> god bless fort mchenry, god bless or alleys and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: definitely one of the most moving parts of today's ceremony was when the star spangled banner was being sung
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by the morgan state choir and the beautiful american flag was flying high. it's exactly what francis scott seesaw more than 200 -- saw more than 200 years ago. >> >> reporter: we will be right back on eyewitness news at noon right before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on!
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we're following some breaking news in the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky.
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prosecutors dropped one of the 52 count because the statute did not apply in the time line presented. the defense has taken over the case. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 young boys. he denies any wrong doing. >> we're going to take,,,,,,,,,,
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>> reporter: welcome back. we our
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live coverage continues. there are few umbrella's still open jessica. >> reporter: this is appropriate because i believe this is the weather when francis scott key wrote the star bangled banner. now to tim. >> he checked the weather with the tv station that was covering the war. you heard it here first. if you believe that i have nothing else to tell you. we're looking at some breaking in these clouds right now. they did get this under some very heavy showers that were out there earlier. now just a few light ones. right around here we have fort mchenry isolated, just a few slight showers moving through the. the last little batch is moving through. could see another little portion before the afternoon is out. it looks like most of this rainfall has now since moved out of here. 65 right now, humidity at 83%.
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around the state temperatures ranging from around 65 to about 70 in oakland and easton. around the immediate metro area, everyone in that mid 60 degree range. it's not really a raw afternoon, it's not windy or chilly. it's definitely damp for right now. after this warm front responsible for this rain, it will move out of here. temperatures will reinflict a shift in the -- show a shift in the wind. we will have a cold front move across the top tier of our viewing area. after that moving out, hot air is going to be allowed to move in. there will be a chance of thunderstorms on friday. until then, look at the temperatures. 8:36 your sunset time today. 78 today. we could be a little below that. it's going to take a shift in the wind and the sun
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coming out. we're only in the 60s now. 64 tonight, partly sunny. warmer tomorrow, 87. just a hint, that 87 is going to be the coolest day of the next dau. the five day dr coolest day of the next days. -- the coolest day of the next days. the five day forecast coming up. >> remember wjz 13 is always on. here are some stories we're following on our website. for constant updates of all this days,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> reporter: just an amazing day here at fort mchenry. >> reporter: absolutely stunning out here. a little bit rainy, we're not complaining, we're just saying. for the latest on the five day forecast, here is tim williams. >> sure. it's like i'm not complaining but with all due respect. yeah, i know. take a look at the forecast. is rain is moving out today. 87 tomorrow. look at these temperatures. 96 on wednesday and thursday with heat indexes in the low 100s. rain on friday and 91, 91 on saturday with the return of sun. >> the return of summer. >> on wednesday. thank you for watching. we will have more coverage of the star spangled sailabration as it has winding down tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. it has been a slightly rainy, but
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wonderfully historic day in baltimore, maryland. see you tomorrow. ,,,,,,
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