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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we'll look at that and construction in volusia county coming up. >> it is cold again this morning but not as cold as yesterday. , part of the reason, w e are seeing additional clouds. not a lot of sunshine. high thin clouds in the atmosphere. let's show you the satellite and radar imagery. no rain but we'll see clouds on and off. look at the radar with the green out in the gulf of mexico mexico. the moisture is setting the stage for increasing rain thursday and friday. not today, we'll be dry even though we'll have clouds in place. temperatures starting off cold. in fact, there is that advisory, frost advisory in effect through 9:00 this morning for marion county. if you have some of that frost take photos and let us see it with the storm pins app. it is 37 in ocala. we are at 42 degrees there. as we take you through the day, notice the clouds, mainly the high thin clouds, the sun will
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we are at 61 by noon. warmer than yesterday. by 4:00, 65, still below the average of 71. coming up, we'll talk about the warmup on the way and more importantly the risk of severe storms. we'll talk about the timing in minutes. dori is busy. what is happening? >> we'll look at the crash. this is i-4 west of dirkson. we saw eastbound lanes, that is where your crash is blocking the left lane. looks like we are still getting by comfortably on the westbound ems. there are reports of injuries with this crash. give yourself extra time traveling in this area. another crash in our traffic center. westwood at old florida boulevard, two lane blocked, dealing with construction, i-95 at mile marker 239, north of there. also a little bit further, i-95 south, mile marker 250, north of
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>> a cocoa gas station turns into a crime scene after a work pulls out a gun and starts shooting at two would be robbers. >> one was hit and one man is on the run. mark lehman is there live. mark, police say the store owner is known to be armed when he is on the clock. yes, bridgett, well-known. police say the would be robbers were still bold enough to hold up the store last night. you can see behind me, investigators have finished gathering evidence. they say their search for a second suspect continues. here's video from when we first arrived on the scene. you can see a gun line on the ground. police say the convenience store owner reported an armed robbery. when officers arrived, they found one of the suspects on the ground with a gunshot wound. investigators say that man is one of two who try to rob the owner at gun point. that's when he took out his own
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one of the would be robbers was air lifted to the hospital. his condition is not known. the second suspect managed to get into a car and get aaway. that car was also shot by the store owner. as we come back live, we are hearing reports that one person has been detained in the city after a silver car was found with a bullet hole. police aren't saying if that is connected to what happened here. this morning from investigators. coming up at 5:30, we just talked to a man who says he knows the store owner here very well. we'll hear what he has to say about what happened here. that's coming up at 5:30. >> mark lehman live in brevard county. also developing, police in sanford may have a break when it comes to their investigation into the murder of a popular store owner. it comes as friends and family gather to remember the victim.
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friends and family turned out to attend a vigil for 64-year-old joshua herr. he was closing up kim's food store back on december 23 when someone shot and killed him. police now say a woman seen on surveillance video in the store before the shooting has come forward. other men. >> this fear from closing your eyes to things that are taking place, when you know who the individuals -- this is just another example of the violence taking place in our community where people don't want to come forward and assist us. >> police stress the people they are looking for are not suspects but may have information that could help with the investigation if you know who these men are, take a look, call sanford police. >> president obama gave his final state of the union address. this was a bit different than the last ones.
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i want to focus on the next five years, the next 10 years and beyond. >> the president outlined his long term vision for america. he talked about his accomplishments, talk about improvements to the economy and there was a focus on isis and the ongoing terror threat. the president took shots at some of his republican critics. >> the rhetoric about our enemies getting stronger. let me tell you something -- the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth, period. >> south carolina governor nicky haley gave the republican response saying the president has been unwilling to face the threat from isis. today president obama will take his message on the roads with stops planned in omaha and baton rouge. >> things are back to normal in one orlando neighborhood this
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we were there last night after utility workers accidentally ruptured a gas line in the area around concord street and highland avenue. the leak sent the smell of gas into the neighborhood but did not pose a threat. orlando's trees helped the city earn its nickname, the city beautiful. one man is is suing after he says he was crushed by a tree that should have been removed years ago. rescuers had to cut trino out of his truck after that tree fell on him in dixon park in 2012. since then he has had three surgeries, screws and rods placed in his neck and back. in court documents, a 2007 inspection found the tree had limb decay and was listed in poor condition. the city failed to check the tree's condition since 2007 now he worries it could happen to someone else. >> it begs the question, how
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acting as ticking time bombs waiting to fall on another family or an incident pedestrian? it could happen at any time to anybody. >> the city claims because a fungus rotted its roots and it showed no signs it was going to fall. the case had a mistrial yesterday and will go back to court in early march. >> a theme park is facing a lawsuit after a man was shot when visiting. mark was shot while at fun spot america. he was at the attraction on idrive when detectives say a convicted felon fired into the crowd during an argument. the lawsuit says fun spot did not do enough to protect guests. the lawsuit claims there was a lack of security and screening measures. in the days following the shooting, fun spot screws added detectors. we checked fun spot reps for back. >> new this morning, one of the last k-mart stores in central florida is chosing its doors for good.
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k-mart execs announced plans to close its store located in daytona beach. the closure will mark the last of the k-marts in the volusia area and the flagler area as well. all time pottery will replace the store which has been at the same location since 1970. >> can you feel the heat? can you feel the drama? it is the final count down to history making power ball drawing. 1.5 billion dollars is up for grabs tonight. >> despite the odds of winning, just the thought has people lining up. kirsten is live in orange county. kirsten, workers there are expecting another busy day. >> reporter: that's right. there is an hour to go before people start walking through these doors to get their chance at the power ball. if they do win tonight, this will be a historic winning for jackpot. >> most people buying power ball tickets aren't focused on the
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they say it is about luck. >> i have had more luck over there. >> is that scientific? >> it works for me. >> that doesn't peen mean the odds can't be in your favor. >> tips on how to play your numbers. >> the only way absolutely to increase your odds of winning the power ball is to buy more tickets. >> buying more tickets with different number combinations. if it is a smaller jackpot, your odds of winning are no worse than if it is a record jackpot. >> it is combinations so you take the number of balls there are and they'll draw five random white balls out of 69 and then they'll draw one random red ball, the power ball out of 26. >> so it is still 292 million to one, what does change with more people playing are the chances that more than one person will hit the winning number combinations which means
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>> now, if you still haven't had your chance at the power ball winnings, there are a couple of radio stations hanging out a prize. zaza morning and the wolf in orlando are handing out quick picks to listeners. there is a lot of advice for this power ball winner that could be taking home that prize tonight. we have some ideas for you on how you could be making thousands every single week. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. >> ok. we'll wait for that. the only place to see the drawing live is right here before the news at 11:00 here on news 6. >> and we will also send out the winning numbers to your smart phone so download the news 6 app by searching wkmg in your app store. >> i'll get mine after the show. >> i need some cash if i do that so i have to go to the bank. we'll see. >> i'll spot you, how is that? >> will you spot me? >> i'll spot you too. >> i need it. today we are starting off cold.
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afternoon for all of those standing in line. you won't be dealing with rain. spots. not a lot of folks on the roads yet, we are at 48. it feels like 44. it feels a little cooler. cold again but not as cold as yesterday. we are at 37 in ocala. 48 in orlando. 50's in brevard county. a frost advisory through 9:00 this morning for all of marion county, we'll be watching for that, so far so good. today at 3:00 at the bus stop, a high of 65. make sure the kids have a jacket. it will warm nicely through the afternoon. more chances for rain on the way. in fact, a chance for severe weather coming friday. we'll talk about the timing. first, let's check on the roads and head over to dori. you are busy. >> yes. picking up on the royce. following a crash, i-4 in volusia county at dirkson road. you can see right here, the camera has gotten foggy on me. it is in the eastbound lanes. there is activity in the
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just slow down with caution. you can see it slowing down in that area to pass that crash. give yourself extra time traveling. >> construction i-4 east is at south street. two left lanes are blocked and a little further north, i-4 east at princeton, who right lanes are blocked as well. >> it is 5:11. still ahead, football is is returning to los angeles for the first time in more than 20 years. >> a lot of excitement there. we'll show you the nfl team on the move and why they may not be alone. plus, find out the new clue police hope will lead to an arrest in a deadly shooting at an apartment complex in orlando. >> we are following breaking news from overnight after more than a dozen people are killed in an attack on a health clinic.
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>> officials say a bomb attack on a polio vaccination center has left least 14 people dead, 23 others are wounded. police say the attack appears to
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bombing. following breaking news from korea where south korea has fired warning shots at communist north korea. a north korean drone crossed the border. tensions are high after north korea nuclear tests. we'll continue to follow both of those stories and bring you new details as they come in this morning. >> also this morning, orlando police are asking for your help to get results. >> they are trying to identify an s.u.v. in a shooting. detectives just released this image in a dodge durango. lawrence was shot and killed at the village park apartments in orlando. witnesses say the shooter jumped into the passenger seat of that durango and took off. here's one more look at the vehicle. it has tinted windows and a dent in the driver's door.
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crime line. >> there is heart break in los angeles after the nfl opened the door for the rams to go back to the city of angels after more than two decades away. the rams new home will be a stadium in englewood roughly 10 miles from l.a. it is set to be completed in 2019. until then, they will play at the l.a. coliseum. predictably, they are very different about this move. >> just leave. >> started a chance to join the rams, the chargest have one year to make their minds up about staying or going.
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locate, the oakland will give them an opportunity. >> barnum and bailey coming to orlando this weekend. >> crowds performed skits, the dancers were swirling and jugglers were tossing everything yesterday. along with the laughs and smile, the circus brought another gift, a $10,000 donation to go to pediatric cancer research. >> this is bigger than anything we have ever done. we may actually be on the cusp of curing this terrible disease. >> the legend show will be host hosting events tomorrow through monday. you see the elephants, you know they are phasing that out. >> the acrobats are amazing. how they changed and evolved and make it better.
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>> we'll want to be here sometime as we pinpoint some storms. before that happens, today is not a bad day. no rain but a few additional clouds. starting off cold again, grab the coat. they are acting as a blanket. they are not the thick low clouds. this is the high cloudiness, they are made up of ice crystals, they are still preventing us from dropping considerably overnight. it could be colder, last night was colder than it is this morning. here's what we are seeing in the gulf. we'll see an area of green, late thursday night on and off through the day thursday. i think the worst of our storms will be through friday afternoon. we can't rule out severe storms. the story today, the frost advisory, until 9:00 this
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pretty good, there is the chance for frost up northwest. 37 the temperature. 48 in orlando. 50 is the temperature starting out in melbourne. >> area wide, a cool morning, cool enough to grab the jacket or heavy coat. here's your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we take you through the day, we'll show you the line graph. we'll see the sun fitting through the high cloudiness, enough to warm us into the 60's. 61 by noon. 65 degrees at 4:00. by 6:00 this evening, we are still at 60 degrees. we are 10 degrees below that in many spots spots. here are those evening temperatures at 9:00 tonight, 56 degrees. we are at 53 at 11:00. a cool night, you'll need the jacket again.
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in today. 2:00 in the afternoon, no green, no rain to talk about through the afternoon and evening. we'll see more and more of those clouds developing and pushing in. we'll watch for an area of low pressure, a warm front moves in from the south. then some storms on the day friday. we'll talk about the timing as we get closer. 64 in leesburg. 63 in daytona beach. 39 again tomorrow morning in ocala. you see the warmup. the next seven days look like this, a 20% chance for rain tomorrow. 80% chances for storms on into friday afternoon with a high of 76. another cool down into sunday. a high of 65 at warming into the 70's. let's check on the roads. what is going on? >> we are taking a look, this is i-4 at dirkson. we'll talk about the accident in the clearing stages. just be mindful, it is on the shoulder. there is a little bit of
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as well. give yourself time on i-4, we don't want anymore crashes. this is at mile marker 250 north of 44. the left lane is blocked due to construction. also more construction at mile marker 249. the left lane is blocked there as well. a car crash still in our traffic center. westwood boulevard at old florida boulevard, two lanes blocked here as well. >> still ahead on this wednesday, the search is on for the man who attacked a woman walking her dog. >> police are trying to figure out why she was target in the first place. we'll show you the iconic car
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the roads. >> the auto maker is reviving the continental to become its flagship full sized sedan.
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auto show, this was yesterday. the continental will go on sale in the united states and in china. it has been warmer than normal winter over parts of the country. >> apparently leading to an unusual problem, a big problem. fat squirrels. squirrels like to put on winter weight to help them survive the chilly temperatures. but in south carolina things are getting out of hand because squirrels are still bulking up instead of settling into their winter nap. experts say they will not see any long term health problems. >> coming up in the next half-hour, there are questions surrounding the future of executions in florida. >> the fallout after the supreme court ruled florida's death penalty unconstitutional. we are following breaking news after 10 u.s. sailors were
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now free. the breaking details just in just ahead. >> a robbery victim fights back, we are live with the search for the second victim next. you are watching news 6 getting results harmony, villages and all of central florida. we'll be right back. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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