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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  June 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz-tv, wjz-hd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now is complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. vick and denise are off tonight. severe storms are moving right into central maryland right now packing high winds and heavy rain. let's go straight to bob turk. bob? >> many reports of wind damage, flash flood in some areas, hail. some damaging winds and hail. to the west, heavy stuff. lighter stuff west of frederick
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and west of columbia, it's all moving across the region. between now and midnight, look for heavy activity across much of central maryland. there's all kinds of warnings in effect. there's severe thunderstorm warnings for the entire region pretty much from counties and portions of virginia as well and during days of more heat advisories, here's what we expect for the weekend. the record for the weekend. 100 on saturday, 103 on sunday and then for monday. stay with us in the full forecast. mary? >> bob, thank you. live warning weather coverage is continuing with meghan mccorkell. meghan? >> it was all over this area.
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everybody is talking about how hot it is. health officials say it could be more dangerous than you think. the heat is on as a summer scorcher burns baltimore. >> swimming! >> it's too hot. >> the extreme heat, extremely dangerous, on chopper 13 over the pool, paramedics rush today a report of heat exhaustion. >> it doesn't have to be that hot to get in trouble. >> around the area, people responded to the illness. >> if they feel sick, get inside someplace cool. >> easier said than done at the o's game. 100 degrees before the first pitch at camden yards and about 10 degrees hotter here. >> this is june/july weather. they tried to help by passing
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out free ice. players are battling triple digit heat. >> i've been out in the heat for about four hours. >> how do you feel? >> terrible. >> reporter: the humidity remains relentless. b.t.e. said they don't have any outages and they are ready to prepare for whatever this weekend has in store, mary. >> meghan, thank you. stay with wjz for the latest conditions and updates on the weather. at any time, log on to the family of a dead randallstown teenager puts a formal request into a death. christopher brown died with a struggle of an off-duty police
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struggle. brown's family doesn't think enough was done and they're requesting that the u.s. department of justice review the case. george zimmerman's father takes to the stand as he fights for bail. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: george zimmerman may have to spend another weekend in jail. the judge is considering whether to reinstate his bond after zimmerman and his wife held back on the money they collected in online donations. >> they're dealing with the fallout. >> reporter: prosecutors want zimmerman to stay behind bars. he faces murder charges for the death of trayvon martin. >> this defendant was doing
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that. >> reporter: there were details of the night martin died. >> gunshots. >> reporter: attorneys played a 9-1-1 call that captured part of zimmerman's struggle with martin. several of martin's family members shook their heads as they heard the shot that took the teen's life. >> it was very tough and emotional for them to sit through, but they thought it was important that they're here on behalf of their son because he's not here to tell you his version of what happened. >> reporter: zimmerman's father took the stand to testify he heard his son screaming for help in the background of the call. >> were you able to identify whose voice it was screaming for help? >> yes, sir. >> whose was it? >> it was absolutely george's. >> reporter: the judge will likely make his decision next week. in sanford, florida, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> the defense considered calling zimmerman to the stand but when the judge said that
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would open him up to cross- examination by the prosecution, his legal team decided against it. one of the convicted d.c. snipers could be released from prison because of a new u.s. supreme court ruling. on monday, the high court tossed out mandatory life imprisonment without parole for juveniles. leroy was 17 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the cross country sniper spree that left 10 people dead in 2002. his coconspirator john muhammad was. president obama declared the colorado area the most destructive fire in colorado history with two people already found dead. right now, the fire is still only 15% contained. the roof collapses at a
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massive maryland warehouse trapping an employee in the rubble and tonight, rescuers are working around the clock to find him. roe roeshell richie has more. >> reporter: last seen on cabin branch road when a forklift accidentally hit a large 40- inch storage shell that caused a domino effect. >> it struck support beams for the roof causing the roof to collapse, the roof collapsed that caused the sides and rear walls to buckle. >> reporter: he's not only concerned about the weight of the debris but also the weather. he took his brother to work yesterday. >> about a quarter to 3:00 yesterday. >> reporter: the man, including his wife, all pray for a
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miracle. while other workers made it out of the building, rescue efforts were stopped last night after the building continued to crumble. today's structural engineers were brought in to stabilize it. despite the conditions, there's hope. >> we've seen stories with earthquakes where people are pulled out days later. >> reporter: a canine unit is also used. by the end of this weekend, three of the baltimore fire companies will shut down for good. the companies are disbanding in a cost-cutting move by the city that's raising alarm for people who live nearby. monique griego explains why the fire department is funding the decision. >> baltimore city's fire chief said the closings are a necessary evil but he does not believe they will affect
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response time. june 11, a raging fire tears through a warehouse and later, two men and dogs are killed by flames in east baltimore! we had very few firefighter right now, so we need as much as we can get right now. >> reporter: fast moving fires like this one many canton is why the city is kiss banding three of the 55 fire companies including this fire station at the neighborhood. the closures take effect sunday and were approved and part of the mayor's plan to reduce the deficit. >> nobody's demotereassigning t companies' worth of firefighters to do rolling brownout. >> reporter: it's a permanent decision to add stability to the response. losing three companies was adamant that response time will not be affected, but not
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everyone, including some city council members, buy that. >> i am worried about our back- up and our ability to have enough men and women and equipment to serve our needs. >> reporter: romera hopes they can find to stop the closures somewhere. and the firefighters union has spoken out against the closures. the city needs around $66 million to keep all of these three fire companies up and running. mary? >> thank you, monique. gas prices are taking a holiday. maryland's average price dropped to $3.32. that is lower than the national average of $3.35. good news for the 725,000 marylanders expected to hit the road for the fourth of july holiday week. well, coming up, a bad
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call. a hockey coach trips an opposing player, tripping him. tonight, the charges he could soon face. a dose of death, just convicted of arson. how this man decided to end it all. >> healthcare for all. one of the state's leading health officials releases his own diagnosis. now he shares his story with wjz. i'm gigi barnett. the details are coming up. >> severe storms possible and more heat this weekend. i'm bob turk with your first warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,
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76 degrees in maryland. breaking news in los angeles. a reality star's one-time home in beverly hills. she's engulfing the mansion and once owned by beverly hills housewife where many scenes for the show was shot. it was listed for $29 million before it was sold. a defendant dies shortly after he's convicted of arson. former wall street trader michael is putting something in his mouth after the verdict is read. moments later, he collapses to the ground and then he died at
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the hospital while it looks like he took a toxic substance, investigators are really not sure what happened. >> i'm not aware of anything that can do something that quickly because it did happen very quickly, but unfortunately, we're going to have to wait to see what it was. >> toxicology results expected in about two weeks. michael marion was facing a 15 year prison sentence for setting his $3.5 million mansion on fire. a hockey coach crosses the line during a post game handshake. martin trembly looks to push him and then suffers a broken wrist. the police are considering bringing charges. with the u.s. supreme court clearing the way for the healthcare act, the state of maryland is moving forward. maryland created an exchange where small businesses could buy coverage.
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tonight, gigi barnett reports one of the state's leading health commissioners is opening up about what the ruling means for his life. >> reporter: as president obama's affordable care act receives backing from the supreme court, the highway health commissioner was watching the debate closely. she sat down with me in the city and talked about the day he self-diagnosed the disease shortly after taking the health department, another doctor confirmed it. >> i had some time to deal with it. it wasn't really hugely impacting my life at the time. >> reporter: until now. he kept it a secret only telling his family and close friends. that was five years ago and now
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he said there's a reason to come forward. >> >> no one talks about how it affects a real individual. there's someone who deals with the policy but has an issue, a condition. and this is why it's important to have that reform. >> reporter: but he has health insurance, good insurance from the state. without it, he said, life with parkinson's would be much different. >> the point is i'm fine because i have health insurance. >> reporter: he's working on a statewide cooperative for marylanders who are uninsured. back to you. >> this doctor led the healthy initiative to help residents with no insurance or little insurance. a nice or refreshing swim is a nice way to beat the heat unless we're talking about the swim this woman is attempting. this woman jumped off the coast of cuba and is attempting to
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swim 103 miles to florida. if completed, it will be the longest unassisted swim in history, bob. we wish her safe travels in that water. hey, we can hear the thunder above us. >> yes, moving right into the city. take a look at radar. very strong activity across central maryland. severe thunderstorm warnings for everybody in the bay area completely and on the eastern shores, look at this marching in from the west. this it is moving right across the city. d.c. was just hit with 70-mile- per-hour winds. 100 people in the d.c. area without power. as i speak, in fact, this system from ohio and indiana, # hundred thousand people reported without power.
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portions of maryland. eastern thunderstorm warnings and a few after midnight from harrisburg and all the way down to richmond. the entire region is affected by these thunderstorms. ing and downpours to at least 20 to 35 minutes. could see as much as an inch or two of rain. further west, just a lighter rain that cuts out completely. take a look in the area that's dropping quickly. the airport, before the rain, it was 90 still. southwest winds at 5, but 70s and that's where we'll be very shortly. still in the 80s without the warm air as you can see. 103 degrees at the airport today. 103. the record 105. 87 is a normal high. 66 is the average though. d.c. just had a wind gust at 70 miles per hour. that's why there's so many people without power in the
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d.c. region. now, this thing came from the midwest. passed through the chicago area early this morning, indiana, ohio. 3:00 this afternoon, you cross through ohio with rain and now you can see it moving through west of it. it will cut out later tonight and then another complex, i think we have another chance of more thunderstorm activity during the afternoon tomorrow but in between, it will be in the mid upper 90s before things will begin with storms. i think we'll see less humid air in the latter part of the weekend and next week, it will begin to cool down. tomorrow, northeast winds at 5 to 10 knots except the storms, yes, and then 72 overnight and then tomorrow, another high one and another risk of afternoon or evening thunderstorms. 95 on sunday and then a thundershower again on july 4th in the afternoon or
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evening. thank you. >> time for the orioles to get fired up. it's fireworks night and the o's try to light up the night and the score board. mark has more next in sports. ,,
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>> three straight to beat the camden yards and give up a bunch of runs and facing the cleveland indians at camden yards. jake arrieta, the starting pitcher, it wasn't all his fault. this looks like an out but ryan and him let the ball drop.
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they took it. it's from derek lowe and all the way to utah, three-run home- run and seventh of the season. nine runs, one of them here, a home run off the rookie and 83 to left field. the first of his career. that proves to be the difference in what ended up a close day with a 9-8 orioles victory. two more games against cleveland and see the series finale on wjz sunday o's and indians at 1:30 on wjz. a baseball bloodline makes way at the swimming trial. earns a spot in the final two medley. going to swim again with michael phelps and side by side
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in the heat of the 200i.m. and the match-up, fell second. the the third showdown between phelps moves down in the final. track and field olympic trials, matt central with a former cross country track at broadneck high school. the bronze med list in medalist would win his heat at the trials tonight with a close finish and earns him the finals to make the olympic team for the first time. his father was an olympician two years ago.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> issue. the storm is moving quickly off to the east. it will be done around the city in the next 15 to 20 minutes and then continues to head off to the east affecting just about anybody in maryland and a particular eastern shore moving through cambridge and d.c. over 300,000 to 400,000 people in the d.c. area. i'm sure we'll see some of that right here. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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