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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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bottom line at the top of the hour it's gorgeous, get up and go. the weather is nice but the traffic is doing as well. sharon will have the latest on that after marty's weather. >> let's look at the numbers. they tell you the story of the morning. 59 on tv hill. that is 11 more pleasant than at this time yesterday. 78 on its way to a high of 81. still in the beautiful upper 70s. >> thank you. the pavement is pleasant as well. here is sharon gibala. >> good morning, everyone. overall it's pleasant. however, we have picked up our first problem on the morning. it's an accident in hartford
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county. belcamp, 543 near route 7. two vehicles involved there. police are on the scene. speeds are looking good on the beltway. top and west side 59 and 61 are your averages. southbound 175 problem free heading to the south. no problems on 95 at 543. remember wjz 13 is always on. log on to here is what people are talking about today. the united states supreme court is showing a split verdict on arizona's very controversial immigration law. some of the key provisions were struck down. wjz and mike schuh are live with the national and local implications. there are some. good morning, mike. >> good morning, done. good morning, everyone. it's a long awaited decision. the obama administration sued and brought the case to federal court to the supreme court to prevent portions of that arizona law from taking effect. this morning both sides are
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claiming victory. >> they pulled me over. >> reporter: mario was pulled over for making an illegal turn. >> he asked me where i was born. you don't have the right to ask me that question. >> the supreme court ruled otherwise. now they will be required to check the i am manage migration status of the people they detain. >> the heart of senate bill 1070 is constitutional >> the high court did block many .key provisions in the law. they would have required immigrants to carry registration at all times, ban them from looking for work and allow police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant. hispanic leaders in baltimore say since the law was first proposed, they have seen an influx of people moving here from arizona. >> a lot of people from arizona.
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>> reporter: nicholas ramos is the chairman of the baltimore hispanic commission and owner of arco's restaurant. he heard the stories of hispanics constantly stopped by police in arizona. >> we don't feel good in arizona because we get stopped all the time. we show the driver's license and the green card all the time. >> reporter: he says that he believes the supreme court striking down much of the law is a step in the right direction. the supreme court says part of the law is okay and they welcome challenges once it goes into effect. some of the critics say it will lead to racial profiling and extended detention. mike schuh reporting live downtown. back to you. >> thank you. in a statement, the president says he is happy the supreme court struck down most of arizona's immigration law. anne arundel police are needing your help finding an arsonist. a fire was set in the anne arundel medical center. it caused minor damage.
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investigators want to question that man seen on surveillance cameras around the time the fire was set. today military urge judge is ordering prosecutors to account for themselves in the pretrial hearing of bradley manning. this comes after accusations that prosecutors withheld evidence from manning's attorneys. the biggest leak of classified information in u.s. history. the judge granted the motion requiring the prosecutors to report on their efforts to defense attorneys. seeking justice for her son, the mother of a teenager who died after a fight with an off duty baltimore county police officer wants that cop off the streets. this morning wjz investigates and mike hellgren has the mother's outrage and the response from police and prosecutors. >> i don't know what they think i'm dealing with. i think i dealt with quite enough. reporter: chris brown's mom broke down. she is frustrated and angry
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that after two weeks no charges have been filed against officer james laboard who police say chased down the son after they -- he believed the 17-year-old threw a rock at his door. >> if christopher killed that police officer, he would behind bars. i would love to have paid for his door. there is no money or nothing that can replace my son. >> reporter: police tell wjz they want to be thorough and it takes more time because an officer is involved. >> because he was not on duty at the time the incident occurred, we have to look at the facts and determine whether he was acting in his capacity as an officer or not. >> reporter: miss brown says she no longer has faith in the department and wants federal authorities to step in. the state's attorney issued a statement saying although it can be frustrating to all involved, thorough investigations take time to do the job properly. we can't rush the process. >> that is not enough for me. this is where i draw the line. >> reporter: police say there is
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no timetable for the investigation. the officer is on paid routine leave. brown's mom says the police chief did call her to offer his condolences. in baltimore county, mike hellgren, wjz, eyewitness news. >> there is no public comment from fraternal order of police, officer laboard or his attorney. the baltimore city council approved a new budget. the vote took place last night at city hall. the mayor's $2.3 billion spending plan will take effect next month. it closes a $48 million shortfall but it will force the closures of four recreation centers come august. marylanders weigh in on the latest state gaming controversy and a poll shows they are ready to vote. according to the poll released by the washington building and construction trade council, 83% want expanded gambling on the november ballot. the poll finds 56% support a
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sixth casino. many in cairo are celebrating that the generals that accepted morsi's win have undercut his authority. most of the president's powers were taken away. supporters are camping out in the square in fro test. tropical storm debby is pounding the gulf coast with high winds, heavy rain and strong surf. florida's governor has declared a state of emergency. the worst may not arrive for a day or two. reporter: florida's gulf coast is enduring more heavy rain, rough surf and strong winds as debby inches its way toward landfall. the storm has claimed at least one life. a highlands county florida woman was killed sunday by a tornado. family members say the woman
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held on to her young child as the two were blown around by the twister. she died holding her daughter so tightly that the child suffered broken ribs but survived. >> i can picture her holding the baby. not letting her know. just to know that she was holding her baby so tight. >> reporter: another tornado sent this tractor trailer flying through the air in polk county. >> i had enough time to grab the dog, cat, hunker down in the closet then it hit. >> reporter: the coast guard had to use a helicopter to rescue a family of nine and their dogs from their vacation home on dog island. because debby is a slow moving storm it could dump three feet of rain causing flooding. florida's governor ordered a statewide emergency. >> everybody needs to be cautious. don't take anything for granted. take care of your family. >> reporter: debby is expected to make landfall wednesday and may not exit the state until the end of the week.
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several major bridges are closed due to flooding. about 35,000 homes and businesses are without power this morning. michael phelps qualified for his first event in london but he didn't finish first. he won the qualifying heat in the 400 individual medley but in the final he fell behind early to his rival ryan lochte. he made a late push but ends up losing by a few hundreds of a second. >> he has to improve with technical items and a couple of things we can tweak. he has to keep getting better. he has to get better for the next 30 days. >> bottom line both swimmers qualify and phelps will compete in six other events at the olympic trials. students in maryland set a world record with their version of a helicopter. they kept the human powered
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chopper off the floor for 50 seconds. they surpassed their own 2011 world record of 11 seconds. the time will be submitted to the -- to be validated. >> what was -- i'm curious. maybe i will try to find it during the break, what was the length of the wright brothers first flight, the time length? >> a matter of seconds. >> was it 50 seconds? or slightly longer. that is impressive. don't kid yourself. that is really cool. >> i will find out during the break. we will check it out. i will have it for you when i do the weather. let's get to the weather. gorgeous day. temperature of 81. tem teems are in the mid -- temperatures are in the mid- 40s. ron, this is one of those -- there is about five or six days a year where you get a perfect day start -- a couple do come in the winter but this is one
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of them. how are you. >> reporter: it's fabulous. it couldn't be any better. gorgeous morning in baltimore. open the doors, open the windows and scream i'm mad -- no, don't do that. [ laughter ] >> this story we are getting ready to do, you know what makes take liens off the chart, they didn't just appear last week. >> we are talking food. is it the best sandwich in america. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> hello. good morning, wjz tv. >> that greeting was taken where we will be with the world famous market. the wright brothers were in the air 9 seconds longer than the
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helicopter at the university of maryland. >> cool. >> 59 seconds. that puts the university of maryland helicopter in perspective, doesn't it. 58 degrees. 61% humidity. a west-northwest breeze today. barometer is 29.84. 56 hagerstown. 57 elkton. 58 greater columbia. 57 bel air. 54 in westminister. the frontal boundary got through the area. we are left with a beautiful morning. high pressure drives the weather the next five days. the high gets offshore and becomes a heat pump. not only warmer but hotter. let's digress and talk about the front sitting to the south and east. here is first warning doppler radar. there is the frontal boundary, shower activity to the north associated with the new air mass. check it out, what is down to the south, this is debby.
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debby continues to pound away at florida. if debby could get her act together and out to sea it wouldn't be that big of a deal. the storm isn't that powerful but it's a rainmaker and continues to soak florida. let's take a look at a graphic i have for you showing steering currents. a slow drift across florida and straight out to sea. there is the block down to our south and east. we are left with beautiful weather. 81 will be the high. partly sunny. breezy. pleasant afternoon. 58. clear overnight. tomorrow temperatures about 85 degrees. then we take it to the low 90s, mid-90s then low to mid-90s friday, saturday and sunday. don, take it away. >> thank you. if you are about to take off, here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. i can say we are clear for take off. we have one issue, an accident in harford county. two vehicles remain on the scene.
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we are looking good as far as speeds go. 59 and 61 on the top and the west side to the beltway. there is 95 south of 153 and you can see that we are definitely looking at sun this morning. sun glare a possibility. 295 at 175 is looking good as well. traffic report brought to you by your toyota dealer. >> thanks a lot. ronnie, i will be honest with you, what is the best sandwich is where you are ultimately from. you can name a couple of those. >> that is subjective, top ten in america? that's objective. >> reporter: we are doing
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great. they have been here been here since 1886. they are competing for the best sandwich in the usa. you always find a crowd here in lexington market. their crab cakes bring folks from all over the country for a taste. >> you are from buffalo. >> buffalo, new york. >> i'm mary rain hold. we get crab cakes in tampa but not this good. >> reporter: adam richmond from the travel channel. he featured these in a competition for the best sandwich in america. >> it brings people. my bestest business is tourist from all over the country that want to come and get a good crab cake. >> reporter: they started in 1886. the crab cakes have won numerous awards. folks comfort food and more. >> the atmosphere. you meet people from all over the united states or various
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countries. >> reporter: the famous crab cakes will be competing against 29 other sandwiches from around the country. >> i think they will do very well. they don't have a lot of filler. they have crab meat. when you get that lump crab cake, you get crab. >> reporter: a taste of baltimore ready to take on the country. >> this kind of thing is like a real big boost to the city and to us and to lexington market. >> amazing. >> best ever. >> reporter: all right. we are back live at the lexington market. marty catastrophe the great food writer. good to see you. >> i have to mention some of the competition. chicago's al's beef. a pulled pork sandwich. texas deli. new york city corned beef and
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pay tram my -- pastrami. how will we stack up. >> this is different. crab meat is baltimore. the ingredients at the other places can be from a lot of places. there is multiple streams of crab cakes and there are specific sauces for each of the diversions of crab cakes. you can get a jump bow crab cake, they are all different. you can't do that in other cities. >> that's what we were talking about. this was really -- we are baltimore. this will be our favorite. other cities will line up for their favorites. >> they will come here and have the crab cakes and like them. >> yes, they will. thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> our pleasure. marty katz. don and marty. i can smell it now. >> what is the stupidest thing
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somebody in baltimore could do. >> get a crab cake on white bread. >> you are close. crab cake in white bread in tampa florida or raleigh, north carolina. >> whatever you do, if you are traveling -- come here, marty, you don't order a crab cake in another city other than baltimore, maryland. >> it will be pasturized crap meet and all the yellow cooked out of it. even in some places around here, you need the fresh crab meat. >> you will be in a restaurant and they will say -- let's take you are in new mexico, we have maryland crab cakes on the menu and you are from baltimore. you go to the next special. they don't try to sell it. >> it's on letter travel channel tomorrow night. >> okay. have a great day. get outside. >> i was in archbishop archbishop, ohio and --
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ashtabula ohio. they had a maryland crab cake and ohio crab cake. my sister said, will you have one of those? i said, no. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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going green to save green. >> reporter: a more energy
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efficient way to cook. microwave ovens save energy. they are about 33% more efficient than convection ovens and 66% more effective than conventional. >> for more information, go to and click on the special energy safer section on the right side of our home page. next up this morning right here on wjz -- >> baltimore's reaction to the u.s. supreme court's split decision on that controversial arizona immigration law. i'm mike schuh. a live report next. >> good morning, i'm alex demetrick. sea levels are on the rise and they are rising fastest on our coast. that story as eyewitness news continues.
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>> we are seeing more volume on the roads. we will take a look at the sped sensors and see if there are delays. >> this night rider is going lean. the hoff. cavity hasselhoff joins us on -- david hasselhoff joins us. he is going viral with a commercial for lean pockets. the hoff is off the charts at 6:45. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is a dynamite start. the drive isn't going bad as well. the weather is near perfect. sharon will update you on the rush after marty's first warning weather. >> temperatures right now in the upper 50s on tv hill. >> it's pleasant. 58 degrees will be down 11 from
6:31 am
this time yesterday morning. by lunch, 78. going to a high of 81. beautiful this dust day evening, don. >> here is sharon gibala. >> starting to see more volume on the roads and it's starting to affect speeds. we have one accident that we are watching 543 at route 7. there are the speeds on the beltway. 57 the average on the outer loop between 795 and 95, 13 minute drive. we are seeing volume with speeds down to 55 here. taking a look at 295 southbound at 175 starting to jam up there. heading south to the d.c. area, there is a live look at 83 at ruxton road. no issues there. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. now is the time to make the jump to toyota. at the top of the news this
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half hour, a highly anticipated supreme court ruling on arizona's controversial immigration law is getting mixed reaction this morning. both sides of that legal battle are claiming victory. wjz and mike schuh are live with the latest for us. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning, done and good morning, everyone. the supreme court struck down most provisions of the law but allowed the most controversial part to stand. >> they pulled me over. >> reporter: mario was pulled over for making an illegal turn in phoenix, arizona. >> he asked me where was i born? i was like, you know, you don't have the right to ask me that question. >> reporter: but the supreme court ruled otherwise. now arizona police will be required to check the immigration status of the people they detain. proponents of the law are claiming victory. >> the heart of senate bill 1070 has been proven to be constitutional. >> reporter: the high court did block many key provisions in the law. they would have required immigrants to carry registration
6:33 am
papers at all times, ban them from looking for work and allowed police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant. hispanic leaders in baltimore say since the law was first proposed they have seen an influx of people moving here from arizona. >> a lot of people from arizona. >> reporter: nicholas ramos is chairman of the baltimore hispanic commission and owner of arco's restaurant. he heard the stories of the hispanics constantly stopped by police in arizona. >> we don't feel good in arizona because we are stopped all the time. we show the driver's license and green card all the time. >> reporter: ramos says he believes the supreme court striking down much of the law is a step in the right direction. five other states have passed laws similar to arizona and parts of their laws are expected to be on hold pending the final out come of this case. mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news.
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back to you. >> the supreme court remained clear that the remaining parts of the law could face future challenges depending how they are implemented. new laws may be imposed in annapolis expanding liability in some dog attacks. a recent ruling by the court of appeals called pit bulls inherently dangerous. a panel was created to review the ruling. members could recommend changes to state law that could require all dog owners to carry insurance and expanding liability to all breeds. the baltimore county fire department is looking into a possible arson near the hartford county line. firefighters were called to the 1200 block of pulaski highway near kingsville. they found four cars in flames there. arson detectives are handling that investigation. the risk of fire remains high in maryland this morning with gusty winds and infrequent rainfall. a brushfire in the eastern shore is smoldering after a smoky start sunday. derek valcourt reports on the people that lived through the
6:35 am
fire. >> reporter: forestry workers are intentionally burning the underbrush in kent island where a six alarm fire raged sunday. neighbors woke to the smell of smoke coming from the woods. by afternoon officials mandated an evacuation. >> they say fire -- get out -- take what you need. and you don't have time to think. you just grab what you can and do. >> reporter: the flames raged out of control for hours as firefighters developed a plan to stop the fire from spreading. >> almost all of these 48 acres are part of a pine tree farm and part of the problem for firefighters is how dense these woods were. they literally had to bring in bulldozers to clear out pathways to access the fire. by sunday evening it was done tainted -- contained to an area inside the plow lines but the thick smoke posed a health risk. residents were not allowed to return to their home until early monday. many came back at the crack of
6:36 am
down. >> probably shouldn't have. the smoke was so heavy it burned your chest. i couldn't stay away any longer. i wanted to see if the house was still here. >> reporter: firefighters and forestry workers call it one of the biggest blazes on the eastern shore in years. though it's under control, it's still burning. >> it will be until we get sufficient rain or it burns out on its own. >> reporter: residents are glad the homes were spared and grateful to the firefighters who saved them. >> they did their jobs and they did it really well. >> reporter: some neighbors in the area reported hearing fireworks saturday night. investigators are going to look into the possibility that that may have sparked the fire. on the eastern shore, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> one firefighter suffered an injury battling the flames but no civilians were hurt. tropical storm debby isn't moving fast enough. it's slowly moving toward florida dumping rain on the gulf coast and she isn't expected to
6:37 am
make landfall until tomorrow night. forecasters say more than 2 feet of rain could fall in some places in between. one person in florida has been killed. a woman was killed when a tornado touched down there. 35,000 homes and businesses are without power this morning. low-lying areas are at the highest risk for storm surges and flooding. a new study puts maryland in some of the fastest rising sea levels on the planet. alex demetrick explains the big risk for coastal communities. >> reporter: good morning. a study finds that maryland sits at the center of a hot spot for sea level rise. ocean city doesn't sit high above the atlantic and that distance appears to be shrinking. over the last half century, most of the world has seen a two inch rise in sea level. a 600-mile stretch of coastline is experiencing far more. virginia is up to 4.8 inches. pennsylvania 3.7. in new york 2.8 inches. >> as it continues to rise in the future --
6:38 am
>> that will make a difference in storm surges and the effects of that on coastal communities. >> reporter: meaning more water pushing further inland during storms. why the levels are higher is unclear. one theory colder freshwater from melting ice is blocking the gulf stream. >> water coming down from the north atlantic that may have slowed the gulf stream is causing water on the shore lines to rise. >> reporter: it's not just the coast. the chesapeake bay is rising. people who lived here watch it climb over the years. >> the water level is up higher. almost every day. >> reporter: chesapeake bay we have more of a rise because the land is subsiding or sinking a bit. that is not good when storm surges like the one from isabel push up the bay. >> after the storm surged, we probably had about 8 feet of water in the basement. >> reporter: even though they know the water will likely rise higher -- >> maybe it will happen after
6:39 am
us then others will deal with it. >> reporter: experts say there is time to build up highest defenses. the highest levels aren't expected for decades. one person who might not mind the water, michael phelps. the olympic champion is in nebraska qualifying for the olympic games in london. the first race didn't go as planned. he lost the 400 individual medley to his rival, ryan lochte. bottom line, both swimmers will compete in london. orioles have released miguel tejada. the third baseman requested the move. he played 36 games in aaa norfolk. as for the major league squad, they host the los angeles angels for a two-game series that
6:40 am
begins tonight. >> beautiful weather. the weather will be beautiful. i just walked outside. spectacular. >> i'll bet. >> without question the finest day start we had in the past month. take a look at the day. by lunch -- current temperature 58 on tv hill. 78 at lunch on the high of about 81. 78 degrees. absolutely beautiful. david hasselhoff joins us. he is from baltimore, maryland. a lot of people don't know that. he is talking about a new campaign where he plays his own german cousin. we will talk about this online talent search which is worthy of its own coffee. the hoff doesn't disappoint. sharon gibala has traffic, first warning weather and more when we come back.
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>> it's summertime. a lot of crab feasts. e-mail us your photos and look for them as part of a big crabby slide show sponsored by j.o. spices at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning. 58 right now. 61% humidity. a nice breeze out of the west- northwest. the barometer is 29.84. the shocking numbers is western maryland mid- to upper-40s. mid-50s hagerstown and low 60s in d.c., ocean city. kent island in the mid-60s. 53 rock hall. 57 in bel air. frontal boundary moves through the area, gets offshore. pleasant weather today and tomorrow. the high becomes a heat pump. it gets big time hot into the week's end and weekend. let's talk about the front that moved through the area yesterday. take a look at the general position right now which is in just such an area that it's
6:45 am
firmly going to keep debbie away from the mid-atlantic. this is tropical storm deb debby. she is moving so slowly that these areas are getting hammered by continuous rain. if she moved two and through the area, no problem but you are hearing these enormous rainfall amounts because the storm is moving slowly but surely but slowly across the florida peninsula. moving out to sea away from the mid-atlantic, great weather the next five days providing you like hot and humid. mainly clear. 58 overnight. tomorrow sunny. 91 thursday. five shy of a hundred friday and saturday. 92 to 95 on sunday. don, take it away. >> thank you. a little steering of your own, here is sharon. >> you have to steer around some problems. we have a long list of them including debris on 97
6:46 am
northbound at benfield boulevard. tire treads in the road. a new accident at falls prop way. another in the city south robin son. one in hempstead 482 at route 30. another accident in belcamp near route 7. 152 near 95. on the beltway, speeds are down to the mid-30s on the west side. delays there. there is the average speeds on 95. southbound lanes are slow as well between white marsh and fort mchenry tunnel. there is a live look at 152 at 95. that is where we have a report of one of our accidents. there is another look outside. that is 295 southbound at 195. it's looking better than it was about 15 minutes ago. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. they have your car. now is the time to make the jump. marty and don, back to you. >> this morning's coffee is
6:47 am
with david hasselhoff. satellite interview is by lean pockets. >> the hoff, welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. >> welcome back to baltimore. >> baltimore, baby. >> yeah, i want to come back and get some crab cakes with lump crack cake. >> get some crab meat in those lien pockets. >> yeah. a little lean pocket with crab might work. >> it's all protein. >> all protein, no fat about it. >> we were sitting here looking at some of the video from the promotions you are doing for lean pockets. you seem to have a good time spoofing yourself. >> you know -- go ahead. >> i mean is that a true statement? i have enjoyed your work. you have given me a smile. is that a true statement? >> yeah, it just kind of happens. the stuff that happened to me
6:48 am
in germany was real. it wasn't a bit of a spoof. it was real. but people seem to think it's a spoof over here so i go with it. when they said they want a meter sexual german. i said send me lean pockets. i came home from work. ate about 20 of them. i said they are great. let's do it. and i went okay that sounds like me. i am ready to go. and i have been a big fan of will farrell so with the internet you can basically do what you want and reach millions of people with a click. i have done stuff in german and on german television that is crazier. in german i have done a great commercial in norway where i can put you in the video. we green screen the kid and take the facebook picture and
6:49 am
you are in the video with me. twitter and social media, we can reach every around the world with a click. if anybody rights something that is untrue which never happens to me, i can wright them back and if i want to get engaged at the top of the sydney harbor bridge or in front of the great white sharks and come out of the water with a ring and say will you marry me, i can put that on twitter and that goes around the world then i can say the next day, we were having a laugh. it's like we control the media now. we are able to do whatever we want and entertainment is what people want. they want to laugh. they want to just laugh. so, if they laugh at this video, it gets sub limbnally maybe i will have a lean pocket. >> it's online or tv. >> it's online and tv. what happens now is -- about five years ago when i was doing
6:50 am
the producers in vegas i kept saying i want to do online vignettes. i couldn't get anybody to put it together, like three minute things, tales of the hoff. what am i happened about, what am i -- [ bleep ] about. you will see major online television series. we will take two or three of those, put those together, sell them on television. it's called see spot run, a way of doing interactive stuff with your fans, putting your fans in the commercials. i have a game coming out called zombie beach. hoff beach. >> okay. >> it will be great. >> is abraham lincoln in it.
6:51 am
>> no, no. >> i got this web site, 15 minutes listen, you got to log on to this. i agree with david, we now control our own destiny with a mouse click. this is great. you are doing essentially an idollesque talentesque show online. >> go ahead. >> online worldwide contest. instead of "america's got talent," hoff knows talent. if you sing in the shower, in your car, put it on. it gets voted on by everybody else, not us, by people. at the end of the year there is a big payday for everybody and if you vote, the more times you vote, you get points which helps you get a product. it's like a win-win situation. the advertiser comes in, puts his name up, everybody is happy. we are getting hundreds of
6:52 am
thousands of videos coming in. they get judged each week. at the end they get a record contract and a video. 15 minutes >> we have to go. great having you. pull together a satellite tour of this thing and let's do it again. >> absolutely. say hi to my friends in baltimore. >> we will do. >> we will take a break and be back with more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's take a look at the
6:55 am
forecast. 60 on tv hill right now. we will go for a partly sunny beautiful afternoon. here is sharon gibala right here and now at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. we have a few issues including the debris on 97 in the northbound direction at ben still boulevard. an accident in the city on south robinson. an accident in hempstead 482 at 30. 152 at 95. speeds are slow on the beltway. slow on 95 southbound between white marsh and the fort mchenry tunnel. 295 southbound an accident at 202. traffic is heavy but overall not so bad there. traffic extremely slow on 895. this could be partially because of the on going construction at the steel bridge. this traffic report is bought
6:56 am
to you by len the blumer. the mother -- len the plumber. this morning no charges have been filed against officer james laboard who police say chased down christopher brown after someone through a rock at his door. authorities say they cannot be rushed in their investigation into his death. the baltimore city council has approved a budget bill. the vote took place at city hall. the mayor's $2.3 million spending plan will take effect in july. it closes a $48 million budget shortfall. but it will force the closures of four recreation centers come august. and stay with wjz 13 maryland's news station. complete news, weather and traffic still ahead this morning. more on the fallout from yesterday's supreme court decision on arizona's controversial immigration law with more rulings expected from the high court later ,,,,,,,,,,
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