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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  January 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> look at those storms there on the radar. right now, this system is far away from central florida, but by the morning, it is expected to track right through central florida. we will pinpoint when and where it could turn severe. >> plus, talk about luck. someone in central florida bought a powerball ticket worth half a billion dollars at this local publix.
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now the nation is asking who is the lucky mega-millionaire. good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm julie broughton. >> i'm ginger gadsden. thank you so much for joining us. also new at 7:00, more launches are coming to the space coast. in eight minutes, how a decision today from nasa will bring a space plane to central florida. that's pretty cool. >> yes, it is. >> a lot of developments there. but we start with breaking news. sky 6 is live right now over winter garden where a house caught on fire. you can see firefighters still on the scene there. this started just a few minutes ago. the home is on grand royal circle. it's just north of state road 50, not far from the four rivers smokehouse. a lot of activity going on there. you can see all of those flashing lights with crews on the scene there, but we did just see a few firefighters it looks like going into that home. no word yet on how this fire started or if anyone was hurt. it appears firefighters, though,
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control. we'll continue to stay on top of this for you and we'll bring you any breaking developments as they happen. >> we're also watching the weather right now. >> right now, it looks and feels pretty close to perfect out change. morning. that's when storms are expected that could turn severe. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the latest timetable. >> what are we talking about with this? >> we're going to get the rain and storms and they could go severe by 10:00 tomorrow morning. this is not going to wash away your entire evening. a .1 of an inch per hour in downtown orlando along holden heights and 527. in brevard county, not a lot falling right now. we've had a few stray showers over top of merritt island in the last 20 minutes. farther across the interior from hunters creek to kissimmee, we have had rain in the last hour.
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see how it's clearing out? i want to turn your attention to the gulf of mexico. this is round 1 for tonight. it does not look super heavy. the water is cooler over the pure gulf of mexico out deep. as the storms come in, they tend to weaken just a smidge. that's the warm front coming in. the cold front stepping down from this pocket of low pressure, that's going to race across the gulf and knock on our door by tomorrow morning. that's when we get into trouble. real quick, hurricane alex, that's a hurricane out there in the month of january for the first time since 1938. i'll be back to talk a little bit more about alex and pinpoint the arrival of that cold front and the big, rocking thunderstorms that will it cause in just a few more minutes. >> we're getting ready. thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> our other big story right now, central florida still has powerball fever.
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was bought at this publix. that ticket worth more than half a billion dollars. the big buzz right now, who is the winner or winners? we do know the lucky publix where the winning ticket was sold is along a1a in melbourne beach. news 6 reporter justin warmoth is there. >> well, still no sign of the lucky winner out here at this melbourne beach publix. you can't blame them for wanting to lay low a little bit. there have been some rumblings, some names thrown out there about who was taking home all of that money. however, at this point they have not come forward. >> did you play? >> i got one ticket. >> not the winner? >> no. >> we spent all day trying to find central florida's newest millionaire. >> are you the winner? are we talking to the winner right here? >> i wish i was. this is the second time we've been within a mile where the lottery was won. >> it appears that person is laying low. >> do you have any idea who may have won? >> no, not at all. i'm just hoping it wasn't
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before me or directly after me. >> i asked my neighbor. it's not him. i'm asking everybody i know and nobody seems to know yet who it is. >> when the powerball numbers were announced last night, there were 1.5 billion reasons to watch and to the surprise of most, one of three winning tickets was sold right here at the publix on a1a in melbourne beach. >> my wife and daughter woke me up saying it was sold here. i had a powerball ticket here. it was just pandemonium this morning in the house. i mean, and the phone's been going off all day long on texts saying, "please tell me you're the winner." >> that person, whoever it is, still has plenty of time to claim their winnings. they have up to 180 days to grab their $528 million prize and 60 days if they choose the lump sum cash option of 326 million.
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she has this advice. >> get a good financial adviser, good attorney and be very careful. your relatives will come out of the woodwork. >> you may be wondering if publix gets anything for selling the winning ticket. the answer to that question is they do. they get $100,000. however, at this point it's unclear what they plan on doing with that. folks in melbourne beach hope it's going back in the community. >> the powerball jackpot winner has 60 days to come forward and their identity will be made public once they come forward. >> we don't know their name, but we do have one other powerball winner, a very will lucky 19-year-old from sanford. he purchased his ticket at the save a ton convenience store on country club road in lake mary. as soon as he found out he won, we're told he jumped in his car and drove to tallahassee to claim his prize. can't blame him. and get this, he only bought one ticket and it's the first lottery ticket he's ever bought
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he showed up this morning with his mom say lottery officials. they say the frenzy surrounding this record jackpot is like nothing they have ever seen before. >> we were looking at ticket sales between 6 and 7 yesterday of 53,000 tickets a minute. and that translated into dollar sales of over $1,700 a second. that's just in florida. >> again, the teen won $2 million at save a ton convenience store and they get a prize for selling the winning ticket as well. >> and there's one other winner here. the record jackpot raised $114 million for education right here in florida. >> still developing at 7:00, deputies are trying to find out who shot an appliance deliveryman. it appears he was hit by a stray bullet. a car was seen speeding away from the area shortly after the man was shot. it happened on old heritage drive near palmetto elementary school.
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blocked off the entrance to the apartments. they searched bushes for clues and placed evidence markers on the sidewalk where they found shell casings. people who live around here say crimes like this are becoming too familiar in their neighborhoods. >> three people got shot in the complex down the block and now it's up here. i'm wondering what's going on. >> the victim is expected to live. if you have any information on the gunman, please call orange county deputies. >> tonight, a man's sentenced to death for a brutal killing in ocoee is fighting to get his sentence reversed. >> bessman okafor was sentenced to death for the execution-style murder of 19-year-old alex zaldivar. okafor had a hearing today, but now that the u.s. supreme court has ruled that florida's death penalty law is unconstitutional, some are wondering what's next for okafor. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is getting answers. >> i talked with state attorney jeff ashton this afternoon. he tells me he doesn't think bessman okafor's case or any of the cases here at the orange county courthouse will be
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affected by this supreme court ruling. but that's not enough for the victim's family. >> you just leave him in that cell until he rots, until his skin peels off. that's what i want for bessman okafor. >> for raphael zaldivar, the possibility that bessman okafor's sentence might be changed is hard to swallow. but tonight okafor's attorney tells us he is appealing his death sentence, partially based on this week's supreme court ruling. as he does that, lawmakers in the state house and state senate are trying to change the death penalty law to make it more in line with federal guidelines. one proposal would require a unanimous death sentence vote by the jury and also require a unanimous vote on aggravating factors in the case, such as the suspect's lack of remorse, how violent the crime was or if it was committed in front of a child. >> now, ashton tells me he is against this bill in tallahassee. he says it requires too many unanimous votes. in his words, he calls it a
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at the orange county courthouse, eric sandoval, news 6. >> we also talked with okafor's attorney today. >> he told us he applauds the bill and said if it were law when okafor was sentenced, he wouldn't be on death row. >> we put a link to the bill on our website at >> new at 7:00, more space flights are coming to the space coast. nasa has now picked a third private company to launch cargo missions to the international space station. sierra nevada corporation will split $14 billion worth of flights with spacex and orbital. the contracts awarded late today start in 2018 and runs through 2024. last year, sierra nevada lost a contract to fly astronauts to the international space station with dream chaser space plane. so the company developed an unmanned cargo version seen in the animation. the flights are expected to take off from the cape and land at kennedy space center. >> well, both orbital and spacex have completed successful cargo
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explosion of the antares rocket in october of 2014 and the spacex falcon9 rocket in june of last year, it shows the risk of private space flight. as a result nasa added new insurance requirements to the new contracts. spacex will launch all of its flights from the cape. orbital will launch some here and some from the facility in wallops island, virginia. >> one of our area's biggest resorts has plans to expand. that story, all new in minutes. >> also, at universal, crews are building the new water park. how universal plans to get people in the gate without a parking lot. >> i tamped down all the stuff that was dug up. a couple days ago, all this happened. >> do you see that? families in this neighborhood say all of this damage is being caused by wild hogs and they know it because the hogs are caught on camera right there. how the city is working to get results for them. that's next. >> you're watching news 6 at 7:00, getting results for ormand
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beach, eustis and all of central florida. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton news.
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>> dramatic video from sky 6, rescue crews rushed into action
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after a van crashed into a home today. you can see it's halfway inside that home. orange county fire/rescue says the wreck happened in maitland along lightning trail not far from lake howell road. it took firefighters quite some time to get the driver out. so far, investigators have not said what caused the crash. the driver was rushed to the hospital. >> well, in volusia county families in one neighborhood in edgewater are battling quite an unusual nuisance. wild hogs. news 6 reporter loren korn looks at the problem and what's being done about it. >> here's just one of several traps the city put up hoping to catch the wild hogs that's been destroying neighbors' yards. >> it's these wild hogs caught on camera who are to blame for this mess. >> they're down to my sprinkler system and they've been all up in through here. >> he's lived on vista palm drive for six years and never had a wild hog problem until now and can't figure out why.
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worms, or root systems into the grass that we have that they like. >> he's not the only one who has serious damage. >> i tamped down all the stuff that was dug up and a couple days ago, all this happened. >> the city of edgewater says the wild hogs destroyed about a dozen yards on different streets since the end of december. >> bottom line, it's a nuisance to the people, tearing up their lawns. people take a lot of time, money and effort to have a nice lawn. >> the city has now hired professional hog trappers to set traps in the woods that back up to the neighborhood, along with a trail of corn, hoping it will do the trick. >> hopefully they'll catch the darn things. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> one of the largest resorts is a step closer to expanding. >> the county approved plans to combine two pieces of property for development by the company. >> this is concept art of the proposed addition. a 320-room condominium tower called the reserve the shingle creek, complete with convention
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river and a parking garage. >> and here is some video from rosen showing the existing resort which opened in 2006 and has 1500 guest rooms off universal boulevard bordering the beachline. no word on when the proposed expansion could break ground. but that looks nice. >> you had me at lazy river. >> right? exactly. >> universal is already under heavy construction on two major products outside of its two theme parks. >> tonight we're learning more about plans for one of them. this time last night, sky 6 showed you how construction is progressing fast on the new sapphire falls resort which starts opening in july. just a short flight away near cabana bay, you can see structures starting to rise on a property bordering i-4. that's the volcano bay water park. universal announced the park last year. back then, many asked where people will park since the construction site is not that large. today, we know that answer. universal filed plans for the south florida water management
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built connecting the two mammoth parking garages to a lot near the water park. and from there a tunnel takes pedestrians to volcano bay. that opens next year. >> to keep up with all the parks, you can do so with the news 6 theme world blog at parks >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. not a good time to probably be at the parks tomorrow, at least in the morning. >> you know, people like to get that jump, too, like to go out there early. no, don't do it. >> not tomorrow. >> if you take the rain gear, i don't know where you'd hide it. the good news, it should blow through. if you're going to the attractions tomorrow, once it starts, give it an hour and a half and then you're good to go. maybe even an hour. >> that's awesome. >> a lot of schools are out. my kids are going to be home tomorrow driving people nuts. >> right back at cha. >> it was raining at less than a
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.1 of an inch per hour. here in the last 20 minutes, a lot of the moisture going out to merritt island, hit-and-miss light pockets of rain. this is not what we're lightning up about and being excited about and being on guard about. we have heavier rain down south which is not much of a factor either. that area of moisture right there is our first rainmaker during the overnight hours. that's not super significant. come take a look. here's our low right here to the west of new orleans. a big cold front extending into the gulf of mexico. that's what's going to be knocking on the door here tomorrow morning. by about 8:30 or 9:00 with big, rocking showers. tonight, not much going on. future radar has a passing little spritz of rain down south, especially for southern osceola and brevard counties. but other than that, we have to hold on and wait for daybreak tomorrow. real quick, hurricane alex is out there in the open waters of the atlantic. when i say "open waters," i mean way across the atlantic.
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tonight, should be going through there tomorrow morning. here's the azores right there. there's the eye cruising in. we have not had a january hurricane since 1938. it's kind of strange. wind speeds right now, 85 miles per hour and the path takes it right over the azores and drills it as a major north atlantic storm by saturday. in orlando. 47 is the overnight low. that's right on average for this time of year. other daytime highs, 69 in leesburg, 59 in gainesville and 64 in new smyrna beach. now at 7:20, we're down to 62 in leesburg, 62 in orlando and 66 in brevard county and cocoa beach. here's what i want you to see. all of this together at the same time. here's our low. we circle the cold front. here's the area that's going to be rolling into. this is the way it breaks out. by tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., there's the cold front. here are the stray showers. by 10, it's rocking into ocala.
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orlando is noon to 1 as the front sweeps 3. by 1 in the afternoon to 2:00, it's in brevard county and 3:00 to 4:00, it's done. what does this mean for tonight? it means an increasing cloud cover and overnight lows in the 50's and low 60's. the low in orlando is 59. here's tomorrow. >> by noon tomorrow, the storms are here. the high is 76 degrees. 74 on saturday. then cooler for you on sunday. so while we're waiting for the arrival of the big storms, i'm being joined in the storm tracking center by meteorologist candace campos who has been out today telling folks to download our storm tracker app. >> it takes five seconds. it really does. >> and it's free. >> that's the best part. >> absolutely. >> that's the best part. and it's going to be extremely useful through the overnight hours and tomorrow and in the afternoon. we went to windemere today and winter garden, downtown winter garden. it was the first time i went out there. it was gorgeous out there.
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>> you love the brick streets? >> i loved them. beautiful. ice cream shops, too. we even stopped people on their bikes today. they just popped it up right there, the app store. they were rocking and rolling in less than 10 or 15 seconds. it is absolutely free and let's even pop up the graphic. downloading the news 6 weather app is just easy. search wkmg. you'll see his mug. >> with the big yellow tie. >> you'll see him on the app and you can watch him anytime you like. the radar pops him right where you need to be. app. >> you can take it anywhere across america. >> it's the best. best thing. >> there you go. >> all right, guys. thank you.
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>> all right. here's the line-up on news 6 starting in 30 minutes. it all leads up to news 6 at 11:00. >> after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". >> colbert tells us people in upstate new york were asked to vote after someone complained their town's seal was racist.
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but is it? >> let's take a look for ourselves. what do we got here? okay. that's a white guy strangling an indian. let's not overreact. it's not like he symbolically stands for all white guys. what's the name of the guy being depicted on the seal? white. okay. still, it's a pretty common name. it's a very common name. it's not necessarily referring to the hue of his skin. what's his first name? >> hugh. >> let's look at the big picture. it's not like it's the official seal of whitesville or whitesvania or something. what's the town's name? >> whites borough. >> maybe the seal means something we're not aware of. maybe it has nothing to do with anything bad happening to indians. >> according to the town, the seal actually shows a friendly
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they won the respect and goodwill. >> i'm sure the indian had a safe word. i'm guessing something like "please take all my land." i forgot to tell you the headline here. the town voted to keep it. >> tonight colbert welcomes actress olivia munn and comedian t.j. miller. don't miss it at 11:35 on news 6. >> by 9:00 tomorrow morning, this is the way it looks and 1. i'll be back to show you at
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