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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 25, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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among other things, arizona made it against the law for an illegal immigrant to look for work and it required police officers to check the immigration status of people they stop we have two reports from the court and phoenix. first with the decision we'll go to our chief legal correspondent jan crawford at the supreme court. jan? >> reporter: scott, arizona said it passed this law out of desperation because the federal government had failed to solve the problem of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in their state and today the court had some sympathy for that although it put some limits on what states could do. the justices unanimously upheld the law's most controversial provision, giving arizona greater authority to identify illegal immigrants in its state. the provision-- often referred to as "show me your papers" requires police officers during stops or arrests to check a person's immigration status. but today's decision was only a partial victory for arizona
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because the court also of tdq teeth out of the tough anti-immigration law. in a split decision, the justices voted 5-3 to strike down other provisions in the law that gave arizona police more power to arrest and prosecute people who are in the state illegally. arizona had argued those/q
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passed similar laws so, scott, legally and politically there's a long way to go before the laws are settled. >> pelley: jan, a lot of states are following this very closely. what does this decision say to state legislatures as they craft their own laws in the future? >> well, what they're looking at
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is the heart of this law, whether they can have those background checks@@!ñ this certainly is expected to encourage states to go forward with similar laws, similar controversial provisions. right now, eight other states are considering specific laws of this nature and other states certainly are looking at it. so today the court gave a road map of sorts saying some things that states could not do but the main provision right now has given states the green light to go forward. as i said, there will be more legal challenges on this down the road. >> pelley: jan, thanks very much. that green light essentially says arizona police can ask about immigration status, but then they have to turn it over to federal authorities from there. we asked ben tracy in phoenix to show us what that means. >> i was over here, here's where they pulled me over. >> reporter: mario chihuahua was pulled over last december by an arizona sheriff's deputy for making an illegal turn. he asked me "where were you born?" i was like "you don't have the right to ask me that question." >> reporter: when the deputy
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asked him for i.d. he didn't have any because he's an illegal immigrant. the 36-year-old came from mexico 12 years ago. chihuahua was jailed for three days while his case was referred to federal immigration authorities. now thepx-mily, including 13-year-old abril, facess deportation. >> for me i'll be starting all over again because all my studies have been here, i have been here since kindergarten. i have studied here. i really want to go to harvard. >> reporter: according to today's supreme court ruling, police can still ask people like chihuahua for identification. federal officials would check their immigration status. but the department of homeland security says it will only detain illegal immigrants with criminal@yrs convictions, repead violators or people who have recently crossed the border. it's likely federal authorities will not bother with someone like chihuahua. still, arizona governor jan brewer called the court's ruling a victory. >> well, today the state of arizona and senate bill 1070 was vindicated and the heart of the
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bill was upheld. >> reporter: polls have shown a majority of people from arizona support the law. state senator steve pierce voted for it. he says fear of arrests has forced thousands of illegal immigrants to leave the state. >> it made lots of room in the schools. the crime is down. the lines in the emergencies at the hospital are down. and it's... it changed things drastically. >> reporter: now, late this afternoon arizona governor jan brewer sent out a scathing statement from the state capital here in phoenix. she took issue with the federal government saying that they don't plan to arrest most non-criminal illegal immigrants. she called that, scott, a new low even for this administration. >> pelley: ben, thank you, the president says he's pleased that the justices threw out most of the arizona law but he's concerned about the part they kept, that police ask suspected illegal immigrants for their papers. in a statement, president obama said no american should ever live around cloud of suspicion just because of what they look
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like. another case closely watched today deals with the influence of money in politics. you remember that the supreme court ruled a couple of years ago that corporations have the same free speech rights as people. so the court said corporations can give unlimited donations to political action committees that support candidates. that created the so-called super pacs. well, 23 states asked the court to reconsider that decision and nancy cordes joins us now with that. nancy? >> reporter: scott, good evening. the montana law that the supreme court struck down today actually dates back to 1912 when copper mining giants dominated that state's politics so much so that montana actually banned corporate spending in political races to try to limit their influence. 22 states and the district of columbia backed montana's effort to keep those restrictions in place. but in a short half-page decision today the court's five
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most conservative justices said the state law violated the free speech rights of corporations. writing that montana's arguments in support of its law were already rejected in citizens united. the citizens united ruling two years ago enabled corporations and wealthy individuals to give unlimited funds to certain political groups called super pacs. the result? with the 2012 election still four months away, super pacs supporting presidential candidates have already spent $101 million. in their dissent, the court's four most liberal justices argued that citizens united should be reconsidered in light of all that spending because it can create corruption or, scott, at the very least the appearance of corruption. >> pelley: nancy, what's interesting about this is the court made its decision without hearing any arguments in the case. >> reporter: that's right, it simply struck down an earlier ruling by montana's supreme court upholding the law and that sends a message to anyone who
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thought that the court might walk back its decision on citizens united in the face of public anger, that that simply isn't going to happen at least with the court's current political makeup. >> pelley: thanks very much. the justices also ruled it's unconstitutional for states to make life sentences mandatory for children when, for example, a murder occurs during the commission of a robbery. the court said children under 18 can be sentenced to life but that must be decided by a judge or a jury. automatic mandatory life sentences, the justices said, amount to cruel and unusual punishment. the justices still have to rule on one more major issue-- the affordable care act. that's also known as obamacare, the president's health care program. that decision will come on thursday. we're keeping a close eye tonight on those wildfires in the west. they are raging across seven states. one fire outside colorado
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springs nearly doubled in size overnight. rick sallinger of cbs station kcnc is with the firefighters. >> so if somebody's being impacted do not run. >> reporter: this 20-man team is preparing for the three-mile hike to the front lines. they've been working 16 hour shifts to fight a fire that's now out of control. >> keep your forces close, know where they are, stay alive because even if it's notr÷
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>> reporter: scott, there's a cloud of smoke behind me. i would guess about two miles away that represents the front line. it rises several thousand feet into the air. and as the people around here look at it they must wonder how long it's going to take before they'll be aloud to be back into their homes. >> pelley: hoping for better weather.
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rick, thanks very much. from a fast-moving fire to a powerful storm that is creeping toward the gulf coast. the brunt of tropical storm debby is 20 to 30 miles off the florida coast tonight. it's expected to make landfall wednesday morning and cause severe flooding. it's already churned up the gulf of mexico and today the coast guard released video of a helicopter rescue in florida. a family of nine was pulled to safety along with their two dogs after their vacation home was cut off by the surging tide. some mixed news today about the economy. there were new concerns that europe's debt crisis could drag us into another recession and that sent the dow jones industrial average plummeting. it lost 138 points today. but there was some good news about the housing market. the commerce department says sales of new homes rosevpñ last month. that's the biggest month-to-month jump in more than two years. there is a new terror threat that has intelligence agencies
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two colonels. bashir al-assad has been using his army to crush a rebellion that broke out 16 months ago. thousands of syrians have been killed and apparently these soldiers had seen enough. in egypt, the first freely elected president in that country moved into his office today. mohammed morsi of the islamist muslim brotherhood was declared the winner on sunday. morsi has already begun forming a new government, but there are questions about how much he'll be able to get done and charlie d'agata is in cairo tonight. >> reporter: this is the picture egyptians thought they would never see: a member of the muslim brotherhood sitting as the president-elect with the supreme council of the armed forces, the generals who actually run the country. mohammed morsi was once a prisoner in the jails of former dictator hosni mubarak. today he took over the presidential palace. there was a celebration in tahrir square following his
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victory. now it's dawning on egyptians that the same generals who accepted morsi's win have already undercut his authority. the ruling military recently imposed martial law, issued a constitutional decree sharply curbing the president's powers. this after the supreme court resolve it had democratically elected parliament. professor omar ashour says in essence the generals have assured they can maintain the grip of power they held before morsi was elected. >> even though he's in office and the elected president, still he's weak enough and hegyy needs mass mobilization on the squares of egypt to sustain him and support him in front of the general. >> reporter: tahrir square has now turned back into a protest camp. ashraf lasheen was one of morsi's supporters and insists they're not going anywhere. >> we will support him, we will defend our rights and we will go
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forwards for that. we not give up. >> reporter: you will not give up. >> we will not give up. >> reporter: if he doesn't get the powers you'll be back here protesting? >> of course, all of us. >> pelley: charlie tag a joins us just above tahrir square in cairo. charlie, i wonder, what morsi's been on the 1979 peace treaty with israel which the mubarak government has always supported. >> well, in his victory speech last night, scott, morsi said he had a message of peace and that he respects all international agreements without mentioning that 1979 peace accord with israel by name. but analysts say he would have a lot to lose by canceling that agreement, not the least $1.3 billion in u.s. aid for the military here. >> pelley: charlie, thank you. european security officials tonight are warning about a new terror threat. they say that a norwegian man has received terrorist training from al qaeda in yemen and is now awaiting orders to attack the west. the unidentified norwegian, a
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only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. >> pelley: there was a sign need japan is recovering from last year's nuclear disaster. seafood caught near for the first time since the meltdown. only octopus and a type of sea snail were sold, but the tests
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showed they're not radioactive. we've been talking in the newsroom all day today about an incredible photo finish. have a look at this. allyson felix and jeneba tarmoh in an absolute dead heat for third place in the 100-meter dash at the u.s. olympic trials on saturday. third place means a spot in the olympics in london but who will get it? they might flip a coin or hold another race. and a remarkable rescue in lake tahoe, california, caught on cape. this adventurous bear cub looked more like a monkey after it got locked inside a garage hanging on for dear life. its mother heard the cries and pushed open the garage door. after some coaxing, the cub made its way down a ladder propped against the wall to make its escape. mexico's drug runners have a daring new way to escape. mexico's drug runners have a daring new way to escape. what's texas doing about it? that story's next.
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we asked anna werner to show us what texas is doing about it. >> southbound at 250. >> reporter: this video from texas state police shows them chasing a pickup truck, its bed loaded down with drugs destined for sale in the u.s. the drug runners, once cornered, race back to the boarder to escape capture. lieutenant charlie goble patrol it is rio grande valley. >> they do not care who they run over. they do not care how many felonies they commit while they're doing so. their goal is to get away from law enforcement. >> reporter: the cartel's latest escape technique? something called a splashdown. >> we have a splashdown. we have a splashdown in the river. >> they just splash their vehicle right into the river. we have seen them jump off 30-foot cliffs into the water. >> we got a bunch of people in the water. >> reporter: next, cartel members in boats rush in to save their bales of drugs and whisk them back to the mexican side of the river. >> here comes another one back
7:26 pm
over. if why are they so determined to get those drugs back to mexico? >> well, the cartels that are controlling these situations are... they're very ruthless. their life literally depends on them either getting the load to where it's going or safely getting it back. >> reporter: police say the drug trafficers have made these splashdown get aways at least 65 times in the past three years. texas police don't have the boats they need to stop them and the drug runners know it. >> they know once they get back into the water they're safe. all they've got to do is swim home. >> there's nothing we can do. >> roger that. that was a good effort, guys. >> reporter: the texas-style solution? launching its own mini navy. six boats like this one equipped with multiple machine guns will soon be patrolling a 54-mile stretch of the rio grande. steve mccraw heads the texas department of public safety.
7:27 pm
>> we're not going to creed any part of texas to mexican cartels or the gangs that support it. >> reporter: how big do you think this water force can get? >> as big as it needs to be. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection says it supports the texas gun boat strategy and will coordinate with state officials on how best to stop smugglers from slipping away. >> splash down. >> reporter: anna werner, cbs news, dallas. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> matthew mcconaughey with his new bride. their wedding day moment that brought him to tears. >> right before she came out. >> alec baldwin's fiance flashes her bare bottom in new york. will their wedding be ruined by the paparazzi? plus, who is the megastar finally bearing her baby bump? is ann curry being paid $10 million to leave "today show?" >> she will land on her feet. plus, the biggest star payouts of all-time. who made $45 million just to walk away? michael jackson's kids today on the third anniversary of his death. his daughter, paris, on a date?


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