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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> we're here today to tell you that we strongly believe that we have found the remains of lonzie barton. >> it is the tragic end in a missing toddler search many feared but no one wanted to hear. breaking details on who led police in jacksonville to little lonzie's body. >> and fun spot's huge bet on its own future and the future of i-drive. why you may want to bring a swimsuit to i-drive in the future. that's just the first phase.
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>> i'm ginger gadsden. lisa bell is on assignment tonight. plus a new twist on orange county's new trash trouble. >> they were supposed to be here at 6:00. >> why some families say even if their trash truck comes on time, it's not enough to solve a smelly situation. that story coming in minutes. you feel those people's pain. >> oh, yeah, so much frustration. >> it really is. we'll talk about that in a moment. but first, our top story tonight is the weather. >> now, it doesn't just feel like it's freezing out with the sun down. some parts of our area may actually freeze for the first time this winter. warnings are posted for flagler and marion counties. >> keep tabs -- hey, tom. >> hey. is that the toss? >> it definitely was. >> here's the freeze warning right now >> anywhere from the villages to the north, a freeze warning is in effect. it's not a watch. it's the real deal. it's a warning. it's going to happen.
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32, some 31, maybe as low as 30 or 29 in the outlying areas. on-the-town forecast tonight looks like this. 54 within the hour. 50 at 10 p.m. 49 in orlando by 11:00. here are the overnight lows eventually. remember, flagler county is in the warned zone. 35 in palm coast but just off the coast across the interior, well lower than that, down to 32, 31 maybe. 31 is my official overnight low tonight in ocala and 41 again in orlando. i'll be right back and we'll talk about the slight warm-up for tomorrow. what you can expect hour by hour. i'll pinpoint the highs for the rest of the week and talk about a return to rain and look ahead to your weekend. >> all right. we'll see you in a few minutes, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1.
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right now, fun spot confirms a huge expansion to its i-drive park. it's coming soon. yep, that includes more rides and roller coasters, but a water park will also take the family owned attraction in a new direction. eric sandoval spent the day getting answers on what fun spot plans to do and why it could mean more money and more jobs. >> if you've been to fun spot, you've noticed the wood roller coaster as you drive in. this is where the new attractions are going to be built and with skyplex being built a couple blocks to the south, fun spot tells me they want to stay competitive. >> we love the beach parks. it's more parks. it's easier to go around. >> when she brings her family on vacation to orlando, she always brings them by fun spot america and soon park leaders say it's going to be a bigger fun spot.
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conceptual drawings today that show an amusement park expanded across streets. fun spot says it will feature six new themed areas that will focus on america's past and present. >> they're going to clear out this entire parking lot and make new rides here. >> wow. >> fun spot officials say people will eventually park in a new parking garage, located across the street. but the first addition will be a water park that could be opened as soon as next spring. >> a water park. that's unbelievable. >> a spokesman says the water park means new jobs. just the lifeguards and maintenance crews alone will mean more employees and the same holds true when construction is done and the new ride is open, which he says will be sometime in the next five to 10 years. >> that's amazing. it's going to be more things to do. >> and with more things to do comes more people. it could include an increase in crime.
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they say they already worked with the folks at fun spot america to keep people safe. they say they're going to be watching this master plan to see if anything needs adjustment. we're at fun spot america in orlando tonight, eric sandoval, news 6. >> now fun spot tells news 6 the new rides will be built on the vacant land in phases over the next five to 10 years. >> for a closer look at fun spot's plans and how they fit into i-drive's big future, head to news 6's theme world blog currently under top stories and always under parks. >> we continue monitoring breaking news out of jacksonville. prosecutors and deputies say they have found the remains of lonzie barton. the toddler went missing last july in duval county. >> our goal from the beginning was to find lonzie. unfortunately it turned pretty obvious pretty quickly it wasn't going to happen with him being alive.
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>> the jacksonville sheriff's office is not confirming reports that prime suspect william ebron led them to the 21-month-old's remains dumped in the woods. >> that little boy didn't need to be discarded like a piece of trash. and today we're able to take what we believe to be him from being disposed just like that and the hopes that he can spend his eternity somewhere that's peaceful and not somewhere that is basically a garbage heap. that's just wrong. >> the discovery came hours after ebron unexpectly waived his right to a speedy trial. he was expected to take a plea deal. ebron's girlfriend, lonzie's mother, took a plea deal and is expected to testify against ebron. we'll have an update on the case tonight at 11:00. >> the surprise plea in volusia county brought some victims and loved ones to tears. news 6 reporter loren korn was there as the 52-year-old sex
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guilty to murdering one woman and torturing another. >> tears filled the courtroom as a judge sentenced the man to 45 years in prison. two of his victims happy he's finally behind bars but also shocked to hear that he admitted to being a killer. >> he's going to prison for the rest of his life for doing this. and he deserves it. he really does. >> this woman, who declined to show her face, is one of two victims who sat in court this morning as the judge sentenced 52-year-old john litus to 45 years in prison. >> to kidnapping in order to commit or facilitate the commission of a felony up to 30 years to life, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, how do you plea? >> i'm guilty. >> they did not expect him to plead guilty to raping and killing a 30-year-old woman. >> i'm shocked.
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admitted to being guilty. he admitted what he did. that's good. >> he killed a woman in september and dumped the body in a de land ditch five days before kidnapping and torturing a pregnant woman at the time. >> i kept praying the whole time -- and i don't know why or what happened -- but he let me go and i'm grateful for it. i have a healthy baby. it changed my life. >> the women say while 45 years is not what they had hoped for, behind bars. >> he's not going to ever hurt anybody again. and i'm pretty sure at 90-something years old he won't hurt anybody else. >> he was convicted of rape in 1986 and arrested several times since for failing to register as a sex offender. the judge today tacking on those convictions to his 45-year sentence. >> thank you. one week after the new year brought a new trash collection
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county tell us they're fed up and not just because of haulers being often days late, even working weekends to catch up. erik von ancken shows us why one of the biggest changes is bringing the biggest complaints. >> one of the biggest complaints we're hearing now that pickup just once a week, instead of the way it used to be, twice a week, just isn't enough. here's why. >> it's nasty. look at that. >> the first thing we noticed is the flies hovering over the trash. the second thing, the stench, the horrific unmistakable stench of dirty diapers. >> oh, stinkies? >> yes. >> the perez family has two little ones that make big stinks and now the piles of poop pile up for a week. >> what does that smell like? >> oh, you don't want to know. >> can you imagine that, a whole week, seven days, and now it's okay. it's cool. wait until the summer comes. that cannot be good for our health.
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county pickup schedule once a week now quite frankly stinks. the new cans are so big, they say they can only store them in their backyard. >> as soon as you open the door, you realize it's plenty of garbage in there. because, you know, the smell gets to you. >> the county says the schedule change with the new automatic arm pickup system saves money. the bigger cans hold more garbage for longer and that's something that cheryl reese actually likes. >> i do like it. i don't have to make three trips in the house to the end of the curb to carry out my recycle bin. i usually have three overflowing bins. it's kind of hard in the mornings to do that. >> in orange county solid waste division managers say even if you don't like it, give it a chance. lake, volusia and parts of osceola county have all gone to once a week pickup. get used to it in orange county. >> another complaint we're hearing is some folks say they have so much trash and it doesn't fit in one bin to get picked up once a week. the county says if that happens,
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they'll get to it and they say down the road they could bring you a second bin. in orange county, erik von ancken, news 6. >> thank you, erik. orange county said today it will take 60 to 90 days for everyone, haulers and homeowners, to get used to all the changes. if you have a problem, e-mail the county. we've posted the address on >> a former volunteer firefighter is now charged with arson, accused of setting two fires at a closed golf course in altamonte springs. detectives say the 27-year-old travis pierce set the first fire on new year's day at the links off west town parkway, not far from spring lake elementary. they say pierce returned and set another fire on the 4th. he is on probation for arson and fraud charges in pennsylvania. >> trappers are going high-tech in hopes of getting results and catching coyotes that may be killing people's pets. trappers are now using drones
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this footage of a coyote in indian harbor beach. trappers are going to use the drones to hover over the parks in the area. on sunday, they set up eight unmanned trail cameras. they believe two coyotes are roaming in the area. >> we have an important new include in a crime alert that left a convenience store clerk fearing for his life. >> just in, new video just in of how the bold robbers jumped over the counter in the attack. how the clue helps track down the dangerous men. >> and how soon the first patients will move into the area's newest hospital and why one local mom is glad it's on its way. >> you're watching news 6 at 7:00, getting results for
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>> tornado clean-up is underway in southwest florida. the national weather service confirmed an ef-2 tornado with 130-mile-an-hour winds slammed into a cape coral neighborhood on saturday. that's west of fort myers. roofs were torn off homes. trees toppled. luckily no one was killed. governor scott says the state will help people recover. early damage estimates top $6.5 million.
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weather is coming to central florida. >> yeah, chief meteorologist tom sorrells is back in two minutes with an update on freeze warnings for parts of our area. >> well, just in to news 6, a crucial new clue to a crime tracker alert in osceola county. look at this video just released showing a circle k robbery. you see one of the gunmen leap over the counter. he demands cash and drags the clerk in the corner. as he holds the clerk at gunpoint, the second robber jumps over the counter and rummages around the register looking for cash. both men eventually ran off. the clerk was shaken up but not hurt overnight at the circle k south of osceola parkway in the kissimmee area. here's one more look at the suspects. these are still images from that surveillance video. if you know who these guys are, you're asked to call the osceola sheriff's office immediately. >> a new hospital designed by women, for women, is getting
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>> florida hospital for women is a $180 million dream that's been under construction for nearly two years. we were there today for the ceremonial ribbon cutting for the new 12-story tower on the campus of florida hospital in orlando, featuring central florida's only milk depot and high risk breast cancer center. the rooms were designed to feel less clinical and more welcoming for women from all walks of life. >> we left here in tears the day we left because we had made such close contacts and connections with everybody that works here and they became our friends and our family. >> i wouldn't change anything from our experience before. >> she gave birth to little conner with the help of nurses and doctors that will soon staff the new hospital. the first phase opens to patients late this month, including care for young women, babies, cardiac care and breast cancer treatment. the other two phases will open by the end of next year.
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earth is making a big change a year and a half earlier than expected. circus officials plan to retire the last of its elephant acts in may. they will retire we're told in comfort. news 6 recently took a tour of the elephant conservation facility in polk county. they're phasing out elephants after decades of pressure by animal activists. no word on why the retirement was sped up. you'll have a last chance to see the elephant act in orlando. circus shows take place thursday through next monday at amway center. >> hopefully they'll enjoy their retirement. the world could be just days away from having its first billionaire lottery winner. it's already at a staggering $1.4 billion and it could climb higher. this is the biggest jackpot in the history. so big, powerball billboards
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the games seem to defy its own odds saturday night. still no winner. remember, the only place to see wednesday night's billion-dollar drawing live is right here moments before news 6 at 11:00. >> i mean, i wonder how many times they'll let it turn over before they go, okay, enough. because this is like 18 or 19 times it's turned over so far without a winner. >> since november the 4th, i think. >> it's been a while. >> a long time. >> it's been a while. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. you bring news of cold weather in these parts. >> like you didn't know that already. we've got beautiful shots on storm pins. when the weather is this cold, the pictures are beautiful. isn't that beautiful? this is new smyrna beach. she kills me with her photos. this is a bunch of seagulls in the warmer water. it was shot this morning when it was cold.
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on the warm water. they're smart and trying to save alive. it's 13 in detroit right now, 20 in chicago. 39 as far as atlanta. it's not just us. it's the whole country chilling out. 39 right now in myrtle beach. 40 in jacksonville. we've got 43 in palm coast and 45 in ocala. gainesville down to 42. won't be long until it will be freezing in alachua county. temperature change in the last 24 hours, we're 6 degrees colder right now than we were last night at the same time. 10 degrees colder than we were at sanford than we were last night at the same time. 13 in palm coast and 9 degree difference in daytona beach, new smyrna beach. 12 at the cape. you get the picture. it's cold. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's about a 7 because we've got a freeze warning in effect. but the day is going to be pretty. i think most people are really going to like it. freeze warning early for flagler, marion county and putnam counties and we warm up to like the low 60's, maybe 63, just about going to do it.
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through here by the end of the workweek. we're going to get a lot of sunshine. we'll get stormy conditions rolling in here by friday at the latest. look at how we do in the next 24 hours, though. as we go through the day tomorrow, 8:00 in the morning, no big deal. 9:00, 10:00, afternoon, no big deal. all the way around until wednesday before we start to get some more cloud cover in here. so it's going to take some time to get there. but we will cloud up and we will warm up. overnight low tonight, 31 in ocala. 35 in the villages. 35 in palm coast. 37 in leesburg. i'm going to go ahead and call the overnight low in orlando 41. here's tomorrow. >> first thing in the morning, we'll warm rapidly. the air is dry. we warm right up. 47 at 8 a.m. 59 by noon. the daytime high tomorrow is 63 degrees. no rain in the immediate forecast. 63 is the high tomorrow. 64 is on wednesday. then thursday we're up to 67. thursday night into friday, we cloud up and get a system rolling through here and we get
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friday. friday's high is 74. saturday, 76. and then by sunday, another cold front rolls in, bringing in the colder air for sunday and monday. >> all right, tom. thank you. >> thank you. >> bye now. >> jeb bush is working to stand out in a crowded field of republican candidates. >> everybody says he's out of the race but he's still got the name and the family name. maybe one day he'll admit it. >> but colbert says bush reportedly has a new strategy to connect with young voters, really young voters. how he's using the story of the
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>> tune in tonight for news 6 at 11:00 and "the late show with stephen colbert". >> colbert says jeb bush has a plan to turn around his image. >> i think the man just came up with a game-changing strategy to connect with voters. >> jeb bush says he sees himself as a joyful tortoise, what he told a teenager on a campaign trail yesterday. the republican presidential candidate gave the boy a toy
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around in his pocket. >> which has led some to ask, "is that a toy turtle in your pocket or are you just really bad at running for president?" now jeb says the turtles are a symbol, a reminder that slow and steady wins the race. which makes him the tortoise and i think we all know who the hare is. this is not addressed to central question about these turtles. what? >> you have a pocket full of turtles? >> i do have a bunch of turtles. let's see what we have here. i got the little baby jesus and the rosary beads and three turtles. >> wait. ah, the little baby jesus in your pocket? should he be in there? are you using your pants as a nativity scene, sir? are those the three wise turtles?
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he's got the slow and steady, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. >> tonight, colbert welcomes jane lynch and julian castro. you don't want to miss it at 11:35, right after news 6 at 11:00. >> another cold night for us. >> colder than last night. here are the overnight lows. we're talking about a warning for flagler putnam county and marion county, not coming off the clock until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. overnight lows tonight are burr, 31 for you up there in ocala and 35 in palm coast. the interior sections of flagler will probably freeze. >> i'll have hot chocolate while tonight.
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