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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  January 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now the sturge to find a driver that hit a little boy trying to get ice cream, and took off. first, it is the coldest night of the season as temperatures fall across central florida. and marion and flag lake counties, freeze warnings in effect. >> i'm ginger gadsden. lisa bell has the night off. tom sorrells pinpointing these numbers tonight. >> some folks are going down to freezing tonight. legitimately.
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here's put luhr county. all the way down to the villages. took the big crayon marker and painted it in blue. not a watch and it's a warning. it goes between 4:00 a.m. all the way around to 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. look up there in gainsvill. already down to 32. it's still 37 in ocala. it should go below freezing sometime around 3:30-4:00 a.m. and still 46 right now in orlando. it feels like 30 no if in gainsvill and 37 in ocala. not much of a windchill factor because we don't have much wind. let me show you the overnight lows for tonight. 31 in ocala and 35 in the vailages. and 31 in orlando. on average, that's 4-5 colder. tomorrow morning when you wake up, dan, you had it today. i'll be back to talk about what kind of day we have for tomorrow. we have big frost problems in the morning.
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to warmer days and in the next big cold front that's coming. thanks. right now, an urgent search for a hit and run driver. >> police say he hit a three-year-old boy, took off, and ditched the car. now the boy is expected to be okay. this happened on east cypress street in winter garden. the driver ditched the car a few blocks away at the elks lodge. jennifer ortega is live where it happened. the three-year-old was just feet from his home when he was hit, right? that's right, his brother tells us the three-year-old was standing on this side of the road getting ice cream and when he went to cross the street, the car flu by so fast, he couldn't get his brother out of the way. >> i was scared and i ran to get my brother and i brought him inside. 16-year-old louis said he and these re his three-year-old brother were right outside of their home buying ice cream. louis says he was standing in the drive way when he saw a car speed by and his brother fall
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>> i was paying and the guy said look, there's a car. he was coming pretty fast. police say someone in the silver chrysler hit the toddler and just kept going. the three-year-old was rushed to the hospital. teacher: car stopped and looked a tea my brother and just left. he just hit him and ran. louis says when the ice cream man saw what happened, he took off after the car writing don an iowa lienls plate number. neighbors say this is isn't the first time it sped down the street. >> i think there should be speed bumps on cypress street because people come flying through here. police say they found the car that hit the boy a couple streets away ditched at elk's lodge on ninth street. >> reporter: and at last check, we're told that three-year-old is doing just fine. they are searching for that driver.
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are asked to call police. mat? all right. tonight a memorial for lob psi bar ton, the community has come together. they found remains believed to be the toddler that disappeared six months ago. >> as the night went on at the edge of the police perimeter, the signs grew in numbers. reading things like thank you jso and chief hackney. ge usty for lob psi. and this one popped up the mostnzie. and this one popped up the most they believe it's lonzie bart ton's remains found in the wooded area off u.s. one. a couple miles south from where 100s of searchers canvassed for days. >> to me it's a shock, but the group i've been working with a little bit, it's not a shock to find him here. (. >> reporter: why?
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searching this area. >> reporter: say bra is a relative of him. she trickled out throughout the day along with other families and friends of lonzie to see firsthand they had dreaded but soon would be coming that his body was found. >> we knew the day was coming. been praying we find him. i thought i was ready for it. >> reporter: not ready. >> not really. >> reporter: the community of people that didn't know each other seven month ago but found a bond in lonzie has grown. and a lot of those people praying and grieving together. peg moor briefly helped in the search and gotten to know relatives. feeling for months with no news what happened to the toddler until now. >> this is a very emotional day. as you can well imagine. and with what we've been hearing about what's going on downtown
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that's not a good thing right now. i'm asking people to keep their calm for the next few days until this thing works itself out. that was scott johnson reporting. new tonight. two men dressed as dead pool. they released these surveillance pictures from the convenience store. they say the men loaded it into the back of a stolen van. they were not able to leave with the machine, so they left it and the van behind. here's one more look. the men stayed covered up for most of the robbery. but deputies say one of them unzipped his hoodie enough for cameras to get a brief glimpse. if you know anything about this crime, call crime line. a crime tracker alert for violent thieves. they robbed a circle k holding a gun to the clerk's head. you can see the guy right there. there's the gun.
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released this vi owe -- video. he goes out of frame and comes back. you can see dragging the clerk right there. as he holds the worker at gunpoint, the second robber jumps over the krounter and rummages around the register for cash. both men leave the same way they came in. deputies think they got away in this four door sheavery cobalt they're looking at. it has a missing hub cap or a spare tire on the passenger side. here's one more look at the suspects. it's hard to see their faces. if you recognize these guys, call the sheriff's office. new tonight, three students in trouble. police say they broke into a school and spray painted walls, doors, even the school's duck. daytona beach police say they broke into the high school early saturday.
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and took the duck from its cage. the teens could be charged with burglary and animal cruelty. trappers are hoping these drones you're looking at will help us catch a pair of coyotes that might be killing pets. yesterday, they set up eight trail cameras. one homeowner thinks one of the coyotes snatched his missing cat. in just hours, an orange krount judge is expected to decide whether a teen will be released on bond. edward is accused of running over and nearly killing an orlando police officer last july. the teen wants to get out of jail on bond ahead of his trial. kelsey's attorneys argue this is only circumstantial evidence he intended to hit officer william anderson during a traffic stop. the judge says she wants to carefully reuh view before make ing a decision which could come tomorrow. the trovert has placed a temporary band on the hover
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you see housing newsletters said due to safety concerns with the ignitability of hover boards, effective immediately, they will not be allowed to be charged, operated, stored, or used in or around ucf. students that currently have a hover board on campus will have until wednesday to remove it from on campus housing. there have been several incidents caught on fight including this one at a mall kiosk. the safety commission is investigating the safety of these hover boards right now. the power ball jackpot set another record reaching 1.4 billion with a b dollars. >> it is already the biggest jackpot in the world right now. too big for billboards apparently. they say $999 million. it can't go any higher unless you actually change the sign, which is what georgia did. check out the picture georgia lottery tweeted. it had a crew climb up the bill
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billion. and change the number to 1.4. that's clever. remember, you can watch the power ball drawing live right here for news 6 at 11:00. reminds how we do things at the austin house. put a little duck tape on it. police officers jumped into action, but not to fight crime. they braved heavy smoke and flames to rescue people. >> we just want to help the people in distress. wait until you hear this amazing story of heroism, that's in 13 minutes. >> plus, a man checking his facebook feed has a problem with a wanted post featuring his picture. what he found wrong with the photo. tom? >> take a look at what's happening right now. we dropped to 32 in gainsvill, and 41 in the villages, and even down south. i'll be right back to pinpoint the overnight lows you live.
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tomorrow morning for some of you and look ahead towards gradual small warm up. first local theme park make ing a big bet on its own future and also the future of i drive. up next, the huge expansion
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invasion in orange krount, deputies say three people broke into a home on broken pine circle near clay cone nah. three suspects got away. deputies say one person was hurt. no word on rah if anything was taken. we're working to get more information. we'll have the latest on the morning news starting at 5:00. expanding, and the plans are what else? huge. of course they are, more rides and roller coasters. even a water park. erik sand value. >> reporter: you've been to fun spot, you know this wooden roller coaster on your drive in. and you wouldn't have given much notice on this vacant land here. this is where their new attractions are going to be build built.
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couple spots to the south. they want to be competitive. >> it's more far. easy to go around. and you have to. >> reporter: she says when she brings her family on vaguscation to orlando, she always wrings them to fun spot. and they say it's going to be a bigger fun spot. news 6 got a hold of this conceptual drawing today. saying exexpands across streets. it'll feature six new themed areas that will focus on america's past and present. you're going to clear out this entire parking lot and make new rides here? >> reporter: fun spot officials say people will eventually park in a new parking garage which will be located across the street. but the first edition will be a water park that could be opened as soon as next spring. >> a water park that's unbelievable. >> reporter: a spokesman says that means new jobs. just the life guards and maintenance crews alone will
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and the same holds true when construction is done and the new rides open and he says will be in the next 5-10 years. >> that's amazing. there's more things to do. >> reporter: and with more things to do comes more people. increase of crime. today. they say they've already worked with the folks here at fun spot america to keep people safe, they say they're going to be watching this master plan to see if anything needs judgement. we're at fun spot america. they tell news 6 the rides will be built on that vacant land in phases over the next 5-10 years. right now a bill to protect your kids is siting on president obama's desk. they passed the bill for child resistant packaging for liquid nicotine. now nearly two years ago, news 6 investigated e cigarette poisoning. just a lick can make a child sick.
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2013, there were more than 1300 calls of poison control centers nationwide. president obama is expected to sign the bill. it's called a hidden addiction. your spouse, parents, or even your kids maybe doing it and you have no idea. i'm talking about gambling. news 6 investigator eryka washington. how your child could be addicted right under your nose. tomorrow night at 11. i'm curious to see how that works with the kids with gambling. tom sorrells joins us now. oh man, you have to shut the window, turn the heater on tonight. because it's. >> windy sklar it's chilly. >> we talk and we laugh at ourses. but it's the coldest day in our season. so it's cold. >> well -- we went to extremely warm to freezing. take a look at tonight. big freeze warning. freeze warning in effect.
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colored it all in. we're talking about marijuana county. everyone north of blake and belusha belusha county, is under a freeze warning. part of lake and southern krount, can't rule out frost once we get to the mark hours. the air has pushed all the way down. it's nasty cold up north. but in the mid south. memphis 36, atlanta 32, all of that air flowing that way. winds pushing in from the north. check out temperature readings across the southeast. atlanta, 32. 38 in pensacola. 38 in jacksonville. all bundled up there. 41 in ocala. gainsvill dropped to 32. in orlando, holding at 46, which is so much better than 32 in gainsvill. but really, we're ahead of the game from where we were last night. remember how cold it was.
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we're night colder than we were last night. 13 colder in gainsvill valley. and even along the beach. 10 colder, seven in new smyrna. it's colder already than it's been in this season at this hour. satellite radar. through. all the cloud cover and moisture scoured away and pushed down today. so we had the blue sky. but if you were with us earlier tonight, i explained it, the second night after the cold front goes through, when really get the core of cold air. the core of cold air rolls in. as it does, we turn the entire region blue. but we all get really cold. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., there's not any real cloud cover
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it's another one of those really pretty suns. a bright blue ski because they're so dry. by wednesday, we start to warm back up to get some more humidity in here. lows tonight, 35 in the land. 38 in new smyrna beach. and 30 in el veto. and titusville 40. here is tomorrow. quick rebound, just not too high. 59 will be the reading by noon, daytime high tomorrow, 63 but the cold air sticks around. weapons ice high 64. and we get some boomers thursday night into friday. showers and rumbles of thunder too. so much warmer for friday and saturday. but look at that, another cold front sunday and monday. meteorologist troy bridges will be in at 5:00. well a wanted man reaches out to police. but not in the way he expected.
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saw his picture on facebook.
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. now to an incredible rescue effort by flee police officers. they brave flames to rescue people from a second story
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you can see flames broke out at a furniture store in new york and quickly spread to other buildings. the three police officers were the first to arrive ahead of firefighters. the officers say they acted on instinct. two of them grabbed a ladder from a construction site. they used it to rescue two people. in the back of the building, the third officer rescued four others, including two kids. >> we just want to help the people in distress. >> we just go up there and get somebody out. >> we don't think of it as heros. we just do our job. now no one was seriously hurt. the three police officers were
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they posted these pictures of on facebook. to appear. he messaged them on facebook you. he's dressed up. he said it was a better photo. i agree with him. he's groomed the stash. they appreciate him being helpful, but they want him to turn himself in. [laughing] he has yet to do so. people have way too much time on their hands. >> what's happening. there's good news here for a young man. really good news. do you remember this ncf fan? that man right there. may have big find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. magic takes a nice long road trip. >> i don't think they're happy about that. >> and they're flying correct? >> a lot of times i'm in london, i had a kidney stone issue there. a magic team charter is off to london, a flight that left orlando exactly at 10:30. he scheduled at 5:30 eastern time. a team that would rather sleep in their own bed. this is part of the nba's plan to get them more interested in the league. i'm all for this, offer however, i've been to london and europe a couple times.
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cares about the nba. why do i say that? because when the games start here in orlando or east coast, it's midnight in london. they do not watch the nba there. they are rugby watchers and so binger watchers. somebody's making extra cash for this game in toronto. now -- 21. they lost five of the last six games. the game at a 3 o'clock thursday, and back on the play friday. with a next game at atlanta friday. styles put the spin on it. >> it is what it is. >> wow another riveting magic la shay of the night. something tells me they're not too keen. prior to this trip t league had six games in ten days. hard to succeed with a schedule
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>> what we'd rather have is go and play tomorrow and come right back. the league has given us days to get acclimated and things. i think that's wise. i bet you, i don't know the population in proper. .0005% know depot. that's all i'm saying. i love vic though. roll this at 6:00. >> will clemmenson beat alabama? >>yes. >> i'm pulling for clemmenson but i believe -- >>no. >> no no no no no. bam ma wins. the game's going on right now. clemmenson's up by three. about trying to pick a winner. our your dog start doing that for you. you don't look smart, jack r from orlando. tae shah's good. i'm going to bring tae shah back on. why were you picking on troy at the time? do you not like him?
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troy was the tannest guy in. he's always tan, he's got the tan going. he's going to kill me when he sees me. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow might be if you're lucky. oh we have the divisional play offs this weekend. patriots, kansas city. steelers, bronchos, that game. the patriots are really thin. so why not try out a young man that has had the touch of gold with the ucf football team. >> here comes presser. looking for warten in the end zone. warten behind the defense. all right jj ward caught some brilliant catches right there. and brilliant footballs. now signed today by the patriots. we'll see what happens this weekend. >> superbowl. >> news 6.
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