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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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to know. good morning to you, florida. it is now 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, january 19. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison along with troy bridges. we want to send a new warm welcome to our traffic anchor. >> amy. >> this morning, we are fine. looking at construction but for the most part not a lot to slow you down. we are doing ok for the most part. >> starting off cold. you can feel it as soon as you stepped out the door, if you haven't done that yet, get ready, it is going to be blast of chilly air we'll deal with for the next couple of mornings. today not a big warmup. let's show you the freeze warning in effect through tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow will be even colder for flagler county, marion county and sumter county. temperatures are likely to drop. near freezing in many spots for several hours, there are the
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45 degrees right there in orlando. it is 45 in sanford 36 in ocala. 42 in daytona beach. you factor in the wind coming in out of the north and it feels like 39 in orlando. freezing in ocala at 32 degrees. as we help you plan the day, expect a lot of sun, a few clouds. warming to 53 at noon. 57 by 4:00 today. chilly all day. the kids going back to school today after a long weekend. let's go live to mark lehman who is out with those buses that are going to be cold. hopefully they start this morning, mark. what are you seeing out there? >> hopefully the kids will be bundling up this morning. the school district in seminole county tells us that the heat will be turned on extra early in classrooms across seminole county. drivers are starting to arrive. they will be cranking the heat eary to make sure things are
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the low temperatures are prompt manager to prepare themselves. top of mind is limiting exposure to conditions if possible. it is important to remember to bring pets inside and taking measures to protect your plants. some should be brought inside, others protected from the cold. >> ferns and tropicals would be inside. while many are boosting heat inside, it is important to correctly. not doing so is the leading cause of house fires. experts recommend reading directions and asking questions when buying the right heater for your home. as the heater warm things up on the buses, extra buses will be on hand in case the cold weather causes any mechanical issues this morning.
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buses ready for children as they head to the bus stop this morning. coming up, we spoke to a mechanic who gave us tips on what you need to do to make sure your car is prepared during this winter chill. that will be coming up at 5:30. >> time for more traffic news. amy is watching the roads. how is it looking? >> so far so good. you might want to give yourself a few have a minutes to warm the car. once you are rolling, we are doing fine. all throughout the area, no big issues. things are clearing up nice and quick and volume remains light. we'll take a closer look here at your drive times this morning. i'll get out of the way so you can get a good look. on i-4, even with construction moving westbound, lake mary boulevard over to colonial drive, only about 14 minutes. heading eastbound from the turnpike over to 408, a quick five-minute ride. that is your traffic for right now.
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>> developing right now, we are waiting to hear the condition of a man after police had to shoot him. >> things got scary for officers after they say they were confronted with not one but two people with guns. this happened off lee vista boulevard, not far from semoran. kirsten is there live. are police still out there? >> reporter: yeah, they are. we noticed as we pulled up, there are a few orlando police vehicles out here. going to give you a look. there is also security out here in the early morning hours. as we pan over, you can see the lights from patrol vehicles. we are waiting to hear how the man who was shot by officers is doing this morning. this all happened as some people were on the way home from work, coming home to an unfamiliar scene. >> officers called to the scene found a suspicious situation
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neighbors say it comes as a shock in the community. >> it is superquiet. we have never had a problem with this. it is quiet scary. >> police say two officers spot a han with a gun and ordered him to drop it. when he refused, officers started shooting moments later, police say another man came out of his home with a gun. when the man later identified as a military veteran realized what happened, he dropped his weapon and not harmed. >> these things happen in the blink of an eye and officers have to make the split second decision. fortunately, our officers are not hurt. they are shaken up by this incident. >> the orlando police chief say both officers involved have about five to 10 years on the force. they are on paid leave while the florida department of law enforcement investigate. while we are still waiting for
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the officers involved? >> the police chief said they will be releasing the names of the officers later today. they usually give them about 24 hours to let their families know we'll have more on what he says about his santa fes' reaction coming up in the next 30 minutes. >> see you then. now to the disturbing discovery in a backyard. neighbors go to check on a homeowner only to find human remains buried in the backyard. this issing on pennsylvania street in paisley. johnny is there live. at this point, we don't know for sure who was found, neighbors want to know what is going on. >> that's right. what we know this morning is that people that live around there, they think they know what happened. the medical examiner's office is trying to positively identify who was found in the backyard. neighbors say they have an idea of what may have happened.
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the yellow crime scene tape that blocks off his house has neighbors talking. >> neighbors here say jones was a ladies' main, known for drinking. >> but concern started to grow when jones wasn't seen in over a month. when deputies brought a cadaver dog to the house, that's when the remains were found. >> she said he left and went to rehab. >> neighbors say his new girlfriend was living here with her kids but jones was nowhere to be seen. they say she was driving his truck throughout the neighborhood. it was a truck found the night before the remains were found. for now, this is being treat as a suspicious death. they say it could be a couple of days before the remains are positively identified.
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this was a random act. >> in a few hours, a man suspected of shooting a delivery man will be back before a judge. 22-year-old john brown was arrested last week. police say they spotted him with a gun. brown hasn't been charged with the shooting. his lawyer wants the judge to grant him bond. prosecutors are asking that he stay behind bars. we'll let you know what happens. we are working to find out if three people forced off a flight in orlando will face charges. delta says the passengers were removed from a plane because they wouldn't get off their cell phones. crew members asked them to stop. it happened on delta flight 1455 from orlando to new york. delta says the incident plus air traffic caused the plane to arrive an hour late. >> in less than a month new rules designed to keep bears out of neighborhoods. people in one community are asking to be exempt from these new laws.
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homeowners in the woodlands neighborhood are asking to be excluded from changes because they have never seen a bear in their neighborhood. officials passed an order manslaughter that would find homeowners living west of i-4 who left their trash cans unsecured. and people who violate the rules could face fines. seminole county has had three bear attacks. the new rules start february 7. >> it is time to head back outside. a cold morning for us. troy bridges has pinpoint forecast. >> chillier through the afternoon than we saw yesterday. today's afternoon high in many areas only getting into the 50's. it hasn't been since last february. last february was when it was that cold into the afternoon. more of this cold air for the next couple of mornings. high pressure continues to dominate. around that a clockwise flow. the winds coming in out of the north reinforcing the cold air this morning. it is 36 in ocala. 45 in orlando. 42 in daytona beach.
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39 is what it feels like in orlando. look at ocala, feels like freezing there at 32. daytona beach at 38 with a feels like temperature. the bus stop chilly all day long. by theed afternoon, 58 is all we are doing p for an afternoon high. make sure the kids wear that heavy coat. they are certainly going to need it even though we'll have sunshine and no rain. we'll talk about when rain returns and when you can expect a warm up straight ahead. let's check on the roads with amy. what is going on out there? hopefully not a lot? >> it was nice and early. it is chilly on the roadway. that's the biggest discomfort you'll find, lingering construction. i wanted to show you this live camera, taking a live look on i-4. you can see construction barrels set up. no delays. that's the hain takeaway. this is a live look at i-4 over by the 434, your drive times this morning, this is another
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beautifully. if you are going to be heading northbound from eau gallie boulevard to the 528, it is a 21-minute ride. southbound riders along i-95 from 44 to 528, just taking you about 40 minutes just as it should. i'm going to send it back over to you. >> thanks, amy. >> the weekend for many of us means time for r and r. >> according to a new study, a little bit of extra rest can go a long way when it comes to your health. some people in michigan are heated. we'll explain why the dpovr is calling one city's water crisis a disaster. the northeast.
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>> good morning. another cool blast is hitting us with areas dipping in the 30's in central florida. another check of that pinpoint accurate forecast with meteorologist troy bridges is three minutes away. he has already sent out updates
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you can get that by downloading it for free, search wkmg in the app store. >> i want you to check out the scene. while we have a cold start that is nothing compared to the cold gripping other parts of the country. another wirpt blast is blowing into the northeast right there. you can see it. mid-january is typically the coldest time of the year. right now, temperatures in philadelphia are about 10 degrees below average. overnight temps dropped into the teens in the northeast part of the city. with the windchill, some places even dropped below zero. >> you just got off the nice warm train. >> and it is freezing out here. it was nothing like this xauchl days ago. i don't know what is going on. >> you have to expect it, it is winter. of course, it is cold, it is winter. >> i grew up in iowa, this is nothing. >>ing the not just philly. temps west of boston are 10 below zero.
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warmest december on record. >> rick schneider is expected to deliver his state of the state after growing angry to the water contamination crisis that happened. in 2014 flint's water supply was contaminated with lead after a state appointed emergency manager switched the city's water source from detroit to the flint river to save money. national guard troops are handing out bottled water to resident. troopers are giving out lead tests and filters. many say the governor needs to face criminal charges. >> he should have switched it back over to detroit water as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> governor schneider says he plans to request once again that president obama declare flint a federal disaster area. the president denied the request once before saying the situation in flint was manmade. >> this morning, the nation's top education official is making
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u.s. department of education secretary is visiting valencia west orlando campus. king's valencia visit is the third stop in a five city opportunity across america tour as it is called and the only stop in florida. during his visit king is expected to participate in a round table discussion and get a tour of the campus. the events will focus on kipping's top priorities by making sure every student has the opportunity to succeed and earn an affordable degree. >> in today's health watch, it turns out taking a weekend to catch up on sleep could have unexpected health benefits. researchers at the university of chicago say catching up on sleep may help lower the risk of diabetes. they found the diabetes risk jumped 16% for healthy young men who slept less than five hours on four consecutive night. with two nights of regular sleep insulin levels were normal. >> i don't feel so bad about
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>> you have to sometimes. dr. suess work at island of adventure people are used to seeing his work come to live. >> south floridians are getting a look at the author's work. palm beach gardens is show casing the work of dr. suess. visitors can see cat in the hat. they can also see the lesser known paintings, including land and sea scapes. >> i love all the places you'll go. >> they have never been displayed in a public place before. the collection will be on display from now through valentine's day. gorgeous. >> i have a ton of the books for my childhood. >> i remember cat in the hat. green eggs and ham. >> they go on and on. the one people give to college students, oh, the ones you'll go. >> it would be a good trip for you to check out. palm beach gardens, the long
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>> so much to do here in central florida. we had a beautiful sunset last night. the reason, the drier air working in leading to cold mornings. we have this morning and tomorrow morning, let me show you what we got with our storm pins app with that beautiful sunset and dry air in place. look at that gorgeous shot. almost like a painting. looks like dr. suess drew that. here's the way it looks in rockledge, at least yesterday late in the day. a gorgeous sunset. really beautiful shots. this one in palm bay. they just keep going. >> we are not giving away an umbrella. that will be thursday. we have a lot of beautiful shots to choose from. it is because of the drier air working in and the dry air leading to a cold start this morning and again tomorrow morning. a freeze warning in effect tomorrow morning where you see this blue shading, that's flagler, marion and sumter county until 8:00 in the morning tomorrow because temperatures
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close to freezing if not below freezing for several hours in those regions, north and northwest. right now, it is 45 in orlando and in sanford. 42 in daytona beach. it is 36 in ocala. that's not the half of it. you factor in the cool air and it feels colder. it feels like 39 in orlando. 38 in daytona beach. 35 in palm coast. freezing is the feels like temperature right now in ocala. at 32 degrees. what about the rest of today? here's a look at your accurate forecast. >> and notice through the day, the sky, blue sky, sunshine but a few additional high thin clouds. we are up to 53 at noon. only warming to 57 degrees by 4:00. a chilly day all day long. into tonight, a cold night, even though we'll have a few additional clouds to help act as a blanket. temperatures are dropping off as already cold air moving in with the north winds.
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42 at 11:00 tonight. forecast. no rain as that dry air and cold wind continues to move on in. rain chances out of the picture for today and tomorrow. 28 in ocala. 32 in the villages. 38 in orlando. 35 in leesburg. we'll be at 36 early in the morning tomorrow in daytona beach. 38 in orlando. even colder tomorrow. but look at the afternoon high, getting up to 64 and then 73 on thursday. another round of showers, even thunderstorms on friday. we'll watch that one closely with a high of 73. by the weekend, another cool down behind that front, a high of 58 on saturday. let's check on the roads and head back to amy. amy, what is going on this morning? >> you might have to plan ahead for the weather. the roads, no extra time necessary. take a look, a live look outside this morning. over at i-4. this is eastbound.
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you'll notice plenty of elbow room. that's really the take away. you are fine to head out the door. we are traveling on time. for example, check out these time saver drive times. if you are hitting the turnpike for northbound riders as you make your way from 50 to 27, only anl 18 minute trip. similar situation heading southbound, just that way reverse it at 18 minutes. we are looking excellent as we head out the door, that is your look at traffic. i'll send things over to you. >> 5:22. a man is rushed to the hospital after being shot by orlando police. >> we have a live report on what caused the violence. first up, we have nail polish concerns to tell you about. find out why a new study may
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>> nail polish is popular with girls of all ages. >> some of the chemicals in
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your body. researchers at duke said every woman in the study had tphp after painting their nails. animal studies show tphp leads to reproductive and developmental issues. they . >> a new report predicting robots could take over five years. more robots will replace workers and there will be an increase in art if i believe intelligence and automated call centers. coming up in the next half-hour, the music world is mourning the loss of another legend. >> how friends and fans are california. >> why some can't drink their water. the act of vandalism putting
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>> we are off to another chilly start. find out what schools are doing to make sure students stay warm.
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