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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. v v i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> developing now, severe weather threatening parts of central florida. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing when to expect the storms in your neighborhood. >> also breaking, a dramatic rescue. a van slams into a local home, trapping the driver inside. >> good afternoon, everyone. this is news 6 at 4:00 getting results. i'm ginger gadsden. >> i'm julie broughton. thanks for being with us. >> i'm lisa bell. it is what everyone is talking about today. powerball.
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one sold here in central florida. we're live at the local publix where it was sold. the question now, who bought it? we'll be checking in with you am we'll have much more on that. there were a lot of winning tickets sold, including a lot of million-dollar tickets. >> a $2 million ticket sold right here. >> in lake mary. >> we're going to talk about what happened with that and how it's someone who never purchased a ticket before. really cool story. >> very exciting. we're also tracking the potential of a severe weather threat heading our way tomorrow morning. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what we're talking about. >> for tonight, we're doing okay. this is a get ready time. look at what's happening right now on radar. you don't see any big action here and you won't for hours on end. there are rain showers down south. this is the warm front that's going to lift north during the night tonight. this, way out here, from new orleans, off the coast of houston and corpus christi, that's the big cold front that's going to come racing across the
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in our forecast the next 24 hours. as far as the advancement of it goes, the big low is going to the north. it's going to drag that cold front across and it's going to take time for all that to develop. we're talking big problems by tomorrow morning, though. on-the-town forecast for this night, we're cloudy, mild and dry. no worries just yet. by 6 p.m., 67. by 7:00, 64. i'll talk more about that a little bit later. before i let you go, i'd be remiss to tell you alex grew up to be a hurricane today. it's the first time we've had a hurricane form in january since 1938, threatening the azores in the next 12 to 24 hours. i'll be back to talk a little more about the tropics an a whole lot more about tomorrow. i'll be back to pinpoint when the big rain and severe storms get to you. >> sounds good, tom. now to the multi-million dollar question on everyone's mind today.
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>> we've heard there are three winners and they're set to split the record shattering jackpot three ways. >> we went on the hunt to find that person today. justin warmoth started the search today at the local publix on a1a in brevard county. it's in the global spotlight. have you been able to track down that lucky person? >> still have not been able to track them down, ginger, but it's weird. you know, you win the powerball and suddenly you're nowhere to be found. well, there have been some rumblings, some names thrown out there today about who won all that money. but at this point, no one has come forward. >> did you play? >> i got one ticket. >> not the winner? >> no. >> we spent all day trying to find central florida's newest millionaire. >> are you the winner? are we talking to the winner right here? >> i wish i was. this is the second time we've been within a mile of where the lottery's won. >> but it appears that person is laying low. >> do you have any idea who may
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have won? >> no. not at all. i'm just hoping it wasn't somebody before me, directly before me or directly after me. >> i asked my neighbor. it's not him. i'm asking everybody i know. no one seems to know who it is. >> when the numbers were announced last night, there was 1.5 billion reasons to watch. one of the three winning tickets were sold at the publix on a1a in -- >> it was just pandemonium this morning in the house. the phone's been going off all day long, on texts saying, "please tell me you're the winner." >> that person, whoever it is, still has plenty of times to claim their winnings. according to lottery officials, they have 180 days to claim their prize and 60 days if they
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of 326 million. >> allison duncan has this advice. >> get a good financial adviser and attorney and be very careful. your relatives will come out of the woodwork. >> now you may be wondering if this publix gets anything for selling the winning ticket. the answer is yes, they get 100 grand. at this point, it's unclear what they're going to use that money towards. speaking of publix, we spoke with some co-workers who came out here today. in fact, one of them sells lottery tickets. you're going to hear from them coming up tonight at 5:00. for now, we're live tonight in melbourne beach, justin warmoth, news 6. back to you. >> we don't know the winner but i'm pretty sure it's a relative of mine somehow. we have to be related. thank you very much for that report. >> in case you forgot what the numbers are, here they are once again. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and of course the powerball is 10. if you have not done the math
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for you. across the nation, powerball players spent an estimated $2.6 billion on tickets. but the three winners won't take home the full billion and a half dollars, of course. more than one winner means a split and nearly 40% of that goes to uncle sam and on top of that, another 3 to 8% in taxes in most states. of course, uncle sam is going to put his hand in there and get exactly what he wants. >> not in florida, there's no income tax. >> that's great for the person who won here. >> i'm hopeful it was a big pool of people. when you work it out, it's going to take them something like $200 million. it's a ridiculous amount of money. >> it's curious, though, to see what publix will do with that $100,000. a company that big, maybe they'll donate it to charity. who knows. >> the thing that was confusing to me, the place in chino, they got a million dollars for selling the winning ticket. i don't know if it has to do
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with sales tax or whatever, but that store made out a lot better than this publix, but that's not too shabby either. we'll take it. >> in california, they don't -- they do have an income tax, but there's an old law on the books so that person doesn't have to pay the income tax on the lottery winnings. so that's a few extra bucks. >> we're moving on now. we're going to eric sandoval with what made big news this afternoon. the question of whether a man's death sentence will stick depends on who you talk to. eric sandoval joins us with more on this. after the u.s. supreme court ruling that came down yesterday, it put a lot of death penalty cases in question. >> absolutely. i talked with jeff ashton, the the orange county courthouse a couple hours ago. i asked him, is bessman okafor's death sentence going to stick? he says he has absolutely no doubt it's going to stick. in fact, he has no doubt all of
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out of this court are going to stick. but i also found out both sides are still vehemently fighting for bessman okafor's life. >> on the steps of the orange county courthouse this afternoon, the father of alex zaldivar once again sounded the call for bessman okafor's death. >> he's going to have to die. i want to make sure. i want to do everything possible to make sure this man is put to death. >> okafor was sentenced in november to death for brutally killing zaldivar, shot in the head execution-style. in court this afternoon, prosecutors and okafor's attorney met to make all the transcripts and the documents are ready to send to the florida supreme court for his first round of appeals. >> your first appeal going to be appealing that death sentence based on the supreme court ruling? >> we're going to definitely include it in there. definitely. we couldn't ignore it. >> but state attorney jeff ashton doesn't think okafor's case or any of the cases out of the ninth circuit rises to the supreme court's test. >> the united states supreme
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stay the executions of a number of individuals who were similarly situated with mr. okafor, that is, they had priors and so on. they chose to let those executions go forward. >> so a lot of people are asking why doesn't the state of florida just change the laws on the books altogether so they're not out of line with the u.s. supreme court? well, it looks like lawmakers are already doing that. we checked today and there are two bills winding their way through the state house. one in the state house, one in the state senate and they both require a unanimous jury vote when it comes to imposing the death sentence in capital cases. i asked jeff ashton what he thought about those and he told me he is against them. find out why, coming up in the story we're putting together right now for 5:00. for now, we're live at the orange county courthouse. eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. >> up next, what local school district wants students to sleep in? we'll have that, coming up.
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why such a firestorm over today's nominations. >> big changes are coming to the forecast. here comes the squall line that's going to rock us tomorrow. i'll be back to talk about that, pinpoint its arrival. will it get here in time for rush hour or not? i'll explain in minutes. >> thank you, tom. you are watching news 6, getting
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>> we have a weather warning right now. the sky looks clear now, but we're pinpointing big changes on the way. there's a chance for severe weather starting early in the morning tomorrow. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is with us in seconds, pinpointing how this will affect your neighborhood and the drive to work tomorrow morning. >> ooh, you can see it coming, too. >> the oscar nominations were announced early this morning and, as you know, one movie is getting a lot of attention. >> and with those nominations comes some controversy for the second straight year. julie is here to break it all down for us.
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>> lots of attention focused on this movie, the revenant. 12 oscar nominations, including a best actor nod. could it be the year lee -- leonardo dicaprio takes home an oscar? movie fans were quick to point out on social media a lack of racial diversity. despite well received movies of actors of color, all the top acting award nominees are white with some people noting the irony of black comedian chris rock hosting the oscars. #so white is trending on social media right now. >> henry winkler tweeted an article that black actors and directors were shut out of the actors race. even piers morgan wrote
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"hollywood remains hideously racist." >> a lot of people are saying that a lot of these actors' performance is so remarkable. i'm going to seek out some of these. i understand why revenant is sweeping every category. >> you said it was great and you also saw "star wars", right? >> right. not quite the same thing, not the same category. if you'd like to share your opinion about this, leave a 6. >> another big talk on the news 6 facebook page, several school board members say they're open to pushing back the start time to high school if the cost is not too high. it would call for classes to start between 7:30 and 8:15 in the morning. the current start time is between 7:10 and 7:30, depending on the school. board members will discuss the
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option at a work session in about 15 minutes. we'll let you know what happens. this is always a hot-button topic with a lot of people sharing their opinions on our facebook page. a lot of people are concerned because kids have a lot of after-school activities and homework and so pushing it back later is good and on the flip side, a lot of pediatricians and others say high school students need more sleep. >> do you think high school start times should be pushed back? here's what some people are writing. [reading postings]
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going at 6. when you think about the teen years, being ready and in a classroom, ready to learn at that time is really early. >> and they're not drinking coffee at that age to get started in the morning. >> i don't know about that. >> chief meteorologist is joining us. we're getting ready for big changes. big changes are rocking already. you saw the clouds on the shot earlier. we're not stormy yet, but those are the clouds that are starting to change. we're fading out the sunshine in sanford already. thank you, robert. this one is from down along the coast, too, where the clouds look like a big hand reaching over a water tower. storm pins will be very active, i presume. download it right now. send me photos of the big rocking showers that will be coming through our area tomorrow morning. right now, on radar, we're good. we're doing fine. all the rain in florida is way down south. i mean, way, south lake okeechobee, but it's coming this way.
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going to be back through here during the overnight tonight. if you wake up, 3 a.m., don't be alarmed. that's just rain. the heavier stuff is to the west from new orleans to the gulf and that cold front is going to march across the gulf and during the night tonight, pre-frontal action will rage out there over the gulf of mexico. the water is warm. there's enough lift going on the atmosphere will be very, very unstable. so, boom, we get the big showers going. the latest advisory on the hurricane. how weird is that? i'm saying hurricane in january. but hurricane alex, so named by the national hurricane center today. 85-mile-an-hour winds, the track is still to the north. this is what it looks like on the water vapor image. you can see it tracking to the edge of the screen, going to the azores in the next 12 to 24 hours. there it goes. it's a probable category one hurricane tomorrow in the morning. it will die out in the north atlantic. for us right now, this is the
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calm before the crazy tomorrow. 66 right now in daytona beach. in melbourne, we're showing 72 degrees. other temperatures, 63 in ocala. 61 palm coast. look at that. a strong 70 in cocoa beach and a very warm 72 in melbourne. how does this compare to yesterday? we're 10 degrees warmer at this hour than we were yesterday in orlando. these clouds continue to stream on in. here's our big low, getting its act together in the gulf of mexico. here's what i really want you to see. come take a look. this is tonight at 10:00. no worries. just a lot of clouds. tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., kids getting out to school, high school, starting in orange county. we should be okay. but by about 8:00, heavier showrs will begin to erupt. these are going to be building in the next hour and a half, two hours, very quickly as the list comes in. heavy showers from orlando to sanford to kissimmee, down to melbourne. we could spring out a tornado or two as the day wears on tomorrow.
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this is what the radar should look like by noon tomorrow. frontal boundary right here. all the pre-frontal boundary rocking is right there, from orlando to kissimmee to melbourne. by 1 in the afternoon, the front is here, scouring this stuff away and pushing it to the southeast. it looks nasty from eastern orange county down to kissimmee and a bull's-eye of activity here in parts of central osceola county. by 3 in the afternoon, it's over. and the rest of friday afternoon, we clear up and start to cool down a little bit for the evening and we go calmer. i wouldn't change any late-day friday plans just yet but midday tomorrow in central florida looks to be super-duper active. overnight lows tonight are in the 50's. i want to call it 59 in leesburg. 57 in the villages. the forecast in orlando, 59, mostly cloudy early on, showers later. here's tomorrow. >> okay. you know what's coming. 62 at 8 a.m. big thunderstorms rocking.
4:19 pm
almost 90% through the midday hours. by 4:00 in the afternoon, that's all she wrote. we're done with it and it's into the open waters of the atlantic. high tomorrow, about 76 degrees. high on saturday, 74. another cold front comes through on sunday. saturday night into sunday. so sunday looks like a high of 66 and then check out martin luther king, jr. on monday. the high is only 59. >> nice. >> oh, boy. >> julie goes it's nice. >> yeah, not me. >> it's nice for a day. >> that's all it's around for. thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> okay. in case you missed it, there's a rather unusual job listing in virginia. i love this story. the title "goat snuggler." >> yes, a farm is actually looking for people to cuddle and feed newborn goats.
4:20 pm
to be born between now and mid-february, so volunteers are needed and no experience is necessary. there's one problem, though. since the story hit the press, they've had such an overwhelming response, i checked, and all the slots for goat snuggling, julie, you're just a little bit too late. >> that's my dream job. i love baby goats. there's so precious. >> can you imagine listing that on your resume? my last job, i snuggled goats. >> i'd hire you. >> next ahead, a popular grocery store makes it hard to resist buying junk food. >> and what we know about an innocent worker hospitalized in a shooting with a stray bullet. >> and i'm candace campos pinpointing weather in your neighborhood. i'll show you the city i went to today to make sure they're all being prepared for the upcoming storms.
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>> a shooting ends with a delivery worker in the hospital. and police say he was not the target. >> then, resisting the urge for sweets >> the check-out line changes coming to a local grocery store. >> and hidden by the height of the powerball jackpot, one of the best stories of the day, a local winner who is just 19 years old. his story, coming up. i cannot even imagine being a teenager and a multi-millionaire. >> he doesn't have to imagine it. >> no. >> but first, a weather alert for later tonight and into tomorrow morning. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is in the pinpoint accurate weather center with more. what are we talking about with timing of this? >> timing is going to be okay for the overnight but the morning hours are going to be tricky. look at the rain out there in
4:26 pm
keep in mind, anytime we get a low in the gulf, things get a little weird here in central florida. this is going to be one of those times. here we are at 4:30 in the afternoon, and all the rain is down south. none of that really bothers us. that's part of the warm front that rolled on this side of the low. a warm front is pushing the low this way. we'll get rain at times during the next several hours in the overnight but the big stuff is this rocking cold front out here. right now, the leading edge of it is in louisiana. the low forms very strongly and goes to the north and east and drags the cold front right across the gulf, right toward us here at home. right now, not much to write home about. but overnight tonight, that starts to line up and change. 5 p.m. tonight, we're good. 69. by 6:00, 67. your 7:00 temperature, 64. no worries for the early part of the night. 12 hours from now, could be a totally different story. real quick into the tropics, this is hurricane alex, first time we've had a hurricane form
4:27 pm
no threat to us, not a part of our forecast. it's really interesting, though. it's the first time since 1938 that we've had a named hurricane in january. i'll be right back in a few minutes to talk a little more about alex and a whole lot more about the storms for tomorrow morning. i'll pinpoint exactly the arrival and show you exactly how wicked things are going to be. >> a lot going on. thank you, tom. as we take you live outside now to downtown orlando, remember, you can pinpoint weather anytime from your smartphone with the news 6 pinpoint app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> breaking right now, jetblue airlines is experiencing significant delays after a verizon data center power outage. flights are still able to leave but passengers may see delays or cancellations. we reached out to the airline and they told us they're working to restore all systems as quickly as possible and say customers are able to check in for their flight at
4:28 pm
we checked flight tracker for orlando international and the only flight delays because of this issue are coming from westchester and montego bay. they say it's not a cyber security issue. >> orange county deputies tell us a person delivering appliances was hit by what appears to be a stray bullet. they say a car was seen fleeing the area. this all happened near o.b.t. and oak ridge road on old heritage drive near palmetto elementary school. amanda castro is live on the scene for us tonight. one person is being questioned right now, right? >> that's right. but other than that, we don't have too much information regarding this shooting. we know it happened around 1:00 here in this busy area. we've got a lot of communities around here. we've seen kids riding their bikes, saw a lot of kids riding their bikes today. a lot of people living in this area. we're told the victim was just an appliance delivery person out doing their job when they were hit by the stray bullet and now deputies are trying to figure out what happened.
4:29 pm
appliances. their day on the job cut short after deputies say they were hit by a stray bullet. the orange county sheriff's office is trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. investigators blocked off the entrance to the apartments and searched the nearby bushes for clues. evidence markers placed out on the sidewalk where they found shell casings. investigators have not said much about the shooting. only that a car was seen leaving the area. and they questioned one person. people who live around here say crime scenes like this one are becoming too familiar in their neighborhood. >> not too long ago down the block, three people got shot in that complex down the block. and now it's up here. i mean, i'm like wondering what's going on. >> >> we're told nearby palmetto school was placed on lockdown while deputies looked for the shooter. as for the victim, we're told he suffered non-life-threatening injuries. back to you. >> amanda castro reporting live. thank you. >> we're staying on top of
4:30 pm
powerball fever tonight. we know the mystery winner from melbourne beach will have to share the jackpot with two other people. one in california and one in tennessee. but what about the other florida winners? a sanford teen purchased the winning ticket in lake mary. we're told as soon as he found out he won, he jumped in his car and drove to tallahassee to claim his prize. he was not messing around. get this, it was the only ticket he purchased and it's the first time he ever bought a powerball lottery ticket in his life. lottery officials tell me he showed up this morning with his mom. and they say the frenzy surrounding this record jackpot is like nothing they have ever seen before. >> we were looking at ticket sales between 6 and 7 yesterday of 53,000 tickets a minute, which translated into dollar sales of over $1,700 a second, and that's just in florida.
4:31 pm
again, the teen won $2 million. his ticket was sold at the save a ton convenience store on country club road. now, there are other winners across the state as well. 11 $1 million winners to be exact. it's not a shabby payday either. winners only have 60 days to step forward if they choose the lump sum option which they tell me is the most common way they're paid out. one other thing of importance to note here, the record jackpot raised $114 million for education here in the state of florida. so that's really good news, too. >> really incredible. i can't -- again, i keep saying 19 years old. at least he took his mom. it makes me feel really good about that. >> i love he went with his mom. there's going to be a big party in seminole county. >> i imagine so. we posted this story on our website with a full list of all the winning locations across the state and more on this teenager's amazing story. >> and in volusia county, the man accused of killing his wife
4:32 pm
and her two children faced a judge today. news 6 reporter mark lehman tells us why the prosecution wants the judge to delay his trial since the supreme court ruled the state's death penalty law is unconstitutional. >> this is one of the first death penalty cases to address the supreme court ruling since it was made on tuesday. the state asking a judge to delay the trial while attorneys for luis toledo want the case to proceed. >> we have two motions filed as an emergency within the last day or so. >> it's effectively saying the supreme court says the florida judges have too much power over the death penalty system. >> we're trying to interpret it the way we can, but it's been very soon. >> luis toledo could face the death penalty if convicted in the death of yessenia suarez and her two children. they're asking for a 60-day
4:33 pm
delay until state legislators can review. >> there's a death penalty but no mechanism to impose it. the only reason for the state to continue the case is because they want to impose it. >> the defense objects to a delay, asking to move on with the case with the death penalty off the table. >> we would argue they couldn't impose the death penalty. it can't be imposed now, that's for sure. >> another option would be to proceed, using a different jury for the penalty phase of the trial, but that's something both sides don't want to see. >> that's a hard process. and we want the -- we want one trial. >> the judge's decision will likely be made in an order expected to be filed sometime tomorrow and with the trial just days away, that ruling will likely have a big impact on how this case proceeds. for now, reporting in volusia county, mark lehman, news 6. >> thank you. mark. in flagler county, a nasty fire torched a sheriff's patrol car. >> the car was destroyed by this. >> the picture from the sheriff's office twitter page, you can see the fire burned the entire car.
4:34 pm
the car caught fire on county road 35. we're told the vehicle is a total loss. fortunately, no one was hurt here. still, no word on what sparked the fire. >> the popular supermarket chain is going to swap out the sweet treats for healthy choices. they plan to make the transition in all of its stores by the end of the year. target made a similar move last year and lots of folks have a lot of opinions about this. >> i think it makes it easier for the parents, you know, not to have to fight the kids at the checkout. >> it does, but it makes it more difficult if you want a little candy bar. you have to go find it. >> oh, a mama wants the candy bars. okay. >> we asked you if more stores
4:35 pm
[reading postings] >> lisa wants the candy more convenient. >> i like it more set-up in a similar fashion where you always know where something is. it's kind of convenient. >> just learn where the candy is now. >> get healthy. >> keep the conversation going at 6. >> just in, a popular lip balm brand in the hot seat. court. >> then some relief for fed-up florida neighborhoods dealing with crime. police say it's all thanks to a baby monitor. >> but first, new concerns about the dog flu. what pet owners need to know to keep their four-legged friends safe. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida on this thursday afternoon. we'll be right back. >> and during the break, we're streaming live on facebook. search lisa bell news on facebook right now. while we're in the break, we
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only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> if you're just tuning in, we
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january. alex is expected to hit near the azores islands tomorrow morning. alex is the first hurricane to form in january since 1938. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing its path, plus the potential of severe weather coming to our area in just a matter of hours. he's with us in less than four minutes. >> now to a health watch for man's best friend. >> this afternoon, there are growing concerns about a dangerous new illness. so what can you tell us about this? >> you know, as a pet mom to my little cinnamon, i know it worries me. thousands of dogs have been infected with the dog flu, the first case in chicago, now affecting beloved pets from coast to coast, including right here in florida. >> ashley walks dogs in the seattle area. she's paying extra close attention to her four-legged friends after warnings about the new strain of dog flu. >> they can get sick just like us and i know how much i hate being sick. >> public health officials say up to 90 dogs staying at this kennel outside of seattle may
4:39 pm
have been exposed to the virus. two have tested positive for flu, but further tests are needed to confirm it's the new strain. >> none of the dogs have immunity to fight it off. when dogs are going to dog daycares or dog parks or boarding overnight in kennel fatalities facilities can spread rapidly. >> a chicago pup is putting on a brave face after recovering from the flu. it's spread quickly. around 2,000 dogs in 24 states have been affected, including here in florida. a vaccine was made available in november. owners should see a vet right away if their dog shows symptoms. >> if your dog doesn't eat well, misses a meal, you see coughing, lethargy, being tired and moping around, it could be a fever. give your vet a call and schedule an appointment.
4:40 pm
they need to get on special medications for it. >> they can't talk and tell you exactly what's wrong. people cannot contract the virus, but they can give it to a healthy pet after spending time with a sick dog. >> it's really concerning. >> yeah. just keep a close eye on it and if they exhibit any symptoms, take them to your vet immediately. >> good advice. now back to the biggest jackpot in history. three lucky winners beating incredible odds with winning powerball numbers. >> it's too early to say "i told you so" but roll the video. >> powerball mania continues with a woman who calls herself a psychic medium. you might be wondering can she really envision the winning numbers for tonight's drawing? >> well, i'd be on the rivera right now if i could predict the numbers. i wish i could, but i can't. >> all joking aside, she says she senses not one or two, but three winners tonight. three.
4:41 pm
>> we're not the winners she was talking about. but isn't that kind of erie that she knew or sensed that or whatever? >> we need to meet her. >> captain skeptical here. >> what are you ping, back showing us something after you got something right? >> you know it doesn't happen very often, tom. that's pretty remarkable she got it right. >> give her three. give me some numbers, ladies. >> you always get the weather right. you told us earlier in the week we're in for big changes coming this friday. >> they're knocking on the door already. you can see it happening on radar. a few pockets of rain are showing up in central florida. most of these are not a threat to you. the heaviest rain in florida is down south. the warmer air is surging this way. surging this way during the next 12 hours. the warm front brings in this kind of rain. the cold front tomorrow morning brings in that kind of rain. heavy, rocking thunderstorms
4:42 pm
that's where the danger is going to be coming from during the early morning hours tomorrow. by early morning, i mean early morning for me, like 7:30, 8:00, probably not early morning for you, if you get up at 3, 4, 5:00 in the morning. it will be raining in spots at that time. i'll show you the whole timing and break this out in just a moment. real quick, the latest advisory on hurricane alex, really strange to have a hurricane here in january, first time since the 30's. the track has not changed a whole lot since yesterday. if you have interest in the azores, they're going to get rocked with wind speeds of almost 80 to 85 miles per hour as this thing rolls over top of them in the next 12 hours and then slows down in the north atlantic, eventually as a very strong winter storm. how did we do today? normally we talk about normals. normally this time of year we hit 71 for the high and 49 is the overnight low. in the last 24 hours, we're doggone normal. we hit a high of 71 today and an
4:43 pm
overnight low of 47. the records are 86 and 20. those are safe. other daytime highs, 63 in ocala. 59 in gainesville and 64 in new smyrna beach and 70 from the cape down to melbourne at 72. right now, we're at 69. we're doing well. we really are. in spite of the cloud cover, we've warmed up nicely into the low 70's and holding into the upper 60's. wind speeds, those are going to change. we've got a wind direction coming in here, 9 miles per hour. kissimmee, 9. 8-mile-an-hour wind in leesburg. the clouds are streaming in. with the clouds come the changes. here the big low pressure center forming in the gulf of mexico. this is what it does to us tonight. we stay grayed over by 11. i'll be here but things won't be rocking. >> 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, here we go. early showers are beginning. meteorologist troy bridges will be here at 4 a.m. and i'll be in at 9:00 to track this mess as it erupts.
4:44 pm
to show up. here's the leading edge of the cold front itself. all of these showers are going to be heavy. some could go severe and i can't rule out a tornado or two if the rotation sets up like it looks like it's going to do on the models. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, we're in the clear. things calm down and the rest of our day friday is all good. saturday is good, too. daytime high saturday, still mild. we're in the 70's. then another cold front comes in with more thunderstorms on sunday. overnight lows tonight are in the 50's everywhere. i'm going to call the low in orlando 59. here's tomorrow. >> okay. you know what's come. mostly cloudy, rain early. then storms between about 9:00 and noon to the 1:00 or 2:00 hour and then clearing up late. the high tomorrow is 76. big storms midday. by saturday, the high is 74. saturday night into sunday, another cold front with another round of rain. the high on sunday is 66.
4:45 pm
new at 4:30, the best and worst airline ratings for 2015 are out. alaska airlines is no. 1. virgin america is no. 2. delta is the most improved, coming in at no. 3. american came in, though, at the bottom. no. 9. ratings are based on criteria like on time arrival and baggage handling. i fly alaska a lot because my parentsly in idaho and no one really flies there. it's a good airline. if you have the option, i recommend that. >> straight ahead, florida police make a huge bust using a we'll explain. >> and ahead at 5:00, could the supreme court's ruling against florida's death penalty law affect local cases? why one prominent state attorney says a proposal to fix this law worries him. >> but first, you've probably seen it on store shelves.
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you.
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petersburg. the home of suspected drug dealers was so heavily protected with gates and surveillance cameras, the parenting device helped police determine when they could swoop in for the arrest. custody. >> that is so interesting. >> on the consumer watch tonight, the popular eos lip balm is at the center of a class-action lawsuit. >> the suit filed by a california woman claimed the egg-shaped lip balm left her with rashes, bleeding and blisters. they claim it only uses the best and natural ingredients. they say eos products are safe to use and meet or exceed all safety standards. >> well, do the push notifications on your phone drive you a little nutty? you can't complain when you see this. soccer star posted this on social media. it's what his phone looks like
4:50 pm
his instagram account, 433, has 8 million followers. >> he's just bragging because you can turn off those notifications. >> i know. but seriously. we send you alerts, but nothing like that. >> when you post video of henry, you get a lot of notifications. >> is there any reason to post that other than to tell people how amazing and popular you are? >> exactly. and what is wrong with that? he is popular. >> where has humility gone? >> by the way, i just got a text message. i don't know if you can hear that. >> all eyes are on the space coast right now, but not for a launch time. for 5:00, we're going to hear from an employee at the brevard county store who sold a historic powerball ticket. >> and we're learning more about a crash that sent a van into an orange county home. the driver was trapped inside.
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