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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a store owner defends his shop against would-be robbers. >> and two of the three suspects could be behind dozens of climbs. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. >> i'm ginger gadsden. first we're starting to see the temperatures go up a little bit. but forget about that. there is now a newly named storm called alex. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. a storm in january? >> kind of crazy, huh? first time since 1978 we've had a named storm in the atlantic this early in the season in january and only the fourth time in recorded history we've had a january storm named. there it is. alex, north of the cape verde islands tonight. you can see the eye pretty well-defined right there on the satellite imagery.
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vapor loop so you can see it there, too. a lot of water spraying in front of it, into the azores. it's going to be heading due north by friday. it will have wind speeds of 60 miles per hour, a strong storm in the dead of winter over the north atlantic. let's talk about what's happening to us. that storm will never affect you. what will affect you is what's brewing in the gulf. we don't have much rain close to us, but, look, scattered showers down here tied to a big low out here in the gulf of mexico that will rumble through here with big storms thursday night into friday. more about that in a moment. on-the-town forecast for this night, a slow slide to 53 degrees by 11:00. >> thank you, tom. we're following breaking news now at 5:30. orlando police are investigating after a body is found behind a nightclub. we're told that the body was discovered behind guilt nightclub on bennett road. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon. that's just off of east colonial.
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it was an unresponsive adult male found in a grassy area behind that club. we do know the medical examiner's vehicle is on scene right now. we have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you the very latest on this story and the information we're gathering right now, coming up at 6:00. >> a local store owner fights back. now, one of the people accused of trying to steal from him is in the hospital. two others behind bars. >> cocoa police say this case could be bigger than they first thought, too. attempted robbery. police say norric hyman was the person hurt when he tried to go inside the store. here's the details. >> the store owner shot at the robbers last night, helping officers to catch the three suspects. now they're trying to figure out whether they're involved with other crimes throughout brevard county. >> a suspect in tuesday night's armed robbery at this chevron
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boulevard, gunned down by the store owner. >> they tried to rob the man and he shot the dude. >> police say norric hyman walked into the business wearing a mask, pointed a gun at the owner and demanded money. that's when the shop keeper pulled out his own gun. >> preliminarily, we could say he was acting in self-defense of his own life and his own property. >> cocoa police says this is the fourth time the store owner has had to shoot attempted robbers. hyman tried to get away in the waiting car but the owner held him at gunpoint until officers arrived. witnesses reported seeing that car speed off. >> there's a silver camaro that just went over to deforest avenue. >> the vehicle was found in rockledge. they arrested the driver and the passenger. police say she was the mastermind of the robbery. i did some digging and found all three have an extensive criminal history.
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some of them very violent and serious felony charges. >> now officers are trying to figure out if these same suspects are connected to a brevard county. >> we are comparing notes with other jurisdictions to see if they're connected, if these individuals are connected with that. 6. >> investigators tell us hyman underwent surgery today for the injuries he suffered during the robbery. once he's released from the jail. a teen. deputies in brevard county are happened. >> yeah, now the 15-year-old is in custody and has appeared in juvenile court in connection with the toddler's death. according to our news partners at florida today, the toddler died at the hospital in rockledge on sunday. deputies say the 21-month-old girl was in the care of the teen at the time of her death. now the teen is facing we checked with the brevard county sheriff's office, but they say they are not releasing
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time, but an investigation is ongoing. >> covering volusia county now. this man is behind bars tonight accused of threatening to kill his girlfriend at a 7-eleven convenience store after he claimed she had cheated on him. daytona beach police say antonio rivera pushed her down in the parking lot. then investigators tell us while they were interviewing rivera's girlfriend about the incident at 7-eleven, she also reported he had raped her two days earlier. he's now facing charges in both cases. >> at this point, you don't have to dream small with the powerball jackpot for tonight's drawing sitting at a cool $1.5 billion. >> that number is expected to grow, believe it or not, before the drawing tonight at 10:59 on news 6. we'll help break down your chances of winning. >> here it is, well, sort of. it's clear the lottery never expected the powerball to expand
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changed from lotto america in 1992. but that's where it stands. yes, we've heard dreams of houses and cars, paying off student loans. he helped us better grasp the famous 1 and 292 million odds. >> last week's number nobody drew. the odds of that number coming up again are the same as the odds of you winning. it's very strange. if that happened, that would be really weird. it's the same kind of thing, if you won it would be really weird as well. it's the same kind of low chance. >> the probability has plunged. recently the lottery added more possible numbers, upping the odds from 1 and 175 million. this was advertised as the building of larger jackpots and beefier payouts. lottery officials and mathematicians say it's false that certain states are more lucky.
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produced three powerball winners. new york saw only one. this is a devoted lottery guy. if he hit it big, he would first hire a lawyer and then after a home and cars -- >> put the rest in stocks and bonds. >> -- he's had a lot of time to analyze. >> i've been thinking about it maybe four years now. >> if you choose the lump sum tonight, you would get a payout of a measly $930 million. don't forget, you can catch the drawing live on news 6 at 10:59, before news 6 at 11:00. >> let's get a check on the roads with julie broughton. >> we're looking at a slow ride on i-4 approaching the 6:00 hour. this is i-4 at church street. the cars you see driving away from me, those are heading eastbound, very slow eastbound also beginning to see traffic building westbound through the downtown area as well.
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watching a crash on goldenrod road at state road 50, which is colonial. we're getting reports of a crash on state road 417 southbound at exit 3, which is osceola parkway. expect the potential of delays there as well. i-4 westbound beginning to slow from lake mary boulevard down to downtown and the colonial exit is 22 minutes. >> thank you, julie. if you were with us for our live facebook chat at 4:30 today, candace campos asked viewers to choose a local city where she could pinpoint the weather. the city has now been chosen and candace joins us live from the newsroom with a pinpoint look at ormand by the sea. >> in the comments, the viewer asked to talk about ormand by the sea. he said "big tony is in the house." when he wrote that, i think he did a little one of these.
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>> just a little bit, the roof. let's talk about ormand by the sea for all the folks watching out there, including big tony. there's your shout-out right there. as you can see for tonight, temperatures are cooling down into the upper 40's or so. not as chilly as earlier nights. another nice day on thursday, warming up to 64 degrees. things will start moving and shaking by thursday night. you can see the clouds start rolling in. there will be the slight increase, a chance for rain heading into 10 p.m. as temperatures are warmer than tonight. if you have any outdoor plans to get done and not get all sopping wet when you're outside, you might want to do it before thursday night. if you don't live by ormand by the sea, not to worry. you can download our pinpoint weather app or go on our website and we have all the zone forecasts, down to your neighborhood and street forecast, all times of the day. >> thank you, candace.
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county is closing its doors for the very last time. company leaders say they'll be shutting down the store on international speedway boulevard in daytona beach. this will mark the last of the k-mart's in volusia and flagler counties. old time pottery is taking over the space. >> the 400 million daytona rising project is near completion. they have officially gotten their temporary certificate of occupancy. they can start moving into the newly renovated facility and start getting ready for the upcoming race season. the rolex 24 is happening at the end of the month. exciting times happening there. >> would you share a hotel room with a stranger in order to save a few bucks? if so, we need to tell you about a new app that could help you out when it comes to saving some money. >> i wouldn't share a hotel room with a lot of people i know. >> i know, right? >> plus governor rick scott delivered his state of the state
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coming up next, we checked in with him as he kicked off a three-day tour in central florida. talking about more than just jobs. >> and volkswagen says it will have a fix for their bad diesel engines.
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>> just one day after his state of the state address, governor rick scott is taking his jobs message on the road. >> now he's touring the state, pushing for tax cuts and touting how many jobs have been brought to the sunshine state in recent years. we were there today with more on the million miles for a million jobs bus tour. >> governor rick scott says it's time to tell florida's story. he kicked off his million miles for million jobs bus tour here at victory tailgate in orlando. >> a celebration for a million new jobs in five years. one day after delivering his state of the state address, governor rick scott says florida is leading the nation in job creation.
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tour held at a home-grown orlando business that started in a garage and now employees 300 people. >> we were able to tap into seamstresses and manufacturers and all sorts of different sites. it's a huge advantage being here in florida. >> scott sims, the c.e.o. of victory tailgate, says the success of his business may not have been possible in another state. the governor had a call for a billion dollars in tax cuts. >> we have 365,000 people who moved here last year because people have a job. the state revenues are growing. we ought to give you some of your money back. we're going to get more jobs. >> governor rick scott's million miles for million jobs bus tour will continue on to tampa and sunrise, florida, in the next couple of days. >> the governor's million miles
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wrap up in west palm beach on friday. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, new crash test videos show the dangers of leaving dogs unrestrained in a moving car and the products that failed to keep them safe. >> if the car comes to an abrupt stop, they're thrown into the dashboard or window and can result in a lot of head trauma, spinal injuries or broken bones. >> we're going to reveal the pet crates and harnesses that do the best job of protecting your pet. some of these videos are terrifying here if you watch them in slow motion. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> volkswagen has a plan to fix its polluting problem but california regulators just shot it down. >> they say the proposal is not enough. they say the plan is incomplete because it does not clearly lay out which cars are affected and what that fix would mean for future emissions. this all comes after the car company is accused of rigging software so hundreds of
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emissions requirement in the u.s. >> retail giant wal-mart is recalling more than 300,000 griddles. >> they say you can get an electric shot when you plug this thing in. it's sold under the name rival between july and december of last year. the company says the heating get inside. you go to plug that thing in, and you can get shocked. you can return one of these to the store and get yourself a full refund. >> would you split a hotel room with a complete stranger? >> no, back to you. not a chance. that. it's called winston club and aimed at helping solo travelers with overnight stays. users. how is it going to screen them? then match people based on age and gender preference. for now, it's available in las francisco. when the whole couch surfing craze started up, i thought no
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i have people in my family who travel the country that way. >> the difference is the people who own the airbnb, they leave the house. >> the whole thing seems weird to me. we're skeptical people. >> a little germaphobe ic germaphobic. >> i'm with you there. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. what do we have going on? >> we have beautiful pictures on storm pin. look at daytona beach. this is from palatka with the clouds moving in. this is daytona beach. we grayed over big time today. a little wind coming in, pushing the clouds right toward you. storm pins is available in your app store right now for absolutely free. have you heard the news? we have a named system in the atlantic for the first time in january, first time since 1978. there it is.
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the eye is pretty well-defined. you can see the big slap of moisture on the far side of it there. that's what it looks like. this is where it's going. almost due north in the next 24 to 48 hours. alex won't hang around very long. should not be a system by the time we're talking on saturday. for now, we have a named subtropical storm in the atlantic ocean. isn't that weird? look at radar right now. you can see the way we're stacking up with no rain tonight. not looking for much during the day tomorrow, either. the echoes, you see them down here and to the gulf, a lot more of that moisture is going to be rolling our way by late night thursday into friday. daytime high today only hit 60 in orlando. 55 in ocala. right now we're at 50 in ocala and 58 in orlando. cocoa beach and melbourne are both at 60. 54 right now in palm coast. here's the bottom line. we're actually cooler tonight than last night, though we have a lot more cloud cover. orlando. 4 degrees colder in ocala.
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we got warmer yesterday because the sunshine was able to beat through the clouds. tonight more of the cloud cover comes in. take a look. i'll stand here in the corner. look at this low, beginning to develop in the gulf of mexico. it's going to ride north of us and drag a cold front through here. we got warm air tomorrow, up to about 70. tomorrow night into friday is when everything changes. here's thursday night at 8 p.m. watch the clock right there. this is midnight into 5 a.m. friday morning. a few stray showers will be out there. most of those won't be rocking and rolling. by midday, we're getting pummeled with rain. here's 8 a.m., big scattered showers. there's the front by 11:00. by 2:00, it's passed on through orlando. it has every real possibility some of those storms could be rotating. it could be a dangerous day. overnight low tonight is 40 in ocala. 44 in palm coast. and 49 will do it in orlando. here's tomorrow.
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the daytime high goes to 70. overnight low tomorrow, 59. on friday, 76 is the high. it's a stormy day with a cold front wrapping in late. saturday's high, 73. a cold, cold front comes in on sunday. >> dicey friday. >> weird day. >> thank you, tom. >> imagine not being able to get in your car to leave a restaurant. >> yeah, coming up next, how towing companies and a restaurant owner are now proposing to get this car loose. it's been stuck in the ice for days. i'm sure you've seen it on social media. crazy stuff. >> yeah, it is. and a teen is now in jail following this car chase.
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>> it's an emotional day for melbourne police today. >> they announced this morning that one of their own is stepping down. canine dex is retiring this week. he looks forward to most chasing tennis ball and eating dog treats. people are leaving their well-wishes on the melbourne police twitter page. happy retirement.
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>> absolutely. >> people who live in the north have had quite the winter so far this month. >> big crashes and snowstorms and ice bringing trees down on to houses. clean-up has been manageable but one place is still facing a problem. this is western new york. that car, well-known on social media, still sitting in a restaurant parking lot days after it became encased in ice. several towing companies were called. they all said the same thing. there's nothing strong enough to hook this car up to to be able to pull it out. >> so what's next? >> you can chip away at it a little bit if we need to. what we need to do is free up the wheels. as long as we can free up the wheels, we can get it on and back to the shop and thaw it out that way. >> and if that doesn't work, what's plan b? frjts >> strength. >> the car owner estimates it's buried in at least a foot of
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>> and it's ice, not snow, ice. >> it's right next to that lake and the water from the lake -- >> couldn't they bring out giant heaters? >> a blow drier or something? if you wanted to dedicate a couple of weeks. a foot of ice. >> ice is hard to get through. lisa bell is here with the news at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00, someone could be the next billionaire following tonight's powerball drawing. the lottery mania is in full force. we're calculating how far all and a substitute teacher accused of having sex with a teen is arrested again. what investigators say she did this time to land herself back in jail. also fans of orlando city soccer have to wait another year before they get to cheer in their new stadium.
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