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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. under water. >> everything is flooded. and cars, you know, the water's coming up past their tires. >> fast-moving storms flood parts of baltimore. >> the damage and the new round of storms moving through. hello, everyone. >> here's what people are talking about. >> two rounds of storms hit maryland hard bringing down trees and flooding major sections of downtown baltimore. we have a live report on this heavy flooding. let's go to bob tracking these storms. >> first round between 6-8:00 p.m. caused flooding. the second round, flood warnings
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for much of the region. this stuff moving in from the west. since about 9-10:00 p.m., some areas have picked up 1-2 inches ohio you have rain. that's what's been causing the flooding. some spots had an inch and a half in 30 minutes. heavy rain through phoenix. down to the city into aa county, very heavy activity. close to the city now. very heavy rain shifting to the southeast of downtown. going to be affecting folks in essex and middle river. could see a quick inch of rain in those areas. watch out if you have to head out. with these flooding conditions, if you see water in a roadway, you don't know how fast the water is running. 6-8 inches of water can take your car away. please turn around, don't drown. the flood warnings will continue as the run off continues to
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1-1:30 in the morning. we'll update the latest conditions in a few minutes. >> thank you, bob. we continue our coverage as the destruction continues in several parts of the city. >> reporter: flood waters are still high in some places as this new round round of rain moves into the area. downtown baltimore has a deluge of torrential rain. >> we have this massive storm come in -- lightning, thunder, it was actually really, really exciting. >> reporter: but that excitement came with a price. eyewitness news received this picture that shows how water bubbled the ceiling. >> let the water drain off. >> reporter: draining was painfully slow in some places.
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this garage on care line street flooded. vehicles rolled through the water that covered tires in some places. and on the street, countless cars were flooded. mark is still assessing the damage oh to his car. >> how bad is it? >> uh, i mean, the car seems to be running. i tried to start it and it's running. but it's flooded. >> reporter: the ifects of the flash flooding can be seen right here. look under these railroad tracksment this is overspill from the rain we're getting. it's cascading down like a waterfall. >> what most people don't realize is storm water doesn't go to waste water treatment plants. it goes to streams completely untreated. >> reporter: we've had these draught conditions, so the rain is appreciated. but this deluge of rain and flooding comes with a price. a lot of this goes into streams and creeks which eventually end up in the bay.
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back to you. >> police were forced to block several intersections tonight because of the flooding. stay with us for weather coverage. for instant updates, log on to a high-speed chase ends in a dramatic crash. the driver fleeing police in the midst of rush-hour traffic. we were the only reporters on scene when police captured that driver. >> reporter: police tried to pull that suv over because the driver wasn't wearing his seat belt. the driver started to slow down and then just took off. sky high chopper 13 over the scene as a driver fleeing police goes head on into another car on telegraph road and it didn't stop there. that suspect jumps out of the car and takes off on foot. heavily armed officers and k-9s rushed through the woods, backyards, and parks.
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wjz the only camera on scene as police find the suspect hiding inside a vacant home. >> pretty crazy, but justice prevailed. >> reporter: he was behind the wheel of his prius when the suspect's dodge swerved right into him. >> he swerved to try to avoid me. i serve swerved to avoid me. >> reporter: the pursuit started in downtown baltimore where police say the driver sideswiped several cars. when the suv hit 395, police followed by air as the driver erratically swerved along 97 south, route 100 and telegraph road before he crashed. >> that's a long ride. >> reporter: this is what's left of the durango. the sides crushed in and pieces of the car all over the ground. neighbors here still in shock. >> you don't see it that much. >> reporter: they're just
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relieved the suspect was stopped. and we've learned the driver of that suv is darryl watson, jr. there is a warrant out for his arrest on a probation violation. explosive e-mails. the man who killed 13 people at fort hood could have been stopped. that is the conclusion from a new report blasting the fbi for ignoring red flags. fbi agents missed obvious warning signs that hassan presented a potential danger. those are the findings in a blunt report from william webster. his report concludes individuals who handled the hassan information made mistakes. they conducted more than 100 interviews and reviewed documents including 18 e-mails
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exchanged between hassan and radical al qaeda group. the aim is to kill enemy soldiers or helpers. hassan wrote 16 of the e-mails and alakki only responded twice. fbi agents decided he was not a real threat but there was disconnect. fbi agents in san diego saw all the e-mails. while their counter parts a t the washington field office of wfo saw only two. one san diego agent asked why washington was so disinterested in hassan even asking if he was working undercover for the fbi. we were wondering if we were missing something. the washington agents said no. wfo does not currently assess hassan to be involved in
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terrorist activities. one agent said, we don't interview every muslim guys who visits extremist websites. the man charged in trayvon martin's death says it was all part of god's plan. >> i simply really don't know what god george zimmerman is worshiping. there's no way the god i serve has in his plans for george to murder my son. >> zimmerman the fatal confrontation started when the 17-year-old approached him and started throwing punches. tonight as crews continue to fix a major water main break downtown, new problems are facetion the aging water supply system. >> reporter: the break of a 133-year-old water main turned light street into a river
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shutting it down for three weeks for repairs. they knew the main was at risk but with little money and others classified as high risk, it hadn't been replaced. they're calling on congress for help. >> what's happening in baltimore, maryland, is happening in every one of our states. this is not a one-state problem. this is a national problem. and i can tell you, people are outraged. >> reporter: baltimore city's crumbling system supplies the entire region including baltimore county and hartford county. many fear it is still not enough to keep up with the aging system. >> testified that she would like to see some sort of a trust fund established. this makes sense. we need to do this. >> reporter: back on light street, a temporary water system finally allowed businesses here to reopen.
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>> i'm shocked because it looks scary. >> anxious, scared, nervous. >> reporter: many wonder where and when will the next emergency strike? >> reporter: they're sticking to the three-week estimate to get it fixed, but it could shift defending on what they find when they get underground. >> the final cost for the light street repairs hasn't been tallied but is estimated to be in the millions. firefighters strapped on their gears and hit the stairs today. they are in town for a firefighters convention. they started the daze honoring firefighters lost in the world trade center on 9/11. they ran a total of 110 flights and wore photos of those killed in the tragedy. as we just saw, that same hotel got hit by all that water today. >> yeah, what a mess. coming up, trapped and
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terrified. a 3-year-old spends a whole day stuck in a sewer pipe. dream denied. the make a wish foundation offers to take a young girl to disney world only to have her father say no. a man tries to abduct a little girl. how she fought him off. more on the suspect now in custody. more heavy rain possible. the complete forecast coming up next. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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it is 72 degrees with showers and thunderstorms in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a scary scene is captured by a home security camera in rhode island. a tree falls on a moving car. a fast-moving storm caused it to break off and swallow up the unsuspecting driver. neighbors were able to free the man from his vehicle. he emerged urn unharmed but the car is likely a total loss. the first member of the board of trustees at penn state has resigned. he was the chairman of the board in november. he has been harshly criticized for the way he handled the crisis. his presence on the board has become a distraction. a missing 3-year-old boy is recovering after being
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discovered underground. sanitation workers found him under this manhole. he ended up in the sewer after disappearing near a construction zone. they were able to pull him out before being swept away by the water. it is a childhood disease you may have thought was on the decline. instead, cases of whooping cough are showing a dramatic increase. the centers for disease control are saying we're on track to break a record set in the 1940s. it's an infection that can close airways and be fatal for small children. studies show unvaccinated children are 8 times more likely to get whooping cough. many of the current cases involve children between ages of 10-14. that's around the time a booster shot is needed. a brave little girl saves her own life by fighting and kicking her would-be kidnapper. we report on the community
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outrage and the amazing escape. >> reporter: the girl fighting off her attack her, you see the girl walking with her 2-year-old brother when a man comes up from behind. he picks her up off the ground. she starts kicking and screaming. the man eventually drops her. >> a sick individual to do something like that. i want this creep off our streets immediately. >> reporter: today, police did just that arresting carlos fago. he turned himself in feeling the pressure after the video was released. >> because of the press conference they had yesterday and because of all the information, because of you all sharing information with the public, this defendant knew that he couldn't keep walking the streets and that people were going to come get him. >> reporter: police say the girl did the right thing by kicking and screaming and scaring off the suspect. >> for a little girl to fight off a grown man and remember a full description, it takes a lot. >> reporter: the attack was caught by a surveillance camera
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from a neighbor's home. >> it's scary. it's making people nervous, making people think they can't bring their kids outside. that's not right. >> reporter: the suspect is facing charges including aggravated assault and attempted kidnapping. yesterday, officials announced a $10,000 reward for information on arrest and conviction of the suspect. small ohio town rallies around a 2-year-old with cancer after she is denied a trip to disney. she was set to go through the make a wish foundation. her estranged father refused to give his permission. they held fundraisers and ended up with more than enough money to get the trip. she's all set to go to disney next month. gotham city, the dark knight
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rises is the final film of the trilogy. tickets are sold out. they're being scalped for $100. advanced ticket sales have reached $25 million. the dark knight rises could set all-time record for the biggest opening weekend. >> midnight imax showing. >> we need to have one, bob turk rises. >> i'll wait until it comes on netflix. let's look at radar. thunderstorms, heavy downpours, lightning yes. all the way from belair through the city now, all the way down through aa county. heavy through annapolis. severe thunderstorm warning for southern aa county. picked up strength at 24 miles an hour. i think by midnight, 1:00, most
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of this will be well east of the region. you folks over there, you still have the shower activity and thunderstorm activity to look forward to after you go to bed probably. we'll be having a wet night and a repeat of this tomorrow. the barometer has been rising. 77, 83. haven't rained this pax river. some spots in virginia in the middle to upper 80s because they haven't had rain. we've had reports of as much as 2 inches of rain. 1.15 inches at the airport. we'll get official numbers for you tomorrow. annapolis, heavy rain moving in there. we have a light northeast wind tomorrow. the winds will bring in low-level moisture and cooler
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temperatures. the front that's causing all the action tonight is going to slow down, stall out across northern virginia. hot and humid air down here. temperatures in the 90s. temperatures in the 70s. cooler, damp air you have overrunning, that warm air overrotting that front. heavy showers at times and then on saturday, cooler air, maybe some left over rain or drizzle into saturday. we've got potential for another couple of inches of rain. some areas could i see more than that. it's a draught-busting situation. you can see the clouds coming down from the north. showers and storms in the ohio valley, that's what we had move through the area in the last hour or two. they continue to move off to the east. there's more popping off to the west of us. tonight, still showers and heavy downpours in some areas. ly near 70. tomorrow, a repeat, but temperatures only around upper
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70s to low 80s. 77 saturday. 87 drying out. 92, more humidity. temperatures slightly above average for monday and tuesday. the orioles go for another win on the road. >> is it enough to beat the twins? we have more next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good night for the orioles. >> things straightened out. you play 162 baseball games, and no doubt some of them are ugly. that's how the team played today in minnesota. he's talking about baseball, not a beauty contest. we're always talking about pitching. chris tillman was terrible to start the series. hunter outstanding last night. they would witness a good outing
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from chen. he allowed two runs in the first inning. only one more after that. that's quality. oriole hitters had a terrible time knocking in runs. reynolds had a chance to change what was an ugly day. didn't hit it hard but got the job done. two runs scored to put the oh os on top and they stayed there for a 4-3 victory. finally a clutch hit to win the game. >> it's frustrating. like i said, i was able to get one in there and give us the lead. >> referring to the orioles relief pitchers who finished the job, jim johnson got the final 3 outs. second straight well-pitch game. that's a two-game winning streak on the road. the road trip continues in cleveland tomorrow. saturday on wjz, see the os and
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indians saturday at 7:00 p.m. carmello aptny is getting ready for the start of the umer olympics. today in an exhibition game, he found he was no longer in the starting line up. lebron james remains the starter. they decided to change the starting combination. anthony was a reserve. mello led the way with 19 points. in an exhibition victory over england. they will face france in its olympic opener one week from sunday. the british opener, adam scott floated with history on a course considered one of the toughest. he shot the second lowest ever score in the majors. 6 under par, 64. one shot lead over a trio of followers. tiger woods led for some of the day. he finished 3 under par. two wrong birdie puts. you know he'll be in the hunt you know he'll be in the hunt tomorrow and into the,,,,,,,,
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it took five and a half years and many miles, but they're finally back where they belong. they were stolen from their homes in tennessee in 2007. they ended up in an animal shelter in georgia. the workers at the shelter discovered a microchip and,,,,,,
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