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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> a would be robber shot after a store owner decides to fight back. police search for a second violent suspect who is still on the run right now. >> a crime alert in volusia county, a 73-year-old woman attacked while walking her dog. now police trying to figure out why she was targeted. >> someone out there could be a brand new billionaire, we are counting down to the drawing of the biggest power ball ever. >> i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. and joining us we have dori and troy. >> that is a lot of money. >> i bought power ball tickets. i'm ready. we'll all go on vacation, i'll share. >> it is cold but not as cold as yesterday.
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we'll see the increase in temperatures for the next few days days. we'll pinpoint storms. 37 and dry. in ocala, we have a frost advisory in effect through 9:00 in marion county. 48 in orlando. 45 in new smyrna beach. cocoa beach at 54 degrees. there's the frost advisory through 9:00. only for marion county. as we take you through the day, hour by hour, there is a virtual view over downtown orlando. the 55 west building. with more and more clouds through the day. not as much sun as we saw yesterday. getting us up to 65 degrees by 4:00. rain chances do return for thursday late. and friday, we'll talk about the timing. let's head over to dori who has been busy since 4:56 this morning. >> traffic has been moving along. a look at i-4 at 535. you can see right here on the eastbound lanes, we have a left lane blocked due to construction. there are construction cones.
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average speeds are 65 miles an hour. no major delays, 65 at mile marker 250 seeing the construction with the left lane blocked. the good news is at 239 just cleared. a car crash westwood at old florida boulevard. our travel times, i-4 west lake mary boulevard is 11 minutes. we can see green conditions across our major roadways up to the 60's in that area. >> right now, a would be robber is in the hospital after being shot. >> police say a convenience store owner took matters into his own hands and fired at two suspects hitting one of them. mark lehman is live in cocoa. where is that other suspect? >> police say the suspect got
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the store owner actually shot that car as it sped away. i spoke with police and they say they haven't been able to confirm the second suspect has been caught. look at the video. this is the scene when we arrived here. crime scene tape surrounded the store as the gun was found lying on the ground next to a pile of clothes. police say two men walked into the convenience store just after 8:00 and held the owner at gun point. he took out his gun and started shooting. one of the suspects was air lifted to the hospital as the other got into the car which was also shot by the owner. a few minutes ago, i spoke with a regular customer who tells me the man who owns the store is well-known to carry a gun while working. >> why they would do it, i have no idea. he is well armed and well equipped. he will pull the trigger. by the grace of god it wasn't him that got shot but fs the other guy.
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we are hearing reports a man has been detained in rockledge after police found a car with a bullet hole in it. so far, police haven't been able to confirm if that has any connection to what happened last night. we are working to get answers to those questions from investigators. as soon as we get anything new, we'll pass it along to you on news 6. >> mark lehman live in cocoa. also developing right now, a crime alert in volusia county after a 73-year-old woman is attacked, knocked down by a stranger. police are working to figure out who this person is. the attack happened yesterday as the woman was walking her dog on atlantic avenue. the woman didn't want to be identified on camera but says the man hit her so hard she actually got a concussion. she says the man ran up and hit her over the head and took off without saying anything.
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i wasn't a threat to him. i was walking a little dog. >> she will be working with police on a composite sketch. as soon as we get that we'll share it on >> within 10 minutes, 10 sailors detained in this country yesterday have been released. this comes hours after officials said those service members will be interrogated before they would be allowed to leave. >> iranian officials wanted to know what the sailors' intentions were. the iranian government says it aears the crew members became lost after having problems with their navigation system. we'll let you know as soon as we get new updates on this breaking story. >> a man charged in hate and run that injured a 3-year-old boy is expected to go before a judge today. billy jo gibson was arrested after turning himself in. he is charged with leaving the scene of a crash with injuries and driving with a suspended license. police in winter garden say gibson was driving down east cypress street when he hit the toddler.
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he is expected to make a full recovery. >> a teen accused of running over an orlando officer will stay in jail for now. a judge denied bond for edward kelsey. police say video shows the teen running over officer william anderson and anderson was seriously hurt and is recovering. >> it is a happy ending for a dog snatched from a pet store. orlando police say the dog got a couple of snacks last week at the puppy stop on east colonial drive has been returned. the store owner says he got a call from police saying the couple had turned the puppy over to officers. he says his staff will be on dpaurd to keep this from happening again. >> hopefully this won't happen for a few more years and we'll all be on our toes. it is a shame you have to watch the good people, you know, you just never know who will get you. >> we asked police if the person who turned in the dog was going
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so far, they have not answered our questions. >> happening today on the heels of his state of the state address, yesterday governor scott attacks his push for tax cuts on the road with a stop in orlando. it is part of his million miles for a million jobs tour. the kickoff will be at east land street at 9:00 this morning. afterwards the governor will make stops in tampa and sunrise. >> the count down is on. we are just horse away. look at that clock ticking. 17 hours, 21 minutes before the power ball drawing where someone would walk away with 1.5 billion dollars. it is the largest jackpot in power ball history. >> that has a lot of people testing their luck and picking up some tickets. kirsten is live along colonial drive. there are plenty of people hoping this is the last day they ever have to wake up for work again. >> that's exactly right. you can certainly shut off the early morning wake-up call if
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within 30 minutes, we'll start seeing people come into this gas station to get their chance at the winning jackpot. they'll come over here. experts say even if you do the most conservative savings, that's cd that pay out 1%, you'll make $100,000 a week in interest alone. that's one more reason why people are trying their odds. >> playing for the chance to win 1.5 billion dollars. when you crunch the numbers, that's 50 million dollars a year for 30 years or after taxes 561 million dollars in the bank. with either choice, certified financial planner says you should always hire a lawyer and accountant and money manager. >> it could be a curse. it sounds like a fortune. it is a fortune. but it could become misfortune
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impact of becoming one of the richest people in the world. >> by tonight, there will be more money on the table. power ball representatives say at the peak of sales yesterday, there were 18,178 tickets sold every minute. experts say every new number combination is another shot at the jackpot. >> the only way absolutely to increase your odds of winning the power ball is to buy more tickets. >> so, of course, it is still 292 million to one, when you do all the math and with odds that big, buying a couple of extra tickets is probably not going to increase your chance all that much. good luck to everybody who comes out and plays today. >> maybe you can pick me up a few tickets. i promise to share. watch tonight's drawing live tonight at news 6 at 10:59 on the dot before news 6 at 11:00. >> we have tips to help you improve your power ball odds
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the lucky places in central florida to buy that ticket. look for the story on the home page. >> if you are heading out to get power ball tickets, you'll want to check the jacket. >> you stepped out and saw the sunshine pu it was chilly for the good part of the day. then the sunset looked like this. more clouds building in. the clouds overnight helped to act as a blanket. this photo pinned with our storm pins app from beach fool. i didn't call him beach fool. that's what he called himself. not as cold as yesterday. still cold enough to grab a coat. we have the frost advisory in marion county county. use the storm pins app. 37 is the temperature in ocala. it is 48 in orlando.
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gradual warmup to 65 with no rain and a mix of sun and clouds. a good hair day. also having a good hair day. did you need extra hair spray? >> i did. you know i love hair spray. i-4 at 535, we have construction right here on the left shoulder shoulder. westbound is your headlights. average speed at 55 miles an hour. florida turnpike to 436 is 61 minutes. we are in the green conditions. all through i-4 and also on the turnpike and 408. >> we have a health alert. >> why smoking them is more dangerous than cigarettes. >> caught on camera, an unusual getaway for this thief. this woman skips from the scene after snatching a girl's birthday gift. that video is next. >> questions surrounding the death penalty in florida after a supreme court ruling.
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>> on this wednesday morning, you are watching news 6 getting results for altamonte springs, rockledge and all of central florida.
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>> this is all after the supreme court ruled the death penalty law is unconstitutional. as it stands a jury could recommend a death sentence for con vicked felons. it is up to the judge to make the final decision. the supreme court says that gives judges too much power. prosecutors are trying to figure out what impact that decision will have on past and future cases. we reached out to pam bondi who released this statement.
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death sentences will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. i will work with state lawmakers to ensure the changes comply with the court's decision. one case affected is out of volusia county after the trial is set to start on monday. he is accused of killing his wife and also her two children. the state attorney tells us they are reviewing the case to see if the supreme court decision will have any impact on this trial. >> dozens of people from right here in central florida are on the way to tallahassee to voice their opinions on immigration reform. a bus filled with voters head for the capital and the group is protesting seven different bills proposed by legislators. one of the bills makes it a crime tofrjts. the group will be joined by hundreds more from around the state including tampa, lake
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>> a healthy alert about hooka. a study finds it could be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. according to the researchers smoking hooka exposes person to 125 times the amount of smoke found in cigarettes and two and a half times the nicotine. doctors say what is even more troubling is while smoking rates have decreased, hooka and e cigarette use is up. >> you have to see this video, there it is. a woman who police say stole pr a california neighborhood leaves the scene prancing and skipping. she has some nerve. officer are hoping those moves will put her in jail. here is a closer look. detectives say the woman walked up to a home, the homeowner said it was a gift -- something is not right. the woman's waltz doesn't end there.
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across the street where she steals more mail from another person's home. neighbors say they are on the lookout for the woman and they say they hope the video can land her in jail. she can skip behind bars. >> a new high-rise condo in chicago has launched a funky ad. >> it has to do with a sign boasting about their attractive residents. >> you normally don't say, look, you could have a beautiful neighbor. >> since i'm married, i'll probably stay away. >> safe answer right there. >> residents say they were not judged on their looks so they thought when they signed the lease, not everyone there looks like a model. 65% of the building already leased.
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saying active fitness center. >> i'd love to check out the pool. >> what is going on here? >> they won't let you move in there. >> going to be some legal problems. >> we are talking about cold air again this morning. not quite as cold as we saw this time yesterday. cold enough for a frost advisory in marion county as we take you through the weather story. right now that frost advisory is in effect. we are in the 30's in marion county. not quite freezing like we saw yesterday and i don't think we'll get near freezing but it is cold enough we'll see frost. if you are out and about and scraping windshields. increasing clouds today but no rain. we'll see temperatures warming into the 60's.
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storms building in, very late on thursday night into the early morning hours, there is a chance for strong wind gusts even a tornado is possible. we'll be here to keep you up to date on weather changes. there is the frost advisory in effect through 9:00 this morning in marion county. most of us not as cold as we are seeing up north and west of i-4. it is 43 in the villages. 47 in lake county. 48 in orlando. 45 in new smyrna beach. what about the rest of today? here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the gradual climb in temperatures, a lot like yesterday. we are up to 61 at noon. 65 will be our afternoon high at 4:00 today with no rain chances and again more clouds but they are mainly high clouds way up in the atmosphere that will not produce any rain even tonight. 56 will be the temperature by
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there's the clouds and rain forecast, we'll see sunshine so not cloudy all day all the time. increasing clouds through tomorrow. there is thursday morning at 8:00. still no rain. late thursday night into very early on friday, notice 1:00 in the morning, green entering the picture. we'll pinpoint a front, a warm front moving north. we'll be in what we call the warm sector. when that happens, we generally see severe weather with strong winds. we'll have to watch this closely. we'll see a chance for stronger storms for the drive home. tom sorrells and the whole team will be here to keep you up to date on changes. there's leesburg, it is 64 by 3:00. looking good, mild, dry. get outdoors if you can, too bad you probably have to go to work. we are at 40 early in the morning tomorrow. 47 in orlando. there is the planning forecast and notice that increase in rain and 80% chance by friday. highs in the mid 70's. another cooldown by the weekend. sunday, a high of 65.
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head over to dori who is busy at 456 with some trouble. >> no major delays, i-4 at state road 528. you can see those eastbound lanes are taillights. westbound lanes are your headlights. we are averaging a speed at 65 miles an hour going to the airport, i-95 to the toll plaza. it is just 14 minutes on 528 westbound. also a car crash still lingering, westwood boulevard, old florida boulevard, there are two lanes blocked there. green conditions on most of our major roadways. 408 as well. i-95 south, we see construction lingering at mile marker 250. the left lane is blocked. wrapping up construction here on i-4 east at princeton, this is almost clear. >> coming up at the top of the hour, which lincoln favorite is coming back. and next, a check of the big stories, including a developing one in cocoa, a would be robber
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>> time check the big stories for you on this wednesday. a robber suspect is recovering after a convenience store owner shot him. it happened on south cocoa boulevard. a second suspect was able to get away. the owner also shot the car he was driving. >> a search under way for a man who attacked a 73-year-old woman who was out walking her dog. it happened along south atlantic avenue in daytona beach shores. the woman suffered a concussion buzz is expected to be ok. >> tonight is a night in a matter of hours, officials will draw the winning numbers in a #.5 billion dollar jackpot. you can catch it live just before the news at 11:00. >> still ahead, president obama the union.
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reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> plus a possible break in the murder of a sanford store owner who police are talking to now about the crime, all as friends come together to remember the victims. again! r
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>> developing right now, a store owner fights back against two
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police try to find a second
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