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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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oh, my god. >> oh, no. >> what went wrong? new clues tonight about what turned a routine landing at san francisco airport into a nightmare. the growing concerns that pilot error may be to blame. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. an inexperienced pilot at the controls of that asiana airlines flight when it crash landed on to the runway. tonight we have learned the plane was flying way too slow and way too low just before the deadly crash. marley hall is in san francisco with new information for wjz. >> reporter: the charred few
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fuselage remains off the runway. the jet crashed landed on saturday. the plane's trail struck a seawall separating the runway from san francisco bay. >> the lower portion of the tail cone is in the rocks at the seawall and there was a significant piece of the tail of this aircraft in the water. >> reporter: the ntsb says the plane was flying 40 miles per hour slower than this plane does upon landing. passengers say the plane was lower as well. >> i don't see runway, i just see water. i'm realizing, we're way too low. >> reporter: seven seconds before impact, a member of the flight crew called for increased speed. three seconds later the flight controls began to shake, a signal the plane was close to losing lift or stalling. with just a second and a half before the plane hit the ground, the flight crew attempted to abort the landing and initiate a go around to try
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again. most of the more seriously injured were taken here to san francisco general hospital where several remain in critical condition. two chinese students were killed, one of them possibly hit by a rescue vehicle as she lay on the tarmac. in san francisco, marley hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> the pilot was doing on-the- job training with an instructor. he had only logged 43 hours in a 777 and had never flown that plane into san francisco before. well, speaking out against city violence, the calls are growing louder to stop the gunshots ringing out across baltimore. tonight city leaders hit the streets, but others say the approach isn't working. wjz is live at police headquarters with meghan mccorkell who has more. meghan? >> reporter: the mayor and the state's attorney were out walking the western district tonight to send a message, but some clergy members say stopping the violence all comes down to trust. [ [ sigh sirens ]
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>> reporter: 120 people murdered in baltimore this year, 28 killed last month. >> i think the majority of them don't. >> reporter: now community leaders are taking to the streets to try and help neighbors stand up against criminals. >> it's important for a neighborhoods and the community to be engaged to show that they're not going to relinquish the streets to violence. >> reporter: city police doubled patrols in crime hot spots. police now have the 900 block of bennett place under 24 hour surveillance after three murders here since the beginning of the year. more and more officers are out on foot patrol. >> we want to let them know we breathe, we walk, we live, we work in this community. this is our community, and we respect the community. >> reporter: but some clergy members are critical saying citizens don't trust the police or politicians. >> there's a secret code of silence on the street. we ain't talking because they ain't doing nothing. >> the protection has not been
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provided by our police department, and by our state's attorney. >> reporter: the state's attorney says the code needs to be broken to stop the violence. >> to the extent that the community is involved and they believe in the system and they come forward, i think that's where we really start to make a difference. >> reporter: a difference that could mean more lives saved. and the commander of the western district tells me the biggest problem causing violence in that area of the city, disputes over drug turf and gangs. live at city police headquarters, meghan mccorkell, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, thank you very much, meghan. members of the baptist ministers conference say they plan to move beyond church walls and be more visible in the community. a developing story tonight, the search for a missing autistic boy in washington, d.c. comes to a tragic end. 7-year-old michael kingsbury disappeared from his backyard in northeast d.c. tonight his body was found inside an abandoned car in an alley two doors down from his home.
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right now police aren't sure how he ended up in the car or how he died. a tanker truck catches fire on i-95 bringing traffic to a standstill. sky chopper 13 is over the scene. i-95 southbound was backed up for miles. firefighters say it appears the truck's tires blurs into flames. there were no injuries. in maryland a series of bear encounters have some people worried. this weekend a bear caused a crash on the busy interstate. why bear sightings are becoming more frequent. >> reporter: a car struck this juvenile black bear sunday in germantown. his injuries so severe officers had to euthanize him. >> the whole back end of the bear wasn't moving. you could see that there was damage. so then the decision was made then to go ahead and put it out of its misery. it was suffering. >> reporter: biologist jonathan
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mcknight with the department of natural resources says maryland's bear population is expanding and right now the bears are looking for new habitat. they can travel up to 50 miles a day. last month this bear was chap churched in a d.c -- captured in a d.c. neighborhood after a woman saw it outside her window. it was released in western maryland. also in june this bear visited a gaithersburg home and munched on bird seeds 30 minutes. mcknight says absolutely do not feed them. >> it's especially bad to leave food out or feed them. once bears get acclimb ma tiezed to feeding and -- aclie ma tiezed to feeding and people it becomes dangerous. >> reporter: the young bears can vary between 65 and 200 pounds. the best thing you can do is leave them alone. >> they shouldn't present danger to people. just stay away from them. give them respect and distance. >> reporter: mcknight says if you see a black bear, treat it the way you would give a stray dog. give the animal plenty of space and eventually it will move on
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to find new habitat. lynn buoy, wjz eyewitness news. scientists say the peak season for bears in maryland is now just beginning. so we can expect to see more in the area. well, rabid raccoons are terrorizing people and pets at maryland's eastern shore beaches. 18 animals have tested positive for rabbies this year with another 15 suspected cases. in ocean city, aggressive raccoons have attacked both people and pets. health officials are reminding pet owners to make sure their own nears are vac si -- owners are vaccinated against rabies. two years after an earthquake shut down the washington monument, a new tradition begins. the big change at the national mall. >> reporter: the scaffolding will be around the monument for quite awhile, so this new lighting was designed to help make the best of a less than ideal situation. with the flip of a switch, the washington monument gets a new nighttime look, thanks to more
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than 480 lights hitting a bluescrim to match the pattern. >> all this scaffolding is necessary to repair the cracked stones and loosened mortar from the earthquake that violently shook the 555-tall monument with tourists and park ringers still inside. >> it was absolutely terrifying. i didn't realize it was an earthquake at first. >> reporter: it's taken five months just to erect all thescaffolding and the $15 million repair job won't be easy or fast. >> some of these cracks go all the way through the marble. so if they're going to inject the epoxy, they have to make sure they have one person on one side and one person on the other so it doesn't come out and stain the stone. >> reporter: park officials
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predict it will be the spring of 2014 before all the work is finished, meaning for now, this is the view tourists are stuck with. >> but it looks awesome. >> reporter: starting tuesday sensors will automatically light up the monument every night at dusk. in washington, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> congressional low indicated $7.5 million for the repairs. a philanthropist donated the remaining $7.5 million. a grim search as more bodies pulled from the site of a train explosion. investigators discover safety issues that may have made the disaster even worse. plus, hear from the loan surviving member of the elite arizona firefighting team who perished in a wildfire. more typical july weather headed our way. i'm bob turk. i'll have complete first warning forecast coming up next. ♪
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♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! >> it is partly cloudy, 77 degrees in central maryland right now. the first forewarning forecast is coming up. take a look at this incredible
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video of a water spout near tampa. it was spotted this evening as it approached a bridge. a water spout is claused when storms collide and cause a rotation over a body of water. it came ashore damaging one home and causing a transformer to blow, but there have been no reports of injuries. at least 50 people have been killed in the bloodiest day since the crisis in egypt began. the military and supporters have ousted president mohammed morsi clashed outside the republican guard headquarters. mill leaders say the protesters were firing guns and throwing mall la toff cocktails off the rooftops. the white house condemned the violence but is not backing any of the factions. the lone survivor from the elite firefighting unit that lost 19 members in an arizona wildfire speaks in public for the first time. >> the town has all come
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together greatly and i want to say thank you. >> reporter: brendon took the stage during the annual prescott frontier day celebration. tomorrow firefighters from around the country will take part in a memorial service in prescott. vice-president joe biden is scheduled to attend that memorial service. police in quebec say eight more bodies have been found at the site of a train derailment that destroyed the small town. the death toll is now at 13 with at least 37 more people still missing. 72 tanker cars carrying oil went off the tracks early saturday morning. late tonight, one inspector sales the tanker cars involved have a history of puncturing during accidents. thousands of drivers crossed the chesapeake bay bridge every day, but for some people, that trip means high anxiety. a bridge phobia can turn a drive over the bay into a nightmare. jessica kartalija investigates their fears and whether anything can help.
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>> reporter: the chesapeake bay bridge, one of the longest, highest bridges, also one of the most feared. >> and i have this dream, and that the bridge goes up and never comes down. >> my fear is that i will pass out. >> my legs are shaking. everything about it makes me nervous. >> reporter: travel and leisure magazine just ranked it one of the scariest in the world, up there with bridges in michigan and colorado, even a shaky footbridge in japan. >> the bay bridge is one of the longest, most oddly constructed bridges. >> reporter: director of the anxiety disorders clinic at johns hopkins hospital says fear of bridges is very common, especially here in maryland, because of the bay bridge. >> there's a sharp turn. it's really long. it's very open. it can sway if it gets windy. >> but a fear of falling?
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is it a fear of something that's going to happen to them? >> usually people are afraid they will pass out or have a heart attack or become incapacitated while crossing the bridge and get in a crash. >> what about when people say this is really no big deal? >> it's certainly not minor in the individual. when you are having a panic attack, the general feeling is that you're about to die. >> reporter: this baltimore county woman who wants to remain anonymous grew up without a fear of driving across the bay bridge. but after having children, those routine trips took a dramatic turn. >> i started having panic attacks when i drove over the bridge. >> what would happen to you? what do you mean panic attacks? >> just feeling dizzy, light- headed, anxious. i don't have to worry about just myself. i have these lives i have to make sure they're safe. >> reporter: like hundreds of others each year, she's turned to a shuttle service. >> we'll be headed back to pick you up. >> reporter: for $25 a driver hops behind the wheel of your car to take you across the bay bridge. >> you've had some crazy
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requests in the past. >> yes. i had a guy want to be put in the trunk before, which of course we denied. i have ladies that have to lay down and put plan contents over their heads. >> reporter: it's a serious problem. if people want to get over their fear of bridges, they have to face it. >> the idea basically is you learn. you relearn that, no, this isn't a terrifying, horrible situation that i can't handle. this is something that i can handle. >> reporter: jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the maryland transportation authority used to drive people across the bay bridge who were afraid to drive themselves but it no longer provides that service. country music legend randy travis is in critical condition in a texas hospital. the grammy award-winning singer was admitted for a viral heart infection. travis has been on the road and was scheduled for a concert in south dakota this week. last year the 54-year-old was
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found naked after crashing his car. he later pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated. well, when twinkies return to the store on july 15th, they will last even longer than before. hostess says the shelf life will increase from 26 to 45 days. some twinkies will last even longer as storms freeze the pace industries so they can --pastries so they can put them out whenever they like. >> you don't like your twinkies? >> i do like tasty cakes though, i have to say. i had a peanut butter crumpet. it was good. end of story. let's take a look at 77, winds south/southwest at 5. the barometer actually has gone up
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a bit. humidity moderate range, 71%. the dew point really is not all that high for this time of evening. 67. now, this morning, the dew point was in the 70s. this afternoon it dropped to the 60s. 77 here. still 80 in d.c. the cities really do keep the heat in. 64, comfortable in oakland. ocean city at 77. locally in the mid-70s, again to the low 80s. so it's a warm night again. southwest winds, we had some west winds this afternoon, kind of dry things out temporarily and kind of put a kibosh on the thundershower activity. it looks like tomorrow we have a better chance, a little bit of activity moved offshore for maryland. it's pretty much gone. another batch in ohio. some of this stuff may survive across the mountains and may bring some showers maybe to western maryland tonight. right now it's beginning to break down somewhat as you lose the heat from the day.
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there's still a whole area of showers so i'm convinced at least some of that cloud cover will make it into the region. may have a morning shower and this may help to fuel an afternoon thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. we'll stay in the rather humid conditions. pretty much most of the week. by the end of the week, there will be a frontal system approaching us. it will bring us a better chance of showers and storms here on thursday. it will begin to cool then after that. temperatures get back in to normal or slightly below normal range. normal high tomorrow is 88, by the way. the risk of some scattered showers in the region. quick look at the tropics. winds up to 49 miles an hour here, but it's really booking, moving off to the west/northwest at 26 miles an hour. expected to go and weaken as it crosses he's panola to a -- espanola. it will probably cause a lot of rain in florida. the models have it going across the florida pen anyone sla heading west -- hen anyone sue
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la, heading west. it's expected to weaken and not strengthen. it may get a little stronger the next two days and then eventually weaken. south winds 5 to 10. bay temp 83. tonight partly cloudy, still rather humid. 68 by morning. maybe in the mid-70s in the city. close to 90 tomorrow. any shower activity early on, make key temperatures back in the 80s as it did today. the next five days, still hot and rather humid. 90. 86, good chance of storms on thursday. cool of 85 friday. 85 partly cloudy. still a chance of a shower on saturday afternoon. denise. >> thank you, bob. coming up the orioles research home after a rough road trip. can they get back on the winning track at cam been yards? mark h,,,,
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mark is here with the sports report. >> a number of all-stars on the team. let's see how they do. birds certainly back home, hoping to get back to their winning ways after what was a difficult road trip. they know the comfort of camden yards does not guarantee victory especially when the texas rangers come to town. another impressive performance by manny manchado. that base hit gives the o's a lead. scott feldman making his home debut after acquired in a trade last week. feldman gets hope from adam jones. lays out to rob nelson, a possible hit. the defense could not stop everything. feldman gave up seven runs. troy patton here pitching in relief when ias an ken'sler
11:27 pm
-- ian kensler. rough night for chris davis. he struck out four times against texas. but there was good news earlier in the day. he was picked to participate in the all-star game home run derby one week from tonight in new york. davis leads the major leagues with 33 homers, the most he's ever had in a season in his career. he's on the home run derby team with one more player to be named tomorrow. finally a cleveland browns football fan takes his pain to the grave. being a browns fan is not easy. they've been a losing franchise since they relocated here to baltimore. their fans are devoutly loyal, described as die hards. a browns fan who passed away last week had a final wish, that six browns players serve as pallbearers at his funeral so the team could, quote, let him down one last time. the team responded by sending his family a personalized cleveland browns jersey. may he rest in peace. after cheering for a team that
11:28 pm
had just one playoff appearance in the last 14 years. we take football seriously here in baltimore as they do in ohio, and that would be a diehard. >> do you think they should have done it, the players? >> i don't think so. >> yeah. >> yeah. ,, geico's defensive driver, enginegood student andke 13. multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineer: if you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are...
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