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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> severe weather moved across central florida today causing problems like this jackknifed semi on i-4. >> and while it is cleared out now, more rain could be on the way. thank you so much for joining us.
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>> i'm ginger gadsden. today's weather is our big story tonight. chief meteorologist tom sorrells begins our team coverage. he's here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. you've been at it since early this morning. >> it's been a long day. that jackknifed truck was scary, man, it happened on parr street right before the severe storm came. it got wind speeds of 55 to 60 miles per hour when they were trying to move it. weird time. radar cleaned up nicely into the night. we've gotten rid of all the big scattered showers, from miami to key west and pushing to the bahamas tonight to freeport. everything is good tonight. here at home, we're doing well. we've gotten rid of all the big problems. all we're dealing with now is a little bit of a cool-down. we're holding at 67 degrees at 8:00. 66 by 9 p.m. 63 will do it by the 11:00 hour. standing by now in the newsroom is meteorologist candace campos to give us more about the impacts of what happened today. >> yeah, we were out and about all morning long.
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this front came between 7 and pretty much find right after our noon show. we're going to use our storyteller to zoom in and pinpoint where our crews were earlier this morning and the first spot right there is right off colonial near the orlando fashion mall. you can see as we zoom in across the area, we had very gusty winds. we had heavy rain as well. hour. that's all it took, really, quickly. in an hour, we saw about an inch of rain, especially at the orlando airport. you can see that the streets are ponding a bit but because the system was fast-moving, we didn't have to be too concerned of when it came to the flooding. as i minimize that and move to the next spot, it's near o.b.t. as well as john young parkway. same story out there as well. everyone had their lights on. a lot of ponding on the streets. in that picture, you can see the
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in some spots, it was falling horizontal. even if you had an umbrella, you were not able to stay nice and dry. we had some traffic issues and some power issues. duke said they are up to 1800 customers still without power. hopefully that will start to clear up like our weather later on this evening. >> thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> we're learning new information about some breaking news we first told you about at 4:00 today. deputies just released the name of the man whose body was found in the st. johns river in volusia county. his name is walter mckinnon. the 42-year-old has not been seen since sunday night. now investigators say a fisherman saw his body floating in a private marina in de bary, just after 2:00 this afternoon sky 6 flew over the area near south leisure world drive. deputies are not releasing any
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man may have died but we'll keep asking and bring you the details as they become available. >> now we're following a developing story just coming in to news 6. investigators say they're searching for two men who broke into a woman's home and beat her. this happened just after 11:30 last night on brown street in kissimmee off thacker avenue. now police are asking for your help to find this person. investigators say he and another man broke into this 85-year-old woman's house. we're told one of the suspects beat the woman, locked her in a bathroom. police say a neighbor saw the victim's car running and her garage door open but when the neighbor went home to call 911, the suspects ran off. the other suspect is described as having lighter skin, average build, police say about 5-6, wearing dark clothes, maybe a mask. so if you recognize any of this, call the crime line right away at 1-800-423-tips. >> a volusia county family wants answers tonight. they say someone shot and killed their animals on their property. >> yeah, it really is a sad
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news 6 reporter loren korn is in lake helen. >> three animals found dead in one family's yard. they hope deputies will find the person or people response ebl for they strike again. >> an empty cage and feathers is all that's left. >> he found the pet duck and goose shot dead in the yard on monday just after finding a neighbor's cat on their property the same way. >> we've had the geese for 15 years that are like pets. someone came on our property and shot both of them at separate times. >> the family says losing the goose has been the hardest. >> he comes and talks and quacks away every time someone comes up here and let's us know. it was more than a regular goose. >> they're now worried about the other animals and called the sheriff's office for advice. >> i want to know my rights to protect my property because we
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we're worried about them getting shot now. >> they plan on installing security cameras to keep a closer eye on their pets. >> it sounds like somebody joyriding and using target practice at live animals. i hope they get karma coming back to them one day. >> covering brevard county tonight, an argument landed a man behind bars. according to our partners at "florida today," the 51-year-old warren buchanan is facing manslaughter charges. he punched a 67-year-old in the face which caused the man to fall and hit his head on the concrete driveway, killing him. it started with a verbal fight over whether one of them touched the other's pickup truck. >> a grandfather is behind bars in orange county tonight because deputies say he tried to stab his own grandson. deputies say thomas henderson is now facing aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charges. we're told that it all started
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throwing away food he didn't want to eat. the victim suffered several cuts to one of his hands in this incident. >> deputies in orange county searching tonight for the person accused of stealing from a family dollar. it happened at the store on east colonial. the man with a gun went into the store just before 1:30 this afternoon. no one was hurt but the suspect got away with some cash. if you know what happened or know who is behind this robbery, you're asked to call the sheriff's office. >> with the new "star wars" attraction coming soon to disney's hollywood studios, big changes are coming to the park as well. >> lisa bell joins us now to break down exactly what's leaving to make room for the renovations. >> a lot of changes. disney just announced today that four areas and one show will be a thing of the past as they get ready for the future. so this is what hollywood studios looks like right now. the areas in black right here will all disappear. according to disney, starting april 2nd, the honey i shrunk
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will shut down. the streets of america and monsters, inc. meet and greet will also close in april. disney also confirms it will start to take down the earful tower in the coming months. no word when the iconic structure will be dismantled. it's all part of the changes in store for the park we're told and in addition to these closures, the last shows for the lights, motor, action at hollywood studios will also be april 2nd. that show has been running more than 10 years. we've already told you about several other closures, including the studios' back lot toward the "american idol" experience, the sorcerer's hat and the pilots -- "pirates of the caribbean" show. >> and there's going to be a "star wars" launch bay experience inside hollywood studios. they'll replace vader for the meet and greets. >> let's get a check on the roads this friday afternoon with
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>> we're looking pretty good in a lot of spots. this is i-4 west of john young parkway. we've been watching this area right here where an earlier crash had a lane blocked. off. you can see the road ranger there beginning to pack up. no major delays because of that. this is how it looks as we go in closer for you. as we typically see, i-4 is a slow go in both directions heading toward the downtown area. i-4 eastbound moving from state road 408 to seminole county, it's slow. on i-4 westbound we're talking about a slow ride from the 408.
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>> a drug study gone wrong. the fate some volunteers are facing tonight. >> plus chipotle is closing its doors. why every single restaurant will be shutting down for a few hours. >> wow. take a look at radar tonight. we've cleaned it up nicely, getting rid of all the big scattered showers and pushing those away. tomorrow looks pretty good. but, there's always a but, more rain is coming for your weekend. i'll be back to pinpoint the return of your rain and what part of your weekend is great and when you need to take cover.
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>> we often hear about groundbreaking drug studies that help people. one of those studies has ended in death. >> something went wrong during a drug trial in france. one person has died and five others are in the hospital.
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mystery. here's the story. >> medics rushed six research volunteers to this hospital in western france after they became violently ill while taking part in a drug study. prosecutors launched an investigation. >> the french health minister says 90 people took part in the experimental testing that involved varying doses of an oral painkiller. the hospital says one person is brain dead and three others have irreversible damage. it's rare to get sick when testing new drugs say the hospital because researchers usually start with the lowest possible dose after extensive tests on animals. it happened in the city of wren. the biotrial website says it has 25 years of experience with clinical trials. the french company also has
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new jersey. >> so far, the drug being tested has not been named. >> fiat chrysler is denying new allegations tonight. >> the company says it did not encourage dealers to inflate sales reports. the accusations come from a dealership group based in the chicago area. they filed a federal lawsuit against the automaker last week. the group says they were offered subsidies to meet sales targets or inflate their sales reports to boost numbers released to the public and investors. the two dealerships who filed the lawsuit are in arlington heights illinois and lake park florida, actually. >> chipotle just announced it will be closing all restaurants next month. they'll be holding staff meetings about food safety for several hours. more than 1900 restaurants will close their doors on february
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this comes as chipotle was tied to a series of food outbreaks. they're doing damage control now. >> wal-mart is permanently shutting down more than 150 stores across the country. >> at left 16,000 employees will be affected by the closures. more than 95% of the stores being closed are within 10 miles of another wal-mart store. the company's c.e.o. says it will be reviewing the 11,000 stores as it sees increasing competition from online rivals like amazon. three stores in florida are affected, in putnam, gilchrest and dixie counties. >> for those of you who have gone into shake shack and craved chicken instead of a burger, i don't know why you would do that. now you're in luck. the restaurant chain is marking the beginning of a new era. the burger restaurant debuted its first-ever chicken sandwiches across the country today.
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florida are among the restaurants now serving poultry. >> i could knock out two of those right now. >> kind of like going to four rivers and saying, "can i have a salad?" >> why would you do that? >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. >> we normally start out with beautiful weather and it gets hot and then boom. i want to start off the story with storm pins tonight so you can have a look back and see how the day went. look at that. richard, awesome work. ominous sky. it was ugly in altamonte springs. what about this one? allen was one of the guys who award. >> he's using it. >> he said thanks for the umbrella, tom. you stay dry. cocoa. this one will get you. it's all over. look at that one.
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>> we're debating the news now. >> they're chatting each other up during my weather cast. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> tonight the storms are moving away. i mean, with quickness they're moving away. they've moved down into the florida straits into cuba and the islands over here and the bahamas. we're left with not much tonight except for clear skies. i'll zoom in tight right now and show you exactly what i mean. here's freeport and bimini, past key largo. the rain just moved on away. after the rain left, our temperatures shot up to 75 for the daytime high today. overnight low this morning was 61. the average this time of year is 71 and 49. so obviously we're well above average. we'll be above average again tomorrow as well. the records are safe. they're 86 and 26. we got really warm. we've already dropped back to 73 in orlando. 73 in sanford and 73 in kissimmee and 68 in the villages.
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smyrna beach and 73 from the cape to cocoa beach to 74 right now in melbourne. we've gotten rid of the rain. when does it come back? take a look. tonight by 11:00, i don't have much to talk about. between now and 11:00, not much changes except for maybe the model run. let me show you what i mean. tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., we're tracking fog for you. it will be patchy, not a fog alert but patchy fog at worst, maybe a speckle of rain coming in from the gulf coast as we burn off our cloud cover. a pretty good day for your saturday. i think it's going to be sun-filled and beautiful. that's what i think. danny treanor will be here first thing sunday morning. if it's rough, i'll come in and we'll tag team weather and keep you safe. watch how this goes. this is sunday morning at 8:00. it's a very active sunday morning with a cold front surging in again. this will thump you. look at what happens.
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10:00, the cold air streams back in. it's going to be another night like we had back monday night when all of a sudden we had overnight lows that dropped close to freezing up north. that's the kind of night we're talking about as we start the next workweek. >> overnight lows on this night, just cool. we're doing okay. 55 from ocala to the villages. 57 in leesburg to 56 in sanford. the official forecast in orlando, mostly cloudy but clearing. an overnight low tonight of 56 degrees. here's the weekend. >> starting out tomorrow morning with a touch of patchy fog, 77 degrees will end up being the daytime high. on sunday, it storms early, between about 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. after 10:00 in the morning to 10:30, showers are out of here. be ready for that. rain chance tomorrow is 0. lots of sunshine mixed with the clouds after the early morning fog. we have a high of 77. on sunday, we get the early storms.
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a weird day, kind of like today. when it rains early being driven by a cold front and we dry out cool down. the high is 67 and the lows in the 40's. monday for martin luther king, jr., the high is only 59. >> we were over here debating -- >> way to call us out, chief. >> -- if we know of a better meteorologist than tom sorrells. >> we're going to give a quiz on the newscast afterwards. so you better be paying attention to everything. >> thank you, tom. can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates partners all day long. and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1. >> well, when we come back, we'll take you to a touching memorial in honor of a popular harry potter actor who recently passed away. >> and madame tussaud's has a new guest. find out which famous face will be gracing the museum in orlando
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>> coming up at 6:00, the search is on for the person holding that winning powerball ticket in melbourne beach. why some say it won't take long before they come forward. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for kissimmee, melbourne and all of sflal >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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>> harry potter fans created a growing memorial there to honor alan rickman who passed away after a battle with cancer. notes and flowers with pictures from the actor and famous quotes from the movie are piled up near the popular photo spot for tourists. he was also in die-hard. >> nasa's solar dynamics observatory has captured a
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>> it's an event they're calling a solar eruption. it happened back in december. now we're getting a first look at the video. it's just crazy. you can see it in the top right corner of the screen there, our first look of it. a dark line or curve before the sun's surface became unstable. the initial eruption caused a cascade of magnetic solar arches. the images were taken in extreme ultra-violent wave lengths. normally we wouldn't be able to see it with the naked eye so it's colored in bronze to check it out a little bit better there. >> second incredible space story of the day. >> we had a super nova earlier and now the eruption on the sun. >> a new celebrity wax figure has arrived in orlando. >> popular country singer keith
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tussaud's display floor. she'll be next to jennifer lopez. a team of 20 sculptures used more than 300 measurements to create the work of art. no word yet how long his wax figure will be visiting the orlando museum. it looks pretty good, though. really realistic. >> have you been out there? >> i have not. i'd love to go. >> it's a place to take selfies of celebrities. >> lisa bell is here with what we're working on for the news coming up at 6:00. >> we're following breaking news at 6:00. the man at the center of an o.p.d. confrontation caught on video has been found not guilty. the latest developments in minutes. and the latest developments are underway after police say a man
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