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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> we have a power ball mystery for you. breaking news involving that 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. one of the winning tickets was sold in florida. the big question is is where and will they share? >> a high profile murder trial could be put on hold. a ruling may impact a volusia county case. >> potentially severe weather is on the way for us. troy is pinpointing showers and storms. stay tuned. >> good morning central florida. it is 5:30. thank you for waking up with us.
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at the table we have troy and dori. >> we have cloud cover in place. that's the story for now. rain is not a factor today. big storms tomorrow. we'll break it all down in a bit. >> so far roadways are looking good. we'll get you travel times to get you on the morning commute. >> we'll check in with you shortly. we want to continue to follow breaking news. when it comes to the 1.5 billion dollar powerball jackpot. i am heartbroken. in the last few hours, one of the three winning tickets was sold right here in florida, if you can believe it. >> what the lottery is saying and why they are not telling us where this ticket was purchased. it is driving everyone crazy. kirsten is following the breaking developments on this. i hope we can find out soon. >> i hope so too or david will be obsessed for the rest of the day. we have to know who the winner is. three people are actually
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we have 4-8-19-27-34 and the winning power ball number was 10. it is all for this historic, almost 1.6 billion dollar jackpot. we don't know where that florida winner, where that ticket was purchased. we have an idea of where some of the other ones were purchased. we are still waiting on the florida lottery to let us know if maybe this ticket was purchased in orlando. we have no idea where it has been purchased. the store, the 7-eleven, you have to look at how packed that store was. it was pretty intense. the store employee at this winning seven-11 says they sold about $12,000 worth of tickets, just yesterday. the store was packed with people inside and out. you can see in the parking lot, many of them to cheer on the historic winner. >> i could have won. >> i actually bought tickets for
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we bought them across the street. next time though. next time. >> that's the attitude you have to have. none of these people in the crowd won as far as we know. we know these numbers are still out there, a lot of people still wondering if they are the winner. dori hasn't checked. i hope she is checking right now. we'll let you know with updates on, powered by news 6, as soon as we find out where that winning ticket was purchased. >> i have two of those numbers. i'm wiping tears. i'm over here crying. >> the other big story is the weather. lots of changes are on the way. >> some potentially dangerous storms are heading our way. let's check back in with troy bridges. >> big storms tonight through the day tomorrow. we'll have a few rounds of this. today we are looking good. it is gloomy when you see the sun come up. we'll see some sunshine break out.
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low pressure developing near texas, heading through the gulf of mexico. we have areas of a jet stream pushing all that in our direction. a very strong jet, upper level winds bringing it here. that will set the stage for severe weather. the main threat shapes up as wind. wind gust up to 50 miles an hour. we cannot rule out a couple of tornadoes through the day tomorrow. even early in the morning, we'll watch that closely. today we are looking pretty good. cloudy skies, only a 10% chance for rain. a high of 70, warming close to that average. coming up, we'll pinpoint the timing for these showers and storms. we have a new named storm, it is january. what is the deal with that? we'll talk about that and the history it is making. dori hasn't checked the ticket yet. what? >> i have some in my purse, some
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westbound lanes are your taillights. smooth sailing in this area. mo major delays. a beautiful shot of downtown orlando. if you are heading in this area, you should have no problems. this is in oviedo, light smoke in the area due to a prescribed fire burn. give yourself a heads up. north alla fay ya trail at state road 434, no roadblocks with this one. >> we are also staying on top of major breaking news from overnight coming out of indonesia where seven people including four gunmen have been killed after a terror attack that happened in the city of jakarta. we have learned officials believe those responsible are actually linked to isis. thz video of the aftermath. three suicide bombers blew themselves up inside a starbucks. officials say gunmen started shooting outside this cafe similar to the terror attacks that happened in paris. one of the victims is believed to be a police officer. we'll keep you posted on this major developing story. >> right now, a disturbing story
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brevard county boy is being held without bond after being arrested for the death of his baby sister. investigators say noah intentionally hit the 21-month-old causing severe injuries that led to her death. the girl was found unresponsive. she was taken to the hospital where she died. an autopsy shows the little girl died from blunt force trauma. he is now facing charges of second degree murder. >> a volusia county man set to go on trial next week for the murders of his wife and two children is set to go before a judge. >> a judge is being asked to delay the trial. this comes after the supreme court ruled the state death penalty law is unconstitutional. news 6 reporter mark lehman is live. the issue surrounding the death penalty is also affecting other cases as well. what is going on? >> in addition to cases where the death penalty was on the table, the supreme court ruling
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execution has been decided where a person has been convicted and sentenced to death, one of whom happened in central florida two months ago. >> torontos for louis will be back in court at the request of prosecutors. they are now asking for more time after a supreme court ruling. before the ruling, toledo faced a possible death sentence if convicted in the death of his wife and her two children. on tuesday in the case of hearst v. florida, the court said there is too much power. it is up to the judge to have the final say. >> rafael's son alex was shot execution style in 2012 by bestman oak for. he was sentenced to death in the case. after the latest ruling he is
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take another round of sentence hearings. >> there was no doubt in that jury that he should be sentenced. >> a status hear for oakfore is sentenced for 1:30. as for toledo, his hearing will be happening in deland in less than three hours t. judge will hear the request to delay the trial. we'll be in the courtroom when that happens. we'll post updates as we get them on >> in marion county, a verdict could come as early in the retrial of one of the suspects accused in a teen's brutal murder. both sides rested their cases in amber wright's trial. she is face charges in the death of her ex-boyfriend seth jackson. prosecutors say she lured this young man to a home in summerfield where he was shot several times and then burned. now in 2012, a judge sentenced wright and three others for jackson's murder. two years later, the u.s.
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this retrial. >> police asking for your help in getting results after two women are robbed while walking complex. police say this man is a person of interest in that robbery at the fountains apartment complex last month. investigators say two men their purses. one of the victims was stabbed in the process. police say the men used those women's credit cards after the robbery. police. >> now 20 minutes before the hour, a major test expected today on the space coast that could pave the way for the future of rocket launches. >> space x crews are expected to test a rocket. this happened last month. this is video of the historic rocket landing. this falcon 9 was the first rocket to make it into orbit and then land safely back on earth. even though this one won't fly again, space x wants to test fire it again at the kennedy
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it does work. the company will try to repeat history when they'll try to launch and land this older version of the falcon 9 off the coast of florida. it is set for 1:42 in the afternoon. >> good thing they are doing it today because troy bridges is tracking changes in our weather. >> it is january and we have a named storm. the first of the year. it is alex. it is a subtropical storm meaning it has a cold core. it is making history. it is the first january storm since 1978 and the fourth time that has ever happened in history. where is it heading? north in the open atlantic. it is not impacting land. it is closer to areas like london and paris, madrid than it is anywhere. even there, it is not going to impact us as it moves north. it is historic. here's what we are talking about back close to home. warming to 70 degrees, a cool start, a jacket in order. through the afternoon, we'll
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only a 10% chance for rain. a lot to talk about about big storms tomorrow. bit. let's check on the roads and head over to dori. morning? >> the roadways are looking good. here's a live shot at 528 west of goldenrod. morning. if you are heading to the airport, you should have no problems and delays in getting there. snow hill road at bobway trail, a visibility alert with light smoke in the area due to a prescribed fire burn. a car crash at state road 434, no road blocks with this one. >> vying at the debate stage tonight. >> who will be on the main stage and the topics they will tackle. two waffle house workers caught on camera breaking major rules. coming up, find out what happened that led to the firing.
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the breaking news about last night's 1.5 billion dollar power ball drawing. one of the winning tickets was sold in florida.
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>> welcome back. someone in florida is waking up a lot richer. breaking overnight, power ball officials confirm three winning tickets were sold in the u.s. one of them was in florida.
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what we don't know is where that winning ticket was sold. they have to split the 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. as soon as we learn about the florida winner, we'll update you on air and online as well at, powered by news 6. >> a high-rise rescue after a condo catches fire. the fire broke out, forcing firefighters to use their ladder to rescue those who couldn't find a way out. we are told at least two people suffered burns, dozens more have been displaced. two firefighters were also injured while battling this fire. they are expected to be ok. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> hundreds of people are expected to gather in jacksonville to remember 21-month-old little lonzi barton. members of a baptist church near where lonzi's remains were found held a vigil.
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toddler for free but so far no date has been set. the last person to see him alive remains behind bars. ubron is facing charges of lying to police. he is expected in court next week. we'll keep you updated. >> in election 2016 now, the republican candidates vying for the white house are just hours away from taking part in their first debate. seven candidates will take the main stage including donald trump, senator cruz, senator marco rubio and ben carson. those in the debate are rand paul and carly fiorina. paul said he won't take part. some of the topics is the threat from isis and gun control. >> caught on camera, xrees of a waffle house are out of a job after a customer captured video of them violating health codes in a major way. >> this is unbelievable footage.
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trying to treat her hair with the same equipment used to cook food. one put her braids into a pot and another dried them with a towel. excitement is building this morning in hollywood as we are hours away from the huge announcement for the nominees of this year's academy awards. >> the excitement is building. coming off sunday's golden globes, there are a few favorites going into this. insiders predict the remnant to be nominated best picture, leonardo dicaprio is expected to be in the running for a gold statue. other possible nomination jennifer lawrence for her performance in joy. you can see the nominations announced live at 8:30. you don't have to way too much longer. they'll have that coming up next
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we'll also post them on the academy awards will be handed out february 28. >> michael b jordan the actor in creed needs to be nominated. he is a phenomenal actor. >> i'll take you to the movies man. >> i have a lot of work to do. today is thursday. we have to give away an umbrella. let's show you a picture really quickly. >> a lot of energy this morning. >> we have a lot to get to, only a little bit of time. there is deb cam with samson and delilah enjoying the cooler weather. send photos of whatever you are doing, maybe your pets are enjoying it. search wkmg in the app store. we give away an umbrella every thursday. here's the story, a storm system on the way, you see the arrows indicating the jet stream. that's upper level winds acting
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steer this big storm system in our direction. here it is now, it has moved away from texas, moving into the gulf of mexico. it will get developed and move on top of us late tonight and early tomorrow. could see a few strong storms, 3:00, 4:00, before it pushes out. here's the severe risk, lightning and rain, yes. the main threat would be strong wind. wind gusts fwraert than 50 miles an hour that could lead to damage. a real concern with tornadoes. notice we have only a chance for an isolated tornado or two. not a lot of that but we can't rule one out. you get one that causes a lot of damage and it was a bad one. we want you to know tomorrow is a day to watch. we'll have a chance for strong storms throughout the day. this morning's study, the cold air again. it is 39 degrees in ocala, 48 in orlando. 49 at new smyrna beach. grab a jacket heading out. what about the rest of today?
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as we help you plan the dashgs 62 at noon. 70 near the average. 71 is the averagement we are close to where we should be. rain chances only at 10% today. we have a lot of clouds in place as we head into tonight. we increase rain chances to 30% at 9:00. 40% at 10:00. by 11:00, a 50% coverage of showers and storms. tom sorrells will be pinpointing the chance for severe storms. i'll be in here overnight. pinpointing showers and storms. through the day today, not looking bad through the evening. by 11:00, we are covered up with showers and storms. through 3:00 in the morning while you are asleep. a chance for strong to severe storms. have that noaa weather radio on so you wake up in time if there are damaging winds moving through your area. 4:00 in the morning, seeing a round of showers and storms. looks ok here. another round moves in for the afternoon drive, 4:00, 5:00, we could see a few lingering storms. after that point, most of this
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good news. today mild, cooler in ocala at 65. tomorrow, 76. that%age for rain tomorrow at 90%. most all of us will see at least some heavy rain and some strong wind gusts. 20% chance for rain saturday and sunday. e6 the high on sunday. for martin luther king jr. day on monday, 59 for the high with 30's. let's check on the roads with dori. what are you dealing with? >> well, troy, so far we are looking good. a live look at our dot cam, i-4 at fairbanks. you can see the eastbound lanes are your taillights. westbound lanes are your headlights. volume is starting to build slightly. it will pick up at 7:00 this morning. we are dealing with a car crash in orange county with injuries. unaware if there are roadblocks, we'll keep you posted. also lingering construction, i-95 north at u.s. 1.
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that is exit 273. also at mile marker 250, that left lane is blocked on i-95 north as well. giving you time saver traffic, 19 minute travel time, eau gallie boulevard to 528 is 19 minutes. 38 minutes, southbound 44 to 528. >> sorry hover board fans, we have another warning about those boards. >> why the gadgets are being blamed for damaging a home. >> a check on big stories including the breaking news surrounding the powerball jackpot. one of the three winning tickets was sold in florida. we'll be right back with that
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>> good morning. it is 5:56.
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powerball jackpot, look at these numbers. a winning ticket was sold in the sunshine state but we don't know where just yet. we'll have a live update at the top of the hour. >> breaking developments when it comes to the murder of a florida woman in italy. >> ahead at 6:00, find out what we just learned about a suspect in custody about disturbing details come out about how she was killed. mark? >> plus a cool start to our day today. tomorrow this time, we could be in for some severe storms. troy bridges is pinpointing what you need to know at the top of the hour. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida.
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