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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 14, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, boiling point, americans increasingly frustrated with congressional leaders as a crucial deadline to pay the nation's bills just days away. breaking overnight, a mall homemade bomb explodes inside one of the nation's largest airports. nobody was hurt but a terminal was shutdown delaying flights for hours as police scrambled to find out who put it there. >> and person of interest. six years later, police release new images of the man sought in the disappearance of madeleine
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mccann. today, monday, october 14th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to today on a monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm david gregory along side natalie morales and dylan dryer. >> maybe you can explain what's going on in washington. >> i don't think we'll get to thursday without a deal. >> we're seeing tempers fly on all sides right now. >> absolutely. that's today's top story this morning. the push to end the government shutdown taking on new urgency with the u.s. days from losing it's ability to borrow money. peter alexander is at the white house this morning with the very latest. good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, david. no deal in sight and not a lot of progress here.
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the next days will be critical on the u.s. closing in on a thursday deadline. that's when the government could begin defaulting on it's bills. a heavy focus will be on the financial markets including the stock market open today on the holiday that could put more pressure on republicans and democrats to finally make a deal. with just three days until the u.s. is expected to run out of money to pay it's bills it's hardly inspiring, the top party leaders in the senate talking is touted as a break through. >> i'm positive today. >> reporter: among the sticking points spending levels, the length of a short-term deal to reopen the government as well as any extension of the nation's borrowing limit. >> to my colleagues in the house and senate we're ruining both institutions. >> reporter: with the shutdown in it's third week americans on both sides are furious. frustrations on display across
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washington sunday where tea party protestors piled barracades in front of the white house. those were carried from the closed world war ii memorial where sarah palin and ted cruz rallied conservatives. >> our veterans should be above politics. enough games. >> reporter: some states have given up waiting for the federal government, footing the bill to reopen national parks themselves. mount rushmore today, the statue of liberty and the grand canyon over the weekend. still, americans are hurt and in response pulling together. in iowa, moms have donations after setting up a facebook page to help parents that lost government benefits. >> we just need to pull together as a nation and start filling in these gaps and get through this together. >> reporter: so a lot of politics at play here. some republicans are accusing the democrats of overreaching and trying to capitalize on the republican parties flipping poll numbers.
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an agreement is possible in the house soon but whether they'll go along with it is unclear. >> peter alexander, thank you so much. >> let's bring in senator corker from tennessee. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> are you willing to go out on a limb and say by thursday this congress will raise the debt ceiling increasing the nation's borrowing limit and warding off economic disaster? >> well, savannah, you know, there's no question that house republicans for a long time overreached regarding the health care bill and for about, you know, 48 hours now, the democrats have overreached by wanting to spend more, unbelievably. but i do sense that people are getting back on the right page here and i do hope that by the end of the day we'll have an agreement that makes sense for our country. >> are you confident of that? you have ceos worrying, world leaders meeting this weekend. worried about the impact, not just in this country but across the world financial markets.
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can you say, yes, congress will take us off this cliff? >> savannah, this environment is different than any that i have seen around an arrangement like this. it's very difficult, i think, for any of us to say for sure this is going to happen. i was with finance ministers from around the world saturday night. typically i'm in tennessee but i was here this weekend. there's a lot of concern about whether we're going to meet this deadline. i think at the end of the day we will. but we have to move ahead with a senate agreement and then the house has got to be open to focussing on those things that make our country stronger which is spending restraints. hopefully -- everybody is getting, as i mentioned, on the right page, and that is focused on spending and reforms and the things that make our country stronger. i think that is beginning to be the case and hopefully we'll move ahead today, savannah. >> you just mentioned that house republicans in your view overreached with this entire
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exercise. as you know, the polls have been devastating to republicans. do you think that the republican party deserves credit or blame, however you want to put it, for the shutdown and now the looming crisis with the debt ceiling? >> well, that effort obviously was not one that bore fruit and i knew that from day one and i had been saying that. but the other side of the aisle seeing what they thought was weakness also moved to a place that was an overreach. so i think we're finally, savannah, in a place where the right conversation is occurring. i don't really focus on who gets blame. i was elected to try to solve problems and i think we're on the verge of possibly doing that today. so let's stay focused on that and move that behind us and let's set up an arrangement where in an orderly way we can focus on the reforms that we all know as a country we need to have in place to make our nation stronger. >> we know people will be glad of that. senator corker of tennessee, good to have you with us.
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thank you. >> thank you. coming up, specific things you need to know if the government does default. >> that's a big concern. big developments on the crisis in syria including new bombings and a team of red cross workers. richard engle is here. good morning. >> this is a terrible kidnapping. four vehicles, a convoy of 8 workers traveling north of da ma -- damascus, they were shot by gunmen and the workers were taken away. >> they may be destroying chemical weapons but that hasn't helped. two car bombs exploded in front of the syrian state television building on sunday. the blast sent the broadcast to
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black. but another channel with a studio nearby had a unique perspective. watch the man on the right. he is a pro-regime analyst and as he is describing how foreign backed islamic extremists are destroying syria with bombs, behind him -- >> the anchor asks how he is. >> translator: we are good. we are resilient. go ahead with your questions the analyst says and the second explodes. the analyst can't hide his look of confusion and shock. the bombings were likely the work of syrian rebels increasingly lead by islamic radicals linked to al qaeda. the so-called islamic state in iraq and they're not just talking the syrian government. witnesses say the al qaeda backed group kidnapped 7 aid workers from the international committee of the red cross and
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arab red crescent on sunday morning. they just delivered medical supplies to the city of idlib. >> calling on the groups holding them to release them immediately and unconditionally. >> reporter: more than 110,000 syrians have been killed in the civil war so far. the u.s. chose not to intervene, but for syrians, the killings and kidnaps can't be ignored. >> and the red cross says despite these kidnappings, it will continue to work in syria. a very dedicated group. >> that video sun believable of the analysts on the air and holding it together through all of that. >> thank you, richard. >> let's turn to natalie with breaking news. a small homemade bomb in los angeles at the airport. >> that's right. the fbi investigating after the small explosion at the los angeles international airport sunday night. the blast delayed several flights. nbc's tom costello has the latest from the washington d.c. newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this was about 6:30 last night at
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l.a.x. international terminal two. police and firefighters were called to a report of an explosion in an employee restroom. an area the general public doesn't have access to. they found evidence of a dry ice explosion inside a plastic bottle. a chemical we action caused the explosion. overall operations not greatly impacted by this. a few flights were briefly delayed. this appears to have been a prank that certainly got everybody's attention. there were no injuries and no planes involved. the airport was back to normal operations by about 9:00 p.m.. the lapd and fbi are looking for a suspect or suspects, natalie. tom costello, thank you. police in india say at least 109 people died after a stampede on a bridge. more than 100,000 people gathered to celebrate a holiday and hundreds were crossing the bridge when some of the railings broke. witnesses say people then panicked, fights broke out. they say police began hitting
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people with batons and causing the stampede. some drowned when they jumped from the bridge to the river. the clean up is underway in india after they got hit by the cyclone that caused millions of dollars in damage over the weekend. the cyclone was the strongest storm to hit india in a decade. so far authorities are reporting 17 deaths from the storm. caught on camera, foot bridge collapses sending dozens of people into the water in china and take a look, you can see the people making their way down the bridge toward a dock area when it gives way sending everyone into the harbor. ten people suffered minor injuries fortunately. 30 people had to be rescued sunday when the boat they were on capsized off the shores of miami. it was submerged in about 8 feet of water. the coast guard, commercial fishermen and good samaritans
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pulled people from the water. the boat was being used to taxi people to and from a party on a local beach. and some high drama in boston last night as the red sox made an unforgettable come back in their playoff game against the detroit tigers. red sox were down 5-1 when david ortiz hit this grand slam home run tying the game. tigers outfielder torii hunter almost made an amazing catch. he ends up flipping over the bull pen wall instead but it was the reaction of this boston police officer that many people are talking about this morning. arms reaching -- i don't know if he is trying to catch the player but as hunter then went airborne over the wall, the red sox did go on to win. >> the patriots also. >> yeah. >> incredible touchdown there. >> they didn't have a big curtain call until everything was okay for torii hunter. >> yeah. >> dylan is totally objective.
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>> that's why i'm wearing red today. i can watch patriots games but i can't watch red sox because they win when i don't watch. i didn't get to see that. >> it's all on you. >> it is. >> superstition. >> as for the weather, we have a big storm system in the middle of the country. actually it has two big weather happenings with it. severe weather on the eastern side of it and snowy weather on the western side of it. you can see from nebraska right down into kansas, we do have the slight risk of severe weather today. basically not so much for tornadoes but for damaging winds and large hail. those would be a good possibility this morning and then we'll get a break and then later on this afternoon as well. but we're talking about snow across parts of montana into wyoming where we could end up with several inches of snow. looking ahead on future cast here, the heavier rain does start to inch up to the north. minneapolis will start to see heavier rain today but into
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rapid city there's a good chance we could end up with several inches of snow. the yellow indicates the winter weather advisories, the blue indicates the winter storm warnings and there it is, northwest of casper in the highest elevations we could end up with a foot of snow. to the east of that, several inches of rain west of minneapolis. we asked people, "if you could get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ >> good morning. things are going to settle down.
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we will start out with some cloud cover. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. now to a mystery in new mexico where a amber alert has been cancelled for a group of teenagers from a ranch for at risk youth. the boys are safe and with their families but the program they were attending is at the center of a troubling investigation. kristen dahlgren has the story this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. authorities this morning are seeking ranch owner scott chandler. there's no charges. he is just wanted for questioning at this point. at least one of the families of
7:16 am
the boys that returned is angry that an amber alert was issued at all. >> for two days authorities combed through miles and miles of desert scrub before calling off the search last night. >> it's been checked and they're with the guardian. >> reporter: the nine boys are now home with their families. something the attorney for the ranch says he told authorities days ago. >> there's no mechanism to quickly verify they are with the parents. this is not an amber alert situation. >> reporter: it came friday after they tried to serve a search warrant and they found it empty and scott chandler gone. dozens of police reports allege abuse at the ranch, handcuffs, shackles, teens forced to run for long periods of time and threats of castration. steven sent his son jonathan to the program. >> they wake them up in the middle of the night. they're forced to do things.
7:17 am
>> reporter: he says his son is now standing by scott chandler like other teens in the program that have come forward in support. >> i was thinking about trying to imagine a situation where scott would kidnap anybody. nothing would come to mind. >> reporter: but they wonder why the program isn't credentialed or regulated. mark lived there for two years. >> there were no therapists or counselors or drug addiction specialists. >> reporter: scott chandler denies any abuse took place and defended his program. >> there's proof in the pudding. everybody wants to make it about credentials. compare our success to the credential people. >> reporter: chandler will likely face a lot more questions as may the state. new mexico department of child and family services wasn't aware of the abuse allegations until just last year and the complaints were made by former
7:18 am
residents here at the ranch so it was out of it's jurisdiction. so still a lot of things that need to be tied up here, savannah. >> that's for sure. kristen, thank you very much. so carson is off today. willie geist is on duty in the orange room. i asked if i may enter the orange room. >> can't do it. >> he said can i go into the orange room naked. >> no, no. >> you know you said that. >> no, this is my first time in the orange room and the initiation rituals are a little same. so there was a big game here on nbc last night. nfl, dallas cowboys hosting the redskins. cowboys won but people are talk about what happened at halftime. there's a controversy over the nickname the redskins. a lot of people view it as a racial slur. bob costas himself weighing in on the controversy over the redskins name. >> ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed toward african americans,
7:19 am
hispanics, asians, or members of any other ethnic group. when considered that way, redskins can't possibly honor a heritage or a noble character trait nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. it's an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent. >> that's halftime of the redskins game yesterday. redskins owner dan snyder has set out and out we're not changing the name. we have 81 years of history behind it. he said we're never going to change it. you can use all caps. let's look at what our viewers said about this. should the redskins change their name? 69% of you said no, the team should not change it's name. that echos an ap poll which the red skin teams cites from june that says 79% of americans say the redskins should keep the name. >> thank you very much. the team owner saying he's not changing anything. >> there's a lot of momentum
7:20 am
among journalists in the media saying this should be reconsidered so this maybe a matter of time issue. >> when somebody like costas weighs in people pay attention. >> absolutely. >> a big development in a story we have been following for years. police release sketches of a man sought in the disappearance of madeleine mccann. is this the break her parents have been waiting for? >> and ways to protect your money if leaders can't workout a deal on the nation's debt. but first, this is "today" on nbc. when our little girl was born,
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♪ i'm watching you. ♪ you're knocking me out tonight. ♪ ♪ tonight. ♪ oooooooo. ♪ >> this is the wbal tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. santoni supermarket in highlandtown announces it is closing its doors and its owners say the city bottle tax is to blame. says the tax has cost the grocer 10% of its beverage sales since 2010. he says that mayor stephanie rawlings-blake refused to listen when it came to the impact,
7:27 am
negative impact, on small businesses. the mayor says while she is sad to see them close, the taxes necessary to raise money for city schools and the business has admitted to struggling financially in recent years. time for a check of your morning commute with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. you may want to consider plus key highway and route one as your alternate. miles an hour due to annex been on the stop outside near joe sacco avenue. this is taking up the 2 right lanes. traffic is getting by on the left lanes. causing a backup prior to white marsh boulevard. shut them between rutland wrote an haven road due to an accident. 11 minutes on the west side. color mistake, so a little bit later in that area. towards 1er hour down eight st pier it so far so good on the west side. good morning, everyone.
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we will get dry weather to sneak in for the next few days. these clouds will break up as we head into the afternoon. 57 at the airport. 52 in parkton. clouds and then becoming partly to mostly sunny this afternoon. high temperatures range between 55 to 70. should be another nice day tomorrow. then the clouds come back and we will see a 30 to 40% chance for a few showers wednesday, thursday, friday. saturday looks like the best day
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7:30 on a monday morning, the 14th of october, 2013. what a pretty shot. sun is coming up in philadelphia. and here's some more shots people are sending in to us. you can do it too. use the #todaysunrise and -- i saw selfies there. >> i'm glad to know about the sunrise thing. i want to contribute to that. >> thank you for watching the show. i'm savannah guthrie along side david gregory and natalie morales and dylan dryer. an alarming scene at l.a.x.
7:31 am
a bottle containing dry ace ice exploded in an employee bathroom delaying flights for hours. no major injuries or arrests at this point yet. >> 30 people had to be rescued off the coast of miami when a boat capsized. boaters raced to the scene and helped with trescue. >> just three days now before the u.s. loses it's ability to pay it's bills. and coming up this morning, hard enough juggling one or two kids, but imagine having nine under the age of 7. we'll meet the already sleep deprived parents that just welcomed a set of very rare quintuplets and they say no fertility treatments involved. >> wow. >> they have a set of twins at home. >> wow. >> i hope they have five of those little things. >> what are those? i couldn't tell what that was. >> they're all well behaved though. >> which is a good thing for
7:32 am
now. >> talk about the importance of sleep. everybody has to go to sleep at the same time. >> yeah, you tell them. and also with charlie hunnam dropping out, the search is back on for the next christian grey. who should play the lead in 50 shades of grey? we want you to tweet us with your choice #orange room. >> i asked if i could go in the orange room. >> you can. 50 shades of grey is also the title of your upcoming biography. >> that's fine. >> we'll shift gears now and take a turn and begin this half hour with new developments in the disappearance of madeleine mccann 6 years ago. keir simmons is in london with the story. good morning to you. >> hey, savannah. good morning, everyone. this is a case that makes you think of your own children and shutter at what happened. the thought of your 3-year-old girl just disappearing and years later not knowing what happened.
7:33 am
well, there just aren't words. and as detectives here in london say they have new clues, the parents of madeleine mccann are clinging to hope and fighting for the truth. >> reporter: madeleine mccann, a happy, outgoing 3-year-old full of energy. in 2007, during a vacation, madeline vanished. but more than six years after she went missing from her family's apartment in portugal, could detectives have found evidence to track her down? to find her alive? now 10 years old. this morning there are new photos of a man seen acting strangely in the area. could he be madeline's abductors? her parents will take to the airways to make a fresh appeal. >> he could have gone into the apartment and taken the little girl. >> and british television will reconstruct the day madeline disappeared to help solve the case. madeline played tennis with her mom and dad. was her abductor watching?
7:34 am
this was one of the last pictures of her smiling. the detective leading the investigation says they have other new clues as well. >> primarily what we sought to do from the beginning is try and take everything back to zero if you like. >> police have access to cell phone data of who was in the area. one former detective told me there's still definitely hope. >> are they going to find her? >> they could. there's information there at the time that might still exist. >> reporter: and british detectives say witnesses were left unquestioned, even while madeline's parents were accused. they have gained strength from stories like jaycee lee dugard. they hold on to the hope that madeline is alive. >> it's clear the investigation did lose a significant lead. it appeared that apartments
7:35 am
weren't being searched and work wasn't being done and all these years later they're still searching. imagine how the parents feel. >> maybe small comfort that investigators are still looking and still working hard. keir simmons in london, thank you very much. >> we want a check of the weather from dylan who is in for al this morning. we're drying out in d.c. >> texas actually seeing the same thing, several days of rain, but a lot of it. we actually had a tropical system out in the pacific. here it is, it is actually streaming in some of the moisture. you can see the heavier rain continuing to come down in brownsville but as this streams in from the southwest it's going to continue to fuel some of the showers and storms we are seeing across texas, both southern texas and up near dallas as well. we looking at the chance, perhaps, of up to another several inches of rain in parts of texas down across areas in southern texas. you can see the flash flood
7:36 am
watches and warnings are posted. it's all helping fuel the storm systems. we could end up with an additional one to three inches of rain. here you see 1 to 3 inches. but when you get the heavier downpours fuelled by the tropical moisture we're looking at 3 to 5 inches. flooding will be a big issue that way. >> good morning. this active weather pattern is going to settle down. we will start out with a little bit of cloud cover. and of course for your
7:37 am
latest forecast any time you can turnover to the weather channel or check it out on >> dylan, thank you so much. coming up, three specific ways to protect your money while lawmakers struggle to reach a debt deal. >> and on trending, more deals, more coupons. why this holiday shopping season could be the best one ever. but first, these messages. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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[ female announcer ] introducing special k nourish hot cereal. special k? wow! wow! [ female announcer ] made with superfoods... i can definitely taste the quinoa. i can't believe that's less than 200 calories. [ female announcer ] help you truly shine. this is a way to be good to me. [ female announcer ] nurturing yourself. what will you gain when you lose? also available in nourish nutrition bars in the diet & nutrition aisle. back now at 7:41, richard engle was here earlier saying this is a huge national security issue for the u.s. around the world because the deadline to pay the country's bills is now just three days away. no deals in sight. so a lot were left wondering what a possible default would mean for their savings and sharon specializes in finance
7:42 am
and jean chatzky. is there a way to insulate myself for what could be coming down the pike? what's the answer? >> this is not a time to rush and sell investments but it's a time to make sure you build up enough cash on hand. this could be a big one. >> we're hearing about a lot of financial firms spending money in preparation for a potential default but when you think about your stock portfolio, what's the best advice right now? >> think long-term. we all know the market is going to be in for a rough ride today, maybe over the next couple of days. if you have money in stocks you need in the next five years it doesn't belong there. it never belonged there. but if you're thinking long-term you have time to ride this out. >> which is sad but also maybe encouraging because we went through this two years ago with washington. we continue to ask about the impact of the default. the big issue is the bond
7:43 am
market. it has to do with rising interest rates because it's about paying bills. >> well, the rising cost that you're going to have for the u.s., it's going to impact everything that you are going to be borrowing as well and that includes credit cards. you could see a significant impact on your credit card rate and if you're already paying 15%, that's the average, you'll see the rate start to go up. that's going to hit your monthly bill. it's always the time but now is the time to pay down the credit card debt. >> it has to do with the confidence people have in treasuries. the mortgage rates are going to go up and the car loans are going to go up. you want to pay down as much of the short-term debt as you possibly can. >> we talk about home mortgages being so important. as we come over here, unemployment is still so high and i talked to christine, head of the imf over the weekend on "meet the press." major bankers talking about this could usher in a recession like
7:44 am
that. >> and what does that do? that paralyzes companies and caused them to not want to hire. we could see an impact on job growth. if you're important enough to have a job right now you need to focus on that job and make sure you stay marketable and employable and realize it may take longer to find a job. >> absolutely. makes the short-term savings really important because if this actually does happen, we could start to feel the effects in social security payments, in tax refunds very quickly. those things will be delayed. all right, jean, sharon, thank you very much. we'll watch and see. coming up next, why did the lead actor in the 50 shades of grey movie suddenly drop out? willie's in the orange room with the buzz from hollywood right after this. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective...
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we are back now at 7:48 with new drama surrounding the 50 shades of grey movie. charlie hunnam was supposed to star in it. but over the weekend he dropped
7:49 am
out of the project. willie has been in the orange room ever since investigating. willie, what happened? >> it is raining men in here as you can see right now. this is the war room. we're going to find the new christian grey. some fans of the racy group were underwe underwell med by hunnam's casting. >> reporter: when some fans learned that charlie hunnam was cast in 50 shades of grey, they started a petition to get a new christian grey. the star dropped out of the movie, just a few weeks before filming is scheduled to start. universal pictures said hunnam's tv schedule does not allow him to adequately prepare for the role of christian grey but some hollywood insiders say there's more to the story.
7:50 am
matthew belloni said he got cold feet on movie. tv schedule is said to have nothing to do with his exit. >> he had a lot of unwanted attention. universal had to hire a body guard for him and it's quite possible that he looked at that and thought i don't want to do this. >> reporter: with shooting underway in a few weeks, producers are scrambling to tie down a new leading man. >> you have to assume the producers are looking back at all their second choices and third choices but it doesn't seem from what i heard that there's a clear replacement in line for hunnam. >> reporter: fan favorites, ian somerhalder and matt bomer. >> saturday night live had picks. >> steve harvey. >> script don't make no sense,
7:51 am
player. >> he might be good. christian bale, bradley cooper, james franco here. he's coming up on the next hour on the show. but we went to the facebook page and asked you the viewer what is you thought. scott eastwood leading the way. and james scott from days of our lives. those are our two leading vote getters but from was another write in candidate that got a lot of votes. are you ready for this? >> hey, now. >> that's not a gag. that's not a joke. we got a lot of likes for mr. al roker as the next christian grey. >> al is not here. i wish he was. >> audition day. >> correct. thank you. thanks for catching my drift. >> i'm not intimately familiar with the book. >> sure, you're not. go ahead. >> i'm holding my tongue so much. >> but isn't the male lead -- shouldn't this be an older person? an older man? >> no, like in his 30s. early 30s.
7:52 am
she's like 20 -- she is just out of college. >> you read three of them. you read the trilogy. i'm an expert when it comes to 50 shades of grey. you don't make the cut. >> i wasn't suggesting. >> coming up on trending, the art worth tens of thousands of dollars sold for a few bucks on the street. >> then, could you handle it? we'll meet the parents of four kids under 7 that just added quintuplets to the mix and they say no fertility drugs were involved. >> that looks so smoothing. >> how did they pull it off? the man that shot a whole horror movie without permission at disney's theme park. we'll tell you how he did it comi mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection
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this is wbal-tv 11 news tody in baltimore. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. -- i am mindy basara. your sarah caldwell. southbound 295 and 198, the latest accident coming in. as we look through the area, there are no delays as a result at severnboulevard road, another accident coming in. 13 miles per hour on southbound 95, all of this due to an earlier accident. as you approach the white marsh area, knows where things are heaviest.
7:57 am
31 miles per hour on the outer loop north side as you make your way towards the towson region. 450 shutdown at anne arundel county between rolling road and south haven road. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> you probably noticed we have cut cover to start the day. we don't expect any precipitation today. nice change from the weather we have had over the last several days, where we have anywhere from three to 10 inches of rain. temperature starting out in the low to mid 50s. 55 and rock all. this is right around average for this time of year. we will wind up with her later mostly sunny skies. high temperatures between 65 and 70. sunset at 6:29. i stayed tomorrow, temperature
7:58 am
around 70. 30-40% chance of a few showers towards the end of the week. it will not be a steady rain event. saturday looks like the nicest
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it's wingsuit woman. >> plus, baby makes nine. the parents of four that suddenly found out they're having quintuplets. >> oh my gosh, are you out of your mind? >> and a horror film shot secretly inside the walls of disneyworld. meet the man that somehow pulled it off. today, monday, october 14th, 2013.
8:01 am
hi, we love you. >> that's good morning in chinese. >> it's my son's 9th birthday here at "today." all the way from hawaii. >> we made this just for the "today" show. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." we have a great crowd on rockefeller plaza. good morning to them. good morning to you. we're just picking a photo. >> i wanted to see if i could get in the orange room. >> #todaysunrise, that's how you do it. david gregory is here for matt. willie geist is here for carson. al is gone, he is auditions for 50 shades of grey. is that what we decided? >> yeah. >> the quintuplets we're going to meet. they already had four kids, now they had quintuplets.
8:02 am
three of the babies are in the automatic baby machines. >> two of the little ones are still in the hospital but they're doing great and are expected to be home in a couple of weeks. we'll catch up with the new family coming up soon. >> fantastic. also cee lo green is going to be here. the voice's all important battlegrounds get underway tonight. willie and i used to battle back in the day. >> rap battle. >> yeah, west coast. very good savannah. >> thank you. >> wow, so we'll catch up with cee lo. >> i have been reading my rap encyclopedia to get ready for this. nat, good morning. >> good morning to you guys. the federal government reaches it's borrowing limit this week and it could begin defaulting on it's debts as early as thursday. despite growing public frustration senate leaders were unable to craft a deal on either the debt limit or the government shutdown. >> i don't really focus on who
8:03 am
gets blame. i was elected to try to solve problems and i think we're on the verge of possibly doing that tod today. >> and that was senator bob corker earlier today. he is calling for the debt ceiling to be packaged with spending cuts. for the first time since the shutdown the statue of liberty was open again on sunday. good news for tourists. new york's governor worked out a deal paying the park service so it can operate the statue until the federal government is back in business. similar deals allow the grand canyon and mount rushmore to reopen as well. >> a hunter lost in the woods for 19 days was rescued this weekend in good condition. he got lost in a hunting trip in a northern california forest. he stayed alive by eating liz sards, frogs and squirrels and covering himself with leaves at night. a storm hit but the search resumed again on saturday and other hunters heard him calling
8:04 am
for help. an american woman joined the raings ranks of the world's bravest daredevil. she put her reputation and life on the line. >> reporter: it's been called the ultimate challenge. 14 wingsuit flyers prepare to hurl themselves off a chinese mountain to see who is fastest. an event so extreme one competitor died in practice. among five americans competing was a new yorker now living in france. >> there's nothing in the world like this. really. >> reporter: for her, an added cliff hanger, she's the only woman. >> we really fly just as well as the boys, we fly just as fast as them. >> reporter: then it was game on. launching themselves into the valley below. streaking across the sky like jet fighters, before deploying the parachutes that would bring them safely to ground.
8:05 am
getting the launch right is vital. it takes a lot of concentration, a lot of skill, and an awful lot of nerve. >> 3, 2, 1, smoke. >> reporter: though her time fell short of a place in the finals, it was still one of her best. >> i'm so happy right now. >> reporter: she knows in this young, fast growing sport, there will be more adrenaline filled opportunities for women in the wingsuit. ian williams, china. unbelievable there. an unusual rescue for firefighters in florida this weekend after a woman got stuck clinging to a railroad bridge in the upright position. the woman completed a walk for breast cancer as she tried to cross the bridge despite no trespassing signs. when the bridge started going up she held on tight. she was up there for about a
8:06 am
half an hour. 22 feet above the train tracks. eventually a firefighter helped her down. lucky for her. 8:05, let's go back to savannah and david. i guess she learned what no trespassing means. >> yeah, the hard way. let's check in with dylan across the plaza. >> everyone from quad city is here. 53 people here just for fun. we're looking at our pick city down in miami where it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. way different from what's going on across texas up through the rockies where we have rain and snow. but downtown miami it's stunning. look at that picture thanks to our friends at earth cam. there is just a perfect cloud in the sky. that's about it. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. temperatures elsewhere look pretty warm, especially out ahead of this system where we'll be into the 80s and 90s in parts
8:07 am
of southern texas where the rain is going to be heavy at times today button backside of that system it's only in the 30s. that's why in wyoming and parts of the dakotas we'll see the chance of snow off and on throughout the day. it could be heavy at times, especially west of casper wyoming wherewh >> good morning. things are going to settle down. we will start out with some cloud cover. we've got the new logo for today. now we have the knitted logo for the "today" show. >> when did you finish?
8:08 am
>> about 4:00 this morning. >> 4:00 this morning. cutting it to the last minute. it has handled and everything. now over to willie, savannah, and -- >> david. >> and david. >> fill in the blank. >> and who ever. >> coming up next on trending, do your kids really need to learn typing in kindergarten? i say yes. >> yes. hugely important skill. >> then we'll introduce you to a family that nearly doubled in size overnight with the arrival of quintuplets. >> and at 8:20, the man that made a horror movie on the fly at the happiest place on earth. >> those spinning cups always freak me out. >> disneyworld. >> but first, these messages. what you wear to bed is your business.
8:09 am
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back now at 8:12. here's what's trending today. we talked often how about cursive writing is a dying art and people don't know how to do it anymore. apparently typing too. apparently there's a new push because little kids, kids growing up in this generation they know how to do the texting thing. they can swipe but they cabot text. >> you can't type a paper on an ipad, right? >> no, you can't. but the idea is more and more schools are introducing it earlier and earlier which is great but they're still teaching cursive as well. so i just wondered --
8:13 am
>> we had a keyboard. >> yeah. >> it has to be plugged in. >> yeah, there's been a lot of trash talking about who is the better typist here at the table. because everybody thinks willie is; we had a competition and willie won hands down. >> it's the nerdiest trash talk of all time. >> oh, no. >> but he just made it look like, yeah, i'm bad. >> yeah, apparently they're thinking about teaching kids starting as early as kindergarten. >> they're learning how to swipe by the time they're two. >> if they started that early imagine how many typing contests they might win later in life. >> i'm glad we had this. >> yeah that worked. >> the point i was making is do you think kids of this generation are going to grow up and not know how to type? >> i hope not. >> it feels like they know how to type sooner than we knew how to type. >> i took mine in 8th grade. >> this nerdy trash talk,
8:14 am
there's other trending topics. >> enough about the typing, let's go on to the reading. trending on huffington post, if you thought holiday shopping was frantic before, get ready, they say this upcoming season will be busier than ever. this year's calendar leaves us with six fewer shopping days. also throwing a wrench into the system is thanksgivukkah. it's thanksgiving and hanukah. >> it's thanksgivukkah. >> it's weird. >> but in this case. >> by the way, more trivia for you. the next time we'll have
8:15 am
thanksgivukaah, 79,000 years from now. >> did you do that in your nerdy trash talk? >> yes. i'm never going to wear that thing again. >> yeah, don't pay a lot for it. >> three big references by the way. >> you're good now. >> are you tapped out? >> friending on buzz feed, anybody buy any over the weekend? you may regret not doing so. we told you about bank fees. the british street artist, no one knows who he is but his worth could be worth millions of dollars. instead of saturday when it went for $60. the buyers didn't know they were purchasing it. >> the first sale took hours and that was only after the man gave a 50% discount. other buyers got a hug and a kiss with their purchases. what's not the resist. the wholesale made a total of $420 but each of these pieces is
8:16 am
probably worth about seven times that. >> i'm going to go out and buy all the pictures of new york city. >> but these were signed. they said it on them too. >> yeah, yeah. >> i guess they didn't know they were getting an original. >> david is in the market for one of the sketches of bieber they do. >> you laugh, but those you can't get every day. >> just add them to the collecti collection. >> that is what is trending today. coming up, the man behind a movie secretly shot at disneyworld is getting a lot of attention. but first, an already full house that just got bigger. we're going to talk to the parent of a new set of quintuplets that already have four kids under seven at home including twins. but first, kristen dahlgren with their story. >> this house is already pretty lively, but this family is in for a whole lot more. >> that's right. five more kids.
8:17 am
quintuplets, born september 6th. >> we were trying for one more, you know. you don't try for three and four at one time. >> with the 7-year-old and 3-year-old and twin one-year-olds already at home, mom and dad were surprised to find out they were pregnant with multiples again. >> we wanted a large family. we always said that. we just never anticipated overnight. >> to add shock to surprise, two days after hearing they were pregnant with quadruplets, the daughter revealed it was really quintuplets. >> oh, yeah, you're doing so good, by the way, there's the fifth baby there. >> the couple didn't conceive using invitro fertilization making them very rare. >> the chances of this occurring was one in a couple of million. >> oh my gosh, are you out of your mind? five? it's like oh my gosh. >> there's days i'm used to it, i've adjusted and then there's
8:18 am
other days that are like what are we going to do? we have five babies we were not expecting. >> she pent her last trimester on bedrest in arizona. she carried the babies more than 32 weeks. >> as a mother with nine children, you often think do i have enough love for all of them and i think that's been my number one priority is to make sure i'm not -- i don't want anyone to feel neglected or unloved or distreated. >> reporter: believe it or not, the babies have grown a lot since they were first born. the biggest now well over 4 pounds. this is dayton. she was the one no one could see on the ultrasound. she was born less than 2 pounds and now she is 3.1 and doctors say she should be going home by the end of the month. the proud new parents brought three of the five home to a very excited welcoming committee. >> i want to enjoy this time and love all of them right now and
8:19 am
give them everything that they need. >> they are with us now along with their kids. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> well, you look fabulous. how do you feel? your family essentially doubled overnight. how is it going? >> it's going good. thank you so much for the compliment. it's just a blessing to be here with almost all of my children. >> i was going to say we see three little pod there is which we are totally obsessed with those contraptions. but two of the little ones are still in the hospital but expected to come home soon. >> that is correct. one will be next week and then the other will be in about two weeks. >> so how is it going at home? how is this all working? where is everyone sleeping? is anyone sleeping? >> we're all sleeping. we're all in the room.
8:20 am
one big happy family. we're on a schedule. we have to be on a schedule. it starts now. everything is going good and we're all getting sleep and it's working out amazingly well. >> this is amazing to have quintuplets. as we said in the piece this was not because of ivf. i know you have multiples running in your families but surely you didn't expect this. >> you're absolutely right we did not expect this. multiples run very high in the family. my mother miscarried triplets just prior to myself. so we're not shocked to have the twins. we wouldn't have been that shocked to have had twins again but we could have never expected this. >> do i have it right that you wanted a big family? maybe you even wanted to have nine perhaps one by one or two by two. >> oh, yes. >> absolutely. i wanted a large family. again, no one expects that overnight but i wanted a large family. it was just imbedded in me at birth from everyone in the
8:21 am
family having babies, i kept their babies, so this is just a blessing from god. it really is. it's a dream come true. >> i just caught darian over there with a yawn. what do you think about the new siblings? do you like your brothers and sisters? >> it's good that i have my siblings here with me. that's all i got. that's all i got. >> that's all the questions i have for you. that's great. we're so happy for you guys and just wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much "today" show. >> so much happiness nine times over. we'll send it over to david. thanks. now to the new horror movie getting a lot of buzz, not only for it's plot but also because of where it was shot. inside disneyworld without permission. we'll meet the director in just a moment but first, here's gabe gutierrez. [ music playing ] >> reporter: it's known as the
8:22 am
happiest place on earth where magical movies come to life. but this is not your typical disney experience. >> how often do you get to sneak into the biggest theme park in the world and shoot a movie? >> reporter: it's called escape from tomorrow. >> did that seem normal to you? >> what do you mean. >> reporter: the story of a frustrated father that starts losing grip on reality during a family vacation to disneyworld. >> we went there every morning and we waited for the park to open. >> reporter: the writer director and his crew used hand held digital cameras to secretly shoot the scenes inside disneyland never asking for permission. a timer is counting how long it takes before the film makers get sued. disney declined to comment to nbc news. >> they don't want to let this movie have the benefit of a
8:23 am
fight with a big company like pt the sun dance film festival. >> the better thing is that it becomes a cut film that people watch for years to come. >> reporter: a sociit has audie not talking about mickey but the darker side of disney. >> randy moore is the writer and director of "escape from tomorrow." good to have you here. what did mickey mouse ever do to you? >> well, you know, i went there religiously as a kid. i was a big fan. my father lived in orlando so i would go down there and visit him every summer and we had a great time. >> but where did the vision come from? the idea of a horror film. >> until i went back as an adult with my own kids and my wife went there for the first time
8:24 am
and just had an awful experience. >> it's a very stressful experience for a lot of families. >> she didn't have the nostalgia to fall back on that i had and so many other people had. i remember getting upset with her at first like how could you not love this place. but then i started seeing it through her eyes. >> so there's the vision but there's the back story that is taking over. how did you pull this off? >> well, fortunately cameras are at disney. everyone has them. we were shooting with the same consumer cameras that other people have. we didn't do any special modifications or anything. so we just went in there like tourists and shot every day. >> but you actually rehearsed with the actors? >> we rehearsed in my hotel room every morning and then we would look it as best as we could. we walked the whole movie with the camera crew about nine times
8:25 am
before we ever brought actors into the park to do it. so we were pretty meticulous about your shooting. >> any close calls? >> toward the end, there was a moment when they thought our crew were paparazzi and they pulled them off to the side and said are you celebrities and they said no and they said why don't have you paparazzi following you? at which point they acted like they had no idea and they took them over to this area and said wait right here. at that point, the kids, they were so smart, they said they needed to go to the bathroom and they said take your kids to the bathroom and when you're done come right back here. they went to the bathroom and removed their sound equipment and when they came back, a
8:26 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a check of the morning commute with sarah caldwell. problems forng your monday morning. southbound 295 and 198, rush off to the right shoulder. much.'t impacting traffic until boulevard and severn road, we have an accident. another much report -- want to report shutdown between rutland road and south haven road. just past the mt. airy accident, watch for delays due to an accident.
8:27 am
side.utes on the north not bad at all on the west side. any the inner loop, 30 miles per hour on the northwest corner as you travel from 795 towards the 83 pass. 95 five, speeds on average of 23 miles per hour under the white marsh area. tony has a check on your forecast. >> we're finally going to break up this pattern. couple days in a row with some dry conditions. you've noticed a little cloud cover to start the day. we don't expect precipitation. go cloud will break up as we into the afternoon. partly to mostly sunny skies later on. 55 in randallstown, 54 in jarrettsville. clouds so with the early and then become partly to mostly sunny by the afternoon. seven-day forecast into the weekend, nice day tomorrow could mostly sunny, up to 70. standard hit and miss showers. it will clear up for the start
8:28 am
the weekend on saturday. .> thank you for joining us back with another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a monday morning. it's the 14th of october, 2013 and it's 77th opening day at the rink of rockerfeller center. you'll see who is enjoying time on the ice this morning. that's natalie morales and, of course, olympic silver medallist. the rink which is so famous now
8:31 am
and so iconic -- >> originally called the sunken plaza filled with high end shops and restaurants but it was hard to get people to walk down to see it. in 1936 the folks hired an engineer to build a temporary rink to attract attention but it was so popular it became permanent. >> i like it. very good. just ahead. oscar nominee james franco is here. he's trying something new. a novel. not a first time fiction writer but the first time he has written a full novel. we'll chat with him coming up. >> what do you get when you combine the burger and mac and cheese? >> mac and cheeseburger? >> say hello to the mac attack. >> that's unbelievable.
8:32 am
but first a check of the weather. >> nice comfort food on a chilly morning in new york city. we'll see snow in parts of the rockies. a lot of snow falling west of casper, wyoming where we could have a foot of snow in the higher elevations. also a chance of stronger storms through nebraska and kansas today. heavier rainfall through parts of texas too and up through minneapolis. it will be wet in the western and central parts of the country. tomorrow it does start to spread >> good morning. this active weather pattern is going to settle down. we will start out with a little bit of cloud cover.
8:33 am
and that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. so cee lo green is a five time grammy winner and fashion icon and did we mention, coach on nbc's emmy-winning show the voice. cee lo is here this morning. >> cee lo, good morning. >> good morning to you. cee lo we're so excited about the new season of the voice but i'm sorry, we collectively are devastated that the head tattoo is gone. what happened to it? >> i didn't mean to disappoint anybody but it was a temporary tattoo and lasted for ten days. >> i was telling willie i have the same chain but the clasp on mine broke. >> how's the voice going this season? >> the voice is going great t. ratings are through the roof and people are enjoying it so much
8:34 am
ichl. it's a great thing to be a part of. >> the battle round starts tonight. >> it does. >> those are fun because they're different than the rest of the show. what do you look forward to? >> it's just a fierce competition. the original gang, there's so much comradery but the competition is fierce. i'm looking to win this season over blake shelton's last two seasons. >> i was going to say, he has a little secret sauce there and he likes to brag about it. >> yeah, i told him to get ready big guy. i'm coming for you. >> he's trying to go for the 40 peat. -- the fourpete. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> do you think this year is your year? >> i would hope so. i really would hope so. i think i deserve it.
8:35 am
i think blake is due for a loss. i've gotten so close to winning on a few occasions i could use a win. i would like to win. >> this is how you trash talk. >> yeah. cee lo, thank you so much. we'll see you tonight. you can catch the voice at 8:00, 7:00 central and tomorrow, 9:00, 8:00 central as well following the biggest loser. coming up, what is billy graham up to these days. we'll talk to his son in our studio. >> and james franco, we'll talk about his new novel. >> and james franco, we'll talk about his new novel. but first,
8:36 am
you, uh, here for the interview? yeah... is that...? it is! (sigh)
8:37 am
naomi, i take it? i'm tracey. your résumé is fantastic... (slurping) with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. (slurp) (whirring) oscar nominee james franco is a busy man. juggling an acting career, and writing. he is about to release his
8:38 am
second book, actors anonymous. good morning to you. >> yeah. >> you're borrowing from alcoholics anonymous complete with the 12 step program. >> that's the format. it's not as if i think acting is an addiction. it's more just a way in and to talk about performance in a different way. >> that was going to be my first question because it would suggest that perform as good something to be overcome? acting is a condition. >> i would say yes to the second. not that it's an addiction of something that needs to be fixed but it's using more of the examination of ourselves, how we interact with others, how we interact with life through performance and through the lenses of a book but it is a book of fiction. it's not a recovery book. >> it's a book of fiction. it's a novel. however there's a character named james franco.
8:39 am
is it the real james franco? >> no. >> in air quotes? >> well, he's not a big character in there. he just pops up a little bit. >> that was ironic because i read one of your favorite books is called "this is not a novel." so i thought maybe this is like that. >> well, the structure. there are sections in this book that are just little statements and that was very influenced by david marks in "this is not a novel". >> there's even a point and we all remember this 2009 photo of you appearing to sleep in class. and i don't know if it's score settling but you got to explain what that picture was all about. >> oh, in the book. >> in the book. >> yeah, this is not a class. this is an optional lecture and it was 10:30 p.m. and i was tired. >> you have 10 mfas don't you? >> 5. >> you're trying to get your ph.d. as well, aren't you? >> i'm working on it.
8:40 am
>> you were roasted on comedy central awhile back. i always thought that seemed like an excruciating -- perhaps it's a compliment but isn't it painful to sit through that. it was pretty good. >> no i don't mean you. i mean anybody to be roasted. >> the way they pitched it to me is it wouldn't be like the other roast. they said you can bring your friends on and it will be more like the old fashioned dean martin kind of roast and i said why not? it was great. i got more compliments on that than a lot of things. >> there were great lines. most of which we cannot repeat on morning television. >> yeah, it's a different venue. >> but your grandmother was there, i hear. >> my grandmother was there. she did very well. she had a great time. >> now i've been looking at you on social media. you're a big guy on instagram. a lot of selfies. >> oh, i mean, i don't want to post those things.
8:41 am
i just look at the number of likes and like if i put on a book or something that i like i get this number and if i just put a stupid selfie it's like up ten times. when i try and get attention for something else i'll put a selfie but in the thing i'll put go see this movie or something. >> put a link to poetry people should read and just accompany a selfie. >> so here's a little selfie, read this book, my new book and i have a movie out that i directed based on "as i lay dying." so you can go see that. >> i was going to ask you. you wrote it. >> it's a little selfie on tv. >> a little selfie promotion. so you got this movie that you're working on. you acted in it, correct? >> i acted in it and directed it. it's, you know, very difficult novel to adapt but i think we did well. it's got split screen -- i think in some ways it's pretty innovative. >> whenever i read an article
8:42 am
about you it says actor director writer, scholar, painter james franco. not that you don't have enough but are there any things you wish to add. >> i'm doing a movie with seth rogan called the interview and i play one of you and i love it. i love interviewing people and i love asking the questions rather than having to answer the questions. >> should we do an interview here? >> yeah. >> how did you get into this. i started a long time. >> really. >> as a young girl in local news. >> is it hardwaring heels like that. >> oh my gosh, my feet hurt so bad. i have been inside and out all day long. >> how about guys, they don't have to wear heels. >> and they don't have to do their hair and make up in the morning because they wake up naturally gorgeous. >> for an hour? yeah. >> you look great. >> thank you. >> you look great. >> thank you for the interview.
8:43 am
>> what do you use? >> so many different products. >> you can't say them? >> no, i can and then they'll send me free ones. >> the other thing i'd like to say if we have a minute -- >> yes, we do. >> i'll do more shameless self-promotion, my favorite movie i've done this year is spring breakers and you can't use certain language on here but there's a line from the movie, consider this -- >> i know what it is. >> so i want to put that out there for the director. >> you have a lot of great projects. congratulations on the book called actors anonymous. can we take a selfie after this? >> i'm happy to. >> thank you. >> billy graham's son on his father's message in a time when he says sin is in. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
willie and cee lo in the orange room. great way to start the day. we're back now at 8:45. at 94 years old, billy graham has been preaching to the world for more than seven decades. he's out with a book called the reason for my hope, salvation. his son is with us now. he is the president and ceo of the billy graham evangelistic association. good to have you here. >> thank you. good to be here. >> the book will be inspiring as he talks about the reason for my hope. what is the reason for his hope? >> salvation. see, god never intended for us to die. he never intended us to be sick. he never intended us to go through pain and suffering in this world but sin has separated us from god. and the bible tells us that god
8:47 am
loves us. that god gave his son to take our sins. jesus christ came on a rescue mission to take your sins and my sin and died on the cross and was buried and god raised him to life. people don't understand that god is willing and eager and he wants to forgive sin and who would refuse being saved from a drowning? who would refuse being saved if your car was on fire and the firemen were there to pull you out. god wants to save us. >> and there's that sense in all religious faith and tradition the idea that we all seek in our lives to become whole. we're not perfect but we're trying. that we're on a path. what does billy graham think he was rescued for? >> first of all, he was rescued from sin. and i believe god has used my father -- he'll be 95 november 7th and he is still sharp as a tack. still writing. just finished a film which will
8:48 am
be released all across the country. but my father wants people to know the truth. and there's lots of religions but there's only one person to take your sin. there's not many people that died for your sin. only one person and that is jesus christ. he said i'm the way, the truth, and the life. no man comes to the father but by me. this book is not a cut and paste book of earlier writings. it's a new book and fresh. he has gotten so much wiser and smarter and he is just sharing a little bit of it with us. >> how is he? he doesn't preach anymore in person. >> no, he can't stand in the pulpit at 95. i tried to get him to get a hamburger. he said you wait until you turn 95. he said i just want to sit in a chair. i understand that. but he still works and his mind is clear and he wants to share with another generation how we can have peace with god and the only way we can have peace with god is through his son christ.
8:49 am
>> he is of course known, among other things, as a preacher to our presidents and cut across ideological lines. how do you think he was able to achieve that? >> because he always went to visit a president with the focus of ministering to them spiritually. every president has questions just like you or me or anyone else. does god know who i am? does he care? how can i talk to him? will he give me advice? and my father would counsel them on spiritual issues. you're always going to be around a politician that wants to talk politics at some point but my father would try to get the conversation back to where their soul was. was their soul secure? were they sure their soul was in the hands of almighty god and if they weren't sure my father would help them have that assurance through faith in christ. >> you had varying degrees of commitment. again, the book is "the reason
8:50 am
for my hope," franklin graham, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> coming up next, we'll head to the kitchen and sample a burger that's taking over the internet. the mac attack. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
we're back at 8:51. we are making the ultimate food.
8:52 am
i'm excited about this. >> we're talking about god and now we're going to the godless burger. meet the mac attack burger with buns made entirely of mac and cheese. the picture alone set the internet on fire. >> billy is the owner of rocket burger bar in chicago. this is where it was invented. good morning. >> good morning. deep fried mac and cheese at that. >> thank you for clarifying. can anyone make it at home? >> anyone can make it. we'll start with whipping cream right here. you guys can do it. >> you do that. >> i'm going to put some really important geltin in. it's going to bind everything and create a solid. >> throw it in. it's a cup of cheddar jack. >> do you have to use a particular kind of cheese? >> no, use whatever you want. we use this at our place because our mac and cheese is well loved. we kept the same ingredients.
8:53 am
>> a pinch of salt. >> a dash of pepper. >> you'll get that really nice and melted evenly. there you go. >> well -- >> you guys are on it. so then what we're going to do is keep your whisk. >> can't stop whisking. >> put it right on your pasta. make sure it's cooked and a al dente. it has the hollow middle so the cheese gets in there and the grooves are important so it binds to the cheese. let it cool. don't want it to melt the final ingredient which -- >> oh my gosh. don't double dip. out, out. we plan to eat this. >> the reason you don't want these to melt is later you want people to bite into these morsels of cheese. then lay it out in a pan just like this.
8:54 am
we're going to create a much more denser -- >> oh, i see. >> it has to be a solid. let that cool for just an hour. this is the best part. cut out circles for me. >> you don't really ever cook it. you let it sit there. >> and we're going to cook it again in the frying pan in a second. pop that out. it's like a hockey puck. you're going to put it in seasoned flour. >> okay. >> follow me now. >> you guys are hungry. >> we want to do this. >> flour and then cover it in egg. >> did you say seasoned flour? >> yes just a pinch of salt and pepper. >> okay. >> and i'll put it in bread crumbs so we're creating this amazing crunch. it's going to go right into the frying pan. >> don't get it on me. >> okay. >> once you're done frying it to
8:55 am
a golden brown just like this -- >> yours are beautiful. >> that egg make ace really rich crust so it's just crisp and then you get the hot cheese and then you're done. you get the golden brown pieces and we're ready to make our burger. lettuce, tomato, you might do a burger. you might do two burgers if you wanted to. >> you could do a turkey burger and make it healthy. we do ketchup just to give it a nice little kick. >> you did a double burger. >> i did a double just to show you you can. you can do whatever you want. but these are yours. you should jump in and try those. that's the mac attack. a little gift from chicago. >> if i take a bite of this you may have to read this tease to thank yourself. >> to thank yourself. >> how do you guys like that? it's good, right? the picture as loan, we put it on social media went crazy the first day. >> wow.
8:56 am
>> i love it. >> that's unbelievable. >> that is so good. >> you can come to chicago and come to rocket burger bar and try it out or put it at home. i'm sure you guys are putting the recipe online. >> thank you so much. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a baltimore community can relax after an overnight barricade situation. police responded and officials asked residents in the area to
8:57 am
stay in their homes. 2 hours later, police took a suspect into custody.
8:58 am
>> it is going to turn out to be a nice day. a little bit of cloud cover, but the clouds will break up into the afternoon. partly sunny later on. it is going to be another nice day tomorrow. chance for a few showers at the end of the week. >> back with another weather update at 9:25.
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