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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we still have hope. >> yeah. >> we also have a chance. good morning. it is now 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, january 7. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for joining all of us. troy and dori are helping us get ready. >> good morning, good morning. talking about foggy conditions on the roadways. we'll get you travel times on i-4. >> the worst of it along i-4 in
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the timing for that fog and when it burns off. second. >> right now, misand swat in a standoff with a man at an apartment complex. we have heard reports of what sounded like gun shots at the so. it is all happening right now at there. johnny fernandez is there live at the scene. what is the latest? >> well, bridgett, we did hear what sounded like gun fire about two or three minutes ago. we did speak with lapd. they have been evacuated since midnight. spoke with a woman who says she knows the suspect in this whole thing. she tells us the suspect is scared to get out of his house and he locked himself in the bathroom. police have been out here since midnight after a domestic violence call. neighbors tell me some have been
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been warned to stay away from windows. they tell me they heard cops calling for the suspect and trying to negotiate with him and then they heard what sounded like gun fire. >> i don't know why he had her in there. it sounded serious because it was definitely a lot of shots fired. i would say well over 20 rounds, well over 20 rounds. >> we are still trying to confirm a number of things with police. once we get new information, i'll pass the information along to you on air and online. >> we'll check back in with you. heading out, you'll run into fog. >> time to get into troy bridges, he is pin pointing what you can expect outside. >> take a look at this live view, i promise it is in high definition over downtown orlando. that's the 55 west building. we know because we have lights there showing the 55 sign.
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along i-4 in orange county through downtown. visibility reduced for the next hour or so. we are at 58 with a light north wind, not enough wind to get that fog out of here. visibilities down to a half mile right through downtown. visibilities down to two miles through lake county. i think that will lead to the drizzle that could lead to slick spots on the roads so watch out. here's the good news as we take you hour by hour. after the fog clears after 9:00, we'll see more and more sunshine and warm to 75 at 4:00. dori, what is happening? >> hopefully not a lot of trouble. >> not hoof trouble but here's more fog. i-4 at conroy road. these are your westbound lanes. use low beams, give yourself extra time. the 436 is just 10 minutes.
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>> breaking overnight, scary moments after a car burst into flames. thick smoke covered the highway as crews worked to put out the fire early this morning near state road 528 exit. we don't know what started the fire or if there were any injuries but we'll let you know as soon as we get more information. >> the 19-year-old you see to my side will face a judge. he stabbed a couple inside their home last week. that attack happened while children were inside. >> news 6 reporter kirsten is live at the jail where the suspect is now. despite police making an arrest, we still don't know why this family was targeted. what have you learned? >> reporter: neighbors tell us it is the question of why that still has them haunted this morning. michael phillips is here at the volusia county jail now but police tell us he was just doors away from the victims on the night of the attack. >> two days after christmas, police say this man, 1-year-old
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stabbed a husband and wife at their home while their two children were inside. neighbors in disbelief as detectives and dive teams searched the neighborhoods. >> i can't figure out why he was selected to be assaulted like this. >> police sent out this sketch, trying to i.d. the attacker and only almost immediately tips poured in. all pointing to phillips. now after his arrest, the victims are still recovering. the young mother stabbed eight times. her husband seven, including several near his heart and stomach. their two young children were not harmed. the emotional trauma is still fresh. when police showed the victims phillips picture, the wife said it feels like he is looking at me the way he did when he hurt me. neighbors are relieved to know the police have their man. >> peaceful people and now we
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go on in, oh, that i can remember. >> according to police reports, michael phillips own father said he had recent severe anger issues. he is set to appear in court. we'll have updates for you on our website,, powered by news 6. >> such a disturbing story. both of the victims and the attacker have the last name phillips. relationship? >> police point out they have the same last name but say they were complete strangers and the victims had never met this man. they are not related. >> in just hours, the man accused of engineering an orlando police officer is set to face a judge for the first time since his arrest. we brought you this as breaking news on the morning news yesterday when officer richard fink was dragged out of the gas station parking lot during a traffic stop. police say the driver tracy morgan at first took off after abandoning his truck.
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him down yesterday afternoon. officers. from one minute, they can be talking to the nicest person on earth. the next minute, they are talking to someone who almost ran them over. by the grace of god, he is not that serious of an injury. >> we checked into morgan and found he has a criminal history and now he is facing a long list of new charges. >> breaking details, the results are in, there were no big winners. >> that means the jackpot now climbs to $675 million. you saw the drawing live here on news 6 last night. last minute ticket sales brought the jackpot up to $524 million. of course, many people rushed to the store, probably trampling all over people, just to grab those tickets. they will have to do it all over again if they want to win big. here are those numbers, one more
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>> now, remember,ing see saturday night's drawing live on news 6 before the news at 11:00. >> speaking of numbers, also breaking overnight, more big worries about retirement accounts everywhere after another huge stock selloff overseas. trading on the chinese stock market had to be halted after numbers took a tumble worries over the chinese economy along with kia's test are helping to drive down markets. it is having an impact on wall street. the dow took a tumble. we'll keep a watch on the markets. we'll have a midday update at noon. >> a man charged with murder after police say he killed an innocent woman could find out when he'll stand trial. roach never fired any shots but he was charged with murder after a bullet from the officer's gun accidentally killed a 22-year-old woman inside.
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wrongdoing. as for roche, he is pacing life in prison if convict. >> the world's most famous from north. >> starting today the airline is launching daily non-stop service york. the airline will have one flight a day for now. crews say that could increase. the airline could add flights to other cities like boston later in the future. >> the first night set to the arrive before noon today. >> up saying the weather up there is cold. it is going to be a nice day. >> we'll see the area of low pressure that brought train. it is bringing fog. it is going to be pushing away. as it does, it is pulling moisture with it. we'll be drying out through the afternoon for coastal and for inland areas. low clouds and fog a concern,
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map, orange county downtown orange county, visibilities down to a half mile. temperatures cool for a light jacket in the 50's in many spots. we warm nicely above the average to 75 by 3:00. as we show you the bus stop forecast, watch out for kids standing waiting for the bus. clearing skies with more sunshine it will be nice for the kids heading out. let's head over to dori who is pinpointing the fog. >> we are looking good. foggy conditions continue to linger, i-4 west of central beams. the good news, the earlier construction that was blocking the right lane is now all clear. good to go in this area. average speeds are about 55 miles an hour. construction just clearing right here at ivenlths 95 southbound at mile marker 252. good to go as well. >> parts of california stoked by a storm. >> when the state can expect
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>> obama care sent to the president's desk. why the president says it won't be getting his significant. >> we continue to follow breaking news where a swat stand au. an update is next. we are back in about three
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>> we are following breaking news in volusia county. police and swat teams are in a standoff with a man at a condo complex off wickham road. a man has been hold up in one of those apartments for hours now. we have heard what sounded like shots at this complex. people in the area have been told to stay inside and away from windows. some evacuated johnny is working to get updates. he'll have another report coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> a bill that would repeal the affordable care act is on the
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>> officials are vowing this is dead on arrival. for the first time since the controversial healthcare law was passed back in 2010, both the house and gnat agreed on a bill to repeal it. staffers are promising to veto the bill saying there has been a huge demand for coverage in this year's enrollment. republicans say it is doing more harm than good. >> we are confronting the president with the hard honest truth. obama care doesn't work. higher premiums and fewer choice and restricted access, these are not signs of success. obama care is not successful. >> the bill would cut funding for planned parenthood and that came after an antiabortion group released a seize of videos just last year. >> intense rain and flooding blamed on a strong el nino. the storms brought rainfall and snow in the mountains. there have been multiple water
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gusts up to 63 miles an hour in the palimar mountains. a flash flood warning is in effect through this morning. >> a stunning decision out of tampa. the buccaneers fired coach smith. smith won just eight games in his two years in tampa. despite showing improvement the firing comes two days after black monday when nfl coaches are let go. joel glazer said the bucks are committed to doing whatever is necessary to give the fans the winning team they deserve. >> after rumors swirled about her health. janet jakt says she doesn't have cancer. she made the announcement last night to fight rumors she said are untrue. jackson said she is recovering but won't say from what. jackson cancelled several dates due to cancer. she said her doctors have approved her concerts for europe.
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>> we wish her the best. >> a lot of tasty donuts out there. >> they don't compare to what you are about to see from a brooklyn restaurant a very extravagant pastry. with crystal champagne and will cost you $100 a donut. >> how big is that donut? >> people were buying a dozen apparent. >> you can even get them delivered anywhere in a tristate area. it is almost too pretty to eat. >> i wonder if all the gold flakes taste like sugar. they might not taste good. >> the donut better last a whole year. >> more money than sense. a little crazy there. it is time today to give away an umbrella. we'll do it at 6:45. we have gotten more storm pin photos in.
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here's one of a beautiful shot yesterday, taken from orlando. look at that rainbow. it is ugly at times. i love this one. this is storm -- >> because you are in the picture. >> that too, of course. stormy watching the forecast to see what it will be like. >> you know what he is. >> this is gary the cat. he says it is time to take down that christmas tree. gary the cat would not like my living room. from busy bee quilter. bit. the big story this morning weather wise, the fog. stormy the dog not happen about across central florida. we see visibilities in orange county for orlando down to about half mile.
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a light skrakt in order heading out the door. as you get the kids ready for the bus stop. no these for a big umbrella. rain chances are low after we burn the fog and drizzle off, we'll be at 58 heading out. 52 in ocala. 62 at new smyrna beach. here's a look at your accurate forecast. >> notice the temperatures, the average high is 71. up to 73 by noon. all the way to 75 by 4:00 with a 10% chance for rain. starting off with low clouds, even drizzle and fog. that burns off mainly after 9:00 this morning. and you can expect clearing skies with more and more sunshine through the day. a pu more clouds roll in ahead of a front that increases rain. tomorrow a 10% chance and 65 a mild night. there's the clouds and rain forecast through the afternoon, personing the fog off. seeing a lot of sunshine. clouds building on and off through the day. not much rain. one or two coastal showers possible through the afternoon
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tom sorrells will be pinpointing the chance for that later, starting at 4:00 this afternoon here's what to expect into the afternoon, a mild day. mid 70's in most spots. 75 in sanford and in orlando. 73 in daytona beach. what about the next three days, we are almost at 80 tomorrow with a high of 79. rain chances at 30%. bumping rain chances up to 50%. 30% chance on sunday. sunday will be your best day. let's check on the roads. not a lot going on. >> still foggy issues continue to linger, 408 at lake underhill. you can see the fog, eastbound lanes are your taillights. westbound lanes are your headlights. average speeds are 55 miles an hour. travel times right here in brevard county, i-95 beachline to u.s. 192 is 22 minutes. in orange county. i-4 east, john young parkway to colonial drive is just five
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>> still ahead, a disappointing start for macy's. >> what execs say is the reason for these thousands of job cuts. >> a speech interrupted, how the ladies of the talk handled this
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>> jobs on the chopping blocks are sales associate's at bloomingdale's. they blame what they call a disappointing 2015. the retailer plans to shut down 36 years. we checked and no florida locations are on the list. >> it is another galactic mile stoeb for star wars. the latest installment has become the highest earning film in north american history. the film has passed avenue tar's record of 765 million dollars to claim the number one spot of all time. disney hasn't given the record number. the force blasted by 758 million
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>> finally saw it on saturday, i liked it. >> last night, the people's choice awards. >> the most memorable moment was one that was not planned. it was when the view was trying to accept the award for favorite daytime talk show. >> we think of ourselves as kind of the odd balls of tv or we say we are like a motley crue. >> you ain't going to pull no steve harvey up here. no. no, sir. security! >> my goodness. as you can see, cheryl underwood was not playing as she handled that person who got past security and walked up to the mike. >> no word on who this guy was. i guess he thought it was kanye west. >> seems like he was going to do a steve harvey and tell them they didn't win.
6:24 am
no chance of that. >> they are always funny. did you see, sharon kicked him. >> crazy. >> don't mes with them. here's how it looks outside. we are dealing with fog. visibilities the worst where we royce. that would be along i-4, the 408 in orange county. visibilities down to a half mile. wherever you are going this morning so you can get there safely and on time. grab a jacket heading out the door. chilly to start. day. we are at 58 in orlando and in sanford. 62 at new smyrna beach. we warm to 75 this afternoon after all the gloomy skies. it gets better with more sunshine. we'll talk about when rain returns straight ahead. >> breaking news out of orlando where police told us a man missing for days has been found. >> our live update on this new information in less than 10 minutes. it was a hot gift over the holiday, drones. coming up, we'll tell you why
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>> we are staying on top of more breaking news coming out of brevard county. police and swat teams are in the middle of a standoff.
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>> breaking news where the squat team is at the scene of a standoff at a condo complex. a live report is just seconds away.
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missing since before christmas is found safe overnight. >> there is a fog alert for central florida. it is tough to see that apartment complex. that's 55 west. it is tough to see. what you need to know before you leave your house. florida. thank you for joining us at 6:30 on your thursday. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. we have dori dahn and troy bridges. >> good morning. >> point out who is over here. >> get ready to go. >> talking about the fog on i-4. getting you travel times. orange county. there is better news if you are making outdoor plans. >> we want to start things off by continuing to follow praekdz news out of brevard county. that is where police are in a standoff in melbourne. >> it is happening at the coral gardens condos off wickham road. johnny is live there this
6:29 am
some residents there have been evacuated. >> reporter: that's right. they have been evacuated since midnight. i just spoke with a neighbor who lives right next to the suspect. she tells me that he is a retired marine and that he has ptsd. now, like i said, people have been out of their home since midnight. this all started after police say a domestic violence call came to them. i did speak with his friends. they tell me the suspect is scared. he has locked himself in a bathroom in the condo. neighbors i spoke with tell me they have been evacuated or they have been warned to stay away from windows. i also did get word the american red cross is helping the people that were evacuated like i said, i did speak with some of his friends. here's what they had to say. >> wanted to stop all the flashing lights over there. he is scared to come out. >> i don't know why it started.
6:30 am
resolved peacefully. that's all i care about. last two minutes the public addressing the media, giving us an update. i'll post any information i get online and pass it along on the morning news. back to you. >> if you are heading out this time. central florida are are covered with thick fog. let's check back in with troy bridges over in the pinpoint weather center. >> we just showed you that view in high definition. keep in mind, our cameras are elevated, up above the roadways. the roadways also seeing some reduced visibilities. this is the 55 west building. they turn their light off. maybe they don't want us talking about them. it was all lit up. 58 is the temperature right now in downtown orlando, a light north wind and a lot of humid air in place especially at the low levels. that's why we are seeing reduced visibilities.
6:31 am
many other areas looking good. patches of fog in leesburg for lake county. we'll see this burn off after 9:00 this morning. then we'll see more and more sunshine breaking out as that area of low pressure drags that moisture away from us. at noon, we are at 73. 75 at 4:00, above that average with a 10% chance for a coastal shower. coming up, we'll talk about near 80 degree temperatures and more rain for the weekend. first, let's check on the roads with dori. what is happening out there? >> checking the foggy conditions on i-4. this is at minnesota east. the eastbound lanes are your taillights. westbound are your headlights. volume is starting to build on i-4. use the low beams, drive with extra caution heading out on the morning commute, partially blocked roadway with an accident on the 426 at 417. you can use goldenrod to get around that situation. hopefully it will be clearing soon. heading out, i-4 west, 436 to colonial drive is just nine minutes.
6:32 am
orlando. >> the last 20 minutes a man missing for weeks has been found and he is ok. news 6 reporter mark lehman is live where that man was last seen. this is fantastic news for this family. what are police saying? >> that family, likely breathing a sigh of relief. great news for them. less than 30 minutes ago, police sent out this tweet. it says the man was located by officers overnight. he is safe and thanks to everyone for getting the word out. i want to show you who we are talking about. this is 47-year-old doramous. police were looking for him. he has been found. family members have been desperately searching for him for the past two weeks. concerns grew when he never showed up for a family get together. three days later the truck he was driving was found at his work. the doors were wide open. his belongings were inside. he was nowhere to be found. because of the circumstances, police called the disappearance suspicious.
6:33 am
has been found and he is safe. at this point, it is not known where he was found and where motts has been been for the past two weeks. a lot of questions remaining on his di appearance and where he was. those are questions we are working to get answered as we continue to talk to police. we'll reach out to family members to see if they can shed any light on where their loved one has been. the good news is that he has been found and he is safe this morning. >> thank you for the update. we are following breaking news, just in from new york. that's where we have learned 17 miners are trapped underground about 40 miles outside syracuse. the miners are set to be trapped in an elevator. rescue crews have been able to get them blankets and other supplies. the temperatures there is about 15 degrees. >> new this morning, an osceola county teacher accused of having
6:34 am
jail after posting bond. police say sarah moore had sex with the victim several times, sometimes at her home which she shares with her husband. moore was a substitute teacher. she was fired after her arrest. moore was charged with 10 counts of sexual battery. >> the volusia county man accused in a murder will appear in court ahead of his trial. he is accused of murdering his wife in 2013 along with her son and daughter. their bodies have never even been found. during today's hearing attorneys on both sides are expected to ask a judge to rule on several pieces of key evidence and whether they should be presented to jurors. toledo's trial is set to begin on january 19. >> a valencia college student accused of violently resisting arrested has now been cleared of wrongdoing. now her attorney says that student plans on suing the orange county sheriff's office.
6:35 am
phone video and fueled a debate over whether orange county deputies went too far. departments say reid and her friends were trespassing at the retreat apartments but surveillance video showing reid scolding one of deputy's sons has led to speculation as to whether the deputy was trying to get back at her. reid said she was not resisting and sufficiented a dislocated shoulder. >> it is my dominant shoulder, i sleep on it, in pain. for the first two or three months, it was the most excruciating pain ever. >> three deputies were accused of using excessive force and are in the middle of an internal affairs investigation. >> the sheriffs has not commented about reid's charges been dropped. >> turning to osceola county where a man is charged with stealing cars from a used car dealership. authorities say several thieves took cars from the dealership. one was found yesterday about 25 miles away in orlando's college park. the deepership surveillance
6:36 am
in all, detectives say five suspects stole four cars by breaking into lock boxes windows. arrested. the others are still on the run. >> news 6 spent last night getting results for hundreds of viewers like you? we teamed up with orlando health and florida hospital to get your health insurance questions volunteers with the central florida enrollment coalition took more than 600 phone calls during our phone bank. all this comes as fines are set to increase if you don't have coverage. if you didn't get a chance to call in, you can still dial 211 to connect with someone who can help you plan for the year ahead. >> that was very helpful for lots of people. >> let's check in with troy bridges as people get ready to head out. how long will we have to deal with fog? >> likely through 9:00. we'll start off with low clouds, drizzle, fog and then through the day, more and more sunshine breaks out. through the afternoon, we are looking good. warming nicely. right now, visibilities down to
6:37 am
roadways. visibility better but still seeing reduced visibilities in lake county. grab a jacket, make sure the kids have a jacket heading out the door. 58 in orlando. milder in cocoa beach at 63. cooler north and west in ocala at 52. here's the bus stop forecast, i'll tweet this out on twitter so you can share it with your friends. 3:00 today. watch out for those kids this morning, standing at the bus stop because of the fog. only a 10% chance for showers. let's check on the roads with dori. what are you pinpoint something. >> still dealing with drizzle and fog. this is i-4 at fairbanks avenue. if you can see the rain drops, those are your eastbound lanes are your taillights. westbound lanes are your headlights. starting to pick up with the volume on i-4. car crash coming into our traffic center right here, 426 east at state road 417. there is a roadblock. use goldenrod to get around this situation.
6:38 am
vineland at westminster abbey. a roadblock with this as well. let's get you your 408 drive times brought to you by napeleton, eastbound is six minutes. eight minutes westbound 417 to downtown. >> stale ahead, new questions surrounding north korea's claims it tested a hydrogen bomb. >> the question is did it really happen? what officials are now saying about that. plus -- >> i started punching him in the back trying to get the hover board pack. he wouldn't give it back. >> this volusia county girl fought back against a grinch. ahead what she did when a favorite christmas gift. >> you better not mess with her. plus we are continuing to follow breaking news in brevard county, that's where the swat team is in a standoff at a condo complex in melbourne. we have a crew at the scene and anup date is next. >> in case you are wondering, mo one matched all the numbers in
6:39 am
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>> 6:43 now. just joining us, we are following breaking news in melbourne where a standoff continues. police and swat are there and this is happening at coral gardens condos on ellen court off wickham road. a man is locked inside one of the units. he won't come out. we have heard reports of gun shots, sounds of gun shots at this complex. news 6 johnny fernandez is at the scene. he'll have another live update coming up in a few minutes. >> new this morning, south korea officials say they'll retaliate against north korea after yesterday's reported nuclear bomb test. it comes as new questions are raised about if the tests ever happened. u.s. officials say the north claims of a hydrogen bomb test are false. a spokesperson said analysis of underground activities is not
6:42 am
north korea is standing by its ormgal claims. if it is true, the bomb test would mark a major advance in north korea's nuclear arsenal. >> don't mess with this young lady here. an 11-year-old girl takes on a would be thief head on after she says he tried to steal her brand new christmas gift. detectives say thai was riding the hover board trying to to have a good time when a 16-year-old boy pulled up and asked to ride it. when she refused, the girl said one of them jumped out of the car and pushed her. that's when she took matters into her own hands. >> i started punching him trying to get the hover board back. he wouldn't give it back. i pushed his head and it hit the car. >> the girl is brave. the teens took off with the hover board. detectives say she remembered several key things which helped detectives track down the people responsible. the teen is facing robbery charges. >> if you got a drone for
6:43 am
according to faa, more than 180,000 people have registered their remote control drones. you may remember the agency made drone registration mandatory december 21. while the number of registrations is high, consumer experts say more than 400,000 drones were sold over the holiday season. registration cost $5. lots of people losing their drones too. >> that's what i heard. >> an unusual photo bomb is going viral, all for who or what decided to get in on the picture. >> check this out, it seems this force, there it is decided to say cheese for the camera. the girl was getting her photos taken. >> look at them. >> it almost doesn't seem real.
6:44 am
it became one of the site's most popular snapshots. >> i love that picture. >> it is time to give away the news 6 umbrella. here it is. look at that. >> and the winner is going to be announced at the end of the list here. we'll show a few of them that were great today. let's start with this one, this is kim c. look at that beautiful shot. >> that is beautiful. >> she didn't pin one. >> we have this one, this is stormy the dog, giving us -- yes, i deed. we have this one, this is gary the cat saying it is time to take the tree down. i know, i haven't taken mine down either. this is from julie. she is a nurse at florida
6:45 am
this photo of a full rainbow. julie, you win. >> yay, julie. >> a great hospital. florida hospital is near and dear to my heart. you know my father had a heart transplant. >> they do a lot of good. >> julie, we'll get in touch with you via the app and get your e-mail and send you that umbrella. the big story, some fog and drizzle. you may want to grab the umbrella heading out the door. you won't need it long. it will come to an end mainly after 9:00. it will burn off a lot of those areas of moisture. sunshine breaking out. visibilities right now in a large part of orange county down to half mile. watch out as you hit the roads. 62 at new smyrna beach, cocoa beach at 63. 54 at the villages. 52 in ocala. a little bit of a range in temperatures, cool enough to grab a light jacket heading out. look at the warmup as we help you plan the day with the forecast here hour by hour.
6:46 am
average to 73 at noon. 75 at 4:00. the average high is 71. rain chances only at 10%. that's mainly along the coast as we begin to see that area of low pressure that brought all the rain yesterday push away. it is going to pull in drier air. 65 the temperature through 10:00 to be the with mostly dry conditions. here's the clouds and rain forecast again, after 9:00, we'll burn the fog off. there's the noon hour today. a good bit of sunshine to enjoy at that point. a couple of coastal showers still trying to spin on shore as that low is still off of our coast. it is going to push away and the new front approaches. that will increase rain chances to 30% by saturday rain chances higher. we'll get to that in your planning forecast. your afternoon high temperatures looking good as more and more sunshine breaks out. by 3:00, we warm to 75 in orlando. 74 in leesburg. 73 at daytona beach. 72 at cocoa beach. the next three days look like this, near 80 degrees for the
6:47 am
chances increasing to 30% as the front approaches. then notice this, a 50% chance for rain on saturday, a high of 78. if you are going to pick a weekend day, much lower rain chances on sunday at 30%. after that front, highs in the 60's next work week. starting out monday in the 50's with afternoon highs only at 69 degrees. let's check on the roads with dori. we have that fog and drizzle. >> looking better at that fog. i-4 west of orange blossom trail. these are -- we are combeth turned around from the dot cam. your westbound lanes are your taillights, eastbound lanes are your headlights. no major delays. we can see traffic is starting to build a little bit as the camera is moving around. let's also take a look at crashes we are dealing with. apopka vineland at westminster abbey boulevard. there is a roadblock. another one, state road 426 east at state road 417, we have a roadblock with that one as well. getting you time saver drive
6:48 am
to downtown is eight minutes. it is 17 minute travel time northbound at state road 417 >> thank you. up next, a check of the big stories on this thursday. >> cluck an update on breaking news in brevard county that we are staying on top of. police and swat are in a standoff at a condo complex. find out what investigators are
6:49 am
>> busy morning, here's a check of the top stories starting with johnny fernandez live at the scene of breaking news in melbourne. >> reporter: bridgett, a tense situation as police now have been on a standoff with one man for more than six hours. we have been hearing what soupdz like gun fire on and off all night long. a man held up in a condo off wickham road. they are calling him a suspect
6:50 am
some people at the complex have been evacuated as police continue negotiating with the man and try to get him to come out. i did speak with some friends of the suspect. they tell me he is an ex-marine. we'll keep you up to date as we get new information and pass that information along to you guys on air and online on now to mark lehman in orlando. >> just in the last hour, we learned a man missing for weeks in orlando has been found safe. family members were worried about motts after he 97 showed up for christmas and his truck was later found abandoned. police tell us he was found by officers overnight. they say he is ok but are not releasing any other information. >> mark, the man police say stabbed a couple inside their ormond beach home is locked up this morning. he will be facing a judge in a matter of hours. 19-year-old miebl phillips was
6:51 am
police say he broke into an ormond beach home on december 27 and stabbed a man and a woman inside. investigators say phillips lives up the street from the victims. right now, a motive remains a mystery. troy? >> careful driving back from volusia, we are dealing with fog. visibilities down to a half mile in a large part of orange county along i-4. we'll continue with that through 9:00 and then we'll see more sunshine through the day, getting up to 75 at 4:00. >> we are taking a live look, westbound lanes are your taillights, starting to build on your morning commute, getting you time saver traffic drive times out the door on i-4. >> be sure to keep it here on news 6 for updates throughout the day on the big stories. >> in case you missed it, you'll probably see the story on face pook. it was a by star moment at the people's choice awards after a man got on stage and combrabd the microphone from the ladies of the talk. they were trying to get their award.
6:52 am
they forced him off the stage. >> so far, no word on who that guy was or how he got past security. >> don't get in their way. >> thanks for joining us, when you are on the go, get breaking news, weather and more on
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