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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 9, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we're beginning with breaking news in the crash of asian a flight 214. the pilots of that aircraft have now told federal investigators that they set the automatic throttle controls on the plane for a proper landing speed and then discovered to their surprise at the last moment that the plane had slowed far beyond that setting. late today, the head of the national transportation safety board gave us new details about the four pilots who were on board the boeing 777 and what they were doing in the seconds before it crashed late saturday morning while attempting to land at the san francisco airport. john blackstone in san francisco has the latest on the investigation. john? >> reporter: scott, n.t.s.b. chairman deborah hersman has just completed briefing us interviews with these pilots. of the four pilots three of them were on the flight deck at the time of the landing. here's what she had to say about the supervising pilot on the
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flight deck. >> he reported that this was his first trip as an instructor pilot. this was the first time that he and the flying pilot that he was instructing had flown together. >> reporter: teams of n.t.s.b. investigators are examining the plane inside and out, locating and recording every piece of debris from landing gear ripped from the jet to the smallest piece of fuselage. the cockpit could hold clues to verify statements given by the pilots. the pilot in control of the plane was sitting in the left-hand seat. it was his first landing at san francisco in a boeing 777. he was being trained by the captain sitting in the right-hand seat. the senior pilot had more than 3,000 hours flying experience in a triple-7 but the airline says he was certified as a trainer just last month. the supervising pilot typically is responsible for taking control of the plane if something should go wrong. >> at about 500 feet he realized that they were low.
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he reported seeing three red and one white in the path. he told the pilot to pull back. >> reporter: the flight data recorder indicates the plane was traveling 40 miles per hour slower than it should have been for landing. so slow it triggered a warning system that shook the flight controls in the pilots' hands, an alert the plane was losing lift and about to stall. just 1.5 seconds before the crash, the pilot attempted to abort the landing. the engine started speeding up but it was too late to get them to full power. in the interview, the pilots said that they had set the auto throttle which is supposedded to set the speed of the aircraft at 137 knots. that's the typical landing speed for the triple-7. what the n.t.s.b. has to confirm now is whether or not those controls were working. >> pelley: and the black boxes are are likely to tell us that. john, thank you very much. we also learned today that two of the flight attendants were
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ejected from the plane when it crashed. both of them survived. every time we see the wreckage, it is hard to believe that almost all of the more than 300 people on board escaped with their lives. and i wasn't just luck. here's anna werner with the survivor story. >> reporter: some of those aboard asiana flight 214 recall a stunned silence when the plane came to rest at the side of runway 28 left. >> we had, mind you, no warning, right? everybody is ready to land. with no warning during the whole crash and even after the crash, nothing from the pilot or the crew over the radio, right? >> reporter: so nobody came on with any announcement. >> nothing. we were left to ourselves to basically figure it out. >> reporter: ben was sitting next on an emergency window exit. thought his ribs might be broken but he acted quickly opening the door. >> i just started saying, "we're going to be okay. we need to get out of here
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quick. leave everything behind. help each other. get out. get out. get out." >> reporter: some crew members are also creditd with quick action. this flight attendant was photographed carrying a passenger out on her back. >> one flight attendant was doing an extremely good job. she came by me and said you have to exit through straight ahead. i exited through a completely different door than i was sitting next to. >> reporter: did you know that the plane was on fire and that there was jet fuel leaking all around? >> absolutely not. i think i truly, truly a miracle that i'm here then because i had no clue that there was, you know, this big fire waiting to happen that would engulf the plane very quickly. >> reporter: you don't want people calling you a hero. >> no. absolutely not. heroism is is not one person saving the world. i think it's about every single action you can take together combined that creates this real heroic event where people managed to get out of this plane really fast, really efficiently.
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>> reporter: we noticed ben wearing a bracelet of yellow plastic around his wrist. scott, it was put on by firefighters doing triage. he says he won't be taking it off until all the injured passengers are out of these hospitals. >> pelley: thank you very much. police in canada said late today that they had discoverd evidence that has led them to open a criminal investigation into that train disaster in quebec. we've received new video of it today. this is just 200 yards from where the run-away train, hauling crude oil, derailed and exploded early saturday, leveling most of a small tourist town. the police wouldn't say what evidence they have found. the death toll is now 15. and nearly three dozen more are still missing. we have heard for the first time from the young women who were held captive for a decade in what can only be described as a house of horrors in cleveland.
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52-year-old ariel castro is charged with multiple counts of kidnapping and rape. he is scheduled to go on trial next month. elaine quijano has the story that the victims are telling. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it's been unbelievable. >> reporter: it's been more than two months since 27-year-old amanda berry called out for help from behind her captors' lockedded door. last week she and her fellow survivors taped video messages that were released last night at midnight. >> thank you for the support. reporter: de jesus was flanked by her parents as she made her one-sentence statement. now 23 years old, she was just 14 when she became the last of the three kidnapping victims. >> i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. >> reporter: michelle knight is 32 now. she was 21 when she disappeared. none of the women mentioned 52-year-old ariel castro, the
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man accused of holding them captive and brutalizing them for a decade. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. >> reporter: the women prepared the remarks themselves, according to the public relations firm that produced the video. the company said the women saw it as a chance to assert control over their lives. >> i'm getting stronger each day. i'm having my privacy has helped immensely. i ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> reporter: berry is raising her six-year-old daughter born while in captivity. more than a million dollars has been raised for the cleveland courage fund set up to help the women. donations have risen sharply since the video appeared. >> thank you for all your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand new life. thank you.
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>> reporter: ariel castro is facing more than 300 counts including kidnapping and rape. he's also charged with one count of aggravated murder. prosecutors believe he ended michelle knight's fourth pregnancy by punching her in the stomach. scott, a judge last week found castro mentally fit to stand trial. >> pelley: thank you, elaine. in egypt, the president installed by the leaders of a military coups named a new prime minister and vice president today. but that did not calm the millions of egyptians who support the depotsed president. mohammed morsi was the first freely elected leader in egypt's long history. now he's under military guard. yesterday the army massacred his supporters who demanded his release. holy williams was in middle of it today. >> reporter: the depotsed president mohammed morsi refused to be intimidated. a day after egyptian soldiers opened fire on a crowd of
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protestors, killing more than 50 people, thousands of them rallied again in cairo. protected by their own team of volunteer security guards. doesn't matter what egypt's new government does, they won't leave the streets until mohammed morsi is reinstated as president. as egypt's first democratically elected president, morsi was criticized as dictatorial and ineffective. but for this crowd of conservative muslims, he's a hero. >> i am here to support legality, to support the legal president whom we vote for. >> reporter: protestors like this man, a high school teacher, told us by ousting the president the military has made a mockery of egyptian democracy. but he's determined not to give up the fight. >> our blood will win. so we have nothing in our hands.
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we came with our hearts only and with our blood only. >> reporter: other protestors made the same point today in a powerful islam i can ceremony. these men carried shrouds, a symbol that we're willing to die for their cause. >> pelley: holy williams is joining us over at tahrir square where there are fire works tonight in cairo. holy, one of the things that the coups leaders have said is they'll have elections in six months. has that done anything to quiet the situation? >> reporter: no. scott, mohammed morsi supporters say those new elections are a sham because egypt's democratically elected president was reproved moved by the military. this country has been through two-and-a-half years of political turmoil but with morsi now in custody and an arrest warrants issued for many of his supporters egypt's divisions look deeper than ever. >> pelley: the story has a long way to go. holy, thank you very much. well, there were fire works at a
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mob trial when two former friends faced off today. someone in washington had this bright idea. and a final good-bye to the granite mountain hot shots when the cbs evening news continues. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic! find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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frequently, in cold blood. but something else that the witness said made bulger go ballistic today. and don dahler was in the courthouse. >> reporter: near the end of kevin weeks' testimony he called his former boss a rat. in front of the jury the two men shouted at each other blank you. the judge had to restore order. weeks is a confessed killer who considered james whitey bulger his mentor for almost 20 years. in 2006 he told 60 minutes ed bradley that bulger is a killer too. >> he stabbed people. he beat people. he shot people. he strangled people. run them over with cars. >> reporter: you said also that he liked killing. >> yeah. reporter: today weeks described for the court several murders he said he saw bulger commit. he took a couple steps and bulger put the mack 10 to the back of his head and pulled the trigger. jim bulger took out a rope, wrapped it around his neck and started strangling him. then there was the step-daughter of a fellow gangster bulger was allegedly concerned would talk
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to police. she wasn't a criminal. she wasn't involved with us in any crimes. i heard a thud and i looked and saw jim bulger on the ground i heard a thud and i looked and saw jim bulger on the ground choking her. weeks testified he and bulger also wanted to kill "boston herald" columnist louie carr who has reported on bulger's gang for decades. how do you think it's going for mr. bulger right now? >> i think as whitey said in a letter this spring, this is the end of the trail for me. he hasn't got a prayer. >> reporter: weeks told ed bradley he turnedded against bulger because the mob boss betrayed them all. >> we were supposed to live by a certain code. this was his teaching too. you know, he never rat on your friends. you never rat on your family. you never give anyone up. you have a problem you take it to the street. >> reporter: the 83-year-old faces life in prison if convicted. through his attorney, bulger admitted to quite a few crimes in court including extortion, violence, and bribery. but, scott, the two things he insists he never did: kill women
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and be an informant. >> pelley: don, thanks very much. we thought you'd like to see this. the washington monument is shrouded in fabric while workers repair damage from an earthquake two years ago. but in the meantime, the park service has decided to brighten up the monument to the father of our country with the mother of all light shows. nearly 500 lamps will illuminate the monument each night until the scaffolding comes down. the hunt for jobs is getting a little bittiesier. the hunt for jobs is getting a little bittiesier. that story is is just ahead. help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge. oh. ♪ [ female announcer ] stress sweat smells the worst. and secret clinical strength gives you four times the protection against it. secret clinical strength.
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>> pelley: we saw new evidence today that the job market is still improving. the labor department says there were about 3.8 million job openings in june. and that was 28,000 more than the month before. but these better prospects haven't helped the long term unemployed very much. in june, the number of people jobless for 27 weeks or more was 4.3 million. that is nearly 37% of all unemployed americans. in north carolina, they are trying a new way to get people back to work. they're cutting off unemployment benefits. and jim axel rod has been looking into that. >> reporter: these days, sean's life is pretty simple. he's either at the gym or in front of his computer looking for a job. simple but not easy. so right now in your bank account, you have $170. >> yes. and i believe 93 cents in
7:20 pm
savings. >> reporter: that's all you've got. >> that's all i have to my name. reporter: he lost his job selling insurance six months ago. last week he got his final unemployment check. >> that was the cut-off date. that's d-day. no more. >> reporter: north carolina has the nation's fifth highest unemployment rate, 8.8%. when the recession hit, the state did not have enough money to cover all of its unemployment claims. so it borrowed $2.5 billion from the federal government to cover the shortfall. pat mccrory is north carolina's governor. >> it was a loan with interest. what i'm doing is i'm tearing up the credit card. i'm going, we're going to pay off our debt like every reasonable family has to do. >> reporter: the federal loan increases the taxes employers pay to fund unemployment by $21 per worker per year. governor mccrory says paying the loan off as soon as possible would reduce those taxes. >> we're going to try to free up money so businesses can hire
7:21 pm
people and get them off unemployment. this is not an easy decision. >> reporter: to get the money to pay off the loan earlier, the republican governor and republican legislature cut current state benefits from $535 a week to $350. the benefits now end at a maximum of 20 weeks instead of 26. >> 70,000. of our brothers and sisters. reporter: cutting state unemployment benefits makes north carolina ineligible for federal benefits altogether. so 70,000 unemployed whose state benefits have run out now have no money coming in at all. >> folks who say, "i know it's a tough question but get out there and look for a job." >> every day. looking not the problem. i can find jobs. it's getting hired that i can't get done. >> the guy has $170 in his checking account, nothing in his savings account. and he's wondering how he's going to put food on his table. >> i care for these people.
7:22 pm
and i want to help these people. one way i help them is not to continue policies that will create more people on unemployment rolls. >> reporter: the law means up to 600 million dollars in federal money is no longer being pumped into north carolina's economy. as for him, he might head elsewhere to find work if he can find a way to fill up his gas tank to leave. jim axel rod, cbs news, goldsboro north carolina. >> pelley: a firefighter honors his 19 fallen brothers. that story is next.
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learn more at >> pelley: in prescott valley, arizona today they said good-bye to 19 heroes. firefighters who put their lives the line to protect their neighbors. ben tracy was there. >> reporter: firefighters from just down the road and as far away as canada came to honor the 19 granite mountain hot shots. their fire gear a reminder of their full sacrifice. prescott fire chief. >> if i could fulfill my fondest wish, it would be that my tears would wash away the pain and loss that we all feel. rest in peace, my fellow professionals. you will be missed but you will
7:26 pm
never ever be forgotten. >> reporter: 6,000 people packed the arena, but there were hundreds more outside in the 90-degree heat. jackie brown drove two hours from phoenix. why is is this important to you to be here to see this? >> very important to me personally. i just felt the need... i felt pulled to be here to show my respect. >> reporter: brendan mcdonough, the only survivor of the 20-man crew, read the hot shots' prayer. >> on the line i should answer death's call, lord bless my hot shot crew, my family, one and all. thank you and i miss my brothers. >> reporter: mcdonough was the lookout on june 30 as the hot shots tried to build a fire break between the flames and the town of yarnall. they became trapped when the wind suddenly changed direction and pushed the fire over them. their bodies were draped with american flags by those who stood by their remains until it
7:27 pm
was safe enough to move them from the ridge. on sunday 19 white hearses brought the crew home to prescott. the 125-mile route was lined by those offering their respects and thanks. the people of yarnall also came home this week to a town that was left unrecognizable. while they are not yet sure of all they have lost... >> scott daniel norris. reporter: ... the toll here is already 19 times more than anyone can bear. ben tracy, cbs news, prescott valley, arizona. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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cleveland kidnap victims break their silence. >> why the big networks didn't score the interview. >> i'm getting stronger each day. >> raped, tortured, held captive for almost a decade. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a mile. >> in tonight's top story, the victims speak out.


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