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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> the big question, what led to this crash? >> there is a cooldown after yesterday's storms. temperatures take a tumble into the 30's in some spots. troy is right here, pinpointing your accurate forecast. >> good morning, central florida. thanks for waking up with us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> also joining us at the table, troy bridges. >> a lot of folks off from work out of school today, getting to enjoy some cooler weather and no rain. no storms after all that stuff this weekend. if you are making plans to get outdoors, we'll talk about how long the cool air sticks around and when we can expect a warmup. >> a california couple is proving, love can last forever. this husband and wife are well past their golden anniversary. what they say is the key to being married 82 years. >> what a blessing. >> we can all learn from that story. >> yeah, we can, can't we?
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>> we'll need to keep warm. fwrab the jacket. tough awesome boots. >> the ladies love to wear the boots. as we talk about the cool temperatures, you factor in a breeze and it feels cooler in spots. it is 37 in ocala. 45 in orlando. it is 46 at new smyrna beach. 52 right now in cocoa beach. feels like 39 in orlando when you factor in a breeze through the day not a big warmup. a lot of sunshine as dry air continues to build in. look at the temperatures, look at the window, there's downtown orlando, blue sky and sunshine. 58 at noon. we only warm to 62 at 4:00 as we stay dry. a great day to get outdoors. of the day. we'll talk about the warmup and an increased chance for rain in a bit. >> the time now is 5:31.
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this traffic situation outside. here's a live look at westbound lanes, traffic is light this morning. there are no major delays to stress about if you are about to hit the roads. here are some of your drive times. 408 from 417 to downtown, 14 minutes. 417 from boggy creek to colonial, that is just under 20 minutes. >> there is a violent home invasion in orlando. >> police say two armed men burst into a home and threatened a mother and her two teen children inside. this happened just after midnight on harwood street off john young parkway not far from colonial. johnny is following the latest. police think the suspect targeted the wrong house. >> yeah, that is what police think at this point. they say the two men pushed their way inside the house looking for money.
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she tells me this morning she is taking the two victims with her after this scary situation. police say the people inside answered the door and that's when both men forced their way inside. the two men had guns and demanded money from the family. the family was confused, not having any idea what they were talking about. after looks through the house, police say the suspects ended up leaving with nothing. now the good news is the mom and her two teens were not hurt. the two suspects did get away before police arrived. police say they left in a gray impala. if you have any information about what happened, you are urged to contact police. police also say the two suspects, they were wearing a dark clothes and they had their faces covered. once you get new information,
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>> also breaking overnight, this happened in etonville after a driver lost control and slammed into a tree. look at the mess left behind. this happened along east kennedy boulevard in front of macedonia mission baptist church. there is a lot of damage left behind. we can see it behind you. a few answers from police. what can you tell us? >> we have been reaching out to police all morning long. behind. i'll show it to you right now. you can see the tree branches broken here and tire marks below. this is what is left behind after a driver crashes. it is a different scene from overnight. let's give you a look at that what we found when we were out here during the overnight hours. the car ended up slamming into a
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inches from the porch. this was the end of a police chase but when i talked to etonville police in the last couple of hours, they tell me this was not the result of a pursue but wouldn't say what led to the crash. we asked about the driver but they wouldn't give us information about if that person was hospitalized or if they sdoofrjts the teen at all. coming back live, you can see this stop sign is back up that was damaged earlier. the street signs are still off. we will continue to pres police and have information information. information. >> a clean-up in manatee county after a stormed ripped through
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it is the same system that brought wind and rain here. a tornado tore through a mobile home killing a husband and wife. were hurt. house. the tornado packed winds of up to 125 miles an hour. that is where one condo was damaged so badly dit storm two people had to be pulled from the rubble. dozens of businesses and homes were damaged. officials are estimating the million. >> crews at the national weather service say their radio transmit ser back online after a failure at the worst possible time. >> that static was the only thing anyone tuned in could hear when storms were moving through.
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outage problem but it meant many weather radios didn't go off. the nws has several other transmitters around central florida. the transmitter happens to be on top of our tower at wkmg. the nws rents the space from us like other carriers. it is back online. we were with you yesterday and with more and more relying on cell phones, now is the time to download our pinpoint weather app. you can get the alerts around the clock and see live radar any time. search wkmg in your app store. >> prosecutors in orange county trying to keep one man from getting out of jail. they say he has been in several recent shootings. 22-year-old johnny brown was back before a judge yesterday. he was arrested after being spotted with a gun last week near rio grande avenue. the same area where a man was hit by a stray bullet.
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involved in five shoot g shooting since the start of the year. they say brown was actually shot himself. they say he is a serious threat to the community. as of now, he hasn't been charged in any of the shootings. that could change this week, another hearing over brown's bond is set for tomorrow. we'll keep you updated. >> the man considered the prime suspect in the disappearance of a jacksonville toddler will be back in court tomorrow. ewill face a judge for the first time since detectives found what is believed to be the remains of 21-month-old lonzi barton. he led detectives to the scene the day before he was set to go on trial for child neglect. he is facing additional charges t. remains of lonzi we are found one week ago today six months after he disappeared. police say ebron told them lonzi was taken when his car was stolen. >> this is a look at the space x rocket.
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the falcon nine rocket lifted off from vandenberg in california yesterday but it went fine until space x tried to land it. one of the landing lanes didn't lock and it ended up tipping over. elon musk reported the company will try again on a future mission for another successful landing. >> a milestone when it comes to plans for the western beltway. on wednesday the first section of the long awaited extension to 429 is set to open up. the stretch here will run from mount plymouth to 426 in lake county. it is a little more than three miles. eventually the road is going to run 25 miles from where state road 429 ends in apopka all the way to i-4, right where state road 417 meets the interstate in sanford. the 1.6 billion dollar project is expected to be fully
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>> happening today, in celebration of the martin luther king jr. holiday hundreds will gather in orlando to honor a man who made civil rights history here. this morning, the central florida ymca and southwest orlando jay sees will host the arthur happy kennedy prayer breakfast. this is video from last year. he was orlando's first african american elected officials. the breakfast will take place at first baptist church in orlando. >> dr. king meant so much then and even into the future. time to check in with troy. >> a lot of people off, ready to do good. look how much colder it is. freezing temperatures in 31 degrees. jacksonville close to that in 39 degrees. 16 is the temperature in nashville. 37 also in ocala. right now in the villages, 52 at cocoa beach.
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30's in spots. look at the rebound. we warm nicely through the day. as we see sunshine, it will be cool enough for a jacket through the day. 58 at noon. only getting up to 62 for the afternoon high at 4:00. no ranl and hardly a cloud. coming up, we'll talk about when rain chances do return as well as that warmup. we are nearly 10 degrees below. >> i-4 east of fairbanks, headlights moving towards you. eastbound lanes are light. westbound traffic is a little heavy. here are the drive times from i-4, westbound lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound, turnpike to 408, five minutes. >> coming up what issues has hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading jabs. >> what the coast guard had to be to get boaters to safety.
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news from overnight in orlando where the search is on for suspects after a home invasion. why police say the suspects may have targeted the wrong house. >> you are watching news 6 on
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>> orlando police on the hunt for two home invasion suspects after officers say they stormed into a home on harwood street.
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children were inside at the time. police tell news 6 they think the men may have targeted the wrong house and got away with nothing. >> a bad crash in etonville, a driver slammed into a power poll and a tree narrowly missing the building. kirsten working to get information on what led to this. >> we are following developments in iraq after several americans go missing. the group is reportedly going to the airport when they were taken. officials with the u.s. state department say they know about these reports and they are currently working with the iraqi government. >> new this morning, for the first time, we are getting a close-up look at rescue on high seas as coast guard takes two men in the gulf of mexico here. there is a closer look. the rescue happened yesterday. the coast guard says the boat
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were trapped in yesterday's storms. crews were able to hoist both to safety despite battling 20 foot seas. the coast guard says the sail was torn and there was a crack in the hull of the men's boat. >> now to election 2016 coverage t. three democrats vying for the white house went head to head in their final debate last night before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin omali clashed on several issues from gun control to campaign finance reform. with the race tightening between clinton and sanders t gloves came off when it came to the nation's gun laws. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingeneralous, i have a d minus voting record from the nra. >> i am pleased to hear that senator sanders have reversed his position on immunity and i look forward him joining members
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>> omali responded to clinton and sanders saying both are inconsistent. the caucus will take place on february 1. >> we have a heartwarming story for you out of california. a husband and wife celebrate a milestone many people will never get to see. >> they spent the weekend celebrating their 82nd wedding anniversary. that's a long time. also happening, the entire family was on hand to celebrate, including great great grandchildren. what is the secret to their longevity. the couple says affection and not sweating the small stuff. >> i love how he has the glasses and the matching hat. >> i like that advice, don't sweat the small stuff. there is a lot of that going on. today is good. let's be happy about a great day, a good afternoon to get
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it will be cool. some people like the warm weather. a lot of folks like it when we get a break from the warmth. here's what we are seeing after that front. the front that brought the storms over the weekend. now bringing in that dry cooler air. a chilly start this morning in the 30's and 40's across central florida into the afternoon. we'll see a lot of sunshine and only warm into the low 60's. by thursday, we are back to normal in the 70's. for friday, we increase rain chances. we have several days where we have strong winds. maybe you have branches down, today would be a good day. 46 at new smyrna beach. 42 at palm coast. 52 at cocoa beach. area wide, area-wide, a heavier jacket. at times, a little bit of a breeze.
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degrees. we take you hour by hour, we draw your attention into the sky. a window into the future here. blue sky and sunshine. hardly a cloud out there. we get to 62 for the afternoon high by 4:00. a cool day in store. for tonight, a cool night, chilly. you'll need a jacket. maybe a coat heading out. 46 at 9:00 tonight. 45 at 10:00. and we'll continue with these cooler temperatures for the next few mornings. here's 2:00 in the afternoon. a chance for high thin clouds, through the 1:00 in the morning, the clouds won't act much like a blanket to hold in any warmth that we accumulate as they
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clouds more in place. the lower clouds hold in the warmth. temperatures drop off. 58 for the afternoon high in ocala by 3:00 today. only 58 today many if palm coast for flagler county. 59 in daytona beach for volusia county. orlando at 62. 60 in cocoa beach. getting closer to freezing temperatures. 40 in orlando. 37 in leesburg. 36 tomorrow morning in palm coast. area wide, a chilly start. tomorrow afternoon, only warming to 58. most of the day in the 40's and the mid 50's. a chilly day tomorrow. the kids go back to school, you'll need the jackets. we rebound on wednesday. a high of 63.
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friday, rain chances back up to 50% with a high of 72. certainly not a washout a. cool down for next weekend again. a high of 59. these waves of fronts moving on in. >> on this mlk day, it is traffic time. cars as you can see on the right side of your screen are heading westbound. traffic is starting to pick up this morning as more people are heading out door. there are still no major delays for you to stress about. here are your drive times, northbound from 50 to 27 will take you 18 minutes. and then southbound from 27 to 50 is right around 17, 18 minutes or so. >> we'll explain why the third monday of january is considered year. >> also a check of our big stories stories, including breaking news. a family terrorized after armed men forced their way in.
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>> let's get you up to speed on our big stories. there were scary moments after two armed men forced their way into their home. it happened on harwood street. the family was confused as to what was happening. detectives are saying the suspects may have actually targeted the wrong house looking for money. >> a car slams into a pole and tree, landing just feet away from a church in etonville. it happened early this morning on kennedy boulevard. police won't tell us what led to the crash or what happened to the driver. >> new developments surrounding a gruesome attack in brevard county. >> at the top of the hour, why a teen accused in a you bar beating could get a lighter sentence. >> a shakeup at allegiant
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what the company is saying about the resignation of one of its top executives. we are tracking chilly temperatures. it is in the 30's in some parts of central florida. troy bridges will be back to pinpoint your forecast at the top of the hour. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida. we'll be right back. again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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