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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  June 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hi, everybody. here's what people are talking about. thunderstorms are moving into maryland, taking a live look outside right now. some clouds are settling in, because it's not just heat we're battling. a say veer thunderstorm watch is currently in effect. let's get to bob turk who's tracking the storms. bob? >> we have some activity that's picked up this afternoon. all the heat and humidity, tough get something, right? the system is moving off to the east and northeast, now near bethany. one or two cells in extreme southern aid county. to the west of us, there's a line beginning to form from
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york down to hagerstown. we can see that affect the baltimore and d.c. area. things will be popping this afternoon between 6 and 8. we might see thunderstorm activity across the region at that time. there is a watch in effect for all the areas 'of the mountains until 9:00. right now, we're at 94. oakland down to 63. ocean city with rain at 73. temperatures are in the upper 80 those low 90s, and the heat index -- upper 80s to low 90s, and the heat index is up to 101. jurors in the jerry sandusky case are in their second day of deliberations.
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they've already asked to hear the testimony of a key prosecution witness again. and asman well gayaigas reports, they have no idea that one of jerry sandusky's own sons claims he was molested. >> reporter: jurors are working through 48 criminal counts and already have questions about what exactly mike mcqueary claims he saw in a penn state shower. jurors took extensive notes. the former assistant coach testified he never actually saw sandusky molest a boy, but said he saw the boy pressed up against the wall with sandusky behind him. but a family member of mcqueary
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said-told a different story. the jurors also have no idea that jerry sandusky's son claims his father abused him. there are no details about when it happened or why he did not testify. the attorney says there will be no further comment from matt sandusky. it's been a spect kl outside the courthouse, an -- spectacle outside the courthouse, as locals and tourists wait for news. the judge has given the jurors the choice to deliberate over the weekend. manue l gayaigas. month eke has more on a
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priest abuse trial. >> reporter: a jury just convicted william lynn of child endangerment, but acquittalled him of conspiracy. here's the first chumpleg official charminged with help an archdiocese hide an abuse claim. brennan was accused of trying to rape a 14-year-old altar boy. this is the the first time that not only was a priest charged, but church leaders were also accused of failing to stop them. >> family and friends are preparing to burr a17-year-old who died in an altercation with an off-duty baltimore county police officer. >> reporter: questions linger in this case. a public viewing will be held
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for randal pingston tonight in randalstown. dozens gathered to pray for justice in the death of 17-year- old chris brown on the field of randalstown height. it's a death that the medical examiner ruled homicide by asphyxiation. >> he really was an amazing person with and it's just sad that his life had to end this way. >> he was a fun-loving kid, he was the heart and soul of our team. we look forward to big things from him this year. on the varsity football, he was tonight starting center. >> reporter: police say brown wads killed during an altercation with an off-indict duty police officer, leaving his family outraged. >> it's unfathomable to understand someone not having that amount of control within
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themselves. >> reporter: the officer is accused of -- claims he chased a group of teens after someone threw something at his door. >> i have met extensively with police chief johnson and the state's attorney, and they have assured me there will be a thorough investigation. >> police have yet to answer questions about the training policies and whether thissen incident has spurred any changes. those who have gathered hope it will. >> reporter: the officer is on routine administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing. mike helgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> the public viewing is underway until 8 tonight.
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a man is under arrest, accused of impersonating an officer. turns out he chose the wrong person to pull over. police say anthony master giovanni attempted to pull over a real police officer. police say the officer then told him he had no jurisdiction. he fled but was late arrested. state senator michael bush and others are hosting a convention for same-sex marriage support. they are expected to draw more than 1,000 local official to the tourist hot spot if the november referendum passes, same-sex marriage would become legal on january 1.
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the president defends his decision to stop deporting some illegal immigrants. >> reporter: president obama was in florida to address latino leaders exactly one week after the administration aenounced it would stop deporting l some illegal immigrants. the president said he took the action because congress refused to act. >> giving them a reason to hope was the right thing to do. >> reporter: president obama went on to say when he was a senator, he joined with president bushes, including president bush, in trying to pass the dream act, but now the gop is different. >> the bill hasn't changed. the need hasn't changed. the only thing that had changed was politic. >> reporter: white house hopeful mitt romney spoke to this same conference on tuesday, saying the president has taken the latino vote for
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granted. >> when people speak to hispanics and latinos, they only want to talk about immigration. >> reporter: rubio says he has tried to pass meaningful reform. he also criticized the president's appearance as an election year stunt. >> i wanted to tell you, he hasn't been here in 3 year. i was tempted to tell you, why didn't he make this issue a priority? i guess i just did tell you. >> reporter: president obama won two-thirds of the hispanic vote in 2008. his campaign hopes to do even better this year. at the white house, tara mergener. >> the president also told the crowd that his bill would put hundreds of thousands of latinos to work. stay tuned to wjz for complete coverage of campaign 2012.
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the catholic church has chosen baltimore to kick off a national campaign aimed at promoting religion liberty. the arch-bishop of baltimore celebrated the catholic church's fortnight for freedom. peel-- people gathered across the street to encourage people to atynd mass. now let's check with christie for the traffic. >> reporter: friday traffic, always an adventure out there. as far as the beltway goes, the north side of the interloop is stop and go from charles street to pairing parkwayway. and the west side outer loop, it's going to be a struggle for
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you in that direction as well. traffic is moving very slowly there. 70 eastbound, brake lights there as you make your way towards the beltway. and as far as accidents, avoid the causeway at helen road in baltimore city. things are pretty slow on the live look. this traffic report is brought to you by terminex. congress roaches can carry -- cockroaches can carry up to 33 types of bacteria. get them before they get you. miami heat fans are celebrating the second nba tight until franchise history. >> i knew it. >> reporter: what did he say? he's just yelling. the heat beat the oklahoma thunder last night in game 5 in south beach.
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it is the first companionship for lebron james who made headlines when he decided to leave cleveland to sign with miami. he was named mvp of the series. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4: >> my family, all of us are affected by this whole thing. we'll get it right. >> an apology for a bullied bus monitor. you won't believe the outpouring of support she's received and the anger on her to meanters. and for some women, mammograms aren't enough. now lawmakers are stepping into the battle against breast cancer. and we're monitoring the thunderstorms in the forecast. ,,,,,,
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it is sunny and 96 degrees right now. the complete forecast is coming pup. a climber slips and falls hundreds of feet off oregon's mount hood and lives to tell about it. barry morgan was scaling the peak alone when he slipped down the icy mountain. just last week, a climber died in a 1,000 foot fall in the same area on mount hood. 2 people are dead following a fiery multi-vehicle accident in virginia. a total of 5 vehicles were involved in the crash, including two tractor trailers. the drivers of the two tractor- trailers were killed. in today's house watch, new york becomes the latest state to approve controversial legislation that would provide women cheer investigation about their results of their mammograms. for some women, it could make a
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critical different. >> reporter: halle layton was 39 when doctors told her she had breast cancer. it was already stage 4. >> i was now incurable. it's the elizabeth edwards stage. they said you're going to be in treatment for the rest of your life. >> reporter: with a family history for breast cancer, layton started ma'am grams at 35 opinion the test didn't show cancer, but her doctor didn't tell layton her breasts were dense, which can make the x- rays difficult to read. instead of sending her for extra testing, the doctor never brought it up. >> reporter: layton's case isn't that unusual. mammograms can miss up to 20% of breast cancers. >> reporter: which is why new york's legislature passed a bill requiring health care
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providers to notify women if their breasts are dense. the medical community is opposed, concerned that it could lead to unnecessary testing. dr. reya shavo comments. >> this should be part of the conversation for how each woman should be screened for breast cancer. >> reporter: layton didn't get that opportunity. >> i don't want my mother to mourn me. >> reporter: her doctors say she has a 1 in 6 chance of living 3 years. they're trying to find a treatment to beat those odds. >> and this kind of legislation is still pending in 15 states. stocks are ending a rough week on a high note. a turn around following
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yesterday's massive selloff. here's a look at the chose closing numbers. the dow is up 79 points, the s&p is up 10, and the nasdaq is up 93. let's go to new york for the update. >> reporter: stocks bounced back from yesterday's big selloff. stocks bounced back even after moody's cut back the credit ratings on many of the largest credit firms. analysts say the downgrade was hanging over the market. general motors is removing nearly half a million chevy cruz exact cars. gm knows of 30 fires caused by a problem. no injuries have been reported. the cruz is credited with giving gm's small car sales a
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boost. a big drop in crude prices has sent gas down nearly 50 cents a gallon, and experts predict gas could dip to $3.30 nationwide by july 1. most leaders of ebooks don't know they can borrow digital books for free from the library. and that's your money watch. for more, head to some dogs will try to claw their way to the top at the annual world's ugliest dog cob test in california. -- contest in california. this is one of the past winners. does his tongue always stick out like that? that's hilarious. he's expected to have some stiff competition this year. an 8 -year-old chinese crested
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named ugly seems to be an online favorite, however, online votes do not determine the winner. the six is left town a panel of judges. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4, fierce flooding and record-setting rains soak minnesota, forcing many from tear homes amid the growing disaster. gas prices drop. will this relief at the pump be seen all summer long? it's another hot one outside today but showers could cool thins off. your first ,,,,,,,,
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another warm afternoon, and some storms are developing. 2 severe thunderstorm warnings right now, one for extreme southern portions of charles county. another in washington county. down to the south across the region, it's moving actually toward virginia, away from our
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region. another right along the potomac, that's a little stronger, moving toward the frederick area. we'll be watching these storms as they continue to develop in this warm air mass right now. in the baltimore area, this storm is to the forth of us and south of us. 96. our humidity and dew point have come way, way down in the past 2 hours. humidity's only 29%. that is some very dry air. the barometer is holding steady. 73 and light rain in ocean city, 87 in cumberland, d.c. had some showers close by, but they're back up to 96. severe thunderstorm warning for a little while longer in southern charles county and along the potomac in washington county. most of the east coast under a
4:26 pm
severe thoarm watch until 9:00 tonight. this may, you have to put a -- this may put a cap in the thunderstorms. it's possible we might miss thunderstorms, but we have a few hours left before the system gets through the area. a skinny line of showers has developed across the mountains. this seems to be the major activity south and to the east of us along the beaches there. a broken line to the west, so it's possible you may not see much of a drop out of this, which is a shame. dry air is coming tomorrow for the weekend. another thunderstorm chance maybe on monday, and much cooler air for next week. below average whereby northwest winds around 8 miles per hour,
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and a tight tomorrow of around 89. and less -- and a a high tomorrow of around 89, and a less humid. tonight's primetime lineup, it's another episode of blue bloods and then the eyewitness news at 11. the orioles are hosting the washington nationals. see them take on the nats live at 1:30 tomorrow on wjz. a brutal beating caught on tape. why the victim is now behind bars. a chemical spill poolside that sends dozens of children to the hospital. aisle at a boat on the inner harbor where vinylists are taking issue with the state and how much pollution they're allowing corporations to dump into the water. and how is the weekend
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weather looking? bob will have the updated weekend forecast. we ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 4:30, 96 degrees and partly sunny. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. it is the viral video that's been seen around the world. the boys that bullied a school bus monitor in new york are now getting death threats. the vacation fund for the woman is now town nearly half a million dollars. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: this apology was a start for bus monitor karen klein. robert helms, the father of one of the 47th grade boys who picked on klein on the bus. >> there's no excuse, and we're going to get to the bottom of
4:32 pm
that, but it really broke my heart. i shed a lot of tears thinking about that whole thing, and i just want you to know that my family, all of us, are deeply saddened by this whole thing and we're going to get it right. >> reporter: the humiliation was recorded, posted on youtube, and then viewed around the world. now there's backlash. some of the boys are receiving death threats. that upsets karen klein. >> it will be okay. >> reporter: klein has been getting calls by thousands of people that are touched by what happened to her. now a half million dollar fund to send the woman on vacation and help her retire. >> it's great that they love me but they don't really know me. >> reporter: klein doesn't want criminal charnlings brought against the boys -- criminal charges brought against the boys and doesn't want them expelled from school. she also wants an a apology
4:33 pm
from the students, but isn't kite ready to hear from them yet. >> i would like to wait a while. >> reporter: she also thinks the boys should be banned from taking the bus for a year. >> klein is willing to go back on the bus and take the vacation supporters have planned for her. are you ready for $3 a gallon for gas or even less? it could be around the corner. >> reporter: gas prices are down for 10 straight days, and experts predict we'll be paying $3 a gallon by thanksgiving. the national average is currently $3.45. and just months ago, there were fears that gas prices could hit $5 this year, mainly due to middle east tension and energy speculation. here in maryland, gas prices continue to drop, down 2-cents from yesterday. last month, we were paying
4:34 pm
$3.61, and now we're paying $3.34. yesterday, oil prices fell $30 a a barrel. and today's marks the anniversary of the worst metro accident in d.c. 9 people were killed and 10 were hurt when two trains collided on the red line. a malfunction in an electronic circumstance was to blame. firefighters continue to try to get the upper hand on wildfires in colorado. tack at these dramatic photographs of the high park fire. more hot and windy weather continues to hamper the firefighterring effort -- firefighting effort. a state of emergency in northern minnesota, but it's
4:35 pm
not fire, it's rain, too much of it. extensive flooding is causing massive damage. lindsey sievers reports. >> reporter: history rose over the town's main bridge. >> we're stranding here to the north. >> it settled over streets and barged into ballets. travel by car is now nearly impossible. buses evacuated homeowners before it's too late. >> it's like jonah and the whale coming and swallowing you. >> reporter: and still, somehow neighborhood overflow with kindness. kris huso stopped sandbagging to give us a tour, fearing her neighbors won't be in their homes much longer. >> when it gets up to this line, we're moving everything out of the house.
4:36 pm
obviously, you don't buy flood insurance here. you don't do it. so i'm kind of emotional, because i don't know what to do. >> reporter: water rises an inch an hour. the measure that matters the most is in the 10s of thousands. all of the sandbag the city could muster were not enough to protect the pump, what which began to fail, bringing sewage to into homes. >> we all love each other. we're such great neighbors. >> the red cross is setting up shelters. some rain here in maryland may bring relief from the heat. another humid summer afternoon. hopefully, things will get back to normal. wjz has weather and traffic together. >> 3 severe thunderstorm
4:37 pm
warnings. one across york county, one across southern washington county, and just a minute ago, bun just popped up there in calvert county. let's go out to this one. this is just north of the mason- dixon line. this includes southern york county, but it may just touch the maryland line imrairp the other one, a pretty strong storm just east of williams port. and the one that just popped up in culvert county is moving east and wasn't even here 2 minutes ago. there's nothing going on in the west. take a look at the temperatures. it's been a warm afternoon. we still have thosed a riseries in effect until 9:00, a severe tomorrow watch all areas 'of
4:38 pm
the mountains. right now, we're at 96, but the dew point has come way down to a dry 59. locally around the area, temperatures still in the low to mid 90s. it could be dropping to the 70s. now, heat index at 94 degrees with a dew point of 59 feels like 96. there is no heat index. and there's relief on the way. thank you. let's check on the roads with chrissy. >> it continues to get busy out there. the delay still stretches from charles street to the herring parkway. and things are still very congested on the outer loop. northbound 95, traffic does
4:39 pm
slow down again. as far as accidents go, at southbound 195 at the beltway and baltimore boulevard and sunset lane, and another one reported at bonn street. northbound 895 is still crawling along there. we'll take another live look. not a bad drive for you. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the-firm. two groups cleaning up the inner harbor are not seeing eye to eye on what needs to be done. mike chu has more. >> reporter: the wallet from baltimore is like this. pretty on type, full of summing
4:40 pm
below. >> we're -- successful of sewage below. >> we're seeing these fish kills. >> reporter: her organization has a problem with this. a state permit telling the city how much storm water pollution it can allow to run off into the water. >> the permit has all sorts of requirements for various programs, but a lot of them are real goal-oriented. they're not enforceable deadlines or limits. without that, it's not easy for citizens or the government to know what would actually be complying with the permit. >> reporter: but the state disagrees, saying it requires the city to develop and implement a plan to control storm water, with an expected cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. but when views from the water, they want the state to take a
4:41 pm
tougher view. >> the storm water permit is a permit to pollute. by definition, that permit should have limits to how much they can pollute the water body. >> reporter: the mde says the prosed limit is a significant step forward. in the inner harbor, mark chu. >> the hearing dates for public comment are still being determined. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4, the man accused of care rig out norway's biggest massacre stuns the courtroom with his words. is more heat on the way to boil our weekend, or are we in store for a cooldown? stick around for the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,
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a spill of chemicals in a
4:45 pm
public pool sends dozens of people to the hospital in indiana. cousins of adults and kids started complaining of feels nauseous and itching eyes. >> it smelled like gas a bit, but stronger. when you smelled it, it hurt your throat a bit. >> we don't know the combination or how much was put in at this time. that's why we have the hazmat team going in at this point. >> authorities believe a combinations of chemicals are responsible. the city is investigating the incident. those who became sick are in fair condition. campers suddenly become sick in fairfax, virginia. some 40 students got sick at summer camp. health officials believe it's the stomach flu. the students started feeling ill have attending a banquet and going to the nationals
4:46 pm
baseball game. dozens of civilians are free after being held in afghanistan. taliban militants tooked hostages and killed at lease 20 people. afghan security forces battled the terrorists in a 12-hour siege. the trial of confessed mass murderer anders breivik comes to a a close in norway. families of the victims were outraged as he continued to admit to the massacre. the mass killer asked the court for the moe lenient possible prison sthns. two friendic psychiatrists -- prison sentence.
4:47 pm
two psychiatrists gave opposing opinions on his mental state. the verdict is expected august 24. a brutal beating along a busy highway in los angeles is going viral. now there is a bizarre twist. we have a report of why all 3 men including the victim are under arrest. >> reporter: a cell phone captured the fight on the los angeles freeway. the video was posted on the internet when and that got the attention of the highway patrol. >> reporter: road rage happens every day, but for it to escalate to a fight is rare. >> doing the kicking are in custody. in the fight last week, jerry patterson was nearly beaten unconscious. >> you all right, bro? get up. you can't get up? >> i was fighting for my life. either i'm going to fight or
4:48 pm
die, but i'm going to go out fighting. >> reporter: he said it happened after he inadvertently cut off this black jeta. >> i felt i didn't have any choice but to get out of my car or die. >> reporter: police received a number of calls from drivers. but authorities say minutes after it began, everyone involved drove away, including the victim. >> reporter: patterson didn't see a need to involve police. turns out there was a warrant for his arrest. since he didn't show up for his arraignment earlier this month on hit and run charges, he is now bind bars with his bail set at $50,000. he was taken to the same jail as the two men accused of beating him. >> both attackers are expected to be arraigned today. the video has reached more than 100,000 hits. a bus driver hero is dead.
4:49 pm
now a kidnapper is a flee man in a small california town. the driver who saved a bus full of kidnapped school children passed away this year. the kidnappers went to prison, but now 58-year-old rich shofield is out on parole. the community mourns the loss of a hoe row -- hero and is outraged attar the jury's -- at the jury's decision. the driver freed by the kids after the bus was buried by piling up at res to he lou hem to e cape through the roof. jack osbourne has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he said he's learning to accept it. some of the issues have been
4:50 pm
bladder and bowl issues. air guitarists air their hearts out at a regional showdown. it's the u.s. air guitar companionships. some practice the real guitar to become better at playing the air guitar. the winners at the national competition will represent the a united states at the world companionship in fin lan. -- finland this august. some showers and storms may finally cool ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door.
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my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 4 locations in your area we have a couple of thunderstorms across the region. one just east of bakerstown. some folks in eastern washington county still have a thunderstorm. that's heading east at 20 miles per hour, headed toward capetown and pleasant valley. another one headed for
4:54 pm
martinsburg. and that one is moving to the east and right along the maryland/pennsylvania border. this one is moving over toward the bay and should be moving toward the bay very shortly. moats of the activity by 8 or 9 will be east of the baltimore region. we still have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect officially until 9:00. we're still at last report 94, but the dew point is down to the lowest it's been in dies, down to 59. humanity is only at 29%. that is killing some of these thunderstorms. hagerstown will drop. d.c. at 96. ocean city had a little rain there. west winds around the air will eventually bring in a new air
4:55 pm
mass with drier air and lower humidity for the weekend. another front will cool us down even more by next week. the bulk of it seems to be down bit carolinas. a weaker line form together west. we have a chance of a thunderstorm at least around 9 or 10. and then things will quiet down. it's going to be warm tomorrow. but we won't be in the 90s like we've seen. maybe another thunderstorm, and even cooler weather for next week. northwest winds@around 10 miles per hour -- winds at around 10 miles per hour. and a low tonight of about 78 degrees. and tomorrow, it will get town about 89. still ahead --
4:56 pm
>> what are an officer's responsibilities while a off- duty? we're searching for questions to that and other questions swirling around the yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place.
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coming up next, severe weather is popping pup trying to make a decision. the jury in the jerry sandusky trial deliberates right now. their request to the judge. and a local teen dies during a confrontation with an off-duty police officer. the new frustration from his family and friends. >> marriage and money. the strategies el ployed by both sides in the same-sex
4:59 pm
marriage referendum. >> check in for these stories. eyewitness fuse at 5 starts now. . severe thunderstorm warnings and watches are in effect around maryland. take a live look on this friday, let's go straight to bob, tracking live doppler radar in the weather center. >> strong wind gusts havened vee downpours and lightning, one across southern york county, along the mason-dixon line, another in frederic and washington county, another


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