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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> convicted coach. jerry sandusky spent his first night behind bars, but tonight, the case could be far from over. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm adam may. jerry sandusky will likely spend the rest of his life in jail after the jury convicts him on 45 of 48 counts related to sexual abuse, but the pain could go on for the university. tonight, manual giagez shows us. >> reporter: it's a relief for
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the university. he's now in the correctional facility. his wife, dottie, was seen returning home saturday. she spent about ten minutes at the jail. there were jeers as the 68-year- old left the courthouse after the conviction on 45 criminal counts involving the sexual abuse of children. his defense attorney told the crowd it was a difficult case. >> essentially, it will be a life sentence. >> reporter: joanna told us that sandusky is like a naive kid himself and doesn't fully understand the magnitude of what happened. >> i explained to him whether or not he fully grasped it. >> reporter: this case is far from over. it could take years to play out in court with penn state officials pending civil lawsuits and ongoing
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investigation. penn state released a statement saying it will privately and fairly address the victims' concerns and compensate them. a juror said the accusers were all credible and the reaction to the verdict made them realize their decision was the right one. wjz eyewitness news. >> and the family of the late joe paterno, fired in the scandal, issued a statement saying their thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. meanwhile, the case is shedding light in maryland and continuing coverage of the sandusky verdict. monique griego has local reaction from advocates of abused victims and penn state alumnae. monique? >> reporter: the details are horrific. they hope this will accuse more victims of abuse to come forward. dozens of guilty verdicts may
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signal the end for jerry sandusky, but his victims may have a longer road ahead of them. >> a guilty verdict doesn't fix the problem for the victims or society either, it just puts one pedophile away. >> reporter: the baltimore child abuse center, he knows the effects of child abuse. >> it's satisfying that people believe children. it's hard to prove these cases. >> reporter: the child abuse center this year is see ago 36% increase in the number of cases. they're already on track to see more than 1100 children. >> it's not because abuse is up nationally, but it's because the attention is up. cases like sandusky bring this cause to light. >> reporter: the case shows how hard herolike figures can fall. >> it's shocking because someone that was an important figure head. whether it's a politician or coach. >> reporter: alumnae state watched sandusky leave court and no longer saw a
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representative of the college and hopes others can also separate the two. >> whether it was someone you watch on tv in south baltimore or someone an assistant coach in penn state, it's meaningless. either or, you're glad to see justice was done and that the system worked. >> reporter: and rosenburg said 90% of the sexual abuse victims are abused by someone that is close to them. back to you. >> monique griego for us. thank you. jerry sandusky is expected to be sentenced within 90 days. in other news, family and friends buried a friend who died in a off-duty police officer. he died from asphyxiation last week during an altercation with an off-duty officer, james laboar. they want his memory to live on. >> brown wants everyone to know that this is just the beginning of the rest of his life. so
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far, no charges have been filed in the case. a somber funeral for a man kill maryland a cannibal attack. tonight, gigi barnett reports. >> reporter: members of the all nations gospel church in baltimore county remember cujo cody. the murder killed their friend and brother. >> the bible said everything happens for a reason. so why can't you use this to appreciate life in the future? we shouldn't do that. >> reporter: late last month, he went for a jog and days
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later, found parts of his body in a harper county home. they arrested alexander. he admitted to mutilating the victim and then eating parts of his heart and brain. >> he was missing and he died. i didn't think we thought about what really happened to him. i just googled the news and the whole story came to me. >> reporter: anthony is his uncle. the native is taking his nephew's body back to the home country next month. this memorial service is also to pay for an expensive burial months ago. they also pay for the suspect in this service. they charge alexander with murder and assault in aji cody's death. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news.
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>> and cody's body will be shipped back to ghana next month. they set up a fund to help the burial costs. go to high winds through maryland bringing down a barn. 60 to 70-mile-per-hour winds leveled the johnsonville farm. more than 150 cows were inside the barn when it came crashing down. one cow was hurt. the person inside was able to get out safely. >> i was lucky that i wasn't in the barn, first of all, because i might not be here. >> pieces of the barn ended up on a road 200 yards away and a field, hanging from power lines and all across the area. a tropical storm is on the loose in the gulf of mexico and forecasters say it could bring torrential rains from southern louisiana to the florida panhandle. it's a big storm. bob turk is tracking debby in the first warning weather
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center. >> it's the earliest fourth named storm they've had. we've been watching this system for the last five or six days. the winds began to be strong enough to name it tropical storm debby. it's to the louisiana or texas coast. right now, it's stationary with winds at 50 miles per hour but the bulk of the models have it going basically to louisiana or the texas area over the next four to five days, but as you mentioned, it could be as much as 8 to 10-inches of rain from louisiana to the florida panhandle. that's something we are watching. maybe a little bump in the road later tonight and monday, but a beautiful week next week. adam? >> all right, details from bob coming up. stay with wjz to find the forecast updates and live doppler radar at any time, just log on to baltimore's upcoming police commissioner has unusual plans for his retirement. they sound kind of fun.
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he's planning to hike the appalachian trail. deerfield said it will help him with the madness he had endured fighting urban crime. he's the top for five years and will officially retire. a new york community is coming together to support a bullied bus monitor. the infamous video of karen kline being verbally assaulted by boys has outraged a nation. they condemn the incident. kline decided not to press charges against the boys and hoping others will learn from it. >> i should have gone up to the front of the bus. gotten away from them, but then this wouldn't have happened. >> online donations for kline have now surpassed $600,000. people are hoping she uses that
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money to take the vacation of a lifetime. boy, if anyone deserves it, it's that woman. that's for sure. still tonight on wjz eyewitness news, a wildfire whips back up. tonight, some new evacuation orders as firefighters in colorado lose control. >> there's a person inside the house? >> yes. >> home alone when three men break in. how this florida boy led police right to the thieves. and splashing into summer, city pools are opening up. find out where and when you can enjoy it. >> boy, nice summer weather in the region. i'm bob turk with the complete first warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it's clear and 73 degrees in central maryland right now. bob is going to have the complete first warning weather forecast coming up. a raging wildfire in colorado forces more evacuations. the high park burned an estimated thousands of acres. the fire is 45% contained but could take months until everything is fully under control. >> after two weeks of that fire getting established in there, it's still trying to come
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alive. the persistence of the fire is pretty unusual. >> the fire was sparked by lightning earlier this month. well, this video is hard to look at. an elderly man is attacked by two men in chicago. this is a surveillance video of two men beating the 86-year-old world war ii veteran. he was attacked and then robbed of his lottery tickets and even his glasses. they caught the two men that are in the video. a young boy in florida makes a braver call as three peoplebreak in. the 11-year-old was watching tv and saw someone throw a hammer through the window. can you imagine how scared he was? his dad left a few minutes ago to get dinner. he called his dad and then call 9-1-1. >> i had to whisper to the operator. >> why? >> so i wouldn't get caught.
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>> the boy continued in this hiding place right there until the police arrived. the burglars fled the scene but eventually caught up with them. everything they stole was returned to the family. folks in minnesota are cleaning up tonight after floods hit the area up in duluth. the floods swept away complete sections of roads and calling this a flood up there. a family's play house, you see? this was teetering on a giant sink hole. crews had to knock it over to get it underground. just in time for the warm weekend. every single pool in baltimore city, officially open today. city leaders say the pools are more than just a way to cool off. baltimore mayor stephanie rollins blake wasn't dressed officially, but performing
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artists in the synchronized swim. >> i would not be there in my swim suit, let alone to dance to the music so thank you very much for sharing your talents with us. >> the park pools opened earlier than last year on memorial day and the neighborhood pools will be open two weeks longer than 2011. all 26 public pools are critical element in the baltimore strategy to make neighborhoods safer. >> i asked parents and guardians and facilitators to push and make sure the children are taking advantage of all the opportunities provided over the summer. >> because for kids, it's just good, clean fun. admission is $1.50. walk to pools are a buck. food trucks are fighting for a tasty title in south baltimore this weekend. that's right, dig in. the food is good out there at
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taste of two cities that was held today in west port. it's a competition between the food trucks from baltimore and washington, d.c. twenty trucks came out. we don't have the word on who the winner is. the local celebrity judges and the event helped to determine. 51? getting the word right now. gypsy food truck won. you're not just saying that because it's my favorite? all right! gypsy food truck won. >> it was a beltway with all teams too. >> but our food trucks win every time. gypsy has the best crab cakes. low humidity. sunshine tomorrow. about the same, but may be a shower. >> not too bad. >> beautiful next week. temperature, it was a great day for a pool. >> [ laughter ] 58 degrees. no wind with the barometer. right now, we're on the rise.
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29.99 inches. 61, the low 50s tonight. 68 in cumberland. d.c., the hot spot. 80 degrees. a pleasant cool, 66 in ocean city and to the north of the city, reports of 65, 66-degree readings outside of the beltway. just a beautiful, cool night. no wind at all. it's staying pretty calm. tomorrow, we have a front that begins to approach from the northwest. shower and thunderstorm activity that should still be dry tomorrow. debby causing rain in the west coast of florida but because of the circulation run, debby will bring the tropical system up to louisiana and the texas area over the next four to five days. right now, it's totally stationary. tomorrow, we're going to cool down below normal temperatures for the bulk of the upcoming weekend. we see sun and clouds. tomorrow night, we think the
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front is going to approach the area with a risk of a shower or thunderstorm. it should be done by early morning. tuesday, cooling out. monday, back in the 50s again and next week, temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. we've got a lot of sunshine. really, really nice. here comes the front and thunderstorms along the front behind it. some chilly air and with the sun this time and cold air, that's when you get some quick moving thundershower activity. southeast winds becoming southwest on the bay with knots, look at that 79 degrees. beginning sunday night as the front approaches from the northwest. so for the rest of tonight, mainly clear. comfortable. upper 50s to lower to mid 60s. a few clouds tomorrow, maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow night. still warm. the next five days, wow, some really nice temperatures. the risk of a shower until noon monday and then clears out 88.
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next thursday around 86, by the way. adam? >> all right, bob. sounds good. orioles look for another win. the highlights will be up next. ,
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>> stan has the night off. shaun madden is here with the sports report. adam laroche touches up for the 13th glass of the year, nationals go up 3-0. gave up
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two runs. top of the seventh, o's adam jones. o's down 3-1, try to make a comeback. but the o's couldn't get done tonight, falling to warble. 3-1. back home to face their closest rival and tomorrow afternoon on masn on see the birds take on the nationals at 1:30 p.m. live here on wjz tv. 49-year-old seasoned veteran jamie. moiers, 25 games for the
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o's. 1993. the action at the top of the section. and he smacks his ball real hard. the fifth home run of the season. last 18 games, four to three is the final. a line-up. south to makia as the red sox go to the 6-4 win over the braves. o's are ahead in the standing you know, with this 2012 summer olympics set to start, michael phelps will start for a swimming gold medal in the london games. the 26-year-old phelps who
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plans to retire. it's on the field the same way he does. a lot of people talk the talk but sometimes they can't get in and walk the walk. >> honestly, i'm just going to have to let the swimming talk next week and then, i guess, you guys can decide who's the best. >> i let the swimming do whatever talking it needs to, has to, will do, whatever. and that's how i've always had my career and that's how i'm going to do it. >> taking swimming seriously. a little back and forth there. what's with the new stash there? >> it's maturity. >> yes, [ laughter ] thank you so much. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, he's not the eyewitness news, he's not the prettiest pooch ,,,,
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>> that's it for us tonight. be sure to watch tim and gigi tomorrow. actually, bernadette will be there for gigi. for shawn,


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