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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. on this wednesday morning, it's going to be a hot one today. 6 a.m. right now. i'm adam may in for don scott. we have weather and traffic together. let's begin with bernadette woods.
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she's in for marty bass this morning. people are going to want to dress light today. >> that's for sure. this is one of those days to be smart. if you're going to be spending a extended period of time outside, take breaks, get in the shade, stay hydrated. look after the pets, the elderly and the kids. we're starting out the day in the 70s. it is muggy out there. take a look at some temperatures out there. 71 in baltimore, 74 in dc. as we head into this afternoon when the temperatures start rising, heat advisories will go into effect it starts at noon for all these counties in orange. take a look at our forecasted highs. today a high of 96. tomorrow 98. the record both afternoons, 100. when you factor in the high humidity it's going to feel like that. >> thanks. sharon gibala is at wjz traffic control monitoring a
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couple of situations already this morning. >> it's been a very busy morning already. first of all, take a look at the west side of the beltway. we're seeing an improvement because the accident has been moved off to the shoulder. still a major delay there, about 12 minutes back to 795. we have an accident on the east side of the belt -- beltway. accident still working in the city, south cay ton at kingsly, a possible fire there, which means it will take longer to clear up. there's a look at your average speeds. the west side of the beltway slow spot at 31. a delay on 795 southbound as you you approach the west side. there's -- if you're traveling around the bay bridge or key bridge there's going to be some closures so expect that. remember wjz 13 is always on so for traffic information log to on here is the stories people are going to be talking about today. the former president of
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egypt is clinging to life at a military hospital in cairo. hosni mubarak's decline comes with widespread protests with elections to find his replacement. >> initial reports of the death of hosni mubarak sparked celebrations in cairo's square. they were later con if i recalled -- con if i recalled to be -- confirmed to be wrong. the 84-year-old is not dead but on life support in critical condition. she he was -- he was rushed to this military hospital after suffering a stroke in prison. a small group of support rs gathered outside. -- supporters gathered outside. he was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters. his decline comes with egypt in a transition of power. sunday's election has yet te yield a winner -- has yet to yield a winner. >> the republican í -- the
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candidates are both claiming victory in sunday's elections. as polls were closing sunld, military -- sunday, military leaders issued an ademocrat dumb that -- addendum that would keep the new president from having authority over the military. >> it's merky now. >> that ruling along with the uncertainty of the election results led to massive protests. >> the prospects for democracy are undeniable. the people of egypt have embraced this spirit and there's no turning back. >> the military vowed to let the new president take office by the end of the month but how much power he has remains to be seen. scomblsz the election -- >> the election commission is scheduled to announce the official winner today. a new witness takes the stand in the defense of jerry sandusky. it's his wife, dotty. she remember s most of the
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accusers that testified against her husband and she doesn't remember anything inappropriate happening. it's unclear whether sandusky will testify in his own defense. the defense is likely to wrack up today. this morning a 15-year-old from baltimore county is at shock trauma after being shot. the teenager was found last night here in this field off old frederick road. this morning police are investigating the possibility of foul play. at last check the boy was in critical but stable condition. baltimore city police on the manhunt for two robers using craigslist to lure their victims. gunfire breaks out in a popular neighborhood. mike schuh has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. the crooks figured out that the people who were coming to buy bring a lot of money so they bring guns or knifes to relieve them of that money. this time it didn't work out as planned. >> heightened police presence
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in baltimore. police say the area looked like the wild west during a robber ri and shooting. -- robbery and shooting. >> i heard a couple of gunshots. >> man and woman responded to an ad for a car on craigslist. the buyers bet two people. police say one of the would be sellers pulled the gun announced it was a rber ri. the -- robbery. the targets turned the table. >> a confrontation end sued and the second victim pulled out a handgun and fired it into the air. >> that woman is now charged with a handgun violation and discharging a firearm in public. the robers fled but it didn't end there. police say she ed started -- started chasing them, firing more shots. >> nobody was hit or suffered any injuries. >> this isn't the first time craigslist has been linked to a crime. last month police
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arrested a man for luring in buyers and robbing them. >> you have to use caution. >> reporter: the robers did get the money, $4,000. they also dropped their gun in the process and police are hoping to track that. i'm mike schuh reporting live, back to you. >> thank you. in some cities craigslist buyers are meeting sellers in parking lots of police stations just to be safe. we have some new details this morning in duewy beach murder. a 26-year-old appears to have killed himself by a drug over doze. police say he killed someone in a hotel room they were sharing. baltimore city is targeting more than 100 liquor stores saying they attract violent crimes. now the store owners could soon be out of business. more on the proposals and a group that says they're being unfairly targeted. >> korean americans own almost
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all of the corner liquor stores we're talking about. they say they're being unfairly targeted. dozens and dozens of corner liquor stores were grandfathered into city zoning changes back in 1971. now more than 40 years later a new city zoning plan would strip the liquor license from many of those stores. >> this is fruting. >> my ichelle ha owned one of the effected stores. >> this is our life for my whole family. >> city planers point to studies by hopkins researchers that show a link between violent crime and neighborhoods with high concentrations of liquor stores. >> our way of trying to address that from the public health perspective is to use zoning as one tool to try to get rid of those concentrations where they don't belong. scomblsz under the -- >> under the new zoning neighborhood stores would have to 2 years to stop sellingly
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kwor, move their store to an area zoned for liquor or sell their liquor license to someone else. >> we're going to fight back. >> the korean american grocers association calls the proposal unfair. >> now we feel kind of stabbed in the back from the city. >> it doesn't have anything to do with who owns the property or who operates it. >> the city's planning director says he's ready to work with the store openers. >> the korean american grocers association and 100 of their unhappy members will be meeting today to talk about this very issue at 2 clk at the green mount senior center -- 2 o'clock at the green mount senior center. >> the city's director of planning says the new zoning proposal will not officially be introduced until this fall. the oriels need to get their bats going tonight to avoid a
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sweep against the mets. game 2 of the series last night, for the second straight game the birds cannot manage any runs. the o's lose 5-0 for the second night in a row. it's game 4 of the nba finals. the heat hosting oklahoma city thunder. russell west brook scored 44 point fors the thunder -- for the -- points for the thunder but it wasn't enough. labron james goes down and comes back an hits this huge shot giving miami the lead. the heat are now just one victory away from an nba title. >> that's big news. >> what are you pulling up over there? >> ocean city cams. it's up updated right now. it's probably not a time to go. >> you're looking at the ocean already with this big heat waive. >> it's going to be the place to be. if you're down there, good for you. some morning clouds out there, but the sun is going to come through and heat up. along the ocean not quite
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as hot because we're going to have that cooler water making an in. -- influence. for the rest of us, the 90s. >> you can dive in deep creek and that will cool you down. >> that will. it's going to cool down in that water for sure. >> ron matz has the best assignment this morning. when i found out we were doing this i was happy wasn't i? >> reporter: yes, you were. bernadette i think you are too. >> absolute ly. >> a couple of my favorite ones out there. >> we're very jealous of your job this morning. >> chicken and waffles, come on. >> reporter: this is the big food fight coming up saturday here in west fort south baelt mother. it's -- baltimore. it's the taste of two cities, baltimore and dc squaring off. what do you have there? >> the chicken and waffles. >> reporter: we're ready to go. breakfast of champions this morning. we're going to tell you all about the big food fight
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good morning. this is what we're dealing with today, heat advisory go into effect starting at noon not only for this afternoon but also tomorrow afternoon. it's already 71 in baltimore, 74 in dc. this is all we dropped to over night. the dew points are high so it's already muggy. that's going to continue this afternoon. here is the air mass moving our way. it's been breaking records right and left as it started out in the west and transferring over to the east. there are a lot of cities up and down the east coast in danger of breaking record highs. our high for this afternoon, 96. the record is 100. probably not quite in. when you -- probably not quite there. when you factor in the humidity it's going to feel over 100. that's not only today, but
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also for tomorrow. that's why the heat advisories will be in effect. we had the warm front go through yesterday bringing in this warm air. here is the cold front that will eventually arrive here. tomorrow expect a lot of sunshine, patchy clouds and that heat. tomorrow the chance for a late day shower or thunderstorm, but a better chance on friday as the cold front comes through. it's going to knock down our temperatures but only to the upper 80s. out in the atlantic, there's a trop come storm chris -- tropical storm chris. it's moving away from land. the western caribbean we may have more developments. back here at home, 96 for a high. tonight 72. 98 tomorrow. again the record tomorrow will be 100. we will be close. we're down to 91 on friday with that front coming through. back into the 80s for the weekend. >> summer is here. sharon gibala is at wjz traffic control on a busy
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morning for a wednesday. >> it sure is, adam. things have slowed down just a bit. it's still really busy for this hour. we still have a heavy traffic a jam because of an earlier accident at libber ri road. that's been -- liberty road. that's been moved off. another accident on the east side of the beltway, this one on the outer loop at cove road. we still have that accident on southbound york road. there's a look at your average speeds on the beltway, only 32 on the west side. a 10 minute set back on 795 approaching the west side of the beltway. there's a live look outside at the key bridge. if you are headed out today on the key bridge or bay bridge, there will be some lane closures this afternoon -- actually some complete closures. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. visit your toyota dealer today and test drive the all new 2012 camry. it's the all new camry.
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it's ready. are you? back over to you. >> thank you. good morning, ron. how many servings of waffles have you had? >> reporter: i'm on my thoird so far. -- third so far. how are you doing? >> doing great. will be better if you bring back waffles. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's done. i wish we had smell vision. >> i was thinking that. >> reporter: we're in south baltimore. this is 10 minutes from federal hill. this is the big food fight. it's coming up saturday right here in west port on the water front. it's baltimore versus dc. 40 food trucks, 20 from baltimore, 20 from washington. they're going to go at it. celebrity judges. dame on
6:20 am
dammon put it together. the food truck industry has exploded in baltimore. >> it's the faster growing nationally. >> reporter: you're expecting a huge crowd here on saturday. >> we are. food people get excited. it's this saturday. >> reporter: the hours are? >> 11:00 to 7:00. >> yes. >> reporter: you've had the food truck rallies other places too. >> we have. this is 20 baltimore trucks and 20 dc from you cans. -- trucks. >> reporter: it's going to be a show down. >> we have live music, drinks, beer, wine. >> reporter: here is chris. he has the cheesecake truck. you're from? >> from washington. >> reporter: are you ready? >> i think we're ready. we're coming up here, hoping to go home with a trophy. we have 20 of our best trucks coming. we're excited. it's going to be a nice day to duke it without the baltimore trucks. >> reporter: good to see you. here is
6:21 am
sterling. how are you doing? >> going doing -- doing great. >> reporter: you're ? >> linda. >> lynn inda. >> reporter: we have double linda this morning. what do we have here? >> this is the chicken and waffle. we're featuring just the wings but we do the breast and two wings, legs side and one wing. >> don't waste any time, ron. >> help yourself. >> good and hot made on the truck. >> reporter: you're the man. thank you very much . >> thank you. >> reporter: we have butchers kitchen here. how are you? give me your name. >> jennifer. >> pat . >> reporter: how long have you had your truck? >> we've had it for several months but only been in business for a week and a half. >> what do you have? >> i think what you're trying is potato spin ash and fetta. >> reporter: i love this. by the way, this event is going to
6:22 am
benefit barks, which is such a great organization. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: we have denise here. how are you doing? >> good. and yourself? >> reporter: doing great. what does the mean saturday? >> basically just having people come out and have a good time at the event but also supporting barks. we will have some information out there, also having some adoptable to dogs and some fund s that will be generated to help the animals at the shelter for their every day care. >> reporter: who is this? >> brown dog. >> brown dog. >> reporter: great name. thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: it happens here on saturday. 11:00 to 7:00 p.m. i'm calling it the food fight to the finish. thank you everybody. >> thank you. >> reporter: all right . back to you on tv hill, adam, bernadette. i'm already having a great day. see you. >> i can tell. you didn't
6:23 am
waist any time with -- waste any time with the chicken >> 40 trucks out there. some of these trucks are so good. if you have not tried them, they're all. >> sometimes you just have to pull over on the side of the road. >> sometimes you have to stop and get that crab cake. >> or a fish taco. >> i haven't had that one. those washington people are going down because baltimore has good food trucks. >> they do. >> stay with us, we have a lot more to come on wjz this morning. >> for years secretary's win at the preakness has been surrounded by controversy. today the maryland racing commission is hoping to put all the questions to rest. we will let you know what that means for let you know what that means for th i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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a world class horse sets a record for a race he ran 39 years ago at pim la koe. his owners are asking that the official race time be modified. the new winning time is changing the history books. >> here comes secretary. he's moving fast. >> it's one of the most celebrated horse races. ever since secretary won the 1973 preakness, controversy has surrounded his official time of
6:27 am
just under 1:55. >> you had the impression watching the film that he ran fast. >> his owner is here today to finally put the controversy the rest. the problem has been inconsistent time recording. >> the electronic timer malfunctioned because it showed a time of 1:55 while several gentleman in the pressbox hand timed it at 1:53. >> that slight difference would mean secretary not only won the preakness, but broke the track record. >> he doesn't need the record. it's a -- racing needs to understand the authentic times are important. >> today they will meet to see if there's enough evidence to lower the time. >> he's not going to be aniless of a hero if we can't prove he broke all three records. >> after hours of frame by
6:28 am
frame evidence the commission came back with a unanimous decision to change secretary's time to a 1:53, making him the fasters horse to ever -- fastest horse to ever run the preek ps. -- preakness. >> today's decision means secretary holds the fastest time in all three legs of the triple crown. >> so the lenld only getting -- legend only gets better. the track record is held by far away. we have a lot more coming up. >> what dotty sandusky had to tell jurors about her husband, jerry. the latest from the trial coming up. >> i'm mike schuh live at police head quarters. a local craigslist robbery with a violent twist. live details next. >> dangerous dogs.
6:29 am
after out rage over a decision by maryland's highest court declaring pit bulls dangerous, lawmakers vow to take action. what that decision means. an emotional debate from both sides. >> sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. a busy morning. we're already looking at several delays. >> good morning. i'm in for marty bass on what is going to be a hot afternoon. we will have that forecast coming up. >> she's defying ageing. take a look at her. she hasn't changed since 3s company. susan summer is going to join us on coffee with talking about her new book, bomb shell. st,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good wednesday morning. beautiful sunrise this morning. it is the bottom of the hour, right around 6:30 on this first official day of summer p it's going to -- summer. it's going to feel like it today.
6:33 am
let's begin with bernadette woods. she's tracking what's going to be a cooker today. >> not just today but tomorrow also. we have two hot days moving our way. already this morning we're in the 70s out there. it's muggy on top of that. 71 in baltimore, 74 in dc. the cooler spots along the water. even those are going to heat up this afternoon. because of that heat advisory, all of the orange shaded counties, that's not only for today but again for tomorrow. we are forecasting a high of 96 this afternoon. 98 tomorrow. both of those close to but slightly below the records of 100. when you factor in the high humidity, it will feel like it's surpassing so surpassing 100 -- 100 this afternoon. we'll have our full forecast coming up. sharon gibala is at wjz traffic control. >> slow is the keyword for the
6:34 am
west side this morning. the delay still there. we have an accident working right now on the east side on the outer loop at cove road. also an accident at york road. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway. looking at slow speeds on the west side still, average speed about 39 -- or 30 with a 17 minute drive time between 795 and # 95 -- 95. delays on 795 from franklin boulevard to the beltway. there's a live look at that west side delay on the utter loop. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. your toyota dealer is your car, your deal. back over to you. >> thank you. stop top of the news -- top of the news, testimony in the trial of jerry sandusky is expected to wrap up today. the former penn state assistant coach could take the witness stand himself. sandusky's wife has already testified in her husband's
6:35 am
defense. >> jerry sandusky's wife dotty looks and sound like a nice grandmother. she held her ground for 45 minutes on the witness stand telling jurors nothing inappropriate ever happened between her husband and the many boys who stayed if their home over the years. last week an 18-year-old testified that starting at age 12 sandusky molested him and eventually raped him in the became of the sandusky home while he believed dotty would you describe upstairs -- was upstairs. the teen testified he would scream and tell sandusky to get off of him. when the defense attorney asked dotty, did you ever hear a young man yell for help dotty said no. the accusers testified the basement is soundproof. sandusky's wife told the court that's not true. the defense attorney asked her repeatedly, did you ever see any misconduct, she answered no. they called more than a dozen witnesses to say he had a stellar reputation as a friend and in the community through the charity he founded. >> long time family friend testified on his behalf.
6:36 am
>> think of all the thousands of kids that have gone through his charity. >> a defense psychologist tried to explain why sandusky wrote a send mental letter to one of his accusers saying he suffers from personality disorder to seek attention. the court's attention may turn to the defendant himself wednesday if he decides he must take the stand to explain. >> sandusky admits he has showered with boys but he denies any sexual misconduct. former egypt president hosni mubarak is reportedly clinging the life after suffering a stroke in prison. he's still alive but in critical condition. we're told he was just taken off life support but his vital organs are still functioning. this is a dropping story this morning. it comes with protests
6:37 am
to find his replacement. the founder of wikileaks is trying to find extradition. he's held up. he is wanted in sweden on acquisitions of sexual assault. less than a week ago britain's supreme court rejected his request for extradition. a gunfight breaks out. it stems from an online advertisement. mike schuh is live to explain what led up to the violence. >> reporter: good morning. the buyest in this case -- buyers in this case must have thought something could go wrong because they had a loaded handgun. >> the police presence in baltimore, police say the area looked like the wild west monday. >> yes, i did hear a couple of gunshots. i was to shocked.
6:38 am
>> a man and woman responded to an ad for a car on the website craigslist. the buyers met two people. police say one of the would be sellers pulled the gun and announced it was a robbery. >> a confrontation between one of the victims and the suspect end sued and the second victim pulled out a handgun and fired it into the air. >> that woman is now charged with a handgun violation and discharging a firearm in public. the robers fled but it didn't end there. she started chasing them, firing more shots. >> we're fortunate nobody was hit by gunfire and none of the individuals suffered any injuries. >> this isn't the first time craigslist has been linked to a crime here. last month city police arrested a man for using craigslist to lure buyers and rob them. >> you have to figure out how to use caution in these situations. >> reporter: when buying something from someone else police say it's better to bring
6:39 am
a cashier's check, to meet in public. some folks meet outside of police stations. reporting like, mike schuh. back to you. >> good advise. anyone with information on monday's robber vi asked to call baltimore -- robbery is asked to call baltimore city police. the man who is accused of republican baa lichl is head -- cannibalism is heading to a mental hospital. alexander kinyua admitted to killing his house mate and eating his heart and brain. he was ordered to a examine. it's a dog fight in annapolis. animal lovers pleading with lawmakers to reverse a court ruling that labels pit bulls as dangerous. mike held grenl has one family's emotional response to those dog owners. >> the pit bull attack in baltimore county that left young dominic selesky fielthing for his -- fighting for his life led
6:40 am
to a ruling deeming the dogs as dangerous. no longer would it be necessary to prove a dog had a troubled history after an attack. the fear pit bulls will be abandoned, people will be forced from their homes if they want to keep their dogs. >> i don't want to see anybody lose their dog, but i almost lost any son that -- my son that day. >> testimony before a task force working to decide whether the state should make changes to the law is difficult but necessary. many owners believe the breed has been unfairly targeted, that not all pit bulls are vicious. >> when no one else is around gipger is always going -- ginger is always going to be there unless we have to take her off or our property. >> dog owners need to be responsible for their dogs. >> they say they just want to make sure what happened to their son doesn't happen to anyone else. >> this was a mauling.
6:41 am
it a appeared to be a sledding. >> the task force could take several weeks to issue their recommendations. let's turn to sports. the oriels are hoping to bounce back after a second straight shut out at the hand of the mets. santana pitched 6 scoreless inning for the mets last night in new york. the birds only trailed by 1 in the 6th but tommy hunter gives up a homerun to stretch the lead to three runs. the o's lost 5-0. they close out the series tonight. you know, they can't win every series. >> the last two pitchers have been hot. >> yeah. >> they really have been. hopefully they get it back around. >> oriels on fire this season. i'm going to another game in another week. >> that will be fun. >> sit in the stand, drink a beer, watch the game. >> you know i love that stadium. >> you got married there. >> a beautiful place. it's going to be hot today, like it was on that wedding day.
6:42 am
96 this afternoon, the heat index 100 to 105. we're looking at that again tomorrow. heat advisories for both afternoons. be smart, be safe, take it slowly and enjoy a pool if you have one. >> absolutely. only bernadette -- bernadette gets married during the hottest day of the sirm, gives birth during a hurricane. coming up on coffee with, it's suzanne summers. she has a new book out, this time it's her secrets that redefine ageing. the latest on the morning commute and bernadette is going to update this hot,,,,,
6:43 am
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good morning. it's going to be a hot one this afternoon. summer officially arrives and we have heat advisory starts at noon rg continuing not only -- noon, continuing not only today but also tomorrow. temperatures already up there during these early morning hours. 71 in baltimore, 74 in dc. we're going
6:46 am
to rise because of this air mass out to our west. it doesn't look as impressive during the morning areas but all the areas in the yellow were in the 80s yesterday. not only do we have the high temperatures coming our way, but the high humidity on top of that. notice this zone, the red, that equates to 100 to 105 for the heat index this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. they are going to be hot ones. make sure you take it slowly, stay hydrated and look after the elderly, pets and kid. cold front is going to move our way, but not until friday. the chance for a shower or tomorrow afternoon, better chance on friday. that will knock down temperatures towards the weekend. forecast fortoday, # of -- for today 96, a hot one. tonight 72. tomorrow 98. the 8 80s for the weekend. -- 80s for the weekend.
6:47 am
sharon gibala is at wjdz -- wjz traffic control. >> a garbage truck accident at southbound york road. any accident in columbia, twin rivers. another one at shady side road. speeds still slow on the west side of the beltway. 795, an 18 minute ride. taking a live look at 795 southbound between franklin boulevard and the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. test drive the new 2012 camry. it's the all new camry. it's ready. are you you? back over to you bernadette and adam. >> thank you so much. in this morning's coffee with, don and marty sat down with suzanne summers. i just love her still. >> thigh master. i can't get that out of my head. >> the satellite interview is
6:48 am
furnished by random house. lanl, let's welcome -- ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome a legend air accelerate stress. how are you doing? >> remember john waters said, you're so normal and you came from a crazy family. he said, i came from a normal family and i'm so crazy. understand, go figure -- i said, go anything. >> i want to jump right into the book. at another time if you're up on the bird we will smooz around. you have been on a one-person campaign for way over a decade now. you got to stop poisoning us. you have to take control of your life, whether it's a cell phone, a household cleaning agent, whether it's additives in food. you're on a mission like from god here. let's talk about bomb shell. >> okay. it's a serious book
6:49 am
about how to age well. nobody is thinking about ageing. it happens to everybody. when i looked at how people are ageing, i thought, i don't want that, i don't want to be all peeled up issues i -- peeled up, i don't want to end up in a nursing home, i don't want cancer again. there's steps you have to take. we're under the greatest environmental assault in the history of mankind. to think that the medicine we've been practicing for 50 years in adequate is to put your head in the sand. that's what i write about. i find amazing doctors and i go to the best -- you know, like mit and harvard and the best institutions so that people can't shoot bullets at me. i asked them, what is going on and they have shared with me in this book scientific advancements and breakthroughs that will allow you to age well. >> can i play the devil's
6:50 am
advocate. i assume this question is on a lot of people's mind. why did suzanne summers write this book and not one of the world renowned doctors you interviewed? >> interesting question. i think they don't have a loud enough voice. this is where i've decided to put my passion and use my celebrity. i don't act anymore. i'm fascinated by science. i can get to them because of my fame. i use that. they are so forthcoming to me because they know that i can get it out in speaking. for instance, this one doctor from harvard, i sat next to him at a dinner party a couple years ago. a great guy. he called me earlier this year and said i think you're going to like this, i think let me turn on my recorder. he said, we have just completed a small but very important study that when we
6:51 am
give men with active prostate cancer that have not been treated with tools or radiation we give them tes toast roan and their cancer regresses. it's been 2 years, nobody has had a recurrence. i think that that is a game changer. what they've been doing to you men your prostate end larges with removing it and giving you the drug that takes away the quality of your life, i'm so proud to be the filter to put this information out there. if i -- i was diagnosed recently and not been treated, i would get myself to boston. >> i understand the things you're saying. unfortunately our satellite window of 5 minutes is running short. you -- you will i can do is tell -- all i can do is tell folks to go to suzanne's website, treat it as a
6:52 am
textbook. keep it by your side. knowledge is power. >> it is . you're so right. i also -- there's so many doctors going into this arena thousand that we've create -- now that we've created a website of doctors, forever that will help you a lot. >> thank you. >> for you conspiracy theorists, there's a train of thought that the medical community doesn't want you to get well because they would go broke. >> well, i have to conquer. particular ly ly in the cancer world, it's a $200 million a year -- $200 billion a year business. you're a champ. >> i appreciate your appreciation. >> next time you're here, we will talk to you again. >> i wish we had much more time. thank you. >> we will do it again, i'm sure. >> okay. thank you. >> here is the book. any book bookstore, on line. there it is, bomb shell medical secrets. >> stay tuned to wjz 13 for
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updated weather and traffic together starting out with bernadette. >> it's going to be a hot one. temperatures really already today -- already today in the 70s. those are only going up. muggy and the mugginess is going to continue. a heat advisory goes into effect starting at noon, continuing through 8 o'clock tomorrow night. tomorrow is going to be another extremely hot one. we're looking at a high of 96 this afternoon. 98 tomorrow. woet days the -- both days the record is 100. we will be close but probably fall a little shy of that.
6:56 am
here is how it looks for that forecast. factor in the humidity, it's going to feel over 100. those hot days are upon us. now for a check of the roads we send it over to sharon. intltd if -- if you are just about to head out we have that accident on the east side of the beltway involving an over turned trash truck at cove road. accident in columbia, twin rivers. speeds still slow on the west side of the beltway. we can say the same for 795, 15 minutes from franklin boulevard to the beltway. 95, delays in place from white marsh to 895. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount. back over to you. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead, weather and traffic still ahead, including a big day for jer,,,,,
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