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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 9, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> reporter: updating the breaking news after four men are shot in west baltimore. wjz is live on the scene. rochelle ritchie with new information from police. rochelle? >> reporter: well, hi, vic. we are just return -- learning that this shooting happened just about a mile away from where mayor stephanie rawlings- blake participated at a peace walk just last night. baltimore city very frustrated with the shootings. police say just as one shooting happened, another life is left on the line. chaos erupts in west baltimore after four men are shot. >> we are comparing this immediately to other crimes in this general area. as it relates to crimes that occurred. >> reporter: the violence upsetting for residents. kirk was living in a danger zone. >> i think it's sad because you can't have your kids sitting out front or anything. you'll know if they're going to come or shoot. >> just before 3:00, baltimore
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city police say the four guys were sitting on the porch, when they became the target of several bullet the. >> it's very frustrating. in fact, we ran a a crime strat knowledgey planning meeting this afternoon. >> people afraid to talk on camera say they are tired of the violence. >> reporter: i mean, people are just shooting. for what reason? you know, it's really getting ridiculous. >> reporter: four men all survived with nonlife- threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital. many here say the violence is spreading like a disease with no cure in sight. >> this kind of stuff needs to stop. there's too many of us dying over petty stuff like money. that stuff comes and goes. and right now, baltimore city police say they are looking for 1 or two suspects. live tonight, rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. since june 21st, city police responded to more than 40 shootings and 16 homicides.
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murder charges are filed today against a husband and wife involved in a fight at an arbutus bar. mary has the latest from the newsroom. mary? >> reporter: police say it all started with a large fight at the fish head cantina early sunday morning. according to investigators, 31- year-old shelby mech stabbed a victim repeatedly. then her husband, who was performing at the bar that night, allegedly distracted security so she could escape. 35-year-old michael singer is charged with accessory after the fact shelby is being held without bail. michael singer is being held without bail. police are still trying to determine a motive for the murder. she made headlines when police arrested her for leaving two dogs in a sweltering car for hours last month. but her family members say there say lot more to the story, including explanation that now has them angry with police.
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wjz is live. derek valcourt has more on the story from central booking in east baltimore. derek? >> reporter: well, today, that woman is dead. and her family says it's all because police took her here to central booking, rather than taking her to an emergency room for treatment. >> reporter: 62-year-old sharon mulcahy loved her two poodles, missy and bear, which is why news that she left her beloved pets in a car on a scorching hot day, was so shocking to her family, including her 92-year- old dundalk mother. >> i knew she would have went back out. she would have never left her dogs like that. >> reporter: but after levering her mother's house, sharon became so ill, she checked into this no-dogs-allowed hotel, and passed out before she could tend to her pets. employees at this hotel found the dogs in the car, one of them already dead. and police arrested sharon. in central booking, she was placed in the medical unit, where a public defender snapped this picture. >> clearly the photos show that this woman was not in a condition to be in jail. >> reporter: her family
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attorney says shortly after her release from jail, sharon lapsed into a coma and died. >> reporter: sharon mulcahy's surviving dog, bear, badly dehydrated was rushed here to baltimore's animal rescue and care shelter, where he was treated and has since been released back to her family. with sharon's death certificate in hand, mulcahy's attorneys went back to court. the judge, apparently unaware her family was in the courtroom, quipped, well, that's one way to avoid prosecution. >> i couldn't believe that this happened. >> reporter: now mulcahy's grieving family and their attorney says they are considering legal action. >> had she be given appropriate medical care and taken to a regular hospital, that she would be alive today. >> reporter: in addition to possible lawsuits against police and central booking, the family attorney says they're also considering filing for civil rights violations, saying the staff here failed to provide adequate medical treatment to sharon mulcahy.
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we're live at central booking. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. the department of corrections declined to comment for this story. family and friends are saying goodbye to an ocean city police officer, after his plane went down in the ocean. funeral services for 27-year- old joshua adickes were held today in schoolies mountain, new jersey. he was buried following the service. adickes and thomas geoghan jr. were killed june 30th, when the small plane they were in crashed shortly after takeoff. a viewing for geoghan will be held thursday in annapolis. three women kidnapped and held silent for a decade are now speaking public. linh bui has new, astonishing video from the women. >> reporter: the 3 1/2-minute video was posted on you tube last night. in it, the three women appear separately. but they share the same heartfelt message with the
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public. >> i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family, thank you for your support. >> reporter: thank you, everyone, for your love, support and donations. >> reporter: amanda berry, michelle knight, and gina dejesus, appear happy and healthy, smiling as they thanked the public. >> everyone who has been supportive, it has been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. >> reporter: the last time we heard berry's voice was two months ago, after she called 911 after escaping from a nightmare. >> i've been kidnapped and i'm missing for 10 years. and i'm here and i'm free now. >> reporter: women were trapped inside an ohio house. they say at at the hands of ariel castro. he is accused of tying them up with ropes and beating and repeatedly sexually abusing them. castro has pleaded not guilty. berry even gave birth inside that prison. castro allegedly fathered her daughter. >> i'm getting stronger each day. and my privacy is helping.
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>> michelle knight was held captive the longest and beaten so severely, she needed facial reconstruction. >> i may have been through hell and back. but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> reporter: psychologist says even though the women seem okay, they most likely need more intensive therapy. >> these women not only have pt sd. but they missed out on major developmental milestones. so they really have a lot of catching up to do. >> reporter: the women never mentioned the accused attacker in the video. they focus on the future, not the past. >> thank you for all of your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand new life. thank you. >> the cleveland courage fund was set up to help these women start their new lives. and as of july 2nd, organizers say more than $1 million has been donated. reporting live, i'm linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, linh. last week, a judge ruled castro is competent to stand trial.
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his next court appearance is scheduled for july 24th. a man injured in an accident in anne arundel county, dies of his injuries. he was a passenger in a pickup truck that collided with another vehicle on fort smalled wood road. he died at shock trauma. a driver made an illegal left turn in front of the chevy pickup. no criminal charges have been filed. in a passionate interview with wjz, a high-ranking maryland congressman is calling edward snowden a traitor. snowden is the government contractor who leaked u.s. secrets and is now holed up in a russian airport. wjz is live. investigator mike mike hellgren tells us what is next. >> reporter: vic, he may be headed to ven venezuela for asylum. but congressman dutch ruppersberger would like to see him returned home. he buildings -- believes he turned his back on his country. >> i, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authority to
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wire-tap anyone. >> reporter: while some are hailing edward snowden a champion for freedom, for revealing a secret u.s. government program to moan torphone activity -- monitor telephone activity. >> snowden turned his back on his country. in my opinion, based on what i do, he's going to cost lives, short term and long term. i believe he's a traitor. and it really upsets me when i hear people say he's a hero. >> reporter: snowden, who grew up here and has strong ties to maryland, has remained defiant. >> reporter: in newly released interviews with the guardian, he predicted aid in the enemy. >> you can't come forward in the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk. >> what he has done from our country and hurt our security, our ability to get information to protect our country, is very, very serious. >> reporter: venezuela's president has offered snowden asylum. he has yet to accept and
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remains at a moscow airport. ruppersberger would like to see him brought back home and rejected assertions that the u.s. was spying on its own citizens. >> i'm a lawyer. i was trained to follow the constitution. i'm part of the check-and- balance process. and believe me, no one is going to break the law on my watch. >> reporter: now, for snowden it could be difficult to get to south america because you have to fly through european air space. and it's unclear whether our european allies would stop that plane. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. >> snowden studies computers at anne arundel community college. well, things have cooled off in baltimore this tuesday evening. right now, it's cloudy with a threat of a few showers around. wjz is live. meteorologist chelsea ingram and bob turk are tracking live doppler radar. >> it's been quiet around here. we had a few showers. they moved off. but i did find a couple that just popped up in the extreme southern portions of the region.
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extreme southern portions of the bay. we had two cells there. one just to the west of st. mary's city. and it's pretty strong. going to move across the city shortly. another one, southwest of salisbury. so both of those areas will see a thundershower or even, let's call it ray moderate thunderstorm, moving through the next hour. as they continue to head off to the east and northeast. rest of the region, really, very, very quiet. nothing much going on at all, except for the stuff in the extreme southern bay. where they had a little more sunshine. a little more instability. and that will affect those area fist the next hour or two. they should die out as soon as we see the sun. temperature-wise, they went up a degree. 82 now. 86 cumberland. only 73 in oakland. ocean city now, down to 78. pax river, shower not too far from them. they're up to 84 degrees. now, we still have tropical activity in the tropics and the caribbean. and chelsea has a look at that. chelsea? >> you're exactly right, bob. our third named storm of this
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tropical season. tropical storm chantal, now turning through the lesser antilles. some updates for you. winds around 65 miles per hour. it's expected to drench puerto rico, with up to 8 inches of rainfall. and as it heads toward the southeast coast, it is expected to maintain it's tropical storm strength. but there is some affecting our forecasts in maryland. and we will continue to update you on what you can expect with tropical storm chantal. and bob will have the updates on your first warning forecast in a bit. now, back to you. >> thank you, chelsea and bob. still to come on eyewitness news. critical gun evidence. did a defense expert help or hurt george zimmerman's case. police say the robbers are getting more brazen. breaking in when people are home. i'm monique griego. coming up, a possible suspect. and what investigators are asking the public to do. this is malik.
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one of the stars of a brand-new commercial for underarmour, featuring inner city football players here in baltimore. that's coming up on wjz. and a cloudy, overcast tuesday in baltimore. after several days in scorching heat. we finally had some relief. how do things look for the rest of the week? your first warning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is partly cloudy. 82 degrees. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. a rash of burglaries in canton. and police say the suspects are getting bolder. monique griego has more on what they're asking from the public. >> reporter: canton homeowners, the target of a string of burglaries. police say they are striking day and night. >> we actually have window air conditioners in the middle of the day. 3:00 sunday, somebody tried to break in through one of those. basically rip it out of the window. >> reporter: brad line scared the burglars off. within the past month, residents listening in neighborhoods surrounding canton square have reported dozens of robberies, some came home to san ransacked houses. others were actually confronted by intruders. >> people are entering the houses. while people were in the showers. sitting down, watching tv. and everybody is concerned about their safety. >> i'm at home in the middle of the day. and i have a baby and a toddler and it's scary. >> one of the burglaries on
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elliott street took a strange twist. residents say a woman asleep on her couch wakes up to an intruder who steals her phone. that suspect later takes ray.of himself and post its to the homeowner's facebook page. using her own phone. >> that's insane. that's somebody that doesn't have fear of getting caught. >> reporter: police believe it is connected and issued a warrant for a possible suspect. still, they're asking neighbors to secure their home and report suspicious activity. >> knowing that your neighbors are home. knowing who should be in and who should be going in and out of the house next to you. >> reporter: residents are hoping the suspect or suspects are caught before the incident escalates. >> somebody is going to get confronted by these team. -- people. and somebody is going to get hurt. >> reporter: police are increasing the number. patrol units and plain clothed officers in that neighborhood. downtown ellicott city wins a touchup from benjamin moore paints. the company solicited nominations.
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from small towns and then asked the public to vote as the winning town of main street matters. ellicott city will get free paint and painters from benjamin moore, spruce up several blocks of main street over next year. ellicott city is one of 20 towns across north america to win. high school football players from baltimore city are now the stars of a new underarmor commercial. jessica kartalija explains, the new producer is an expert when it comes to football. >> reporter: in the shadow of the baltimore city detention center. >> down block. go. >> reporter: an empty grass lot is the practice field for football players of st. francis academy. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: on his cell phone, st. francis junior, malik christian, shows us his starring role in underarmour's ad for their new "i will" campaign.
6:19 pm
head coach of st. francis. >> tells our story in a 60- second version of what football is really like in the inner city. carrying their equipment. coming from the subway, walking from home, riding their bikes. >> reporter: underarmour said the ad appeals to underdogs. in this case, the athletes who do whatever it takes to be part of the team. the creative director at ckv said it works. >> the idea of appealing to kids at the formative times of their lives and being there to show them that you understand and you're with them. >> reporter: as a theme featured in a national ad is not enough. enter former raven ray lewis, who helped direct the 60-second spot. >> ray lewis inspired me. he's the one that helped me get my confidence. >> reporter: malik says he got some one on one time with the former raven, who said the ad was inspired by louis -- lewis's own football memory. >> can i get your autograph? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: no actors in any part of this new underarmour ad. all of the players that you see, either went to gillman, dunbar, or right here at st. francis. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. and that ad debuts on national tv next week. >> what a great idea for an ad. >> absolutely. we have a couple of showers. way, way south of our region. looks like it's going to stay quiet around the baltimore, d.c. and annapolis area. right now, temperature- wise, up 1 degree. sunshine returning. 82 now. the dew point came up. winds very light. south/southwest. the barometer falling. come back and take a look at the risk of showers in the next the risk of showers in the next few ,,,,,,,,,,
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early july. pretty decent weather. only got into the low 80s. 83. actually. that is about 5 degrees below average for today. take a look at temps right now. we jumped up 1 degree from last hour, with sunshine back. 82 here. 85 in d.c. and elkton. 86, the warm spot up in cumberland. ocean city at 78. and 73. very pleasant out in oakland. locally, temperatures generally in the low to mid-80s. just running a little below army. we have two showers. one is just southwest of salisbury and has weakened a little bit. another over st. mary's city and the college, moving off to the east and northeast.
6:24 pm
heavy gershower in-- heavier shower in virginia. one cell in southern st. mary's county. it may affect you folks in crayfoe? and may get into portions of worcester and dorchester counties in the next hour or so. so we'll watch it for you. right now, it's not too strong. you can actually view that from st. mary's college. we have a water cam showing exactly what is going on down there. pretty cool. right now, we have a southwest wind in the region. not all that strong as we normally have much of a breeze today. we have scattered showers around the region overnight. and again, during the day today. here, almost nothing. to the west of us, a bigger impulse. this primarily is going to head to the north of us. but portions of it, at least some of the instability will cross our region later tonight to the west of us. tomorrow, we'll see again a chance of thunderstorm activity. chance on thursday, as the actual cool front. yes, a cool front in july, will
6:25 pm
approach our region with a good chance of thunderstorms on thursday. they could be locally strong with heavy rain and gusty winds. so that will be on thursday. ahead of it, still warm and humid for this time of year, pretty average. south winds, 10 knots. bay temp, down around 1 or 2 degrees to 81. tonight, then, maybe a shower. certainly south and east of us. otherwise, just partly cloudy. 72 tomorrow. not sure it's going to get that warm, as it did today. depends on the cloud cover. but there's a good chance, after 4:00, 5:00, of thunderstorms across the region into tomorrow. >> okay. thank you, sir. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. questioning the pilots. investigators ask tough questions. on the san francisco runway. what we know now. plus, collecting donations. the family of a en-- 7-year-old killed on the fourth of july. what the money will go toward coming up. also ahead. the bay bridge. there's something about it that
6:26 pm
terrifies drivers. >> there is a general feeling that you're about to die. >> reporter: what causes the fear? why this fear is more real than you think. it's wjz. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is now 6:29. 82. partly cloudy in central maryland now. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. more questions, few answers. pilots from the asiana flight are talking to investigators. the pilot was on his first trip as a flight victorior. bigad shaban reports for wjz. >> investigators spent a third day combing through the wreckage of asiana 213. they're documenting the long trail at san francisco international airport. two of the four pilots. officials want to know why the plane was flying 40 miles approximate hour slower than normal when it approached the runway. and whoo why the crew didn't notice until it was too late. >> everyone is cooperating. everything is going well. it's just a little bit slower than we'd expected. and some of that is due to some of the translation issues.
6:30 pm
but we also have a lot of information to capture. >> the hit-and-run unit of the san francisco police department is now investigating if one of the two passengers killed actually survived the crash. only to be run over by a rescue vehicle, racing to the scene. >> reporter: surveillance footage and altour video shows fire truck arriving by the plane, where the girl's bodies were found. >> not conclusive, by reviewing the video. we may need to get a little better definition. other video sources to get different angles am but really, when it comes to the cause of death, we're going to defer to the san mateo coroner's office. >> the family of the ceo apologized. but one family rejected his apology. both teens came from china to attend a church camp. their classmates who survived are now deciding whether to go to the camp or fly back home. >> reporter: in san francisco, bigad shaban, wjz eyewitness news. >> just moments ago, the ntsb said that two asiana flight attendants were ejected from the rear of the plane on impact
6:31 pm
and survived. a 7-year-old boy with autism is found dead in a car in a southeast washington, d.c. neighborhood. mary is in the newsroom with the latest on the search for why. mary? >> reporter: well, denise, the little boy was reported missing sunday. and on monday night, michael kingsbury's body was found in an abandoned car, not far from his home. an officer had to actually break the window to get him out. but it was too late. police do not expect foul play. his mother fell to the ground when she burned. >> i never imagined this day of not seeing my child again. >> reporter: police said the little boy was playing in his backyard when he disappeared. and they're not sure how he got into the car. back to you. >> all right, thank you, mary. a focus of the investigation now, why the little boy was not found sooner. police say they checked in the car where she was found, several times. and it was checked by at least three officers. attorneys for george zimmerman called a forensic expert to the stand.
6:32 pm
the defense is hoping his testimony will convince jurors that zimmerman act the in self- defense, when he shot drevon martin. but they contend he is guilty of murder. >> reporter: defense victim, dr. vincent demayo says forensic evidence is consistent with zimmerman's story. that gun powder marks show that trayvon martin was over zimmerman when he shot and killed the teenager. >> the clothing is consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> reporter: that is how zimmerman described events to police, after the shooting. >> i shot him. i didn't think i hit him. he sat up and said, you got me. >> reporter: demayo also said the teenager could have lived up to three minutes after being shot and could even have moved his arms under his body, after zimmerman had spread them out. >> reporter: the defense is trying to convince jurors
6:33 pm
zimmerman acted in self- defense. but the prosecution says the doctor's testimony doesn't prove who started the fight that led to martin's death. >> you're not saying as to who attacked on who. whether it was george zimmerman who attacked trayvon martin or vice versa. >> that's correct, sir. >> reporter: the prosecution got demayo to admit he's being paid $400 an hour for his work. but michael knox said the testimony was still effective. >> what they did was brought in a forensic expert who put all of that together and tied it together. that is combelling to the jury. compelling to the jury. >> reporter: defense attorneys could present their case this week. in sanford, florida, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> dr. demayo also testified for the defense in the phil spector trial. >> following his devastating fourth of july death. the family of 4-year-old kyle
6:34 pm
aldridge. aldridge was hit by a float last week. police say he was sitting by the side of a trailer in the staging area when he fell and was hit by a tire. donations to the kyle adridge fund will help pay for his funeral arrangements. time now for a quick look at stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a look at dr. mortimer newfield. coppin state university's new president. and the challenges he faces. tasty summer recipes for fresh corn. and a promotion for an oriole minor league pitcher who just threw a no-hitter, after throwing a knuckle ball. for these stories and more on the baltimore sun, remember to look for the updated first warning forecast from the wjz first warning weather team. thousands of drivers cross the chesapeake bay bridge. but for some people, that means high anxiety. our chris to beiac. jessica kartalija investigates their fears does whether anything can help.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: the chesapeake bay bridge, one of the longest, highest bridges. also one of the most feared. >> and i have this dream about the bridge that goes up and never comes down. >> my fear is when i start to feel shaking, i will pass out. >> everything makes me nervous. >> reporter: travel and leisure magazine ranked it one of the scariest in the world. even compared to a shaky footbridge in japan. >> the bay bridge is one of the longest, most oddly constructed bridges. >> reporter: dr. unamccann, director of the studies at the hospital said the fear of bridges is very common, especially here in maryland because of the bay bridge. >> there's a sharp turn. it's really long. it's very open. it can sway if it's windy. >> is it a fear of falling?
6:36 pm
shasomething is going to happen to them? >> usually, people are afraid they'll pass out or have a heart attack or become incapacitated while crossing the bridge and get in a crash. >> reporter: what about people who say, it's no big deal. >> it's certainly not minor to the individual. when you're having a panic attack, the general feel suggest you're about to die. >> reporter: this person grew up without a fear of driving across the bay bridge. but after having children, those routine trips took ray dramatic turn. >> started having panic attacks as i started to drive over the bridge. >> what would happen to you? what do you mean, panic attack? >> just feeling dizzy, light- headed, anxious. it's not just myself. i have to make sure they're safe. >> reporter: like hundreds of others each year, she's turned to a shuttle service. >> wile be heading straight back. >> reporter: for $25, a driver hops behind the people of your car to take you across the bay bridge. >> you've had some crazy
6:37 pm
requests in the past. >> yes. i had a guy want to be put in the trunk before, which, of course, we denied. i have ladies that have to lay down and put blankets over their heads. >> reporter: but it's a serious problem if people want to get over their fear of bridges, they have to face it. >> the idea basically is you learn, you relearn that no, this isn't a terrifying, horrible situation that i can't handle. this is something that i can handle. >> reporter: jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the maryland transportation authority used to drive people across the bay bridge, who were afraid to drive themselves, but it no longer provides that service. >> luckily, i don't have the fear. i have other fears but not that wong. still tho come. trapped under water. a train, half submerged. flash flooding in canada. family and friends bid farewell to 19 fallen firefighters. the emotional ceremony coming up. i'm bob turk in the first
6:38 pm
warning weather center. more showers and storms coming our way in the next couple of days. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ♪
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a train full of commuters is trapped in rising flood waters in toronto, canada. passengers had to be rescued by boat. crews worked for several hours, transporting everyone off the train. all 1400 people on board were rescued safely. yesterday, toronto got a month's worth of rain in just a few hours. thousands of firefighters from around the nation attend a memorial service to pay final respects to 19 firefighters killed while battling a wildfire in arizona. the bodies of hot shot firefighters have not been left alobe since -- alone since they were pulled from a hot fire last week. vice president joe biden, arizona's governor and many other dignitaries were there. it's been relatively quiet outside in south africa today. the condition of nelson mandela is believed to be unchanged. he has been in the hospital for nearly five weeks, suffering
6:42 pm
from a recurring lung infection. several family members were seen arriving tonight to visit the 94-year-old anti-apartheid icon. children from across the country. it's part of first lady michelle obama's let's move initiative. each child were selected in the national cookie challenge. the children included recipes for things from each food group. a 10-year-old was the winner. her recipe for chicken marsala wrap was inspired by her grandmother. just ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. i'm mary bubala. why destroying a city building actually means a new home for the chesapeake shakespeare company. that story just ahead. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, mom...
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ after days of scorching heat, it has cooled down a bit. clouds around. let's check in for your first warning weather team. bob turk is in the first warning weather center. let's start with meteorologist
6:46 pm
chelsea ingram who is outside. >> as tomorrow goes, we are looking at a more active day. we'll start the day out, mild side. by the afternoon, chance of thunderstorms will roll in. around 90 degrees for your high temperature. and asy 52 head towards dinnertime, temperatures around 82. we have the potential for strong to severe thunderstorms. most likely out in western maryland. bob has a look inside at your five-day forecast. bob? >> and we may see more of those storms. could be a little stronger here on thursday. as a front will approach the region. 87, down to 85. should dry out somewhat friday into saturday. that's below average. not too bad at night either. about 87. partly cloudy skies here on the second half of the weekend. denise? >> thank you, bob. to be or not to be is no longer the question. when it comes to shakespeare in baltimore city. as mary bubala explains, the classics are getting a new home. >> reporter: from the outside, the former mercantile trust
6:47 pm
building looks quiet. inside, it's loud as the mayor puts the sledgehammer to an old d-day booth. until recently, the building housed a nice club. but the chesapeake shakespeare company raised money in the capitol campaign to buy it, renovate it and bring shakespeare. >> almost every american city, a comparable sign of baltimore, served by a theater, devoted to the classic. and now, baltimore will have one of its own. >> school groups will come, along with a diverse audience from across the region. >> what we think this building is going to be a tool for us to share why shakespeare is fun, why it's something we can all share and understand and appreciate and enjoy. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: howard county executive ken ulman wielded a hammer as well. 7-year-old aura has performed on stage. >> i like the shows. i've been in the shows a couple
6:48 pm
of times. like i have been holding just a little. >> plans for the theater incorporate the ornate and historic features of the building, circa 1885. >> it is a gorgeous building. we're so excited to repurpose it. it's an act of historic preservation, as well as a cultural institution. we're so excited. >> will you keep this amazing ceiling? >> we'll keep the entire ceiling. and we'll use the building in a very vertical space. just like shakespeare's low theater in london. >> grand opening is set for late 2014. they will continue to have performances in the summer in howard county. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. back to you. >> all right. thank you, mary. more information about the new location or upcoming performances. go to for a link. and still to come tonight on eyewitness news. manny machado and the orioles take a swing at texas. mark viviano speaks at the o's star. we'll have a live report at the we'll have a live report at the ballpark next in sports. ,,,,,,
6:49 pm
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well, the orioles go after texas one more time. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. he is live at the ballpark. hey, mark. >> how are we doing? yes. second game of a four-game series. orioles and the texas rangers. last night, the orioles certainly got their backs going. they scored five runs, but the
6:52 pm
pitching it not hold up. tonight, the birds are looking to bounce back from what was an 8-5 defeat. and everyone has their eyes on one of the fastest-rising stars in all of baseball. talking about the orioles' manny machado and the amazing season he is having. machado just turned 21 years old this past weekend. the o's third baseman has been named an all-star. he is the youngest of all of the all-stars. he's a favorite of fans, teammates and all of his peers. machado told me that his season has been, quote, crazy. crazy is one of the ways to describe how he's hitting at such a young age. three more hits here last night. he has the second most hits in his first full league at this level. he's an outstanding hitter. and caliber player. still the talk. league. now, despite the growing attention, the adullulation, machado remains grounded. he's focused and still productive. i asked manny and his teammates about the young man's approach to the game.
6:53 pm
>> just treat this game with respect. go out there and just the way you can control, which is you know, play that game the right way. you know, and respect everybody else. i think he's earned the respect of that clubhouse. and that's not easy to do. especially when you're a young guy. and everybody trusts him. and he's one of the big dogs in that clubhouse. although he's a rookie. >> i've learned that by being a part of this team. you know, with adam, cd, jj, markakis, buck. you know, they showed me how to play the game the right way. and i think that's helped me with all of this success in this game. >> reporter: now, the only blemish on machado's young career. he was kicked out of a game just two week ago. and that ended his streak of playing in every inning of every game, from the day he made his major league debut last august. machado apologized for what he said that got him ejected by the game by the ulpire. tonight, orioles lefty zach briton, trying to get back on
6:54 pm
track. they've lost four of their last five games. scott feldman hit hard by that tough lineup last night. rangers are going to go up with perez. he was just called up from the minor leagues and he has been excellent. first pitch coming up in about 10 minutes. you can see the game on masn. and we are counting down for the start of ravens' training camp. yes, less than two weeks to go, until they get things going in owings mills am but not all of the rookies are signed to contracts yet. ravens' top draft pick, matt elam is yet to get a deal. and the baltimore sun cites sources who say the rookie safety is negotiating without an agent. he is doing all the work himself, with the help of his brother, abram elam, who is an eight-year nfl veteran. at the last pick of the first round, matt elam is slated to get a contract for four years worth about $7 million. he is expected to sign. running back bernard pierce
6:55 pm
coming off a strong season. helping ray rice carry to the super bowl. pierce survived a scare this season. he was carjacked at gunpoint in his native philadelphia last month. today, pierce made his first public comment on that incident, using his twitter account to say, quote, marobbery made me -- that robbery made me think for a sec that i'm ashamed of the city i'm from. end quote. he is expected to join the team when that training camp kicks off on july 21st. orioles and rangers here at the ballpark tonight. i'll have the latest tonight at 11:00. back to you for now. >> thank you, mark. something exciting going on,,,,,
6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
be sure to tune in to the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00 tonight. it's person of interest. and that is, of course, immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight at 6:00. back at 11:00. i'm denise koch. >> for bob and mark, i'm vic carter. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, including the passengers that became heroes >> pelley: tonight what was going on inside the cockpit of
6:59 pm
flight 214? federal investigators give us their first report on the actions of the flight crew in the moments before the plane crashed in san francisco. john blackstone has the late-breaking story. the cleveland women held captive for ten years speak publicly for the first time. elaine quijano on what they wanted to say. >> i'm looking forward to my brand new live. >> pelley: knives, bats and guns. a mobster describes his murders. don dahler reports from the whitey bulger trial. and how did 305 people escape a burning jetliner? they helped one another. anna werner with the story of people who never expected to be heroes. >> as soon as i opened the door, again, i just started saying, we're going to be okay. we're going to be okay. we need to get out of here. >> this is the cbs evening ne captioning sponsored by cbs


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