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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 17, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> good morning t. crisis is over. >> we are reopening our government immediately. >> but for how long? >> this is a terrible deal. >> this morning, some are vowing to fight on as washington kicks the can down the road. call for justice, a new push to reopen a controversial rain case that's torn apart a small town. >> i felt really weak, worn down, just like i wasn't worth anything. >> this morning the accuser comes forward with her side of the story. and too close for comfort. >> oh, my god, right under the
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board. >> a pad hdle boarder gets up a close with a great white. we will talk to him about that encounter. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today." i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer, i like to paddle board, my whole body freezes up when i paddle over a jellyfish. so can you imagine what you would think if you paddled over a great white shark? >> no. in walk, here is something we haven't seen in two-and-a-half weeks, federal workers coming out of the metro center, returning to work, 400,000 will now that the shutdown is over.
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>> at least one guy. >> what do you mean? >> the president signed the bill after midnight, now, obviously, this has cost so much money. 400,000 people going back, national parks will open up. some longer than other, but back in business. >> this is a huge political fight. when up look at what it cost the u.s. to go through this, experts say it is in the billions. reopening the government is the top story. let's go to white house correspondent peter alexander, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. nice to have that countdown clock off the screen. this is what we got early this morning just before 1:00. the memo from the president's director, it says simply, all members on furlough may return to work. a federal worker is enjoying her first day back at work at tax court. she said it felt like a vacation. a lot of americans did not feel
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that way a. 16-day shutdown, at least for now this crisis is finally finished. early this morning the first signs the u.s. government is once again opened for business, barricades removed at the washington monument, furloughed workers back on the job. >> i'm quite glad to go back to work. >> reporter: overnight the president set a debt deal to law promising this ugly epide won't happen again. >> we can let this cloud of unese and uncertainty from our businesses and the american people. >> reporter: racing to beat the deadline, the senate voted overwhelmingly to end the shutdown and avoid a possible default. >> i think one of the most important things we have been able do is get senate and the congress together. >> reporter: the house quickly followed suit. despite 144 no votes, many from tea party conservatives would elittle nate the president's
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health care law, earlier, house speaker john boehner concealed defeat. >> we not the good fight. we just didn't win. >> a house stenographer seen raventing then removed from the floor. >> this is not one nation under god, it never was. >> capitol police said the stenographer was taken to a monita hospital for evaluation. it's a temporary fix, extending the u.s. ability to borrow money to pay its bills. even one of the female senators credited with putting problem solving of bipartisanship acknowledge the challenges ahead. >> while we acknowledge something for the short term, we all know that is just the beginning, the big work is still to come. >> still after all this, senator ted cruz the architect of the failed shutdown strategy showed no regret there this is sadly a classic instance of the washington establishment selling the american people down the river. >> reporter: listen to this, the
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cost of the economy by one good estimate roughly $24. the president is not goi to waste time trying to kick start his domestic agenda, again today, white house officials tell me he will be speaking at the white house this morning. one of the primary focuses will be his next priority, immigration reform. >> peter alexander, thank you. nicole wal loss served for former president george w. bush. robin gibbs is a political analyst and president obama's former white house press secretary. good morning to you both. >> all right. >> we have the shutdown, the billions of dollars to our economy, all the talk about obama care and the debt ceiling and americans telling members of congress they trust them less now than at any time before. both of you the same question, for you the republican side, what do republicans walk away with after all this? >> well, i have a toddler and a wise dad on the playground once told me laughing leads to crying. i think this a place to the
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situation republicans find themselves in. four weeks ago when the idea of a government shutdown first came about, i think it was senator byrd said, it's the stupidest idea i've ever heard. i think a lot of establishment republicans never thought it would come to this. a two-woke government shutdown, the fact that it did sends a clear signal to all republicans to listen very carefully to what the tea party is complaining about, what they're angry about because they have no i think limits to what they're willing to do. >> did the republicans walk away as a party with anything? >> i think they walked away with is an understanding of how far the tea party is willing to go, there is nothing sacred. i think to the extent we learn from this, we really need to communicate with each other. seeing jerry mcguire, they're fighting, saying i thought we were starting to communicate with each other. i think that's where we are with the party. >> what do the democrats walk
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away with? >> reporter: i don't think there are any winners, i think we averted a disaster that we should have averted anyway. if anything, we've established hopefully the idea that we won't see government shutdown and ultimately the debt ceiling used as a fess leverage to get demands that can't be passed anyway or certainly couldn't even by a tained in an election. >> all right. that's an interesting point. so last night the president stood before cameras to talk about the reopening of the government. he wasn't going to take questions. there was this little exchange at the end. listen to this. >> thanks very much, everybody. >> mr. president, diengt will happen all over again in a few months? >> no. >> he says no, ted cruz says we kicked the can down the road. take me to january 17th, we are out of money the debt creaming comes up again, what is the republican strategy going to be if at that time? the shutdown strategy was a disaster. >> i think it was.
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i think we missed as a party to talk about two things to unite, the opposition of the health care law that was rolled out so disastrous that it calls for the firing of someone responsible for that and the debt ceiling. what happens this woke as we raise the debt ceiling. republicans missed the opportunity to talk about our ballooning federal dent i think if we spend the next eight weeks talking about those two policy issues that unite republicans, we could be in a different place. >> what is the democratic strategy next time around when those two dates hit the calendar? >> let's hope in the next eight weeks put party identification aside, build on what senators reed and mcconnell, a democrat and republican were able to do in coming together and figure out how we get to the 15th of january and the 7th of february without seeing the sequel of what we saw, which is government by crisis. let get together to figure out how to fund our government like every other business and household rationally does and
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avoid this we should never be in the six. if cooler heads will prevail for only eight weeks, we can do that. >> just real quickly, five second each, robert start with you, biggest winner in this, biggest loser. >> no winners. biggest loser was our economy, the crisis in confidence and how we are viewed in the world. >> nicole. >> i agree on the losers, i say the bipartisan women in the senate stand out for all stars. they deserve the credit for saving the country. >> thank you both. really appreciate it. we should mention nbc news will bring you the president's remarks live later this morning. >> as people were mentioning, the shutdown, perhaps more attention would be focused on the o'fardable caring a. millions of americans unable to navigate through the site and sign up for insurance. tom kos tell la has been covering this story. he has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning t. white house says 15 million people have visited the
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websitement it insists the website is improving and people are getting through and signing up. it isn't saying how many. by some estimates, it could be less than 1% of the website traffic. if the obama care website were a patient, it would probably be in intensive care right now. after more than two weeks, is getting failing grades from supporters. >> i hope they get someone fired for how this thing is supposed to work. >> and the white house, itself. >> the glitches absolutely must be fixed. people are getting on and enrolling. >> reporter: the washington post called eight complete train wreck, the sentinel says the administration needs to fix the problems and fix them now. >> at, go to our live portal. >> reporter: on october 1st, we met the schultz family in phoenix eager to sign up for insurance through the federal website, 17 days later, they still haven't been able finish
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the process. >> as time went by and we realized it was taking longer than expected to seen up, you know, the excitement became more like a question mark. but we're not giving up. >> reporter: when you see this as a software programmer, what does it say to you? >> amateur hour. it looks like it was created by someone who has never delivered commercial software before. >> reporter: he owns a software company in virginia. >> nobody should see this. this would barely make beta testing. >> reporter: one problem, it demands users input their personal information before they begin to window shop for insurance, something retail websites like don't do. programming experts say a lot of work needs to be done. >> if they don't change management, this project is demand, because we have already seen what the existing management considers ready for shipping and it's not. there are allegations that the
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administration waited too long to draw up the blueprints for the website, then had too many contractors involved. meanwhile, many of the state sites running their websites are getting high marks for how well they're running, colorado and kentucky in particular. >> all right, tom costello, thank you very much. >> natalie is here. >> good morning to you all. edward snowden's father is back in the united states this morning after a trip to russia to visit his son. he spoke to reporters at jfk airport in new york. edward snowden is wanted by the u.s. government for leaking information about american under surveillance prachls. wednesday night his father was asked what advice he gave his son. >> to stay. to stay but that's my advice. that's not necessarily what my son will do. he is comfortable. he is happy and he is absolutely committed to what he has done.
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>> he said he couldn't see his son coming home until there are some major changes in the u.s. new york mayor cory booker is headed to washington t. democrat defeated steve lonergan. booker is the mayor of new jersey's largest city for seven years and plans to run for a full term next year. an update now on that 9-year-old minnesota boy who stowed away on a flight to las vegas earlier this month. the judge ruled on wednesday the boy should live apart from his parents. the judge granted a petition to declare a boy a child in need of protection or services. he also ordered individual therapy for the 9 y50er8d and family therapy for his parents who were in court on wednesday. the parents were granted visitation privileges. a massive fire destroyed a department store overnight in thailand. flames and thick smoke shot hundreds of feet into the air and forced the evacuation of
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people living monita in the island of phuket. the island broke out in a warehouse and stred spread to a store neempblt damage is estimated in the millions of dollars. wait until you see this, a danish diver set a new guinness world record by swimming 200 feet beneath the surface of the frozen lake wearing only a speedo, gock goggles him. . the record was filmed by the discovery channel for an upcoming documentary. still pretty incredible. >> yeah. >> how far did he swim? >> 250 feet. >> under the water but for a minute and 26 seconds held his breath. >> in a speedo. >> in a speedo. can't you have a wetsuit.
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>> i think the idea is to be as cold as possible. >> i will go jump in hot lava and warm up. let's show you what we got. hey, if you decided it's a good time to head down to washington, d.c. now the government shutdown is over, well over the next three days, things are not looking too bad. we see the showers, afternoon showers as you head on into the weekend. right now, wove got a frontal system that will be pushing through the east. this thing runs all the way from new england down into texas. ahead of it we got nice warm air. >> that will be bringing in all the moisture. we got cooler air coming in. you get the two combined. you will see showers and thunderstorms from chicago into cleveland, into the mid-atlantic states t. good news is it clears out pretty quickly. we got nicer people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does.
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using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >> wow, that's your latest
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weather. >> thank you very much. we have new details on a bullying case we told you on wednesday. the sheriff is trying to come up with a way to charge the parents of a 14-year-old girl accused of bullying a classmate who eventually took her own life. here's nbc's michael potter. >> reporter: this girl jumped this cement plant haunts the sheriff grady judded. >> my heart was broken. i want to make sure is that we do everything we can to send a loud message that parents have to pay attention. >> reporter: authorities say sedgwick was bullied by other girls, physically and online. two girls were arrested and charged with aggravated stalking of a minor after the oldest allegedly posted a message days ago on facebook show knowing remorse. judd said the girl's parents failed to monitor their girls'
7:18 am
behavior. >> at this point in the investigation, we don't have a criminal case against any parent. we wish that we did. >> reporter: nbc legal analyst says it's a hard case to make. >> unless there is proof the parents actively encouraged the bullying, there may be bad parenting, moral responsibility, but there won't be a crime. >> reporter: the attorney for the 14-year-old denies she was a bully. >> she is a care taker and very comforting and loving to other kids and kids in the neighborhood. she socializes with a lot of people. >> reporter: the attorney denies the girl wrote the facebook entry. the parents say she was hacked and they monitored her. >> you know the parents were doing the best job they could with what they knew. >> sheriff judd says the other girl and her parents accepted responsibility but they would not speak with nbc news. the long-time hope is for this death to prevent other and raise
7:19 am
awareness. >> let's check in with tamron. she's in the orange room for carson. >> we know the internet can be here today, gone tomorrow. something is a hot viral sensation one day, the other day we're not talking about it. this photograph of the josh hargas the soldier that gave that salute around the world, it is still resonateing today, trending on a lot of websites. his wife taylor has spoken out in a new interview. here's what she has to say about her husband. >> i was just overcome with pride. that's my husband. he's an amazing man. i think that people should know that my husband, number one, a hero and that there are still other heros in the fight and there are still heros that aren't coming home to their family members. i'm very fortunate that he's here. i'm fortunate that he's still alive and we still get to have our life together. very early in my pregnancy, so
7:20 am
it's still very new to us. i feel good. i'm happy. josh is happy. we're looking forward to having a baby. we are thankful to everyone that shared his story. he's the kind of person that people should look up to as a he. >> reporter: he's the kind of person a little boy should look up to. >> we are so happy for them as you heard there, they are expecting their first child. taylor posted the picture of josh on her facebook page october 12th. we pofsted it and have gotten over 50,000 likes, that's five times as we normally get on some of the things we post on a daily basis. it's proof this is resonateing. hearing taylor and that they're expecting a new baby, this young couple. he is only 24-years-old. we will never forget him. hope flirks when he gets out of the hospital in texas, he will
7:21 am
come on "the today" show and we will meet him in person. coming up, some new calls to reopen a sexual assault case that has on the apart a small missouri town. this morning, the mother and her accuser speaks out. we will hear from the doctor that did angelina jolie's
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>> 7:23. and the sun is coming up in west palm beach florida. looks absolutely beautiful there. a pad him boarders close encounter with a great white shark. what was he
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i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning, everybody. i am stan stovall. here is a look at one of our top stories this morning. a baltimore city police officer is recovering this morning after he is dragged during a traffic stop. police to 11 news officers were conducting a traffic stop around 10:00 last night on mannasota avenue near shannon drive when they say the driver tried to take off to one of the officers was dragged for some time before finally being able to draw his weapon and fire at the suspect.
7:27 am
both the officer in the suspect or in the hospital this morning, and we expect an update on the investigation later this morning. time now for a check on your commute. here is sarah caldwell with traffic pulse 11 and sub pop to do with. >> it has created some problem's. back to 95.otorists your down to 10 miles per hour as a result. this is a live look at traffic at harford. you can see what is happening as a result of that accident. county,nd 95 and howard left lane closed. there is an accident there. backing up traffic as well afford 100 as you travel through howard county. grays road, southern anne arundel county, an accident coming in. we have one clearing in the city along hanover street. 34 minutes your drive time on the north side because of that accident. also 24 on the west side as volume continues to build. 83 south starting to set some delays. you can see fog is still an issue this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 1130 tony, over to you. >> good morning, everyone.
7:28 am
that is the big story. low clouds and the fog. the rain shower should hold off until later this morning or the suffering of your still a good idea to take an umbrella with you. it is going to be a mild a it would be low clouds and a few showers around here it would make it into the low 70's this afternoon. that is not bad. we take the chance of rain up to 50% later this morning and afternoon. a seven-day forecast going into the weekend, once the front but through, dry and colder tomorrow with a high of 673830% chance of showers late in the day on saturday. overall, i think it will be a dry weekend.
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>> 7:30 on a thursday morning. you see a couple of the sunrises from viewers all across the country. we like that a lot. send us your pictures with the hashtag sunrise. along with savannah guthrie, al roker, kate snow is joining us in a second. >> the top stories making news this morning, hundreds of thousands of furloughed employees are headed back to work this morning now that congress has passed and the president has signed legislation to end the government shutdown. meanwhile, investigators are
7:31 am
trying to figure out what caused a house in arizona to explode. monita homeowners say that blast felt like an earthquake. and the senate has confirmed carolineennedy as the u.s. ambassador to japan. she will be the first with him to fill that post. are energy drinks to rev you up? we know they are. what if you want to mellow out t. relaxation drink, a new and emerging trend to calm you down, then you grab an energy drink to bring you back up. >> isn't that called chardonnay? also, 15 years after they first made us laugh and clang the way people think we are getting will and grace back. >> kate snow.
7:32 am
good morning. >> this is a case that caught the town of marysville. a 14-year-old accused a pop lor football people of rain. an investigation began, within months, charges were dropped. the alleged victim and her family say they moved out of town. normally, they would not identify the victim of a sexual assault. but in this case the victim and her mother came to tell us their story. >> i felt very weak, worn down, like i didn't mean anything. >> reporter: lindsay and daisy coleman speaking out after they learned their case would be reopened t. case that started years ago when melinda found daisy passed out on the front lawn wearing only a tee-shirt and sweat pants. >> i asked her if she was hurting and she started to cry. so i called at that point i called 911 and we took her to
7:33 am
the hospital. >> it was about when we bought the to the hospital that i started putting two and two together and that i really started remembering some of the things that happened the night before. >> daisy says she and a 13-year-old friend sneaked out of her house and went to the 17-year-old house of a member of the marysville football team. a typical party took a turn for the worse. excessive alcohol and he told police it was consensual. she says absolutely not. police filed charges of sexual assault. >> something would be done and it wouldn't happen again. >> then the charges were dropped t. prosecutor cited a lack of evidence. coleman says she believes the political family of the accused helped make the charges disappear n. calling for the special prosecutor on wednesday, the district attorney said he dropped the case because the
7:34 am
colemans refused to speak on the record. >> if they were wanting to put out the light, to come back to me. >> reporter: the colemans insist they did cooperate. what exactly happened is unclear t. court file on the investigation is sealed for now. what is clear is that life got even harder for daisy after her accusations went public. in marysville, many attacked daisy online. feeling overwhelmed the family moved 40 miles away. eight months later the house they still owned in marysville burned down t. fire's cause is undrmd. >> i was almost relieve when they said it was electrical. i hate to think they're vindictive. a part of me is still afraid. >> the story sparked a national outcry t. accused man is now in college, his mother worries about her son's safety.
7:35 am
>> he has to be walked to class and having be escorted because of their safety. that needs to stop. >> born et's lawyer had no comment that a special pros security may reopen the case. in past statements, he's said his client has cooperated fully with investigators. daisy coleman's mother says she is glad to hear they may get another chance at justice. >> thank you very much. let's turn to lisa, a legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> there are conflicting accounts of why the charges are dismissed in this case. is this a situation where a special prosecutor might be helpful? >> absolutely. this case cries out for a review of all of the fact, exactly what happened a year ago on both side. the prosecutor has to determine not that a crime occurred but beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the prosecutor said the mother and the daughter refused
7:36 am
to testify citeing their own fifth amendment right to not to incriminate theirself. if that is true, did he have any other choice? >> if that were true, it would be hard for victims, what crime could they by a cuesed of, making a false police report, perjuring itself, that comes to mind. we don't know what happened there. >> on the other hand in missouri, you cannot give consent to a sexual act if you are incapacitated and under the influence, that's the allegation here t. young man has acknowledged the sexual encounter t. young woman apparently was drunk. in some ways this is an open and shut case if those are the facts. >> exactly. that was the question. was she incapacitated at the time, so far under the influence of alcohol that she couldn't decide for herself whether to consent or number he admits the sexual encounter did occur. >> lisa, this is a case where the attention is suddenly on this small town, a lot of pressure is brought to bear.
7:37 am
in some ways that can be good. in some ways that can't be bad. >> we should be concerned if this girl and her mother and her family were driven out of the town by the harassment that occurred after she went public with this. if that's the case, i think the special prosecutors should look into harassment, criminal threats, those type of charges. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. let's take a check of the weather, mr. roker is talking flurries in denver? >> that's right. they may see a couple inches of snow. we got a different way to show you the weather. normally, we show you the radar and satellite. we are able to embed 3d city data into this to give you a different perspective. you can see, we will be looking at snowflakes falling, this is the average day, september 15th, denver gets its first snow. we are looking by midnight showers continue on into 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning t. rest of the country, we will be looking at showers making their way
7:38 am
through the mid-mississippi valley. more wet weather from the great lakes to the gulf coast. fog along the central atlantic coast. another beautiful day. 74 and sun schein in >> good morning, everyone. cloudsstarting out with and fog. the chance for rain is going to go up as we go through the morning. scattered hit in the showers >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. coming up on trending, an age of privacy concern. why is facebook easing its rules for teenagers? >> also ahead, move over red bull, there is a new game in
7:39 am
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>> we are back a. new kind of of beverage is to soothe and relax you. do they live up to the hype? ♪ coca-cola ♪ things go better with coca-co coca-cola. >> reporter: in the 1960, coca-cola offered that refreshing feel. >> red bull gives you wind. >> reporter: these days the sdaa aisle has gone high energy. now a new taste for an emerging trend, relaxation drink. >> i started buying them on campus. >> reporter: stressed out college senior david litman eases the groind with a nearly $4 drink that helps reduce
7:44 am
anxiety and rest. >> i was looking for an option to help me sleep at night. >> reporter: in the past five years, more than 150 drinks promote relaxation, using ingredients like melatonin. aan amino acid commonly found in green tea, it would take 15 cups of tea to get what's in this one can. so far, there has been little results in the industry. >> people think it's a magic pim or a drink when we really don't know. >> reporter: while research is thin the profit margin can be huge n. 2012, relaxation drinks raked in $32 million. that's a drop in the glass to the $6 billion energy drink market. >> i think a lot of our consumers might drink a red bull in the morning. maybe they drink too much. they feel jittery and want to drink to calm their jitters.
7:45 am
>> reporter: relaxation drinks the new rage, but are they the real deal? for "today," nbc news, los angeles. >> who would try? >> actually, i've had some of these already in airports when you are traveling and just want to chill. >> that's the name of the drink, chill. >> there are sparkly orange juice. >> there are a lot of studies. >> you do have to check with your doctor, there are active ingredients. you want to make sure they won't interact. >> you become dependent on this, you know. >> i think it's a little of a placebo effect. >> i took the dream water. i did take that to go to sleep one notice. it worked that one time with me. >> melatonin. it helps with calmness. >> the next big thing. >> aren't you tired? >> coming up at 8:10 on trending the fit mom under a little fire for her facebook photo. she is here to defend herself.
7:46 am
up next, from the orange room the man involved in a frightening shark encounter will tell us what it was like right after this. before mike could see his banking and investing accounts on one page... before he could easily transfer funds between the two in real time... before he could even think about planning for his daughters' future... mike opened a merrill edge investment account and linked it to his bank of america bank account to help free up plenty of time for the here and now. that's the wonder of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america.
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we all have a disney side, and the best place to show it is disney parks. so come to the place where the entire family can laugh, let loose, and play together. disney parks. come on, show your disney side. >> why do i get the feeling year going to do a shark story now? >> boy is eight big one. so mike durant is a professional paddle boarder and surfer. yesterday, he went out looking for great white sharks. why he would do that? i don't know, off the coast of catch, outside l.a. in manhattan, a popular spot often people see great whites there. guess what happened, take a look at the video of mike and what he found. yes, he's on the paddle board, bomb. they estimate this great white is about 8 feet long.
7:51 am
we have with us in the orange room mike dur ravenlt mike, are you there? >> he's on skype. >> he's frozen with fear from the encounter. the connection between you. turn up the studio. oh. there is a shark on the other end. >> first day in the orange room failure. last day, carson returns on monday, if he were here. >> you play the role of mike. >> so, you went out looking for sharks? >> yeah, dude, that's what happened, man, so totally, i was on my paddle board. >> don't make fun of him. >> tamron, thank you very much. just ahead on trending, guess who is turning to hot spots now? >> i may turn to it. who is turning to hot spots now? >> i ma[ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
7:52 am
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7:56 am
save money. live better. walmart. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. time for a check on the morning commute. here is sarah caldwell with traffic pulse 11. >> good morning, everyone. still a lot going on on the north side of the beltway. outer loop loch raven, we are dealing with an accident that creating a backup that extends to philadelphia road. there is an accident at the outer loop past philadelphia road as well. 95 is in the yellow out of the white marsh area down to the 895 split your here is what he looks at belair road, delays in both directions to and from i-95. it will take you 41 minutes over
7:57 am
2083. beltway down to 28. 30 minutes on the west side outer loop. south on 95 at the fort mccrimmon, we have an accident there and it is taking up the light -- the right lane. stay to the left then use the left to go or you can take 895 as your alternate. northbound 95 at 100 and howard county, left lane blocked by accident. watch for back up their. in anne island road arundel county, we have an accident as well. i lot going on out there. have you spotted in the outer loop north side getting you from 95 over to the 83. over to you, tony. >> good morning, over -- everyone. all we have dealt with is a little cloud cover and fog and some drizzle in some neighborhoods. the showers have been missing is in the south, but the chance for rain will be increasing as we go through the morning and into the afternoon. hit and miss showers are likely later today. it will be light rendered 59 at the airport. a mild day.
7:58 am
we should be able to sneak into the low 70's. we will put a 50% chance in for a few showers later on today. seven-day forecast going into the weekend as cooler but dry tomorrow, high near 67. 30% chance of showers on saturday. most of th
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> eltit's 8:00 on "today" angea jolie's doctor's impacts on saving lives. a mother is here, is she an inspiration or irritation? 15 years of "will and grace" united and it feels so good. it's live on thursday, october 17th, 2013. . >> i'm here from texas, i want a job on "today" show.
8:01 am
>> i'm here from fargo, north dakota. >> we met 35 years ago today in the nursery. >> hoda kotb. >> i have a bad hair day every day. >> hi, savannah, we're here from tucson, arizona to see you. >> and welcome tucson, welcome everybody back to "today" i'm sa van fa guthrie alongside matt lauer, al roker. >> stevie wonder, kind of and i inner vision. >> that music, anyway. sorry. anyway, coming up, we're looking forward to catching up with, look over here, eric mccormick and debra messing. the stars of "will and grace." we kept them away, hermetically sealed. they haven't seen each other until just this moment.
8:02 am
oh, he's stege up the windows. >> all right. hey, talk about a throwback, could you live without your cell phone or ipad or internet? how about the entire year and living like it's 1986. wow! >> i love that phone. all right. we will use. all right. let's get a check of the day's top stories. natalie is inside. >> good morning to you, once again, good morning, federal workers furloughed during the government shutdown are returning to their jobs. president obama seened a bill extending the nation's borrowing power and ending the shutdown that closed many parks and officers. the measure had to clear both houses of congress on wednesday the president promised such a down to the wire fight won't happen again. >> we can begin to lift this crowd of uncertainty and unease from our businesses and the american people. >> the budget fix, though, are
8:03 am
only temporary, funding the government until mid-january and extending the debt limit until early february. former vice president dick cheney reveals in his new book he was so close to death he said good-bye to his family and gave them instructions for cremation. it details his 35-year health struggle including five heart attacks. he had a heart transplant last year. mr. cheney will joins on monday to talk about his new book. a house explosion last night in suburban feeng left a man and woman critically injured with burns over much of their body t. cause of that explosion is under investigation. scientists uncovered a huge piece of a meteorite that landed in russia causing a devastating shock wave. good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good
8:04 am
morning, scientists here in london and around the world are eager to take a look at this piece of media partly because it is so large. even if i put my arms around it like this i wouldn't likely be able to reap all the way around it. this is just one fragment of the original meteor. it struck with the force of a nuclear bomb. streaking across the sky in february, a meteor the size of a house, shattering windows in offices in central russia, buildings damaged, rooves caved in. 1r 600 people injured. the culprit, a giant rock from outer space was found at the bottom of the lake, now hauled, and a metal sheet was used to drag it from 40 feet down, unwrapped, it revealed formed through friction when it pierced the earth's atmosphere.
8:05 am
"it's beautiful," "it's gorgeous," says the man behind the operation. it's hey, they tried to weigh it. it broke the scales. the meteor is expected to be 10,000 tons, it is so large and the first time one so large has been recovered. understanding meteors are crucial. london's natural history museum has been studying them for years. >> this is one of the first meteorites that was ever studied. >> reporter: this one slammed into russia without warning. the largest recorded strike in more than a century. we don't know when or where the next meteor might hit. >> and, natalie the first test will be to insure this really is the meteor from february. it was difficult to get out of that lake. it is no bad thing that's where it landed, natty. >> that's for sure. thanks so much. we have all seen peanut free zones in schools to protect
8:06 am
children with allergies. this saturday the entire football stadium at northwestern will be peanut free. peanuts won't be permitted or sold, the station is being power cleaned. northwestern says the special day will give many people with severe allergies the chance to enjoy their first live sporting event. that's a great idea. it's 8:06789 let's go outside and get a check of the weather with al. >> thank you. these ladies say you have the three best husbands in the world. >> yes, we do. >> what makes them the best? >> they are taking care of five children in actual sachlt our daughter was honored by martha stewart this week. she's a quilt maker she's awesome. >> that's fan taft ec. okay. you don't know, they don't get a word in. >> the lord knows. you are a godly man says the lord. >> right. amen. and, hey, say hallelujah.
8:07 am
thank you so much and hi to the guys. let's check your weather, sacramento, california, our pick city of the day. by the way, where are the guys at, tulsa? >> yes. >> in sacramento, the next three days, you are looking spectacular, sun schein, temperatures in the low '80s. you see we got a front from canada back into the gulf coast. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms there. snow will be developing in denver later today. tomorrow morning, one to three inches. rain from the great lakes down
8:08 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. >> when we come back from trending, whofts your teenage crush? don't reveal it, but we will when we talk about it in a few minutes. angelina jolie's surgeon opposite up on the decision to undergo a double mastectomy and the decision on other women. undergo a double mastectomy and the decision on other women. and q. will and woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
8:09 am
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8:12 am
page of the paper this morning. facebook is easing its privacy rules for teen, users will be allowed to post status updates of videos and photos. it can be seen by anyone, not just the people they know. privacy advocates are concerned the change could increase threats from bullies and sexual predators. facebook says they will take steps to prevent that. what do you think? >> it's an interesting move. i wonder if facebook's part is to remain relevant. those are the next users, the next generation of users. meantime, be concerned. >> yes, definitely. trending the "wall street journal." when we think of cosmetics, you should think of female patients, now, a growing number of older men are trying to put their best faces forward, cosmetic procedures among baby boomer males have spiked 22% between 2000 and 2012. actually, you don't need it. maybe you have it and it's really good.
8:13 am
apparently -- >> wow. >> you don't need it. >> that's actually very angry. >> you can't tell. >> one of the theories behind this trend is maybe it's the pressure to look younger, particularly in this tough job market. >> i think that has a lot of credibility to it. >> oh, absolutely. >> okay. so a lot of hearts were fluttering earlier this week when robert red ford stopped by our studio, i won't mention names, natalie, savannah. but some folks here couldn't quite control their excitement. so with that in mind, throwback thursday, we are taking a look back at our favorite teen crushes. >> yes, these are people whose posters were plastered on our walls. >> i will start off on my crush. it was will smith, not will smith now, fresh prince will smith. he wore the hat on backwards. i went to a party wuvenlts he was there, i fainted. he didn't notice me, though.
8:14 am
>> he will notice you now. >> so, natalie, your crush was? >> rob lowe. >> why was he so hot? >> the fire the whole thing. he was cool, hot. >> in that tee-shirt, especially. >> still he's hot . >> he's ageless. >> savannah, have you john taylor from duran duran. >> he was on the show. wow, you are so great. have you always been this cute? >> exactly. >> security around here. >> i actually once in my hometown he was at a hotel eating out by the pool. then he left. then he left like a straw and his plastic fork. >> you took it? >> i treasured it. >> you still have it? >> no, i wish i did. isn't that kind of creepy? >> no. >> do we have a hair sample, too? >> we talk about posters. >> posters. if you were my age group and you
8:15 am
were a young kid, that was everywhere, farrah fawcett, all the charlie's angels, i admired her as she grew into a more mature woman, she stood for a lot of things. >> al foxy brown? >> pam grier. come on. she's just as beautiful today as she was back then with coffee. she was in jackie brown, just so terrific. >> a good choice. okay. well, now to a story that is trending on facebook. it sparked a serious discussion yesterday over 16 million views as this california mom took this provocative photo of herself and her three young boys with the headline "what's your excuse?" some are accusing her of bullying, saying she fat shaming other moms. she joins us live. come on. 16 million views on facebook as we mentioned? were you surprised by the
8:16 am
reaction you got? >> of course i was surprised. i knew it was going to be a powerful image. i did. >> you originally poftd it and put it back on explaining your thoughts hientd. what was the motivation? >> i received a lot of e-mails from people saying i inspired them. i received from that small 20% saying you are fat shaming, are you a bully. you need to take that profile down. one morning i said, i'm tired of this. i posted that apology not knowing how viral it will come. >> if you could get a do over and change the headline, is there something you could change it to? >> a lot of people say if i can do it, so can you. if i put that, it might come out i can do it, so can you. it's that dialogue. >> fat shaming or bullying, you kind of get the criticism of why some people thought, boy, she thinks she's so great and making me feel so bad about myself.
8:17 am
>> i think honestly a lot of people did see it that way. i think the majority saw it as inspiring, i have a child or i have two, if she can do it, so can i. i work, i have obviously those three kids. i make my priority, budget. this dress was $7 at target. you know, i'm like every other mom, i'm a real mom. my job is not a personal trainer. i make eight priority. >> you were a personal trarian, a none for profit that focuses on fitness, right? >> the last time i was a certified trainer was ten years ago when i was in college. so that was a long time ago. >> how has life changed for you today? >> it's a whirl wind, i'm here talking to you. it's been crazy. but you know what, i'm used to it because i have three kids 2009, 2010 and 311 i gave birth. people are wondering, how are you doing it? are you giving up? i am built for stamina.
8:18 am
i gave birth three years in a row. i'm built for this. >> thank you so much. good for being here. >> that's what's trending today. coming up, a "will and grace" reunion, debra messing, eric mccormick here in our studio. it is breast awareness, it is the most common form of cancer in the u.s., one in eight will develop it in here lifetime. >> angelina jolie helped raise awareness earlier this year when she went public to have a decision to have a double mastectomy. now her surgeon is speaking out about the impact she's had. she's an international super star, but earlier this 84, angelina jolie made headlines with a personal decision. at 37-years-old, jolie revealed she had undergone preventtive surgery, a double mastectomy because she had a 87% risk of
8:19 am
developing breast cancer. in a new york times op-ed says her decision was influenced by her mom's long fight and eventual death from breast cancer at the age of 56. >> lives already have truly begun to be saved. >> reporter: he performed the reconstructive surgery. he says her decision to come forward is helping women around the world. >> i already have seen and heard of women whose, who became proactive in their health care who said, i'm going to get gene tested. i'm going to get a mammogram. >> on wednesday, the doctor spoke in hollywood, florida as part of breast reconstruction awareness day. he says women should involve a team of doctors from the very beginning of breast cancer treatment, including a plastic surgeon. >> there's going to come a time when one's appearance in the mirror is going to again become important. we need to look down that long path and what we can do to
8:20 am
hopefully regain a sense of wholeness and beauty. >> you never think it's going to happen to you. >> mary burns, a mother of four, found out she had breast cancer in 2009. she opted to have a double mastectomy. >> i was told i needed to talk to a plastic surgeon. i authority, why would i go to a plastic surgeon? my surgeon said, no, no, no, it's a team approach. you into toad talk to a plastic surgeon. >> the doctor told her to think beyond the cancer. >> do you want to live with a scar? every time you look in the mirror, you are going to think of cancer. they were the best word he said to me. >> it's treating the individual as a whole person in helping her to restore her sense of beauty, her sense of wholeness. >> now, mary is cancer-free and happy with her decision. >> when i put on a pretty ball gown on a pretty dress, i feel
8:21 am
pretty and that's so important because you don't want to go around the rest of your life carrying that big c on your shoulder. i think it's so important that you can stand up proud and feel good about how you look. >> and under federal law, health insurers must cover reconstructive surgery, contact several cancer organization, they support this team approach to cancer treatment. >> natalie, thanks. meantime for those of us of a certain age, it doesn't seem that long ago. but when you think of 1986, no hundred u one had a cell phone, much less a tablet computer and books were read on paper. one family have gone back to the future. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: so who are you expecting? michael j. fox in "back to the future?" no, it's just me tibbs in my mull et to take you back to introduce you to a young
8:22 am
canadian family that's moved back to the ''80s and loving it. [ music playing ] so what's wrong with this picture? i mean, when was the last time you saw anybody with a mull et? >> we're kind of in our own little bubble living in '86 [ music playing ] >> glen mcmillan and morgan, both 27, packed up their flat screens, ipads and heaven forbid cell phones to go back if time. >> the only thing he told me is you are getting ready of your ipad. i thought he was nuts. >> reporter: but blair wasn't joking. >> how is it going? time to lighten your load. >> i feel naked. >> i had to check my phone at the door to be welcomed into their home outside toronto. time traveling in reverse, to 1986. the 84 they were born. back to when you could get lionel richie on cassette.
8:23 am
[ music playing ] >> reporter: but for heaven's sake why? >> i wanted tre to come outside and play and it was a gorgeous day. he said, no, daddy, i want to play on the ipad. >> reporter: they decided to sacrifice technology for real old fashioned quality time with the family for a year. even if it means no answering machine or e-mails, facebook or twitter. these folks write letters by hand. >> do your friend think you are nuts? >> ah, yeah. >> maybe some. >> no cable. so no tv. instead, they watch "top gun" on the vhs machine. >> i feel the need, the ned for speed! oh! ♪ >> or maybe even "back to the future." >> watch this. >> as for video games? >> what's this game called?
8:24 am
>> milo. >> when was the last time anybody played nintendo like this? instead, this canadian family entertains itself by playing mini hockey on the floor. >> we don't ignore each other. we have to sit there and talk. >> but they do have to look at each other. >> what's the first thing are you going to do when this project is the over? >> shave his mull et. >> this mull et is staying forever. [ music playing ] >> reporter: when it's all said and done and the mull et is gone, well, this family says that it is going to reconnect to the modern world but with a lot less twitter and facebook. i don't know, guys, this thing is gettingichy. >> kevin, did you have a mull et up in canada? >> reporter: i got fleas. what's that? >> did you have a mum et up in canada? >> reporter: never. >> why, because it looks so
8:25 am
good. it looks super. >> kevin, thank you. would you go without technology? could you throw the thing in the lock box? >> for an hour. not a year. >> i say it's a good thing the kids are young now. without the technology. >> the mull et? >> coming up, "will and grace" deborah messing, will mccormick. who were your teen crushs? >> donny osmond, sean cassidy. >> pretty much the same. >> fourth quarter, give us your crushes. tell us who you love on "today" right back after your local news.
8:26 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> still pretty busy out there. let's bring you up-to-date on the area roads. an accident prior to the fort mchenry tunnel. back up there. both tubes are now open so at least that is good news. outer loop of loch raven boulevard, accident off to the side. another accident we are pointing out just past philadelphia road. this is what it looks like it belair road, northeast side,
8:27 am
just a mess to and from i-95. it will take you 25 minutes to travel that stretched through the north side. 25 minutes on the west side outer loop. as you travel the j.f.x., watch for delays on the beltway to 28th street. northern parkway and the heights, watch for an accident, along with eastbound i-70 from west friendship towards the beltway. another problem of no, this one is clear but look at the delays behind it. accident off to the side. it is in the red coming up all the way from the prince george's county line towards the earlier accident scene. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony has a check on your forecast. >> a little bit of a fog to start the day but most of the rain has missed us so far. a few sprinkles in baltimore and most of the rain is on the lower eastern shore. the chance for rain will go up in the morning around the metro area. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s and with a few clouds and showers around it will be a mild this afternoon.
8:28 am
mostly cloudy, high temperatures in the low 70s, a few off and on light rain showers. cool tomorrow but dry. 30% chance for a shower late in the day on saturday. most of the "dry. >> back with another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ music playing ] >> it's 6:30 now on a thursday morning the 17th day of october, 2013. we got some nice pictures up on our wall. these are some of the photos sent by our viewers. you can contribute to that collection by using the hashtag today plaza. i'm matt lauer. >> coming up, we will party like
8:31 am
it's 1998, celebrating "will and grace." can you believe it's 15 years since it went on the air. we have recreated the set. you are up next. your call is important to us. >> we'll be back with you. >> first, al has a check of the weather. >> take some more time. as far as today is concerned, wet weather stretching from the great lakes all the way down to the central gulf coast. fog in the pacific northwest. a fantastic day along the california coast. 76 in san francisco. look for the more rain to continue from east texas on into the central mississippi river valley, sunny and warm out west. a gorgeous day along the northeast coast. some leftover showers. up in new england, those showers and the great lakes may be turning to snow by this y >> good morning, everyone. cloudsstarting out with
8:32 am
and fog. the chance for rain is going to go up as we go through the morning. scattered hit in the showers >> and that your latest weather. >> thank you very much. we have an anniversary to celebrate. it's been 15 years since "will and grace" starred here on nbc. we will catch up with the stars in a moment. first a look back at that ground breaking show. >> each other. >> thank you, thank you! >> "will and grace" was must-see tv on nbc for eight years. premiering september 21st, 1998. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> the show centered around best friends will truman, a gay
8:33 am
lawyer and grace adler, a straight interior designer sharing an apartment in new york city. >> oh my god, there is no product in your hair, i'm calling 911. >> they along with will's flamboyant gay friend jack and her friend made up a foursome. >> pharmacist, jierl, back-up pharmacist. >> hope farming and backup don't find out about each other. >> it aired with its openly gay characters rare in prime time tv. >> i'm gay. >> it soon became a huge hit, nominated for 83 emmys, winning 16. its impact hit a high last year when vice president joe biden endorsing same-sex marriage embraced the show. >> i think "will and grace" did anything to embrace the american public than anybody has done so far. >> first of all, it made a plast
8:34 am
in a week. >> i haven't made contact with a woman in some time, i'm sure they haven't done that. >> still talking about myself. >> snap my one-leaners. >> i think your car is here. >> and physical comedy. it went off the air on may 18th, 2006. the curtain closed, but thanks to syndication, the laughter lives on. >> that's a fun effect,ebra messing, eric mccormick with us now. guy, nice to see you. >> hi, how are you? >> does it seem like 15 years since it day bowed? >> i think it's 15 years since had that haircut. >> you are ageless. >> it doesn't feel like 15 years ago. in that clip, it was from the pilot, i swear, it feels as if it was just two years ago. >> how far into the run of the show did you realize it was going to be a really big hit? >> honestly, i was sitting
8:35 am
literally in these positions on a couch like this on that set on the night of the pilot looking at each other going, not, wood, but are you thinking what i'm think something. >> he said it. i was too superstitious to say it out loud. he turned to me after we shot the pilot. >> look you. >> i said, i think we're going to be together for a long time. i got chill, quick, quick, quick, like every kind of superstition. >> throw salt over your shoulder. >> we saw this is a show that has had a lasting social impact. do you like that, being a part of the culture in that way? >> i love it. we used to be asked when it was on. we were a comedy, we were trying to be funny. now with time, the idea that, you know, particularly, i know we're proud of the show always treated will's desire for the perfect man as equal to grace's desire for the perfect man.
8:36 am
i think that's subversive in an area of equality, that was real message that came out of the show. >> speaking of the perfect woman and the perfect man, that brings up meganmullaly and john -- they were so funny and provided such great chemistry for you two. >> incredible. the two of them used to say that they were sort of the. >> fun house mirror of us. >> the vaudeville version of us. the four of us when we were together, it happened. you can't plan that, it was luck. >> you were there, it was like a sandbox. >> you know what was nice, it wasn't in an excluesary way. a lot of times you get chemistry like that in a crew. anybody that comes into the set is like an outsiders, you were not like. sean hayes was here, he has a new show on msnbc. he had a message for you guys.
8:37 am
>> reporter: hi, eric, deb remarks it's sean hayes, i don't know if you remember, we only said first names on the set, but i miss you guys. i love you guys. i was invited. i don't know where you are or why you are here. i love it. call me and we'll all get together next friday at our favorite restaurant. will, you have to figure out what that is. >> you two actually still do get together when are you in each other's town. >> we don't tell sean, america, don't tell him. >> he's not invited. >> we don't get to see each other a lot. when i'm in new york, plarm, it seems to be around your birthday or my birthday. we get together. >> we do. >> let's end on a real upnote. his most annoying habit. >> and yours? >> i can't come up two annoying. can i say endearing?
8:38 am
>> he has a whole list. >> wow. >> i can't come up with one. >> i did love deb laughing at -- in the middle of scene at her own self sometimes deb laughing what i just said, it wasn't annoying, it was fantastic. >> i joan e enjoyed it all. it was all very funny. he kept us all very excited. he would jump up and down like a pogo stick before we went out. it was fantastic. >> it was the '90s. >> yes, it was. >> we'll end on that shot, leave that image up for everybody. it's great to reminisce. >> it's great to see you both. >> we tv is running mini marathons of "will and grace" through the end of the year. >> are you so funny. >> we'll be back with kathie lee and hoda a little later on. later, love it or lose it,
8:39 am
fashion trend, what stays in your closet. what has to go? first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> back at 8:40. journalists covering syria put their lives on the line, this man has been miss aghayere after crossing the border. his parents john and diane foley are brigg attention to their son's case. >> thank you, matt. >> i was thinking, did you ever allow yourselves to think a year ago this could drag on a year? >> no idea. we have no idea. tomorrow is jim's birthday. he'll be 40-years-old tomorrow. so if he can hear us, we'd like to wish hi a happy birthday and let him know how hard we are working to bring him home. >> has there been any word? have you had credible tips?
8:42 am
are there back channel communications we often hearant going on, mr. foley? >> there are a lot of people trying to help us. i can't mention anybody specifically to help them in this investigation. we have heard nothing. we blast news he was ab ducked on thanksgiving -- abducted on thanksgiving day. we don't know who took him or why. >> what do you know about that area? i am sure you must be doing tons of research? >> we know the area is under contest, if you will. there are both rebel forces there as well as government forces. so it's an unsettled area. >> we have no idea who has jim. we have no idea who took him and why because jim is an objective journalist, very interested in the syrian people, wanting to, you know, cover the conflict and hear their story. >> i'm watching you sit here and
8:43 am
talk about this. you have been through this before. >> the last time was just easier. it was only 44 days. he was in libya, he was held captive in libya. >> but your son has a very dangerous job. have you talked about it a lot? >> he's not reckless. i mean, he's been doing this conflict reporting for almost eight years, in iraq and afghanistan and in libya and now syria. as you well know, it's a very dangerous business as exampled by mr. richard engel. so he's taken whatever precautions have been available and it's his passion to want to report the story to bring some of those dangerous situations. >> diana, i was thinking of you last night, both of you, i will ask you about this. i am sure there must have been a thousand times over the last year you have played out a conversation you would like to
8:44 am
have with the people who are holding him, if you could stand in front of them and tell them about your son and about what his absence has meant a to your family. have you had those mock conversations? >> oh, yes. we really, there are a lot of people suffering in syria. our son is one of many. jim and austin tice are two americans named. there are others, many western journalist, syrians, they're suffering on all sides so we just ask his captors to recognize his innocence and his desire to help the syrian people and to please have mercy and let him be free. >> diane and john foley, we'll keep james' story in front of the public. >> we appreciate that and anyone who has any informatn, if they could go to find james thank you, matt.
8:45 am
so appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for the time. >> my pleasure. this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> for the last decade, stacy london has been creating stylish america, one makeover at a time, on the tlc show of "what not to we're" the series is tomorrow night. stacy is with us this morning on putting your trendiest step forward. good morning. >> good morning. >> ten successful tips of what not to wear? >> dog years. >> are you sad to see it go? >> i think everything has its time a. whole decade on television was a great run. i think the show broke sort of the ceiling on letting people see what goes on in terms of sometime, how to make it theirs instead of something unaccessible. >> you had a real emotional
8:48 am
impact on women as well? my girlfriend, we watch that show, we talk about what stacy london said. >> i like to think of the show as a trojan horse. you thought you were getting a makeover show about nice clothes or a jacket or whatever. it has and i emotional impact. there are few shows entertaining and emotional and a little therapy in there, too. >> we got a lot done. >> exactly. let's talk about trends then and now. some have stayed. some should go forever. >> some stay, some go, some come back. >> an example. a perfect example. >> one of the most important examples is the difference in a decade. this used to be the style that everybody wore. do you remember this? the boot type jean? everybody wore this. now regardless of body type, most people go for the straight or the skinny. >> yeah. >> it's funny, we used to say, wear the bought cut in 2003.
8:49 am
right. >> not everybody can wear a skinny? >> anybody can wear a skinny as long as you take body shape into account and balance it correctly. >> we are looking at the 2003 version, jennifer lopez wearing the skinny as well, showing us we all can wear them, platform shoes in 2003. huge. >> we were always saying, don't do this. it's like britney spears in that big chunky boot. we saw a lot of this in 2003. this was out in 2003. people were wearing it, we were saying do a pointy toe. >> kelly clarkson on the red carpet platform i believe. >> then this shoe came in. everybody was wearing this in the mid-2000. now we see a return back to the single stiletto platform, it wins in the end. >> very elegant. >> we saw eva longoria looking
8:50 am
gorgeous. >> backpacks, so 2003. they're back. >> yeah, we used to throw away a backpack. you are a grown woman, don't wear a kid's backpack, then you would see them get lid of it, get a nice little purse, handbag, whatever. >> we saw great backpacks. >> that's right. channel did backpacks for the spring season, kind of amazing. >> these are things that shuld stay forever in your closet starting with leopard. >> you need a touch. it may go in or out. it may be more or less classic. treat it as a solid neutral. we have a scarf over there. skin leopard. >> always style iran. jewel tones. >> you are wearing sort of a purpose him, right? >> am this, a ruby, i'm wearing emerald. >> we got the whom rainbow right here. these will be flattering on any
8:51 am
skin tone. >> a-lean skirt, that is correct. >> because even if you are teeny like natalie, you get a curve on the hips. it hides my hips, gives me a small hips. >> stacy london, congratulation again. let everybody to know you can catch the series finale tomorrow on tlc. coming up next, an unlikely friendship bringing the world together one meal at a time. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> and we are back at 8:52. a couple guys lighting up the food world right now. nbc's michelle ka zin ski explains the buzz has as much to do with where they are from as their flavorful recipes. >> i think it's too sweet. yeah. >> what do you mean? >> i don't think sweetness. >> reporter: everyone expects them to argue because their extraordinary story starts like this a jew and an arab opens a restaurant in london. they both grew up in jerusalem. their block buster cookbook is packled with sunny dishes of their city and dish,tant leading mixes, flavors. >> olive oil and orange on top. >> wow. >> fresh cherries.
8:54 am
>> wow that, is so weird and interesting. >> sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. with enthey work, it's just amazing. >> reporter: but they came from opposite battling parts of that ancient city. both foodies, they never met until each decided to move to london and escape the violence the same year. they ended up working in the same restaurants. now ten years into their unlikely partnership, they built restaurants, books, though none resonated like jerusalem. sparking cook club, countless dinner parties. >> we probably wouldn't be doling it in israeli. being friends. >> really, you just wouldn't? >> here, we are like two individuals. we don't stand for something beyond ourselves. i'm not anise real jew and he's a palestinian arab. we are who we are. >> reporter: sharing adventure. >> we have like something that
8:55 am
we discuss over call flower is like crazy. >> you went crazy for a year. >> reporter: among the more interesting concore carmel and prunes, coffee and pop rocks. it's like nothing i had before. >> pomegran at and sichuan martinis. they import palestinian produce just to help the people there. >> many people say are you an exam of how things could work out in the middle east? we have that posterby for peace. because we point to how similar the food of the joous are and arabs r. how similar they are. >> all they need to do is sit down and eat together. >> reporter: foodie diplomacy, viewed with a passion for their past that has become their future. for "today," michelle kazinski, nbc news, london. >> i have been to their restaurant. they have a bit of an empire
8:56 am
going. fan taft ec. >> i love the ingredients, right up my alley, i think it would be great. >> we know. >> exactly. by the way, these two are going to be here to do some cooking with kathie lee and hoda in just a little bit. so that should be fun. >> nice. >> much more ahead at 9:00 with these guys and willie and hoda and kathie lee at 10:00. we'll see you in a little while. we are back after these >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore county police are waiting to find more about a body found at the hunt valley light rail station. mta police found the body at shawan road third they called baltimore county police and they
8:57 am
say it is too early to tell how
8:58 am
>> we have some low clouds and fog hanging around this morning. that should dissipate. we will see scattered rain showers off and on through the day as well. high temperatures in the low 70s. it will clear out tomorrow and turn a little bit cooler, high near 67. 30% chance of a shower
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