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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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breaking right now, three winners in the powerball, one in florida. who is the winner in the sunshine state? >> breaking overnight, a deadly bombing overseas, what we learned about what those attackers had. >> it is cool and quiet. we have big weather changes on the way. we'll explain to you how this developing system in the gulf could bring us severe storms pi this time tomorrow. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison and troy bridges is busy and traffic anchor tori dahn is helping us get out the door. ? good morning good morning. we'll give you travel times, the roadways are looking pretty good. >> we are talking about a severe threat. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow morning, a chance for a couple of rotating storms. we'll talk about that, and also have good news about today and the weekend. it is not all gloom and doom.
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we'll check back with you in a second. we have breaking news in the last few hours, we learned there were three big winners in last night's record breaking powerball jackpot and one is in florida. grab your tickets, check those numbers, here they are. kirsten is on top of this story. kirsten? >> reporter: it is a mystery. we don't know where that last powerball winner is. we know where the other two, it is the 1.5 billion dollar question. three winners will split the jackpot that climbed to 1.6 billion dollars. we knew it would go up with all those people buying tickets. we know one of those winners is in florida. the lottery hasn't announced where that ticket was purchased.
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the seven-11 in california was taken over by cheering customers last night after that announcement. let's take a look. look. hard to believe none of those people are the winners. again, we don't know who is holding onto any of the winning tickets this morning. a store employee at this winning store said they sold about $12,000 worth of tickets just yesterday. >> there are a lot of lucky people in the city. >> in just the last few hours, the florida lottery announced in addition to the big jackpot winner, florida had 11 one
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we are waiting to hear where the powerball winner is. >> we are standing by, kirsten. lots of winners in florida. here are those numbers one more time. we have posted them on, powered by news 6. 4-8-19-37-34 and powerball 10. we'll send out push alerts. search wkmg in your app store. >> this time tomorrow we could be dealing with strong and even severe storms. >> we are not trying to scare folks, we want you to be ready tomorrow morning while you are sleeping early in the morning, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, there amen big storms to deal with. we want you to have the weather radio handy.
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the gulf of mexico and it will be racing in our direction through the early morning hours. the main threat, one round in the morning, another in the afternoon will be strong wind gusts, greater than 50 miles an hour that could lead to damage. also the possibility of tornadoes, that threat is fairly low. it is there. we will see the chance for a couple of isolated tornadoes tomorrow through the day. the story right now, the cold air, it is 39 in ocala. 48 in orlando. 52 in melbourne. grab that jacket. cloudy skies today, only a 10% chance for rain. a high of 70. warming up a little bit later on. we'll break down the timing of those storms straight ahead. let's check on the roads with dori dahn. >> good morning good morning. we have construction to tell you about. this is i-95 north at mile marker 250. you can see the left lane is blocked. drive with caution. it is dark in that area in volusia county. make sure you have the
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we have exit 273, the right lane is blocked as well, i-4 east, this construction is in the process of clearing you should be good to go. this is westbound at 408. dean road to i-4 is just eight minutes. >> the time now is is 5:04. we are following a major developing story coming out of indonesia where seven people including four attackers are dead. this follows a series of suicide attacks in the capital city of jakarta. we have learned authorities are saying those attackers appeared to be imitating the attacks that happened in paris. this is video we just got into our news room. you can see what appears to be one of those explosions. police say three of the attackers detonated suicide bombs in a downtown starbucks while two other gunman attacked a nearby post. at this point, there is no word on whether any attackers are still on the run.
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responsibility for the attacks. sgloofrjts sgloofrjts. >> in just hours a man accused of killing his wife and her two children could find out if his trial will be delayed. he is to stand trial next week for the murder of yesina and her children. a ruling in the death penalty could change that. was decided. >> that was rejected by the judge. now it is prosecutors asking for the delay. with the murder trial of louis toledo set to begin on tuesday, that start date is now in doubt.
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back in court at the request of prosecutors. a motion filed yesterday reads the state respectfully requests a continuance in order to allow time for the issues raised in hearst to be properly addressed. the ruling that the current death penalty system is unconstitutional. it is up to the judge to have the final say and the supreme court says that gives judges too much power. before the ruling, toledo faced a death sentence if convicted. he is charged with a second degree murder of his wife and is facing two counts in the deaths of her children. all three were reported missing in october of 2013. their bodies were never found. >> the supreme court ruling is having a wide effect on a number of cases including one other high profile case in central florida i'll have more on that coming up. as far as this case, we'll be in
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get them on >> thanks, mark. overnight, a man arrested in the murder of a florida woman in italy. prosecutors say they identified and arrested a 25-year-old imfwrant from senegal from d.n.a. found on a condom, a cigarette and d.n.a. foured under ashley olson's fingernails. prosecutors say a witness saw olsen and the suspect leaving a disco. at a press conference, police say olsen appears to have suffered two skull fractures before she was strangled. strangled. identity of a 14-year-old who crossing a busy street in orange we brought you this as breaking news last night after troopers say two cars hit and killed the teen while he was crossing john young parkway late last night. investigators say he tried to cross the northbound lanes.
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oncoming car. troopers say the crash is under investigation. >> in just hours, governor scott will be in central florida for the second time in two days. we were in orlando as he kicked off what he is calling his million miles for a million jobs bus tour. today the governor will visit boca raton before heading to the rimaldi candy factory. >> from that local trip to this trip oversaegs, later today the magic will tip off for the second time in their history in london. the team posted this video on facebook of a photo shot in front of the tower bridge. so the magic arrived in london tuesday and will need the extra arrest having lost five of the last six games. the magic in 1993 when the current coach was the team's point guard. kickoff is at 3:00 eastern time.
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and he is bringing his mom along for the trip. you know a lot of selfies will be taken. >> a great opportunity there. >> let's head to troy bridges with lots of weather information. >> we are making history in the tropics. nowhere near tropical storm season. we have the first january storm since 1978. only four times has this ever happened before. it is way out in the atlantic. it is not impacting us and barely impacting anyone any time soon. this will weaken as it continues to move to the north, into the weekend into an area of low pressure. the big thing, the storms we'll be dealing with tomorrow. today, cloudy skies, only a 10% chance for rain and warmer getting up to 70. we'll break down all that with the storms straight ahead. let's get to the roads and head over to dori right now. what is going on there? >> good morning good morning. happy thursday if you are heading out. we are looking at i-4 at state
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cleared. they are working hard those construction workers because mauve our major construction has cleared. we can see the westbound lanes are your headlights, eastbound are your taillights. no major delays in this area. getting you travel times in seminole county, i-4 west, lake mary boulevard to lee road is a comfortable 11 minute travel time. we have a smoke advisory, light smoke due to a prescribed fire burn in that area. comfort speeds into downtown we can see we are in the 60's. i-4 east, florida turnpike to 436 is just 16 minutes. >> still ahead, teens could soon get to sleep a little bit longer on school days. >> we'll tell you about the push for a later school day. >> thieves target a game. how they managed to get away with hundreds of dollars. >> continuing to follow breaking news after three tickets, including one in florida are
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we have an update next. you are watching news 6 getting results for howie in the hills and umatilla.
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>> good morning. if you are just joining us, we learned overnight, a ticket purchased in florida is among the three and that's all the this bes in last night record 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. here are the numbers again -- 4-8-19-27-34 and power ball 10. the we find out during the newscast where that ticket was sold, we'll let you know right away right here and on, powered by news 6. >> now to a crime alert, deputies trying to get results finding the thieves who targeted a high school basketball game. >> investigators say two men stole hundreds of dollars after buying tickets. the thieves took the money from a game at edgewood junior senior high school located in meritt
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detectives say around 6:00 the suspects bought tickets at the game and sat down regular fans. at some point they went back to the clerk and said they wanted a refund because they were at the wrong game. deputies say they took the refund and stole the rest of the money out of the cash box. this news is upsetting for many parents. >> i hate to see armed police officers and deputy sheriffs at all our games but it seems like it is getting to that point these days. >> a sad situation. the two got away with about $300. investigators are checking the footage to try to identify these suspects. >> a plan to let thousands of orange county students sleep in later will once again be up for debate today. according to the sentinel, several board members say they are open to pushing back the start time. the plan would call for classes to start between 7:30 and 8:15 in the morning. the current start time is
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option at a work session at 4:30. >> a popular holiday gift is being blamed for setting a home on fire. fire and rescue crews posted these pictures to facebook after they say a hover board caught fire in a home in port st. john's. firefighters say the fire caused damage but fortunately, no one was injured. you might remember earlier this week ucf staffers banned them on campus. last week target, amazon and stopped selling the boards until the battery and charger issue can be fixed. >> a former back street boy member is being arrested without bond for a fight that happened in florida. police handcuffed nick carter in key west. according to tmz is 35-year-old was taken into custody after getting into a fight at a bar. he will be charged with one misdemeanor count. >> take a look, this pup -- oh,
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he can smile on command. the camera loving pooch pearly whites has earned the video more than 12 million views on facebook. he has a lot to smile about because with that grin, he will have no problem find ago frf home. >> i'll adopt him. even if he tore up something. >> i'm sure the lady dogs like him too. >> we'll be smiling because the weather won't be a big issue. we'll be cloudy, gloomy. we'll see a chance for rain. it is about that much at 10%. tomorrow is when we see the changes, even early in the morning and overnight. we'll pinpoint a chance for stronger storms. let's show you why as we get you out there and pinpoint what is going on in the gulf of mexico.
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you see the clouds, they are streaming in as we have a strong jet stream. they will guide the system in the gulf of mexico near texas right into central florida overnight tonight and early tomorrow. here's the severe weather threat as that system moves closer t. main threat will be strong wind gusts, 50 miles an hour or greater. that could lead to damage. that could be a concern through the morning hours as well another round through the afternoon drive tomorrow. the other threat while it is low is still there. that would be a tornado. we could see rotating storms that could lead to a tornado and, of course, that would be a real concern through the day tomorrow as well. a good time to have the noaa weather radio on so you are awakened by any alarms. today it is chilly. 3 in ocala. 48 in orlando. 49 at new smyrna beach. 44 at palm coast.
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>> as we take you through the day, we warm to 70 degrees today, close to that average of 71 finally with lots of clouds in place. it will look ugly but we won't see much rain. tonight, we gradually increase moisture and energy ahead of the system. rain chances increasing. 8:00, 30%. rain chances at 50% at 11:00. temperatures near 60 degrees. here's the important part as we break down the clouds and rain forecast. there's 4:00 this afternoon. no big concern. overnight tonight into tomorrow, we begin to see more rain. as tom sorrells is out here at 11:00, he'll pinpoint the chance for stronger wind gusts and heavier rain. 2:00 in the morning while i'm here, hopefully you'll find the information about the chance for stronger storms, ongoing through the morning drive, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, it looks like it is going to weaken. we'll see several rounds of this stuff through the day. it does look like even through 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon,
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stronger storms that could include some strong wind gusts. mild near 70 in many spots. afternoon high temperatures for the next couple of days, above the average, 76 on friday. 74 on saturday. 90% coverage of rain and storms on friday, off and on through the day. a couple of rounds of this and then a 20% chance for rain through the weekend. there's your sunday, another cooldown, a high of 66. 59 by monday for dr. martin luther king junior day. let's check on the roads and head over to dori. what are you dealing with? are you running around crazy like me. >> 528 is up to speed. 408, taking a live look here. these are your eastbound lanes. your taillights westbound lanes, slightly building throughout the morning. no major delays. average speeds at 65 miles an hour. a car crash coming into our traffic center at north alla fay ya trail.
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roadblocks with that one as well. >> still ahead, a notorious murder trial could be put on hold. >> we'll show you why the prosecution is asking the judge to delay louis toledo's trial. >> plus it may look like a normal batch of car rots but border patrol says it is more than meets the eye. what they found inside. you won't believe it. we'll be right back. at longhorn steak like this doesn' t need anything else.
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>> united states border patrol officers in texas are showing off an unusual discovery, you have to see this video. at first glance, this looks like a regular bag of carrots. a drug dog alerted authorities as there were 3,000 carrot shaped marijuana packages hidden with real carrots. the drugs have a street value of nearly half a million dollars. >> normally if your milk is green it is time to throw that out.
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swings, packers fans in green bay are clamoring for the oddest looking milk we have seen. kemp dairy plant started bottling green milk this week. there it is, to celebrate the team's post season run. the packers power pint is a limited edition green milk. it is vanilla flavored. it hit store shelves yesterday. the question is, how does it really taste? >> it tastes pretty good. >> what is the flavor? >> i think it tastes like eggnog. years ago when you used to make eggnog at home, that's what it tastes like to me. it is good. >> she has her jacket on. you can see she is a fan. the dairy says they'll keep making green milk. the packers take on the cardinals saturday in arizona. >> she had the jacket and the gloves.
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the freezer section anyway. >> coming up, gop president shlg hopefuls are set to score off for the first time in 2016. the big name candidate who says he is not taking part. plus we are following breaking news from overnight after a fire ripped through a condo complex. dramatic new rescue video we just got just ahead. >> we are staying on top of more breaking news after three winning powerball tickets are sold, including one in florida. we have a live report on that
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