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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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time. jessica kartalija has more on fortese's recovery and what the family is saying. jessica. >> reporter: well, kai, tonight the 25-year-old is struggling to recover. the two suspects behind bars facing multiple assault charges. >> cell phone video captured moments after 25-year-old matt fortese is brutally attacked at a nationals/orioles game, heckled for wearing a yankees cap at camden yards. michael bell and gregory sliceman are charged with throwing a punch that sent fortese falling several feet, cracking his skull. now fortese's family is speaking out for the first time. >> when matt had to go into emergency brain surgery on may 31st due to complications from his injuries more than 30 people drove down from hagerstown to be in the waiting room and wait with my family throughout this surge are ri -- surgery. >> after 2 weeks in critical
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condition he's been moved to a facility to learn how to talk again. >> he's out of that acute phase and now into the rehab phase. >> fortese was on his second day with taylor queen when the fight broke out. >> witnesses say the suspects who had been heckling fans through out the game continued to yell and spit at them. >> he was able to clear the airway right away and provide life saving medical care that was not only other wise immediately provided. >> he was also able to hold suspects until city police arrived. as fortese continues to recover they worry about how to cover the costs of medical care. >> matt was scheduled to start a great job with full benefits on monday, june 3rd, just a few days after this tragic event occurred. >> reporter: jimmy johns in matt's hometown of hagerstown
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will be holding a fundraising event on june 26th. his friends have started a website. for more information on that you can click on our website, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. donations will also be collect d ed at ovtavia andor stores at the village of cross keys in baltimore city. a serious scare in the sky for dozens of passengers. vic is in the news room with more. >> reporter: a man stood up and claimed everyone on board was poisoned. federal agents arrested the suspect and led him off the plane. everything was normal on the flight from hong kong until the man yelled out that everyone on board had been poisoned. there's no indications anyone was in danger. this follows two similar incidents over the weekend. saturday a passenger from cairo to new york found a threatening note. also that day
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an unruly passenger claimed to have a bomb on a tennessee to denver flight. >> on both incidents on saturday the flights landed safely. no devices were found. tonight the victim at the center of a disturbing sexual assault investigation at the u.s. naval academy is speaking out as new information about the case is released. wjz is live with complete coverage. mike hellgren is live at annapolis at the naval academy getting reaction. denise join us with the victim's exclusive story. >> reporter: just a short time ago wjz learned several naval academy football players will face charges in connection with the alleged rape. this comes as the victim and her mother are taking the story public, hoping to psh the military to make changes. they asked their faces be concealed. >> in an exclusive interview with cbs news, the 20-year-old navy mid shipman said she was attacked at an off campus party last april. >> i was drinking.
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i had drank a lot. from that point on i don't remember what happened. i woke up the next morning with bruises and i knew something wasn't right. >> the mid shipman said she found out what happened on social media. >> they're telling me that i had sexual interactions with people that i was unaware of. >> she said she knows the students, all football players who stand accused of raping her. >> i have outside witnesses. the attackers have bragged about it. they told me to my face. >> she went to see a doctor at the naval academy and was offered a rape kit but refused. she said she was denial. in denial. >> after the international ball i had been raped. i just -- i mean, what do you say. i just told her i'm so sorry. >> the student said she's being made to believe it was her
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fault. the turning point she said came during one of the academy's sexual assault briefings where she felt all eyes on her. >> i went to the bathroom. i sat in a stall and cried. i just so happened that there ws another girl sitting right next to me. she was crying too. unfortunately we shared that sax perience. there is a much bigger problem. >> mother and daughter are now speaking out. they say because the academy has not taken the situation seriously they worry about retaliation. >> i received a lot of hostility not even from the attackers but their teammates. >> reporter: the student said she has no plans to leave school. she said she does not want this horrible incident to define her. kai. >> thank you. come plete coverage continues right now with mike hellgren. mike is live in annapolis getting reaction to the interview. >> reporter: kai, that bomb shell interview is certainly making waives here in annapolis with maryland lawmakers demanding a fair and full investigation. the problem of sex crimes extends to all
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branches of the military. >> i'm not going to let this assault define me. >> allegations of a gang rape at the naval academy are just part of a string of recent sex crimes plaguing the military. maryland rep representative dutch ruppersberger who serves on the board of visitors is demanding action. >> clearly what's happening now is not working. we have to deal with it. it makes us weaker. we cannot afford to do that in our military. >> your maryland delegation -- >> senator barbara mccull ski wrote a letter to the secretary questioning the leadership, saying i've been working on this issue more than 25 years and keep hearing that the military has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual assault. the message stays the same but the problem keeps getting worse. >> the number of sexual assaults rose 6% between last year and the year before. many go unreported. >> the pentagon estimates 19,300
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servicemen and women experience unwanted sexual contact in 2010, rising to 26,000 last year. >> the number of episodes are high. >> senator ben cardin watched the exclusive cbs interview with the alleged victim. >> this type of conduct will not be tolerated in our military, won't be tolerated anywhere in society. >> the president called for action while addressing graduates in annapolis last month. . >> we have to be determined to stop these crimes. >> some in congress want sex crimes to be taken out of the chain of command to ease fears of retaliation. >> these are serious situations that needs to be address. >> reporter: congresswoman jack si spear from california said 1/3 of women in the military will be victims of sexual assault at some time in their careers. reporting live in
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annapolis, mike hellgren. >> once the charges are made official a preliminary military hearing known as an article 32 will be scheduled. an emotional farewell to the young honor student honored in cecil county. hundreds attend the funeral for 10-year-old kami ring in northeast a week after her body is found in a field in port deposit. derek valcourt speaks with a heartbroken family, friends and complete strangers. >> it's a day the family of kami ring never imagined as they laid to rest their murdered little angel. >> in the town of northeast in cecil county dozen and dozens of mourners came to pay contribute to the little girl who touched so many lives. >> she loved life. she loved singing. she love d school. she was a blessing in everyone's heart. we were blessed to have her for the short period of time we did. we got robbed of that. >> kami ring disappear ed ed while she was staying at the home of a
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couple who were like grandparents to her. police point the deaths at that couple's adult son who also lived at the home, richard madden now accused of raping and murdering the little girl then leaving her body in a field feet from the home. it's news that has shocked this small community. >> it's horrific. >> if anybody has a heart it touches them. >> it's touched in area so much local businesses, including flower shops and the funeral home all donated the services. >> it's just devastating to see a young child like this who is so ambitious, so bright, talented. >> friends and family now calling for justice as they grieve for little kami. >> we're all devastated. the elementary school kids, teae has poured out their hearts to the family and kami. i just wanted to tell everyone thank you very much.
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>> kami ring's accused killer remains locked up in jail on charges of murder and rape. he faces the possibility of life in prison without patrol. in cecil county, derek valcourt. >> donations and gifts on kami's behalf are being put into a scholarship into her name so children can attend the boys and girls club of cecil county. howard county police need your help to find a suspect who exposed himself to women in a busy target store. take a look good at the surveillance photo of the man. he exposed himself to two different women at the target on saturday. anybody with information should call how watered county police. we're getting back to our normal mid june temperatures and humidity. here's a live look outside. after a few days of mild air, that sticky feeling is back. so are water sports. water temperature cranking up ts we enter summer this weekend.
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wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are updating the conditions. >> certainly well enough to be out in the bay. we have one or two showers and one pretty good thunderstorm around the philadelphia and wilmington area up to the northeast. that storm moving to the southeast. may be effecting a little piece of cecil county in the next 15 to 20 minutes. we a tiny shower that's dissipated. a tiny shower just popping up in northern harford county. let's see where that's near. just around new park. maybe a brief shower in the next few minutes. that's all we're looking at right now. temperature wise, the mid 80s right now. right now 84. that is the normal high on this date in june. 78 ocean city and 76 in oakland, cumberland now the warm spot just before the rain there at 86. chelsea is in the out back with a look at our cloud cover and what's on top for tomorrow. looks like a better chance we'll
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see shower and thunderstorm activity. >> reporter: bob, you are exactly right. let's go ahead and throw up this graphic here. we have a disturbance that's going to be passing by towards the north. we have some pretty thick cloud cover across the region. that's going to continue into tomorrow. we'll see a few breaks of sunshine as we head into tuesday as well. here's that graphic showing that disturbance located up towards our north. we're going to look at potential for some more widespread gusty thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon. certainly more than we're seeing right now. the first warning weather team will be keeping a very close eye on that for you. bob will have more coming up in your complete first warning weather forecast. the ravens release their practice schedule for training camp and several practices will be open to the public. the stadium at the naval academy will be the site for the practice on sunday, august 4th. the ravens practice at m&t bank stadium on august 11th and both of these sessions, those are the
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free sessions open to the public. they head to mustang stadium august 18th. due to limited seating fans must enter a lottery to win the tickets. the ravens are coming off a super bowl championship. the orioles fans have world series aspirations. mark viviano joins us with more on all this excitement for both our great teams. >> reporter: hey. coming up, wayning weekend at cm den yards against the visiting boston red sox. the o's continue to show that they're success of last season was no fluke. they're looking like a playoff contender again. >> the orioles win it by a score of 6-3 and take 3 out of 4 from boston. >> beating boston is a big deal in baltimore. for more than a decade it rarely happened. over the past two seasons the o's have turned up the heat and have made beating the red sox a new routine. >> what's happening is used to
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be the red sox would come here or the yankees would come here and be better than us. it's no longer the case. >> it's huge when a division rival comes in and you get a chance to gain ground. >> chris davis has played a key role in the orioles resur januarys. he has the most homeruns in the major league, the most votes among fans for all star 1st baseman. those fans are coming out the camden yards in big numbers. with our wjz fan cam we asked if you're surprised by the success this season? >> not at all. i thought they would pick up and they did. >> not at all. i expected it and looking forward to the world series. >> i was at the game yesterday. electric. people going crazy. give me some more chris davis. >> reporter: the fans love chris, crush davis. they're now on the take on the detroit
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tigers. the o's open that road trip in detroit tonight. >> fans are noticing the birds success too. four orioles are in position to start in this year's all star game. >> it will be the show down in mo town. >> we'll see what happens. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00, from the inner harbor to towson. what the world famous harlem globe trotters are up to today. >> a tip of what may have happened to mobster boss jimmy hoffa. >> a mystery illness at a group baltimore in parkville. what happened here next. >> summer like conditions return to maryland. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob. ,,,,,,
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it is partly sunny, 84
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degrees in central maryland right mow. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. firefighters evacuate a group home in parkville, baltimore county after several people suddenly get sick. mike schuh has more on what happened. >> a total of eight people were taken to the hospital, four are patients, four are staff. the assistant executive director of the agency said right now they all are feeling much better. >> the windows are open but the front door warns of danger. here at midnight a person is found unconscious. >> he came in, treated the parent, transported. >> after that first unconscious patient was removed the fire department left. an hour later, another call. >> this is a group home for those with mentally disabilities. all four patients and four staff members were transported to hospitals. six were found to be in need of the hyerbaric chambers at shock trauma. >> actually, i went to the hospital and saw everybody. >> how are they doing? >> really well. >> i understand they have
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disabilities. did they understand what happened? >> probably not. >> the number two at the agency which runs the home praises her staff, firefighters and er nurses who saw to it that those worse off went to shock trauma. >> i have nothing but absolute accolades for the staff at the hospital, you're absolutely awesome. >> the fire department called in the department of environment. air samples showed high carbon monoxide levels. since it's not a heating season they're looking for other causes. >> sometimes you can mix two household chemicals create a dangerous environment. sometimes a chemical can be exposed with water. >> that stumps the vp as she said due to the mental capability of the patients they keep few chemicals at this home. a home that is now closed. >> upon recovery the patients will be taken to other group
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homes owned by the same agency. >> the results of the testing may not be back for a few days. let's check in on the roads with christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everyone. a lot of congestion out there at this hour. the harrisburg expressway in the northbound direction very low there to mount caramel. on the topside of the inner loop, just bumper to bumper from green spring avenue over to harford road. traffic only moving at 25 miles an hour. northbound 95, that delay still heavy. back to northbound 95, delays fm 32 over to 100. then it slows down again from 395 past white marsh boulevard. darlington at trap church road. 702 at hide a park road. on the outer loop, a crash at pairing parkway. that's a look at pair ing
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parkway. it has an impact on traffic. this traffic report is brought to you by erickson living. for fun maintenance free retirement living wait charlestown in caytonsville. visit for all the details. skills baby. they got skills. the world famous harlem globe trotters dribbled basketballs for 8 miles from the inner harbor all the way to towson university. tiger arena on york road. tickets were donated to various charities along the way. they stop, they talk to people. that's so cool. tiger arena's grand opening is wednesday. the globe trotters have three amazing shows. >> they are good. >> between the leg s s. what trick are you going to do? nice. that's so fun. they did have police escort as well just to navigate. >> they're not the only ones
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with skills. mary played basketball in high school. >> oh, my goodness. you're going to reveal that. >> you played basketball in high school? >> i can dribble the ball for about a minute. >> did you play? >> i dribble, that's from the mouth. take a look at conditions. not a great basketball player. sorry about that. 84 now. south winds at 6. hue midity up a little bit. the barometer holding steady. come back and come back and take a look at maybe a few,,,,,, k
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all right. pretty decent summer day. pretty normal for this time of year. we are standing at 84. 84 elkton, 84 easton. guess what, the average high today is 84 degrees exactly. 76 in oakland and 78 ocean city. dc now coming in at 85 degrees. locally, low to mid 80s. once again, these are normal temperatures for this time of year. the humidity is in the moderate range. if it was higher you would be sweating throughout. we have a little line of broken showers and thunderstorms from wilmington south of philadelphia. it moved through west chester. they had penny sized hail for a few minutes. that line just on the
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maryland, delaware border into the maryland, pennsylvania border. one cell there just south of delta moving to the southeast. may just pass east of bel air. another one by lancaster. the winds are all over the place. tomorrow we see a change back to the north and northwest as a hard to diffuse up to the great lakes. ahead of it we may see some scattered storms, probably a better chance tomorrow than we saw today. south it's hot and humid. that's why we've had a lot of scattered storms. just some very widely scattered stuff in our region. there's a chance we could see a scattered shower. we have a new tropical depression. it's moving inland in belize. it will no longer be a factor. very, very weak, probably won't have anything to
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talk about later on. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night this front comes through, cools us down, drys us out. wednesday and thursday look really nice. the bay temperature around 74 degrees. tonight maybe a scattered shower or thundshower. other wise radially cloudy, around 66 by morning. another day like today. we could see a better chance of scattered showers after 2:00 or 3:00 to about 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow afternoon, maybe 7:00 or 8:00. >> thank you. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00, no end to the bloodshed in syria. >> face the face, a former hit man takes the stand in the whitey bulger murder trial. whether he had to say about the reputed mob boss. >> charged with manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old chris brown, a baltimore county police officer goes on trial. that story as eyewitness continues. >> here's today's report from
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it's just after 5:30, 84 degrees and mostly sunny. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. the killing sparked out rage and protests. now one year after the death of 17-year-old christopher brown a baltimore county police officer goes on trial. alex demetrick reports t charge is manslaughter. >> after a rock hit his door
5:32 pm
off duty police officer james laboard chased down one of the teens. 17-year-old christopher brown died of asphyxiation. today jury selection began in the manslaughter trial of laboard, a veteran baltimore county police officer. >> we're not looking for life for a life. i'll say that over and over again. we pray for laboard's family, pray for him. when you've done something wrong people need to own responsibility. >> responsibility was something the victim's family felt laboard was escaping when his arrest took days and the charge was manslaughter not the second degree murder charge protestors for calling for. there was anger laboard was free without having to post bail. brown's mother and others saw it as unfair treatment. >> i've assured her a complete, fair and thorough investigation, which has been conducted. >> the fact that laboard was an off duty police officer had no bearing on the time it took to
5:33 pm
evaluate the evidence and to move this case forward. >> christopher brown died june 13th. he did not throw the rock that led to his death. in court 100 jurors were called, 12 of whom will judge james laboard. this trial is noted to be a long one. the defense and prosecution expect a verdict by this friday. alex demetrick. >> if convicted on the manslaughter charges james laboard could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison. the four decade long search for missing boss jimmy hoffa may be heating up again. denice is in the news room with new search for his body. >> reporter: fbi agents are digging up a feel in oakland township, michigan, 20 miles north of detroit. a mobster told investigators that's where hoffa's body was buried. hoffa was last seen alive in 1975.
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hoffa was abducted and killed for double crossing the mob. the informant who claims to know where the body was buried was in prison in 1975 but told him his father ordered the hit. >> thank you. despite thousands of tips, no te of hoffa has turned up. two former mobsters face off in a boston court room today. a 72-year-old former hitman testified against 83-year-old james whitey bulger, saying his expartner in crime had betrayed their oath. >> in court today more an know said he took a $20,000 jump sum payment from the government rather than going to the witness protection program. jury selection continues in the trial of george zimmerman, the man charged with killing
5:35 pm
unarmed teenager trayvon martin. attorneys questioned potential jurors about their profile to the case. zimmerman is accused of shooting and killing martin during a confrontation in their community. anne arundel county police make a significant drug past thank to a sleepy driver. police spotted 28-year-old joshua schultz sleeping in his car. officers searched the car finding 590 pills separated by type and package for sale. he faces a number of charges. the civil war in syria continues to spiral out of control. >> not only are they fighting against the president they are fighting along lines pitting muslims against muslims. it's threatening the stability of
5:36 pm
syria's neighbors include lebanon and iraq. 93,000 people have died in the 2-year-old conflict. the war is syria is big topic at the g8 summit. the meeting is supposed focus on the global economy but a number of big international issues will be on the table. >> protestors demanding action placed white tom stones in belfast. >> we need g8 leaders to get behind a political solution to the crisis. i'm not for more weapons that. will only add fuel to the fire. >> president obama and russian president vladimir putin sat down to discuss the can crisis in syria at their first face-to-face meeting this year. >> we share an interest in reducing the violence. >> president obama signed off
5:37 pm
on u.s. military support for the rebels fighting to over throw the syrian president. putin is on the other side of the 2-year-old civil war, backing asad. >> complicating relations between russia and the white house are new disclosures from nsa leaker edward snowden that the u.s. intercepted russian communications during a previous summit. >> talk of spying and syria over shadowed news about what could be the world's largest trade deal. >> i'm pleased to join these leaders to announce the launch of negotiations on a new trade agreement. >> the u.s. and european union will start talks next month on a tran atlantic trade deal that could create 2 million new jobs. tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> g8 leaders say if the treatment agreement is approved it would have a greater impact on the worldwide economy than all other current trade agreements combined. time for a quick look at the
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stories you'll find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. creator of the x men, spiderman and more is making a cologne. how alex land is preparing for the nba draft. towson's new arena should boost the school's ability to generate revenue. for these stories read tomorrow's baltimore sun. look for the updated wjz first warning weather team. back to the whitey bulger trial. >> former hitman john medical report an know and former mob boss james whitey bulger but didn't make contact. martorano served 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to 20 murders. bulger was arrested in 2011 after 16 years on the fbi's most wanted list and is now on trial for 19 murders and other crimes,
5:39 pm
including extos and racketeering. more an know said he becomed to become a government witness after learning bulger kwz an fbi informant. he said they were partners, best friends and he named one of his son's after bulger more an know said he ratted out other gang members. sgrsz i never ratted on nobody. if i could after killed them i would have but he wasn't there. that's what i think he deserves. >> even as he testifies against bulger, martorano doesn't see him as an informat or rat. >> how can i rat on a guy that's the rat for 30 years. i'm trying to stop him from ratting anymore. >> bulger denies being an informant and his attorneys are trying to raise doubts about martorano's testimony. he said he framed him for murders he didn't commit in exchange for a lighter sentence for martorano's own crimes. >> the bulger trial is expected to last several weeks. still to come on wjz
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eyewitness news, new red meat concerns. before you fire up that grill stick around for health watch. >> the latest on the fire fighting efforts in colorado. >> i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. still a few chances for a thunderstorm,,
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homicide detectives on the scene of colorado's wild fire. fire investigators say weather is being ruled out as a cause of this deadly fire. some evacees return home. >> crews are searching for hot spots the make sure the most destructive wild fire in colorado's history doesn't come back to life. >> walking properties, putting out stumps, little brush fires. >> rain has helped firefighters get the upper hand on the blaze that killed two people and returned 500 homes. darrell fortner returned to find out he lost everything. >> i couldn't believe it. i lost -- i didn't want to believe it.
5:44 pm
>> fire officials have ruled out weather as a possible cause. they're investigating whether an arsonist may have set the fire. >> this is a crime scene until proven other wise. >> as crews returned from the fire lines of residents crowded the streets to show their appreciation. the wild fire may have destroyed hundreds of homes but thousands of others were saved. >> downed power lines are preventing some residents from returning home. here in maryland we're heating back up as you can feel outside. let's take a look. a bit sticky but far from the dog days of summer. we haven't hit summer yet, that's the end of this week. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are updated the forecast. chelsea. >> reporter: thanks. let's take a look at what you can expect for tomorrow. the upper 60s with partly sunny skies. a chance of thunderstorms will roll in by the afternoon. temperatures in the mid and upper 80s. into the evening around 80 degrees and we'll keep
5:45 pm
that chance for a thunderstorm in the forecast as well. now let's go to bob for the 5 day forecast. bob. >> there still might be a shower or thundshower in a couple spots. 81, 57 on wednesday that's below average. 84, that's normal for thursday. friday warmer at 86. to the weekend back to average temperatures. it looks like it probably stays dry at least through the weekend. the family of a missing toddler in ohio say they believe the little girl is still alive despite being missing for 2 weeks. the national child advocate group staged a large scale search for elanna ste steinberg. her mom was september to jail on child engagement charges. the court marshall of arm private bradley manning is moving into its 3rd week.
5:46 pm
manning is on trial for leaking classified documents to website wikileaks. the government prosecutors say some of those documents assess the threat levels of terror suspects. they have more than 100 witnesses to call and a quarter of a million diplomatic cable to enter into evidence. as manning trial's continues the founder of wikileaks remains if political asylum. the fate of julian assange is being discussed by politicians from ecuador and britain. >> the quarters cheered as wick founder julian assange waived from a window at the ecuador em baa say in london to mark the one year anniversary of his asylum this week. ecuador's former minister came to see him. ricardo patino held talks to try
5:47 pm
to end the political stand off. the pair agreed to set up a team of legal experts from both sides to break the diplomatic deadline. he was granted political asylum last june. assange said he feared they may hand him over to the u.s. to face spy charges for leaking classified u.s. documents on his wikileaks website. >> it cost millions of dollars for british police to keep a eye on assange around the clock. ecuador's foreign minister said it's unjust. assange can't leave without facing arrest. >> he vows his country will standby assange and said sha should be offered a way out. assange says he's strong enough to stay for at least 5 years rather than face the threat of legal proceedings in the u.s. in london, lucy mcdonald for wjz eyewitness news. >> ecuador's prime minister
5:48 pm
said assange will not be smuggled out of the embassy. he said he should be allowed to walk out. a study shows there may be a dark side to fighting between siblings. researchers say sibling aggression is linked to worse mental health in children and teens. they say even occasional spats may not be as harmless as parents think. the study concludes that fights between brothers and brothers or brothers and brothers or sisters and sisters may cause the same stress level as peer bully. research has a strong link between red meat and diabetes. the study shows how increasing the amount of red meat increases your risk of type 2 diabetes. >> sherry is trying to be healthy especially when it comes
5:49 pm
to food. >> i grew up in the south. i grew up with fried foods . i mean carbs, tons of sugar. >> a year ago bee trees cut out read meat. >> i eat chick peas, beans. >> eating less meat may have reduced her chances of getting diabetes. those who added a half serving of red meat increased their risk of get diabetes 50 per%. >> as we enter the summer and we go barbecuing what i recommend is throw some vegetables on the grill because they're going to be healthier for you. >> diabetes effect 25 million americans and is the major cause of heart disease and stroke. >> if we can say to patients
5:50 pm
get the meat out of you diet and you're going to prevent diabetes that's hugely empowering. >> sherry has lost 20 pounds and lower her cholesterol. she said she doesn't miss the meat. >> i feel better. i feel healthier. i feel lighter. >> she said he's only human and still has a little ice cream once in a while. in new york, adrian die as. >> the research analyzed three studies and nearly 100,000 people over a 4-year period. check in with eyewitness news at 6 o'clock for these stories and more. denise is standing by with the preview. >> reporter: charges pending. several naval academy football t the center of a suspected sexual assault. now the alleged victim is speaking out for the first time. her emotional story. >> an update on the condition of a man brutally beaten at an orioles game. what his family is now staying. >> check in for these stories
5:51 pm
and all new breaking news at 6:00. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, international,,
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controversy an confusion between. as chip reed reports for wjz, it has to do with the super bowl ring belonging to patriots owner robert craft. >> this video from 2005 shows russia's president vladimir putin belonging to robert craft. he admired it, tried it on and kept it. >> for a minute it looked like there was a weird mix up. >> the patriots owner said he gave the ring as a honor of his respect and add mir ration. >> we heard rumors that putin took somebody's ring at an event but it wasn't -- there was no big deal made out of it at the time. >> last week craft told a
5:55 pm
different story according to the new york post. craft said the bush white house pressured him to say it was a gift because he never intended to part with the 4.9 karat diamond studded ring. craft said i took out the ring and showed it to putin and he put it on and goes i can kill someone with this ring. i put my hand out and he put it in his pocket and three kgb guys got around him and walked out. craft's wife, now deceased, told the new york times something similar in 2007. >> maybe taking that ring was one of the things you do without thinking about it when you're the president of one of the most powerful nations on earth. >> a spokesman for robert craft said the owner retells the story for laughs and he loves that his ring is at the kremlin. >> for all the patriots fans in russia. >> what a story. he can get another ring but that's an
5:56 pm
interesting story. still to come on wjz eyewitness news, charges could be coming against several naval academy football players accused in a salt. the latest. hear from the victim for the first time coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00, the alleged victim in the sexual assault investigation at the u.s. naval academy, telling her story for the first time. wjz is live with complete
5:59 pm
coverage. >> reporter: a man is brutally beaten after wearing a yankees cap here at camden yards. >> reporter: i'm derek valcourt in northeast cecil county where hearts are broken as they prepare to lay to rest this little girl. what happened to cam me ring? that story coming up. >> there arrest few clouds around. could we see any thunderstorms? we'll have the answer from first warning weather. for a check on these stories and all the day's breaking news wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. charges pending. naval academy football players


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