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tv   News 6 Sunday  CBS  January 17, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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>> anchor: right now on the morning news. radar you see is still lit up due to the weather alert. all but 2 counties were under a tornado watch until 8:00 this morning and we still have thunderstorm warnings. >> anchor: and we have a live look outside. crews fanned out all over central florida to bring you comprehensive coverage. we' re staying on top of this all throughout the night and throughout the morning. >> we have been here and here at 11:00 last night. i was with you and troy bridges with you and the entire weather team in this morning. good morning to you! i'
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m kiersten and justin is off. the storms are the chief focus this morning. the meteorologist danny treanor are all here but we start with meteorologist tom sorrells. how are we going? >> tom: getting better all the time. watching from brevard county down to osceola and the tornado watch will start to go from west to east and start peeling counties out of that i' m sure, but this box goes until 6:30 to rural orange county and orange county is taken out because it' s pushed to osceola and brevard. this line of activity is producing severe thunderstorm warning winds and hits the criteria better than 60 mph and putting out the wind and putting out heavy rain on top of merritt island and better than a quarter inch here and 3 quarter inches here and pushing to the east rapidly. things moving on at 50 mph and pushing all the way past rockledge at 5:58 and on to merritt island now. out past cocoa beach it' s 6:07 and the other line of activity in southwest brevard county has
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the last 15 or 20 minutes so the lightning strikes are gone through that one and everything little bit. joining me now in the storm tracking center is meteorologist danny trainer and troy bridges and, guys, the closest the tornado warnings got from polk county to two tornado warnings in polk county during the morning and from one. >> and we had all that activity down in the sarasota area and had several tornado warnings down there as the stuff moved on shore and then it weakened as it moved in our direction, but we still have a couple of those severe thunderstorm warnings. the good news is we will we' ll take you out now and show you what we' re pinpointing across central florida with that line and notice the clearing as tom has been pointing out. stay clearing and the clouds we' ll see more of the showers and the heavier downpours pushing on off to the east. brevard county in the worst of it right now and that trend will continue for the next few minutes and notice to the east orange county and now out of the warning box but we'
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watching some strong winds move into central sections and northern sections of brevard county and to kennedy space center down to the east of i- 95 with the heavier downpours to port st. john and dewitt boulevard and fayette and seeing that up to a couple of inches an hour in some of the spots and there' s downtown orlando beginning to dry out now and see rockledge under the gun with the push of some strong wind gusts as well. those winds could be near 50 mph and that region with southern sections of brevard county and palm bay to the street level and malabar road and heavier rain coming down there and more of that for webber road as well. that region in southern brevard as well as osceola county, that' s where we' ve been pinpointing the heaviest of the rain and that' s come off the books as the severe thunderstorm warning has fallen off. that' s the good news but still heavier rain pushing through areas like yeehaw junction and points to the north of there. we' ll continue to pinpoint that. here' s the good news with the clouds and rain forecast. as we take you through 7:00
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begins to push out. that' s the next hour or so from now and we still see a little bit lingering in southern brevard county according to the model data. and then wrapping around a little bit of left over moisture. that' s why we can' t say it' s not clearing out all together. it will take more to continue to push out. and there are those temperatures across central florida right now and 67 in central sections including orlando and we' re at 61 in ocala and daytona beach at 63 and 69 in cocoa beach. now let' s check on your forecast and head back on over to danny treanor. danny, what are we pinpointing now? >> dan: it' s late and the sun coming up and the remainder of the showers are coming out of here and then we start to dry out. by the way, if you' ve been missing that cooler weather. we' ll bring that back to the repeat performance. and as you see the rain go down
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sunshine late in the afternoon the skies clear out and we have a very nice day for you for tomorrow so hang in there. it looks like the holiday tomorrow with martin luther king day is going to be great. the high is 42 but look out. 39 can be the overnight low and that for tuesday. and you know what? it looks like we' re going to hang on to some of the cooler temperatures and make it very nice for you for the remainder of the week. and uh- oh! by the time we get to friday, though, a hiccup. we have the chance of rain coming back in the full forecast. >> won' t mind the rain if it doesn' t bring up the tornado watch. so there you go. only one tornado warning over in polk county. right now severe thunderstorm warning for brevard and osceola goes until 6:30. back to you. >> anchor: we broke the news with the push alert from the weather 6 pinpoint app. that' s free in the droid and
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>> anchor: and from sarasota county, the video just getting into the newsroom showing the damage after a tornado touched down there. again, this is siesta key in the western portion of sarasota county. i used to work there and this is close to that area. several large areas of damage. the power lines are down and area. they lit it up because of that but streets are blocked. also reports of several people injured in that area. just got a message here on facebook saying when the storm blowed through, the word they used was nasty. developing story and a lot of destruction and this coming just days after another twister we' ll keep an eye on this and let you know as soon as we get video.
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s why this is the time to download the pinpoint weather app. it will send alerts to the phone. as tornado warnings pop up and they could have this morning and check live radar and see exactly where the storms are. it' s always free to download and search wkmg in the app store right now. kirsten? >> anchor: trying to figure out what caused this huge inferno at the citrus packing business in leesburg. the viewer sent us this incredible video that was taken just as that fire broke out on citrus street. it was fully engulfed and the street. the business owner sells gasoline at the property as well. there was a big fuel tanker just feet away from where the flames were burning. though it' s stored in code, it' s certainly that amount of fuel in a fire isn' t a pleasant thing to see. >> anchor: fire fighters say
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stop the flames before they got to that fuel. it took nearly three dozen fire fighters to put out the fire. the good news we' re told no one was hurt. the cause is now under investigation. >> anchor: this morning orlando police trying to figure out what led to two people getting shot in the middle of the neighborhood. the victims found late last night on lanet street off raleigh street in the carver shores area. police tell news 6 that one person was hit in the shoulder. the other person was grazed on the head by a bullet. hospital. police say that they' re going to be okay. at this point no word on any possible suspects. meanwhile police continue their hunt this morning for 2 people that were in a stolen car when a teenage driver was shot by an orlando police officer. the officer was trying to pull them over early yesterday on north lane. that' s when they say the driver sped up while heading right towards the officer. so one of the officers opened fire shooting trevon lamans. they say lamans was still able to drive off but crashed in the
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the two suspects that were inside were able to run away and lamans was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay and that officer that shot him is on paid leave with law enforcement and investigates this. >> anchor: three people are recovering right now after a crash in brevard county. the impact was so strong it sent one car crashing right into the building. fire fighters sent us these pictures of the wreck and fortunately fire fighters say the building was vacant at the time and no one was inside and had to board up after all that damage. two of those hurt were treated at the scene and did have to go to the hospital and waited to find out what led up to that crash and if anyone will be facing any charges. >> anchor: good news out of manatee county in southwest florida. the area where the damage was reported we showed you, one person is now confirmed dead
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the area hit by a large tornado we' ve been talking about. we' ve been trying to get you more information. >> anchor: when we come back a live report as the area remains under a tornado watch and tom
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>> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news in southwest florida. this is showing the damage left behind after the tornado touched down in sarasota county. this is the siesta key area, so the larger homes out on the key pretty badly. debris falling all over yards and cars in this area. >> anchor: right, and we did just learn one person is now confirmed dead from the storms moving through the area and that is in manatee county. we want to make clear we' re not talking about that but just in this video and not sure. they have streets blocked off and also reports of several
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addition to that one death. a developing center there. destruction. not what we were wanting to see. >> anchor: we were afraid of video like this. that' s why we' ve been on top of this all night. so far we' ve been very lucky here and see the potential and this is why we brought in that meteorologists here this morning and that' s why you are morning at 5:00. usually we' >> anchor: exactly. and also why you should get the push alerts to your cell phone and download that app. it' s free and go to the app store and search wkmg with the pinpoint weather app and we' ve been pushing alerts out all morning long with our team coverage and sorrells tracking this all night long. where are we seing that?
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ll go back and see that in a moment. but first this. we' re learning no longer a secret detail swap and behind the scenes negotiations between here. >> and they confirmed that iran has freed 5 u.s. prisoningers including the washington post reporter and for more than a year and a half and part of the exchange and candidates for president focus on the swap and that campaign trail yesterday. >> coming back i will tell you it' s a disgrace they' ve been there for so long. at this point prayers of thanksgiving they' re coming home.
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to investigate the whereabouts of a man that disappeared in 2007. >> anchor: in just hours spacex hopes to make history once again. >> anchor: they have a 30 second windo to launch a falcon 9 from california this time and on board will be an ocean monitoring satellite for noaa and then space x is hoping to land the first stage of the rocket out in the ocean. here' s a look at last month' s first ever successful landing of an orbital rocket on land and at the cape. >> anchor: love seeing this video every time i see it. i wish i could see it in real life. would love to go. >> anchor: it' s amazing and the point of all of this is to make a rocket use cheaper so they can reuse these rockets. this is the barge that spacex is aiming for out in the pacific and it is tricky with the platform up and down and two off the cape this year and
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it touched down and blew up. so why try again? it is landing on the pad and uses less fuel because the rocket can be tweeter and he hasn' t gotten environmental approval yet like he did get at the cape to land in california. there is zero chance of bad weather so we' ll be following it and much more. >> anchor: hopefully goes well! >> want to see it. >> anchor: i want to go out and see it. one of these days. now turn it over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells and we' ve been tracking a lot. >> getting better and better all the time and then it is going to be rapidly improve and then it is going to the one going on this morning. then it is going to cocoa beach
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going to look how nice and going to flagler county and then it is to speed and going to see the activity here and it is going to rockledge and now leaving right after the tip of the cape and another 12 minutes from now with this going at 16 miles per and it is going to be hot. in autobahn with wilson right there and that activity pushing out past satellite beach with another 15 minutes right now and kept watching this back counter around palm bay and that particular cell associated with it earlier and watch the way it rolled and it is going to be farther across the interior. then it is going to the lightning strikes. dissolving as this system worked its way over and then it
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and lost the mojo. still out of rain and not much with any damaging wind and problems associate wide it and about 30 minutes from now that' s all she wrote. 7 minutes and heavy rain and damaging wind and big time problems will be a thing of the past and about another 30 minutes right now. and this is what it looks like as far as the radar goes and what the winds look like this morning and check out cocoa beach. that' s the area being warned and 39 mph wind in the last few minutes and out at patrick air force base. talking about high wind and lots of rain with the lightning troy has abated. any time we' re tracking tornado warnings we like to follow the lightning. the hail and try to figure out what' s going on with the velocity. our lightning didn' t pan out. i was awoken by the rumble of thunder in the overnight where i was getting up to join you t been along.
6:18 am
s good news and saw most of the heaviest activity. the intense energy to our south and the big red arrows here indicate what' s happening now as, tom, you pointed out we are going to see most of this clear out but look to the south with these poor people down there still dealing with the tornado warnings in the south of fort pierce and for us that line is moving quickly off to the east. as tom said nearly 65 mph and seeing more trend of the clearing conditions. as we head into the next few minutes and within the next hour or so. we' ll continue to pinpoint that as it moves off to the east and continues to move out of the way across central florida and as it does most of the rain to the south in southern brevard county and most of us looking better, especially into orange county as we continue to pinpoint most of that heavy rain over near the kennedy out to sea. 95 and back over and the street level to some of those areas where we had the
6:19 am
s windy city and autobahn road and rockledge and all of these regions seeing the heaviest rain for the past half hour and rockledge now not seeing the heaviest and off to the east of us and still moderate rain on the top for you and then it' s moving off to the east and going down to the moderate rain and stronger wind gusts and now moving out and then it' s going down to the south for now and beginning to clear out across the large part of orange county. as tom mentioned we' re seeing the rain with the heaviest stuff moving to the east and that wrap around moisture heading out with low pressure and the lingering showers for there' s 8:00 as we take you this hour and even through then going to linger and push through parts going to then the clouds will eventually clear out and we' ll see more sunshine
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temperatures fairly cool considering and then it' s going for a good bit this morning and we' ll have more of the storms fueled by those warm temperatures. we have that warm front move through and 67 is the temperature right now in orlando and 63 in ocala. and milder in brevard county. right now 70 . let' s check on the forecast now and head over to meteorologist danny treanor. danny, looking better later today. >> dan: and it' s good news - - (inaudible) >> there we are. getting the mike together and >> anchor: that' s going to be and they' soon. as you' ve seen it is already
6:21 am
and it will linger and start to get peekaboo sunshine by late in the afternoon and then continue the cooler and drying trend as we go into the beginning of the weekend and those of you with the monday holiday. good news for you. it' s 67 and that is down to 60% and look at the chance for tuesday night' s temperature and the kids are going to need some jackets and the third time this year you had to put a jacket on the kid? >> it' s been nice! >> reporter: just remember that this is going to be very, very typical. this is actually more typical of systems moving through and creating thunderstorms and things like that than all summer long. >> anchor: we have the severe thunderstorm watch for a few ll say goodbye to it rather quickly.
6:22 am
>> anchor: thanks, guys. it' s been a long morning. tracking these storms all morning long. even just got a tweet from the viewer saying they had storms still. a lot of rain coming down right now. >> anchor: wow! long night and long morning. we' ll check in with mark about an hour ago and it is coming down! mark is in osceola county in kissimee now and looking much better there. mark? >> yes, what a difference an hour makes and it was coming down and now heavy rain seems to come out of nowhere and the winds would come and it just all went away and drying out with that large part of the county is now in the clear. no rain falling and see roads are still slick with those few carc and still moderate and no
6:23 am
going on right now is mainly the wind and we' re seeing about 16 mph winds right now but things are looking pretty well in osceola county so far. we' ll stay on top of things and see if there is any potential damage or possibly power outages in the area and keep you updated with the latest here in osceola county this morning. >> anchor: thanks so much, mark. working hard out there. we appreciate it. >> anchor: staying dry mostly. you know who is not staying dry is erik sandoval and this is a live picture where you can see a much different story and that is what tom and troy and danny are talking about. and depends on where this is still hanging around on the coast and why we still have warnings out on the coast. it has been raining there hard. >> a lot of power out ages. >> the power is out in a bunch
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>> anchor: all right, we' re tracking the storms all night long and there is power out in west melbourne and they' re currently trying to restore power. >> anchor: and coming down right now. erik sandoval is now in west melbourne from where he was earlier. a little bit farther west i think it was. very rainy. >> reporter: yeah, it is
6:26 am
getting hit in the face with some hail right now, erik. you can see really strong gusts and right over here a florida power and light crew is just dispatched to another power we' ve been getting reports of a lot of downed trees here and right now probably about 150 people here in the melbourne area who are without power. but we' ve been following this 20- right now and they' ve been slowing down in the areas and checking to see if everything is okay and look for the palm trees hitting power lines and mainly it' s residential areas and florida power and light says a small outage respected in cocobeach and southern area
6:27 am
re expecting to hear more reports of downed trees and power outages especially as people wake sxup actually report them to florida power and light. erik? >> anchor: and a lot of water >> reporter: you' right. whips through there, too. the thing that' s really making the weather biting right now and really dangerous for drivers is the wet roadways and the possibility of flooding we' re in the high profile vehicle in the news 6 live van and going down i- 95 so exercise a lot of caution.
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ve been following severe weather all night and it seems to be calming down, at least in our area. >> anchor: we' ve been lucky but pictures from southwest florida, particularly from sarasota county, where things
6:31 am
a tornado and it touches down on siesta key and several large measures in that area and totally ripped apart on some of these homes and then it is going to see lots of power outages and it is also from the storm and then it is going to see more coming out of manatee county as to what happened and that situation. >> and it is going to meteorologist tom sorrells and watching all of this for us. we find we didn' t get the worst >> we' re let down. the closest it' s just on the county line across from us to the viewing area and it is
6:32 am
temperatures and we really lucked out. we have a tornado watch in effect and all the counties and under a tornado watch until 8 a.m. and here' s why. the last of the radar ecose are still here and that warning that went away at about 6:30 and been done with the warnings for about 6 minutes. down to the south we have a significant weather advisory until the last of this goes on out. this is the last of the big showers we have here. the tornado watch is in effect but trailing on out and saw eric being pelted by hail stones. he said they' re small, not big enough to warrant a severe significant nonetheless and that hail good going on through. given the last 20- until 7- 7:15 it will be done for southern brevard county as well and finally be out of the
6:33 am
down to the south in fort pierce to lake okeechobee a tornado warning to the south of lake okeechobee but warmer and more to work with so here at home that atmosphere is calmer and saved us a bunch. difference that made all the difference in the world. hey, it' s in the clear and no rain now and it won' t be a picture perfect day. can still run into the rain shower and wreck the day if not ready for it with light showers as that begins to focus on in and it is another tornado watch and warning with lighter rain possible for awhile but no big huge storms and then start to focus on what' s going on with the temperatures. right now holding at 67 in orlando and 53 in leesburg and 56 with the colder air trying to show up for us and wind speeds are part of the equation
6:34 am
is going to northeast and still mild enough to southwest and wicked in cocoa beach and still 20 mph wind and as far as wind gusts goes, there you go. that' s why we have the significant weather advisory. 49 mph wind gusts in the last half of an hour right there in cocoa beach and a 30- mph wind gusts in melbourne. so there you go, guys. most of the warnings are over at least for now and it looks throughout the overnight. >> thank you, tom. and the other things going on this morning now.
6:35 am
and found both of those victims. the other shot in the left shoulder. we' re told both are taken to the hospital and should have more information on this case. >> anchor: an incredible scene in leesburg after a business that packages citrus goes up in flames. we got this video of the fire late last night at lake county citrus sales on spencer street. you can see the flames shooting high into the night skies and fires arrived on the scene and it wasn' t the only danger here and that' s because that business also had fuel tanks. and even a few tanker on site. just feet from where that fire was burning. cut off the fire' s progress to the storage tanks. there was a fuel tanker that got some heat damage to it, but didn' t catch fire. >> anchor: it took nearly 3 the flames. the good news, though, no one
6:36 am
fire is under investigation. >> new this morning investigators in sumter county to the man found dead in the woods. the man whose name is not released is found on friday and the rich wildlife management area. that' s to the west of clermont. deputies say they' re waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine how he died but treating this case as a homicide. if you have any information call the number on the screen. 1- 800- 423- tips. right now police in maitland are category for your help to get results. they' re trying to find a missing man that could be in trouble. this is 23- year- old john noss and say he has the mentaal capacity of a 12- year- old and is autist irk with aspergers syndrome. please call police if you see him.
6:37 am
192 in west melbourne yesterday when for some reason that car caught fire. crews were able to put the fire out in a few minutes and we' re told the person inside was not hurt. we know bears have been a big problem in a lot of central florida neighborhoods and once again fish and wildlife workers are trying to let people know what they can do to keep homes safe. yesterday fwc apopka police and the central florida zoo teamed up to teach people what to do if they see a black bear. the seminar focused on what you can do in case of a bear encounter so if you actually come in contact, and just as importantly how to avoid inadvertently feeding them like leaving your trash out. >> i think there are questions that everybody had so it was good for everyone to hear those and get answers needed. >> we see bears move out of the area and give them their space. >> the central florida zoo says we secure household garage in
6:38 am
out on the morning of the pick up rather than the night before. >> anchor: well, severe weather is moving through central florida but it is moving fast. that' s kind of a lighter note there. very prepared. we got you prepared. and so far so good. here with a live look at brevard county where power crews are working to get the lights back on for some families. this is west melbourne. it is still raining and coming down. we still do have some of these alerts up for parts of central florida. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is in this morning
6:39 am
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>> anchor: good morning. it' s 6:45 and we' re keeping an eye on the situation in southwest florida where a tornado touched down. this is video from sarasota county. we' re hearing just north of there in manatee county one person has died. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is updating the forecast in two minutes. >> anchor: the gop presidential race is more contentious than ever with two front runners exchanging fire on the campaign trail. >> anchor: the democratic candidates are getting ready for the debate on the stage in charleston, south carolina.
6:41 am
charge of the elevators? >> reporter: ted cruz cracked a joke but the battle between cruz and donald trump is serious. >> then today another story where he forgot another bank, city baifrj and forgot. >> reporter: at - - bank and forgot. >> reporter: at an event he accused cruz of forgetting a loan he took after admitting from goldman saks. and he attacked cruz for canadian birth and slamming new york. >> reporter: seems trump has a lot of nervous energy. >> reporter: and here in charleston, south carolina, on friday night in the final debate before the iowa caucuses on february first. all 3 contenders, front runner hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o' malley, attended the first and the south dinner on saturday night and not just
6:42 am
state to vote after iowa and new hampshire where sanders is giving clinton an unexpected challenge. cbs news, charleston, south carolina. >> and the democratic debate begins at 9:00 tonight. an amazing story caught on camera out of australia. >> it' s a wonder no one was seriously hurt here. a car is smashed into a gas station nearly hitting a woman inside. let' s take a look. the accident was caught on surveillance cameras. there it is! >> wow! >> anchor: can you imagine being behind the counter? >> anchor: did you see her reaction, too? >> anchor: the woman disappears from sight as the car flies into the convenience store. she is hit but the car actually just mised her. it triggered a gas leesleak though. authorities knocked off the area until it was contained and dragged two people inside and were inside that car and see in there. >> anchor: gee whiz! >> anchor: they were taken to
6:43 am
police are investigating to determine what caused the that accident. >> anchor: another few feet that would have been really bad! good thing. >> reporter: okay, chief meteorologist tom sorrells is in this morning and been here all night and pinpointing the storms for you. tom, the news gets better minute by minute. a lot of the news warnings and watches expiring. >> tom: good news and bad news. getting ready of the tornado threat and that is in bro vard county off the clock at - - brevard county and off the clock at 8. could pull it now if they wanted but it goes for another hour. this is all that goes for the storm system. it moves at 60 and sometimes 65 and 75 mph and following the progress and it just blasted through here and makes friday' s system look slow. raining to the beach right now but it' s not dangerous. s not dangerous, only level 2 precip and hail
6:44 am
we heard from erik down there reporting with light hail in his face and now it' it' s a fish storm damage doing harm out there but not on land right now. from the cape in melbourne with the chance of light rain but not a lot of action going on. across the interior, down here to tampa with more firing up in dover to the south of the i- corridor and farther to the south with the warmer air and it is really exploding from west palm beach and take note that is down to south lake okeechobee is gone and the colder air is yet to show up with the extended forecast for troy and danny and just note more light rain may fly out of evening tonight. the temperatures right now are good. still 72 in melbourne. that' s warm!
6:45 am
that reading in gainesville. wind at 16 mph and 9 in gainesville and 7 in palm coast and wicked to melbourne beach and melbourne with the 25 mph sustained wind and the 40 mph wind gust in cocoa beach. and in with danny trainer and meteorologist troy bridges and, s going on for the cool down. >> waiting for this front to clear and once it moves through it will clear us out all together. so as tom mentioned that wrap around moisture we' re dealing with and that risk of severe storms is over with and that ground with the dryer air and water vapor imagery and that moisture pushing to the east and look at the temperatures. to the north much cooler and 37 in atlanta and jacksonville right now at 67 and we' re at 67
6:46 am
here in the coming days. and look at us right now. milder in brevard county and 66 in gainesville and 63 in ocala and heading over to danny treanor. y>> reporter: that' s not moved through yet. it still has to go through and that' s one of the reasons why we' re talking about showers to be possible through the rest of the morning. i think the chance of the rain to go down and the coverage area is down to 20- 10% and the temperatures. the temperatures never get much above what they are right now. in fact the top temperature in orlando and it' s warmer in melbourne and we' re in the 70s and orlando may reach only 76 this afternoon and then tonight temperatures dropped and 43 in kissimee and daytona beach and cocoa beach is down to around 55 .
6:47 am
over the next couple of days we start getting cooler and cooler and bottom out at about 39 and that on tuesday night and wednesday morning and jackets! and one of those things they haven' t been able to sell in central florida for the last several months. >> so talking about the end of the tornado watch and think it' s all over soon. all the warnings have ceased for now. we do still have the significant weather advisory from brevard county with everyone else welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love...
6:48 am
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6:49 am
>> anchor: welcome back. we' re tracking storms throughout the night and the early morning but first we' ll bring you something a little lighter. >> anchor: a little change. >> anchor: astronaut scott kelly is sharing something exciting from the space station this morning. >> anchor: it' s the first flower that' s ever grown in space blooming. here' s the look at the orange and yellow zenia he completed out with the caption "yes, there are other life forms in space." just last month a small cob was weak and width - - crop was weak
6:50 am
in the plant container but he took it over and trim today back and learning from this could help them grow tomatoes and other crops in space. >> anchor: got to share it on social media. and if you are on your phone, you can download the pinpoint weather ha p p. that' s helping all - - app. that' s helping all night long. >> anchor: and pushing out alerts any time there was a warning and watches. and chief meteorologist tom sorrells is also pinpointing and been with us all night! >> tom: no warnings here, guys! we wrapped up the warnings and this tornado watch box will probably go away shortly, too. looks like it' s about done in central florida as far as big watches and warnings are concerned. step out and make this advance to the radar and see what' s moved all the way from florida
6:51 am
and rock this way and light rain later. that' s more and talk about that in a few minutes. >> and then it' s a second person in manatee county and this is on the west coast of florida that has died. we' re reporting one person and two people have died and also a child is seriously injured. >> and we'
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> right now on the morning news, strong storms on the way out of central florida but this is after a wild night in many areas. your pinpoint forecast is seconds away. >> anchor: and breaking right now, those same storms causing incredible damage and deaths just to our south. we have brand new information after suspected tornado touched down in manatee and sarasota
6:55 am
we get to that in just a minute but first good morning. i' m kirsten. glad to be with you. justin is off. >> anchor: i' m erik von ancken. kirsten came in very early and we' ve all been here with the weather staff. tom sorrells and troy bridges and danny treanor here all morning. >> tom: things have really changed in the last half hour. we have that watch box and for the fiter fire fighter time no warnings in central florida or to be seen in the watch box until 8 a.m. the radar tells the story of why that is. look at how nicely it cleared up in the last 15- 20 minutes and down to the radar moving up
6:56 am
the cape with that line of severe thunderstorm warnings and that last warning out of the cape and maybe 35 minutes since it went off the clock and drying out from gainesville to ocala and kissimee and that future radar will show you with trying to move in from gainesville and ocala and cooling down. . back to 66 in sanford and 65 and in leesburg down to 14 mph and 12 in kissimee and the 30 mph wind gusts in the last hour in cocoa beach. so, troy, all this wind is always an indication of big >> there' s the front. here. see the wrap around moisture
6:57 am
pressure and then the front moves in and colder air will work in. in fact much cooler air on the way in the coming days. see the wrap around moisture this afternoon. 31 is the temperature right now in nashville and it' s 36 in atlanta and 56 in jacksonville and warmer in the 70s. in the low 70s right now as we talk about temperatures in brevard county and again cooler for the rest of us. not warming up and more sunshine breaking out and look at this. rain chances coming to an end for the afternoon as we dry out and 67 at 4:00 and the temperatures continue in the 60s as we head out today.
6:58 am
ll talk more about the cold air on the way and the 30s in the coming days. >> anchor: brr! at least things have calmed down significantly. we have to be cooler. >> reporter: we' ll take it. >> tom: we' ll have more on what' s going to happen later in the week. back to you. >> anchor: thank you, guys. following breaking news from the gulf coast where breaking injuries and severe damage is reported and also some deaths after the area. >> it' s in the southwest siesta bay area and you can see how badly homes in this area have been damaged. some of these are very large homes and some of them destroyed. debris has fallen all over the yards and they even crushed some cars. the reports that at least 5 people now have been hurt and we know that rescue crews had to save several people that
6:59 am
storms roll through and in the past few hours. the sheriff' s office there is also warning of power lines down in the area so they have blocked off several streets. and in the last 10 minutes we' re learning that 2 people are now dead after another suspected tornado touchdown. this happens just north of that area and this is in manatee county in the town called dewitt just eedeast of bradenton. in fact there were reports of multiple other people injured. we' re continuing to watch this for you and we' ll let you know as soon as we get any new information from this area. >> reporter: and closer to home, fortunately we' ve seen nothing like that. but parts of central florida have been under warnings for hours and that does include brevard county. news 6 reporter erik sandoval continues from melbourne and there were power outages in this area and also heard you mention hail earlier. >> reporter: yeah, the small pellets of hail were hitting my face during our last live shot with you which was 30 minutes
7:00 am
and i just checked with florida power and light and they say roughly 10 people are still without power but 30 minutes ago it was pouring down rain and the wind was whipping up. now the rain has moved out. the sun is actually coming up. but the wind is still a story. i want to show you these trees here behind me. you can see the wind is still rattling their leaves a little bit. but as the moments progress this morning, that is becoming less of an issue. i want to show you video i shot earlier today from florida power and light. the crews were zooming - - okay, i' m sorry. we don' t have that video. but let me tell you florida power and light crews were stationed behind me here in this parking lot. they were darting to and from areas all over brevard county. we had countless reports of trees hitting power lines. small residential areas are all of a sudden being zapped without power. again, those numbers are slowly going down and about 150 and another section in cocoa beach
7:01 am
melbourne and we' ll track those updates with florida power and light and maybe watching with the live stream on the mobile light if you don' t have electricity and be patient because they have several reports of outages throughout brevard county. >> and all over central florida for that area, too. t see severe storms overnight chances are you probably were woken up by pounding rain and gusting wind and even thunder at some point. the news 6 reporter in osceola county and saw you a couple of hours ago and it' s really coming down there. >> reporter: yes, it' s coming down in sheets. moderate at times and heavy in others. but definitely now things are looking all clear here in osceola county. just seeing wind at this time. no rain at all. but look at the roads with still some slick as people may head off to work and getting to where they' ll go and maybe possibly going to church this morning. so possibly some dangerous driving conditions and things
7:02 am
hour and all clear, in fact, but a stark contrast to what we' re seeing just a couple of hours ago. here' s a look at the video topper first in kissimee and osceola county and the wind picking up as well. and this is probably 3:30 to 1:00 and near celebration avenue and heavy in waves and it would go away and then all of a sudden it did go away around the 5:00 hour from 5- 6:00 and right back out here live things looking well and it' s just a bit colder here and breeze neosceola county and reports of power outages but osceola for the main part escaped any significant storm damage from the system moving through here early this morning. erik? >> anchor: there is a change coming and it' s gelgetting colder and that' s the next big
7:03 am
and all the latest weather alerts and live radar on your phone with our free pinpoint weather app. it came in handy overnight. and what i meant to say came in handy overnight. all night long - - it' s been a long morning! >> anchor: you' ve been here all night! >> anchor: you can buy the app and get it in the app store and it' s always free. >> reporter: in lake county intense flames rip through the citrus plant and witnesses say flames reach about 100 feet in the air and the viewer sent this flamy video and broke out on center street in leesburg and it is fully engulfed when fire fighters arrived and what made this more dangerous is the business owner sells gasoline at the property owner as well and that fuel tanker a few feet from where they were burning. >> the amount of fuel being stored here and it is looking in code and certainly that' s the fuel in the fire and it is
7:04 am
>> reporter: fire fighters, though, say fortunately they were able to stop the flames before they got to that fuel. told no one is hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> two were hurt in the late night shooting and one grazed by the bullet in the head and that scary scene unfolding late last night and this is in the carver shores neighborhood. police arrived and found both of the victims and the victim shot in the left shoulder and both taken to the hospital and should be okay. >> in orange county hundreds of people gather to honor civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr. a big ceremony and parade to mark the legacy and life of dr. martin luther king jr. martin luther king jr. day is celebrating on the third monday
7:05 am
>> and things are finally calming down and we got lucky and the folks on the west coast did not. seeing those pictures but chief meteorologist tom sorrells is in this morning and tom, it seems the most and the worst of it pushed out. >> it is still this tornado watch box and more prekautionzary than anything. we don' t have video like that of us in central florida and that is pockets of activity with that rain and the big red zone to that nasty stuff to daytona beach and do still see bubbling here in polk county and all the way down to the east of tampa and that is lighter rain than what we had earlier and more preckiable rain and lighter stuff as cold air comes in and see the line of departure there.
7:06 am
ocala. we dropped from 66 down to 65 in the last hour in the immediate area and overnight low tonight in orlando is 43 . we' ll be right back to track that cold not only for tonight but how much colder that will be. >> anchor: much! thanks, tom. the first big test for the orbital rocket to land back on earth. details on spacex' s historical
7:07 am
>> anchor: if you' re just waking up with us, the pinpoint weather team is tracking storms all morning long and the worst of the weather is moving off shore. but right behind this now is going to be some very chilly air over the next few days. we' re talking cold. we' ll have another full check of the forecast coming up in less than 5 minutes. and we' ve been telling you about those wet roads this morning and now we have breaking news on i- 4. live pictures you see where a crash is blocking eastbound lanes of the highway there. it looks like cars are actually still in the middle of the roadway. a lot of flashing lights and everyone has to move over to the left and this is very slow going in the davenport area. right now the exit for champions gate. now traffic is also backed up for quite a distance so if you' re headed that way expect a whole bunch of delays and keep an eye on this and let you know if it clears up soon hopefully. in just hours spacex hopes to make space history again.
7:08 am
we do it all the time! >> and at 1:42 space x with the 39 second to launch on board the ocean monitoring satellite for noaa. then they hope to land successfully and then it is going to the rocket on the ground and it is twice off and
7:09 am
it is going and zero chain with that and it is bad weather in california. and zero chance. >> and very late for some. >> and what day is this? >> and all night and i came in
7:10 am
good rain to the east and it is calming down and we moved past that. and it is to still be disruptive and the lines where they were early this morning and while most were still asleep and unless the roar of the rain woke you up. it didn' t rumble thunder too much. we had strikes going on that were loud and aggressive in the western side of orange county and about 2 a.m. but since then things have calmed down and the light rain to the south of tampa and all this heavy stuff from okeechobee to west palm and one tornado reported down there and overall lingering activity for awhile and winds as bad as they are are not as bad as the one associated with it this morning and the latest melbourne. what'
7:11 am
>> reporter: it' s going to be much cooler as we head into tonight and continue with those cooler temperatures and we' ll switch. there we are. it is 44 overnight in orlando and 43 in sanford and 49 to start off bright and early in ocala and daytona beach at 43. so much cooler air will be working in to the early morning hours and not tomorrow but this morning. i' m thinking we' re still eight night, right? anyway, this morning into late tonight and those temperatures we' re at 65 right now in now here' s a look at your forecast and meteorologist danny? s take those temperatures down, down, down in the evening hours and also take those chances of rain down and as tom pointed out just a moment ago breezy and it is
7:12 am
and it is still breezy and look tuesday' s down to 39 and that morning and it' chilly. the kids are going to want to put on a jacket. maybe. they' florida. >> boots with the fur. >> uggs and leggings. thanks, guys. cold while playing on the ice. we' ll introduce you to a guy using ice hockey to song: "that's life"
7:13 am
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7:14 am
or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor,
7:15 am
>> when it comes to sports it' s not about winning or losing, it' s about the journey. and that' s the message of one getting results award winner wants to get across. news 6 anchor matt cross tells us he' s using the sport of hockey to create memories for the next generation. (buzzer) >> reporter: hockey in florida. >> go, go, go! >> reporter: doing more than keeping it alive. it' s flourishing. you know those memories from childhood? >> i remember being on a pond
7:16 am
calling me off the ice. >> reporter: the clearness. the experience of me simply stepping foot on that ice takes me back to my inner child. those are what keeps scott glazier coming to the arty b. sports complex once a week. >> to get the game as many kids as i can and pass it down. >> reporter: you see his love of the game runs deep. >> good job! >> reporter: friends and fellow volunteers say glazier and the the sport' s biggest ambassadors. >> he' s got such a big heart. >> scott is definitely one of those guys that gets results. >> if we didn' t have a scott, it wouldn' t be the same program. >> reporter: he leads by teaching. and while hockey may seem a bit out of place in south florida - >> watch your stick. even when you get spun around watch your stick. >> the lessons learned here are universal. >> this is not about winning and losing. this is about experience and
7:17 am
life they' re never ever going to forget. >> and getting results. >> a lot of these kids are coming a long way. >> and that' s why he' week' s award winner. congratulations. >> thank you! this is a tremendous award and it means a lot to me. >> for him it' s the past. >> and now it' s time to help these kids make it last. >> the hope is to make an amazing citizen. >> anchor: no banging on the glass out there. if you want more information on how to include your child in link on powered by news 6. >> anchor: now the cold temperatures are right behind the storm that pushed through and tom sorrells is in the weather to come! >> reporter: it' guys!
7:18 am
ve gotten rid of all the rain and look at how quickly it moved away and told you it came on the air at 7 this morning it wouldn' t last long to the east and it' s done and finally drying out and can' t rule out pockets of rain activity. there are some of those and close to the most in brevard and may track to osceola and up around gainesville to the west with the future radar to show you what i mean in a moment but these light showers and rocked during the overnight and future radar with pockets of rain with that cooler rain showing up and that is from the southwest to the front and wind gusts start to calm down as well and tumble to 43 once that front pushes in. we' ll be back with that
7:19 am
down a little later. >> and tom sorrells. thank you. still to come this morning, the fire rips through the lake county business. we' ll have the latest developments on this
7:20 am
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7:21 am
>> anchor: good morning. 7:29 on this sunday morning. i' m erik von ancken. >> anchor: and i' m kirsten. and erik is here and chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here and tracking news all morning long and the good news is the severe weather threat is over and we' ll see some slow clearing this morning and check out the pinpoint weather team and have all 3 in here today and is that is great and it is
7:22 am
through it is to that stray shower and it is to that area that exited down to the south and wind is part of the equation. not only windy and tough but dialed down about 20 mph in the last hour and can see light winds to the north and that is cooler air and the wind gusts are starting to die out. then it is going there. >> and then it' s with the front and much cooler and below freezing in northern zones in nashville and 31 to 35 in atlanta and it' s above freezing there and that cooler air is going to make its way closer and of course it won'
7:23 am
that cool at 65 and through that day we' ll hover and more and more blue sky with that light view through and it is going to 60s by noon and eke out by 4- 5:00 to 67 . not a huge warm up but will be dry. we' ll talk more about the big cool down on the way as temperatures drop into the 30s and head into next week and chilly with the kids at the bus stop and get to that. >> we' ll go back to the frost warnings and the freeze and all this as the week wears on. more details on that a little later. back to you guys. >> thank you. as luck you as we were the not. we just got new information on breaking news weer following and down in this area. emt workers in dewitt. they' re confirming that 2 people were killed and several others were hurt. some of them children after a large tornado moved through the
7:24 am
extensive damage in the area and have seen similar scenes of destruction in sarasota county to the south of it. this is new video just in from that last half hour with siesta key and several people had to be rescued and reports of 5 people inside the area and emergency workers are saying to stay in your hemes until they can get out and survey the damage and make sure they can assess the situation. we' ll have more throughout the day powered by news 6. >> anchor: nothing like that here fortunately but storms have caused power loss in
7:25 am
continuing live team coverage this morning. erik, how are you doing out it' s a lot keeler than it was at this time yesterday sitting yesterday and you know something is definitely happening weatherwise and also the sun is coming up. if you' re watching it will make it easier to get around your house. i want to show you something here in the parking lot that really shows how much reason fell. we did not touch that cup and it filled with water this morning. let me show you what a difference an hour makes. roll that video we showed you and just about an hour ago from the live shot location showing just shou strong the rain was right before our live shot. it was just coming down in buckets. florida power and light also here in the parking lot and this is one of their mobilization stations where they were going to everywhere here in brevard county. 150 people right now without power according to florida
7:26 am
there are power outages in melbourne and west melbourne. south of pat rick air force base and also a handful in cocoa beach. also one we' ve been telling you about all morning in cocoa proper. i just checked with florida power and light and they say the one in cocoa is a little sticky wicked because they' ll have to bring in extra equipment in order to restore power there. now after we finish this live shot we' ll jump in the news 6 live van and be patrolling over brevard county to see if there is more damage or power outages to tell you about and we' ll be bringing you any updates we find on our website at reporting live in melbourne, erik sandoval, news 6. >> anchor: my hero. glad you' re safe and dry. talking about the rain on the coast there and see wet roads all over central florida after a night of pounding rain and high wind. news 6 reporter continuing the team coverage along 193 in osceola county and, mark, it
7:27 am
saw you earlier. >> it was a steady downpour for a couple in a few hours and you can see the jacket is dry with roads, too, and a little slick with no rain falling and no clouds in the sky where we' re at but a stark contrast from what we saw and can see that heavy downpour from u.s. 192 near celebration avenue this morning. it seemed to come in waves with heavier rain and that winds would come and more rain would come and at 5- 6:00 this morning the system moved on through and here live with osceola county it escaped any significant damage from the system moving through the area. we did hear reports of power outages and i just spoke with duke energy and they say nearly 2,000 customers may be without customers in the hunters creek area. we'
7:28 am
re done with the live shoted and patrol for possible damage the storm system did and move through here but looks like things are so far so good after that rain moved through. >> and this is very useful with the radar and alertsa as we spoke overnight and it' s free in the app store. >> anchor: and we continue to follow breaking news on i- 4 where the crash has eastbound lanes blocked right now. and this is all happening right off the highway but a lot of emergency crews are on scene and traffic is backed up in this area and we' ll keep you up to date on this and witnesses say flames reached about 100 feet in the air before fire
7:29 am
a viewer sent this area and video broke out on center street in leesburg and pretty intense as we look at the screen here. the building fully engulfed when fire fighters arrived and what made this even more dangerous is that the business owner sells gasoline at the property as well. the big fuel tanker just a few feet away from where flames were burning. >> with that amount of fuel being stored here and that is certainly not a pleasant thing to see with the fuel near the fire. >> anchor: fire fighters say fortunately they were able to stop the flames before they got to that fuel and we' re told no one is hurt. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. >> anchor: orlando police are searching for suspects right now after two people were hurt in the latenight shooting and one of - - late night shooting and one of them was grazed in the head by a bullet. we saw it unfold last night on lanet street and this is where police arrived and found both of those victims. the other victim was shot in the left shoulder. we'
7:30 am
to the hospital and should be okay. police have not released any information on the possible suspects in this case. in orange county hundreds gathered to honor dr. martin luther king jr. a big parade marched through downtown orlando to celebrate the legacy and life of dr. king. martin luther king jr. day is celebrated on the third monday each january and friday was the anniversary of his birth. yesterday. and still to come, the feud escalates between the two gop presidential candidates plus what to expect on tonight' s democratic debate! >> anchor: you are watching news 6 this morning covering palm bay, the villages and all re glad you'
7:31 am
>> it is 7:42 and good morning to you if you' re just waking up with us. and very good news. the pinpoint team tracking all morning long and they finally moved off the coast and trying to watch over and another
7:32 am
and now to the pinpoint weather app. it is free to download right now in the app store and just search wkmg. it came in very handy overnight. >> presidential candidates made the rounds on saturday and while the battle between republican candidates continue to heat up, all 3 democratic candidates are in for tonight' s debate. here' s lindsey. >> who put trump in charge of the elevators? >> reporter: the battle between cruz and donald trump is serious. >> then today another story where he forgot another bank. citibank. and he forgot. >> reporter: at an event in portsmouth, new hampshire, trump accused cruz of hiding a loan from citibank for his texas senate campaign after cruz admitted he took owl a million dollar loan from goldman saks. trump released half a dozen tweets attacking cruz for canadian birth place and
7:33 am
>> it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy. >> reporter: the candidates are getting ready to face off here in charleston, south carolina, on sunday night in the final debate before the iowa caucuses on february first. all 3 contenders - - front runner hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o' malley - - attended the first in the south event where they' re getting an unexpected challenge to clinton' s cam by sanders. charleston, south carolina. >> anchor: and we have seen power outages and a lot of strong rain and even hail this morning. but it seems like the pushing out of it. >> reporter: southwest florida got it the worst. we were lucky but now the big story here in central florida and gentlemen our weather team is cold. >> with the capital c. >> reporter: it'
7:34 am
remember how close they got. they got to polk county before it stopped. so it could happen anywhere here in central florida and going to talk about the cold right now and want to talk about the wrap up of the storminess and that is leaving us from the county line and when i say done with the rain i mean the big stuff. it' s the possibility we have that pocket of rain move in from that northwest like they' re having on i- 75 in tampa and even the front itself with that activity with the front and all the prefrontal eruptions and now with the front comes a little rain. it' s not going to amount to much but might have that spritz of rain in the early afternoon as this comes on through. holding at 53
7:35 am
the south/southwest at 11 mph and it justice left to 25 mph and that rain moving to the northwest in gainesville and that front itself is pushing and here to talk about the cool down is meteorologist troy bridges. >> and that dry air is working in and see just that as that dry air builds into the western zones and that will lead to the cool down. still moisture off to the east and you can see that area of low pressure and that trailing front. now it will take a little while before this front actually clears and begin to see more dry air and that is working in
7:36 am
to change in the temperatures overnight tonight and head into the early morning temperatures tomorrow and it is at 39 in ocala and 40 in the villages daytona beach. now with the forecast let' s head on over to danny treanor. danny? >> reporter: and you know it' s nolt the coldest night but the night after. so monday night, tuesday morning. don' t go too far with that clicker. i may need it. let me show you what' s going on right now and as we talked about temperatures still fairly warm is and that' s good news to try to clear and flush as much out as possible and that rain going down and down and that
7:37 am
not the bad stuff like this morning and it' s going down and down and down and probably ends up at 43 for the overnight low and that in orlando. now as you said tonight' s not the coldest night and maybe even monday night and look at that. 39 and if we don' t have wind - - watch. this is a science question. if it gets chilly and it drops with no wind, what do you think might happen on the lawn? >> we' ll be singing over and over again frosty morn. >> and then start to bring other stuff back in. >> much of the dange ser already passed and the big thunderstorms are out of here
7:38 am
>> anchor: panda lovers in washington gathered to get a glimpse of the national zoo' s bigger star, panda cub bai- bai
7:39 am
he made his official debut public on saturday though. fans stood in lines and wrapped around the zoo leading to a crowded panda house but some say the mileage was worth it! >> i have to get down here to see the pandas because i love pandas! >> better than i would have ever imagined. the thrill of it has been so exciting! >> anchor: the cub is still nursing and kept in the panda house. he' ll venture outside when it' s warmer in the next few weeks. >> anchor: smart. stay in the cold like everyone else today! >> anchor: we' ll have somewhat of that here, too.
7:40 am
>> and one last check of the weather this morning. tracking these storms all night long. thank goodness for the team coverage here with chief meteorologist tom sorrells and >> it' s a bad state for the weather when we all 3 show up! we' re never together all this.
7:41 am
s good to be here with you! >> reporter: and we lucked out. a touchdown with the tornado in siesta key and tornados down through the county and then it' s going to the county line and all of those tornado warnings dried down that' s been great. we have the severe thunderstorm warnings for orange, osceola and brevard county and going our way and it is 8:00 and most of the rain has gone. and chief meteorologist troy bridges and we told you the squall line is downtown by 5 a.m. and it was and then all gone by the 8:00 hour. so going after church time this morning. two thumbs up! have at it and do what you need to do. scattered showers are rolled out and then it is going to be dry the rest of the day and then it' s the frontal zone trying to work in. you may encounter light rain and that' s of no damage to you and no dangerous situations and outside of the fact the road might be a little wet.
7:42 am
and went from the southwest at 14 and it is 70. still in melbourne and that' s going to change as the day wears on, too. it' s dropping in gainesville at 55 and 59 in ocala. the colder air is on the way and wind here from the northeast at 15 in gainesville and ushering in those cooler temperatures and then it' s going to danny treanor and talking about the cool down ahead. >> it' s all with that dry air working in and you can see that, tom, with the cold air and that moisture is down to the noticing a big change. behind the front it will take a little while before the low finally moves in and it clears for the entire area and still a few lingering showers possible through the day. and down to 39 and 40 in the
7:43 am
43 in daytona beach. >> and it' s closer and at 4:00 pretty much gone and the high for it and then it' s definitely as soon as the sun goes down. look at temperatures dropping down into the 50s and eventually down to about 43 with clear skies and keeping around for monday and the holiday and for tuesday and wednesday it looks very nice. that will result, though, in very chilly nights. >> anchor: overnight lows of 39 by midweek. wowz a! >> thank you for joining us on news 6. >> thank you for staying with us all night long. we were here to keep you safe because, of course, how bad this could have gotten. we saw that it was bad on the west coast. so certainly we were prepared and hope to be prepared.
7:44 am
depere, wi i' m cc told we' re close to 1: that goal with 25 days to go. - on top of that we' re home to the brand new state of the art v.a. hospital. i have to tell you, it' s terrific! but there are areas of concern nationwide. there' s still controversy over how long the vets must wait for access to health care. i get calls all the time.
7:45 am
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