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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, an accused apartment. what we are learning about the the man who stabbed him. >> and much of the region today dealt with heavy rain and winds. but first, we're following breaking news now in volusia county. a man's body has been found in the st. johns river.
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marina near de bary, west of i-4. a fisherman saw the floating body shortly after 2:00 this afternoon. we're working to learn more right now and we'll bring you updates as they come in. >> and now to the wild weather in central florida. what a difference a couple of hours makes. this is a live look over downtown orlando. absolutely gorgeous. thankfully the nasty weather is gone for now. but more big changes could affect your weekend plans. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> looking out there, you would have no idea what the morning held for us. i'm matt austin. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what's coming next. what can we expect? >> we got rid of the pounding rain, that's the good stuff. we hit a dry spot. the sun is fading fast. we're in the dry slot from jacksonville to orlando, almost all of the state of florida has cleaned up nicely. see how it's pushed south of
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south of the keys, too, pushing into the islands of the bahamas. at home, we're done with that. where did that leave us? melbourne. i'll talk about that in a moment. we're going to clear up, after hitting a high today of 75 degrees. we'll fall to 67 by 8:00. 9:00, 66. 10:00 hour, nice and 64. big changes coming on for the weekend. we'll have decent times and really warm times and another round of big rain. i'll be back to pinpoint all the changes in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, tom. things got rough for quite a while today. here's what it looked like around wildwood in sumpter county. you can barely see the flags there. heavy rain and winds hit all at once late this morning. you can see the rain falling almost sideways. right now, there are no reports of major damage in that area. as the storms pushed east, they made their way into orlando. this is video of heavy rain along colonial. this was shortly before noon.
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around this time. most power has been restored this evening, though. no matter where you are, get those breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime. just download our pinpoint weather app by searching wkmg in your app store. >> a man is dead tonight after investigators say he tried to break into a winter park apartment. >> deputies say the residents fought back, stabbing the man and killing him. deputies say they responded to a 911 call around 6:00 this morning at the oak reserve apartments on aloma avenue near full sail university. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is working to get new details from investigators. do we have a name on who this suspected burglar was? >> well, i just checked with the spokesperson at the orange county sheriff's office. she tells me they're still waiting to find out the next of kin for this suspect. they want to notify them before they release his name to the media. i do know this suspect knew the people who were on the other side of the door.
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he said they were really shaken up. >> orange county sheriff's deputies say when they arrived at the oak reserve apartments in winter park this morning, they found a hispanic man in his 20's dead outside one of the units. >> he was at the door. he was trying to break into the -- this was a second-story apartment and this occurred at the door. >> the sheriffs spokeswoman tells news 6 deputies had to respond to this apartment before for the same reason. and with the same suspect. >> he was trying to break into the apartment back in december and was charged with a burglary and that case was forwarded to the state attorney's office. >> that is the same address as what happened this morning? >> 709 oak reserve. >> he says he's always felt safe at the oak reserve, especially since at least two members of law enforcement live in the same complex. he says he didn't hear anything this morning but says he would do the same if someone tried to break into his place. >> he was pretty shaken up about
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to protect the people he was with. >> i asked the sheriffs investigators if the residents could face any charges because of the stabbing death. they said right now they're classifying this as a justifiable homicide and they're going to keep it that way unless something else pops up in their investigation. right now, we're waiting for the suspect's identification. as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you live on the air. see you at 6:00. live at the orange county sheriff's office, eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. now to breaking news on wall street. stocks take yet another tumble today. here's how the week ended. the dow lost almost 400 points down to below 16,000 points. it's dropped 1500 points since the beginning of the year. analysts point to falling oil prices and global economic worries for the drop. >> and a big ruling in a high-profile murder case in volusia county. >> the trial of luis toledo is
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news 6 anchor ginger gadsden joins us with the reason behind the delay. >> the judge's decision comes a day after prosecutors asked for luis toledo's trial to be postponed. you might remember toledo is accused of killing his wife and her two kids back in 2013. the trial was set to begin tuesday in st. augustine. the reason for the delay, a ruling earlier this week by the u.s. supreme court striking down florida's death penalty law. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in this case. they say there are too many questions about how the state's death penalty law could change to try the case right now. state lawmakers are working on a bill that would require a unanimous vote from a jury before someone could be sentenced to death. so far, no new trial date has been set. of course, we'll continue to keep you updated on this case here on news 6 and on, powered by news 6. >> thank you. now to a crime tracker alert on the campus of ucf. in the past hour, campus police
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it's a clear one. we're told this guy took stuff from the school's performing arts center on wednesday night. police tell us he got away with a projector, wireless access point and an american flag. witnesses say he called himself thomas and he smelled of cigarette smoke. so if you know who this guy is, call ucf police. >> a man was killed while riding his bike along a volusia county highway. police in new smyrna beach are calling this a hit-and-run. the driver is now facing charges. it happened around 7:30 last night along state road 44 east of i-95. we're told 27-year-old jonathan gibson was driving a pickup truck that hit 45-year-old kevin meck who died at the scene. police say gibson drove off and pulled over and staggered out of his truck. he is now charged with d.u.i. he could soon face more serious charges say police. >> somber day for family and friends of a florida woman
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ashley olson was laid to rest today. she was found dead in her apartment in florence saturday. investigators believe the two met at a nightclub and left together. police say she was strangled and had two skull fractures. the suspect told police he accidentally killed her during a fight after consensual sex. olson moved from florida to italy a few years ago to be closer to her dad. >> a controversial idea in one local county is shot down. >> brevard county leaders have rejected a proposal that would have raised gas taxes countywide. at "florida today," it would have increased taxes at the pump by 6 cents a gallon. under county rules, the measure needed support from four of the five commissioners, but two of them said no to the increase. commissioners are now looking repairs. january 26th. >> we are just days away from a big step for a project years in the making.
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long-awaited wekiva parkway will open next wednesday. the three-mile extension of state road 429 will run from county road 435 in orange county to state road 46 in lake county. construction began back in 2013. the toll road will eventually run 25 miles. this will serve as a western beltway around orlando. the highway is set to be finished in 2021. >> a big honor for a special dog. >> next at 5:00, we'll show you the local dog who brought home an international award, but first the gloves are off in the race for the white house. the stinging jabs the republican candidates took at each other and the unlikely show of support for donald trump. >> dirty when they fight like that, isn't it, man? all of a sudden we ain't friends no more. look at the radar tonight. we've gotten rid of all the big rain. scattered showers have moved into the islands in the bahamas and bimini to the east and we're left high and dry. i'll be back to talk about how
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how long we're going to stay dry. i'll pinpoint the return of the rain straight ahead. >> and i'm amanda castro, live in melbourne in front of melbourne beach and the publix where the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold. there are rumors who the new multi-millionaire could be spreading around town. i'll have more on that, coming up next. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida. this is a live look at i-4 and parr in orange county. traffic is moving along through
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>> right now, a lot of eyes are on still on the space coast. it's been a day and a half since we learned a winning powerball ticket was sold in brevard county. >> who is it? everybody wants to know. quite a few theories going around right now about who may have hit the record-setting jackpot. amanda castro is live at the publix where that ticket was sold in melbourne beach. she joins us now. are people just waiting to see a bentley drive by? what are they doing? >> no bentley's just yet. people are anxiously waiting to
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jackpot winner is. that person has not come forward. in that happens, the folks in this tiny beach community are sharing their theory with me about who the multi-millionaire living among them could be. >> we heard two rumors that two employees from publix and then we heard it was like a melbourne beach resident. >> rumors of who owns one of the three winning powerball jackpot tickets are spreading throughout melbourne beach. it's the talk around the bar at jake's crab shack. >> i heard it's three different ladies. i do not know their relationship. >> i'm hearing a woman won it and then i'm hearing a woman won it who is getting a divorce next week and then i'm hearing that she's got two little kids. >> the restaurant is in the same plaza as the publix where the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold, fueling the rumor employees at the supermarket could be the big winners. >> i just got my hair done.
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hear everything and that's what they were saying. >> the lucky winner laying low right now, but in a town of 3,000 residents, they say it won't take long to figure out who the multi-millionaire is. >> we're still waiting, we're all waiting. >> for those who didn't pick the combination of numbers, you can still come out on top. jake's is offering a free beer for a losing powerball ticket. >> we'll find out soon who the winner is. >> we may not find out for a while. the winner has time to claim their prize. 180 days if the winner chooses the $528 million prize or 60 days to take home the lump cash prize worth $326 million. now, when they come forward, we'll know. they can't claim the prize anonymously here in the state of florida. reporting live in melbourne
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>> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> sparks fly as republican presidential hopefuls get aggressive in their latest debate. it was good tv. the two frontrunners donald trump and texas senator ted cruz took jabs at each other pretty much all night long. >> they were not the only ones who got combative last night or today. it started when kristin giannas chris christie issues. jeb bush says rubio is the one who is flip-flopping. >> marco cut and run, plain and simple, for whatever reason. there may be legitimate reasons but he cut and run. he asked for my support on a bill and he cut and run. he cut and run on his colleagues
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>> another unlikely event also took place after the debate. check out this tweet. it's from democratic frontrunner hillary clinton who says donald trump was right. clinton defended new york after ted cruz attacked trump's values during the debate. in the meantime, the next republican debate is set for january 28th, the last one before the iowa caucuses on february 1st. >> now to a local dog gaining worldwide fame. >> a dog from orange county has been given the title of underdog of the year. you're going to feel for her. she's a 2-year-old pit bull mix, given the award during last night's world dog awards, broadcast nationwide. orange county animal services says she was rescued last august and missing her nasal cavity and her upper jaw. the group passion for pets quickly took her in. they say she's made great progress and she deserves the un
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>> yes, she does. >> it hurts your heart but i'm glad things are turning around for her. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells, we're loving how the day turned out. >> i was here this morning with meteorologist troy bridges, up all night tracking that mess. i came and helped him out in case it got crazy but it didn't go as wicked as it could have. it started firing out tornado warnings left and right. we dodged a bullet with this one big time. we had light rain on the backside of it. the big stuff is down here. it poured today again in miami, out to bimini to freeport is where it's raining now. in the bahamas, it's not there in the bahamas now. it's kind of wet. it's better here. we've got a beautiful clear sky coming on for tonight. we picked up a record today, not in orlando.
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orlando and missed the record. look at melbourne. almost 2 and a quarter inches in the rain gauge beating the record by an inch and a half by a bunch since 1970. that was a good soaking you picked up in brevard county. daytona beach, less than an inch. daytime high hit 75 once the rain got on through. sunshine heated us quickly just like that. if you had to work outside this afternoon, you know it felt great. in the sun you could really feel the heat building. we hit 77 in kissimmee and 75 in the villages. at news time, we dropped to 72 in the villages. 73 in orlando and 72 palm coast, daytona beach and new smyrna beach. 73 out at the cape and 73 right now in cocoa beach. temperature change in the last 24 hours, we're 11 degrees warmer in palm coast, 9 in sanford and 6 in orlando. here's alexander, the big hurricane. the january winter hurricane of 2016. it went right through the azores and now it's up here. the hurricane center has given up on it.
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it's post-tropical, taking on absolutely no tropical characteristics. they're not going to talk about it anymore and no more advisories will be issued. clouds and rain forecast, here we go. by 10:00 tonight, relatively clear and dry. after the day we've had, that's something. tomorrow morning, 8 a.m., this is not all cloud cover. a bunch of it is fog. there will be patchy fog out there first thing tomorrow morning. as the day wears on, we'll burn off the fog and have some sunshine. enough sun that the temperature rockets back to 77, maybe enough that we eke out a shower. i'm not putting rain chances in there, though. i don't think much is going to happen. it's sunday morning that i want you to see. stand here in the corner. here comes the cold front from the north on sunday. look how much rain explodes on sunday. sometime between about 6:30 in the morning and 10 a.m. on sunday, you will pick up rain. by 10:30, it's out of here. the rest of the day should be great except it's going to be a whole lot cooler.
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50's across central florida. i'm calling the low in orlando, 56. here's the weekend. >> patchy fog early on tomorrow morning. by noon, really sunny. the daytime high goes to 77. i think that said mostly cloudy. that's early. mostly sunny by the afternoon. check out sunday. sunday's high is 67 degrees. big rain chances early on and monday, a high of 59. >> interesting stuff on the horizon. thank you, tom. >> an antiquated florida law could soon be gone. >> next at 5:00, the unusual law that could soon be eliminated. but first, a neighborhood poisoned as smoke fills the sky. what investigators believe caused this toxic cloud to form. >> and ahead at 5:30, a drug trial goes horribly wrong. the fate of some of the
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the body of that found in the st. johns river is that of a missing man. he was found in a marina near de bary. mckinnon had not been seen since sunday night. his family reported him missing on monday. it is still not known how he ended up there. we will continue to bring you updates as they come in. >> a scary and dangerous sight in the sky. fire officials in brazil say a chemical explosion sparked a huge fire. you can just see the big plumes of smoke in this video. investigators say this was toxic gas. several people had to go to the hospital. we're told everyone is expected to be okay. hopefully it doesn't have any long-term effects, though. >> it's been talked about for a while now. but a law that has been called outdated could finally come off the books. >> the state senate is set to vote on the repeal of the
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it makes it a crime for an unmarried couple to live together. supporters of the repeal say it's necessary to reduce government intrusion into private lives. an identical bill is moving through the state house. >> now to the latest in a long line of amazing discoveries in space. >> so a team of astronomers says it's found the biggest and brightest super nova ever. check this out. this is about 4.5 billion light years from earth. researchers from ohio state state university and peking university in china, they say this explosion is 570 billion times brighter than our sun, and the blast produced light 20 times brighter than all of the stars in the milky way galaxy combined. by the way, there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy. >> that hurts my brain. >> doesn't it hurt your brain?
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>> it happened 4.5 billion years ago and we just saw it over the summer. >> how cool is that? remember the pizza rat that dragged a slice of pizza down a new york stairwell last year? >> this is the pita rat. someone dropped it on the stairs. they struggled to get it up stairs and they managed to make some progress, taking plenty of breaks to chow down. that helped. they also played a bit of tug-of-war with the bread. >> two things i learned from that video, rats are good at working together and people, stop dropping your food on the subway. first pizza and now this. >> they just want to see what the rats will do. >> ginger gadsden is joining us with what's coming up on the news at 5:30.
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areas were hit the hardest by today's severe storms and one family is searching desperately
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