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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> breaking now at 5:00, a missing toddler's remains have reportedly been found in jacksonville. the latest on the developing story, in moments. >> but first, cold air comes to central florida. this is a live look over downtown orlando. it looks beautiful but it's been chilly all day long. we could see lower temperatures by tomorrow. this is news 6 at 5:00 getting results. i'm matt austin. >> i'm ginger gadsden in for lisa bell tonight.
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is pinpointing this cold weather and, tom, i know you say blue sky, clear sky, that means it's going to get down low. >> yeah, because it's so dry, we have no clouds to bail us out. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> i took down my lights today. >> it's two weeks too late. take a look where the cold air is funneling in. 38 in nashville and 48 in atlanta and 52 in jacksonville and 57 from ocala to leesburg. in orlando, we just dropped from our daytime high of 60 to 59 right now. 53 in daytona beach. 57 on the beach in cocoa beach. temperature change in the last 24 hours, we're four degrees colder now than we were yesterday at the same time. yesterday was a cold evening, too. 10 degrees colder in daytona beach and 13 degrees colder right now than we were yesterday at the same time in new smyrna beach. the blue area you're seeing on your map right now, that's our freeze warning from flagler
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you're going down dangerously close to 32. some in the outlying areas may go down to 30 and maybe even 29 degrees. for tonight in ocala, 31. 35 in the villages and 35 in palm coast for the overnight lows. i'll be back and we'll talk about a warm-up tomorrow about like that and how soon we could get back to the 70's and when does the rain make a roaring return. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> now to the latest on breaking news in jacksonville. in just the last hour, the jacksonville sheriff's office announced they believe they have found the remains of a toddler who we want missing nearly six months ago. >> yeah. lonzie barton disappeared back in july. our sister station in jacksonville joins us live from the duval county courthouse. what's the latest? >> well, this has been a very, very difficult six months, not only for the jacksonville
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county sheriff's office, but the entire community. i mean, let's think about it. there have been 30-plus agencies working to find the body of the missing toddler, lonzie barton. but today, just a few minutes ago, at a press conference held by the jacksonville sheriff's office, they told us that they have reason to believe strongly that they may have found the body of lonzie barton. let's recap for you right here. again, william ebron had been facing charges of child neglect, lying to police and tampering with evidence in a trial set to begin this morning, until ebron waives his right to a speedy trial which stunned many. human remains were found in the wood off u.s. 1 in jacksonville, an area not far from where many investigators were searching for days, if not weeks to find lonzie. according to our sources, a child's body was found covered
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the area told us he saw ebron sunday night in the back of a police car with investigators. since that time, lead investigators have been responding to that area, including a crime scene van, homicide units, the sheriff mike williams in jacksonville, the chief tom hackney and at a press conference today we were told news they had reason to believe strongly the missing child's just how. >> that little boy didn't need to be discarded like a piece of trash and today we are able to take what we believe to be him from being disposed just like that and the hopes that he can spend his eternity somewhere that's peaceful and not somewhere that is basically a garbage heap. that's just wrong. >> again, investigators were extremely emotional as they were
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now, again, as far as the next thing that takes place here, well, we were told that the state as well as the defense did meet behind closed doors and then we were told that no public action would take place until 4 p.m. next tuesday. so we're not exactly sure what's going to happen next, but their heads. no public action will happen until next tuesday. as far as the medical examiner, that's who has the body or the potential body of lonzie barton. we're not exactly sure how many days if not weeks but they say a lot of forensic and d.n.a. analysis has to take place in order for them to move forward. reporting live at the duval county courthouse. back to you. >> the volusia county man accused of killing one woman and torturing another is headed to prison. >> you might remember this disturbing story. news 6 was there as john litus pleaded guilty to several charges.
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today and joins us live. you talked with a victim. what was her reaction in court today? >> well, you could imagine she was just in tears. she was happy that her attacker finally going to prison. she's shocked the same man who kidnapped and tortured her also admitted to killing another woman. >> he'll never be able to hurt another woman again. >> in a plea deal this morning, a judge sentenced 52-year-old john litus to 45 years in prison. >> it's the second-degree murder, the named victim being laura miller. how do you plead? >> guilty. >> he's a convicted sex offender and admitted to raping and killing the 30-year-old woman and dumping her body in a ditch back in september. he also pled guilty to kidnapping, torturing and raping jennifer marino who was pregnant at the time.
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and i don't know why or what happened, but he let me go and i'm grateful for it. i have a healthy baby. it changed my life. >> both women say while they wished for harsher sentence, behind bars. >> he's not going to ever hurt anybody again. i know i'm pretty sure at 90-something years old, he won't hurt anybody else. >> he was convicted of rape in 1986 and arrested several times since for not registering as a sex offender. the judge today tacked on those convictions to his 45-year sentence. >> loren korn reporting live for us. thank you. >> now to a crime tracker alert in osceola county. a convenience store robbed at gunpoint. deputies need your help finding the two robbers in these pictures here. we're told one of the gunmen walked into circle k in kissimmee and demanded cash.
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counter and grab the clerk at one point. deputies say the second robber then came in, grabbed some other stuff before they ran off. if you know who these two guys are, call the sheriff's office. >> tonight orange county's new garbage collection is exactly one-week-old and we're seeing that the county is still working out some of the kinks. >> yeah, last week haulers missed entire neighborhoods and spent the weekend catching up. today we found they're still missing houses here and there. news 6 erik von ancken is live off goldenrod road in orange county. you found a homeowner who is -- let's just say not happy. >> the guy who lives here was hoping that this week would go better than last week. look here. he did everything right. he put his cans in exactly the right space, three feet away from the curb, plenty far away from the mailboxes so the trucks with the automated pickup arms can scoop this thing up and dump it into the truck, right? if you look around on the
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this bin, the lid was closed because of what's still inside here. >> if you look at all the green ones, the green one here and the green one there -- >> you're right. >> -- they emptied already. >> i wonder. >> but not yours. >> no. they're supposed to be here at 6:00. and they didn't come in this morning. >> i shared with ramon luna, a dirty little secret he shared with his sister-in-law. >> did you believe they picked up the garbage already? >> they did. ? >> they did. look. >> yours too? >> not mine. >> this got him stinking mad, more than last week when he rolled his can back up to his house thinking the collectors had come that day. >> i put it back inside and it was half full, so they never picked it up. >> they came late. you thought they'd come already? >> right. that's what i thought had happened. >> orange county's solid waste division manager jim becker told
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this are still happening but less and less he says. a week now after the county hired four new haulers to pick up the trash, using an automated arm, just once a week. last week, trash sat at the curb for days in some neighborhoods so pickup could continue over the weekend. some of the problem he said is people not putting the new cans where they're supposed to go. >> three feet away from the curb. see how some people put it? they don't read the instructions. >> but ramon says he did that and kept it far enough away from his mailbox. something here just didn't smell right. >> he looks like he was the only one on this street that wasn't picked up. >> so i called in the complaint and got results from ramon. the county promised they'd come back as soon as possible to grab the garbage that they had missed. >> as you can see, that still has not happened yet. this stinks, i can tell you that. the county says they're making it very clear to its haulers if this happens to come back first
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the county says don't let this sit here any longer than it has to. and by the way, matt, i'm posting an e-mail address for everybody at home on the story i'm putting on, powered by news 6 and in just a few minutes. they say use that to write to the county if this happens to you. >> good to have a resource like that. erik von ancken on it for us today. thank you. >> now to a victim who fought back in volusia county. a carjacker didn't get very far thanks to a man's quick thinking. a man asked a couple for a ride home from the oyster bar in orange city. he then pulled out a knife and drove off with an suv and one of the victims used his own pocket knife to puncture two tires. miller got out of the suv and the victim caught him and held him until deputies arrived. miller is charged with carjacking, grand theft auto and aggravated assault.
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>> yeah, next at 5:00, how soon elephants will give their final performance for ringling brothers. >> we've got a freeze warning in effect from flagler county, putnam and marion, around to the gulf coast. i'll be back to track the overnight lows and talk about your day tomorrow. >> and a music legend lost. how other artists are honoring
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>> a big change for the greatest show on earth is coming sooner than expected. >> they're going to end their elephant acts in a few months. they plan to retire the elephants in may, a year and a half earlier than they first planned to. the elephants will be permanently retired to the company's elephant conservation in polk county. last year, the circus announced it would retire the animals after decades of protests by animal activists. the latest announcement comes just days before the circus comes to orlando. shows will take place thursday through next monday at the amway center. >> right now, state lawmakers
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>> yeah, and in just hours they'll gather for the 2016 legislative session. it begins tomorrow morning. the issues include gun rights and helping disabled people. most of the cuts are going toward manufacturers and retailers. news 6 will keep a close eye on tallahassee throughout the legislative session. we'll keep you updated on what happens here on news 6 and on, powered by news 6. >> people around the world tonight are mourning the loss of a music icon. >> david bowie has passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer. bowie's music career spanned five decades. he was seen as an innovator in music, film, fashion and even theater. his career launched with the 1969 hit "space oddity" and he never slowed down from there. his latest album, "black star" just came out on friday.
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>> and david bowie's influence stressed across multiple generations of artists. tributes to him have been pouring in on social media all day long. paul mccartney took to facebook to share his memories. he wrote in part, "his music played a very strong part in british music history and the influence he had on artists around the world." >> and kanye west wrote the following. >> very fitting tribute to a great man. >> the powerball jackpot has rolled over 19 times now. the cash value or what the
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is $868 million after taxes. about a half a billion. you can watch the huge drawing live here on news 6 right before news 6 at 11:00 on wednesday. and something i learned saturday was do not wait until the day of the drawing to buy your ticket because we were in publix and we thought we've got to get our tickets today and the line was out the door. >> of course, it was. and i could not win so i had to carry it over. >> that's why it jumps unexpected because of people waiting until the last-minute. >> i drove to south carolina over the weekend and i made it a point to stop in two towns in georgia. those are the places where you score big. >> exactly. >> look at you. >> i'm just saying and i'm in the office pool, both of them. >> why aren't you in the office pool to help us all out, matt? >> i'm not lucky. i'll bring you down. trust me. >> he's a lucky guy. >> take a look. it's beautiful, isn't it?
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>> exhilarating even. >> look at that picture. >> kathy was on the beach in ormand beach this morning, saying it was cold on the beach. i appreciate the shot. this is from my man richard who says, listen, it's 47 degrees and i'm shooting storm pins. >> nothing. we like it. >> i love it, richard. thank you very much. that's a beautiful shot, reflect reflection of the >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> overnight low this morning was on the chilly side at 44. tonight. i will show in a moment. a normal would be 49. daytona beach, 41. the normal is 47. melbourne this morning, we bottomed out at 46 with a normal of 49. so we're just below normal by about 4 or 5 degrees. tonight we go even lower. daytime highs today hit 60 in orlando. 57 in the villages. 57 did it in ocala. on the coast, 57 at the cape and 60 from cocoa beach to melbourne.
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here's the problem we've got going on right now. we've got a freeze warning in effect, not a watch, from flagler and putnam county to marion county. i drew it in blue because the freeze warning is up. it starts at 4 a.m. tomorrow and runs until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. widespread frost expected in the northern parts of our viewing area. here are the current temperatures. colder air keeps funneling in and it is dry. all that blue sky you saw today was indicative of dry air. tonight, that doesn't bail us out much. all the cloud cover is out here. little cloud streaks forming over the warmer waters of the atlantic. we don't have a lot of cloud cover to write home about. what we do have is the cold air. it will be here tomorrow morning and it lingers until wednesday. this is wednesday by 5 p.m. we finally get a little more humidity back and a little bit of cloud cover and about that much warmth on wednesday. low tonight, 31 in ocala.
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and these lows you're seeing here are 35 in palm coast. across the interior spots, it's a whole lot colder than that. overnight low in orlando is 41. here's tomorrow. >> by noon tomorrow, we're back to 59. daytime high goes to 63 degrees. we'll be dry, sunny and chilly. come wednesday, the high is 64. by thursday, 67. and then on friday, we're all the way back to a daytime high of 74 degrees. but a low comes through here and we get some rocking thunderstorms friday. by saturday, a high of 76 and sunday only 67. i think colder air blasts in again next monday. >> at least some precipitation on friday. >> we'll keep an eye on that. thank you, tom. appreciate it. >> bye. >> it's another cold, local push to make sure everyone gets health insurance. >> next at 5:00, why leaders say it's even more important to get covered this year.
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what police say sparked this big brawl during a group prayer. >> and coming up at 5:30, did you get a text message saying you won money from facebook's c.e.o. mark zuckerberg? investigator mike holfeld breaks down the latest scam in
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>> a brawl erupts at a house of worship. this happened at a sikh temple in california. police say the melee started after a dispute over temple leadership got heated. several officers had to step in to break this up. police say it's not the first time they've been called to a fight at this temple. but it's the biggest one they've seen here. >> wow. >> time is running out to make sure you have health insurance. if you don't get it, you face big fines. >> today local volunteers helping people get signed up received a special guest visitor from the nation's capital. sylvia burwell visited the united way call center in orlando. her trip comes as the deadline to get covered under the affordable care act approaches. under the aca, you have until january 31st to get health
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if you don't, fines start at $695. >> this year, the fee, if you're not insured, has gone up. and so for people, it's important for their health and their financial security and also so that they avoid that fee. >> yeah, and it was just last week, we took hundreds of your phone calls with the united way to help you get results. if you still need help, you can call 211 to get your questions answered. a lot of folks calling in on that day. >> yeah, we had tons. >> more good news for gas prices in central florida. >> it sure is. the average price is not only continuing to go down, it could eventually reach its lowest level in more than a decade. right now, the average for a gallon of regular gas in orlando is a buck-90, down from 1.96 last month and 2.14 a year ago. some analysts believe oil prices could push gas to a dollar a gallon in some areas. that has not and since 1999. >> the only problem, it's not
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right now. always has to be a balance. >> got to take the good with the bad. of course. one man's heartwarming gesture is quickly going viral. >> a passenger on a train caught the moment a stranger gave a homeless person the shirt off his back, literally. take a look. this was in new york here. the good samaritan noticed the man sitting in the train car cold and he didn't have a shirt on. he walked over and not only gave him his shirt. he even helped him put it on and gave the homeless man a hat as well. shortly before the video ends, you can see the homeless man actually wipe a tear away from his eye. >> can you imagine? probably the last time someone was that kind to him, he can't even remember. >> yeah, to actually give someone the shirt off your back. that's pretty special. >> coming up, the news at 5:30, the company bringing back unlimited data plans. of course, there's a big catch, though. >> uh-huh. and some major changes are in store for fun spot america in orlando. why a possible rise in tourism
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